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Trump & His Supporters Are Facing “Do or Die” Fall

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Globalist Elites, Including Republicans, Democrats and International Anti-US interests, are concluding their efforts to “box in” Trump and defeat him and his (our) agenda!  This “coup” will be finalized this Fall and the fate of the US is at stake.

  1. Congress-Block Possible Trump Recess Appointments:  Limbaugh reported this morning that Congress would not actually adjourn and go into a Constitutionally defined recess when a President may appoint persons that would normally have to be confirmed by the Senate.  This is a pure and simple tactic to keep President Trump from filling key points that the Senate has failed to fill or keep him from changing his cabinet around without Senate approval.  THE REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED CONGRESS IS TREATING PRESIDENT TRUMP LIKE AN ENEMY!
  2. Unconstitutional Russian, Iranian and North Korean Sanctions:  Congress just passed new sanctions against these three nations which is not abnormal.  BUT, they added a clause that eliminated the executive branch from unilaterally changing the terms of the sanctions without Congressional approval.   This in effect ties the hands of the Secretary of State and the President in using sanctions as a lever of negotiations.  In effect, it makes the Congress, not the President, in charge of US foreign policy.  This power is vested solely in the Executive Branch.
  3. Mueller investigation Sets us Trump’s Impeachment:  Mueller’s appointment was created by insuring that the Attorney General recuse himself from any matter regarding the phony investigation of Trump/Russia collusion.  This left the deputy AG in charge of any matter regarding the phony investigation of the Trump/Russia collusion.  Then, fired FBI head Comey manipulated the appointment of Mueller to set up an investigative agency outside of Trump’s reach (politically, not Constitutionally).  Mueller’s whole charge by the Globalist Elites is to set up impeachment charges against President Trump!  Today, Mueller impaneled a grand jury!
  4. Global Elites Blocking Trump Agenda:  The Republican congressional leadership are blocking and slow walking all of the Trump agenda and certainly the approval of Trump’s appointments.  In effect, the Global Elites are showing Trump, and the Trump supporters, who is in charge!  They are literally embarrassing and ridiculing Trump in public by ignoring his calls for action on behalf of the American People.
  5. Global Elites Securing the National Security Council by McMaster Purging Trump Loyalists:  This blatant usurpation of power over and above the President is unfolding.  McMaster was recommended to Trump by RINO JOHN McCAIN in the heat of the General Flynn firing when Trump was under the gun to put this firing behind him.  McMaster is a loyal Global Elitist who disagrees with virtually every Trump foreign policy and immigration position.  Today, it was revealed that McMaster told the Lying Susan Rice that she can keep her security clearance!!!!  REALLY.  This goofy person was at the forefront of illegally surveilling Trump and his campaign staff.  McMaster as the head of the National Security Council will insure that leaks never end and that Trump is challenged by the media and the Global Elites at every turn.

Time is running out for President Trump and for those of us who support the President.  Draining the Sewer has maddened the swamp creatures and they won’t go quietly!

Let Trump know your support of him and let Congress know that you will not stand by and see Trump railroaded by the Global Elites including Paul Ryan and the McConnell RINOs.  Stand Now, or be silenced forever.  

RD Pierini




Obama/Susan Rice Thumb Their Noses at Congress, the US and 4 Dead Americans

What Difference Does It Make!
What Difference Does It Make!

If you had any illusions that Obama and Susan Rice have any respect for Congress, the people of the US seeking answers to the attacks on our Consulate in Benghazi, or the memory of and families of Ambassador Chris StevensTyrone Woods, Glen Doherty or Sean Smith,  you can now rest peacefully that neither Obama or Rice have any respect nor regard for any of us.  On September 11th, 2013, one year after the massacre at Benghazi and the immediate coverup by Obama and Rice, Obama is sending Rice to brief Congress in Obama’s pending attack on Syria!!!  Wonder if she will bring a video?

     If any of the members of Congress sit through this briefing they are complicit in the coverup, the disdain for the American people, and the disrespect of the families of the fallen. House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers (R.-Mich.), should absolutely call for a boycott of the briefing and demand the Obama Administration send a credible representative.  At this point, I would trust Bashar Al Assad, more than anyone from this administration to tell us the truth on the use of chemical weapons in Syria by Assad!

I cannot imagine any self-respecting person subjecting themselves to this show of arrogance and complete contempt for US values and the lives of our diplomats and servicemen and women.  If any congressperson shows up, please send them a note telling them of their failure to uphold their oath to defend the US Constitution and their obligation to protect its citizens…

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:  CNS News:  http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/susan-rice-will-brief-congress-syria-anniversary-benghazi

Ryan – Biden Debate Surprise – Biden’s New Secret Weapon

     Thursday evening we will be treated to watching our Vice President, Joe Biden, debate candidate Paul Ryan, one on one in Kentucky.  There has been much ado about Biden’s prep for the debates and how brilliant of a debater Biden is given his 200 years feeding off of the public trough.  But, we have leaned that Biden has a surprise for us all.  He will don the traditional garb of the Taliban, the Burka, in order to show his international flare!

Biden’s Secret Weapon!  Is that really you Joe?

     It will be difficult to tell whether Biden is really the “man” under the veil or whether maybe Barak himself will don the traditional garb and stand in for old Joe!  Either way, Ryan may be at a disadvantage.  After all, you could hide a teleprompter, a 51″ flat screen, or even a debate coach inside of that Burka! 

     If this new apparel strategy works, it is said that Susan Rice may stand in for Obama in the next debate, under the veil of course.  After all, it was Rice who carried Obama’s water by lying to all of the major news outlets regarding the anti-Islamic Video being the cause of the attack on our Embassy in Libya rather than it being an actual terrorist attach! 

      Maybe Jay Carney will hide under both Obama’s and Biden’s Burka as he is well versed in obfuscatimg the Truth with batting an eye.  Not batting an eye under a Burka should be a no brainer for Carney!

Perhaps even Hillary Clinton could encase herself in the Burka and stand in for old Joe.  I am sure this would be a turn on for old Bill as it does not take much to light his fire!

    Regardless of who shows up Thursday Night, wearing whatever, in the flesh or in the stead of Joe Biden, it will be a contrast of old style political theatre by Biden contrasted by a new style issues presentation by Ryan.  Biden will try to use his charm while Ryan will call on his intellect and candor.  Many say that Biden’s foreign policy experience will give him an edge over Ryan.  I would agree that someone with 40 years of foreign policy experience should have the edge.  But in Biden’s case, he has never been on the right side of a foreign policy issue.  This will work to Ryan’s advantage, not Biden’s.

     Whether Biden dons the Burka or opts for a suit and tie, this debate will probably once again point to the pathetic nature of an out of step old politician who should have retired years ago and who was out on Obama’s ticket as he was the least threatening choice for Obama.  Afterall, Biden has proven that he cannot get even a small percentage of support from his own party for president… 

RD Pierini