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Democrats, Leftist and the Media Made “Sitting Ducks” Out of Our School Children

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What the Dems, the Leftist, and the Media Support:

  1. Not arming teachers and school staff to help defend our defenseless children while attending school and walking to and from school.
  2. Not hardening schools with perimeter barriers, metal detectors, ID badges, automatic lockdown controls, and other structural modifications that would help defend our defenseless school children.
  3. Not supporting FIXING the idiotic “Background Check” program the left touts as the be all and end all to gun safety! (National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)),
    1. State and local Law Enforcement are still not reporting all reportable offenses to the NICS system.  New Hampshire, has only submitted 51 records, Montana on 13, and Wyoming only 4.  38 States report fewer than 80% of their reportable crimes.
    2. Promise Program:  Obama/Holder administration gave grants, YOUR MONEY, to schools and law enforcement to NOT arrest and report certain crimes in order to change the RACIAL POPULATION PROPORTION IN OUR PRISONS!  So, these felons were not only excluded from NICS, law enforcement and schools were rewarded from excluding them in a database that would have prohibited the shooter in the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school!  This program was highlighted by Rush Limbaugh.  Links to Rush’s commentary are included below in Hat Tips.
    3. Sanctuary States, Counties and cities do not report illegal immigration crime at all.
    4. Department of Defense has not reported 94% of reportable offenses to NICS!

The Democrats, the Left and the media only focus on using the slaughter of our children as sound bites to be used politically against the right and the NRA specifically.  They support programs like the Promise Program that defeats the effectiveness of background checks.  They support the shielding of illegal aliens from being entered into the NICS system.  They support shielding minor’s felonies from being entered into the NICS system.  They fight against strengthening mental health laws, financial support, and inclusion in the NICS system.

Once again, if we don’t fix the NICS system and ensure that it has a high degree of integrity, then once again we will probably see Congress pass GAS, and not meaningful legislation…

RD Pierini




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DACA-Trump May Get the Blame for Past Presidents & Congressional Failures


Even Rush Limbaugh failed to connect the DACA dots today!  The DOT is the fact that Trump is the ONLY President, including the venerated Reagan, to uphold the immigration law by killing an illegal Executive Memo and the illegal past practice by so-called conservative and liberal Presidents.

Rush and other “conservatives” posited that Trump will tick off his base if the GOP and the Left get together and pass a DACA amnesty bill, and force Trump to sign it or own the deportation of 800,000 DACA beneficiaries.  They conveniently forgot to point out that Presidents Reagan, HW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush and Obama ALL created de facto DACA programs by merely turning a blind, and unconstitutional, eye to those kids brought to the US by their illegal parents and failed to deport any of them.  Obama merely codified, albeit illegally, the past practice of these President’s failure to enforce the law!  Trump, stood up against both the practice and the resulting Obama Executive Memo by wiping out DACA and telling Congress to act, or NOT!  The Constitution TRUMPS Emotion!

IF Congress Passes Amnesty, Will Trump Be Held Accountable?

I have been a Trump supporter from the get-go.  If the RINOs and Left in Congress come up with a DACA amnesty or an all out Amnesty for all illegal immigrants, and send it to Trump, will Trump sign it?  Will the bill have enough votes to override a Presidential Veto?  Will the Bill also contain tough border security and the completion of the border wall?  The devil will be in the details.  In the end, Trump’s action to sign or not sign it will not lessen my support for him!

Trump is in a “Historical Fulcrum Position” as the President During this Critical Period in American History. 

The Republican Party has morphed into a party that is to the left of the Democrat Party of the 1960’s .  Past administrations have created global tensions and conditions that threaten the very existence of the West.  The American People are confused between having a country based on the rule of law or the rule of emotional feelings and identity politics.  Capitalism is no longer thought to be the correct foundation of the US economy by many.  Police are thought to be the enemy of minorities.  States and cities openly defy Federal Law.  And our school system is nothing short of a cesspool of corruption, political correctness, and identity political teachings.  We are destroying historical statues and monuments leaving our history up for individual interpretation.  Our industries have been deported to other nations while deporting illegal aliens is thought to be cruel.  Our economy is on the edge of tipping into the abyss of socialism.

Trump is one man, not God! 

Trump stated in May of 2017 that,

“Freedom is not a gift from government. Freedom is a gift from God”. 

It is Freedom that Trump was elected to regain and protect for us to the best of his ability.  Not one single issue or policy.  Trump may not be able to right all of the wrongs of our past, and there are many, but Trump is the START of taking our country back.  Reagan said that “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction”.  Trump is here to represent that populist, America First generation who wants to start to take back our freedom and thus our country.  Our Freedom is not his responsibility but ours!  It is up to us to help Trump fight to take back this country and not to waver every time there is a bump in the road.  Trump has 4-8 years to overcome decades of decay and lawlessness that has overtaken this land.  If he is 50% successful, that would be a tremendous accomplishment.

Conservative commentators and pundits forgive all of the sins of past so-called Presidents and legislators and are laying the blame of this world and the fate of this world at the feet of Donald J. Trump.  Don’t make the same mistake whenever Trump cannot overcome all of the obstacles in his way.  Could you do any better?  Try supporting and lifting up our President rather than joining in the mob noise against him.

RD Pierini


Limbaugh & Coulter Owe Trump an Apology

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Good Grief!


following the 8 years of Neo-Con wars under Bush with exploding deficits (doubled all prior presidents including when Bush had majorities in both houses);

then 8 more years of unbridled Obama Socialism, aided and abetted by GOP Speakers Boehner and Ryan;

Limbaugh and Coulter act like Trump is the Conservative’s Benedict Arnold due to the pending approval of Ryan’s $1.1T Omnibus Bill.  I’ll bet, neither has even read the 1,600+ pages of this bill!

To Limbaugh and Coulter:

 We, the American Voters who supported Trump, are not as stupid as you make us out to be as you talk down to us by explaining what is and is not getting done by Trump and how things “should” work.  We know how screwed up our government is, and how screwed up Congress and our Congressional leaders are.  You need to trust our support for Trump as a means to help him to achieve the goals we share with him by increasing his ratings and not drive his ratings down, like you do every time you criticize him. 

Do you think attacking Trump, who is the only chance the American People have to regain some level of sovereignty over their country, will help drain the poop infested swamp and overturn and turnaround the disasters of the Clinton, Bush and Obama Regimes?  You will only depress Trump’s approval ratings.  The “K” Street lobbyist gutter snipes, the US Chamber of Commerce, the hard left and the main stream media would use Trump’s lower approval ratings to “prove” to the limp wristed Congress that they don’t have to support Trump’s agenda due to his low approval ratings!  This will kill our chances for a true reset of our nation and kill the return of power to the American People. 

Congress is the Swamp: 

Congress is the Constitutional entity solely responsible for creating legislation and appropriating our hard-earned money, PERIOD.  Congressional authority over legislation and the purse is absolute and the President has no CONSTITUTIONAL  sway over legislation other than through the people. 

Article I of the US Constitution: All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

Image result for greedy K street lobbyists

Congress is the heart and soul of the swamp and it is filled with the cash from the K Street lobbyists, the US Chamber of Commerce, the hard left, and free advertising support from the main stream media.   If a congressman or woman wants to be on a committee, they have to commit to raising a specified amount of money for the party.  In order to do this, the Congressman or woman has to go to the K Street lobbyists or the US Chamber and prostitute themselves for money for future favors they can grant to the lobbyists.  If you want to be the committee head, guess what?  You have to raise more money for the party. 

Is this a great way to run a government or what!!!!  Not!

You, the voter don’t count at all.  Your pittance donations are sneered at by these boils-on-the-butt-of-humanity.  Can you or your district or even your State guarantee a Congressman or woman a $3 M salary for their retirement?  Lobbyists can and do!  This is why the campaign promises of representatives and senators are irrelevant.  Whatever the K Street lobbyists want, they get.  Congress is bought and paid for!

Conservative media is like the old Italian Firing Squad.  They form a circle, then put the targets, the American Taxpayers, in the middle of the circle.  The result, we all get killed by K Street Lobbyist, the hard left and the mainstream media… 

We need conservative mouth pieces to counteract the Main Stream Media and the Congress.  Understand the long game, Trump does.  Will he screw up?  Of Course!  The Trump supporters know this and are not limp wristed like Congress or “some” in the conservative media.

RD Pierini



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Limbaugh-Will This Election Be His Last?

Rush Hitched to the Wrong Wagon!

Cruz Wagon

Ted Cruz is confronted by “Trumpists” (1)

Rush and Cruz both “lost it” these last two days with today being over the top.  Indiana polls are not closed yet but the Fat and Skinny Lady (Carly) has pretty much sung the Swan Song! 

This election season, Rush kept stating that he does not “endorse” any candidate although in the past few months it became crystal clear that he Supports, if not outright Endorses, Ted Cruz.  Not surprising if you have been reading any of his brother’s, (David Limbaugh) articles, this cycle.  The anti-Trump/pro-Cruz mantras have been less than subtle but today, Rush could not contain himself. 

Cruz Confronts Trump Supporter: (1)

 Cruz, in one of his Marion, Indiana events, made the rookie mistake of walking over to a group of Trump Supporters, holding several Trump signs, and engaging them in a conversation.  Why?  Cruz apparently thought he could convince the group with Cruz’s obvious superior intellect.  Cruz spend almost 9 minutes going tête–à–tête with the group.

Rush began today by ranting that Cruz was being “straight and narrow”, “brilliant”, and “factual” with a group of “Trumpist” (said with disdain).  He played two sound bites from the Cruz-Trump supporter.

RUSH: Now, this just happened not long ago.  It was this afternoon in Marion, Indiana, during a campaign event, Ted Cruz is confronted by Trumpists.  We have two sound bites here.  This little exchange, these two bites, could serve as a microcosm for this entire primary.

CRUZ: (outdoor noise) What do you like about Donald?

TRUMPIST: Everything.

CRUZ: You… Give me one? 

TRUMPIST: The wall.

CRUZ: Okay, the wall.

TRUMPIST: That’s the main thing. Immigration.

CRUZER: Ted’s —

CRUZ: All right, hold on a second.

WOMAN: Hillary Clinton!

CRUZ: You know on the wall that Donald told the New York Times editorial board he’s —

WOMAN: That’s right!

CRUZ: — not going to build a wall and he’s not going to deport anyone?

TRUMPIST: You’re lyin’.

CRUZ: Well —

TRUMPIST:  Lyin’ Ted!

CRUZ: (outdoor noise) Well, no sir. You know actually —

TRUMPIST: He’ll take down ISIS. He’ll take down the whole damn match up!

CRUZ: Civilized people don’t just scream and yell at each other, and I’m not yelling at you.

TRUMPIST: (crosstalk) Let me tell ya —

CROWD: (noise)

CRUZ: Do you know that Donald’s words were caught on tape?

TRUMPIST: (crosstalk) Let me tell ya —

CROWD: (noise)

TRUMPIST: Career politicians is destroyin’ our country!

CRUZ: The New York Times recorded the whole thing. It’s publicly recorded.  (transcript of the meeting was never released by either party)

TRUMPIST: How ’bout your mistresses.

CRUZ: Uh, that’s a total lie. Made up by (crosstalk)

TRUMPIST: Ohhhh, lyin’ (unintelligible) Lyin’ Ted!

RUSH:  I think that kind of sums up this whole campaign.  It’s exactly how it’s being perceived out there.  On the one hand, you have Ted Cruz, who is straight and narrow — a straight-down-the-middle, brilliant the guy. He is lined up with the facts, he’s got the evidence, and he’s up against the Trumpists, who believe he’s a liar because of (Trump impression) “Lyin’ Ted! He holds up the Bible, he waves the Bible around, and then he lies! Lyin’ Ted.  Lyin’ Ted! I talked to Tara, and he’s lying!”  And his supporters all think that’s true.

Rush has been in the minority today extolling the virtues of Cruz in confronting a Trump supporter.  The consensus is that Cruz should NOT have engaged a Trump supporter, let alone for 9 minutes when being taped.  Even a novice attorney knows that you never ask a question(s) if you don’t know the answer!  Especially when the press is taping!

Rush Call Trump Supporter Brain Dead!

Rush’s monologue that included the confrontation discussed above also included Limbaugh stating that the person Cruz confronted was Brain Dead!  Wow, that is a Democrat tactic, resulting to name calling.  (Also, I personally find it offensive to be called a “Trumpist” by someone who holds disdain for us and our support for Trump.)  A subsequent caller took exception to the moniker and confronted Rush:


RUSH: Josh in Jackson Center, Pennsylvania.  You’re first today.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  It’s an honor to be on with you.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I’d just like to ask you to please calling us Trump supporters names.  You try to get on board because Trump is gonna get the nomination, and our goal here is to beat Hillary Clinton.

RUSH:  I understand.

CALLER:  He’s the only one that’s gonna be able to do it.

RUSH:  I understand the goal is to beat Hillary Clinton.  I understand in a lot of primary voters that’s what guides their vote, who’s gonna beat Hillary because that’s number one the objective.  I didn’t call all of you Trump supporters brain-dead, but I’m glad you cited that because I need to address it. That whole incident haunted me and I’ll tell you why: ‘Cause I’ve been in it.  You know, a lot has happened to me in 28 years doing this show.  I have been in all kinds of circumstances.


The past few weeks has led me to question whether Rush will see this election cycle as the one he got wrong or if it was the cycle that dampened his spirit to continue his quest to “educate the masses”.  Either way, I think Rush will be hard pressed not to question himself and his handling of this cycle.  As Cruz is crumbling under the pressure of loss, so are Rush and others.  I have not seen the ratings for Rush’s programs but I can tell you that no one I follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are discussing Rush much at all.  Does that mean he has lost the Trump supporters from his audience.  I know we cancelled our 24/7 subscription.

RD Pierini




Hat Tips

(1) http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/05/02/trumpists_confront_ted_cruz

(2) http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/05/03/all_trumpists_aren_t_brain_dead_dufuses_but_this_cruz_confrontation_bothers_me

Limbaugh Trashes Media’s Capitalistic Trump Strategy–How about Shari’s Berries?

On Friday, following a call from a Cruz supporter making the case that the media has been treating Ted Cruz unfairly vis-à-vis Trump, Rush made a case that the media, broadcast and cable TV and others, have been “using” Trump to pump their own ratings and profits. 

OK.  So, given that the media is supposed to hate Republicans and support only Democrats, they are not totally stupid! 

If they can make a buck they will make a buck especially when someone else, Trump, is doing all of the work. 

It is called Capitalism. 

People, Viewers, want to hear more Trump.  The media are giving them what they want, more uncensored Trump! 

And guess what, people watch, advertisers pour in, along with the $$$!

Rush commented that the Trump demand, (my comment, created by Trump) drives coverage, drives ratings and drives profits and it is a self-perpetuating circle.  Rush said:

“You can get news in any way, shape manner or form.  The network television guys and the cable news guys don’t own it anymore and, as such, they’ve suffered massive audience erosion — Fox News excluded here — and massive financial drain.  So what has happened, they have found gold in Trump.  Trump attracts and holds an audience like they can’t.” 

“So they now know that eyeballs are watching them, and they’re doing it, and it’s happening because they’re carrying Trump, and so the beast feeds on itself.  And if Trump is the reason for say, a cable news revival or a particular network revival, then more Trump is what we want.  And then more Trump after that.” (1)

Rush was portraying the media’s pushing of “Trump Time” as being insincere and only being driven by viewership and profits.  REALLY!!  Of course the media will react to a cash cow when the cow walks into their pasture! 

Rush, Capitalism and Loyalty: 

I found Rush’s missives impugning the media’s profit motivation a bit disingenuous in light of his being FLUKED by his advertisers in 2012, then his subsequent welcoming back of those same advertisers today.

On February 29, 2012, Rush reacted, rightly so, to Sandra Fluke testifying before Congress in support of contraceptives being included in Obamacare.  Rush referred to Fluke as a “prostitute” and a “slut”.  Sandra Fluke was and still is a shill for the Left’s Women’s Rights movement.  When you did the math regarding how much she paid per year for condoms, she was having sex 3 times a day!  So, Rush’s characterization of Fluke was colorful but not without some merit but the media firestorm caused Limbaugh to lose over 100 advertisers over a short period of time.

Many of US, rushed to Rush’s side and stopped using many of those advertisers and I still refrain from doing so to this day.  But, advertisers like Shari’s Berries, were welcomed back by Rush, I assume, for the purpose of increasing his profits!

That is perfectly fine with me but a little two-faced when he condemns the media for trying to increase their profits.

Trump is the master at creating media demand for himself, his candidacy and causes.  No one is stopping the other candidates from emulating Trump’s tactics if they have the talent and MESSAGE.  He expertly uses social media to create the demand then has huge events to drive interest and medial coverage.  Trump is bigger than life and people, viewers, listeners and readers, can’t get enough.  I dare say that Rush’s own audiences have increased due to the hyperbole surrounding the 2016 Republican Presidential race. 

Would any broadcast or cable channel have had over 20,000,000 views for a televised debate without Trump?  NOPE!  The debate he skipped on Fox dropped to around 12,000,000 views when the other Fox debates drew in excess of 18,000,000 viewers. 

I can just picture a Jeb, Rubio and Cruz debate drawing maybe 8,000,000 viewers, Maybe!  Snore! 

It is hard for Rush to view this race except through the prism that Cruz is a conservative and everyone else is not; Cruz is the best thing since sliced bread and everyone needs to see that; Cruz has been mal-treated and maligned by the GOP, media and Trump; Cruz is the only one qualified to be the President of the United States in this cycle. 

But, Cruz cannot convince the GOP voters of this!

The other fact Rush left out when discussing the media and its quest for profits, is that the media today is no longer about news.  The 24 hours per day “news cycle” is actually less than an hour of actual hard news and everything else is commentary or punditry!  In other words, it is ENTERTAINMENT.  Someone has to pay the bills to keep the lights on, like an “Obscene Profit Time Out”!  (Rush’s phrase used when he has to take a commercial break)

The media now has to deal with free social media so the last thing the broadcast and cable media will do is kill the cash cow.  Why analyze and try to tell audiences what Trump just said?  We don’t need the media to interpret for us.  We all speak English!  We all know that the political season is all about sound bites with little substance.  We see what the candidates have done in their lives, and can draw our own conclusions.

The only difference this year is someone, Trump, is making politics and current events and issues interesting!

RD Pierini




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(1)  http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/04/29/cruz_trump_and_the_media

Limbaugh On Boehner Lucifer Comment, Pence and More…


Rush Triples Down on Cruz Advocacy!

Rush is adamant that he is remaining neutral on the 2016 Republican Presidential Primaries.  Maybe Rush needs to have someone who is a disinterested third-party give him some honest feedback.  The real issue for Rush is that his bias for Cruz is clouding his ability to analyze current events accurately and to objectively see Cruz has others see him.  Rush needs to ask himself the questions, “Why don’t I understand the real motivation behind Trump supporters and why Ted Cruz cannot gain any traction”?  Here are a couple of recent campaign events that Rush just flatly got wrong!

Boehner-Lucifer Comment:

Speaker Boehner, speaking at an event at Stanford University this week described Ted Cruz as:  “Lucifer in the flesh.”  Then Boehner went on to say, “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

This comment was no surprise as practically all establishment Republicans and the Congressional Republicans have disdain for Cruz and his approach to the government shutdown and other tactics.  They feel that he is a “grandstander”, and show boats for his own political gain.  (With the GOP Congress at about a 12% approval rate, I am not sure any of them are able to take much of a high moral ground!)

That said, Rush concluded that the Boehner remarks, and his apparent support for Trump over Cruz, would be a big benefit for Cruz as Boehner is the epitome of the “establishment” and, paraphrasing, would give Cruz “street creds” as an anti-establishment candidate.  But…

  • The only people who see this as a benefit for Cruz are the died in the wool Cruz supporters like Limbaugh and Levin. 

  • The Trump supporters see the comments as a confirmation that Cruz is not a team player, cannot motivate others to join his position, and deepens their distrust of Ted based on the fact that only a handful of his Congressional colleagues have backed him. 

  • The Republican establishment totally agree with Boehner!  So, how is this going to help Cruz?

In the past few weeks, Cruz had been working delegate rules in various states in an attempt to Stop Trump.  His efforts have not been opposed by the Stop Trump GOP Establishment so Cruz has been even more successful at pealing off 2nd ballot delegates that one would have thought possible. 

Cruz’s reaction to Boehner’s comments was to slam the Speaker, and by extension, the GOP Establishment.  OK.  But, the people Cruz needs at the convention are, you guessed it, those same GOP insiders that support Boehner!  For someone who is supposed to be brilliant, this reaction by Cruz was not in his own best interest.  Sometimes it is best to just walk away and ignore comments like these. 

Everyone already knew Boehner had nothing but contempt for Cruz so it would have been a 10 second spot on the 11:00 PM news.  But, Cruz kept the comments alive with his tweets and comments while lessening his chances of having the GOP continue help him to pick off more candidates and Stop Trump. 

Also, he played into Trump’s narrative of Cruz that none of his colleagues in Congress liked him! Cruz should have also been smart enough to see that after last Tuesday’s massive win for Trump, the GOP insiders, establishment and donor classes all but gave up on their Stop Trump movement.  His chances for continued institutional finance contribution are pretty much nil.

Rush overestimated any benefit that accrued to Cruz as a result of the Boehner comments.  In fact, Cruz’s reaction probably turned this into a net negative for Cruz and a benefit for Trump, but Rush would never agree with this!

Governor Mike Pence’s “Endorsement” of Cruz:

It was clear this morning listening to Rush that he had not previewed the two sound bites his staff had clipped of Governor Mike Pence regarding his very tepid “endorsement” of Cruz.  If Rush had listened to the clips, the first thing he would have realized was that this really was not an endorsement in the traditional sense but a statement that Pence would vote for Cruz next Tuesday.  There were no comments regarding campaigning for Cruz in Indiana like Scott Walker did in Wisconsin.

Rush told his staff to run soundbite 20 of the Pence endorsement.  The transcript from Rush’s website describes the conversation as follows:

RUSH: I want to get a couple bites in from Pence, Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, and his endorsement.  Sound bites 20 and 30.  Here is the first one.

PENCE:  I like and respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field.  I particularly want to commend Donald Trump, who I think has given voice to the frustration

RUSH:  Wait a minute, what?  (my comment, Rush caught off guard)

PENCE:  — of millions of working Americans with a lack of progress —

RUSH:  I thought this —  (my comment, Rush caught off guard)

PENCE:  — in Washington, DC. 

RUSH:  It says here —

PENCE:  And I’m also particularly grateful that Donald Trump has taken a strong stance for Hoosier jobs when we saw jobs in the Carrier company abruptly announce leaving Indiana not for another state, but for Mexico, I’m grateful, I’m grateful for his voice in the national debate.  Let me say I’ve come to my decision about who I’m supporting, and I’m not against anybody, but I will be voting for Ted Cruz in the upcoming Republican primary.

(My Comment:  Rush clearly did not expect Pence to go on singing the praises of Donald Trump and when this sound bite finished, Rush was flustered and cut to a break.  He clearly wanted to hear the next sound bite from Pence before continuing)

RUSH:  Wow.  Okay.  I don’t have time to play, he goes on about Cruz, there’s another 40 seconds. I just don’t have time.  I’ll do it right when we get back, top of the next hour.  It says right here: “Pence endorses Cruz.”  I gotta take a break here.  I gotta be very careful on how I characterize — just hit the break, let’s go, Snerdley. 

After the break, Rush played both segments of the Pence promise to vote for Cruz:

PENCE:  I like and respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field. I particularly want to commend Donald Trump, who I think has given voice to the frustration of – of millions of working Americans with a lack of progress in Washington, DC. And I’m also particularly grateful that Donald Trump has taken a strong stand for Hoosier jobs when we saw jobs in the Carrier company abruptly announce leaving Indiana, not for another state, but for Mexico. I’m grateful, I’m grateful for his voice in the national debate. And let me say I’ve come to my decision about who I’m supporting, and I’m not against anybody, but I will be voting for Ted Cruz in the upcoming Republican primary.

RUSH:  Okay, that first sound bite was 40 seconds, and then about 35 seconds into it, Ted Cruz was mentioned and mentioned as the candidate that Mike Pence is supporting.  Here is what he said next.

PENCE:  I see Ted Cruz as a principled conservative who’s dedicated his career to advocating the Reagan agenda. And I’m pleased to support him. I really admire the way Ted Cruz has been willing to stand up for taxpayers in opposing runaway spending, deficits, and debt, calling for and leading on repealing Obamacare. And I also have to tell you I’m very impressed with Ted Cruz’s devotion and knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, of the freedoms that are enshrined there in our Bill of Rights, from our liberties to our Second Amendment. And of course, I appreciate his strong and unwavering stand for the sanctity of life.

RUSH:  And so it is being dissected, as I mentioned on cable networks left and right, and I’m sure other places too, the analysis of this endorsement, and you’re gonna hear all kinds of takes on it.  I probably imagine you having your own reaction to it in one of a number of different ways.

While it is commendable that Rush viewed Pence’s promise to vote for Cruz as a resounding endorsement, however, not many others do.  Pence spent almost half of his statement praising Trump for actually setting the agenda for 2016 and for standing up for Indiana against Carrier Air Conditioning who is moving to Mexico!  Rush’s enthusiasm for Cruz once again led him to overstate a fact and really miss the impact, or lack thereof, of this event.

 Bobby Knight Endorsement of Trump:

In that same segment where rush was discussing the Pence pledge to vote for Cruz, Rush threw cold water on the real Endorsement by Bobby Knight of Donald Trump.  (A real endorsement includes actually working for the campaign on the trail and not merely voting for the candidate.)

Rush:  On the other side you have Trump, who was endorsed by Bobby Knight.  And Bobby Knight said that he doesn’t know if Trump is a Republican or Democrat and he doesn’t even know what a conservative is.  Bobby Knight: “Is a conservative a guy that goes to bed early?  Is a conservative a guy that goes to bed too early or too late and doesn’t get enough sleep?  I really don’t know what a conservative is.” 

Rush knows better than to try to deflect to ideology rather than state that the Knight endorsement was huge in Indiana.  No one in Indiana cares whether Bobby Knight knows the definition of what a conservative is.  Bobby Knight put Indiana on the map and everyone in the US who follows college sports knows that Knight is a giant in college basketball and a legend in Indiana.  Knight is seen as a WINNER.  This fits into Trump’s narrative of him being a winner and the US will once again become a winner.

Rush cannot seem to get back to his long hitting streak of calling events as they are.  He seems to be in a Cruz fog and cannot penetrate through to reality.  As a conservative, Rush should be focused on Clinton and her shortfalls rather than working on discrediting the frontrunner and supporting someone who will not win the GOP nomination.  I have written before, the GOP insiders hate Cruz worse than Trump and will make sure that if Trump is inevitable, he will win.  If Trump is not inevitable, they will use Cruz to go to a 2nd ballot and nominate Kasich if they can tear him away from the buffet line.  Cruz, Limbaugh and Levin are all living in a dream world devoid of reality.

RD Pierini


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Limbaugh Still Doesn’t Understand “We the People” vs the RNC

Rush and wE the People

Rush Limbaugh was exasperated again today, thinking he had to restate his monotonous diatribe explaining the GOP “RULES!  We the People NOW understand the RULES and understand that ALL OF THE CANDIDATES knew the RULES going into this election! 

What you are missing is that the vast majority of We the People ASSUMED that the GOP Primary Process was based on democratic principles.  But, it is not!

We the People were Wrong, we now know it,

and do not like it!  Period!

We also get that the RULES cannot be changed before the convention in Cleveland.  But, we want the GOP to know that We the People, will be watching the GOP, and we will apply a FAIRNESS test, not a RULES test on any of its, or its surrogate delegates actions at the convention. 

IF you fail the FAIRNESS test, We the People will hold the GOP responsible during the Presidential Election! 

Please know that if you fail the FAIRNESS test, we will consider your actions corrupt.  Voting for your corruption or Hillary’s corruption is just a matter of STENCH!   

You, your Elites, and your Donor Class have proven over the past 7.5 years that even when the GOP holds the House and Senate, the progressive, anti-individual agenda continues to roar ahead!  Your Elites are threatening to Impeach Trump based on his use of Executive Orders.  You have failed to hold Obama to any Constitutional standards over the past seven years.  We have been watching and are fed up with Ryan, McConnell and your “leadership”.  You spat on the Tea Party Movement.  This is Phase II and we are even more ready to TAKE AMERICA BACK!

We the People will not longer vote for another of your puppet candidates for President.  You can take that to the bank(ers) who own you! 

Just Sayin'

Just Sayin’






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Limbaugh, Levin and Others Just Don’t Understand “We the People”

Trump-Mark-RushIt is about the People, Not a Document

U.S. Constitution


Rush and Levin are trying to figure out why we “conservatives” aren’t supporting Cruz but are rather going for Trump.  Rush this morning quipped (Paraphrasing) if people want conservative values, we finally have someone in Cruz who can deliver.  Further, we need to protect the constitutional values and our principles.  (I think I am pretty close in paraphrasing him.)  David Limbaugh and Levin have also expressed similar sentiments.  Levin has even resorted to calling those of us who really are conservatives and live our lives as conservatives as, (to be kind), uninformed or misguided! 

Consider the actual people suffering in the following situations, and many find themselves in more than one.



-IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE 12-50% UNEMPLOYED (depending on your demographic and using the U-6 Rate);









Then a piece of paper or a vague concept called the U.S. Constitution does not really matter much to you!







Why Trump!

  1. Trump is a Populist Candidate espousing Solutions that are grounded in Conservative Solutions. 

    1. A conservative would cut taxes and allow the middle class to have tangible tax relief;
    2. a conservative would secure the border;
    3. a conservative would build the wall at the border even if it is somewhat symbolic of our commitment to secure our borders;
    4. a conservative would deal with the 11,000,000 illegals and make them accountable for their past indiscretion;
    5. a conservative would protect America first by devising a plan BEFORE allowing Muslim immigrants/refugees to enter the country un-vetted;
    6. a conservative would stop allowing foreign labor to compete with our own people by stopping the H-1x Visas;
    7. a conservative would stop allowing trade agreements that were antithetical to American interests;
    8. a conservative would revisit and renegotiate NAFTA, TPP and all other global trade agreements.
    9. a conservative would create a review process for all of our old alliances and treaties such as our Membership in the UN, NATO, SEATO and all others.  National-Self Interest would be the guiding principle.
    10. a conservative would rebuild out military to a status of real, known strength;
    11. a conservative would base our foreign policy on US National Self-Interest;
    12. a conservative would base our foreign aid so it supports our US National Self-Interest;
    13. a conservative would rebuild our VA system from scratch and privatize major portions of Vet care.
    14. a conservative would eliminate the EPA, the Department of Education, and the Department of Energy.  Congress and the President can set policies that do not need the support of bloated federal bureaucracies who merely perpetuate themselves;
    15. a conservative would revamp the Federal Reserve and our banking system that was responsive to the need to protect we the people and not the big money interests of this country.
    16. a conservative would send back control over education to the local school boards, including control over teachers and curriculum.
    17. a conservative would stop mandating unfunded liabilities onto our State and Local governments.  Pass a bill, Pay for it!;
    18. a conservative would institute block grants to State and Local Government without strings attached;
    19. a conservative would realign the bloated Homeland Security monstrosity that has been created and streamline our foreign and domestic intelligence communities and rebuild our IT capabilities to 21st century standards.
    20. a conservative would rid this country of drugs and treat the addicted.
    21. a conservative would create a homeless program with the goal to get the homeless off of the street into humane care help them out of this downward spiral.
    22. a conservative would encourage faith-based charities to work on all of our social programs to help the addicted, needy, homeless, single parent families etc.
    23. a conservative would make sure that our Bill of Rights were protected at all costs and defenses.
    24. a conservative would appoint conservative judges to not only the Supreme Court but to all of the lower courts (unlike GW, his father, or even Ronald Reagan);
    25. a conservative would suspend immigration, or at least significantly cut it back, until our current immigrants can be assimilated;
    26. a conservative would engage the people in the governing of this nation and use the bully pulpit to convince Congress to support his or her programs;
  2. You, the so-called Conservative vanguards, have given us candidates like Orin Hatch, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and basically very republican in the house and senate, and have allowed them to run spouting off conservative values, then when elected, it is left-wing support for their donor class and the Republican insiders.
  3. Ted Cruz:  we all gave Ted Cruz a shot at being our candidate.  We held Cruz to the standard that he set for himself, Christian, conservative, honest and TRUSTED!  Then when he started with campaign antics such as the Carson disinformation during the Iowa Caucus, the use of the “official” voter violation notice, and trying to ascribe values to candidates not based on their current views or actions, but on their past views and actions, we see that as hypocritical, non-Christian, and certainly not upholding conservative values.  We expected more and got business as usual.  Ted Cruz has always been a good lawyer and a good opposition Senator.  But, WE ARE NOT SURE HE CAN LEAD!  WITHOUT LEADERSHIP, HIS VIEWS ARE IMMATERIAL!





RD Pierini

Twitter:  @RDPierini





Republican Establishment Vs. Donald J. Trump & Ted Cruz

Rep Upside down

Well here we go!  The Establishment is unabashedly supporting Open Borders Rubio against Donald J. Trump. 

Its allies, FOX NEWS, the National Review, The Weekly Standard, Newsmax, and a host of other “conservative” rages and outlets are spewing whatever dirt they can make up, much of which is not supported by the facts.  Many are merely half-truths.  The establishment has even brought in the Ex-President of Mexico to bash Trump!  What’s next!  Since Ted Cruz is #2, they are also making sure he will not get any oxygen for his campaign and thus cannot backdoor their efforts.

Establishment V Cruz
                 Establishment V Cruz



If you had any illusion that the Republican Party would ever allow Ted Cruz to win the nomination, then you better rethink your opinion.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  Even the rags you thought would support a “true conservative constitutionalist” like the National Review, The Weekly Standard, Newsmax, and pundits like George Will and others, are selling you out big time. 

They have all doubled down on the soon to be loser Marco Rubio because they know they can pull his strings and make him dance to whatever tune they want to play.  They support open borders, cheap US labor via H-1A and H-1B visas, “Free Trade” where the US makes sweetheart deals with other countries so our US companies can move their manufacturing operations off shore, European style refugee and Muslim immigration policies, regulations to insure that smaller US companies cannot complete in the global market, and a whole host of other global centric policies. 

The National Review and the Weekly Standard writers have bombarded social media with anti-Trump snippets, many of which are outright lies or at best half truths.  The endorsements by Chris Christie and other “establishment” republicans, current and past office holders, and more evangelicals, has thrown the RINO establishment into high gear. 

Strategy:  The Terrier VS the Pit Bull:

They are having Marco Rubio, the small Terrier in the ring, act tough and go after Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the “Big Dogs”.  He is engaging in goofy name calling and making odd, diminishing remarks about his opponents.  These remarks are being backed up with the social media barrage noted above by Republican Insiders.  The problem is that this is not the mild mannered nice guy Marco Rubio who has been sold to the national public over the past 6 years.  Rubio is no Donald Trump nor is he Ted Cruz.  Rubio in not at all convincing in this role. 

What happens if Rubio doesn’t win any State in either the First Super Tuesday (March 1st) or in the Second Super Tuesday (March 15th), including his home state of Florida? 

Well, if the Ankle-Biter Rubio’s current tactics fall short, he is on tap to not win any of the First Super Tuesday contests, except maybe Alaska (snore)?  If the then loses Florida on March 15th, he is in a psychologically terrible position.  I say psychologically because many of the States that are voting between the First Super Tuesday and the Second Super Tuesday are proportional delegate states meaning that the delegates will be divided up based on vote count.  Between the two Super Tuesdays, there are 1,412 total delegates up for grab with 1,186 delegates being proportioned and 226 delegates going to the winner only (Florida’s 99 delegates are winner take all).  Rubio may pick up 1-300 delegates out of the 1,412 delegate total but he will most likely be behind Cruz and certainly well behind Trump.

Plan B – Enter Mitt Romney

Up until Romney took to Twitter to start demanding Trump’s tax returns and making innuendoes regarding their possible “gotcha” content, no one was even thinking about Mitt Romney.  Could the Establishment jettison Rubio at some point in favor of Romney?  “You Betcha”!  Romney was great in 2012 attacking fellow Republican rivals.  He only became “Wussy” when he was up against Obama! 

You must realize that open borders, other open visa immigration, anti US industry regulation curtailing competition, trade policies that favor global companies, protection of Wall Street, and on and on, amount to countless Billions of dollars for the few who run the GOP Establishment, including Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes of Fox News!  They are not going to give in without a very dirty fight.  Romney’s holdings are just that, holdings.  This means that he invests in, not owns and runs, many of the multi-national global enterprises who control the GOP.

Heaven Help Us!

If the GOP is successful with either Plan A-Prop up Rubio, or Plan B-Enter Romney, I predict a backlash against the Republican Party, and the Federal Government, like we have not seen since the founding of this country. 

The GOP Establishment successfully worked with the Left to emasculate the Tea Parties and the Tea Party Movement.  (ever wonder why the GOP really does not go after the IRS!)  Don’t doubt for a second that they would try to eliminate Trump and Cruz.  They will take Clinton over Trump or Cruz as they know HRC will keep the Status Quo in place!

 Limbaugh and Mark Levin both think Trump is the enemy. 

They better do a gut-check on the GOP!



Part 2: 2012 Election-Birth of the New Freedom Party-Goodbye to the Republican Party in 2014 and 2016

(Be sure to read Part 1 before reading this article: http://wp.me/pY51c-Dz  )

One Way to Create the new Constitutional Freedom Party

    In the first article in this installment, we saw that it is not only possible to create a new party but to win mid-term and presidential elections in a relatively short period of time.  The original Republican Party was able to take over the House of Representatives in a few short months and win the presidency in less than 6 years!  The only thing in our way is US and US NOT DOING ANYTHING!


What are the elements of a new party?

  1. A core group of individuals committed to the creation of a new political party.
  2. The creation of the goals, objectives, and platform for the new platform.
  3. Sufficient funding and resources to initialize the new party.
  4. Execute the plan to initialize the new party.

Core Group of Individuals:

In order to create a core group of individuals to create the new party,

  • Seek committed people who have sufficient political experience to help guide the process;
  • Seek committed people who have solid constitutional knowledge to help form goals, objectives and platform for the new party;
  • Seek committed people who have the organizational skills to create a national organization;
  • Seek committed people who can raise capital to create the new party.

 Political Experience:  While our first inclination may be to seek out people like Marco Rubio, Michelle Bachman, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and other elected proven defenders of the constitution and freedom, we cannot jeopardize their short-term impact in their respective posts.  If these people are included in the overt process, they will be frozen out by the Republican Party via Boehner and McConnell.  We do have Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, leaders in the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, the Tea Party organizations and others.  We also have strong voices with legal expertise such as Mark Levin who would be invaluable to the core organizing group.

Constitutional Knowledge:  The core political group would be used to man the Constitutional guidance group.  Mark Levin, Heritage and others could provide the constitutional guidance to help in the formation of the party and the formation of the party’s goals, objectives, and platform.

Organization Skills:  This is a bit more tricky as you do not want to include traditional political operatives that are tied into the status quo.  You do need someone who can organize national corporate functions all the way down to grass-roots activities.  I would look to the corporate private sector for these skills so this group does not fall into the trap of looking at everything through traditional political eye shades.

Capital Raising Skills:  We have a good core group of people who have donated to our conservative candidates in the past such as Sheldon Adelson, the Coke Brothers, and many others.  I would seek out a private sector corporate person who has intimate knowledge of raising capital to seek out these individuals and fund the required start-up capital and ultimately the formation of the new party and its initial conventions.

Timeline and Milestones:

     Just how long will this take and when could we have our first convention?  Shorter than what you think.  Start out with the truism that “you will never finish before you start”!  So, the first step is to start NOW!

  • Month One:  Create initial core group and obtain start-up capital.  Form the organization.
  • Month Two-Three:  Expand the core group to include all need expertise, resources, and capital;  Create the core goals, objectives and platform; create the initial marketing plan.
  • Month Four:  Initiate the start-up marketing plan and saturate talk radio, the “alternate” media, and the traditional media.  (Be prepared for an onslaught of negativity from both parties and the mainstream media)
  • Month Five-Six:  Begin the grass-roots organization utilizing existing Tea Party networks and other independent grass-roots political organizations with compatible goals.  Set the date for the first convention to be the fall of 2013.  Create and fund State organizations to mirror the national new party organization
  • Month Seven through Twelve:  Continue on with the initial organization formation, capital raising, organization formation etc.  Meet with the existing Republican members of the House and Senate, Governors, and members of State Houses and Senates as quietly as possible and ascertain how many of these individuals will pledge to join the new party.  Their participation would be declared when they announce for the mid-term elections in 2014 should they be up for re-election.  Hold the first convention for the Constitutional Freedom Party in October of 2013.  That is only 12 months away!

Milestone One:  The first federal goal for 2014 would be to elect a majority within the current Republican caucus in both houses to force the Republicans to either caucus with the new Constitutional Freedom Party or the Democrats!  If the Republicans caucus with the new Constitutional Freedom Party, then we control the leadership and the committee assignments.   The first State goal would be to elect as many State Governors and Legislators as possible in 2014.  It may take more than two election cycles to create a legislative majority at the State’s level in current Republican held States.

Milestone Two:  Continue all efforts at the federal  and State level to increase control over the House, Senate and State Legislatures in 2016. Nominate our first President and Vice President in 2016.  We may split the vote with the republicans in 2016 which would make winning difficult.  But, if the democrats nominate Joe Biden, this may not be impossible! 

Milestone Three:  By 2020, have a governing majority in both houses of Congress and have a Constitutional Freedom President.  At this point we can start to “UNTRANSFORM” this nation back to founding Constitutional Principles.  We can re-establish freedom for all Americans and remove the Democrat and Republican shackles that have been placed on upward mobility for most Americans.

     I realize that this is a simple presentation of a complex process.  We have the people, the resources and most importantly, the heart to see this through.  We are patriotic Americans first and will defend this nation of the cancer that is now eating us from within.  Start calling into talk shows and start talking up a new Constitutional Freedom Party, or whatever name we ultimately pick.  Write letters to the editors that are positive and talk up the new party.  Talk to your like-minded friends and talk about the benefits of taking back our country. 

Otherwise, in the next election, you will be voting for Jeb Bush or a Rob Portman as the Republican nominee in 2016!

PS:  If anyone suggests that Ann Coulter be a part of this group I am out of here!

RD Pieini