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Why Clinton is a Loser

She Cannot Be Who She Really Is!

She Is Not That Good An Actor Either!

The saddest thing to watch is Hillary Clinton trying to guess what people want her to be, and then her trying to adapt to her various changing personalities like she is changing her pants suit.  Charisma, a “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others”, is not something you can learn, emulate or fake.

You either have it or you don’t.  Probably the most exasperating thing for her is Bill Clinton.  Here is a serial womanizer who is the poster-boy for charisma.  He can still mesmerize crowds and takes over a room when he enters.  His age is diminishing some of his charisma and he gets a little testy at times, but even being somewhat diminished by age, Hillary cannot compete with his innate allure.  His appeal has also been an Achilles heal for him, and her, with women!

Hillary and her handlers then compound her lack of “animal magnetism” by having her try to alter her delivery when she is talking to African-Americans or other ethnic groups.  Her veiled attempts at “fitting in” comes off as pandering.

The Catastrophic Reality for Her is that She is Just Not a Likeable Person!

Her testimony at the Benghazi hearings when she said “What Difference Does it Make”, was a turning point for her in this election cycle.  Her remark turned off many women, and men, who viewed her remark as her being uncaring, cold, and without empathy for the four families of those that died in Benghazi.

She is also inept as an actor trying to play the part as a charismatic, caring, presidential candidate.  Trying to play the women card would work if women liked her but she is just not that warm and fuzzy and apparently is incapable of faking it!

If Hillary Cannot Play the “Woman Card”, What is Left for Her?

If Hillary were running against the typical Republican candidate like McCain, Romney, or Jeb, she could stalemate their attacks by shrinking into her victim persona ala the “woman card”. 

Trump does NOT view women as being different than men, and as such does not see women as weak, but rather as an equal. 

Trump is a Feminists Worse Nightmare. 

Trump actually thinks of and treats women as an equal!  He doesn’t see Hillary as a female opponent but merely as an opponent.  It would not matter to him if rather than Hillary, he was running against Sanders, Biden or even Obama.  Trump would use their weaknesses against them the same way he is against Hillary.  As an opponent, nothing is off of the table and winning is the goal.  Period!

As an equal, Hillary will have to run on her policies!  Unfortunately for her, she is currently opposed by an avowed socialist who dragged her to the far left.  Also, she is not innately a “centrist” or a “pragmatist” like Bill Clinton.  Bill knew when to triangulate an issue and make it like his own! 

Hillary seems incapable of playing this game.

Trump’s Conservative-Populist Message is the Antithesis of Clinton’s More of the Same Message

2016 is a Year of the Outsider–Clinton is the Definition of an Insider

RD Pierini



SCOTUS – Replacement for Congress?

Stop Relying on the Supreme Court to Create Law!


Gutless Wonders In Congress Shirk Their Duty to Legislate and Duck their Responsibility and the Possible Ire of their Constituents by Allowing 9 Unelected Judges to Create Law by Fiat!


It is the Job of Congress Alone

U.S. Constitution; Article 1, Section 1

All legislative (having the power to make laws:) Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

The Supreme Court has NO Constitutional Authority to “Legislate”, Period!

U.S. Constitution; Article 3, Section 1.

The judicial Power (1) of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.

SCOTUS RESTRICTED ROLE:  The courts below the Supreme Court, inferior courts, are created and maintained solely by Congress.  In 1803, a famous case, Marbury v Madison, formed the basis for the exercise of judicial review in the United States (constitutionality) under Article III. This Supreme Court decision helped define the boundary between the constitutionally separate executive and judicial branches.  CONGRESS STILL HAS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY AND CONSTITUTIONAL ROLE TO LEGISLATE, CREATE NEW LAW OR MODIFY EXISTING LAW. 

The Supreme Court, or any inferior court, can only judge whether a Constitutionally created law, passed by Congress and signed by the President, is in conformance with or does not violate any Constitutional authorities granted to the Congress by the Constitution, amendments thereto, or governing law.  Any law found to be unconstitutional, at the discretion of the Congress, must be modified by the Congress alone and submitted to the President for approval.  The court cannot, and should not, but has, actually modified the original language of a law by interpreting the language in the law to suit the court.  This is not legal right of the court and has been labeled “Judicial Activism” (2). 

Congress Needs to Pass Real Legislation Dealing with:

  • Freedom of Religion Protection under the 1st Amendment Against Government Overreach on Healthcare.

  • Define Life as beginning at Conception.

  • Pass a real school choice law allowing parents to use vouchers to send their children to a school of their choice.

  • Clarification of LGBT rights Vs the Religious Liberty of individuals.

  • Get the Government out of our Rest Rooms, Showers and Changing rooms.

  • Revise Title 7 and 9 that control schools and universities receiving Federal Funds to get the government out of the day-to-day operations of these institution.

  • Individual Employee Rights Vs Unions Rights regarding dues and Union political activism.

  • Disallow Environmentalists’ “standing in court” to bring lawsuits on behalf of the environment.

  • Mandate that all laws passed by Congress cannot exempt Congress or its members from its provisions.

  • Mandate that all laws passed by Congress, and any resulting regulation, that require funds to be expended to implement the law, be fully paid for by the Federal Government.  (Eliminates unfunded mandates)

  • Create a national standard for Voter IDs to ensure that Federal Elections are properly controlled.

  • Clarify 2nd Amendment protections by creating national “carry permits”; eliminate State and Local taxes designed to restrict gun or ammunition ownership; create Federal restrictions on gun ownership for the mentally impaired.

  • Pass common sense political contribution reform and eliminate PACs and Super PACS.  All persons, including individuals, corporations, LLCs, Unions, tax exempt organizations, can only contribute $1,000 per candidate or initiative. 

  • Require that the President submit and the Congress pass an Annual Budget or the executive and legislative elected officials and staff do not get paid until it is passed.

  • Require that the annual budget be prepared and approved using zero based budgeting and eliminate automatic increases.

  • Require all regulations that have been created undergo a cost-benefit analysis, and then be reviewed by Congress before it is put into effect. 

  • Etcetera!  You get the point.

Otherwise, Our Nation and Our Culture will be Dictated by 9 Unelected People! 

The point being is that Congress needs to step up and do its job as the Founding Fathers intended.  Since Obama was elected, Congress has shirked its duties and stopped passing budgets, allowed SCOTUS to modify legislation that the Congress should have done through the legislative process, and have allowed the President to create legislation via executive fiat.  Congress has the power of the purse and impeachment to use against an out-of-control Executive Branch and they must step up and exercise their duties as prescribed by the Constitution or we all lose. 

We cannot be dictated to by a President, or 9 unelected individuals on the Supreme Court. 

We need to get back to the basics and start acting like a real country again!


RD Pierini



((1)Judicial Power is defined as Authority, both constitutional and legal, given to the courts and its judges (1) to preside over and render judgment on court-worthy cases; (2) to enforce or void statutes and laws when scope or constitutionality are questioned (3) to interpret statutes and laws when disputes arise.)

(2) Case in point was when SCOTUS ruled that the individual mandate to purchase a Obamacare policy was in fact a TAX which is lawful for the Congress to levy rather than an individual mandated payment which is a violation of the Congressional authority under the Constitution.  Chief Justice rewrote Obamacare regarding the mandates when he concluded that: “Part III-B that the individual mandate must be construed as imposing a tax on those who do not have health insurance, if such a construction is reasonable.”  It is not reasonable! This all the while the Obama Administration, who helped create the bill, maintained that the individual mandate was NOT A TAX, because it did not meet the Constitution’s definition of what taxes could be levied by the Congress.  Roberts must have “divined” that Obama had a mental lapse and didn’t mean what he said!


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Obama-248 Days Left Of the Destruction of Our Republic

50% of Those Polled Approve of Obama’s Performance!


2016 Presidential Campaign Allowing Obama to

“Fundamentally Transform America”

While We Are Not Watching

King Obama

The Buzz today is about discussing Donald Trump’s love life from 30 years ago!  Really?  

Obama and the Main Stream Media (MSM)  will do and say anything to distract us from seeing that Obama has literally redefined America.  We, including our elected Republican officials in Washington DC, have done nothing to stop him.  Here are a few of Obama’s “Accomplishments“:

  • Completely weakened the financial fabric of this nation by driving up our debt to $20 Trillion.

  • Exploding our welfare assistance to illegal and legal immigrants and eliminating our borders entirely.

  • Emasculated the breadth of our banking system and consolidated our financial institutions to the detriment of the consumers.

  • Ruining higher education by taking over Student Loans and driving the cost of higher education through to roof enslaving our students through a life of debt owed to the almighty government.

  • Gave Iran a clear path to create and possess nuclear weapons and provided $150 Billion to help finance their creation and subsidize Iranian terror networks.

  • Giving Iraq and Syria to Iran with his hands off policy in Syria and his allowing Iraq to fall into political and military disarray through his hands off policy with ISIS. 

  • Giving Iran a clear path to complete its missile arsenal with which to deliver its soon to be completed nuclear weapons.

  • Allowed Iran to intimidate our navy by capturing and detaining one of our ships in international waters.

  • Destabilized Libya by taking out Qadhafi and destroying its governing infrastructure leaving it for ISIS and other nefarious organizations to pick at its carcass. 

  • Allowing China to “annex” the South China Sea without resistance nor repercussions.

  • Allowing Russia to intimidate our military with low flyovers and close encounters with our ships and aircraft.

  • Giving North Korea a clear path to complete their nuclear arms and ballistic missile programs.

  • Allowing Central and Eastern Africa to become a cesspool of terror and unrest.

  • Transformed cultural norms such as traditional marriage by his advocacy of same-sex marriage giving SCOTUS a clear path to overturn DOMA and a millennia of cultural tradition.

  • Literally destroying the American Health Care System with Obamacare.

  • Using Obamacare to destroy the Freedom of Religion to force religious institutions to conform with Obamacare mandates regardless of their long-held religious objections to abortions, birth control, and sex reassignment procedures.  Euthanasia next?

  • Using Title IX and Title VII, redefined bathroom, changing room and shower access to be wide open to all genders.

  • Setting the stage to force the private sector to allow transgender individuals to use restrooms, changing rooms or other typically gender restricted areas as they wish ignoring the risk to the innocent by pedophiles and sex offenders.

  • Undermining our civil order by making continuous disparaging remarks about our police and other law enforcement officials and using the DOJ to interfere with local law enforcement.

  • Inciting riotous behavior by siding with anarchistic organizations such as Occupy and Black Lives Matter.

  • Creating open borders and open immigration policies that are destroying the cultural fabric of our nation.

Still Think Obama Does Not Know What He Is Doing!

Unfortunately, the list is virtually endless as everyday more and more of our liberties are lost, our economic prosperity driven into the oblivion of debt, and our moral fiber destroyed.  Race relations, due to Obama’s constant race baiting tactics, are at their worst since the 1960’s.  The plight of Blacks and other inner city minorities is dismal with Black on Black crime escalating exponentially.   Obama blames law enforcement and the bias of the justice system!

So, when you hear or see the MSM focusing on silly issues like Trump’s love life when he was single, stop and ask, “What is the Administration and the Media trying to Hide”?  The MSM has become one big reality show meant to distract and mislead the public.  Unfortunately, we are too easily duped into thinking that what we are going through is “NORMAL”!  It isn’t! 

This Election is Vital to this Nation’s Survival. 

While some on the right are chanting the #nevertrump mantra, Obama and the left keep on destroying what is left of this republic.  Hillary, if she is able to run, or for that matter any Democrat (or socialist) candidate for president, will continue to take this nation down the path of progressive annihilation. 

trump 1

You may not like some of the things Donald Trump says or does. 

But, It Is Trump Or The Fall of America. 

This is not being dramatic, this is being truthful.


RD Pierini



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Ryan Vs Trump-Career Politician Vs Businessman

Who Understands the Real World Better?

Trump Ryan borderRyan was the Primary Sponsor of Only 2 Pieces of Legislation in 17 Years!

One to Name a Post Office in His Home Town

Two, to put an Excise Tax on ARROWS

Trump built a $10 Billion International Real Estate Company

The DC, self-proclaimed conservative pundits hail Ryan as a principled conservative and rail against Trump as a non-conservative populist. 

They glow over Ryan’s budget prowess and his creds as a “policy wonk”, while they spew hatred for Trump’s uncouth dispatch of his 2016 rivals and scoff at his lack of intelligence in being able to articulate policy positions. 

The DC, Self-proclaimed Conservative Pundits are the Enablers that Allowed This Country to Sink Into Economic, Political and Moral Decline

They have Covered for our Feckless Republican Leadership and Excused the Progressive Agenda as an Unavoidable US Political Evolution

We The People Cannot Distinguish and Difference between Our Current Republican and Democrat Leadership

Ryan PelosiRyan and the Republican Insiders have stood by for the past 24 years and have allowed or helped the left to drive this country into near oblivion:

  • Created the depression of 2008 by setting up the prime loan perfect storm then nationalizing our banking system

  • Created an unthinkable level of national debt even when in total control of the Government

  • Created conditions that have driven our military unpreparedness to levels not seen since before WWII

  • Created a stagnated economy while spending over $4 Trillion per year 

  • Created an ineffective and systemic corruption of our educational system

  • Created a trade paradigm that has exported 40% + of our manufacturing jobs and industries, and allowed our healthcare system to be decimated and much, much more. 

  • Created a system of environmental, labor, other regulations that cripple and kill our own industries while putting our international competitors at a competitive advantage.

So, if Ryan and the Republican Insiders are “Pure Conservatives” with “Principled Positions”, what on earth are their positions?

  • Support for nationalized, centralized banking system?

  • Support for uncontrolled spending and debt accumulation?

  • Support for weakening our military so we are unable to defend our nation?

  • Support for driving our economy down, holding down our middle class incomes, driving more and more citizens into poverty and big government hand out programs?

  • Support for dumbing down our educational system while increasing our cost per student and enriching the Teacher’s Unions?

  • Support for promoting “unbalanced” “free trade” programs that serve to drive our industries overseas and drive our citizens into unemployment?

  • Support for Big Government regulations to drive industries out of the US and enhance the capabilities of our competitors.

I am not the problem, It is the Pigs in Government
I am not the problem, It is the Pigs in Government

It is obvious to We the People that Politicians are only focused on their own re-election and increasing the power of the federal government and thus their own personal power. 

It is time for us to go back to our Founding Father’s Principles, not Republican or Democrat, and have a President, and ultimately a Congress, made up of Business People and not professional politicians, like Ryan and others, who have never ran a business nor even had a job, other than being a lawyer, in the real world.  We need more people in government who have signed the front of paychecks rather than just the back of a government check!  We need a government who lives among We the People and understand what We the People are going through every day. 

Ryan and the Insider Professional Political class will never come up with solutions that really work.  They simply do not have the experience and they are motivated more to perpetuate their own kingdoms than take care of We the People.  Business men and women are confronted with issues and problems every day.  They have to act quickly and in a cost-effective manner or they perish. 

What is the Punishment for Inept or Corrupt Politicians? 



Why Trump Does Not Need Ryan’s Endorsement

We the People, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents support Trump and his vision, and not those of the DC Establishment.  Votes Count, eventually.  We will get enough people in Congress who are from the real world, and care more about this country than themselves and who will follow Trump’s example.  The DC Establishment has decimated our Constitution and the enumeration of powers.  We need to get the power back to the States where it started and cut DC down to size. 

This is not the Hunger Games even though DC resembles “Panem” and Obama, President Snow and Congress His Puppets! 

Ryan does not control nor speak for We the People

Get over it!

RD Pierini



The Case for a Trump-Gingrich Ticket

Trump and Newt

In spite of the Cruz and Kasich rhetoric in the aftermath of the New York wipeout, Trump is clearly the presumed GOP Presidential candidate for 2016. 

The #NeverTrump crowd is losing steam and bravado after the Big Apple’s humiliation for their cause. 

While Trump & Co. have to keep winning through California, and keep working the delegates to be on call and committed should they need allies in the first convention ballot, Trump could “seal the deal” by naming a near perfect Vice Presidential running mate.

Who Should Trump Select as his VP?

My nomination would be none other than Speaker Newt Gingrich!  Why Newt?

  1. The Speaker led the GOP House of Representative from 1995 through 1999 capping his 20 years of legislative experience.

  2. The Speaker is well-respected by many within the GOP as well as the Democrat party.

  3. The Speaker is arguably one of the most knowledgeable persons in US politics when it comes to the “art” of the legislative process.

  4. The Speaker was the Co-Architect of the 1994 “Contract with America” which could morph into the “2016 Make America Great Again Agenda”.  (Ok, the sound-bite needs a little work but it would set the agenda before Ryan and McConnell can try to co-op a Trump agenda!)

  5. The Speaker is a premier coalition builder who can shepherd Trump’s ideas to legislative fruition.

  6. The Speaker has been privy to years of intelligence and can provide Trump with the counsel of history as Trump traverses the mine field of foreign policy that will have to be rebuilt from scratch.

  7. The Speaker has been around the block and understands the need for a powerful President, with a supportive Vice President, to lead the nation out of the morass of the post-Obama failure.

  8. The Speaker has always been “on the edge of acceptability” and pushed the envelope when trying to change the party, the legislative process, or even our culture.  He and Trump would be on the same page in terms of approach.

There are many more advantages that I could include but the bottom line is that Newt brings a lot of positives to the Trump table.  Typically, the VP is selected based on what State the presidential candidate needs assistance to win.  Trump carried Georgia in the primary and would probably repeat in the general election.  Trump is strong enough on his own in the Mid-Atlantic region and Eastern seaboard so someone like a Kasich would be more of a detriment than an asset. 

Choosing someone like the Speaker would also pretty much assure that the GOP closes ranks around Trump sooner rather than later.  Cruz and Kasich would cease to exist the day after the announce by Trump to name Gingrich as his VP. 

At this point, it makes no sense for Trump to wait to name his VP unless Newt would not want to serve.  This move would allow Trump to back his closest advisor, Jeff Sessions, as the Majority leader in the Senate!  He could tap Christie and Giuliani for Homeland Security and the Justice Department.  The balance of his cabinet can wait but these two departments sets the tone for law enforcement, anti-terror, border security, and immigration.  Gingrich, Christie and Giuliani would be excellent surrogates throughout the balance of the primary in through the general election.

If you have a better VP candidate, let me know!

RD Pierini



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Dr. Ben Carson Vs. Republican Insiders–Et tu, Brute

Ben CarsonCarson Top Aids Resign from the Campaign – Barry Bennett & Doug Watts

Outsider Candidates Beware

Republican/Conservative Candidates often quickly rise in public popularity as the public is seeing the candidate “raw”, unpackaged by handlers.   Then, the candidate hires staff and begins to stumble and falter following attacks by the MSM and the candidate’s opponents.  Eventually the candidate looks and the mirror and says my campaign does not represent me.  Why?

The Washington insiders have created the election/governing framework that we are subjected to.

  • This includes campaign finance rules that favor big money/big interest groups and leaves out the average person.
  • Sitting atop of the framework are the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and the Republican national Committee (RNC).  These two organizations create party “platforms” or goals that may or may not actually reflect the day to day legislative and governing actions of either party.
  • The RNC/DNC also control a great deal of the financial support that people running for office have to have to be elected or re-elected.
  • The RNC/DNC have a tightly symbiotic relationship to the party’s President, Speaker of the House, House Minority Leader, Senate Majority Leader, and the Senate Minority Leader.  Within their respective party, these individuals not only set the agenda, but insure that contrary views and movements are killed.
  • The two parties have created a whole industry of professional campaign managers and consultants.  While many of these individuals claim to be independent and that they can represent any candidate, the results tend to prove the opposite. The more conservative the candidate, the less likely their campaign will be successfully managed by this group.  Further, this group tends to feed off of each other so campaign management paradigms get set in stone and they steer their candidates towards these paradigms.  For example, Republican candidates must pander to Hispanics by being soft on immigration; They must downplay their anti-abortion stances and not lose the women’s vote; they must downplay their traditional marriage views so they do not offend the LGBT voters; or, they must downplay their aggressive use of the US military.

The Last Time We Elected a Non-Conforming,

Conservative Candidate was Ronald Reagan. 

The Republican insiders, MSM, and republican pundits did backflips trying to discredit and defeat Reagan.  Now they all call on his name in almost a religious context but still eschew his philosophies and governance.  (Even Obama likened himself to Reagan!) Reagan never abdicated control over his elections nor his office once elected.  Ed Rollins is probably a nice guy and everyone looks to him as a guru because he served as Reagan’s National Campaign Director in 1984.  1984, not 1980.  By 1984, an orangutan could have taken Reagan to a victory over Walter Mondale given Reagan’s popularity and the economic recovery that was taking place.  Reagan took 525 out of 538 electoral votes and carried 49 out of 50 states.

Today, the hired guns may seem to be giving 100% for their outsider candidate but they all look to the future and see their bread and butter coming from RNC favored candidates.  The outsiders are seen as an anomaly.  If I were a cynic, I could make a case that these campaign management hired guns actually work to the detriment of their outsider candidate.  The results certainly point one in that direction.  Trump seems to be immune from all conventional wisdom but then he is not beholden to the RNC nor the professional political campaign managers.

So, How Does This Impact Dr. Ben Carson?

Dr. Carson was basically drafted by people who were impressed with his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.  (Except for President Obama!)  He began his campaign low key and speaking from the heart.  He continued to climb in popularity and he started climbing in the polls.

Enter the Washington Establishment Professional Campaign Management Class. 

Dr. Carson was convinced that he had to have a traditional campaign staff that included Barry Bennett and Doug Watts.  When Dr. Carson was attacked by the MSM and others for “errors” in his biography, (read, they made up stuff that was not true about Dr. Carson,) his counter punching was to defend his biography rather than go after those spreading the lies and then disproving the lies.  This defensive posture is the same mistake Herman Cain made.  What is worse, his staff was unprepared for these attacks. Really?  This is the same failed approach that the venerated Karl Rove convinced Bush to take when he was attacked by “Bush Lied, People Died”.  So, after hiring top notch operatives, Dr. Carson found himself sinking in the polls and unable to gain traction.  He should have shaken up his campaign right then and there.

But, he continued but then came under attack for not being knowledgeable on foreign affairs.  Give me a break.  One, his high paid staff should have been giving him daily briefings.  Two, he is a bright man who is probably a lot more well versed in foreign affairs than the MSM gives him credit.

Turnaround Possible?

As of today, the day of the resignation of his two top tier hired guns, he has slipped down to 9.4% in the RCP National Polling, in fourth place.  He is also about the same percentage and position in Iowa which should have been more aligned with Carson’s faith and philosophy.  Can Dr. Carson reverse his downward spiral?  I think the answer is Yes, if he takes it one step at a time.

  1. Dr. Carson knows his core message, go back to it and stick with it.  If you lose, lose by being who you are and not what others try to make you.  If someone tells you they have to make over your image, FIRE THEM.  You are not Hillary Clinton with all of her baggage.
  2. For each of the major topics, Foreign Affairs, Immigration, etc., know your positions and stick to them.  As far as Syria goes, in 12.5 months the situation in the Middle East will have changed either for the better or for worse.  Stick to strategy and don’t get bogged down in tactical details as they won’t apply in 2017.
  3. Be Provocative.  Outsider candidates will not get the same air time as insider candidates.  Take a page from Trump and use Twitter and Facebook to get noticed.  You have to effectively use the new media to force your way onto the old media!
  4. Don’t attack Trump!  Rubio is the one just above you in the polls.  He is your target and he is a target rich environment!  Then take on Ted Cruz, then if that succeeds, Trump is your next opponent.
  5. In the event you still lose, make sure you can look in the mirror and say the “Real Dr. Ben Carson” lost.  There is no shame in this in any respect.  You are 12 out of 350,000,000 who gave it a shot in 2016!
  6. If you do not win but another Republican candidate does, try for Secretary of HHS or another cabinet position.  You are young and can and should try again.

Good Luck Dr. Carson


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US Taxpayers Subsidizing Islamic Terrorism in the US–CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood/Humas=ISIS


Many people have had questions regarding why an organization appeared on Television after the Islamic Terrorist attacks in San Bernardino defending the family of the terrorists, spinning the “innocence of the terrorists”,  and now seeking to ensure that the surviving 6 month old baby of the terrorist is ONLY placed in Muslim home.  Simple.  The organization is CAIR, Council on American–Islamic Relations.  CAIR has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) which is tied to the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) which is tied to the Holy Land Foundation (HLF), all of which raise money for and support Hamas.  These organization have common founders and persons in leadership roles.  When one or more of these types of organizations are exposed or prosecuted, they morph into another organization with the same management.

CAIR and ISAP and HLF are U.S. Tax Exempt, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations. 

For tax purposes, they are treated like your Church!

How is all of this tied to ISIS?  Very simply, the Islam ideology that is supported by CAIR, MB, ISAP, HLF and ISIS is basically the same.  They all endorse a very conservative version of Islam with its legal system based on Sharia Law.  They all seek world-wide domination by Islam.  The MB and CAIR have morphed into experts on the local nations they are operating in such as the US.  They use our laws and our beliefs as leverage against us in their own defense.

For example, CAIR uses our fear of being called Islamophobes, abetted by the White House, and go on TV warning of any backlash against Muslims as a result of the San Bernardino attack.  They feign outrage at the atrocities then within days begin to control the narrative.   They defend the families of the attackers and are now seeking to control the custody of the child of the attackers by making sure the child is placed with a Sunni Muslim family which is in accordance with Sharia Law!

The day after the attack on San Bernardino, CAIR’s, Hussam Ayloush, the Los Angeles Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, came out and blamed us as did out President:

HUSSAM AYLOUSH: “Well, because we’re living in a very difficult time. There’s a lot of Islamophobia there. There’s a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment, fueled by pundits here and there. Trying to blame a whole community for the acts of a few.”

He went on to say:

“Let’s not forget that some of our own foreign policy, as Americans, as the west, have fueled that extremism.

“Then they become extremists. Then they become terrorists,” said Ayloush. “We are partly responsible. Terrorism is a global problem, not a Muslim problem. And the solution has to be global. Everyone has a role in it.”

Then, in the same interview, Ayloush drew an analogy between the San Bernardino attach with the attach in Colorado Springs:

“You know, again we are just still mourning as a nation after what happened in Colorado Springs, by someone who is also responsible for his act, not the Christian community, not the American community.”

Really!  Every Christian and Pro-Life advocacy groups immediately condemned the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood attack as soon as the facts were released.

You need to ask yourself, then you elected Congressperson and Senators, why the IRS can allow these radical organizations who support terror world-wide to have a tax exempt status but the same IRS stonewalled US Citizens, trying to set up Tea Party organizations? 

Why, is our President and his administration so quick to point out the bias of US citizens rather than condemn acts of terrorists by Islamic Extremist?

Finally, ask yourself if we can survive the next thirteen months of this administration and the “weak” Congress who do not fight against this warped agenda?



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Obama, The First Black President is Silent on Black Youth Uprisings Across the US

Everyone hoped that the election of Barack Obama would remove any lingering racial bias in the United States and usher in a new age of bilateral tolerance, White to Black, and Black to White.  But this summer is underscoring the failure of his historic election to create the racial unity envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..  Black youths in several US cities are attacking, mugging or harassing caucasian and other non black citizens using high tech flash mob tactics.  Some of those cities include:

  • St Louis
  • Kansas City
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington DC
  • Minneapolis
  • Milwaukee

How far is the President going to let this go before he speaks out?  Is it the fault of black youths that they feel that it is ok for them to act out?  I would ask the President to listen to his comments where he pits one American against another time and time again.  His Presidential rhetoric sounds more like a community organizer than a President.  The office of the President is the highest position of moral authority in the US and this is especially true when you have a Black President being the moral authority for the Black segment of our society. 

The Democrats and the “Black Leadership” should also dial back their use of the race card and start helping our Black communities to get back to work.  The Democrats and the “Black Leadership” should also re-institute vouchers in DC schools that were succeeding in providing for better educations for DC’s poorer Black disadvantaged youths.  Then expand vouchers to all American Cities.  You should represent your constituents’ interests first, over and above the public sector teacher’s unions.  The Democrats and the “Black Leadership” should also stop demagoguing or current economic depression.  Black unemployment is almost double that of whites and Black youth unemployment is approaching 50%.

We can only hope that the President, the Democrat Party, and the “Black Leadership” will stop treating the Black community as an indentured voting block.  This community deserves to be treated better.  Stop fostering single parent homes with your welfare programs; stop holding Black youths in perpetual ignorance by forcing them to attend sub-par public schools; stop telling the community that everyone is against them and you are the only salvation for them; they can stand on their own two feet and become the equal citizens that Dr. King envisioned ON THEIR OWN.  I hope the Black community will stand up for themselves and demand more from the politicians they elect and the so-called “Black Leaders” who seek their support.  You and your children deserve better and the future is in your hands…

RD Pierini


Senate Dems and Staff Vacation in Maui, Hawaii–Obama Buys 2 New Buses for $1.1 Million Each–Where are the Cuts?

Maui Vacation for Democrats and their Staff:

Today, the corporate private sector relies on products like Go-To-Meeting, Web-X and other online meeting tools to conduct a great deal of their day-to-day business meetings that previously required expensive air travel and lodging.  With these new tools, the need for direct face-to-face contact with colleagues and staff are no longer required.  Video Conferencing allows the participants to see one another, share computer screens, and interactively modify documents and materials.  In short, for $50.00/Month you can replace millions of dollars in travel costs for meetings…


The Democrats are going to Maui ostensibly to have the Committee on Indian Affairs meet to discuss “Overcoming Barriers to Economic Development in Native Communities”.  Really?  They probably have the same barriers we do as members of the Non Native Community!  In September, the Senate is supposed to be back in session.  Can’t you wait until then to hold this meeting?  You have not passed a budget for over 800 days so how can this meeting be so vital?  Get Real and quit wasting our money.

Obama’s 2 New buses! (to be used 3 days)

Obama Buys 2 New Buses for a cost of $2.2 Million Dollars for his 3 day “listening” tour that includes Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.  The WH is saying that “…Obama’s tour is a chance to let the president hear stories from real Americans across the country who are suffering from the effects of a slumping economy.” 

Notes to Obama:


Maybe you can hitch a ride with Sarah Palin on her bus that the Taxpayers did not pay for!  I am sure she would enjoy the company.

This should be a campaign expense but no, he is sticking the taxpayers with these costs.  If he needs some experience in the real world, maybe he should set aside his crown for a couple of weeks, rather than vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, and try to get a job and feed a family in the real world.  Obviously his crowds will be controlled and any questions he gets will be scripted.  He is merely trying to get some of the spotlight that was taken by the events of the Iowa Straw Poll this past week.

If the President of the US has to ask “Joe” and “Mary” Citizen, after he has been in office for almost 3 years, what is wrong with the economy and what he should do to fix it, may it is time for him to admit failure and not seek re-election.  More time in office is not going to help him and we cannot afford to pay for his education, again.  Hint to Obama, go back and read what John F. Kennedy did when he was President.  HE LOWERED TAXES AND CUT REGULATIONS…  Get it?

RD Pierini


Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/romney_mocks_obama_magical_misery_P9XrjZAs4vVjYg6pKnBTpN#ixzz1V8CSaBuN



As Rome Burns… All of the Western Leaders Go On Vacation–Including Obama

Western Leaders consider themselves to be the New Royalty and Privileged Class,

and do not have a clue what their average citizen is going through!

While the average working American is wringing their hands trying to make ends meet while facing rising gas prices, rising food prices, the threat of layoffs, and their retirement accounts shrinking rapidly; and those unfortunate Americans who were gainfully employed prior to the Depression of 2008 but now are trying to make ends meet on a $450 or so per week unemployment check, ALL OF THE MAJOR WESTERN WORLD LEADERS ARE OFF ON HOLIDAY!

Obama:  Leaving for a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard next week for a 10 day holiday.

US Congress:  Off for a 5 Week vacation for the whole month of August.

Cameron (UK):  Vacationing in Italy.  Cut short his vacation to deal with the fact that London was burning down!

Sarkozy (France):  Vacationing on the French Mediterranean (he did return for one day for a meeting).

Merkel (Germany):  Vacationing in the Italian Alps,

Zapatero (Spain):  Vacationing in southern Spain.  Came back to meet with his ministers.

Berlusconi (Italy):  Is actually working and trying to get the G7 group to meet to deal with the global meltdown.  Can’t, they are all on vacation!  (G7 = US, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Japan, & Canada)

Meanwhile, the European Central Bank (ECB) is borrowing money from the United State’s Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, to prop up Spain, Italy, and Greece.  Where does Bernanke get the money to loan the ECB?  He prints it, of course, so you end up subsidizing the ECB via inflation of the US Dollar…

Lack of US Leadership, What Should Have Happened:

Obama and our Congress should have started real deliberations about our debt and the establishment of a budget for the US a year or so or more.  We have been operating without a budget for over 800 days and that should be a criminal act by the President and Congress.  Then, assuming they negotiated, debated and really dug in and came up with some real, detailed, solutions, those solutions should have then been disclosed to the American Public and a period of at least two weeks allowed to lapse before Congress adjourned and went home to their States/Districts to meet with their constituents.  Then, after a 3 week recess, Congress would then reconvene and debate openly which solution to approve or reject.  Once Congress passes one of the solutions, that would go to Obama for approval or rejection.

This is the process our Founding Fathers envisioned.  Unfortunately today, we are constantly forced into one emergency after another and legislation is thrown together with disastrous results.  If we would have missed the August 2nd fictitious deadline to raise the debt limit would we really have had our credit rating downgraded?  Oh I forgot, we were downgraded anyway.  The only people who were surprised were the politicians and media in Washington.  The average American, 70%+ according to polls, got it and knew the solution Washington came up with stunk to high heaven.  S&P apparently agreed!

Step 2  US World Leadership:

Then, after coming up with a US solution, the G7 should convene in a televised series of meetings to discuss the solutions for the Euro Zone.  Any impact on the US, via the Fed or via our direct intervention, should be disclosed openly to the American Public.  The G7 should then propose several possible solutions to get Europe out of their financial abyss in the long-term.  Throwing cash at Greece or Spain isn’t a solution.  The solution has to include real governance changes and all of the European leaders must share in the outcome.  These solutions should be made public and openly debated in the legislatures of the various nations.  These nations must then adopt or reject the solutions. 

The actual survival of the Euro itself should also be on the table as its existence and the existence of the European Central Bank is central to this debate.  All Central Banks have been historically tied to a Nation whereas the ECB is a central bank for multiple nations.  This is tenuous at best as each of the European nations have their own unique economies and social structures.  None of the nations are the same in terms of GDP or economic base.  What is happening is that the more affluent and more disciplined economies are being made to subsidize the less  affluent and disciplined countries. 


What will inevitably happen if the US does not fix its problems; if the G7 does not deal with a long-term solution for the Euro Zone, the entire Western World will go down in flames, perhaps literally. 


Nikita Khrushchev said on November 18th, 1956 that “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will dig you in”  (translated to mean we will bury you)  he must be laughing in his grave that Russia won’t even have to dirty a shovel to help in our demise.  Our Politicians will do that for them!

RD Pierini