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Who Knew? Queen Elizabeth II and President Donald J Trump

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Whether the Left and the Main Stream Media care to admit it or not, it is apparent that Queen Elizabeth and President Trump have more than a ceremonial relationship. 

The Queen grew up during one of the most tumultuous times in the United Kingdom, and arguably the world, history.  Even before her coronation in 1953, as the heir presumptive to succeed her father King George VI, she was often by her father’s side observing his formal duties and even interacting with member of the British Government. 

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Elizabeth Emerges:  At the young age of 14 in 1940, during the dark days of WWII, she made her first radio broadcast on the BBC “Children’s Hour”, when she told her youthful contemporaries in Britain, “We are trying to do all we can to help our gallant sailors, soldiers and airmen, and we are trying, too, to bear our share of the danger and sadness of war. We know, every one of us, that in the end all will be well.”  While only 18, Elizabeth was allowed to be a “Counsellors of State” in the event her father, the King, was incapacitated or traveling abroad.   Following the death of her beloved father, her majesty deepened her relationship with Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.  At the ripe old age of 26, the Queen had matured in a “man’s world” of the 40’s and 50’s surrounded by strong male role models.  She was, and remains, anything but a “shrinking violet”.

The Queen & the PM:   The queen’s late father had asked the Prime Minister to help continue the young queen’s “on-the-job training”!  Their relationship become close and Sir Winston never reneged on his promise to the late king even throughout Sir Winston’s declining health.  Sir Winston was the first of 13, (soon to be 14) Prime Ministers to serve under the Constitutional Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.  To demonstrate the closeness and the respect she felt for Sir Winston, she broke royal protocol at his funeral and arrived prior to Churchill’s family and even his casket, and then left before the family.  The protocol was and is always to have the queen or king arrive last and leave first.

But I digress!  Why would the Queen and our President it off?  What would set our President apart from the other 13 US Presidents she has served with as Head of State?  What would they possibly have in common?  How can a man from Queens relate to “The Queen”, and visa versa!  After all, Queen Elizabeth II was 20 years old when our President was born!  Queen Elizabeth lived through WWII, Donald Trump was born a year after WWII ended.

The Trump Royal Connection:  President Trump was raised in a strong matriarchal household headed by his Scottish mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump.

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Mrs. Trump loved anything to do with the British royal family and would make Donald sit and listen to BBC broadcasts of King George VI and other British royal family members.  The President then grew up with an affinity for the traditions and familial life of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II.

Blue Collar Queen:  Before Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, she joined the Axillary Territorial Service, (Women’s branch of the British Army).

See the source imageShe trained as a driver and a mechanic and was the first of the royals to take on a “blue collar” role!  She had a keen appreciation for the workers around the empire and their contribution to the Crown.

Queens Trump:  The young Donald Trump loved to follow his father around to job sites and on rent collection runs.  He leaned the value of the dollar and the absolute need to illuminate waste and the value of and respect for labor.  Getting your hands dirty was badge of honor and those who worked with their hands should be respected.  

Shared Values:  President Trump and Queen Elizabeth II both share a common respect for the “common man” and the value of honest hard work.  They both have an appreciation for the value of the fruits of labor.  They also both share an abhorrence, yet an appreciation for, the honor of war!  Evil has be fought and defeated while the use of warfare has to be applied judicially and only when all else fails.  The Queen saw firsthand the German’s assault on London.  The President experienced this horror in history books.

While the Queen grew up surrounded by the trappings of royalty, the President grew up listening to the exploits and speeches of the Royals and later watched his new acquaintance the Queen, travel the world and usher in the inevitable changes to the British Empire and the remaking of the British Commonwealth. 

The President watched as the Queen received US Presidents and their First Ladies on many occasions.  He was amazed at the pomp and circumstances surrounding these state visits and the ease at which the Queen carried them off.  What he probably did not surmise looking in from the outside, is that the Queen was often relegated to entertaining the First Ladies while the President would mingle with the Prime Minister and the other government officials.  Too often, our Presidents assumed that the Queen and the Monarchy were merely window dressing.  They forgot that she has decades of experience helping over a dozen Prime Ministers to steer the Commonwealth.  She is probably more comfortable around male leaders than female counterparts.  President Trump saw, and still does,  the Queen as not only a member of British Royalty, but as the head of State for the United Kingdom!  

The Queen was even slighted by Jackie Kennedy following a State Visit by the First Lady and President Kennedy. 

See the source imageThe First Lady spoke in a derogatory manner regarding the Queen and her personal manner after the Queen had taken Mrs. Kennedy in and consoled her over the Kennedy’s marital and “pharmaceutical” issues.  While the Queen did not make a public spectacle of the affront, she did make sure that the First Lady knew of the insults.

So, it is no surprise that on the President’s State Visit in 2018 and the recent 2019 visit, that the Queen and the President spent considerable time literally one on one, even when they were entertaining hundreds of guests.  Even in 2018, the Queen, in her 90’s, walked with President Trump while they inspected the troops.  Try it while in heels and carrying the Queen’s ever present purse! 

See the source image The President has a deep seated respect for the Queen as a person, as the head of British Royalty, and as the Head of State for the United Kingdom.  The Queen respects strength that is tempered with respect for others and those are what she appreciates in the President.

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“The Crown”:  Just as an aside, I strongly encourage everyone to watch, “The Crown”, on Netflix.  You can catch up on seasons 1 and 2 and be ready for season 3 starting in November.  It has been verified as being historically factual based on Royal documents, letters, and reports.  Some of which are not exactly complimentary to the royal family but will make you appreciate just how human this family really is.


Trailer: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4786824/videoplayer/vi3969627673?ref_=vp_pl_11

Season 2 Trailer: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4786824/videoplayer/vi2706225433?ref_=vp_pl_0

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