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GOP Freedom Caucus Join RINOs Against We the People & Trump!

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Mark Meadows. leader of the Freedom Caucus, and Jim Jordan, founder of the Freedom Caucus, have both condemned President Trump for increasing the debt limit without gaining offsets to the national debt which is currently 19 Trillion 800 Billion dollars. 

Then, Why Hasn’t Congress Passed a Budget in  9 Years! 

The Federal Budget is THE Way to Control the National Debt! 

Raising the National Debt by Passing A Continuing Resolution is What Really Increases the National Debt Without any Real Accountability by Congress.

President Trump joined with Democrats to increase the debt limit in order to QUICKLY authorize the funding for the Harvey and now Irma  Hurricane relief.  The President did not want Congress to get embroiled into yet another silly “principled” fight that would result in a delay for the funding and even setting up a government shutdown and possibly postponing relief dollars for Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.  90 of the Freedom Caucus in the House and other RINOs voted against President Trump’s request as did 17 RINOs in the Senate.  

The RINO Way-Increase Spending and Complain About the Debt!

Meadows and Jordan try to take the moral high ground as “conservatives” when the issue of the debt limit comes up.  BUT, they knew Paul Ryan would follow the lead by his predecessor, John Boehner, and give Obama a free pass to raise Federal Spending and increase the National Debt.  Under Boehner/Ryan speakership, Obama and the Congress (both GOP and Dems), the National Debt increased from $10.6 Trillion to almost $20 Trillion dollars.  Obama, Boehner and Ryan almost doubled the National Debt!  Where were the “conservatives” pressuring Boehner and Ryan to stop the Obama march to national bankruptcy!  

Fast Forward to Today

On August 23rd, 2017, Meadows stated that Ryan and McConnell could “could lose their jobs”  if they did not back the Trump agenda.  Then, on September 8th, Meadows backtracked stating that “I can tell you there is no plan there is nothing there” when asked if he planned to oust Paul Ryan as the speaker. 

So, if Paul Ryan, and McConnell have both badmouthed the President at every turn, and have intentionally stalled the Trump agenda, how can the Freedom Caucus not step up and insist on a change in Congressional leadership so Congress can support the Trump agenda? 

  • How can Meadows and Jordan stand against the President’s request to raise the debt limit and fund the Hurricane Relief efforts so he can get Congress to pass his tax reform and relief plan? 
  • Where are Meadows and Jordan on insisting the “Wall” be built? 
  • Why did Meadows and Jordan take the “August Recess” instead of staying in Washington DC and protest the “vacation” supported by Ryan and McConnell?
  • How can Meadows and Jordan insist on “Entitlement” reform that include Social Security and Medicare, that were paid for by the recipients of those programs?  
  • How can Meadows and Jordan not insist that the Trump Budget be passed in order to start cutting back on the federal debt via a balanced budget?
  • How can Meadows and Jordan not insist Trump be allowed to pare down the Federal bureaucracies  per the Trump Budget when RINOs attack Trump’s cost cutting efforts?

Simple, they don’t understand how screwed up this country is and how disgusted We the People are with political platitudes and high and mighty politicians feeding at the pig trough provided by taxpayers.

WE fully understand that the National Debt may increase in the short-term if the:

  • Trump tax cuts take place,
  • We have to pay for increased military spending in order to address the failings of past administrations, and we have to pay for national disasters like Harvey and Irma. 
  • WE also understand that if Congress will get behind President Trump in cutting costs of a bloated, out-of-control federal government, Trump will get the budget balanced and actually start to reduce the national debt.

But, to drape yourself in the mantel of fiscal conservatism while not backing the Trump Budget is the epitome of hypocrisy.

IF the GOP Congress does not rally around Trump, We the People will get behind a movement to “Trump-The-Congress”!  The GOP will begin to fade away or merge with the Progressive Left that they so often agree with.  The birth of a Trump led “America-First” party may emerge if the Establishment continues to thwart the Trump Agenda.

RD Pierini




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GOP & MSM Join Together to Block Trump, Not the Russian Lie

All of the GOP RINOs line up with the MSM to condemn Trump’s tweets and the leaked, and mostly untruthful, supposed Trump Collusion with Russia.  If there are no juicy Trump Russia Collusion stories in the headlines, the GOP drops bombshells like the Senate’s failure to pass the Repeal and replace of Obamacare or the RINO Ryan 2018 Anti-Trump Budget guidelines to bury the Trump Agenda advances or his special themed week topics like “Buy American”.  

Then, the RINOs all go on the MSM and bad mouth Trump’s use of Twitter or the “constant drip, drip drip,” of “his Russian Collusion” involvement that they are helping to create!

Trump Voters to the RINOs in the House and Senate:


We stand by the Trump Agenda;  

We Reject the Russian Collusion Fallacy

We Will Reject You in 2018!

RD Pierini




Trump’s Ladder to Success for All Americans

Trump’s Integrated Conservative Strategy!


Trump’s Child/Senior Care Proposal Challenged as Non-Conservative By the Same #NeverTrump Crowd

The GOP and Democrats have totally subverted our economy and have literally destroyed the American Dream for all Americans other than the 1 percenters and their self-appointed intellectual minions.  The result is 1/3 of Americans completely out of the work force, food stamp usage at historic levels, welfare and disability roles at all time highs, highest level of unemployed college graduates ever, and the total destruction of our inner cities and their inhabitants. 

The GOP and Democrats created the Great Recession of 2008 that left our Middle Class decimated and driven millions into poverty.  That stole Trillions of dollars in equity from these same citizens and transferred all economic power to an elite few on Wall Street and the Banking Industry. 

The GOP and Democrats have joined with all International Globalist and have stripped almost half of our manufacturing and support industries out of our landscape and exported them overseas.  The result being the creation of a crippled industrialized nation and the creation of a “permanent” unemployed class dependent on hand outs from the Central Government.

The GOP and its so-called conservatives have stood by or abetted the swelling of our national debt to $20 Trillion, bloated the size of our government, killed our manufacturing, centralized our banking industry, and allowed for unfettered legal and illegal immigration that has resulted in Americans being displaced in the workplace and the lowering of wages.  During many of the GW Bush years, the GOP controlled both the House and Senate and yet only increased the national debt and embroiled us in never-ending conflicts.  They stood by and watched the housing market bubble expand and explode while their donors scurried around the nation buying up assets for pennies on the dollar. 

The Bottom Line, There Is No Bottom Line! There Is No Safety Net for Regular Americans, And The So-Called GOP Conservatives Did Nothing!

Trump’s Plan To Transition America From a Welfare Nation to an “American Dream” Nation

Transition into the Abyss

Before 2008, there would be less of a need for adding “non-conservative” transition “assistance” programs to prop up our lower-income families so they can climb the ladder out of poverty, and prop up our middle-income families so they can survive until they can pull themselves up as Trump’s economic growth policies kick in. 

Post 2008, our lower and middle-income families have been decimated financially and are facing rising child care costs that are consuming the largest portion of their disposable income.  Lower income citizens are trapped in a failed welfare state where two parent families are eliminated and the lack of jobs and advancement opportunities have sealed them into perpetual welfare.  Lack of school choice has trapped the children of lower-income families in failed public schools who pass them through the system and who graduate illiterate or barely literate with no unemployable skills. 

The middle-income families are typically two wage earner families who are facing higher and higher child care, and senior care, costs.  In many instances, one of the wage earners, usually the woman, takes a lower paying job in order to be away from the home less and thus lowering their child care costs.  Many middle-income families are putting off child-bearing longer and longer as the wife could not work when delivering the child and would lose wages during this period.  If real wages had not been stagnated over the past 25 years, and the 2008 Recession had been avoided by politicians, the middle-income group would be infinitely more financially secure today.

Trump Transition

Trump’s business background prove that he is fiscally conservative, and in fact “cheap”.  He squeezes every dollar he spends as all entrepreneurs have to do in order to survive.  So then, why would he promote a new spending program to provide child care and senior care assistance to low and middle-income families?  Trump recognizes that due to current economic realities, promoted by many in the GOP and Democrats, he will need to “prop up” the middle and lower-income families until he is able to bring back jobs and re-engage this economy.  Why?  Because these two groups are being sucked down every day into the quicksand of financial morass and emotional despair.  Many Americans has lost all hope before Trump emerged on the political scene.

The child/senior care program has differing but complimentary goals for both the lower and middle-income families. 

  • Lower Income families have to be transitioned off of welfare and other government assistance programs and brought back into the new job markets.  Also, welfare rules have to be changed to promote two parent families rather than encourage single parent families.  As welfare recipients are retrained and brought back into the new work force, they too will hit the barrier of child care or senior care costs.  This new program will help transition the welfare family into the lower middle-income group by allowing them to retain more of their take home pay.  As they advance in their income levels, less assistance will be required for welfare programs and later for child/senior care programs.

  • Middle (and Lower-Middle) Income families will be assisted with their child care and senior care costs so they are able to invest their additional take home pay into seeking and being capable of securing higher paying jobs.  Many in this group will use the non taxable accounts to build savings for higher education and thus lowering the need for costly student loans.

Trump is not a big government candidate.  He has stated over and over that the size of government will shrink by freezing hiring and letting attrition reduce the bloated federal labor force.  As a conservative, I hate to say it, but, there may be a need for creating a program to allow families to truly climb out of their economic abyss.  Obviously, Trump’s jobs, trade, and economic plan has to be in place for this program to ultimately reduce total entitlement costs. 

The GOP and Democrats have not put forth any real answers in 25 years to truly wage a war on poverty.  Trump has a real integrated plan that at least deserves a fair airing!


 RD Pierini





Trump’s Plan to Save Social Security and Medicare Is Right, Ryan and the Establishment is Wrong!

DC Elitist Consider Breaking their Contract With You as Being “Conservative

Social Security and Medicare Is Paid For by Its Beneficiaries

This is Not Welfare or an Entitlement!


Now You Hear:

It is Conservative to SAVE Social Security and Medicare for the Elderly (By cutting it!)

It is Conservative to Cut Social Security and Medicare to pay down the debt (After they ran the debt up!)

It is Conservative to Change the Social Security Contract as the Social Security Trust Fund will Run Out of Money by 2033.  (After 2033, income will still cover 77% of scheduled payments.)

Blah, Blah, Blah!

2 Different Approaches-Establishment Versus Donald Trump

The “CONSERVATIVES” in the Republican Party want to “Deal with Entitlements” (read, CUT) in order to SAVE Social Security, Medicare and the Federal Budget!  They include Social Security and Medicare in their word, Entitlements

Donald Trump wants to Ramp up our Economic Growth and Create Lots of Jobs to Save Social Security and Medicare WITHOUT Changing our Contract!


Does the Trump Solution Work?

trump 1

Social Security and Medicare are paid for by Employees and Employers.  Each payroll dollar, up to $118,500 in 2016, is taxed 12.6% for Social Security and 2.9% for Medicare. 

So, the more people who are working, and the better paying the jobs, the more money that goes into both funds. This is the Trump Solution!!!

Today, Social Security reserves are $2,807 billion ($2.8 trillion) as of the end of March 2016.  The Social Security Fund will remain solvent until 2033, when revenues still cover 77% of the payments.  This is based on TODAY’S LOUSY ECONOMY! 

Coal Minors-West Virginia Example

Take the 140,000 coal minors in West Virginia who have lost their jobs in the past 8 years.  If the average salary of the coal minors is $50,000 per year, the gross payroll would be $7,000,000,000 ($7 Billion!).  This would add $868,000,000 ($868 Million) to the Social Security fund and $203,000,000 ($203 Million) to the Medicare fund!  And that is just one set of job gains in one State for one Group of abused US employees! 

Under Employed Workforce Example

We currently have 95,000,000 (95 Million) people who have given up looking for a job and are out of the work force.  IF Trump’s economy can re-employ 10% (9,500,000) of these citizens at an average annual salary of $50,000, this would equate to a total payroll of $475,000,000,000 ($475 Billion) and provide the Social Security Fund with $59,000,000,000 ($59 Billion) in additional revenue and Medicare with $13,800,000,000 ($13.8 Billion) in additional funding. 

Donald Trump “gets” finance and certainly the economic factors facing our nation.  He has had to traverse his businesses through multiple recessions and even the 2008 “Depression” and has done pretty well.  He understands the plight of senior citizens and their reliance on Social Security and Medicare, especially since many of the senior’s retirement nest eggs were decimated by the 2008 Depression.  Why not try to make these funds solvent by increasing the health of our economy!  Maybe if the economy heats up, the middle class may even see a real increase in their wages!


So, If a Better Economy can Create Solvency for Social Security and Medicare, Why Does Ryan and the Establishment Want to Cut Social Security and Medicare?

Pushing Granny Off of the Cliff!

Republicans, ala the DC Elitists, have historically disliked the structure of Social Security and Medicare.  But, historically, the Republicans have not made any real attempts at making these systems more economically viable though good and bad economies. 

Instead, they are now pushing a cuts and changes to the retirement age and other tweaks that do not solve the problems.  Further, if we keep our eye on the economic ball and job creation, the system is much more solvent than advertised. 

The Elitist also reduce payments to recipients by not giving or reducing COLA increases by manipulating the contents of the cost of living criteria. 

The retirement portion could be privatized to a large degree, eliminating the potential budget burden on the Federal Budget and yield higher returns for the beneficiaries. 

There are tons of things that could help these systems but the Republicans have never had the stomach for the fight.  Here are a couple of examples of other inequities in the Social Security/Medicare systems.

Poor Return on Investment:

It is illegal for the trustees of the Social Security Funds to invest the funds in anything but government securities.  But, the Federal Reserve can invest any amount it wants into any investment is accountable to no one.  The rate of return to a Social Security recipient is well below market earnings.  If someone who just retired and made close to the top of the social security wage cut off for a large portion of their life, they would be receiving over $10,000 per month, not $1,236 current Social Security benefit, based on Standard and Poor fund index appreciation over 40 years. 

Congress should change the investment requirements so the interest earned matches the growth in our economy.  The current system forces the Social Security participants to “subsidize” the Federal Government by providing it with an internal source of funds while not having to pay market interest.

Public Employees Are Exempt from Social Security:

Most public employees are not in or have to pay Social Security taxes,  So, while we have a system that is supposed to tax everyone, those privileged in government can opt out to a more lucrative alternative.  Remember, the US Federal Government is the largest employer in the US at over 4 million employees.  So, the largest segment of employees in the US do not contribute to Social Security!

Public Employees, including Congress and the Executive, should not be exempt from participating in Social Security.  Same goes for State employees.  This would provide an additional source of revenue and make the entire system more equitable.

Disability Payments Impact on the Social Security Fund:

Disability benefits were included in the original 1935 Social Security law.  But, since its enactment, Congress has fiddled with the benefit provisions and the disability roles have exploded along with the drain on the fund.

Congress must put back many of the cost controls and beneficiary controls over the disability portion of Social Security.  Since 2008, disability has become a replacement for long-term unemployment insurance and is depleting the funds that should be reserved for retirement and those needing disability assistance.

We need to allow Trump to put his cards on the table relative to “amping up” the economy!  If successful, the results will be HUGE for not only Social Security and Medicare but for our nation as a whole.  It will take a while to revamp trade agreements and restart the US domestic industrial complex, but you need to start sometime. 

No better time than now!

RD Pierini



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Obama and Paul Ryan/RINOs are #NeverTrump

If anyone needed any confirmation that Washington DC, Democrats and Republicans are cut from the same cloth just look at Ryan’s withholding of an endorsement for Trump as the Republican presumptive nominee and Obama’s attacking Trump as a celebrity during his spinning of his economic disaster this morning. 

Time to Start Over

Then, the rest of the RINO herd, the Bushes, Lindsay Graham, the pundits, Steven Hayes, George Will, Bill Kristol, Katy Pavlich and a host of others piled on the presumptive nominee not only withhold their endorsement but many are still trying to start a 3rd party.  Their support for Rubio and Cruz failed miserably so they are seeking another back door!

Their hope is to split the vote enough to keep

Trump and Clinton from getting to 270 electoral votes. 

If Trump and Clinton both get 49% (264 electoral votes) of the vote, and the 3rd party spoiler only gets 2% (11 electoral votes or less) of the vote, without a candidate receiving the majority of the electoral votes the selection of the President will be decided on the floor of the House of Representatives. 

Once the election goes to the House of Representatives, ANY of the presidential candidates, including the 2% 3rd Party candidate, could be selected by the House of Representatives as provided by the US Constitution, Article II, section 1, clause 3. 

A Trump candidacy put states like New York, West Virginia, Ohio, Florida and other states in play that Obama won.  The chance of getting close to a split is certainly better than winning the lottery and thus the potential for even a weak 3rd party candidate, like Romney, to spoil the two frontrunners is possible. 

This is the political wet dream for the DC Establishment! 

Once the vote goes to Congress, the Republican insiders, who are the majority in the House, can select their chosen third-party candidate regardless of how many electoral or popular votes they received!

Trump Sessions

Why is the Establishment so tweaked by Trump?

There are two key issues that bind Republicans and Democrats and the Establishment/Donor Classes.  These two issues yield billions of dollars to large US Corporations and by extension venture capitalists (Romney), lobbyists and politicians via campaign contributions and golden parachutes when they retire!  Even the US Chamber of Commerce, who is supposed to support US business IN THE US, support this insanity.

  1. Open Borders-Open Immigration:

    1. Democrats and Republican insiders both share this goal. 

    2. Democrats see illegal immigrants as future Democrats and voters who will support them.

    3. Both support cheap labor to help their big business donors to keep their labor costs down.  US Chamber of Commerce spends millions on candidates who support open borders.

    4. Immigration Visas:  Both support expanding the worker visa programs so they can use the cheaper immigrant labor to replace both blue-collar and professional US workers.  This is huge for US businesses like the tech industry but goes way beyond Silicon Valley.  US Chamber of Commerce spends millions on candidates who support open borders.

  2. Free Trade” / Outsourcing of the US:

    1. Free Trade“, read this to mean agreements and treaties that allow US businesses to easily export their business and jobs to other companies, is supported by both parties.

    2. “Free Trade” also incorporates the principle of granting to a third-party, an international body, the power to rule and manipulate US trade according to the “agreement”.  This extends to the World Trade Organization and even United Nations “mandates”.  While this is unconstitutional, our elected officials, Congress and the Presidents, have allowed us to become subservient to international bodies.  Both parties have supported this practice and agreements.  The pending Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will further erode our sovereignty and push more US industry and jobs overseas!  The Democrat and Republican candidates support both treaties, with the exception of Trump.

    3. Free Trade is a misnomer and must be seen as an Anti-American labor mechanism.  The trade agreements allow US companies to export their production to other countries, then import the finished products back to the US!  Usually the country they are moving to provides tax benefits and certainly lower environmental and labor regulations than they face in the US.  In the process, American labor looses as do thousands of small businesses who provide local support for the exported industries.  So, when you hear of Carrier moving 1,400 jobs to Mexico, there are probably 5,000 small business employees who will lose their jobs as well.  These range from parts suppliers, local freight haulers, and the pizza shop across from the Carrier plant.

What is at Stake with a Ryan / Trump Meeting?

Donald Trump’s Jobs Plan and economic stimulus is predicated on reversing the exporting of our industries and jobs via trade deals and providing more opportunities to American workers rather than illegal aliens and Immigration Visa recipients.  These policies, coupled with his tax plan and the elimination of  idiotic EPA regulations, will in fact propel our industries and our workers to new heights. 

If you think for a second that the establishment politicians of either party, including Paul Ryan, care more about putting US workers back to work than keeping the donor class happy and swimming in foreign generated profits, you may as well support Bernie Sanders. 

Otherwise, let Trump know that he should tell Speaker Ryan to take his agenda and shove them …!

RD Pierini



Trump-Pro Life & the Illegal Abortion Hypothetical

Trump and baby

IF Abortion Was Illegal,

What Should be the Penalty for the Parent(s)?

Note:  This article is written from the perspective of one who has been involved with the Pro-Life movement for years on the ground, in front of Planned Parenthood, marching for Life in the Streets, helping to create effective side-walk counseling, working to provide shelter and support for women who decided to keep their babies rather than abort them but needed help in the process, and helping to create recuperative counseling for post-abortive mothers and fathers who often suffer from suicidal tendencies, substance abuse and depression.

Consequences for Abortion:  There are zero politicians on the face of the US map that would ever say that Abortion should be made illegal with criminal penalties for the mother, father.

OOPS, except Donald Trump who is arguably not a US politician. 

But, those same politicians have no problem charging a murderer with a DOUBLE HOMICIDE  when a pregnant mother and her unborn child are murdered!  As a matter of fact, this is Federal Law in addition to most States having the same statute, even CALIFORNIA.

So, when Trump was goaded into answering the gotcha, hypothetical question, by a “CATHOLIC”, PRO ABORTION CHRIS MATTHEWS, that IF abortion was ILLEGAL, whether there should be penalties for the mother (and presumably the father if he was involved) who aborted and killed their baby.  Trump answered that he thought that IF There WAS a LAW Making Abortion ILLEGAL, that there should be penalties for all involved, including the mother and father.  He did not specify what the penalties may be even though Matthews threw out prison terms.

Before you knee-jerk into saying that Trump was wrong, consider what a thoughtful society, one that valued life, may devise as a “Penalty“. 

All Abortion Decisions are Not the Same:  When you are on a sidewalk in front of a Planned Parenthood or other abortion provider; or counseling post abortive parents; or manning a pro-life booth at a county fair; you run into all sorts of circumstances.  (Below are a few examples)

  • There is the 14-year-old girl who is being pressured by her parents to have an abortion. 

  • You have the 18-24 year old girl being pressured by her boy friend to have an abortion as he does not want to be saddled with a baby to care for. 

  • You have a married couple with several children and are pressured by their economic situation to seek an abortion. 

  • You have girls who have been raped or the victim of incest by a family member. 

  • And, you have women and men who are back for their 6th or 7th abortion who are suffering from addiction or even a mental defect. 

In all cases, a child (children) have been killed but the circumstances dictate totally different “penalties” or consequences for the consenting parent.

If Abortion was Illegal, not necessarily criminalized, what “penalties” may be imposed.  For the parents (s) of the child, there could be graduated penalties/consequences resulting from the abortion:

Consider these circumstances and the possible consequences (penalties) of making a decision to terminate a pregnancy:  (Parents and/or Family Members)

  1. Minor Children and Abortion:  A minor (mother and father) who obtained an abortion would be referred to post abortive counseling to deal with the residual mental impacts of the abortion decision on one or both of the parents.  If their parents were involved in the decision, they would also be required to attend post abortive counseling sessions.
  2. Inconvenient Abortions:  Young married or unmarried parents who decided to terminate a pregnancy would also be required to attend post-abortive counseling to mitigate the impacts of their decision.  If their decision was motivated by adverse economic conditions, perhaps additional economic counseling could be provided to help alleviate their financial problems.
  3. Rape or Incest:  If the abortion was prompted by rape or incest, then there are two levels of “penalties” that should be provided.  One, counseling to deal with the impacts of the rape or incest.  Two, post-abortive counseling to mitigate the impacts of the abortion decision.  Many who are victims of rape and incest and who have abortions suffer from a double trauma.  Feeling guilty that they were raped or the target of incest, and then the guilt over terminating their pregnancy.  These situations are the most difficult to treat.
  4. Repetitive Abortions & Substance Abuse:  Often times these are women, or wives, or couples who suffer from substance abuse and terminate 1-6 pregnancies during their addiction cycles.  This would require a dual level of “penalty”.  One would include substance abuse counseling and intervention.  Two, would be to provide post-abortive counseling to help the mother, and the father if present, with the psychological impacts from the abortion.  Often, the abortion guilt cycles into deeper drug or alcohol addiction issues so it is imperative to break the addiction cycle to eliminate the next abortion. 

Penalties for Abortion Providers

If the provider was a licensed health care professional, the penalty would include the loss of their license which is the same for any illegal medical procedure that is performed.  Worse case would probably be a manslaughter charge of some severity.  Beyond that is pure conjecture and probably a flight of fantasy. 

The real irony of this article is that

All VICTIMS of Abortion Today Should Be “Penalized” as Stated above

And Given Counseling For Their Own Well Being

The Suicide, Substance Addiction, and Mental Illness

Is Over 30% Higher for Post-Abortive Parents

Than for the Average Person!

So, Trump Was Correct. 

There Should Be “Penalties”/Consequences for Parents who would have Illegal Abortions. 

But, these “Penalties”/Consequences Could be More Humane than with the LEGAL ABORTIONS we allow today! 

The Left refuses to even consider that there are negative consequences to abortion.  They ignore the 30%+ of the Post-Abortive parents who are suffering or who have ended their own lives.


IF Abortions were to become Illegal, the First Step Would Be to Help our Youth with Their Decision Making Regarding their Sexual Activities.

We can Eliminate 99% of Abortions Today By practicing Birth Control!

Less than 1% of Abortions are performed Due to Rape or Incest (1)


So, I am personally glad that Trump was asked the question regarding abortion.  The Republican Establishment, pundits, and the other candidates are going bonkers saying the Trump does not understand the Pro Life movement.  I think I do, and I do not see any issues with his position.  No one knows what Trump would have come up with as far as penalties.  Hopefully he would concur with those in this article.  But, I do believe that the consequences outlined here would be considered if abortion was illegal.   I firmly believe that post-abortion counseling is vital to the health and well being of the mother and father going forward.  It can help make them better parents to their other children and help to make abortion less of an option for the next generation. 

Trump will continue to catch flack over his interview but once again, Trump has brought an issue to the forefront of this election that would have been ignored if he had not been in the 2016 Republican Primary Race!  The establishment hates this issue and will duck it at all costs!

trump 1RD Pierini




(1) In 1989 the Alan Guttmacher Institute, now a division of Planned Parenthood surveyed 1,900 women and only 1% said they were getting an abortion because of rape or incest.  Today it is even less due to the widespread use of birth control, even in young teenagers.


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Limbaugh, Levin and Others Just Don’t Understand “We the People”

Trump-Mark-RushIt is about the People, Not a Document

U.S. Constitution


Rush and Levin are trying to figure out why we “conservatives” aren’t supporting Cruz but are rather going for Trump.  Rush this morning quipped (Paraphrasing) if people want conservative values, we finally have someone in Cruz who can deliver.  Further, we need to protect the constitutional values and our principles.  (I think I am pretty close in paraphrasing him.)  David Limbaugh and Levin have also expressed similar sentiments.  Levin has even resorted to calling those of us who really are conservatives and live our lives as conservatives as, (to be kind), uninformed or misguided! 

Consider the actual people suffering in the following situations, and many find themselves in more than one.



-IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE 12-50% UNEMPLOYED (depending on your demographic and using the U-6 Rate);









Then a piece of paper or a vague concept called the U.S. Constitution does not really matter much to you!







Why Trump!

  1. Trump is a Populist Candidate espousing Solutions that are grounded in Conservative Solutions. 

    1. A conservative would cut taxes and allow the middle class to have tangible tax relief;
    2. a conservative would secure the border;
    3. a conservative would build the wall at the border even if it is somewhat symbolic of our commitment to secure our borders;
    4. a conservative would deal with the 11,000,000 illegals and make them accountable for their past indiscretion;
    5. a conservative would protect America first by devising a plan BEFORE allowing Muslim immigrants/refugees to enter the country un-vetted;
    6. a conservative would stop allowing foreign labor to compete with our own people by stopping the H-1x Visas;
    7. a conservative would stop allowing trade agreements that were antithetical to American interests;
    8. a conservative would revisit and renegotiate NAFTA, TPP and all other global trade agreements.
    9. a conservative would create a review process for all of our old alliances and treaties such as our Membership in the UN, NATO, SEATO and all others.  National-Self Interest would be the guiding principle.
    10. a conservative would rebuild out military to a status of real, known strength;
    11. a conservative would base our foreign policy on US National Self-Interest;
    12. a conservative would base our foreign aid so it supports our US National Self-Interest;
    13. a conservative would rebuild our VA system from scratch and privatize major portions of Vet care.
    14. a conservative would eliminate the EPA, the Department of Education, and the Department of Energy.  Congress and the President can set policies that do not need the support of bloated federal bureaucracies who merely perpetuate themselves;
    15. a conservative would revamp the Federal Reserve and our banking system that was responsive to the need to protect we the people and not the big money interests of this country.
    16. a conservative would send back control over education to the local school boards, including control over teachers and curriculum.
    17. a conservative would stop mandating unfunded liabilities onto our State and Local governments.  Pass a bill, Pay for it!;
    18. a conservative would institute block grants to State and Local Government without strings attached;
    19. a conservative would realign the bloated Homeland Security monstrosity that has been created and streamline our foreign and domestic intelligence communities and rebuild our IT capabilities to 21st century standards.
    20. a conservative would rid this country of drugs and treat the addicted.
    21. a conservative would create a homeless program with the goal to get the homeless off of the street into humane care help them out of this downward spiral.
    22. a conservative would encourage faith-based charities to work on all of our social programs to help the addicted, needy, homeless, single parent families etc.
    23. a conservative would make sure that our Bill of Rights were protected at all costs and defenses.
    24. a conservative would appoint conservative judges to not only the Supreme Court but to all of the lower courts (unlike GW, his father, or even Ronald Reagan);
    25. a conservative would suspend immigration, or at least significantly cut it back, until our current immigrants can be assimilated;
    26. a conservative would engage the people in the governing of this nation and use the bully pulpit to convince Congress to support his or her programs;
  2. You, the so-called Conservative vanguards, have given us candidates like Orin Hatch, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and basically very republican in the house and senate, and have allowed them to run spouting off conservative values, then when elected, it is left-wing support for their donor class and the Republican insiders.
  3. Ted Cruz:  we all gave Ted Cruz a shot at being our candidate.  We held Cruz to the standard that he set for himself, Christian, conservative, honest and TRUSTED!  Then when he started with campaign antics such as the Carson disinformation during the Iowa Caucus, the use of the “official” voter violation notice, and trying to ascribe values to candidates not based on their current views or actions, but on their past views and actions, we see that as hypocritical, non-Christian, and certainly not upholding conservative values.  We expected more and got business as usual.  Ted Cruz has always been a good lawyer and a good opposition Senator.  But, WE ARE NOT SURE HE CAN LEAD!  WITHOUT LEADERSHIP, HIS VIEWS ARE IMMATERIAL!





RD Pierini

Twitter:  @RDPierini





Earth to GOP Establishment–Chill out! Your Days are Numbered Anyway!

Republican Establishment
                  Republican Establishment

Trust the Voters!

Every day there is a new headline featuring the latest “Wig Out” by the Republican Establishment.  Today, after intense hand wringing since Trump entered the primary, the establishment is worried that there will be a showdown between Trump and Cruz.  So what?  Here are a few of the headlines that have preoccupied the establishment over the past few months.

  • Trump will alienate the Hispanic Vote. (What vote, you only get about 30% anyway)
  • Trump will alienate the Blacks.  (Huh!)
  • Trump will alienate the Muslims.  (70%+ vote Democrat)
  • Trump will alienate aliens.  (just checking to see if you are awake)
  • Trump has reversed his positions on too many issues.  (Like Romney didn’t and for that matter Obama on Gay Marriage)
  • Cruz is “Too Christian”.  (Wow, that would be a shame)
  • Trump will run as an Independent.  (Keep it up, he just might)
  • Trump can’t beat Hillary.  (You can’t beat Trump with your favs!  JEB!)
  • Cruz can’t beat Hillary.  (Cruz is beating all of your establishment candidates)
  • Cruz is too Pro-Life.  (Like, marginally pro-life is better?)
  • Cruz can’t get along with Mitch McConnell and the Republican Establishment in the Senate.  (GOOD!)
  • Trump can’t get along with anyone!  (Even Better)
  • Bill Cosby is suing 7 women for making false accusations.  Not suing the other 56.  (just checking to see if you are awake)
  • Trump’s Doctor said Trump will be the healthiest President ever!  (That out to scare the RINOs.  They think he is loony and now he will be loony with a lot of verve!)

Earth to Republican Establishment,  We, the People, are at least having a little fun with OUR candidates until you, the MSM and the Democrats figure out some way to eliminate our candidates.  You are so sage in picking the real winners like Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, the Bushes (yes, the Bushes, look at the wonderful SCOTUS picks they made).  Then your wonderful insider consultants get the losers to run a “Democrat-Lite” campaign so everyone will like us and vote for out candidate!  Wrong…

Your days are truly numbered.  If Obama and his IRS had not taken out

the Tea Party in 2012,

you would be running a 3 party race right now, if you would have survived. 

We are tired of:

  • You Voting for Visas for big businesses so they can hire both highly skilled and low skilled workers to pad their pockets.
  • You going along with an illegal administration and never passing a budget, running up our debt to $18.5T, and allowing the creation  of a Gestapo EPA who is single-handedly eliminating small businesses and forcing our jobs overseas.
  • You taking Impeachment off of the table because you don’t have the stomach for a fight!  So much for the checks and balances in the Constitution.
  • Your constant “breaking wind” over Obamacare by having phony votes on phony bills rather than de-fund HHS and the IRS to cripple this massive takeover by Government.  (You like Obamacare as you think you will be in control someday and all of these marbles (controls) will be yours to play with)
  • You not taking a strong stand and fight for our VETS by Eliminating the VA and establish private care reimbursement for our Vets with extraordinary care for specialized injuries for PTSD etc.
  • You not giving the FBI and the CIA the resources they need to fight Terrorism.  The IRS has more agents than the CIA and FBI combined!  How sick are you!
  • You not closing our borders and stopping immigration until WE can figure out how to control our borders and not usher in terrorists then put them on Food Stamps!
  • My fingers are tired!

Some day, in a land, far away, there will be a political party who care more for

the people they serve rather than themselves and their “buds”. 

Probably not!

RINOs Panic-Karl Rove Facilitates Carson Meetings with Wynn

Don't Forgot What RINOs and MSM did to Cain
Don’t Forgot What RINOs and MSM did to Cain

Another move by über GOP insider Karl Rove to “de-throne” Trump in his bid for the GOP nomination included an introduction of Ben Carson’s fund-raisers and Steve Wynn, a casino mogul.  Apparently Rove did not attend the meeting.  The GOP establishment may be presiding over their own demise by tempting Trump to bolt and run as an Independent.  IF this happens, I hope the GOP has a very large mirror to stand in front of when they are looking for why they lose n 2016.

The interesting twist to Rove seemingly trying to help Carson.  There is no doubt that Rove wants either Bush, Christie or Rubio, in that order, to win the Republican Primary and hold the line for the Republican Establishment.  Even Carson’s camp is dubious as to why Rove would try to help the Carson campaign other than to try to weaken Trump as neither Bush, Christie or Rubio seemingly have the ability to do so.  That would leave Carson on top and the Republican Establishment believe, that with the help of the MSM, Carson could be taken down.  Trump does not have the same vulnerabilities with the MSM.  Every time the MSM attack Trump he gains!

If I were Carson, I would be careful in who he accepts “help” from.  This is just another example that money has corrupted our political process to the point where the average voter is used to merely rubber stamp the choice of the powerful who control the parties.  The goal of both parties is to maintain the status quo which stacks the deck in their favor…

Did Wall Street lose any money during the 2008 depression?  Nope!  Did you?  Probably!





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RINO’s Panic–Pooling Cash to Defeat Trump

This is a Fool’s Mission

Several of the large Republican establishment donors are pooling their cash to run ads against Trump to force him out of the primaries.  They are even using John Kasich as their trial balloon. 


Y’all just don’t get it!

Having Kasich as the spokesperson for the Republican Establishment is like featuring the Antichrist at a Baptist Revival!  Kasich is everything conservative voters, and now most independents and some democrats, are railing against.  They want you guys to go away and let the American People elect a president who will stand up for them and not for you and your big business selfish interests.  They are tired of Liberal-Lite even though when yo listen to McConnell, Boehner and others it isn’t so lite!

Base to Republican Insiders, Insider Pundits, & Insider Campaign Managers, “we do not need you any more.  We have someone who does not need your money to get elected.  He may turn out not to be what we expect but we know what to expect from you!  Another Bush, McCain, Romney, Dole etc., etc., etc..”


IF you dump money into this race with the sole purpose of knocking out Trump, and Trump lives up to his promise to not remain committed to the Republican Party if the Party does not treat him fairly, you will see the beginning of the demise of the Republican Party and the rise of a new political party.  You will see the outcome of what started in 1852 that created the Republican Party relived in 2016, but in a much shorter period of time.  With Hillary as the Democrat candidate, with all of her flaws and baggage, and one of your candidates, Bush, Rubio or Kasich, Trump will get at least 180 electoral votes and win the election.  Then in 2018, the Republican majority in the House will be seriously challenged by the new party as Trump, with the support of the Tea Parties,  will be able to raise the funding necessary to have financial backing for the incumbents willing to switch to the new parties and new candidates who will run with the new party.