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Witnessing the Death of The American Constitutional Republic-Part Three

Part Three


[Note: Due to the need to develop a full understanding of each of the elements that have led to the Death of our Constitutional Republic, this article will contain 3 parts. Below is the Third installment of this article. Part one can be found here: https://wp.me/pY51c-1dw%5D  Part two can be found here:  https://wp.me/pY51c-1dB ]

Definition:  Constitutional Republic;  “A government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law as defined by their agreed upon Constitution.”

Definition:  Death of a Constitutional Republic;  The death then of a Constitutional Republic occurs when the sovereign citizens and their representatives are no longer governed according to their original Constitution and its rule of law.  When the Federal Government exceeds its enumerated powers of its citizens or their States. 

President Obama and the Democrats takeover of the House and Senate in 2008, caused the Progressive-Left to salivate that their 70 years of transforming our education systems into propaganda incubators, and their almost total dominance of the main stream media TV and Print media, that they could eliminate our Constitutional Republic and their Progressive-Left Socialist “Utopia” could be installed in its place.  Then when Obama was able to get ultra-left justices Kagan and Sotomayor confirmed to the Supreme Court, the Progressive-Left thought they had won it all.  They had control over all three branches of government and had added a number of hard-core left-wing judges to the federal courts.  Nothing could stand in their way and soon their social and political re-engineering of our nation would be complete, without firing a shot.  

Whoops, Where Did the Tea Parties Come From!

 While the Progressive-Left was reveling in their electoral successes, the conservative grass-roots suddenly popped up, abandoned the Elitist Republican Party, and took root in the form of the Tea Party Movement.  The movement began in 2009 and gained a lot of momentum prior to the 2010 Mid-Term elections when the Republican Party took back the House, then took back the Senate in 2014, in spite of Obama being elected in 2012.  The Republican control of the House and Senate was a direct affront to Obama and his Progressive-Left push to eliminate our Constitutional Republic.

Obama and the Progressive-Left did not stand Idly by and let the Tea Party movement continue to grow and prosper.  As the movement spread across America, more and more Tea Party chapters began to spring up.  In order for a chapter to raise money to fund their organization, they had to obtain permission from the IRS to organize as a 501-C, non tax, corporation that would allow contributions to be tax-deductible to the donor and non taxable to the Tea Party chapter.  Obama’s administration quickly clamped down on approving new Tea Party Chapters by slow walking their IRS application.  They were so effective that by the 2012 Presidential election, the Tea Party movement was pretty much stymied and now ineffective. 

To make matters worse, the Republican slate of Presidential candidates were made up of old guard elite Republicans and Romney eventually won the nomination.  The grass root conservatives had been totally turned off by McCain in 2008 and were disgusted to have to vote for Romney in 2012.  The Republicans did hold the house in 2012 but the Progressive-Left kept control of the Senate.  Gridlock ensued but the Republican control of the House kept Obama from completing his total transformation of America with the elimination the of our Constitutional Republic.

But, Obama and the left were able to elevate global warming, gay marriage, and acceptance of transgenderism, to national prominence and acceptance, albeit forced; and to use race, gender and sexual preference to totally divide the country without passing any meaningful legislation to “perfect” these social changes.  While the Republican elites in Congress were unable and unwilling to stand up to Obama and the Progressive-Left, the remnants of the Tea Party were morphing into an “America First” coalition even if they did not realize it at the time.

Keeping Obama’s Legacy Moving Forward after 2016:

The Progressive-Left were not at all panicked that they lost the House and Senate in 2014 and were confident that their packing of Federal Courts and their stalemate on the Supreme Court would at least allow them to win marginal battles when needed.  After all, Chief Justice Roberts rewrote Obamacare for the Democrats and saved it in spite of its obvious unconstitutional underpinnings.  All they needed to do was to pass the Presidency to Hillary Clinton and she would keep the silent coup advancing towards the goal of eliminating our Constitutional Republic.  

The 2016 election was seen as one where Hillary (HRC) would be crowned the Democrat Candidate and the Republicans would nominate a vanilla “conservative” as a sacrificial lamb at the altar of HRC.  What the Progressive-Left, their media, and the Republican Elites did not count on was one Donald J. Trump!  Trump had advocated an America First agenda for over 20 years decrying the Iraq war, high taxes and stifling regulations, globalism, unfair trade deals, open borders, political correctness and everything else the now underground Tea Party America First diehards embraced.   These patriots could not believe their ears when they heard Trump’s announcement to run and his positions on these issues.  The leftist media scoffed and the elite political pundits, elite Republicans, and globalists of every stripe discounted this brash talking New Yorker and his anti Progressive-Left, pro America rhetoric.  By November 9th, 2016, none of these groups were scoffing any longer.

Progressive-Left Plan B-There Wasn’t a Plan B!

HRC’s loss to Donald Trump was the end of the Progressive-Left Silent Coup as their drive towards State Legalism was melting before their eyes.  State Legalism can only work if you control the State which the Progressive-Left just lost.  The Progressive-Left never imagined losing to Trump and were not prepared to face the consequences. The “Republicans” now controlled the Presidency, the House and the Senate, and in the next four years would be able to replace at least two Supreme Court Justices with literalist, conservative Justices.  Further, many of the Obama regulations and Executive Orders would soon be erased by the new America First President.  The only chance the Progressive-Left had was to bombard the new President with unending investigations surrounding his campaign and “Russia Collusion” by enlisting the “Never-Trumpers” in the House, Senate and federal bureaucracies.  They almost succeeded until President Trump was able to shame Congress into passing his signature Tax cuts that followed his evisceration of business killing regulations.  The ensuing economic boom caused even those who hated Trump on the right to get behind his coattails as they neared the 2018 Mid-Term elections.

On the Left, there was only disbelief that all of their hopes and dreams of killing our Constitutional Republic and replacing it with their Utopian Progressive-Left Socialism by the end of the first Clinton Term.  Their media and academics went completely insane in their denouncement of Trump and his agenda throwing every left-wing tactic they had in their quiver at him to no avail.  To date, the Progressive-Left media coverage of the Trump Administration has averaged 92% negative coverage.  In spite of this, President Trump’s approval ratings are higher than Obama’s at the same time in his presidency!

If you can’t control the masses at the ballot box, what else is there?  VIOLENCE.

Obama and the Progressive-left had sown the seeds of discontent in their base using racism, sexism, islamophobia, homophobia etc. to divide their base and some of the country.  They also created groups committed to sow anarchy in our society such as Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa.  These groups are pledged to use violence and any other method to shut down free speech and assembly that is not condoned by the Progressive-Left.  Their media have taken up their cause and provided press cover that paints their unlawful activities as just and needed to stem the evil Trump agenda.  The rhetoric of the Progressive-Left controlled Democrat Party now calls for physical action against their counterparts on the right and their supporters.  The results of their rhetoric are becoming all too apparent!

The Result of Progressive-Left Violence! Just the Beginning-Silent Coup Morphs into Violent AnarchySee the source image

It has only been a little over a year ago when a Left-Wing Sanders Supporter fired 200 rounds at Republicans practicing for a Congressional Charity baseball game.  Steve Scalise suffered life-threatening, and permanently disabling, wounds.  If it had not been for his security detail assigned to him as a member of House Leadership, many more could have been seriously wounded or killed.  This is the face of a Silent Coup morphing into a violent anarchy in an attempt to permanently destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Since the Scalise tragedy, Democrat leadership and its Senate and House member have doubled and tripled down in their rhetoric calling for physical confrontation to stop Trump.  Republican Senators, Congressmen and their staffs have been the target of physical altercations.  Even Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and advisor Steven Miller have been removed from restaurants and harassed.  What the Democrat Progressive-Left and their media have been preaching is that violence against Trump and his allies is JUSTIFIED AND NECESSARY to allow them to overthrow our Constitutional Republic.

See the source image

The Rule of Law is being challenged by the Rule of the Progressive-Left Mob!  The Progressive-Left has used Obama’s community organizer skills to pit inner-city minorities against the police.  Black Lives Matter are directly challenging police authority and in left-wing run municipalities they have intimidated the local police into inaction.  

See the source imageThe Progressive-Left is pushing their Open Border argument by vilifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and calling for the end to this vital law enforcement agency.  Ice is responsible for tracking down illegal immigrants who have committed felonies and deporting them.  The Progressive-Left is also making all of their left controlled municipalities, counties and even States to become Sanctuaries for Illegal Immigrants.

See the source image

The Progressive-Left Democrat Party and their complicit media are not even intelligent enough to see the powder keg they have created nor have any idea how to stop it when it spirals out of control into VIOLENT ANARCHY.  I lived through the violence of the 60’s and 70’s and the base of that movement is no where as deep as the current Progressive-Left mob.  Also, the technical advancements in weaponry, explosives, communications and the access to the Progressive-Left media adds an order of magnitude of violence to this current drive towards anarchy.  The cultural war of the 60’s and 70’s were centered around the Vietnam War and some social causes.  The current Progressive-Left anarchy is centered around totally “transforming” this country, eliminate the rule of law, eliminate the US Constitution, and subjugating all of those who believe in this country by force if necessary.

The Progressive-Left has Lost its Political Power, All that is Left is Violence to Regain this Power.

The Upcoming Mid-Term Election

During the Justice Kavanagh “confirmation process”, you had a front row seat to how the Left and its media suspends the belief in the rule of law and convinces its followers that totally disparaging a moral, and good human being is justified for the “good” of their cause.  They told you that innocent until proven guilty does not apply to their cause.  They told you that a mere terrible accusation is sufficient to disqualify and withhold Senatorial Consent for a Presidential nominee.  They paraded more than three “accusers” in front of you nightly telling stories of high school rape parties and other forms of deviant behavior by our nominee.  They told you that Kavanagh was not worthy as he was nominated by an unworthy President.  If they can do this to the President of the United States and his nominee, WHAT ARE THEY CAPABLE OF DOING TO YOU FOR FORCE YOU INTO SUBMISSION!   Just go on social media if you don’t think that these tactics worked on many Americans who bought into their slander hook, line and sinker! 

If you think the level of violence and rhetoric coming from the Progressive-Left is over the top today, just wait.  If the republicans retain majorities in the House and Senate, the Progressive-Left will unleash their violence against all who oppose them.  I am not talking about screaming of someone in a restaurant, I am talking about all out assaults against law enforcement, members of the Administration, members of Congress and all who support the Administration’s America First Agenda!  The Progressive-Left will have lost any hope regaining power and instituting their Progressive-Left Socialist agenda.  They will have lost all if the power of their identity politics.  They will have lost their power over the judiciary for decades at all levels of the federal courts. 

The first waves of violence will be aimed at the Trump administration and its supporters, but then it will turn inward against its Democrat Party leaders who wrote political checks they could not cash in at the ballot box!  The Democrat party leaders will be bifurcated between the New Wave Progressive-Left Socialist Anarchist and the old line Progressive-Left Democrats.  The latter will be threatened then exiled and subjected to the same levels of derision and violence as the Trump faction.  Who knows where the media will land.  The New wave Progressive-Left Socialist Anarchist will have an Occupy Wall Street component that abhors the globalist communications wall street elitists and thus be a threat to these communications behemoths.  They will use social media to spew their hatred and plans for more violence and bypass the Left Wing Media.


President Trump will have very tough choices to make just as Governor Reagan did in the 1960’s.  Then Governor Reagan had to finally use lethal force to put down what would be seen today as a minor uprising on the University of California campus at Berkeley.  In all, there was one fatality and 128 wounded with hundreds of local police and CHP Officers deployed followed by over 2,700 National Guard troops sent in to hold the violence in check.  The video below describes the event and Reagan’s reaction in a press briefing.

President Trump and the Department of Justice will face a national violent coup attempt by armed anarchists rather than an uprising on a single campus.  President Trump is hamstrung by the fact that he does not really have a Department of Justice he can rely on so he will have to quell the violence without much support from the DOJ!

One thing is clear, we are at a Constitutional cross-road that will be accentuated during the Mid-Term election on November 6, 2018.  If the Republicans keep control over both houses of Congress, all bets are off in terms of violent uprisings by the New Wave Progressive-Left Socialists.  If the Democrats take the House and the Republicans retain the Senate, then the Democrats will spend the next two years attempting to malign and ultimately impeach President Trump and who knows who else. 

The New Wave Progressive-Left Socialists will not stand idly by and let the Democrat politicians stand regular order.  They will increase their resistance and level of violence against those on the Right and especially law enforcement.  The old guard Democrats will have no sway over this mob.  The Democrat Party may well disappear as we knew it after the Mid-Terms as the bifurcation between the Progressive-Left Democrats and the New Wave Progressive-Left Socialists is inevitable.  The old guard naively coddled their version of a Velociraptor until it grew up and ate them!

Image result for Velociraptor eating a man

I really see no scenario where violent confrontation is not part of the picture.  

RD Pierini



Left’s Identity Politics-When is Enough, Enought!

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I am Sick of hearing that American Citizens describe them self as their ethnic or other self-described descriptor followed by a hyphen, then the word AMERICAN.  (i.e. Italian-American)  How about starting with AMERICAN, followed by a hyphen, then however you want to describe yourself!  I never think of myself as an Italian-American, a Heterosexual-American, a Male-American, or a lousy-Golfer-American!  I find it demeaning, idiotic, and insulting to be a hyphenated anything!  We are Americans First and foremost!  You want to hang out with a specific ethnic group, sexual orientation group, gender and there are only two), go ahead.  But, you are either an American First or please leave.

The Left herds groups of people into their corrals so they can all commiserate on being the victims of their hyphenated descriptors!  The Left convinces these victim herds that someone else is responsible for everything that is wrong in their lives.  Usually, the target is someone on the Right and now it is always TRUMP’S FAULT (or his supporters).  Then, the Left uses the animosity they created to incite violence against those who are demonized such as Trump and his supporters!

Moving Victimhood Identity!

Now, the Left has actually “established” that one of their victim herd members can switch herds just because they “identify” with the other herd.  But wait, maybe I identify with multiple herds!  Can you imagine how confusing this would be to cows!  They would not know whether to identify to the Angus herd or the Holstein herd! 

See the source image Maybe today, you can be a Transgender-Male American but later you can identify as an Hispanic-American even though you are not a Transgender nor Hispanic!  So, when the Left decides to give its victim herds an identity membership card, the cards will have to be blank so you can fill in your identity at the moment you figure out your identity!  

End Goal-Anarchy

Why would you tell someone they are a victim then corral them into a victim herd?  ANARCHY!  Yes, the Left’s ultimate goal is to “fundamentally transform” this nation.  Obama’s attempt to fundamentally transform this nation has been thwarted by President Trump so the Left is embarking on their Plan B which is to incite violence to transform our Republic!  How?  The first step is to justify violence against their “enemies” (Antifa, BLM and the Main stream media).  The second step is to abolish law and order by identifying those who serve and protect as the enemy, i.e. “Abolish Ice”, “Cops are Racists”, the military are child killers, and so on.  Once you hamstring law and order, who will defend the Republic?  The Left and its media has engaged in an all out assault against Law and Order and it was put on steroids when Obama and Holder were in control.  The police were made to be the enemies of the very public they served until the police were intimidated to the point they could not serve nor protect!  Black police officers were actually labeled racists just because they wore the blue uniform!

As long as the left and their media can control the identity narrative, and we continue to parrot phrases like African-American, Hispanic-American, Transgender-American and so on, we will continue to support the Left’s assault on American Identity and its historical greatness.  In fact, one of the goals they have is to rewrite our great history and denigrate the sacrifices of our forefathers and the greatness of the American experiment.  Remember Obama’s apology tour!  

Those on the Right need to reverse this bastardization of our past by not joining in with the Left’s Hyphenating, Victim Herd program.  How about saying American-Blacks, American-Hispanics, American-Italian, etc.. 

At least we can start by grouping us all as Americans. 

RD Pierini


Facebook Abandoned BY The Leftists Who Created It!–1990’s Microsoft Redux!

What is the Story with Facebook?  Why are all of the left-wing (mainly) pundits badmouthing their once darling of tech Mark Zuckerberg?  Did Facebook deceive its users and share their data with only right-wing political groups to defeat Clinton?  And, who gave Facebook billions to fund his start-up?  Is Zuckerberg a real person?  How is all of this reminiscent of the targeting of Microsoft in the 1990’s that ended up triggering the end of the dot-com boom?

The Russian Collusion Story is backfiring on the Leftist and anti-Trump elitist.  So much so, it has triggered an investigation of the Obama Administration and a re-opening of the Clinton email scandal investigation.  The Stormy Daniels “non-story” is not the anti-Trump bombshell the media had hoped for.  Even if the Left and the anti-Trump elitists buy the old Playboy mansion and claim Trump slept with all of Hefner’s Playmates going back to 1960 it won’t hurt Trump with his base, and even perhaps those who did not vote for him but are finding a good paying job, see lower taxes taken out of their paychecks, or are feeling good about themselves and their family’s future for the first time in a long time.  So, what does Facebook have to do with Trump and is the 2018 Facebook the 1990’s Microsoft?  Let’s go back a few years!

Facebook Origins:

Facebook was supposedly created and launched in 2004 by Zuckerberg while he was in Harvard along with his classmates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.  Today, almost 2 billion users of Facebook log into is application and share in-depth personal profiles and intimate stories about their lives!  Think of Facebook as a Catholic Confessional for all age groups from young pre-teens  to senior citizens!  It is also a massive “message board” for political chatter, cyber bullying, terrorist chatter, hate group rantings and anything else you can imagine!  

Initial funding for Zuckerberg and Facebook came from the ultra left-wing billionaire, and Trump Hater, Peter Thiel, who wrote a check for $500,000 to Zuckerberg in 2004.  In return, Thiel received 10.2% of the company and a seat on the board.  Thiel and others were able to bring their leftist ideology to Facebook early on even though the Harvard Schooled Zuckerberg was already very left leaning.   From 2004 until Facebook’s Initial Public Offering on May 18, 2012, many venture capitalist and even Microsoft bought into Facebook’s future.  

During this period of time, Obama and his Federal Reserve, through quantitative easing, pumped massive amounts of newly printed cash into the equity markets and Facebook was a major beneficiary of this practice.  It could be argued, if it were not for quantitative easing by the Fed, companies like Facebook would not have survived real scrutiny and backing by Wall Street.  But then again, Facebook management was ultra-left-wing oriented and thus protected by the left in DC and Wall Street!  The left political operatives envisioned using social media sites like Facebook to get to new voters and manipulate the political narrative!  What better way than to back the largest social media entity on the internet!

During the 2012 Presidential election, Obama and his team bragged how they were so effective in data mining social media websites, especially Facebook.  The team claimed to have been able to harvest a bumper crop of new political voting targets with deep dive insights to those Facebook users who shared it all in Facebook.

So, Why is Facebook Now Under Attack?

See the source image

Well, Donald Trump!  The left and DC elitists failed to have their concocted Trump-Russian Collusion narrative actually take out the Donald Trump Presidency!  They have tried to drag up sexual impropriety stories using porn stars, Playboy Playmates, and Miss Universe/America contestants to prove Trump unfit for office.  (The only thing they have not tried yet is to try to snare Trump with farm animals!) Too bad boys and girls, your hero William Jefferson Clinton lowered this bar so low Trump would be a piker compared to Clinton if the stories against Trump were actually true!  So, what could the left and the DC elitists possible use to take down Trump now?

FACEBOOK!  Yep, the Left and the DC elitists will eat their own just to take down Trump and his America First agenda! 


Enter Cambridge Analytica and its PERMITTED use of a FACEBOOK APPLICATION to grab data from 270,000 users AND THEIR FACEBOOK FRIENDS!  CA then analyzed the data they had gathered and created a methodology to aid the Trump Primary candidacy to target Facebook Users and tailor Facebook advertising to help the Trump Primary bid.  

How was CA able to get to these Facebook user accounts and those of their “friends”.  Well, Facebook allows developers to create apps (computer programs) that use Facebook as their interface to Facebook users.  (Facebook users have already given up their privacy rights as soon as they accepted the “Terms” of use when creating their Facebook account, so the users, and their friends, are sitting ducks for Facebook applications and data mining!)  in this case, in 2014 CA created a personality quiz that asked for permission to access the Facebook user’s account data, and that of their friends. 

The quiz also asked for information about the quiz taker that could later be used to analyze political and issue oriented data points.  This application, as per Facebook app guidelines, also allowed CA to access the accounts of the friends who took the quiz that ended up gobbling up tens of millions of Facebook user’s info!  (A friend of a friend, who is a friend of a friend, and so on) 

This data was used with the Trump Primary Campaign to target advertising campaigns on Facebook.  But, according to CBS News, “the Trump campaign had tested the RNC data, and it proved to be vastly more accurate than Cambridge Analytica’s.”  The Trump Presidential campaign did NOT use CA/Facebook data against Hillary Clinton!

Facebook and Obama:

As we stated above, the Obama re-election team relied on Facebook data heavily in 2012 to ensure Obama’s victory.  According to IBD, Obama campaign encouraged his supporters to download, yes, the Obama 2012 Facebook application that, when activated by the user, allowed the campaign to collect data not only on the user, but on their friends and their friend’s friends as well!  Sound Familiar!  According to the MIT Technology Review, when you installed the app, “it said it would grab information about my friends: their birth dates, locations, and ‘likes.’ “ 

So, the only reason the Left went after CA recently was because they needed a reason to show that Trump cheated Hillary out of the election by exploiting Facebook!  But, the narrative soon turned from CA to FACEBOOK and the blame was place on Zuckerberg’s cavalier attitude towards user data privacy!  What the left forgot in attacking CA, was that Cambridge Analytica just borrowed a page out of the Obama 2012 campaign playbook!  The Left set themselves up to not be able to use the Facebook user data in the upcoming 2018 Mid-Term elections!!!

So, How is this Like Microsoft in the 1990’s

Leftist politicians joined with Republicans in the late 1990’s to break up Microsoft as a monopoly.  Remember, Microsoft was founded by two very left-wing gentlemen, Bill Gates and Paul Allen.  So, they should be protected by the left, right?  NOPE!  The push to break-up Microsoft was done at the behest of the politician’s ultra-liberal friends in the Silicon Valley like Oracle’s Larry Ellison who was also a COMPETITOR of Microsoft!  The others that joined Ellison had similar competitive conflicts!  At the heart of the push was the claim that Microsoft had priced out its competitors for office products such as spreadsheets, word processing, and other office automation products. 

But, since Microsoft’s pricing of its Office Suite actually lowered the prices of such products to consumers, it was hard to argue that Microsoft’s “monopolistic practices” actually hurt consumers.  This concept is at the core of the rationale of why monopolies should be broken up!  No harm to the consumers, then why break up the so-called monopoly?

While Microsoft prevailed in the final analysis, this onslaught started the downturn of the Tech Boom of the 1990’s and signaled the end of the Dot-Com era.  The similarities to the current Facebook troubles is comical if it didn’t hurt people’s 401-Ks and retirement.  

  • Both attacks were started by the Left-Wing Democrats.  Facebook’s attack came as a result of the left’s attack on Trump and Cambridge Analytica.  Microsoft’s attack came at the behest of left-wing Silicon Valley companies in order to hurt their competitor, Microsoft.
  • Both attacks actually included, or will include, not only Federal lawsuits, but lawsuits by States as well.  These idiotic States forgot to check with the “financial” gurus who manage their Public Employees Retirement System investments.  All of the PERS funds owned a significant position in Microsoft in the 1990’s and Facebook this year.  All of these PERS funds suffered great financial loss as a result of the left eating their own!
  • Both attacks will probably end up in the same place, no where!  Who will suffer as a result of these attacks?  Anyone who has these two companies in their retirement portfolio.
  • Both were caused by political operatives who could not see beyond the end of their noses to see what would come of their idiotic self-centered actions.  Anytime politicians swoop in to fix a problem they themselves created, you can rest assured that the outcome will not be good.

So, we see deja vous all over again!  We see today that the blind hatred of President Trump by the Left and the DC Elitists blinded them to attack Trump again this time using Cambridge Analytica, and in the end it was they who were the losers.  We see that politicians turn a blind eye when a problem inures to their advantage then scream foul when it is turned against them.  We see that politicians cannot step away and think before taking inappropriate action.  Facebook will be hauled in front of Congress and grilled.  This is like a group of hyenas trying to assess the speed of light.  I doubt that any of them ever wrote a line of computer code and probably have to have their staff sign them onto Facebook and post articles for them!   

Better Look in the Mirror Before Blaming Others!

See the source image

Facebook users, and users of all social networks, must take responsibility for their own actions, such as agreeing to “terms” without reading them.  I don’t read them either but I don’t complain when Company ABC starts spamming my email inbox!  If Congress does anything, it will have the opposite of any desired effect.  Then, Congress can come back later and fix the problem that they broke, AGAIN!

RD Pierini


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Trump’s Trade Agenda Real Targets

See the source image

“Free Trade” Vs “Fair Trade” Argument:

Cheap Supply Vs Sufficient US Affluent Consumers

Following the end of WWII, the US was the strongest economy in the world by far and most of today’s powerful nations, European Union nations, China, Japan, Korea, and others, were severely crippled by the devastation of the war. 

At that time, the US adopted a policy to not only give massive amounts of financial aid to these countries, but to open up its markets to these nations to sell their goods into the US.  Free Trade morphed into meaning that the US would not impose any meaningful barriers to goods entering our markets while putting up with tariffs on our exports and turning a blind eye to currency manipulation especially from communist controlled nations. 

The WTO became the arbiter of any “illegal” trade practices but in fact had little impact on those nations who were hell-bent on growing their economies at the expense of other nations.  US Free Trade economists would argue that trade deficits were OK as long as the nations that were besting us at Trade also invested in the US economy.

What these economist don’t mention is that countries like China buy US Government securities as a HEDGE so they can devalue their own currency making our exports to China too expensive and lowering the cost of their products coming to the US!  Remember, US currency is still the trading currency for the world.  China and others do not invest in the US to expand US production, but they buy assets that they can use to corner specific markets that compliment their own production or increase their market share in specific products.  The WTO is toothless when dealing with currency manipulation and balancing trade against subsidies and government-owned businesses that can sell its products at a loss!.

The Impact of Post GW Bush Free Trade Era

See the source image

GW supported China’s inclusion in the WTO and granted China Permanent Normal Trading Relations (PNTR) in 2001.  Our trade deficit with China under Bush mushroomed and Bush did little or nothing to balance our trade with China.  In fact, when more and more manufacturers moved out of the US to China, due to higher US taxes and regulations and trade barriers on US manufacturers trying to sell into China. Bush appointed Anthony Raimondo as his “Manufacturing Czar”!  Fortunately his nomination was blocked as Raimondo was known for laying off US workers and moving his plants to…CHINA!

The era a GW Bush was to be not only a continuation of his father’s and Bill Clinton’s globalist free trade policies, but one that solidified America’s fate as an importer of all of its strategic needs and an exporter of America’s manufacturing.  

Obama On China’s Trade Follies:

See the source image

Interestingly, President Obama’s rhetoric against Chinese violations of “free trade” relative to the US was harsh and pointed but other than filing a few complaints against China at the WTO, not much action.  In 2016, Obama slapped a 522% tariff on cold-rolled steel from China similar to the 30% steel tariff imposed by Bush in 2002.  Neither of these tariffs were enforced to any degree but made the United Steel Workers and the steel manufacturers happy for a few seconds! 

So, since China began ramping up its steel production in the 1990’s, from 66MT in 1990 to 832MT in 1917, American politicians have feigned outrage at China’s dumping of steel, and aluminum onto the world markets at below worldwide production costs.

Obama Quotes on “China Trade”

Below are a few quotes from Obama’s quiver of zingers against Chinese trade practices.  Ironically, from a rhetorical perspective, Obama was spot on with his criticisms, but unfortunately did not do much to change the status quo with and within China.

January 12, 2017: Unfair Practices Like Subsidies:  “These kinds of policies (Government loans and subsidies to Chinese Aluminum manufacturers) have disadvantaged American manufacturers and contributed to the global glut in aluminum, steel, and other sectors.  We’re taking action (Complaint to WTO) to protect the workers at home and around the world who are hurt every day by these policies.”

January 25, 2012:  Stealing IP:  “But we need to do more. It’s not right when another country lets our movies, music, and software be pirated. It’s not fair when foreign manufacturers have a leg up on ours only because they’re heavily subsidised,”

November 21, 2011:  Currency Manipulation:   From the NY Times:  “At an economic summit meeting in Hawaii last week, Mr. Obama said that China was now a “grown-up” economy, and that its leaders needed to start behaving that way. He singled out Beijing’s artificially depressed currency, which undercuts exports from the United States. The American people, he declared, “understandably, feel that enough is enough.””

Enter President Trump:

President Trump shocked the trade world when he announced that he was going to slap a 20% tariff on all imported steel and aluminum.  Immediately free traders everywhere began wringing their hands and decrying this move.  Trump has been bashing China and its trade deficit with the US as well as their illegal trade practices of currency manipulation, subsidizing Chinese producers, and allowing state-owned plants to sell products on the world market at a loss.  Pretty much the same thing that Obama slammed China for above!

Since then Trump, as he always does, has refined his goals for steel aluminum and other tariffs.  His primary targets are, China, the European Union, South Korea, and the NAFTA countries of Mexico and Canada.  Obviously, since China makes up over 65% of our total trade deficits, it is the bull’s-eye of Trump’s trade agenda.  What is his ultimate goal?  

  1. Bring down the trade imbalances with each of these countries and unions.
  2. Increase US exports as one of the means to rebalancing these trade deficits.
  3. Stop China and others from stealing $800B a year of US intellectual property.  (China has actually made a clone of our F-16 fighter jets!)
  4. Eliminate the dumping of specific products and commodities onto the world markets in order to drive down prices and eliminate competition.
  5. Bring manufacturing back to the US.  IN 2000, the US had 17,000,000 manufacturing jobs, by the end of 2013 (most recent date), the US had 12,000,000 manufacturing jobs (30% loss!).  Further, since then we have closed over 60,000 manufacturing plants in the US.
  6. An Expanding Manufacturing base would help to move US Citizens off of Public Assistance and back into the workplace.  On government assistance, an average family may receive about $24,000 per year.  If manufacturing and other jobs can take this family off of government assistance and increase their annual income to $31,000 ($15/hr. Job) or $38,000 ($18/hr. job), this increases the buying power of these citizens by 30-60%.  There are 68,000,000 US citizens receiving assistance, if only 20% go back into the workforce, the net gain in consumer purchasing power would increase by at least $150B.  

Is there a possibility of a trade war? 

Yes.  But, the US consumes 25% of the world’s goods so who in their right mind would want to be cut out of this market!  Assume that the aluminum tariffs take place.  If you are a beer drinker, then you may pay up to a maximum of $0.08 per can or $0.24 per 6 pack more.  A $30,000 car could be increased to $31,500 at the most and this is much less than the cost increase due to CAFE standards imposed by the government.  

One group that is nervous about a trade war is agriculture.  Ironically, they are the ones who may actually benefit the most.  Why, today they are blocked from exporting to China, Japan and the EU by a series of subsidies, tariffs, and quality/environmental trade restrictions.  The EU especially uses subsidies to dump their ag products onto the world markets.  Japan has block our beef and poultry exports for years with subsidies and stringent “quality” restrictions.  (I personally was unsuccessfully involved in negotiating microbiology standards with Japan)  Wheat and Soybeans commodity exports could also benefit from the lowering of trade restrictions and tariffs.  

Movement:  We have already seen South Korea reach out and begin renegotiations with the US on our trade imbalance.  Canada and Mexico will most likely come to the table and agree to changes in NAFTA that will be mutually beneficial long-term.  China’s “retaliation” against the threat of tariffs by Trump amounted to a whimper and did not even mention the big-ticket items we export to China, i.e. aircraft.  The EU may be the most belligerent for a while but adding in our military support for the EU countries may help to get the EU to cut down their protectionist practices.   

President Trump has used the tax cuts, the lowering of regulations and his repatriation program to stimulate the economy and incentivize manufacturing and other business segments to return to the US.  He is also leveraging his energy policies to make sure the returning businesses have a source of clean and low-cost energy.  His trade policies are meant to provide a more level trade environment for our increased capacity and allow for a more free flow of our goods into our trading partner’s markets.  In short, the Trump Trade Policy is step three in his rebuilding of our economy.

RD Pierini



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Wall Street Does Not Know How To Deal With Prosperity After Obama!

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

After nearly recovering its losses from the January highs, today the Dow Industrials fell by 299 points!  Why?  The Federal Reserve Chairman basically said the economy was good, actually, really good.  Even though most of the Fed members thought the Fed would raise interest rates 3 times in 2018, the markets could not help themselves but think the Fed would raise the interest rates 4 times! (they meet quarterly)  This sent the 10-year treasury bonds to 2.91% Interest!  2.91% is Healthy!  Not a reason for panic.  So, “Wat Up”!

Wall Street is schizophrenic at best when it comes to the Trump booming economy and its impact on stocks!  When the 10 year treasury hits 2.91%, which is not high during a growth period, and wages increase by 2.9% in January, 2018, (the highest since 2009) the Wall Street analysts and the buy/sell algorithms are both in the dark and sell off!  Today, (2/27/2018) was no different!

This is partly because some of the traders have never experienced an up economy as they entered Wall Street at the end of the Bush regime or during the Socialist, no-growth regime of Obama!  It is safe to say almost none of todays Wall Street gurus were around after the Reagan tax cuts and the resulting economic boom of the late 80’s and 90’s.  So, what do the Wall Street Warriors of today need to understand?

The Fed is Stabilizing the Federal Reserve balance sheet and is Resetting interest rates to normal operating levels.  In short, the Fed is bringing back sanity to our monetary policy and is able to do so because of President Trump’s regulatory reform, Trump’s HUGE tax cuts to businesses and individuals, and the repatriation of 3-4 trillion dollars that companies have kept off-shore due to Pre-Trump high US tax rates.  Why is this critical?

During the Clinton and Bush administrations, the government created a false economy with idiotic economic policy especially in the housing and banking sectors.  The result was the crash of 2008 and the decimation of our financial underpinnings.  It was made worse under Obama and the Fed Chairpersons Bernanke and Yellen.  Obama soared the national debt, grew government beyond belief, initiated business choking regulations, and initiated trade deals that exported massive amounts of jobs out of this country.  The Fed, drove interest rates down to zero and itself created monetary deficits of $4 Trillion dollars via its Quantitative Easing, read to mean screwing the US citizen by driving down the value of their net worth in the trillions of dollars!

Under Trump and the new Fed Chairman Powell, the economy is back in a growth and business expansion mode while the Federal Reserve is able to raise interest rates, slowly and incrementally, while reducing its balance sheet deficit over the next 4 years!  In, short, the economy and our financial base is healing and becoming strong again.

So, what is the deal with Wall Street?  As I said, I do not think there are sufficient analysts and traders that really understand what it is like to be in an up-swinging economy!  The biggest fear in an up economy is inflation.  So far, there are no signs of inflation exceeding the Fed 2% target.  The 10 year Treasury bond is 2.91% which is healthy for a growing economy and will not in any way weight down on borrowing, if needed by businesses, nor overly burden our deficit as interest on our national debt comes due.  The repatriation of 3-4 Trillion dollars could add $600 billion to our treasury that is a gift as it was never going to come into our coffers before the Trump tax cuts.  Tax revenues from businesses and individuals will swell our treasury revenues as well.  Between the two, assuming Congress does not blow it all, we should be able to reduce our deficits.  

The second major benefit provider to paying down our deficits will be the rebalancing of our trade.  Every dollar of trade deficit reduces GDP by a corresponding amount.  So, if we can even out our $750 Billion trade deficit, we can add another $750 billion to our GDP and provide more dollars with which to pay down our debt. 

So Wall Street, chill out!  The Fed policy of gradually increasing interest rates will provide a cushion against inflation should inflation exceed the Fed targets.  When the Bush/Obama recession hit and interest rates were at zero, the Fed had no way to stimulate the economy as interest rates could not be lowered.  Bush/Obama could have turned the economy around by doing what Trump did and reduce taxes and regulations but that would go against everything Obama erroneously believes and Bush had basically checked out by 2007!

So, tomorrow is another day and it is more likely that the markets will close up for February and it will carry forward into March.  That is not to say that the markets won’t be subject to additional irrational Wall Street jitters but the short, medium and long-term economic outlook is sound.

RD Pierini


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Do You Believe that Obama Deficits were $10 Trillion? Wrong!

See the source image

Obama, The Federal Reserve, and Donald Trump

You have been led to believe that the Obama Presidency ran the National Debt to $19.5 Trillion Dollars.  Further, that Obama doubled the amount of US Debt of all of his predecessors combined.  What did you miss?

Remember Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve and his wonderful invention called “Quantitative Easing”?  What?  Well, QE is a shifty way of “increasing” the National Debt without it increasing the National Debt!  Really?  Yep!  What happens is, the Federal Reserve, which is its own government independent of the US Government and can “borrow” money, print money, buy US Treasury notes, Money Backed Securities (remember the crash of 2008 when Freddie and Fannie blew up the real estate markets by allowing the bundling of bad sub-prime loans), and indirectly purchase stocks on the stock market.  Well, Obama and his brilliant team had no idea how to stimulate the economy organically, via tax cuts and investment incentives, so they joined the Federal Reserve and came up with Quantitative Easing.  So, what does this have to do with the National Debt?

Well, the Fed “increased” its securities assets by $4 Trillion dollars over the Obama 8 years.  But, since the Fed and Obama did not want to flood the money supply by printing worthless currency, so they used Quantitative easing to increase the money supply by flooding financial institutions with capital in an effort to promote increased lending and liquidity!  The end result is the same!  Your dollars are worth $4 Trillion less and the Fed, and you the taxpayer, are on the hook for $4+ Trillion in debt that is not included in the National Debt!  

So, the real Obama National Debt is $24 Trillion!

Why does this matter to you? 

There is no free lunch!

So while the Fed and Obama were able to create a stock market bubble and drive up “preferred” stock prices for preferred companies, and absorb a lot of the residual Freddie and Fannie funny money debt, ($2 Trillion Dollars), they were postponing the need to payback this bubble once the economy got back on track!

See the source image

Enter Donald J. Trump and a US Economic Resurgence

So, in November 8th, 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected!  Immediately he reversed the Obama business choking regulations and by the end of his first year passed a historic Tax Cut.  The result, the economy immediately responded with new jobs, new business investment, repatriation of corporate money held overseas, and an optimism the country had not seen since Reagan.  Then, last week, the investor community woke up and suddenly remembered the $4+ Trillion dollar debt we have in the Fed Closet! In a few short days, the Dow dropped precipitously to December 2017 highs.

Why did panic set in?  Well, the markets are not necessarily logical and always are driven of EXPECTED future events!  What are the panic drivers?  FEAR of higher interest rates and their impact on the economy and consumer spending, FEAR of inflation as wages increase and more people enter the job market, and FEAR of FEAR!

  Are interest rate hikes and inflation increases fears realistic?  Probably to some degree.  The Janet Yellen Federal Reserve had been slowly increasing interest rates since Trump took office from the Obama zero interest rate era!  Last week, during Yellen’s last Fed meeting, she did not raise interest rates as expected and she should have and irresponsibly stated that the stock market was overvalued!  She was irresponsible because the Price/Earnings ratios of Dow and other markets have not grown unreasonably over the past year in spite of rising stock prices.  Earnings have risen pretty much with stock prices.  The Dow showed the highest gain in 2018 v 2017 with an increase to $25.98 from $20.31, the NASDAQ increased to $26.10 from $24.15 and the S&P 500 actually dropped to $21.71 from $24.18.  

Where will the Market Go and How do we Get Rid of Obama’s Extra $4+ Trillion in Fed Funny Money?

The economic fundamentals are sound.  Companies will continue to repatriate cash into the US, continue to expand manufacturing and other investments in the US, the labor participation rate will continue to add more citizens into the job force, and more jobs will be created.  Would an increase in interest rates kill the economy?  As long as interest rates stay around 5% and inflation stays around 3%, the world as we know it will not end!  Corporate borrowing will be almost nil for global entities due to the piles of cash they have had offshore that they will repatriate. The tax cuts will provide all companies with additional cash flow that will lower the demand for borrowing.  Consumers benefiting from higher wages will stay about where they are in terms of borrowing and interest rate increases will have minimal impact on already high credit card interest.  

If US GDP grows at 4-5%, and President can get his budget through in order to control costs, the Federal Government should generate sufficient tax revenues to start to reverse the National Debt.  As employment numbers continue to rise, payments into Social Security and Medicare will slow than stop the bleeding from these funds. The Federal Reserve has initiated a program whereby it will start to chip away at its $4+ Trillion dollars in quantitative easing debt at the rate of $10 Billion per month.  At this rate of principal reduction, no real impact on the overall economy should occur. 

So, the bad news is that Obama actually topped $24 Trillion in total national debt.  The good news is that Donald J. Trump is the current President of the US now!  If Clinton had been elected, the Obama economy that was based on a ballooning National Debt and a ballooning Federal Reserve debt on its balance sheet would have been perpetuated.  It would have been a matter of time before the US became a rival junk economy to Greece!

It is critical that Republicans hold the House of Representatives and pick up 9+ seats in the Senate during the 2018 mid-term elections.  President Trump will be able to then attack capital gains taxes and complete his revamping of the tax codes.  He will also be able to rebalance Social Security and Medicare funds and put them back on a solvent path.   Welfare reform via work programs will continue the cost reductions for the Federal and State governments.  There are a lot of systemic changes that still need to be made and President Trump needs a Congress that will support his policy changes…

RD Pierini





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P/Es & Yields on Major Indexes

Dow Indexes

Monday, February 05, 2018

2/5/2018 Year ago Estimate^ 2/5/2018 Year ago
Dow Industrial 25.09 20.31 17.70 2.15 2.39
Dow Transportation 13.48 18.35 16.49 1.38 1.32
Dow Utility 26.56 26.71 17.21 3.53 3.47
P/E data based on as-reported earnings; estimate data based on operating earnings.
Sources: Birinyi Associates; WSJ Market Data Group
Other Indexes
Friday, February 02, 2018
2/2/2018 Year ago Estimate^ 2/2/2018 Year ago
Russell 2000 151.45 nil 25.65 1.30 1.42
Nasdaq 100 26.10 24.15 20.85 0.99 1.16
S&P 500 21.71 24.18 18.05 1.81 2.08
P/E data based on as-reported earnings; estimate data based on operating earnings.
Source: Birinyi Associates

Mueller and “The Fruit From the Poisonous Tree”!

Clinton Campaign, DNC, Obama Funding for Fusion GPS & the “Trump Dossier”!

Only a staunch Democrat, Dennis Kucinich on Fox and Friends Weekend, tied the fake “Trump Dossier” to the Obama Administration’s surveillance and “wiretapping” of candidate Trump and his campaign. 

Why does this matter?

If the Obama Administration and its FBI and Intelligence agencies used the “Trump Dossier” as the basis to obtain warrants, including FISA surveillance warrants, and based their “unmasking” requests on the same fake dossier, then any “evidence” uncovered as a result of these ILLEGAL warrants and unmasking requests would be part of the Tree of Poisonous Fruit.  Since the “Trump Dossier” is a fake and contrived document, it cannot be used as “probable cause” to support a lawful warrant.

Why is this important?

Take Michael Flynn’s accusations.  If the basis of Mueller’s “evidence” against Flynn is based on phone or other communications surveillance obtained via using the dossier as the basis for the warrant and unmasking of Flynn, then any evidence following cannot be used unless independently obtained.  Even if it is independently obtained, Flynn’s team will argue that if it were not for the illegal surveillance, Mueller would not even know to “independently” look for other sources!

The same would be true for President Trump or any of his campaign staff if Mueller tries to use “intelligence” sources that are based on the discredited dossier.  

If this is still unclear, let’s say that you were arrested for robbery based on the police breaking into your home, without a search warrant, and finding stolen articles after illegally searching your home.  This evidence is not admissible since it was illegally obtained by the police.  Now, to make this worse, the police not only broke into your home, searched it without a warrant, then PLANTED the stolen articles, and claimed they found it in your home!  So, this is a double hit.  First the search was illegal, then the evidence was planted!  The dossier evidence was actually “PLANTED” by the left using the Obama intelligence community, the DNC and the Clinton campaign, by hiring Fusion GPS to make up the fraudulent “Trump Dossier”.  

If it is found that any FISA warrants, or other search warrants, were justified using the “Trump Dossier”, then defense attorneys will have a field day crying foul based on evidenced gained as a result of a poisonous tree. 

Something to think about…

RD Pierini





GW Bush-Disgraced Himself and His Legacy

Image result for George Bush and Donald Trump

GW Bush has maintained that he did not believe prior presidents should comment on or criticize presidents who succeed him.  On October 19th, 2017, the U.S. Military Academy’s Association of Graduates will presented the Thayer Award to GW Bush.  Following the acceptance, Bush took the opportunity to bash the current president,  President Trump.  Obviously, Bush’s principles only apply to fellow elitists and progressive-left prior presidents!

Accuses Trump of Being an Isolationist!

Bush stated in his address, “We’ve seen a return of isolationist sentiments forgetting that American security is directly threatened by the chaos and despair of distant places”, accusing Trump of pulling back from confronting hostile forces around the world and endangering American security.  Bush should look square in the mirror and ask himself whether the killing of over 200,000-400,000 Iraqis and 4,487 US Soldiers, with an additional 32,233 US soldiers wounded in action, was worth taking out Saddam Hussein and creating a huge power vacuum in the region and emboldening Iran and Syria.  He should ask himself why HE asked General Franks to draw up an attack plan for Iraq just 2 weeks after Franks initiated action in Afghanistan!  (Follow this link http://wp.me/pY51c-Qx to  “GW Bush and the Ascension of Iran & ISIS“) Then, why didn’t Bush himself create a Status of Forces agreement with Iraq before he left office in order to honor those 37,000+ US military casualties he ordered into battle and not risk throwing away the blood and treasure he expended for a indefensible conflict?

Since Trump took office,

  • He has reclaimed Iraq from ISIS that was allowed to take hold in Iraq and Syria due to a lack of a Status of Forces agreement!
  •   Trump has also stalemated the use of chemical weapons by Syria by sending in 59 cruise missiles as a message.
  • Trump has assumed the responsibility to denuclearize both North Korea and Iran, a responsibility abdicated by GW Bush!  (Remember, the negotiations with Iran over nuclear weapons started with Bush with no conclusion as he kicked this nuclear can down the road.)  Trump is using hard-line tactics to force both North Korea and Iran to disarm and cease their nuclear weapons and delivery systems development.  For the first time, both regimes know they are facing a resolute President.
  • Trump has actually made NATO members pony up their financial commitments to honor their military commitments in “distant places”.
  • Trump has also asked for and received commitment by over 50 Arab and Muslim nations to fight against terrorism and to cut off funding to terror organizations.

So GW, does this sound like a President who supports isolationism?  Wise up and pay attention!  This isn’t about JEB!  It is about engaging the world once and for all and make it more peaceful through strength and engagement.

Accuses Trump of Weakening America and the World by Abandoning GLOBALISM

Bush also stated in his address that:  “We cannot wish globalism away… And, we must continue “a wise and sustained global engagement” in order to provide for a secure future for our nation.  SERIOUSLY!  Your Father gave us the false concept of a “One World Government” that assumes a subservient America!  Trump views a strong America as the best way to provide for a secure America and the World. 

Bush style globalism is another way of promoting the progressive-left dream of weakening America and spreading its wealth to the rest of the world until everyone is equal.  Sound familiar?  Maybe, like the socialist/NeoCon world where everyone is equal and there is no longer a need for a strong America.  Obama shared this view in spades as does the entire Progressive-left, DC Elites, Democrats, and Republican elites and NeoCons.  

The result of the Clinton/Bush/Obama push for globalism is a vastly weakened US economy; a drastic elimination of our manufacturing base; a transfer of our sovereignty to the UN and to multi-party agreements; and a weakening of our moral and social fabric to where all hope was being dashed in the US by the time Obama left office.  If Clinton has been elected, this transfer of US wealth and power would have been completed.

Trump rightly believes that Globalism is the mechanism to weaken and destroy the United States as a world economic and military power.  He is absolutely right.  To restore America to its prior greatness and the reverse the “fundamental transformation of America” that had been shepherded by Clinton, Bush and Obama, Trump has:

  • Reversed over 800 industry and job killing regulations that added $9.00 per hour to every American work hour BEFORE THE WORKER EVEN BEGAN WORK AT THE FACTORY.  These regulations provided a business killing tax on businesses and forced their production outside of the US.  
  • Killed the Trans Pacific Partnership and other trade agreements that Bush and his ilk view as “fair trade” agreements.  These same agreements has transferred our industrial complex out of the US to our enemies and others at the expense of the American worker.  Bush’s idea of fair trade is any deal that benefits our trading “partners” and provides the us with a trade imbalance that benefits those we trade with.
  • Withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord as this agreement transferred actual US cash to other nations; imposed strict controls on US emissions; and allowed our competitors and political enemies to ignore environmental controls altogether.  This accord was just another mechanism to transfer US wealth to others and level the playing feel that Bush and others deemed good for the world.
  • Trump championed an “America First” mantra that is emotional in nature but builds national pride and instills hope into those who have been disenfranchised by Bush and his cohorts Clinton and Obama.  

Trump knows that Globalism is another way of saying “America Last”!

Accuses Trump of Being Anti-Immigration:

Bush also stated that America mustrecover our own identity,” by committing to “global engagement, free and international trade, and immigration.”   How global engagement, non reciprocal trade and immigration add to recovering, rather than diluting, our identity, Bush did not say!   He said further, “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism, and forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America.”  Nativism is defined as “the policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants” is in and of itself a validation of the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens over immigrants who would seek entry or enter illegally!  (We have already discussed globalism and “free trade” above so this section will focus on immigration.)

Bush and his elitists believe in OPEN BORDERS under the guise of “sharing our heritage” and tempering our “nativism” that he feels is detrimental to our future!  In reality, these statement are just a further expansion of weakening America by diluting our citizenry who know and live our heritage with others who do not share our heritage nor our vision of America.  Also, it is a way for the Elites to bring in cheap labor to bolster the profits of multi-nationals that keep the pretext of doing business in the US but hire non-US workers!

Once you have transferred a great deal of American wealth, manufacturing base, and jobs overseas, all that is left is to bring in outside labor to force the remaining American workers into welfare and out of the workforce altogether.  This was almost accomplished at the end of the Obama regime.  To complete the destruction of our heritage and our values, mass immigration from countries that do not share Western values will split apart the social fabric of this nation or any nation (see what is happening in Europe due to open borders) and leave it devoid of purpose or cohesion!  Once this is done, who will fight to save a nation that no longer exists!

Trump has attempted to reverse the use of immigration, legal and illegal, in the 9 months he has been in office.

  • Instigated travel bans until suitable vetting can be devised to screen out potential terrorists and those who would seek to harm this country if allowed entry.
  • Drastically reduced the number of refugees allowed into this country and is setting up in-country or neighboring country facilities to temporary accommodate refugees.
  • Securing our southern border to stop illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking.  Hiring additional agents to secure the border and obtaining funding from Congress to physically build a wall.
  • Adding a significant number of immigration deportation judges to handle the backlog from the Bush and Obama regimes.  Bush and Obama felt that if they could delay deportations, these people

    would eventually just blend in!

Bush Blames US BIGOTRY on Trump!

Bush stated in his address that:  “Bigotry seems emboldened, our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.  There are some signs that support for democracy itself has waned especially for the young.”  

Bush totally ignores the racism fostered by Obama pitting Blacks against law enforcement and his constant reminder of Black victimhood rather than making any attempts.  Further, Obama used Latino immigration as a wedge against citizens to create Latino victimhood at the hands of US Citizens.  Bush totally ignored all of these intentional race baiting tactics by Obama and now lays poor race relations and “bigotry” at the feet of Trump!

Since his inauguration, Trump has sought to improve the lives of poorer Black families with jobs and improved economic opportunities.  Blacks under Trump have seen unemployment drop by a full percent and Black labor participation rates have also improved by the same amount.   As Trump is able to create more jobs in America, he is transforming “Welfare to Work” programs to lift those left behind in our inner-cities out of poverty and into the mainstream.

Trump is also working to provide school choice to those in the inner-cities who are enslaved by a poor education and a lack of opportunity to improve their lot.  Trump has also directed HUD secretary Carson to create new housing and ownership programs for those stuck in projects and substandard living conditions.  Trump has also tasked the Justice Department with intervening in inner-cities to reduce crime and violence and provide its citizens with a safe environment.

I never heard a word from Bush, either one, pushing for school choice, creating safer environments, providing more jobs and opportunity, or improving housing conditions for minorities in rural areas or inner-cities.  I guess Bush was too busy making sure globalism was working for other nations and was invading countries who were not a direct threat to the US while allowing those who were to build nuclear weapons!

Image result for George Bush and Donald Trump

The Bush speech is just another attempt by the NeoCons, the Never-Trumpers, the Elites, and the Progressive-Left to destroy Trump before he is able to restore this nation to its position of economic and military dominance and makes the world a safer and more prosperous place for all.  If America does not lead, then who does?  The European Union?  Russia or China?  A Middle-Eastern Islamic Coalition?  Time to wake up and see the battle Trump is waging on our behalf…  

GW Bush needs to reassess his actions as President and his legacy of death and global financial and military instability.  While I am sure that he did the best he could, what he left behind was a nation in debt, a collapsing economy, two wars that had been badly managed, and a nation that had lost hope in its future and a view that government no longer cared for its people.  And I voted for him twice!  Before he picks up another microphone and bad-mouths someone else, maybe a little introspection and humility is in order.

RD Pierini



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DACA-Trump May Get the Blame for Past Presidents & Congressional Failures


Even Rush Limbaugh failed to connect the DACA dots today!  The DOT is the fact that Trump is the ONLY President, including the venerated Reagan, to uphold the immigration law by killing an illegal Executive Memo and the illegal past practice by so-called conservative and liberal Presidents.

Rush and other “conservatives” posited that Trump will tick off his base if the GOP and the Left get together and pass a DACA amnesty bill, and force Trump to sign it or own the deportation of 800,000 DACA beneficiaries.  They conveniently forgot to point out that Presidents Reagan, HW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush and Obama ALL created de facto DACA programs by merely turning a blind, and unconstitutional, eye to those kids brought to the US by their illegal parents and failed to deport any of them.  Obama merely codified, albeit illegally, the past practice of these President’s failure to enforce the law!  Trump, stood up against both the practice and the resulting Obama Executive Memo by wiping out DACA and telling Congress to act, or NOT!  The Constitution TRUMPS Emotion!

IF Congress Passes Amnesty, Will Trump Be Held Accountable?

I have been a Trump supporter from the get-go.  If the RINOs and Left in Congress come up with a DACA amnesty or an all out Amnesty for all illegal immigrants, and send it to Trump, will Trump sign it?  Will the bill have enough votes to override a Presidential Veto?  Will the Bill also contain tough border security and the completion of the border wall?  The devil will be in the details.  In the end, Trump’s action to sign or not sign it will not lessen my support for him!

Trump is in a “Historical Fulcrum Position” as the President During this Critical Period in American History. 

The Republican Party has morphed into a party that is to the left of the Democrat Party of the 1960’s .  Past administrations have created global tensions and conditions that threaten the very existence of the West.  The American People are confused between having a country based on the rule of law or the rule of emotional feelings and identity politics.  Capitalism is no longer thought to be the correct foundation of the US economy by many.  Police are thought to be the enemy of minorities.  States and cities openly defy Federal Law.  And our school system is nothing short of a cesspool of corruption, political correctness, and identity political teachings.  We are destroying historical statues and monuments leaving our history up for individual interpretation.  Our industries have been deported to other nations while deporting illegal aliens is thought to be cruel.  Our economy is on the edge of tipping into the abyss of socialism.

Trump is one man, not God! 

Trump stated in May of 2017 that,

“Freedom is not a gift from government. Freedom is a gift from God”. 

It is Freedom that Trump was elected to regain and protect for us to the best of his ability.  Not one single issue or policy.  Trump may not be able to right all of the wrongs of our past, and there are many, but Trump is the START of taking our country back.  Reagan said that “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction”.  Trump is here to represent that populist, America First generation who wants to start to take back our freedom and thus our country.  Our Freedom is not his responsibility but ours!  It is up to us to help Trump fight to take back this country and not to waver every time there is a bump in the road.  Trump has 4-8 years to overcome decades of decay and lawlessness that has overtaken this land.  If he is 50% successful, that would be a tremendous accomplishment.

Conservative commentators and pundits forgive all of the sins of past so-called Presidents and legislators and are laying the blame of this world and the fate of this world at the feet of Donald J. Trump.  Don’t make the same mistake whenever Trump cannot overcome all of the obstacles in his way.  Could you do any better?  Try supporting and lifting up our President rather than joining in the mob noise against him.

RD Pierini


US Senate Should Abolish the 60 Vote Cloture/Filibuster Rules

Senate Filibuster and Cloture Vote Rules = Tyranny of the Minority!

The Senate’s use of a filibuster or the cloture vote to stop a filibuster, IS NOT IN THE US CONSTITUTION!  It is simply a Senate “rule” that was created by the Senate itself.  

Most US Citizens believe that a majority vote in the House or Senate should be the standard for passing legislation. 

They believe that


in a democracy should be the guiding principle. 


Did you know that the word “filibuster” comes from a Dutch word meaning PIRATE?

Why should a minority of Senators be able to thwart the “WILL OF THE PEOPLE”?  When the people elect a majority of Senators from one political party or ideology, the people expect that the elected majority in the Senate should prevail over the minority.  IF you believe that the minority’s rights are greater than the majority’s rights then should the passing of any legislation by the Senate be approved by 100%, 99%, 90%, 75%, 66% of the senators?  In essence, the current Senate Rule 22 requiring 60 votes to close debate puts control of the Senate in the minority, not the elected majority on regular legislation.

Historical Perspective:

The Senate rule allowing for a filibuster was first adopted by the Senate in 1806 but first used later in 1837.   In 1917, the Senate adopted a rule, (Rule 22), that provided that a filibuster could be stopped by a vote of 2/3rds of the Senate.  The 2/3rds vote requirement remained until 1975. 

During this period, the Southern Democrat Senators used the high 2/3rds vote threshold to block the Civil Rights Act of 1964, including anti-lynching legislation,  until cloture was finally invoked after a 60 day filibuster. 

In 1975, the Senate modified its cloture rule allowing for a vote of 3/5ths (60 votes) to stop a filibuster.   In 2013 the Senate changed the cloture vote to a simple majority for non SCOTUS judicial appointments. Then, in 2017, the rules were changed for even SCOTUS appointments.

Voting in the Senate should be the same as in the House of Representatives where the simple majority vote carries the issue.

Hiding Behind Senate Rules:

The other obscenity that is created with the phony 60 vote majority to end debate and pass the legislation is when the party who controls lets say 52 votes puts a bill on the floor knowing full well that the minority will block cloture and force the bill to die without a vote.  Then those in the majority strut about saying well we tried by XYZ minority blocked us. 

In more concrete terms, Obamacare repeal votes took place countless times when the Republicans knew full well that the legislation would be blocked by the Senate or Obama.  House Speaker Paul Ryan also hides behind Senate Rules when he re-crafted the Obamacare Repeal and Replace blaming Senate Rules as the reason he had to water down and stage the replacement. 

Democrat Vs Republican:

Republicans wring their hands when us regular folks tell them to do away with the 60 vote cloture rule and vote up or down on everything based solely on a simple majority.  Leadership says that when Democrats are in power they will use this power against Republican and ram legislation through.  

Obama taught us that these insane legislative rules with their false majorities are inconsequential and should be predicated on a simple majority vote.  When Obama lost the majority in the House and Senate, he merely ignored the legislative and judicial branches and ruled by fiat.   If the Republicans did pass a bill, they knew Obama would veto it! 

So, it did not matter what the Republican majority was in the Senate or the House.  Both parties use these rules to hide behind.  The use of these faux votes to prove to their constituencies that they are fighting for them is ludicrous.  We are not THAT dumb!


Do Away with Senate Rule 22 Requiring 60 Votes to Close a Debate;

Man-up; and Vote and Be Accountable!

We The People are Not Fooled!

RD Pierini