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Are Germany and the European Union Creating their own Demise?

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President Trump at the  NATO meetings reiterated two key concerns regarding the European Union, especially Germany, and their ability to survive in the near future, with or without NATO.  The President’s concerns are no trivial matters, and if not addressed, the consequences could mean a Europe that is defeated from within by Muslim extremists and from without by Russia and its allies.  The sad part is that all three potential fatal wounds are being self-inflicted by the Europeans themselves!

NATO Prime Objective:

It is imperative to understand that NATO was established to stand against the Soviet Union during the cold war and now to safeguard Europe from Russia’s goal to regain its once far-reaching geographical control over Eastern and Southeastern Europe.  Also, to foment instability in the Middle East and establish a Middle Eastern presence in order to further its control over world-wide oil.  

It should also be noted that the Russian economy is weak and relies on energy exports for 70% of the gross domestic product!  This reliance on energy revenue leaves Russia vulnerable to US energy policy unless Russia can checkmate US power via an ability to blackmail our NATO allies!

The President is pushing the NATO members to meet their 2% of GDP military budget commitment.  Why?  To show Russia that the NATO members recognize the threat of Russia as real and that they will commit resources in order to thwart Russian aggression!  The President is sitting down with President Putin of Russia this week.  It is sad that NATO member lag seriously behind their commitments.  This is especially true of Germany who boosts the strongest economy among the EU European members.  The President is having to sell the ‘commitment’ of the EU to NATO in the face of lagging financial commitments by our NATO partners and now the ceding of German and EU autonomy via increasing their dependence on Russian energy supplies!

Germany Surrenders Autonomy to Russia Via the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline!

According to the EU, its members import 69% of their total natural gas needs, 37% FROM RUSSIA.  GERMANY IMPORTS 94% OF ITS NATURAL GAS NEEDS, ALMOST 40% FROM RUSSIA!  Now, Germany is moving forward with Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will make Germany a major hub/distribution center from which to distribute RUSSIAN natural gas to EU members!  The map below shows that the pipeline will be laid to a large degree on the floor of the Baltic Sea.  To the East of the pipeline are the most vulnerable nations and targets of Russian expansionism, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus.  

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Why does Russia need the northern pipeline? 

One of its other major feeder lines to the EU goes through Ukraine who is now engaged in defending itself against a Russian takeover!  The irony is that the EU, including Germany, joined with the US in sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine and ultimately taking over Crimea via a self-proclaimed “annexation”!  Germany and the EU apparently have forgotten that Russia cut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine during a harsh winter in order to bring Ukraine to its knees!  What makes Merkel and the EU think that Putin will not use the same tactic against the EU!

The underlying, and arguably the most important Russian need for the pipeline is to hold Germany and the EU hostage if they try to stand against Russian aggression!

  • If Russia invades Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania, would Germany and the EU stand troops against Russia and risk being cut off from a major source of their energy?
  • If Russia invades Ukraine, would Germany and the EU stand troops against Russia and risk being cut off from a major source of their energy?
  • If Russia continues to supply Syria with arms including chemical weapons, would Germany and the EU join a US led opposition to Russia and risk being cut off from a major source of their energy?

In short, if the majority of our NATO partners can be held hostage by Russia and Putin, what good will NATO be to combat Russian aggression!  ZILCH!  Russia has found a way to defeat NATO without firing a shot!  President Trump knows that Russian Energy is the single most potent weapon at Putin’s disposal.

Muslim EU Open Border Immigration:

The second concern that the President addressed was the lack of border control by the EU, led by Germany, in allowing almost unfettered immigration from Muslim countries.  The President’s concern is that the velocity of the immigration negates any orderly assimilation of the new immigrants assuming they have any will to assimilate.  This EU policy has changed the demographics of its members to where 35%+ of their inhabitants are made up of Muslim immigrants.  

Political pressure is already rampant to change European law and replace it or integrate Sharia Law into the legal systems in Europe.  If there are uprisings in the European Union by its new Muslim immigrants, how will the EU defend itself from this internal threat.  How would the US be able to defend the Europeans from themselves!  The President understands this threat and continues to warn the EU that their immigration policies are not in their best interests.  

Are We Facing a Pre-WWII European Appeasement?

Yep.  Without the EU being independent of Russian energy supplies, and without the EU curbing their open borders immigration practices that is draining EU of its treasure, the EU, and this NATO has emasculated itself vis-à-vis Russia!  The President will have to use every tool in his “Art of the Deal” toolkit to convince Putin that NATO is solid enough to stand him down in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Syria.  What is more likely, the President will have to convince Putin that the US will stand him down alone if necessary.  Once again, like in WWII, our European allies lack of intestinal fortitude have dealt the US a bad hand.  Thank God Trump is at the helm and he will not capitulate to Putin.

RD Pierini





NATO Underfunding is a Signal of Weakness to Putin

Trump to NATO, put your Money where your Mouth is…”


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Russia and its leader Putin only respect strength. 

The NATO countries who are NOT investing their committed 2% to defense spending are sending a message to Putin that they do not take Putin’s threats seriously and that they are not willing to invest in their own defense to stop Putin, PERIOD!

This should give pause to the Baltic NATO members and wanna be NATO members such as the Ukraine that only 18% of the NATO members take Russian threats seriously, let alone ISIS.

The Biggest NATO Jokes:

Below is a chart showing each NATO member and their respective commitment to their own defense spending.

Core Spending Dodgers:

The US liberated France in WWII yet France only contributes 1.8% of their GDP to defense.  Germany, who we rebuilt after WWII and who we helped in their unification only spends a measly 1.2% of their GDP on defense spending.  Other countries who are dodging their commitment to NATO who we have defended or liberated in the past include Italy at 1%, Spain at .9%, Czech Republic at 1%, and many of the members of the Baltic States Council who are under threat right now from Russia, include Denmark at 1.2%, Latvia at 1%, Lithuania at 1.1%, and Norway at 1.5%.

If you are Putin looking to regain much of the Soviet Union’s empire states, why would you fear a bunch of countries that do not even meet their minimum standards of financial support that they agreed to!  Obviously Putin does not respect NATO nor its pathetic non paying members. 

Putin’s incursions into the Ukraine and Crimea are merely the beginning if NATO remains pathetically uncommitted.  ISIS has already infiltrated into the core nations of NATO via the EU’s open borders policies.  The EU is more committed to maintaining their open border policy than defending themselves and their citizens against Putin or ISIS.

The US is fortunate that Trump came along when he did or the US would appear a pathetically weak as the EU and Non Paying NATO nations… 

RD Pierini



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