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Trump Agenda Dependent on Dumping McConnell’s 60 Vote Rule

Even if the Republicans gain 9 seats in the Senate in the 2018 Mid-Terms, Trump will need the idiotic 60 vote rule in the Senate changed to a simple majority in order to complete our agenda and restore this country to economic prosperityWhat is McConnell’s excuse for hanging onto the 60 vote rule?  He says the Democrats will use this against the Republicans WHEN the Democrats take back the Senate!!!! 

Well, if you don’t pass the Trump agenda, you will ensure that the Democrats take over the Senate in 2018!  

Will 60 Republicans in the Senate Save the Trump Agenda?

Nope!  We still have to deal with McCain, Graham, Murkowski, Collins and others who are left of center “Republicans”.  They will fight Trump on immigration, the budget, the Wall, and many other issues.  If the Senate does not dump the anti-democratic 60 vote rule, the Trump agenda will be in serious jeopardy.  Even worse, Trump’s long-term effort to reduce our deficit will be a lost hope.  Too many in the Senate are big spenders and who support big government programs like Obamacare!

Why do Senators love the 60 vote Rule?

Senators hide behind the 60 vote rule as an excuse for doing nothing to pass needed legislation!  When Republican Senators know that there will be less than 60 votes for a popular piece of legislation they actually oppose, they will vote for it in order to say that they voted on a popular issue but it did not pass!  The 60 vote rule is a gutless shield for do-nothing Senators.  If Republican members of the House knows that the Senate only needed 51 votes to pass legislation, you will also see just how lily-livered some of these members are as well.

Pressure Your Senator Now

During this Mid-Term year, pressure your Senator to do away with the 60 Vote rule.  If your Senator is not up for re-election, pressure  and pin down your candidates on their stance on the 60 vote rule.  Do note take any weak answer as an answer.  Also, pressure them on their position for eliminating the blocking of Presidential appointments.  After more than a year, Trump’s ambassador to Germany, a key European ally, is still not confirmed.  Many appointment have given up and withdrawn.  They can’t wait forever for the Senate.  They have families to support too!

RD Pierini





Trump & His Supporters Are Facing “Do or Die” Fall

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Globalist Elites, Including Republicans, Democrats and International Anti-US interests, are concluding their efforts to “box in” Trump and defeat him and his (our) agenda!  This “coup” will be finalized this Fall and the fate of the US is at stake.

  1. Congress-Block Possible Trump Recess Appointments:  Limbaugh reported this morning that Congress would not actually adjourn and go into a Constitutionally defined recess when a President may appoint persons that would normally have to be confirmed by the Senate.  This is a pure and simple tactic to keep President Trump from filling key points that the Senate has failed to fill or keep him from changing his cabinet around without Senate approval.  THE REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED CONGRESS IS TREATING PRESIDENT TRUMP LIKE AN ENEMY!
  2. Unconstitutional Russian, Iranian and North Korean Sanctions:  Congress just passed new sanctions against these three nations which is not abnormal.  BUT, they added a clause that eliminated the executive branch from unilaterally changing the terms of the sanctions without Congressional approval.   This in effect ties the hands of the Secretary of State and the President in using sanctions as a lever of negotiations.  In effect, it makes the Congress, not the President, in charge of US foreign policy.  This power is vested solely in the Executive Branch.
  3. Mueller investigation Sets us Trump’s Impeachment:  Mueller’s appointment was created by insuring that the Attorney General recuse himself from any matter regarding the phony investigation of Trump/Russia collusion.  This left the deputy AG in charge of any matter regarding the phony investigation of the Trump/Russia collusion.  Then, fired FBI head Comey manipulated the appointment of Mueller to set up an investigative agency outside of Trump’s reach (politically, not Constitutionally).  Mueller’s whole charge by the Globalist Elites is to set up impeachment charges against President Trump!  Today, Mueller impaneled a grand jury!
  4. Global Elites Blocking Trump Agenda:  The Republican congressional leadership are blocking and slow walking all of the Trump agenda and certainly the approval of Trump’s appointments.  In effect, the Global Elites are showing Trump, and the Trump supporters, who is in charge!  They are literally embarrassing and ridiculing Trump in public by ignoring his calls for action on behalf of the American People.
  5. Global Elites Securing the National Security Council by McMaster Purging Trump Loyalists:  This blatant usurpation of power over and above the President is unfolding.  McMaster was recommended to Trump by RINO JOHN McCAIN in the heat of the General Flynn firing when Trump was under the gun to put this firing behind him.  McMaster is a loyal Global Elitist who disagrees with virtually every Trump foreign policy and immigration position.  Today, it was revealed that McMaster told the Lying Susan Rice that she can keep her security clearance!!!!  REALLY.  This goofy person was at the forefront of illegally surveilling Trump and his campaign staff.  McMaster as the head of the National Security Council will insure that leaks never end and that Trump is challenged by the media and the Global Elites at every turn.

Time is running out for President Trump and for those of us who support the President.  Draining the Sewer has maddened the swamp creatures and they won’t go quietly!

Let Trump know your support of him and let Congress know that you will not stand by and see Trump railroaded by the Global Elites including Paul Ryan and the McConnell RINOs.  Stand Now, or be silenced forever.  

RD Pierini



MSG to Trump: GOP Congress is Progressive, not Conservative

RINOs Ryan and McConnell Stab Trump and the Voters in the Back

President Trump hopefully learned an important lesson today that the GOP led House and Senate are controlled by Establishment Progressives from Both Parties and they do not agree with your Agenda nor the Agenda of “We the People” who voted for you.  

While everyone is yakking about the lack of character in the GOP led Senate, Paul Ryan in the House released HIS budget outline for 2018 that PROPOSED CUTS TO MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY!  This is the same Congress that could not see their way clear to have the guts to cut Medicaid which is an actual entitlement program that no recipient paid into, unlike Social Security and Medicare.  This move is not to be fiscally conservative, it is to trap and squeeze more seniors into a bad single payer system that will become the norm for the rest of this nation.  Squeeze enough, and us poor folk will beg Ryan and McConnell to save us!  THIS PROPOSED CUT TO SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE IS A DIRECT MIDDLE FINGER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP WHO PROMISED THAT CUTS TO THESE PROGRAMS WAS OFF LIMITS.  IS TRUMP READY TO SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH YET?  WE ARE!


If Trump does not turn this Congress around, Ryan and McConnell both will lose their majorities.  Not one of Trump’s supporters will vote for a Democrat but they WILL STAY HOME AND NOT VOTE.  We know that this will mean that the Democrats may win but SO WHAT!  GOP led Congress just flipped us off as well.  


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RD Pierini

Republican Healthcare Fiasco-Separate Medicaid

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Republicans seem hell-bent on allowing the Left and Obamacare to define the parameters of Healthcare reform.  The Republicans ALWAYS follow the Left’s lead and allow the libs to define the argument!  This has to change, NOW!


The Obamacare replacement should only focus on “private” insurance coverage whether purchased directly by individuals or provided by employers as a benefit to their employees. 

MEDICAID has nothing to do with private insurance and was enveloped in Obamacare to provide a transition template for the left to make Obamacare a single payer system.  This is the ultimate goal of the left!

MEDICAID should be addressed in separate legislation as is Medicare, Social Security etc.  MEDICAID is a welfare program intended to provide medical coverage for the poor even though Obamacare included those earning 4 times the poverty level aspoor”.  The chart below shows the poverty level for various household sizes.  The far right column shows the income level for those earning 4 x the poverty level:

According to this chart, a family of 4 earning $96,400 is eligible to receive benefits under MEDICAID.  This puts MEDICAID under Obamacare in an entitlement program category all its own.

Address Private Coverage Only in the Obamacare Replacement Bill

What is left?  

  1. Repeal Obamacare in its entirety leaving MEDICAID as a standalone program as it should be.  Medicare and VA healthcare was not part of Obamacare and MEDICAID should be excluded as well.
  2. Interstate Insurance:  Allow for Insurance companies to compete across state lines.
  3. Demand Driven Policies:  Allow Insurance companies to create a menu of bundled services into health insurance plans for both individuals and employers.  Self-Insured employers would be free to create their own plans.
    1. Plans could range from lower cost umbrella plans to comprehensive plans with optional add-ons.
  4. Lowest Price Medications:  Pharmaceutical companies would have to provide medications to patients at the same cost as they do to their lowest cost customers around the world.
  5. Expand Health Savings Accounts:  Health Savings Accounts should be expanded and considered part of the individual’s estate.
  6. Healthcare Premiums Deductible:  Taxpayers should be able to deduct the cost of their health insurance from their income taxes!
  7. Pre-Existing Conditions:  A federal pool would be created to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions.  
    1. It should be noted that only 1.5 million people or .4% of the population have pre-existing conditions! 
    2. The pool would be allocated to States according to population with actual dollars given out for actual coverage and any funds not used would remain in the pool. 
    3. Expenses would be tracked and reported separately.
  8. MEDICAID as a program should be dealt with separately.  Reductions in increases, block grant amounts, eligibility etc. should be kept separate from the Obamacare replacement. PERIOD.

The Obamacare replacement bill then would be pretty straight forward and get the government out of  healthcare for private individuals and businesses.  The free market would be freed to function and provide only the services that people want.

Health Cost Curve:

Cost Curve:  Health costs have been rising steadily since Medicare was created back in 1966.  Medicare created a complicated, and illogical, reimbursement methodology that has nothing to do with cost containment.  Medicaid has further complicated reimbursement systems and have served to only increase medical costs.   Medical providers should be required to publish their services and fees and the federal government should receive the lowest cost from these providers.  Rural providers could be required to charge no more than what is charged by the nearest metropolitan city.   

Government Claims Processing:  All single payer government healthcare claims (Medicare, Medicaid, VA) processing should be outsourced to companies like American Express to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse by unscrupulous providers.

Mal-Practice Insurance: Medical mal-practice should be limited to $250,000 per occurrence which will help control the providers costs that should be passed through in terms of lower fees.

FDA Reform:  If the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) certifies a drug safe for distribution, the total drug manufacture’s liability would be limited to $500,000,000.  The FDA regulations and procedures should be reviewed and streamlined to shorten the time to market for new drugs.  

Image result for dead patient cartoon

Alas this is probably too simple for power-hungry Washington DC.  Their lobbyist and personal power trips would derail the simplification of our healthcare system now that Medicare and Obamacare have moved healthcare  far to the left of center towards a total national single payer system.  


RD Pierini



Note to Congress-We The People Are Watching You-Protect Trump or Else

Trump Sign-WYSISYGOpen Letter to Republican Senators and Representatives (and “conservative” pundits)

Dear Republican Senators and Representatives:

Just a friendly reminder of who we are, and what we have done for you.  Conversely, who we are, and what we can do TO YOU.

  1.  In 2010, you said that if we gave you the House of Representatives, you would stop Obamacare via the purse strings and stop Obama from shoving his hard Progressive Left down our throats.  We Gave You the House, and you did nothing.
  2. In 2014, you said that if we gave you the House of Representatives and the Senate, you would stop Obamacare via the purse strings and stop Obama from shoving his hard Progressive Left down our throats.  We Gave You the House and the Senate and you did nothing.
  3. In 2016, you said that if we gave you the House of Representatives and the Senate, you would stop Obamacare via the purse strings and stop Obama from shoving his hard Progressive Left down our throats.  We Gave You the House, the Senate and the Presidency, and now you are trying to emasculate our President and kill OUR agenda!

This is a not so subtle warning to McCain, McConnell and the House Leadership;  you all better rally behind Trump and his agenda or you will have hell to pay in 2018.  Your little party will be over.  We have had it with your stupid games that have left us bankrupt, futureless, and our nation basically in a state of a third world nation.

We have serious problems that transcend your meaningless position of power and your selfish, self aggrandizing misuse of the position we GAVE YOU.  Trump is our only chance to take back this country once and for all.  If you succeed in bringing Trump down, you bring down the hopes and dreams of our founders and now we the people who have given you everything you asked for! 

Our Freedom and our very lives are at stake.  We do not have anything left to lose.

Grow a pair and Stand Behind We the People and our President, Donald J. Trump.


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RD Pierini


We Little People Vs Globalist Republicans and Democrats-Trump Our Last Chance


Trump Standing Up to Critics Scares the Poop Out of the Establishment and the MSM!

Gingrich, McCain, Ryan, and Other RINO Globalists Pile On Trump To Give Hillary Cover

RINOs Blame Trump For Going Off Script!


We the people are tired of being the dupes for everyone in our Federal, State and Local governments and political parties. 

We are tired of being manipulated into adhering to political correctness. 

We are tired of our nation’s greatness being exported to our nation’s enemies and competitors. 

We are tired of being told that we have to save the environment while countries taking our industries have no environmental restrictions.

We are tired of being told that being a 30 year career politician is good for us.


Trump Box

Trump goes out every day and takes on Democrats, Republican Globalists, Main Stream Media, Political Pundits of all Stripes, to defend himself and us against the continued annihilation of the United States as a Constitutional Republic based on true free enterprise/capitalism. 

I originally thought Gingrich would be a solid VP pick for Trump.  Not any more. 

Gingrich is for Gingrich and not for Trump and for taking back America. 

Every time the media and pundits attack Trump, Gingrich is all over the medial bashing Trump for going off script.  NEWT, WE DON’T WANT SCRIPTED POLITICIANS ANY MORE!

Ryan, McConnell, McCain and all of the other Globalist Republicans are no different from Newt.  They are all scared stiff that Trump will do what he says and put America First, not the global business interests of a few and the blood sucking politicians who feed off of our misery.




I could go in and on but steel is just the tip of the iceberg.  We have killed our own manufacturing of every strategic material needed to defend ourselves and have killed millions of US jobs in the process.  The left and their environmentalists are also reducing our capacity to be self-sufficient in FOOD!!!   


Time to take back America!

If Hillary wins, we may never recover.

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Trump and Brexit-Need to Get out of EU ASAP!

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Brits Need to Exit Before Global Elitist

Sabotage Their Exit and Their Future

If you had not heard, The UK (England) voted to break away from the European Union (EU) and once again become an independent nation.  They had been a member of the EU since 1973.  Prior to this vote, England was the 2nd largest country in the EU in terms of GDP.  They were the only country in the EU who had not adopted the Euro as their currency and still remained on the British Pound. 

The UK needs to file their Article 50 request to withdraw from the EU immediately! 

The powerful Globalists, Obama, British Prime Minister Cameron, German Chancellor Merkel, French President Hollande, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney,  George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, and a whole host of other elitist will do everything in their power to first stop the exit and if unsuccessful punish the people of Briton for voting to leave. 

Punishment will come in the form of economic “sanctions” on trade and currency transactions.  Obama has already threatened that the US would be working with the EU on trade and the UK would be on “the back of the bus” if they voted to leave.  The Global Elites are fearful that other EU nations will follow Britton and try to leave the EU.  It is critical for the Global Elites to continue to “infect” and overrun Europe (and the US) with immigrants to eventually weaken the West and level the world-wide economic playing field.  Of course, the Global Elites would be at the top running everything!

Why Brexit Won!

By breaking away from the EU, Briton will once again be in charge of their own destiny and not be subject to dictates by the European Union.  The winners will be British citizens!  Briton First!  Sound Familiar…? 

The British People had to Pay £27.4 Per Year for the Cost of EU Regulations!

Brits, and citizens of other EU countries, had long complained about dictates coming down from the EU headquarters in Brussels that impacted their everyday life and certainly increased their cost of government.  One such example was the fact that English (and all EU horses) horses had to obtain “PASSPORTS”!  Why?  Not because they took the fairy to the Continent or traveled to the US!  It was because other EU countries EAT HORSEMEAT (Especially France)!  The passport was required to track the immunizations that the horse received in case it showed up on Pierre’s dinner table.  Didn’t want old Pierre to ingest female hormones!  Peta anyone?

There were hundreds of other idiotic and restrictive dictates from Brussels but the open borders dictates were probably one of the most worrisome.  You have seen the chaos in mainland Europe being caused by Syrian refugees and other immigrants from Muslim countries.  The lack of vetting, health checks, immunizations, and their adherence to Sharia Law (50%) have made assimilation into the EU culture almost impossible. 

Immigrant ghettos have sprung up all over Europe and violent crime, especially rape and molestation of European women, is rampant.  For decades, Briton has had an open immigration policy from their prior colonies, the fear that radical elements from terror prone countries was high to say the least.  Keep in mind, that once an immigrant comes into the EU, they can travel to any of the 28 EU countries without a visa or any vetting or health validation.  In fact, they can also come into the US unchecked using an EU passport.  If Osama bin Laden had immigrated into Sweden, he would have been able to take the EuroRail anywhere within the EU, unchecked.

World Domination by Global Elite at Stake

Image result for Earth Domination

Make no mistake, the Global Elite are real close to meeting their objective and dominating world markets and manipulating countries into economic and social submission.  Their goal is truly a one world government with them in charge.  The Trump, Sanders and Brexit movements towards nationalism are the first real threat to the Global Elitist march toward real world domination. 

The success of Brexit and the Election of Donald Trump are all that stand in the way of a total dominance by the Global Elitist by 2020.  We won’t only lose the Supreme Court if Hillary is elected!  We will lose our sovereignty!

We The People in the United States but follow the Brits and vote against the Global Elite and vote for Donald Trump!

RD Pierini


Washington DC vs Donald Trump (We the People)

Did Ryan and McConnell Rail Against Obama & Clinton


of Muslims From Iraq?

The Obama Administration Stopped Processing Iraq Refugee Requests For 6 Months In 2011

No They Did Not!

But, They Think Trump’s Pause Is

“Not Who We Are?

When Did Protecting Americans,

Including Muslim-Americans & LGBT Americans, Become “Not Who We Are?”

Obama/Clinton shut down Muslim Immigration from Iraq following a breakdown of their vetting process that allowed two terrorists to enter the US and settle in Kentucky (WAKE UP MC CONNELL)  The State Department stated in 2011:

(1)  As a result of the Kentucky case, (allowing 2 terrorist to come in as refugees) the State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011, federal officials told ABC News – even for many who had heroically helped U.S. forces as interpreters and intelligence assets. One Iraqi who had aided American troops was assassinated before his refugee application could be processed, because of the immigration delays, two U.S. officials said.

The Obama/Clinton vetting failure was called out by one of our Generals:   

“How did a person who we detained in Iraq — linked to an IED attack, we had his fingerprints in our government system — how did he walk into America in 2009?”

So, why the outrage by Obama, Clinton, Ryan, and McConnell who are all railing against Trump when he calls for a PAUSE in the Syrian Refugee Program and Visa Immigration from known terrorists supported countries.


The only answer can be is that the OCRM team agree with each other that a European Style Open Border/Immigration policy is what the United States should be engaged in and that Radical Islamism cannot be discussed so as not to alienate our “allies”!  How is this policy working out for Europe!!! 

If Ryan and McConnell continue to call out Trump for his Defence of American First they, not Trump, will cause the Republican Party to lose the House and Senate in 2016.  They are on the wrong side of History.

Isn’t there anyone in the House or Senate will stand and tell Ryan and McConnell to sit down, shut up, and defend Trump?  We the People are no longer behind you when you are wrong.  Either get on board with America First or move out-of-the-way.

Time to Call Your Senators and Representatives…

RD Pierini



Hat Tips:

(1)  http://thefederalist.com/2015/11/18/the-obama-administration-stopped-processing-iraq-refugee-requests-for-6-months-in-2011/

Trump is the “Mechanic” for the Tea Parties Get Onboard

Insider, Elitist Republicans Failed the Tea Parties

In 2010, 2012 & 2014Tea Party Groups Need to Understand that Trump Is the ONLY Chance To Take Back the Government from Elitists & Globalists

Tea Party advocates who want to take back our nation need to carefully consider supporting Donald Trump.  The alternative, Hillary Clinton will solidify our loss of freedom and control over this nation forever or at least until the electorate think that insurrection is their only alternative…  Trump is a populist candidate that supports an overwhelming number of your core conservative values.

Republican Party Control is in the Hands of Globalists and Open Border Advocates

The Tea Parties rose out of a grass-roots movement to rail against our government’s heavy-handed tactics, increasing taxes and control over we the people, supporting illegal and legal immigration, run-a-way spending and increasing debt, and a total lack of empathy from both parties.  The reasons the Tea Party Movement became a popular, if not populist movement, are not only still prevalent today but have grown exponentially worse.

This is in spite of the fact that the Tea Party and their supporters have given back the House of Representatives and the Senate to the Republican Party.  The Republican Party would have won the presidency in 2008 and 2012 if it had run a real candidate!  The voters today, including many Tea Party advocates, feel betrayed by everyone they have elected to the House and Senate and feel the Republican Party is not much better, if it is better, than the Democrat Party in terms of the core values of We the People.

Enter Donald J. Trump

Tea Party Core Values:

When the Tea Party movement started, individual Tea Party organizations sprung up all over the country.  While some had specific local issues they supported, there were common themes and principles interwoven into each of these organizations.  They included:

  • Lower and less complex Taxes

  • Control over Federal Debt

  • Focus on Personal Freedom-Protection for our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights.

  • Smaller Government

  • Refocus on American Values and Heritage (Judeo-Christian Foundation)

  • Control over our Borders and Immigration

  • Private Healthcare (Repeal and Replace Obamacare)

  • Enforce Election Integrity (Voter ID)

  • Conservative Supreme Court

Unfortunately, the McConnell, Boehner, and Ryan leadership in the Senate and House, that presided over an increase of our national debt of $9 Trillion Dollars ($19 Trillion Total) and climbing; a failure to overturn Obamacare; a failure to control our borders; a failure to reign in legal and illegal immigration; a failure to stand for American workers and push for increases of visa immigrants to take American’s jobs; a failure to challenge Obama either with impeachment or with the purse strings;  a failure of countless, feckless House and Senate Oversight committees hearings that yielded no tangible results nor resulted in any accountable results;  have deepened the US slide into Progressive Socialism and hardened silos of groups pitted against one another. 

In short, our work to elect a House and Senate that would do the will of the people have failed.  Many of these candidates solicited the help of the Tea Parties only to sell out to the Congressional leadership for a cushy committee assignment or other phony badge of self-importance.

Trump “America First” Platform 2016

Trump has set the agenda for the 2016 Republican Primary and also for the 2016 Presidential Election!  This is the FIRST time in a long time, 1976 and 1980, a Republican candidate actually set the national agenda and that agenda mirrors most of the Tea Party platform.  Why did Trump do it?  Because, for once someone, Trump, actually listened to what you had been saying in the past and actually formulated your thoughts into a national agenda!  So, how does Trump stack up against the Tea Party’s priorities?

  • Taxes:  Trump has proposed a revamping of tax rates to lower taxes on businesses, large and small; lower taxes substantially on the middle class; and to eliminate loopholes that protect Wall Street traders.  His plan is pretty much aligned with the Tea Party desires for taxation, “Taxed Enough Already”!

  • Federal Debt:  Trump correctly sees the issues of the Federal Debt and the Economy as one and the same and adds in a need to revamp our trade policies to at least level the playing field or give the US a slight edge in our trade agreements.  By increasing the rate of growth of our economy to 3-5%, and eliminating our negative balance of trade internationally, the US can start to eliminate the federal debt.  This will, of course be abetted with lower spending as he cuts back on the EPA, the Department of Education and other agencies.

  • Personal Freedom:  1st and 2nd Amendment Rights:  Trump has published statements on his support of the 2nd amendment, as well as his positions against political correctness, the constraints against religious freedom and others, that underscore his willingness to fight for personal freedom. 

  • Smaller Government:  Trump has campaigned on cutting back the Dept. of Ed and turning control back to the States.  He also sees cuts in the EPA and the elimination of many of the regulations; the downsizing of the Dept. of Energy and turning its control back to the States;  the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and its huge bureaucracy; and a revamping of many of the functions of government that do not yield a payback to the tax payers.

  • American Values:  Trump has crushed political correctness that has stifled our traditional values such as using phrases like Merry Christmas, Happy Easter and so on.  As an employer of thousands of employees, and one who spends hours at his job sites and properties, he understands the issues every family faces every day.  He is closer to We the People than any other candidate we have had in decades.  He may be a billionaire, but he relates to everyday people.

  • Borders and Immigration:  He was the candidate that brought our borders, the impacts of illegal immigration, immigration visas, and the Syrian refugee impacts into the primaries.  He also brought in the disgrace of sanctuary cities to the national front page.  He insists on building the wall, both physical, legal and procedural, and protect our sovereignty.  Pretty telling when the past president of Mexico give Trump the Bird.  Actually, he gave the bird to all of us who are tired of supporting illegal immigrants better than our vets.

  • Veterans:  Trump brought the plight of our Vets and the horrors of the VA care into the campaign and will continue to force changes in the VA in the treatment of our best!

  • Repeal of Obamacare:  Trump has a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare with a private sector based solution.  You should take the time to read his policy statement on this plan and you can bet Dr. Ben Carson will be instrumental in the final development of the legislation.

  • Voter Integrity:  Trump is the one who educated the American Electorate on the “goofy” system the political parties have set up to ensure that the parties control who becomes the candidate for the party.  TRUMP exposed this up by challenging the “corrupt nature” of the systems and once he becomes the head of the Republican Party, he will push for systemic changes in the process at the national and State level.  It took a billionaire to do this as he was independent of the Republican Party, its elites, its donor class, and the Super-PACs. 

  • Supreme Court Nominees:  Trump will soon release his list of potential Supreme Court nominees and has pledged that he will only select from this list.  Many of you do not know his sister, Maryanne Trump Berry.  She is an appellate court judge who sat on the bench with now Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.  Their voting records were almost identical including the one Cruz blasted Trump over when their court held that a New Jersey anti-abortion law was unconstitutional.  Cruz and his surrogates maintained that Trump and his sister were not pro-life due to this decision.  The truth is that Justice Alito voted the same way Maryanne Berry did and he is certainly pro-life.  There is one thing I can guarantee you, Hillary’s nominees will be hard left and take this country down the progressive liberal rabbit hole!  Wait to judge Trump on this until you see his list.

Trump aligns better with the Tea party than all of the other 2016 candidates, including Ted Cruz.  Cruz voted to fast-track TPP which would continue to export US jobs overseas; Cruz voted to increase immigration visas to the highest level in our history.  Don’t get me wrong, Cruz is a conservative.  But, Cruz does not have the executive skills pass the legislation needed to turn this country around.  There are very few of his Congressional colleagues who will even talk to him let alone work with him.  

Don’t assume Trump’s populist positions are not conservative in their very nature.  Compare him to self-described “Conservatives” like Paul Ryan and others whose voting record, or lack thereof, belie their actual bias against true conservative values.  Trump has also proven that he knows how to use the Bully Pulpit to influence public opinion for a cause.  He will use these skills to get congress off of their proverbial butts and enact common sense legislation to get this country, not Wall Street, moving again.

Consider why the Globalist Establishment oppose Trump.  He will stop their mindless profit-motivated exporting of American Jobs overseas and cut off their cheap US Worker replacements via his immigration controls. 

The US consumes 25% of the world’s goods and services.  Over the past 40 years, more and more of the goods are being produced overseas while our factories are being closed.  At some point, you wonder who will have a job in the US to buy those foreign-made goods?

Think about it!

RD Pierini



The Case for a Trump-Gingrich Ticket

Trump and Newt

In spite of the Cruz and Kasich rhetoric in the aftermath of the New York wipeout, Trump is clearly the presumed GOP Presidential candidate for 2016. 

The #NeverTrump crowd is losing steam and bravado after the Big Apple’s humiliation for their cause. 

While Trump & Co. have to keep winning through California, and keep working the delegates to be on call and committed should they need allies in the first convention ballot, Trump could “seal the deal” by naming a near perfect Vice Presidential running mate.

Who Should Trump Select as his VP?

My nomination would be none other than Speaker Newt Gingrich!  Why Newt?

  1. The Speaker led the GOP House of Representative from 1995 through 1999 capping his 20 years of legislative experience.

  2. The Speaker is well-respected by many within the GOP as well as the Democrat party.

  3. The Speaker is arguably one of the most knowledgeable persons in US politics when it comes to the “art” of the legislative process.

  4. The Speaker was the Co-Architect of the 1994 “Contract with America” which could morph into the “2016 Make America Great Again Agenda”.  (Ok, the sound-bite needs a little work but it would set the agenda before Ryan and McConnell can try to co-op a Trump agenda!)

  5. The Speaker is a premier coalition builder who can shepherd Trump’s ideas to legislative fruition.

  6. The Speaker has been privy to years of intelligence and can provide Trump with the counsel of history as Trump traverses the mine field of foreign policy that will have to be rebuilt from scratch.

  7. The Speaker has been around the block and understands the need for a powerful President, with a supportive Vice President, to lead the nation out of the morass of the post-Obama failure.

  8. The Speaker has always been “on the edge of acceptability” and pushed the envelope when trying to change the party, the legislative process, or even our culture.  He and Trump would be on the same page in terms of approach.

There are many more advantages that I could include but the bottom line is that Newt brings a lot of positives to the Trump table.  Typically, the VP is selected based on what State the presidential candidate needs assistance to win.  Trump carried Georgia in the primary and would probably repeat in the general election.  Trump is strong enough on his own in the Mid-Atlantic region and Eastern seaboard so someone like a Kasich would be more of a detriment than an asset. 

Choosing someone like the Speaker would also pretty much assure that the GOP closes ranks around Trump sooner rather than later.  Cruz and Kasich would cease to exist the day after the announce by Trump to name Gingrich as his VP. 

At this point, it makes no sense for Trump to wait to name his VP unless Newt would not want to serve.  This move would allow Trump to back his closest advisor, Jeff Sessions, as the Majority leader in the Senate!  He could tap Christie and Giuliani for Homeland Security and the Justice Department.  The balance of his cabinet can wait but these two departments sets the tone for law enforcement, anti-terror, border security, and immigration.  Gingrich, Christie and Giuliani would be excellent surrogates throughout the balance of the primary in through the general election.

If you have a better VP candidate, let me know!

RD Pierini



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