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Aftermath of 2020 Election When Trump Is Reelected

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Message to the Democrat Party and their lackeys in the Main Stream Media;

“Be Careful What You Ask For, You Might Just Get It”!

Since citizen Trump came down the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy in June of 2015, The Democrats and their co-conspirators in the left-wing media have created a campaign to demonize President Trump in order to “expunge” him from the Presidency.  This is not a direct political attack on Trump’s policies, it has been an all out character assassination of his character, his wife, and his family, along with anyone who dared to vote for him or don a “MAGA” hat! 

Their goal is to create an image of the President as morally unfit for office, incompetent to lead, a deep-seated racists, hater of women and women’s causes, a homophobe, a financial predator who “stole” millions from everyone he did business with, and any image that is considered vile in the eyes of most people.   The bad news is that these conspirators have convinced about 25% on the hard progressive-left that all of these images are true and have confused another 10-15% that some of these allegations may be true.  The 92+% negative coverage by the left-wing news has hammered these images home!  These are age old tactics by the left and they have worked before, that is before Trump!

But, with the lackluster field of 2020 Democrat candidates for president; and the overreach of Pelosi and Schumer to push for impeachment and constant investigations into everything Trump; their is a high chance that in 2020 Trump will keep the Presidency; win back the House, and pick up seats in the Senate.  


You can see evidence of this already.  Reasonable friends you have had for years suddenly dispute hard economic facts that are positive; they believe that whatever CNN, MSNBC or the nightly news or their late night comedy parrots spew is factual; and they have no interest in seeking alternative sources of knowledge.  These friends see the efforts to use foreign surveillance tools and overreaching congressional investigations as reasonable to rid this nation of the reprobate who occupies the White House!  So what is left is Trump remains in the White House and takes back the House?  Open Revolt!  

It will start with protests then be taken over by left-wing activists such as Antifa.  Radical US socialist and communist groups will be paid to fuel the fire until someone gets killed!  We saw this in the 60’s and we are in for an even more violent insurrection.  Unfortunately, the 25+% of Americans who have been duped and riled up by the radical left democrats and their media will mass to support the insurrection.  

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The difference is that this insurrection has at its core the survival of Progressive-Left dominance in the US that has been reduced dramatically by President Trump.  This is not only a US phenomena but a Western Civilization coup against Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law.  The hard progressive-left has fought for over a century to replace democratic institutions with leftist socialist governments.  They left knows that if Trump gets back into the White House with majorities in the Senate and House, he may just drive the final nail in the coffin known as the progressive-left movement!  

They know that Trump has:

  • Revamped the US economy based on capitalism using lower taxation and massively reduced regulation.
  • Strengthened our military and is standing down our left supported enemies who used them to weaken the US internationally.
  • Done everything legally possible to enforce border security and stop the flow of illegal immigration into the US. 
  • Revamped our trade policies to stand-up the US as an economic leader with “Buy American and Hire American” policies.
  • Weakened international institutions such as the UN and the WTO that were created and propped up to counter-balance the US superpower status.
  • Made the US the largest producer of energy in the world, eliminating threats of an energy crisis by oil producing nations and organizations bent on controlling the West by controlling energy.
  • Forced key allies, and mutual treaty organizations such as NATO, to stand strong and contribute to their mutual defense.  

The Left’s Biggest Fear:

With the White House and Congress behind him, he will take on public education and kill the indoctrination arm of the progressive-left by institutionalizing “SCHOOL CHOICE”.  He will also take on colleges and universities who worked with the progressive-left to financially enslave all who attend these institutions and to instill radical left ideology in their minds!  This is the most feared policy by the left that Trump will pursue and one that will have the most lasting impact on the politics of this nation.

Only an educated electorate can sustain a free nation founded on  a Constitutional Republic form of government!  

Economically depressed minorities can only be lifted up through equal educational opportunities provided through School Choice.

Returning America to a Melting Pot can only be accomplished by promoting educational opportunities that reinforce our history, civics, culture and moral foundations.

Ignorance breeds economic, cultural, political and moral slavery.

Trump’s threat to the progressive-left, their complicit media, and other international forces aligned against the US, is real.  The left has created a base of mindless, hate filled zealots who will not stop in seeking the utter destruction of President Trump and his policies, AND HIS SUPPORTERS.  Their battle against Trump and his supporters are akin to a “religious” holy war and it will get physical.  Be aware, and be careful following Trump’s reelection and the violence that insures. 

RD Pierini



2018 Mid-Term Elections-Turning Point for America


America and our Republic are at a cross-road and its ultimate direction and survival may hinge on the outcome of the 2018 Mid-Term elections. If Republicans do not maintain control of the House of Representative and gain seats in the House, Trump will be blocked at best and impeached at worst!  Why?  Obama had taken the US to the edge of economic, political, social, moral and cultural collapse after years of “Progressive-Left” erosion of our Constitutional Freedoms, Economic dominance and moral world leadership.   The election of President Trump represented a rejection of the Progressive-Left by our electorate and Trump singlehandedly became the single most threat to the Progressive-Left’s world-wide dominance.  In a mere year and 9 months, President Trump has all but erased the years of the Progressive-Left cancerous devouring of our Republic and the Progressive-Left wounded beast is seeking to devour and eliminate the rekindling of our Democratic Republic.

Systemic Progressive-Left Infiltration:

The Progressive-Left for years has sought to totally control the collective knowledge base of our citizens.  The Progressive-Left had two main tools they sought to dominate; one, the education of our youth, and two, the media to further the educational indoctrination of our citizens and reinforce what we “learned” from leftist teachers and professors.  By the year 2000, the Progressive-Left had all but total control of the content and message for both tools.  In order to effectively ensure that the indoctrination was complete, the Progressive-Left had to tear down the moral fabric of the nation by scorning religion and faith, and use moral relativism to break down our sense of “right and wrong”.  They also loaded up Federal and State agencies, especially the courts and the Federal and State Prosecutorial and Investigative bodies, with hard Left advocates who put Progressive-Left politics above the Constitution and our rule of law.

Enter President Trump in 2016

The left has all but succeeded in their quest to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM the United States as of November, 2016, sound familiar?  But, our citizens had enough of these corrosive Progressive-Left policies in 2016 and elected a total outsider who was beholden to no political interest groups or ideologies other than America First and the re-establishment of Constitutional Rule of Law.  The Progressive-Left could not stand for Trump to succeed and have and are pulling out all of the stops to destroy President Trump and all of his accomplishments including the roll-back of the Progressive-Left agenda.

Today’s Political War Against President Trump and America First!

The Progressive-Left had already concocted a game plan to rid this nation of the Trump scourge even prior to his election.  The DOJ and the FBI had colluded with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to first of all not allow Trump to be elected and if he was, force him from office!  The Left had fabricated damaging reports (dossier) on aberrant Trump behavior and collusion with the Russian government.  They used these falsehoods to obtain a FISA warrant to use to spy on the Trump campaign and even pay “spies” to infiltrate the Trump Campaign.  They even used the firing of the FBI director Comey to justify the appointment of their ace-in-the-hole special prosecutor to turn Trump’s personal, professional and political life upside down! 

Plan B

But, the Russian Collusion hoax petered out as did their constant Stormy Daniels stories and allegations.   So, Plan B had to be put in play by Mueller which was to use Mueller’s ability to bring charges against key Trump campaign allies and now attack even personal and business friends, staff and affiliates of President Trump in order to gain true or false allegations of wrongdoing by Trump!  They have even forced Trump’s CFO to take an immunity agreement in exchange for information in support of claims by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen!  During this onslaught, Mueller performed early morning ARMED raids against a Trump former campaign manager and his wife as well as Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.  Mueller even seized Cohen’s client records and information and shredded ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE! 

In short, since the Progressive-Left now totally controls the DOJ, the FBI and the New York Attorney General’s office, Mueller is free to use any means he can to destroy Donald Trump and annihilate the US Constitution in the process!  

During the next 80 or so days, you will hear non-stop leaks out of the Mueller investigation on details from Trump’s business dealings, personal dealings, banking relationships, etc..  None of which has anything to do with Trump’s candidacy or Presidency!  It is all to smear his name and if the Progressive-Left takes over the House of Representatives, Impeach President Trump!  Impeachment (indictment) by the House of Representatives only takes a simple majority of 218 votes while the Senate requires a 2/3rds vote or 67 votes to convict.  You may say, well, they would never get 67 votes in the Senate!  Remember, the Senate is full of RINO Republicans who may shift their support to convict on the impeachment unless we elect Trump supporting senatorial candidates in the Mid-Terms.

It is imperative that everyone get out and support Trump friendly candidates in the Mid-Term elections.  The booming economy, the measures to insure our military world checkmate against aggressors, our control of our borders and our culture, and the very future of your children and grandchildren is at stake.  If the Progressive-Left and their executioner Mueller succeed, this nation will slide back into the oblivion of meritocracy or worse that you experienced under Obama.  This is not hyperbole, it is fact!

Your Choice in November, 2018

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RD Pierini



Trump and Black Voters-Post Civil War Level Support?

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Following the Civil War and President Lincoln’s (1st Republican President) Emancipation Proclamation, Blacks considered themselves Republican.   In fact, Blacks were not allowed to even allowed to attend the Democrat convention until 1924!  Southern Democrats fought tooth and nail to keep Blacks from being equals in spite of the Civil War and the abolition of slavery and their new status of free and equal citizens.  So, what happened?

FDR and His New Deal; 1933-1938:

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The Great Depression hit US workers hard but was even harder on the Black Community.  When Franklin Roosevelt created the New Deal in 1933, Blacks (and the population as a whole) begin migrating away from the Republican Party to the Democrat Party.  71% of the Black community voted Democrat in spite of the fact that only 44% were registered Democrats.  Between 1936 through 1960, Blacks voted in favor of Democrats at an average of 70% per election!  

JFK and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Blacks credited the Kennedy/Johnson Administrations for the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act even though it took a majority of Republicans in Congress to pass the act as their Democrat counterparts did not support the act...  In 1964, Blacks voted 94% for Lyndon Johnson and only 6% for Republican Barry Goldwater.  In 1968, Black Democrat voter registration skyrocketed to 92%, while only 3% registered at Republican and 5% as Independents!  At this point, the Black vote was a bonafide Democrat Lock!  

From 1964 to 2008, Blacks voted Democrat at a 90% clip.  When the first Black Presidential candidate, Barak Obama, ran in 2008, 95% of Blacks  voted for this Democrat candidate.  In 2012 Obama slipped slightly to 93% as the economy sputtered and the economic plight of Most inner city Blacks bottomed out.

Trump, “What the Hell Do You (Blacks and Hispanics) Have to Lose!

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During Trump’s 2016 campaign, Trump asked Blacks (and Hispanics) one simple question regarding their vote in 2016; “What the Hell Do You Have To Lose” (if you vote for Trump!)  This was a simple, straightforward question but one that jolted many in the Black Community.  While Blacks were not too sure what Trump was all about in 2016 and whether the press’ portrayal of Trump as a racist was valid, 8% of the Blacks voted for Trump compared to 6% who voted for Romney in 2012!  At the time of the 2012 election, medium household income for Whites was $68,521, Asians, $67,175, Hispanics $40,007, and Blacks $39,760!  Romney and the Republican did nothing to court the minority vote which was idiotic given the economic plight of Hispanics and Blacks! 

Enter Trump in 2016!

Donald J. Trump is not someone to accept status quo!  He  blasted the Republican Party for decades for not going after minority voters.  Why walk away from this demographic especially when you were losing anyway!  Trump doesn’t see demographics nor does he see color.  He sees economic conditions and solutions to spread economic opportunity for everyone.  It was illogical to him for Blacks to continue to vote for Democrats, or Republicans, who have done nothing for the Black community in decades.  Trump knew that if he could improve the economy, then Blacks and other minorities would benefit from the improvements!  So, Trump posed the question, “What the Hell do you have to lose”!

Trump knew that his outreach would have to transcend more than one election cycle and could only be accepted by minorities if he could perform.  Well, today, Trump’s economic policies have lowered Black and Hispanic unemployment to historical all-time lows!  He us taking this message to the 2018 Mid-term cycle and if Republican candidates have a single brain cell, which is not always a given, they should follow Trump’s lead.  Minority communities are hungry for opportunity and RECOGNITION.  They are tired of being taken advantage of, hence the Black rebellion against Rahm Emanuel in Chicago!  

I have no idea how well Trump’s message will help Republican Senate and House candidates this fall but I am comfortable in saying the Trump will receive 32% of the Black vote in 2020, a level that has not been realized by a Republican since 1960!  If Blacks and Hispanics can force political parties to earn their vote, they will be the winners, BIG TIME!  President Trump is working diligently to cleanup the inner cities and bring jobs back to impoverished communities in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and others… This is not going unnoticed by Blacks and they are asking themselves;


RD Pierini





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Paul Ryan Wrong to Prioritize “Entitlements” in 2018!

Ryan Is Ignorant of Sound Fiscal Concepts & A Phased Limited Approach Methodology!

Apparently Ryan and McConnell are bickering over Ryan’s desire to push for “Entitlement” reform in 2018, a mid-term election year!  There are a couple of issues with this picture.  One, Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States, and he, not Ryan, will set the priorities!  Two, Ryan thinks that Social Security and Medicare are part of his definition of “entitlements” that also include Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps etc..  Third, to take on “entitlements” during a mid-term election year shows Ryan’s tone deafness when it comes to hanging onto the third rail of politics (entitlements) while trying to hold onto majorities in the House and Senate!  But, none of these three issues are not really the major issue!

The Major Issue is that President Trump has just passed, with some help from Ryan and McConnell, the largest tax cuts and tax reforms in decades.  The economy needs time to react to these fiscal policy changes so we can determine its impact on the economy and on the so-called ‘ENTITLEMENTS’.  

Change Management Principle:  Engineers know the basic principle of Change Management is that you implement one change at a time and assess its impact before moving onto the next change.  If not, it may be impossible to know which change is really responsible for the desired or undesired results and what the impact of multiple changes are on each other!  The tax policy changes and cuts will begin to be melded into the US economy during 2018 and beyond.  Trying to change a major cost driver in our economy while a major revenue driver is being rolled out is idiotic and fiscally unsound!

Tax Cuts and Tax Reform Will Change the Dynamics and Fiscal Make-up of “Entitlements”:  Tax cuts will allow the GDP to swell to 4%+ adding at least $5 Trillion to our annual GDP over the Obama years.  Tax cuts will increase the demand for goods and services from private sectors corporations and businesses by putting more money in the pockets of 80% of our taxpayers.  Tax cuts for corporations and small business will incentivize them to add facilities, increase production to meet the new demand, and ADD MORE EMPLOYEES.  The more people that are employed, the lower the demand for Entitlements such as welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc…  

Since the Tax Cuts and Tax Reform will dramatically change “entitlements”, Ryan will be trying to hit a moving target in terms of the demand for services by the unemployed and under-employed!  As more people leave welfare, more people will no longer need Medicaid.  As more people are gainfully employed, the less demand there will be for Food Stamps.  The Obama era swelled the Food Stamp participation to 47.6 million people and the Trump economic recovery has dropped the usage to 42.6 million people.  President Trump will tweak these entitlements over the next two years as the economy and employment continue to improve.

Social Security and Medicare:  Until the Trump Tax Cuts and Tax Reform impact matures in 2019, it is idiotic to propose any changes to these programs.  The higher the level of employment, the more people will be paying into both Social Security and Medicare.  The Obama normal of a low labor force participation rate, reduced the number of people paying into Social Security and Medicare.  

Also, since disability is a part of the Social Security funds, more able bodies people will be dropping disability!  During the Obama 8 year depression, people who no longer qualified for unemployment benefits applied for and were granted disability payments.  The Trump economy will reverse this trend.

Tweak-Eliminate Public Sector Retirement Systems:  The one tweak President Trump and Ryan can propose is to eliminate the carve out for public sector employees to be exempted from Social Security and Medicare.  It is typical that government treats itself better than it does its citizen tax payers!  Allowing government employees to contribute to a separate Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) is discriminatory and weakens the Social Security system.

Earth to Ryan:

  1. You are not the President, you are two levels below the President.
  2. President Trump is President, you are not!
  3. President Trump received the mandate in the last National Presidential Election, you did not.
  4. Let the Tax Cuts and Tax Reform kick in and jump start this economy.
  5. Follow Trump’s lead, it is a better view than the one you would see from your home in Wisconsin if you lose the 2018 mid-terms.  The President created an $11 Billion dollar empire, you won an election in a small district in Wisconsin and really have never had a real job.

Go to Camp David with the President and Mitch and listen to the President.  Remember this phrase;



If YOU are talking, YOU are not learning!

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RD Pierini



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How Trump Will Save Social Security and Lower the Deficit

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Where Does President Trump Find the Money?

Will Congress Cooperate?

President Donald Trump has been speaking about creating a balanced budget economy for years.  He totally “gets” the numbers, the contributors to the deficit, and the drivers of achieving a balanced budget.  Contrary to most “Never Trumpers” and RINO elites, the President’s economic plan is absolutely Fiscally CONSERVATIVE and achievable. 

The President’s plan is based on growing and sustaining the growth of the US Economy, Period.

Trump has laid out his overall economic plan via his speeches, Tweets, and past interviews.  Below are the key elements of the Trump “America First” Economic Plan:

  • Massive Reduction in Regulations
  • Unfettered US Energy Expansion
  • Tax Cuts and Tax Reform
  • Education Reform
  • Repeal & Replace Obamacare
  • Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Welfare Reform
  • Immigration Reform
  • Budget Cuts

Saving Social Security, Medicare and the reduction in the national debt will be discussed at the end of the plan.  This is due to the need to re-establish our economy, re-educate our citizens, and make many systemic changes to existing programs and budgets.  The results of the Trump America First Economic Plan will be the saving of Social Security, Medicare and a reduction in the national debt and the establishment of ongoing balanced budgets!

Massive Reduction in Regulations and Unfettered US Energy Expansion:

President Trump has long-held that in order for the US economy to grow, you must remove the boot of the government regulators from the throat of business entities.  Secondly, low-cost energy is the key to driving business expansion and reducing the costs of goods and services as well as lower direct energy costs to consumers.  To date, in 11 months, President Trump has rolled back over 1,000 business killing regulations and instituted a 2:1 regulation reduction where any new regulation must be met with the elimination of two existing regulations.  Further, he has opened up more inland and off-shore drilling areas and is working with Congress to open up the vast Alaska reserves in ANWAR.  President has laid the regulatory and energy foundation to support a strong America First economy.  Trump’s regulation rollbacks and pro-energy policies have propelled the DOW to a gain of 6,000 points since his election and have added trillions to the stock value of US companies.

Tax Cuts & Tax Reform:

President Trump is a pure Reagan/Kennedy hawk when it comes to the use of tax cuts to drive increases in tax revenues and the need to keep the tax code as simple as possible.  He believes that tax cuts stimulate the economy in stark contrast to the Obama administration’s belief that bigger government and higher taxes drive the economy.  President Trump laid out his tax and reform principles and the House and Senate have both passed their version of the Trump Tax cuts.  Now, it is up to the combined House and Senate conference committees to unify the chambers and pass a compromise tax bill that adheres to the Trump guidelines.

The impact of the tax cuts should be dramatic based on past tax cuts.  When Reagan cut taxes in the 1980’s, he created 15 million new jobs and DOUBLED the tax revenues!  Current projections are that federal tax revenues for 2018 (ending October, 2018) will be 3.654 (half are from income taxes)  without the tax cuts.  Since the tax cuts will only be effect for 10 months, assuming passage in the next few days, the tax revenues may not increase significantly in 2018.  But, by the end of 2020. tax revenues should increase by at least 1.5 Trillion dollars.  That would raise the total revenues to about 5.2 Trillion with at least 10 million+ new jobs added.  Similar increases in revenue will be seen for Social Security and Medicare.

Education Reform:

Trump’s education plan is an integral part of America First and is vital to providing literate and educated Americans to fill the anticipated new jobs created through regulation and tax reform.  Education reform is also integral to Trump’s plan to raise those trapped in poverty in our inner-cities into the American mainstream.

Trump’s plan includes decentralizing education from the Federal Government to the States and local school boards.  Further, that School Choice be at the forefront of the education reform, especially for inner-city children who are trapped in Progressive-Left public schools.  The Secretary of Education is a School Choice proponent who has spent her entire career, and invested personally, in charter and other forms of alternative educational providers.  Ms. DeVos will also seek to return the curriculum to the basics reduce illiteracy rates, and re-emphasize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) courses.  

Without improving our educational systems and graduating capable students, the economic outlook for the US is bleak and pressure politicians to supplement our workforce with foreign nationals.  This would be ridiculous as our citizens are more than capable of being educated and lead this nation to new heights of US predominance.

Repeal & Replace Obamacare:

This is a sore subject but the reason the repeal and replace is that it is vital to increasing revenues, decreasing taxes and regulations on 1/6th of the economy!  There are billions in hidden costs that Obamacare added to the cost of healthcare in the form of taxes on pharmaceuticals, medial devices and private citizens via mandates.  Further, Obamacare diverts trillions of dollars over a decade from consumer pockets to support a failed healthcare environment.  Also, the 860 Billion dollars that was diverted from Medicare to Obamacare has to be returned to Medicare to keep it solvent over the long haul.

Think of Obamacare as a drag on every sector in our economy as it raises healthcare costs on individuals, small businesses, and large corporations while adding nothing to the quality of medicine.

Infrastructure Upgrade:

The President departs from some conservatives when he touts his proposed $1 Trillion dollar infrastructure plan.  But, conservatives should look a little deeper and see that the President envisions a public-private partnership, read cost sharing, arrangement to pour private sector dollars into the plan.  Further, he believes that if enacted as he proposed, his tax plan should bring back into the US about $3.5 Trillion dollars in parked offshore corporation profits that should yield about $350 Billion in taxes that would otherwise not have been collected.  The President sees these dollars as the public sector’s ante to improve US infrastructure without blowing a hole in the budget and adding significantly to the deficit.  Before jumping off of the fiscal bridge, remember that this program will not be completed in one or even two years. The infrastructure project will consume all of Trump’s first term and maybe more.

Keep in mind that President Trump is a builder.  He is used to the concept that when he was trying to build a building, he had to foot the costs for sidewalks, road improvement, water, sewage etc.  He will certainly negotiate with the private sector to invest in our infrastructure with every expansion project and new business development.  

Welfare Reform: (Does not include Social Security and Medicare which are not welfare programs)

President Trump surprised those who have not been with him from the beginning of his candidacy, with an announcement that he will be pursuing welfare reform with Congress in 2018!  There are approximately 68 million Americans receiving some form of Government assistance today (including those drawing unemployment)!  67% of those receiving welfare benefits stay on welfare for at least 1 year while 20% ( of million people) of those have been on welfare for more than 5 years. 

Trump’s corporate and small business tax cuts are key to welfare reform and his “Welfare to Work” plans.  Welfare reform cannot be fully effective until there are jobs to absorb those leaving welfare and entering the workplace.  

Trump’s education reforms are also key to welfare reform as our economy is dependent on a literate and educated workforce.  While improvements in education for the minority inner-cities will take time, it is critical to begin the education reform as soon as possible.  Secretary of Education DeVos is currently making as many regulatory changes as possible to make education choice more available to inner-city minorities.  It will take Congressional action to expand school choice and move rapidly away from a centralized educational system to a State centric educational system.

Welfare reform is also a key to Trump’s raising the opportunity potential for minorities as Blacks, who represent 12% of the US population make up 39.6% of the welfare recipients.  Trump’s plan to improve the lives of minorities is only possible through welfare reform and providing substantive employment for minorities trapped in poverty.  

If President Trump can cut welfare spending by 20%, which should be attainable, he can reduce the welfare costs by $14 Billion per year!  Those returning to work, will also become tax payers and pay payroll taxes in support of social security and Medicare and possibly even income taxes.

Immigration Reform:

Immigration reform is vital to the US for several reasons:  One, to keep illegal immigration from directly lowering wages for US citizens; Two, to only allow immigrants into the US who can add value to our economy; Three, to not allow criminal aliens or terrorists into our country via an open border and who endanger the lives of US citizens; Four, to stop drug and human trafficking; Five,  To substantially reduce the roughly $115 Billion in costs to support illegal immigrants living in the US, less the amount of taxes collected from illegal aliens. .  This includes $45.9 Billion in Federal spending and $89 Billion in State and local spending.

Budget Cuts: 

Trump is proposing a Trillion Dollar reduction, $1,000,000,000,000, in the Federal Budget over 10 years.  A 3 Trillion dollar budget was the norm until Bush and Obama came along!  This equates to a $100 Billion budget reduction per year.  Trump is proposing a significant reduction in the federal bureaucracy in all functions of government and a significant rollback in welfare and discretionary spending via head count reductions.  If the Trump tax plan generates the economic growth that is expected, there should be no need to cut Social Security and Medicare due to increased contributions from  the 16-20+ million new jobs that will have been created.

The president will add to his cuts the savings from the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, immigration reform, welfare reform, and other program realignments and deregulation.  It is interesting to note that the conservative host of the Ingraham Angle on Fox news, Laura Ingraham, tweeted that Trump should hurry to fill the Whitehouse open staff positions so he can be more efficient.  Trump Tweeted back that he had no intention of filling many of the federal positions in order to reduce costs and streamline the federal bureaucracy including his own staff!  That is how you get federal spending inline!

It is a game changer with a business man in the Whitehouse!

Conclusion:  Saving Social Security, Medicare and Reducing the Debt!

For some odd reason, our elected officials have not figured out that if you have a retirement plan, or a healthcare plan, like social security and Medicare, it is good to have as many people paying into the plan as possible.  DUH!  Therefore, any effort you can exert to increase the number of participants, also known as private sector employees, should be accomplished every single day.  If tax cuts stimulate employment, and creates more employees paying payroll taxes, then you should implement deep cuts as soon as possible!

For some odd reason, our elected officials have not figured out that if you owe a lot of money, you should do everything you can to increase your revenue and decrease your spending!  Stop the interest expense bleeding!  So, if you owe a lot of money, and tax cuts can increase your revenue, then you cut taxes.  If you are spending more than you are taking in, then you cut spending!  There, we are done, we can go home and fire Congress!

Social Security today has a SURPLUS of $2.8 Trillion dollars that is earning a paltry 2.3% per year.  Social Security payments to retirees exceed the amount of Social Security contributions by about $90 Billion per year.  The shortfall includes both social security retirement payments as well as disability payments that have ballooned during the Obama years. 

If Trump’s America First Economic Plan kicks in as expected, we should add a minimum of 16-20 million new workers in the next 3-4 years.  Assuming that 10 million of these workers earn $50,000 per year and 6 million earn $100,000 per year, the Social Security fund would add $600 billion over the next 10 years even at a paltry 4% interest return.  By the end of 2024, with continued employment gains, the Social Security fund would be virtually self-sustaining.

The Federal debt today is 20.6 Trillion dollars!  President Trump understands that his economic plan is not an instant fix and will take 2+ years to totally kick in.  This also assumes that Congress does not raise taxes later nor spends wildly like under Reagan.  President Trump constantly reminds everyone that the US GDP is increasing and should exceed 3.5% in the fourth quarter.  Why is this important?  For every percent rise in GDP, $2.5 Trillion dollars are added to the GDP.  During the Obama years, GDP growth only averaged 1.075%.  (Bush was only slightly better)  In the last 20 years of the 20th century, GDP growth averaged 3.4%!  If President Trump can merely match the last 20 years of the 20th century, he will add $5.8 Trillion to our GDP!  Tax revenues will also increase proportionally and provide funding for NON ENTITLEMENT programs such as Social Security and Medicare!

Couple of final thoughts.  Social Security and Medicare funds are required to be invested in only government securities that have terrible yields, 2% in 2016.  If The Social Security and Medicare funds were invested in a safe S&P 500 fund, it would have averaged 9.9% over the past 40 years.  If the phoneys in Congress try to say that this would be too risky, it is an admission that they can not responsibly manage this country and its economy.  If they are really scared, they could put an automatic trigger in place that if the S&P yield fell below 2%, the funds would be invested again in Government Securities, or, any shortfalls would be reimbursed out of general funds during the shortfall periods.  Slim chance!

Secondly, why are public employees EXEMPTED from paying into social security?  This takes a large pool of social security contributions out of the fund and for what reason?  Congress should change this immediately and make the government and its employees subject to the same retirement systems!

Consider this:  If you are receiving around $2,300/month from Social Security today, you would be receiving $12,000/month if the funds had been invested in S&P 500 funds.  And Congress thinks that we the people are not smart enough to do the math?  Entitlement reform should not include Social Security and Medicare.  These two programs were paid for by taxpaying employees and their employers and it is not their fault that our government is a poor money manager.

Merry Christmas and Thank You President Trump for pushing through the passage of our Tax Cuts!

RD Pierini




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Hey Biden-Here is the Video of JFK Proposing the Romney/Ryan Plan–Don’t Let Facts Get in Your Way!

One Heartbeat Away!

In last night’s debate, Biden stated that every time the tax plan that Romney has proposed has not worked.  Ryan came back and stated that it worked when John F. Kennedy tried it in 1963 and Reagan in the 1980’s.  Biden came back with the snide remark, “…So now you are Jack Kennedy!”.  Well Joe, here is JFK’s speech from 1962.  Romney/Ryan is more like Kennedy than you and BO would ever hope to be…

Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEdXrfIMdiU

    For all you libs, ask yourself what you can do for your country for a change rather than what you can get from your country.   OOPS, that sounds too much like JFK!  As a died in the wool conservative, I admit that JFK was the last democrat I supported for president.

RD Pierini


The “Gang of Six” Senators who are working on their own, isolated, with no oversight by WE THE PEOPLE, are hiding behind closed doors and political buzz words that mean WE ARE GOING TO GET THE SHAFT AGAIN AND THEY ARE DOING BUSINESS IN WASHINGTON AS USUAL.  Here are a few of the ways they will try to fool you or merely stick it too you.

“Debt Reduction Framework”–This is the name the Gang of Six are using for their plan, translate this to mean more taxes and more out of control spending and a framework means trust us, we are from the government to help!!!

Deficit Reduction of $3.7-$4.7 Trillion OVER TEN YEARS-there are NO cuts for the upcoming 2012 budget that starts in October.  Actually, there is NO BUDGET THAT HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR 2012!!!  Anytime you read, Cuts over 10 Years, and there are no cuts in the current budget year, then there will NEVER be any cuts as they cannot bind future Congresses.  Also,  3.7 – 4.7 Trillion Dollars.  Can’t get this a bit Closer!!!  Get Real, there are no cuts.  Cuts for Washington mean rather than increase a program by 7% they CUT the increase to 5%.  Don’t you wish you could cut your salary like that!  We end up spending more each year with the way Washington Cuts are calculated.  They are like you kids who bring home a $200 pair of sneakers and tell you they SAVED you $50 since they were on sale for $150!

Tax Increases – $1 Trillion: will take place in year one!  Washington always collects the $$$ first then gives you their cuts later.   Remember Obamacare?  The ten-year plan included 10 years of increases taxes with 7 years of costs!  There will be tax increases on Oil production that will be passed through to us as well as tax increases on targeted industries that will further depress this economy.  LEFTIST DON’T BELIEVE THAT TAX INCREASES KILL JOB CREATION.  THEY WERE DEAD WRONG WHEN ROOSEVELT BELIEVED IT AND ARE DEAD WRONG NOW UNDER OBAMA.  More of the same?  REALLY!

Reform Tax Code:  This MEANS TAX INCREASES.  How can you reform the code and increase revenues without raising taxes for someone?  Those someone will either produce less of their products and reduce their job corp or pass the costs to their consumers which inflate prices. 

Do you really like being called stupid when politicians lie to your face and think you are too dumb to see the truth?

No Balanced Budget Amendment:  The Fox doesn’t want you to board up the henhouse with a Balanced Budget Amendment.  No, trust them instead as they will hold their counterparts feet to the fire to make sure the government adopts and follows budget procedures and rules designed to hold lawmakers’ feet to the fire in terms of meeting debt reduction goals.  REALLY?  Do you believe that!

Social Security Reform:  Seniors, you better start filling out job applications for non-existent jobs.  This group will start formulating ways to reform, translated “you will get screwed”, SSI to make it more “stable” in the long-term! 

Debt Ceiling Raise:  This will be a requirement of their plan, take this to the bank.  Without any real spending cuts in 2012 and only promises over the next 10 years, and tax increases of $1.5 Trillion, that will start NOW, they will also raise the debt limit.

You will start hearing that this is a comprehensive major approach to solving the Debt Crisis and it is the only responsible way to save this nation from defaulting on its obligations.  All the same rhetoric that you have heard before and Obama has been spewing over the past months regarding raising the debt ceiling.  The Democrats are even replaying old Reagan clips where the Gipper pressured Congress to Raise the Debt Ceiling.  Who cares whether Reagan, Bush or Obama have been on the Side of Raising the Debt Ceiling, or not in Obama’s case, the point is we have a spending problem, not a Debt Ceiling problem.  Has raising the debt ceiling ever reduced spending?  The answer is no!  It is time to hold this government’s feet to the fire and make them start doing their job and get this government under control fiscally!  Are most Republicans better than their Democrat counterparts when it comes to raising Debt Ceilings?  Obviously not since the Debt Ceiling has been Raised 100 times since the law was enacted.  Over a 94 year period, the Debt Ceiling has been raised 102 times.

Tell Congress to Solve the Debt Problem using Simple Steps that can be Measured and Openly Debated:

  1. Forget 10 year plans, Focus on today’s spending and the spending in the 2012 budget year.  Cap the 2012 budget at $2.9 Trillion which is equal to the 2008 budget.  The current estimated budget for 2012 is $3.7 Trillion even though no budget has been adopted.  In 2012, we can set the spending cut plan for 2013.  Politicians only think in terms of election cycles.  10 year plans are merely a campaign tool that they use. 
  2. Tie the Debt Ceiling to 20% of the US GDP.  This is plenty of revenue for the Federal Government.  In the next 2 years, only approve Debt Ceiling increases as the cost cuts are enacted in the #1 above and not to exceed $15.5 Trillion.  If the spending is held under $3 Trillion, there is a good chance that we would run a minimal deficit in 2012. (minimal in the context of the past 3 years)
  3. Social Security:  Reinstate the COLAs to seniors now, and quit taxing their benefits.  Then, the Senate and the House can hold committee hearings, openly, on the development of plans to reform social security over the longer term.  The committee would have 6 months to compete their work.
  4. Medicare:  The Senate and the House can hold committee hearings, openly, on the development of plans to reform Medicare over the longer term.  The committee would have 6 months to compete their work.
  5. Obamacare:  Hopefully the Supreme Court will hear the arguments this Fall and decide before 1/1/2012.  If not, the election of 2012 will decide the fate of this ill-fated law.

We have to slow down Washington and get them to do their job, that we gave them, in a methodical manner that is duly deliberated and open to the public.  We don’t need mega-plans, big deals, or 10 year extravaganzas!  We need intelligent governance.  And, we need it now!

RD Pierini



Republicans, it is Time to Take the Offensive for a Change.

Not Politicians

Obama is not going to wait for the Lame Duck session to ram through his final nails into the capitalism coffin.  He already has dirty Harry ramming through the “Dream Act” by sticking it inside of a military defense bill.  So much for COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM!  Obama is also ramming through his “small business” relief act that is a joke to say the least.  He can probably increase our debt by at least $300B – $500B by November 2nd and still take 3 more vacations.  Make that 4 vacations, it is almost a couple of months.  (Anyone ever track to see how many times Soros calls him on his vacation? Nah!  Just a conspiracy theory!  He does seem to hit the ground running though after he enjoys his respite…)

               Here is a plan for the Republicans.  Granted, this legislation will never get to the House or Senate floor but the Republicans should unveil it to the press and have a press conference every day until Wicked Witch Nancy and Dirty Harry “Poo Poo” the bills and kill them before they see the light of day.


This should get Barrack Soros’s Attention!

  1. Extend the current tax rates indefinitely.  Period (hear that Boehner?)
  2. Create a simple Immigration bill on the floor that:
    1. Forces Border Security to be in place prior to the balance of the bill being implemented.
      1. Finish Building the Fence.
      2. Double the Border Patrol Agents along the border.
      3. Train and Certify all State and County Law enforcement agencies as 287(g)1 agencies and officers.
      4. Set up ICE hearing Centers and Temporary Detention Centers at each of the major cities along the Mexican Border.  The centers would be staffed to expedite immigration hearings.
    2. Re-establishes a Bracero type of guest worker program for 300,000 participants per year (Pick a number) with strict enforcement guidelines and strict penalties for violators.  (worked before)
    3. Establishes a quota of 100,000 Mexicans per year who can apply for permanent status.
    4. Must demonstrate skill sets needed in the US.
    5. Must demonstrate ability to provide for themselves when they arrive.
    6. They cannot receive federal or state aid for 3 years after arriving.
    7. Eliminates “Chain Immigration” for all immigrants and natural born citizens.
    8. Double the fines to employers and Labor Unions who hire or issue membership to illegal aliens.
  3. Cut Capital Gains Tax In half:  Pretty straightforward.
  4. Reinstate mortgage interest deductions regardless of the mortgage principle.  This eliminates the current inequity for high real estate cost states and tax payers.  Make this retroactive to 2006 when the tax law was snuck past the voters.  Thank you Bush…
  5. Peg Corporate Tax rates to be not more than 75% of the average industrialized countries corporate tax rate.
  6. Tax Holiday for all Federal Payroll taxes that include employee and employer paid.
  7. Cut Spending to 2006 Levels.
  8. Resolution that Social Security must be reorganized by 2013 and that it be self sustaining.
  9. The “Bigee”!  REPEAL HEALTHCARE.

It is nuts to sit back and let the Democrats use their class warfare against us.  Go on the Offensive.  This will send a signal to the electorate what this election is all about.  It also lets some of us Republicans know that we still have a party worth supporting.

Finally, GET BEHIND THE CANDIDATES WE VOTED FOR IN THE PRIMARIES.  Tell any Republican who lost in the primary that will now seek a write in or in dependent candidacy that you will not support them in 2010 or anytime in the future…  If you don’t, please stop soliciting contributions from us.

RD Pierini

1 Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act

The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA), effective September 30, 1996, added Section 287(g), performance of immigration officer functions by state officers and employees, to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). This authorizes the secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to enter into agreements with state and local law enforcement agencies, permitting designated officers to perform immigration law enforcement functions, pursuant to a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), provided that the local law enforcement officers receive appropriate training and function under the supervision of sworn U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers.

State and local patrol officers, detectives, investigators and correctional officers working in conjunction with ICE gain: necessary resources and authority to pursue investigations relating to violent crimes, human smuggling, gang/organized crime activity, sexual-related offenses, narcotics smuggling and money laundering; and support in more remote geographical locations.