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Radical Progressive Left & MSM Pushing Suicide Scenario With Russia and Trump


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The Radical Progressive Left (RPL) and the Main Stream Media (MSM) are pushing the US towards creating suicidal animus with Russia by pushing the “Russian Collusion” scenario  between Trump and Putin.  The RPL and MSM are trying to build a firewall between Trump and Putin  communications which would lead to possible nuclear war between the World’s leading nuclear arsenals. 

The graph below shows that Russia sports approximately 7,000 nuclear warheads versus the US’s 6,800 nuclear warheads.  Of these total warheads, Russia maintains 1,910 ACTIVE (ready to launch) warheads compared to the US 1,800 ACTIVE (ready to launch) warheads.  

IF less than 5% of these warheads are detonated, 185 warheads, the world would cease to exist following a nuclear winter.  This is what the “Climate Change” morons on the RPL and the MSM are pushing Trump and Putin into!  This is beyond STUPID.

It is not out of the question that a misinterpreted action by the US or Russia could lead to a counter strike involving nuclear weaponry.  If Trump and Putin are not on speed dial, one or the other could launch a counter-strike which would be followed by retaliation by the other.  Soon, you could have 100-150 missiles flying!  This is especially true given the situation in Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Eastern Europe.  

The more the RPL and MSM push the Russian Collusion scenario, the more dangerous the world becomes.  I am sure that if Forest Gump would address this the pushing of the Russian Collusion scenario, he would tell the RPL and MSM that “Stupid is as Stupid Does”.

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RD Pierini


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Obama Considering Giving Russia/Putin Data on US Missile Defense Technology

     Obama is not only contemplating cutting our nuclear arsenal by 80%, he is also considering giving Vladimir Putin, the new Russian President and long time adversary and hater of the US, the technical details behind out Missile Defense systems.  Really?  And, of course, Obama is claiming that Bush started this insanity of handing over our most cherished secrets that protect not only the US but our allies in Europe, the Middle East, Israel, and the East.  If Bush did start this technology giveaway ball rolling, it was a dumb idea then and an even dumber idea now since Obama has proliferated the number of radical nations who hate us.  Obama is trying to reduce our nuclear arsenal down to 300 missiles.  This means that we would have fewer missiles for Russia, China, or Iran, or Venezuela, or Syria, to take out using out Missile Defense System that we gave them!  Wow, that is a winning strategy!

     Assume that Iran, who is a staunch ally of Russia and an absolute hater of Israel and the US, manufacturers a nuclear device.  Assume that Russia gives Iran our Missile Defense capabilities after we give it to the Russians;  Assume Iran launches nuclear missiles at Israel and hopefully Israel defends against the incoming attack;  how do we ever take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities since they are guarded by our own system and backed by the Russians and the nut job Putin.  Do you really think that Obama could, or even would try, to stare down Putin? 

     If you are one of our European allies, assuming we still have any, and you learn that Russia now has the keys to the very missile defense systems Europe is installing and we gave the data to the Russians, how happy are you with the US?  If you are Japan, and you stay up at nights looking to the North East for incoming missiles from North Korea, how comfortable are you to know that Russia or China gave our, thus Japan’s, missile defense systems specs? 

   If a nation’s leader has some sort of sick death wish, that is fine once he or she is out of office.  But, at least in this nation, the primary function of our President/Commander-In-Chief is the protection of our nation’s citizens from both foreign and domestic threats.  Not give away the keys to defending this nation.

    You may like the way this President speaks, but you really need to buy ear plugs and watch what this guy does.  His actions speak much louder than his words and serve to belie his spoken word.

RD Pierini

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