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Radical Progressive Left & MSM Pushing Suicide Scenario With Russia and Trump


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The Radical Progressive Left (RPL) and the Main Stream Media (MSM) are pushing the US towards creating suicidal animus with Russia by pushing the “Russian Collusion” scenario  between Trump and Putin.  The RPL and MSM are trying to build a firewall between Trump and Putin  communications which would lead to possible nuclear war between the World’s leading nuclear arsenals. 

The graph below shows that Russia sports approximately 7,000 nuclear warheads versus the US’s 6,800 nuclear warheads.  Of these total warheads, Russia maintains 1,910 ACTIVE (ready to launch) warheads compared to the US 1,800 ACTIVE (ready to launch) warheads.  

IF less than 5% of these warheads are detonated, 185 warheads, the world would cease to exist following a nuclear winter.  This is what the “Climate Change” morons on the RPL and the MSM are pushing Trump and Putin into!  This is beyond STUPID.

It is not out of the question that a misinterpreted action by the US or Russia could lead to a counter strike involving nuclear weaponry.  If Trump and Putin are not on speed dial, one or the other could launch a counter-strike which would be followed by retaliation by the other.  Soon, you could have 100-150 missiles flying!  This is especially true given the situation in Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Eastern Europe.  

The more the RPL and MSM push the Russian Collusion scenario, the more dangerous the world becomes.  I am sure that if Forest Gump would address this the pushing of the Russian Collusion scenario, he would tell the RPL and MSM that “Stupid is as Stupid Does”.

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RD Pierini


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Republicans CAVE on START Treaty

Republicans, and Obama, did not hear the people in the last election.  WE WANT TRANSPARENCY AND OPEN DEBATE ON CRITICAL ISSUES.  OUR VERY SURVIVAL IS CRITICAL TO US.  The ratification of the 2010 START Treaty was another example of our elected officials turning their backs on us and playing politics with an issue that is critical to every man, woman, and child in the US.  Instead, they engaged in horse trading and artificial deadlines and pushed through a treaty that we will all have to live with.

Is this a good treaty for the US?  Partially, it does not matter.  The process and the lack of transparency and engagement with the American People was pitiful to say the least and even Lindsay Graham condemned the process and the rush to push through this treaty.

Is this a good treaty for the US?  Some say no based on the vague references to the creation and support of our missile defense system that Russia has been complaining about for years.  While this topic is only referenced specifically in the preamble, Russia has stated publicly that they will consider it a breach of the treaty of we continue to develop our Missile Defense System.  IF MISSILE DEFENSE WAS NOT AN ISSUE WITH RUSSIA, WHY ISN’T THERE LANGUAGE IN THE TREATY SPECIFICALLY SUPPORTING UNILATERAL OR MUTUAL CREATION OF MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEMS?

The current START Treaty goes back to 2002 and has been in force for the past 8 or so years.  So why the big rush?  Why not take a couple of months and engage the voters of this country in the debate and disclose not only the text of the treaty but also the negotiation meeting minutes?  Why not hold Senate hearings on CSPAN so we can all view the details for ourselves?  This is yet another sad indictment of our elected officials and their total disregard for the electorate.

Republicans, here is a list of the Republicans that voted FOR the treaty’s ratification:

  • Murkowski
  • Isakson
  • Lugar
  • Collins
  • Brown
  • Cochran
  • Johanns
  • Gregg
  • Voinovich
  • Alexander
  • Corker
  • Bennett

Brownback and Bunning did not vote?  While many of these are the “usual” RINO suspects, it does point out how wrong the Washington Elite Republicans were when they tried to convince the conservatives in the Party and the Tea Party supporters that as long as the candidate had an “R” after their name that was all that matters.  With Murkowski, Bennett, Lugar, Collins, Snowe and Brown continuously crossing over, we have more evidence that it is not the “R” that counts but what the persons stands for.  Apparently these 13 stand for a weak America which is not what conservatives stand for.

RD Pierini