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How Long can a Community Organizer Masquerade as President?

 State of the Union Speech?  OR  State of a Disoriented Person!

Last night was pretty pathetic for an orator touted to be able to lower the seas and cool the planet.  He could barely transition from one paragraph to another and even then what was the point of the message?  Sputnik?  He has to draw on a challenge we had in 1957?  At least Bush was only about 11 years old then so it could not have been his fault, maybe!  Obama acted like the last election never took place and his policies are not to blame for the staggering deficits and an economy that has no base line strength from which to recover. 

Probable the least coherent part were his “new” programs which are just re-runs of the last two years.  His renewed interest in spending and his continued fiscal goals are mind-boggling given the state of this economy.

  • No interest in making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent:  Republicans have to hammer this home after caving in December.  the cuts have to be made permanent for everyone and even further cuts are critical.
  • Obama would cut corporate tax rates as long as it did not increase the deficit:  WOW, how big of him.  Republicans should push to peg our corporate tax rates to 50% of the average rates for EU nations and Japan.  The deficit will only go down when Obama and Congress quits spending.  Employment and jobs will go up when companies can trust a return on their investment in the US.
  • Obama wants to Freeze Spending for 5 years!  WOW.  We are spending ourselves in to fiscal bankruptcy and he wants to FREEZE OUR DRIVE TOWARDS BANKRUPTCY!  Republicans have to cut the 2011 budget to 208 levels, then the 2012 budget to 2006 levels and continue on until we are once again solvent and are grandchildren are out of OUR DEBT.
  • Obama wants to “INVEST” (SPEND) more for infrastructure like high-speed rail.  And how has that worked out for you so far?  9.6% unemployment, skyrocketing debt, and global condemnation of our fiscal policy.  Republicans have to stop all of this spending on infrastructure and get this government under control and back on a stable track. 
  • Pundits, “Obama is leaping toward the Right”:  Really? 
    • Is he volunteering to stop Obamacare so we can develop a true market based solution to healthcare?  NO
    • Is he talking about cutting, real cuts, to government spending?  NO
    • Is he talking about rolling back idiotic regulations that push Cap and Trade:  NO
    • Is he talking about rolling back the drilling moratorium that have killed our domestic energy production?  NO
    • Is he talking about rolling back idiotic regulations on the coal mining industry that is shutting down one facility after another?  NO
    • Is he talking about rolling back idiotic regulations on Federal Water Policy that is crippling Agriculture?  NO
    • Is he talking about rolling back his PRO UNION mandates requiring all workers on federal projects pay union dues whether they are in the Union or Not?  NO
    • Is he talking about rolling back his Law Suits against States who are trying to protect their own borders because Obama won’t?  NO

This list could go on for decades!  The bottom line is that Obama’s rhetoric is moving to the center as IT DID WHEN HE WAS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. 

It will be interesting to see if voters fall for this charade once again at a time when we could ill afford 4 more years of SOCIALIZED GOVERNMENT and FISCAL SUICIDE.

RD Pierini


I Was Working Hard Then One Day I Woke up in Hell! 2008!

And the Gates of Hell were guarded by Obama, Reid and Pelosi!

Obama - Reid - Pelosi


Dorothy, we aint in Kansas any more!  I don’t know where we are but it is not the Great United States of America.  This great nation has been overthrown by a three-headed dragon that lies, disregards the Constitution, and has total disregard for every single citizen of this country in the pursuit of the ideological Progressive Agenda.  Elections do not faze them as the will of the people is something for them to manipulate if needed, stifle if necessary. 

This President has absolutely no respect for his fellow citizens and will do, say, and enact anything to insure his ideology is safeguarded and made the law of the land whether through Constitutional or extraconstitutional means.  Here is a list of his Christmas Gifts for you this season: 

  • Shoving another $1 Trillion Dollar Plus budget down our throats that is filled with 6,000 earmarks and fully funds Obamacare.
  • Killing our domestic supply of oil and gas by imposing a 7 year moratorium on drilling anywhere in the United
    States including land based and deep and shallow offshore drilling.
  • Adding to the already overwhelming deficits by extending unemployment benefits without cost offsets; giving employees a 2% reduction in their payroll (FICA) taxes without cost offsets; Granting over 300 exemptions to companies and unions from the overburdening costs of Obamacare so the rest of us can pick up the tab in the form of more deficits.
  • Empowering the EPA to create cap-and-trade via FIAT versus legislation.
  • If you buy an Obama Motors Chevy Volt, you will get a $7,500 Tax Credit;  If you buy a Toyota Prius, virtually the same gas mileage, you get NOTHING!
  • Allowing you to keep your current tax rates that President Bush gave to you.
  • Having the FCC take over the Internet so everything you say and do can be monitored and shut down.
  • FCC holding hearings on a “NEW FAIRNESS DOCTRINE” and hearing from the likes of Rev Sharpton on how to shut down Rush Limbaugh! 
  • Giving the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency the ability to shut down websites or domains without due process.
  • Having the Department of Interior continue their land grab that will shut down the timber industry in Oregon; put green zones along the southern and northern boarders where border patrol agents will not be able to cross unless they get permission slip from the Department of Interior.
  • Continuing to bail out banks and other “pet” companies who support the three-headed dragon.  What they cannot do through treasury, they have their lackey in the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, do their dirty work;  Bail out cities, counties and states by buying their bonds; bail out banks by buying their bonds at zero interest; bail out companies such as GE by buying their bonds at zero interest; print so much money that our dollar is becoming the laughing-stock of the global economy…There is much more…

Those are just what are on the short list.  It is literally impossible to keep up with the lawlessness of this government and their total disregard for the citizens of this great country. 

The Boston Tea Party took place on this day, December 16th, in 1773.  One of the compelling reasons for this revolt against the crown was “taxation without representation”.  

Has “Taxation with Representation” yielded a better result almost 240 years later?

The last election has been totally ignored pretty much by both parties. 

What do we have to do to take our country back?

RD Pierini

Obama Fails at Home, Takes his Act on the Road

All Hail "WHO"?

The eastern swing through India, Korea et al was an astounding failure.  The Indians looked at him as though he did not know that the Indians are not Moslem, maybe he doesn’t, and that he had no clue that we were supposed to be the super economic power and they were an emerging economy, (they don’t know that his goal is to reverse our positions).  The tone of the economic discussions was as if Obama wanted India to outsource jobs to the US?  India of course wanted to expand the Visa program so they could send more of their citizens to the US to work.  All in all it was pretty much a bust.  The next major visit was to Indonesia, Obama’s one time home.  There he succeeded in slamming Israel in front of a Muslim audience that went over well with them but did not but further exacerbate our relations with the only democracy in the Middle East.  From there he had a series of disastrous economic discussions in China, Japan and South Korea.  Basically he accused China of falsely deflating their currency, maybe Bernanke is moon lighting in China.  He scored no points in Japan and the G20 in Korea was basically a “beat up on the US exercise”, and rightly so.  He was trying to sell socialism to our socialist European allies who are trying to dump socialism while in Korea.  All in all it was like watching someone (Obama) thinking he was Alice in Wonderland and everyone else he met thinking he was speaking a language they could not understand.  The only saving grace was the recognition by the G20 members that the citizens of the US had just repudiated his policies as well on November 2nd, so the G20 (19) disdain for his rhetoric was echoed in Obama’s own homeland.

His NATO trip to Lisbon also did nothing to further our cause around the world.  He is going to get out of Dodge (Afghanistan) as fast as possible, regardless of the consequences.  General Petraeus is still not in favor of withdrawal without significant ground advancements and is being sidelined from the discussing his assessments with the press.  The other topic at NATO was the building of a missile defense shield over Europe to protect it from Iran.  Obama said absolutely nothing about thwarting Iran’s building of nuclear weapons but offered to put a high-tech condom over Europe just in case.  That is real leadership.  Gee Mr. President, do you think Iran may come up with another way to detonate a nuclear weapon in Europe without using a missile?  If they did not have a weapon, they could not detonate it.  What about pointing one at Saudi Arabia and saying to us, “do you want your oil to keep coming from Saudi Arabia?  If so, you must (fill in the blank)”.  Nuclear Blackmail will be just as effective with this limp wristed President as an actual attack on our allies.  Better go back and ask India if they need a shield from Iran and Pakistan.  Both are Islamic Republics who hate India.  We are rapidly finding ourselves in a much more dangerous world than we were in during the Cold War.

So, don’t look for “Caesar” (Obama) to ride back into Rome (Washington DC) as a triumphant warrior.  He returns basically with less stature than when he left and to a citizenry at home who is disgruntled, scared, and basically ticked off at him, his policies and the progressive agenda he and his lap-dogs in the 111th Congress have foisted upon all of us. 
RD Pierini

Golden State Turned Brown-May We Rest In Peace.

Where is your Wallet?

               On November 2nd, 2010, California voted for Jerry Brown who is a devout progressive and the “father” of our current budget woes in California.  On November 2nd, 2010, California voters once again proved that they did not read, or did not understand Propositions 25 and 26.  Both propositions won by about the same margin but are absolutely diametrically opposed! 

Proposition Debacle:

Prop 25 says that the Legislature only has to approve a Budget AND TAX INCREASES by a simple majority.  Before this passed, the legislature had to pass TAX INCREASES WITH A VOTE OF 66% of the legislators. 

Prop 26 says that the Legislature has to have a 66% majority to pass INCREASES IN FEES.  This was on the ballot because the legislature got around the old 66% requirement to INCREASE TAXES by CALLING NEW TAXES FEES.  Now, the legislature only needs a SIMPLE MAJORITY, 50%, TO PASS TAX INCREASESE! 

  • So, with Prop 25, the Legislature has to have a 66%  majority to raise FEES.
  • So, with Prop 26, the Legislature has to have only a 50% majority to raise TAXES.
  • I guess the legislature will no longer call anything a FEE; they will all be TAX INCREASES…

               Thomas Jefferson opined on self governance by penning:  “The object of the republican form of government and of the principles that are essential to that form, is to enable a people to govern themselves to the most practicable extent possible. Not every nation of people are capable of self-government, and many expected the experiment of the Founding Fathers to fail. But it did not fail, and the experiment proved that an educated and enlightened people are capable of self-government. The question remains, however, the extent to which government by the people themselves may be extended. ” (emphasis mine)

California may have just proven that while Jefferson’s original observation as to the success of our nation and its people’s ability to self govern, his parting question was answered in the negative.

Brown’s Delight!:

We have now handed Jerry Brown every Progressive’s Dream Come True.  He has a 50% plus majority in the legislature; he is an abject progressive; he will force through changes to Prop 13, increase income taxes on businesses at every turn, increase sales taxes, and turn the running of the state even more so to the public employee unions.  He will push through even more of the green agenda and CARB and the State Water Quality Control Board will have absolute power to control every aspect of our life and the running of our businesses.  He will also, like he did in the 70’s, stop all highway funding and push for more mass transportation even though this mode has been unsuccessful everywhere in the US where it has been tried.  He will Extend more benefits to Illegal Immigrants to the detriment of taxpayers.  The $20 billion we spend today in California today will be chump change when Jerry gets through.

The voters of California have spoken at the ballot box. 

Now it is time for taxpayers and businesses to vote with their feet!

RD Pierini

Aftermath of the Mid-Term Elections – The Country and California

As this article is unfolding, the election results are still being tabulated but there are certain facts that have taken shape at this point in the Mid-Term Election process. Let’s first take a look at the nation scene.

The House will certainly be controlled by the Republicans and the Democrats will maintain a slight control over the Senate. Of course, Obama still is the President. From a governance point of view, the Democrats will maintain control over 2/3 of the government. But, from a pragmatic point of view, the Democrats have retained the responsibility for the results of the government over the next two years. Republicans cannot control what takes place in the Senate, and certainly not the Presidency, but the Republicans can certainly make life miserable for the President. If the Republicans had gained control over the Senate, the Republicans would have been held responsible for the results of the government over the next two years even if Obama vetoed legislation they sent to him.

Now, the Republicans can pass legislation in the House that includes:

  • Repeal of Obamacare Repeal the Financial Reform Bill. Make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent. If the Senate or Obama kills the extension, they own the result.
  • Moratoriums on the choking regulations enacted by fiat by Obama. If the Senate or Obama kills the moratorium, they own the result.
  • Kill Cap and Trade if it is sent to the House by the Senate. If Obama tries to enact much of the bill via EPA regulations, send a bill to the Senate and Obama to kill the regulations. If the Senate or Obama kills the bill, they own the result.
  • Kill the government takeover of private 401K funds. . If the Obama tries to use an Executive Order to force the takeover, then send a bill to the Senate to override the EO. . If the Senate or Obama kills the bill, they own the result.
  • Send up Boarder Security Legislation to the Senate that will be defeated. If the Senate or Obama kills the bill, they own the result.
  • Stop Amnesty if the bill is sent to the House from the Senate. If the Obama tries to use an Executive Order to force amnesty, then send a bill to the Senate to override the EO. If the Senate or Obama kills the bill, they own the result.
  • Send a Balanced Budget Law to the Senate and to Obama. If the Senate or Obama kills the bill, they own the result.
  • And so on…

When Obama has to run in 2012, he will be running against his own failed record and an economy that will still be staggering and beginning to fight against inflation caused by a failed Fed policy and will not have anyone else to blame. He burned over 60 House members and killed their re-election in 2010 and now he will have to face the music. The Democrats have the majority of their seats up in 2012 in predominantly Red states. They stand to lose big time in 2012.

For California the outlook is pretty bleak. Brown apparently will be our governor and he will perpetuate the downturn of the State of California he set in motion starting in 1974. The State’s public employee unions will continue to suck the life blood out of California to the detriment to those few remaining taxpayers but more interestingly to their own membership. The unions are forcing compensation and retirement packages on the State and local governments that are no longer sustainable. Their members will eventually discover that what they were promised by the Unions does not exist any longer.

Obama may bail out California again but he will face funding challenges by the Republican controlled House. If you are a California taxpayer, you better pack your bags. If you do business in California, you better pack your bags. The current level of spending is not sustainable and the unfunded liabilities of the State continue to mushroom. For California farmers and for those of you who enjoy the bounty of the harvest from California agriculture, you lost tonight as well. Boxer has never supported a sane water policy for California and has actually sided with the environmentalist to curtail more and more water deliveries to the rich farmlands of California.

The bottom line is that this nation and this State (California) are in for two to four very tough years ahead. At best we will have gridlock in Washington DC. That means that the deficit will continue to grow and the prospect for business may have improved somewhat it won’t be good enough to drastically reduce unemployment in the next two years. Obama is an ideologue and may give speeches about moving to the center but don’t forget his campaign speeches in 2008. Are you going to fall for those same words again? I hope not…

RD Pierini

Republican Strategic Mistakes Continue

Message to the Republican Party:  Your actions to date have not been impressive. 

Christine O’Donnell is Key to Killing Lame Duck Legislation:

Joe Biden’s old seat will be inhabited by the O’Donnell/Coons winner immediately!  The winner will start voting in the Senate as soon as Congress returns after the election in the Lame Duck Session.  O’Donnell could help block the liberal attempt to pass Cap and Trade, Card Check, Increase to the Debt Ceiling and much more.  The Republican Party will be solely to blame if Christine loses.  They just could not swallow their pride and send in the resources needed to win.  Obama at least understood the importance of this race and went to Delaware several times in the past few weeks.  Republican Party, you better wake up and smell the Tea Party Movement.  You will be next!

Lisa Murkowski is a failure of the Republican Party:

The RNC should have made it crystal clear to Lisa that she should stay out of this race and not oppose Joe Miller.  They should have told her that they would support her in future races against Begich in 2014.  If Lisa was a true conservative, she would have accepted her failure and learned from it rather than act like a spoiled brat.  I can’t imagine that she will represent Alaska well if Alaska was looking for a conservative vote.  The RNC should develop a more rigid code of ethics for candidates regarding accepting the outcome of primary races.

Charlie Crist, “Sleaze of the Year”:

This is the type of Republican that we MUST not allow into the party.  Crist is the epitome of a self-serving politician who does not care who gets hurt, including his constituents, as long as he gets his way.  Maybe he and Lisa M. can get together and form the “Sour Grapes Coalition Party”.  Charlie is an example of how the local and national Republican Committees have to be more careful in the selection and backing of candidates.  I seriously doubt that Charlie became a sleaze overnight.  Apologies to Mr. Meek as we conservatives do not believe that we should strong-arm candidates to get out of races.  Once the race begins, the candidates selected should finish the race without outside interference or legal action to replace a “damaged” candidate as was the case with Lautenberg in New Jersey.  It looks like Rubio will win regardless but Crist and the Republican Party owe Marco Rubio an apology as well.

Assuming we get back the House and the Senate, we expect the following to be accomplished within a very SHORT time.

  • Up or Down vote to repeal Obamacare (Let’s get everyone on the record)
  • Up or Down vote to Maintain the Bush Tax cuts intact. (This should pass and Obama can place his class warfare card again)
  • Up or Down Vote to repeal the Financial Reform Bill (This is a disaster and is the same old Dodd/Frank crap that caused the sub prime mortgage problem in the first place)
  • Up or Down vote to reject Cap and Trade (If CT is rejected, then move to block any EPA independent enforcement of new regs involving carbon dioxide emissions)
  • Up or Down vote to reject Card Check (I wish we could vote to keep Andy Stern out of the WH but that is asking too much)
  • Immediate moratorium on all new Federal Regulations enacted since 2006.  (you did not do a very good job for a few years yourself)
  • Repeal of the tax deduction limits for mortgage interest deductions.  (And any other taxes or regulations that keep homeowners and investors from buying property)

That should take care of the first week.  We will send you a note on what you need to look at for week 2!

RD Pierini

Time To Distance the Federal Reserve and Treasury Dept from Wall Street

Economics is boring but these guys will determine whether you can feed yourself tomorrow or if you have a roof over your family’s head!

 An Apolitical Look at Corruption (with a sprinkling of Fiscal Incompetence)

The current Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner,  and the Federal Reserve Chainman, Ben Bernanke, are both products of the Federal Reserve “system” with Tim serving as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Ben serving as on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.  Bernanke was basically an academic until 2002 when he was appointed to the Fed Board.  In short, no practical business experience.  Geithner, other than a stint with Henry Kissinger, is basically a career public sector animal.  In short, no practical business experience.  So, the two top dogs in the entire known world, are calling all of the shots for a “free market, capitalist” system, and neither of them has any business experience.  May the good Lord guide and keep us!

Ok, so they don;t have any business experience.  They are not any worse than old Hank Paulsen, who was the Chairman/CEO of Goldman Sachs before being Treasury Secretary for Bush II.  Ever wonder why old Hank (Paulsen) told old GW that GW need to bail out Wall Street (Goldman Sachs) with TARP and ended up giving Goldman a lion’s share of the spoils of the other firms failures!  Gee, I wonder if his buddies at Goldman Sachs had anything to do with it?  Timmy Geithner is in the middle of the Wall Street crown even though he never worked there.  As the President of the Fed NY, he reported to its board of directors.  Timmy’s bosses included:  JP Morgan Chase Chief Jamie Dimon; Stephen Friedman, a former Goldman Sachs chairman; and Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers.  Geithner reported to the same group who ended up receiving bailouts and other preferential treatment from the Treasury.  At least everyone knew what Al Capone was!

So far we have been discussing Ben Bernanke, appointed by Bush II and Re-upped by Obama; Tim Geithner who rose up the ranks of the Fed during Bush II’s reign and others; Hank Paulsen, appointed by Bush II.  The first question in my mind is what the hell happened to Bush II and why would he have picked these three?

Bush had appointed as his Secretary of Treasury John Snow, Chairman/CEO of CSX (transportation company) and Paul O’Neil, Chairman/CEO of Alcoa.  Both tried and true business executives who understood business/capitalism.  Somewhere along the line GW got sucked in by Wall Street and appointed Hank Paulsen, Chairman/CEO of Goldman Sachs, then Ben Bernanke as the Fed Chairman.  What happened to the private sector?  Then, what happened to the COUNTRY!  (note:  I don’t bother to mention Alan Greenspan.  he lost it a long time ago and loved the Bush Tax cuts before he hated them!  Sounds like a Senator I know)

How about a couple of quotes from some of these wizards of economic wonders:

  • Bernanke Regarding the Printing of Money:  “The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at no cost.”
    • As long as Bernanke thinks we are in a deflation cycle, he can print as much money as HE THINKS necessary with impunity.  Your dollars are automatically worth less when he does.
  • Bernanke On Tax Policy: When questioned about taxation policy, said that “..it was none of his business, his exclusive remit being monetary policy, and said that fiscal policy and wider society related issues were what politicians were for and got elected for.” 
    • If he were a business person, he would realize that he is managing half of the economy and the administration the other.  He should care and coordinate tax and fed policy closely and IT HIS BUSINESS.  It is our MONEY. 
  • Bernanke on Distributing “Printed” Wealth:   The U.S. government is not going to print money and distribute it willy-nilly …”although there are policies that approximate this behaviour.”
    • Oh Really!  ‘Howabout’ TARP, the Stimulus I, II, and III, Bailout of Banks, Wall Street, AIG, GM etc. etc. etc.
  • Bernanke on Generating Inflation Even at Zero Interest Rates: “a central bank should always be able to generate inflation, even when the short-term nominal interest rate is zero …[this] more direct method, which I personally prefer, would be for the Fed to announce ceilings for yields on all longer-maturity Treasury Debt.”
    • So now we can not only give money to banks at zero interest so they can charge us 24% on a credit card, but you can manipulate the yield on T-Bills to perpetuate the fraud?
  • Bernanke on Manipulated the Equity Markets:  “Although the Federal Reserve can’t legally buy these securities (thereby determining the yields); it can, however, simulate the necessary authority by lending dollars to banks at a fixed term of 0 per cent, taking back from the banks corporate bonds as collateral”.
    • Stealing is Stealing.  He is GIVING our money to BANKS so the FED can control the Banks they gave the money to, but it is illegal for the FED to give Money to Banks!  REALLY,  I think these guys go to “WORD SMITH” school so they can say something elegantly enough that we enjoy getting screwed!  If I lent you $100 at zero interest the IRS would make us “impute” the interest and pay taxes on it.  What a crock!
  • Bernanke on Manipulating Global Currency:  “The Fed has the authority to buy foreign government debt … [t]his class of assets offers huge scope for Fed operations because the quantity of foreign assets eligible for purchase by the Fed is several times the stock of U.S. government debt”.
    • Scary enough he has carte blanche to screw up our monetary policy but he has the authority to crank up the printing presses and buy EUROS, Gold or whatever he wants to tweak!

The REAL SCARY Part is that Bernanke is Not Accountable to a single Elected official nor does the FED have to Report anything to you the Taxpayer. 

Talk about Tyranny…

  • Geithner’s Most Memorable:  “Financial crises require governments.”  (that’s it?)
    • No dummy, Government CREATE Crises!  PERIOD.  Then you (government) ride in on your white horses to solve the problem YOU CREATED!!!
  • Geithner’s Course Correction to his first Quote: “The government can help, but we need to make this transition now to a recovery led by private investment, private.”
    • So we are looking for a Government Private solution.  You just got Obama’s transparency thing backward.  You meant to say a PRIVATE GOVERNMENT thing that no one finds out about.  Like the Deals with AIG, Bank of American, etc…
  •  Geithner’s Follow-up to his Most Memorable:  “Monetary policy itself cannot sensibly be directed at reducing imbalances.”  (Bet he is fun at cocktail parties)
    • So…  You leave a lot of great quotes just dangling in the wind.
  • Geithner’s Attempt at Aristotle:  “The choice is between which mistake is easier to correct: underdoing it or overdoing it.”
    • I was looking to see where I could find the Obama Doctrine of Good Governance!
  • Geithner’s Psychic Abilities:  “The substantial uncertainty about the path of asset price movements going forward necessarily reduces the case for altering policy in advance of the move”
    • Great.  Now Follow what you just said.  You cannot predict the outcome of any action you might take so go sit in your closet and quit screwing around with our economy.  Take Ben with you.
  • Geithner on Not Defining a Definition:  “This crisis is not simply a more severe version of the usual business cycle recession, the typical downturn in which economies ultimately adjust and stabilize”
    • Ok Timmy, then what is it?  It is kind of hard to solve the problem if you can’t define it!  Take a course in Business 1A or go to an AA meeting and see what the first step is!
  • Geithner on Fannie and Freddie:  “We will not support returning Fannie and Freddie to the role they played before conservatorship, where they fought to take market share from private competitors while enjoying the privilege of government support.”
    • What role have you given them now?  Looks like the old bailout bucket is coming out again.
    • They did not take market share, they socialized home ownership.  Borrow a copy of Mein Kampf from your boss!  (somebody forget to tell you that Freddie and Fannie are still giving campaign contributions to your boss and his party?   


After watching AT LEAST FOUR economically incompetent administrations (Back to Bush I) systematically take this country’s private sector apart piece by piece, REMEMBER THAT ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.  We need to support people with real world experience.  You may scoff at Tea Parties but they understand two key principles that made this country great:

  • Lower Taxes Drive Economic Growth

  • Smaller Government is a Better Government.  Government Regulation is for the Benefit of the Politicians and not the people.


We the People will make a difference on November 2nd, Make sure it is the RIGHT difference…

RD Pierini




Obama’s Economic Policies Are More Insane than FDR’s

The "1st" Stimulus

After FDR confiscated all of the gold held by US citizens in 19331, via Executive Orders, 6073 and 6102, he would meet every morning while he was having breakfast and set the market value of gold.  On one such meeting Roosevelt exhibited the epitome of arrogance of power and the capriciousness of the government:

“One Friday in November 1933, for example, Roosevelt told Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau that he thought the gold price ought to be raised 21 cents. Why that amount, Morgenthau asked. “Because it’s three times seven,” FDR replied”2.   His Secretary of the Treasury later wrote: “if anybody knew how we set the gold price, through a combination of lucky numbers, etc., I think they would be frightened.” 2

Scared yet? 

How many such meetings have taken place between Obama and Geithner? Some topics probably included: 

  • Which banks to bail out and which ones to let fail; 
  • How much should we force all of the top US banks to take in terms of a bailout whether they wanted it or not;
  • How to shaft the stock and bond holders of GM and Chrysler so they could “give” the companies to the Unions; 
  • How to further devalue the value of the dollar so they can force us to accept a Global Currency;   
  • -Who should receive TARP and Stimulus gifts to maximize their political and progressive agenda;
  • The FED has been investing in Gold.  When will Obama make private gold ownership illegal like FDR did 

Have you wondered yet why Obama’s progressive economic policies have not resulting in a robust, low unemployment recovery?  Because he is using the same flawed and failed tactics that Roosevelt did during the Depression.  Roosevelt had his own list of “too big to fail” and they were given preferential treatment and in fact put in charge of the small businesses in their business sector.  Roosevelt devalued the dollar over and over again while inflating the money supply.  Creating infrastructure projects rather than turning the private sector loose to generate growth.  Demonized specific businesses and business leaders and even having his executive departments investigate the businesses and individuals. Big businesses would not invest due to the unclear future and action of the government and small business could not survive under the crushing business environment and lack of capital and customers.

 In short, Government could not get us out of a Depression and it cannot get us out of a Recession.  Government needs to slash business taxes, investment/capital gains taxes, eliminate burdensome regulations, can stop manipulating interest rates, the money supply and the value of the dollar.  Let businesses and individual Americans keep their property and use it to create wealth and prosperity.

Obama’s efforts are worse than FDR’s since FDR did not have history to look back to.  Obama does, he just needs to look at the massive mess FDR made in CREATING and PROLONGING the Depression.  But, he already has and FDR’s history fits nicely with Obama’s progressive, big government agenda.

November 2nd is a little over a week away.  Don’t forget to Vote, it matters…

RD Pierini

1Except Rare Gold Coins; Due to eminent domain problems that would have forced the government to set a fair market value of these coins, these coins were exempted from the executive order.


3If you do not subscribe (free) to Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College, we strongly recommend you do so.  Go to: https://www.hillsdale.edu/news/imprimis/subs_new.asp

Left Wing Needs a History Lesson on 1773 and the Constitution

Palin and O’Donnell Display their Correct Knowledge of

US History and the Constitution

               What an absolute riot (no pun intended since December 16, 1773 was the date of the actual Boston Tea Party)!  The left snickers at Sarah Palin for telling the Tea Party groups not to celebrate to soon by saying “not to party like it is 1773 yet”.  This is an obvious reference to the date of the actual Boston Tea party where the citizens of the then colonies stood up to the British and dumped shipments of Tea in Boston Harbor in protest of the increasing taxes on tea with the Tea Tax and other commodity taxes by George III.  The colonists were jubilant with their act of defiance and celebrated the occasion.  Samuel Adams who tried to calm the crowds down before the event, defended the tea dumping by saying; “That the Tea Party was not the act of a lawless mob, but was instead a principled protest and the only remaining option the people had to defend their constitutional right.”  Adam’s use of the term “constitutional right” referred to rights derived from people rather than a formal document since 1773 predated the 1787 adoption of the US Constitution (that is for the education of the left).  Today’s Tea Party movement mirrors Adam’s description of the original Tea Party. 

                The second left wing error was their mocking of Christine O’Donnell for questioning her opponent Coons on what the source was for the the “Separation of Church and State” he was quoting in regards to the teaching of creationism in public schools.  Coons incorrectly stated that it was in the Constitution and more specifically in the First Amendment.  The audience, that was made up of law students, snickered at O’Donnell which begs the question what are these kids being taught at Widener University Law School!  The first amendment reads:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” 

Where is “Separation of Church and State”?  There is a prohibition of the State from establishing a religion.  The left has worked to apply this in reverse so that any public showing or discussion or demonstration of religion, specifically Judeo-Christian based, by individuals on public or quasi public lands or places is unconstitutional.  The left also places “creationism” in the realm of a religious belief versus a possible scientific fact.  They believe that the only possibility for our creation is evolution and evolution has no religious basis and is pure science even though this theory cannot be scientifically proved.  Same group that believes that Global Warming is caused by humans generating CO2 even though climates get colder during times of increases in CO2 in the atmosphere!  There is literally no way to prove that creationism is more or less valid than evolution.  By tying creationism to religion, the left insists that creationism cannot be included in public school curriculum.  The teaching of creationism is prohibited by the First Amendment that prohibits the establishment of a religion.  Neither creationism nor evolution is a religion.  Even if you say that one or the other concept is widely held by one religious group or another, the concept itself is not a religion.  If you want to separate Church and State, the State should get out of these arguments and let both concepts be taught. 

Both concepts rely on FAITH, one in a Supreme Being and one in Charles Darwin.  Our currency and other national and state icons use the phrase, “In God We Trust”.  That phrase also assumes a reliance on Faith and certainly a reliance on a Supreme Being.  The first sentence of the Declaration of Independence states and recognizes the Laws of Nature and God, God was capitalized:

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

In the second sentence, the declaration states the source of all human rights as:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

O’Donnell was correct in raising the question as to the origin of the “Separation of Church and State” in the context of whether Creationism and Evolution should be taught side by side in public school.  Neither concepts are religions; neither concepts can be scientifically proven or disproven; and there is no concept of “Separation of Church and State” in the first amendment.  There is an admonition to the State that it connect establish a state religion LIKE THE ONES THE COLONISTS FLED FROM IN EUROPE.

Before the Left laughs at Sarah and Christine, they should check out a US History book and the US Constitution.  Coons should do the same as he could not remember the enumerated Rights in the First Amendment. 

RD Pierini

Obama Robs Senior Citizens out of $10,000 Each over 5 years!!!


What Would the Press Have Done to Bush?

 In 2009 the Government did not give the Senior Citizens on Social Security their Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) due to a ridiculous formula pass by Congress.  PLUS, the government finally figured out a way to permanently cap the payments to Seniors, don’t allow COLA increases.  In lieu of this loss, Obama “gave” the seniors a $250.00 stipend to hold them over.  Guess What?  It is happening again and again Obama and the Dems are going to give the Seniors their $250.00 stipend out of the goodness of their heart.  Government employees, congress, their staffs, the white house staffs, received their COLA increases.  Obama bailed out every public sector union in the country so they did not lose any of their increases or benefits.  But, Let’s Stick It to the Seniors!

               How does the amount the seniors are getting robbed equal almost $10,000 over 5 years?  Do the math.  Say the average Social Security payment is $2,100.00/month or $25,200/year.  Also assume that Obama is going to “give” the seniors another $250.00 in 2010.  Remember, the loss of an increase in year one and two compounds negatively over the 5 years assuming their are COLA increases in the future.

 Of course Obama and the Congress last year and this year say that that is the way the COLA formula was set up!  SO!  Who created the COLA formula in the first place, the EASTER BUNNY? 

 The government single handedly ruined the real estate market, the stock market, the credit industry and every other institution that individuals need to build any kind of future.  For seniors, most lost at least half of the value of any 401K they may have had.  If they rely on Bank CDs, those are almost yielding negative returns.  In short, while Seniors are being driven into poverty by years of government ineptitude, that same government now is abandoning them again. 

Congress and Obama are smarter than I thought.  They now have a way to put a lid on Social Security and save almost $500B over 5 years.  All they have to do is give seniors $12.5B ($250/each) and they can cut $500B.   Obamacare will slash another $500B+ out of Medicare; Medicare Advantage is gone and Seniors are scrambling to get additional coverage at additional cost that they are paying for.  Everyone happy?   Not Quite. 

We may be old but we are not DUMB! 

I hope the Younger Generations are Smart Enough to See what they have to look forward to.

Remember on November 2nd.

RD Pierini

*Assummptions:  50M Collecting Social Security; COLA average 4% per year; No COLA in Yrs 2009 and 2010; 2008 Social Security Monthly Benefit = $2,100