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IF Ryan Doesn’t Step Down, Republicans Will Lose the 2018 Mid-Terms!

Face of Failure & Anti-Trump Agenda

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So Ryan announces to the world that he will NOT seek re-election and thus step down as Speaker of the House of Representatives, IN JANUARY OF 2019!

The Pro-Trump forces were ecstatic about the first part but want Ryan to step down as Speaker, NOW!  Ryan has proven that he is not a strong supporter of President Trump nor his AMERICA-FIRST agenda!  Ryan is an entrenched “Boehnerite“, elitist, insider, globalist political hack.

Assuming Ryan hangs on until January of 2019, he will have presided over spending that added $5.7 Trillion to our national debt and set the record for the most debt added by any Speaker in History.  John Boehner, Ryan’s predecessor as Speaker, drove up the national debt during his tenure from 2011 to 2015 some $4.2 Trillion.  Both gave in to President Obama time after time and outspent almost all of their predecessors combined!  Then, when Ryan has a budget conscience President Trump in the White House, Ryan shoved a $1.3 Trillion “Omnibus” spending bill  down his throat and added another $1 Trillion to our deficit!  And these clowns describe themselves as DEFICIT HAWKS!  What an insult to hawks and to our President!

Ryan Stays, Republican Lose in the 2018 Mid-Terms

Trump Supporters will not embrace a Paul Ryan’s slate of RINO candidates for the House this fall.  (McConnell will energize the base even less).  Trump Supporters are tired of the RINO’s in Congress not fully embracing Trump and they know full well that Trump has been fighting an uphill battle getting much of his agenda passed!  This includes Repeal and Replace of Obamacare, BUILDING THE SOUTHERN WALL, getting rid of sanctuary States/Cities, getting rid of chain migration, getting rid of the Visa Lottery, strengthening border security and increasing border enforcement personnel, and much more.  Yes, some of this lies at the feet of the Senate but Trump Supporters know that RINOs in the House will pass bills that they know will die in the Senate, like Obamacare repeal, and are tired of this game.

If Ryan stays and keeps pushing the House Republicans to embrace a luke-warm version of America First and a less than full-throated endorsement of President Trump and stand against the barrage of attacks on Trump by the left, the media and Robert Mueller, the Republicans will lose the House.  This will ensure that a Democrat controlled House will certainly impeach this President!  If we lose the Senate as well, Trump may face a conviction of the impeachment charges and possible removal from office.  NICE LEGACY FOR RYAN AND ONE THAT HE WOULD EMBRACE!  

Ryan Needs to Stand Down and the House Needs to Pick a Pro-Trump “America First” Speaker, NOW

The only chance Republicans have to keep their majority in the House and add to their majority in the Senate is for,

  • (1) Ryan to step down,
  • (2) the House immediately select a totally Pro-Trump Speaker, and
  • (3) for all of the Republican Candidates to whole-heartedly support President Trump’s agenda. 

This is the only chance for Republicans to maintain and/or grow their majorities in the House and Senate. 

The House and Senate Republican Leadership and their rank and file must close ranks around Trump now and go forward with a consistent theme of:

  • An improved economy for all races and genders, a rebirth of America by providing all of its citizens with the opportunity to succeed,
  • Securing our southern border and reforming our flawed immigration policies,
  • Making the world safer by dealing effectively with North Korea, Iran, Russia and China,
  • Removing regulatory barriers to business growth, and by truly making America Great Again! 
  • All they need to do is ask the voters, “ARE YOU BETTER OFF TODAY THAN YOU WERE BEFORE NOVEMBER 8TH, 2016”.  

Ryan and McConnell are the real albatross around the “neck” of our holding the House and the Senate and avoiding Democrat Impeachment of President Trump.  The Democrats have NO agenda of their own except “Trump is Bad”.  The irony is that Ryan and McConnell can actually help their party win in the 2018 mid-terms but their disdain for Trump and his America-First agenda will keep them from creating a winning narrative and a successful re-election strategy! 

Trump will do his part by trying to win in spite of the RINO Elitist sandbagging but he will need our help.  Bombard Ryan and the Republican leadership with a “DROP RYAN NOW” message on social media and by calling your congressman or woman.  Trump has much more to accomplish for YOU and he needs your support now.

We need to have a real Trump supporter as Speaker such as Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan or Steve Scalise.  Kevin McCarthy has been too squishy in his “support” of President Trump.  Plus, he has been a part of the RINO leadership since 2011.  He earned his “bones” during the Boehner and Ryan leadership regimes.  

What will you do to get Ryan out of his position as Speaker and replace him with a Pro-Trumper that will help us win the 2018 mid-terms.  

RD Pierini


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Limbaugh & Coulter Owe Trump an Apology

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Good Grief!


following the 8 years of Neo-Con wars under Bush with exploding deficits (doubled all prior presidents including when Bush had majorities in both houses);

then 8 more years of unbridled Obama Socialism, aided and abetted by GOP Speakers Boehner and Ryan;

Limbaugh and Coulter act like Trump is the Conservative’s Benedict Arnold due to the pending approval of Ryan’s $1.1T Omnibus Bill.  I’ll bet, neither has even read the 1,600+ pages of this bill!

To Limbaugh and Coulter:

 We, the American Voters who supported Trump, are not as stupid as you make us out to be as you talk down to us by explaining what is and is not getting done by Trump and how things “should” work.  We know how screwed up our government is, and how screwed up Congress and our Congressional leaders are.  You need to trust our support for Trump as a means to help him to achieve the goals we share with him by increasing his ratings and not drive his ratings down, like you do every time you criticize him. 

Do you think attacking Trump, who is the only chance the American People have to regain some level of sovereignty over their country, will help drain the poop infested swamp and overturn and turnaround the disasters of the Clinton, Bush and Obama Regimes?  You will only depress Trump’s approval ratings.  The “K” Street lobbyist gutter snipes, the US Chamber of Commerce, the hard left and the main stream media would use Trump’s lower approval ratings to “prove” to the limp wristed Congress that they don’t have to support Trump’s agenda due to his low approval ratings!  This will kill our chances for a true reset of our nation and kill the return of power to the American People. 

Congress is the Swamp: 

Congress is the Constitutional entity solely responsible for creating legislation and appropriating our hard-earned money, PERIOD.  Congressional authority over legislation and the purse is absolute and the President has no CONSTITUTIONAL  sway over legislation other than through the people. 

Article I of the US Constitution: All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

Image result for greedy K street lobbyists

Congress is the heart and soul of the swamp and it is filled with the cash from the K Street lobbyists, the US Chamber of Commerce, the hard left, and free advertising support from the main stream media.   If a congressman or woman wants to be on a committee, they have to commit to raising a specified amount of money for the party.  In order to do this, the Congressman or woman has to go to the K Street lobbyists or the US Chamber and prostitute themselves for money for future favors they can grant to the lobbyists.  If you want to be the committee head, guess what?  You have to raise more money for the party. 

Is this a great way to run a government or what!!!!  Not!

You, the voter don’t count at all.  Your pittance donations are sneered at by these boils-on-the-butt-of-humanity.  Can you or your district or even your State guarantee a Congressman or woman a $3 M salary for their retirement?  Lobbyists can and do!  This is why the campaign promises of representatives and senators are irrelevant.  Whatever the K Street lobbyists want, they get.  Congress is bought and paid for!

Conservative media is like the old Italian Firing Squad.  They form a circle, then put the targets, the American Taxpayers, in the middle of the circle.  The result, we all get killed by K Street Lobbyist, the hard left and the mainstream media… 

We need conservative mouth pieces to counteract the Main Stream Media and the Congress.  Understand the long game, Trump does.  Will he screw up?  Of Course!  The Trump supporters know this and are not limp wristed like Congress or “some” in the conservative media.

RD Pierini



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Trump is the “Mechanic” for the Tea Parties Get Onboard

Insider, Elitist Republicans Failed the Tea Parties

In 2010, 2012 & 2014Tea Party Groups Need to Understand that Trump Is the ONLY Chance To Take Back the Government from Elitists & Globalists

Tea Party advocates who want to take back our nation need to carefully consider supporting Donald Trump.  The alternative, Hillary Clinton will solidify our loss of freedom and control over this nation forever or at least until the electorate think that insurrection is their only alternative…  Trump is a populist candidate that supports an overwhelming number of your core conservative values.

Republican Party Control is in the Hands of Globalists and Open Border Advocates

The Tea Parties rose out of a grass-roots movement to rail against our government’s heavy-handed tactics, increasing taxes and control over we the people, supporting illegal and legal immigration, run-a-way spending and increasing debt, and a total lack of empathy from both parties.  The reasons the Tea Party Movement became a popular, if not populist movement, are not only still prevalent today but have grown exponentially worse.

This is in spite of the fact that the Tea Party and their supporters have given back the House of Representatives and the Senate to the Republican Party.  The Republican Party would have won the presidency in 2008 and 2012 if it had run a real candidate!  The voters today, including many Tea Party advocates, feel betrayed by everyone they have elected to the House and Senate and feel the Republican Party is not much better, if it is better, than the Democrat Party in terms of the core values of We the People.

Enter Donald J. Trump

Tea Party Core Values:

When the Tea Party movement started, individual Tea Party organizations sprung up all over the country.  While some had specific local issues they supported, there were common themes and principles interwoven into each of these organizations.  They included:

  • Lower and less complex Taxes

  • Control over Federal Debt

  • Focus on Personal Freedom-Protection for our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights.

  • Smaller Government

  • Refocus on American Values and Heritage (Judeo-Christian Foundation)

  • Control over our Borders and Immigration

  • Private Healthcare (Repeal and Replace Obamacare)

  • Enforce Election Integrity (Voter ID)

  • Conservative Supreme Court

Unfortunately, the McConnell, Boehner, and Ryan leadership in the Senate and House, that presided over an increase of our national debt of $9 Trillion Dollars ($19 Trillion Total) and climbing; a failure to overturn Obamacare; a failure to control our borders; a failure to reign in legal and illegal immigration; a failure to stand for American workers and push for increases of visa immigrants to take American’s jobs; a failure to challenge Obama either with impeachment or with the purse strings;  a failure of countless, feckless House and Senate Oversight committees hearings that yielded no tangible results nor resulted in any accountable results;  have deepened the US slide into Progressive Socialism and hardened silos of groups pitted against one another. 

In short, our work to elect a House and Senate that would do the will of the people have failed.  Many of these candidates solicited the help of the Tea Parties only to sell out to the Congressional leadership for a cushy committee assignment or other phony badge of self-importance.

Trump “America First” Platform 2016

Trump has set the agenda for the 2016 Republican Primary and also for the 2016 Presidential Election!  This is the FIRST time in a long time, 1976 and 1980, a Republican candidate actually set the national agenda and that agenda mirrors most of the Tea Party platform.  Why did Trump do it?  Because, for once someone, Trump, actually listened to what you had been saying in the past and actually formulated your thoughts into a national agenda!  So, how does Trump stack up against the Tea Party’s priorities?

  • Taxes:  Trump has proposed a revamping of tax rates to lower taxes on businesses, large and small; lower taxes substantially on the middle class; and to eliminate loopholes that protect Wall Street traders.  His plan is pretty much aligned with the Tea Party desires for taxation, “Taxed Enough Already”!

  • Federal Debt:  Trump correctly sees the issues of the Federal Debt and the Economy as one and the same and adds in a need to revamp our trade policies to at least level the playing field or give the US a slight edge in our trade agreements.  By increasing the rate of growth of our economy to 3-5%, and eliminating our negative balance of trade internationally, the US can start to eliminate the federal debt.  This will, of course be abetted with lower spending as he cuts back on the EPA, the Department of Education and other agencies.

  • Personal Freedom:  1st and 2nd Amendment Rights:  Trump has published statements on his support of the 2nd amendment, as well as his positions against political correctness, the constraints against religious freedom and others, that underscore his willingness to fight for personal freedom. 

  • Smaller Government:  Trump has campaigned on cutting back the Dept. of Ed and turning control back to the States.  He also sees cuts in the EPA and the elimination of many of the regulations; the downsizing of the Dept. of Energy and turning its control back to the States;  the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and its huge bureaucracy; and a revamping of many of the functions of government that do not yield a payback to the tax payers.

  • American Values:  Trump has crushed political correctness that has stifled our traditional values such as using phrases like Merry Christmas, Happy Easter and so on.  As an employer of thousands of employees, and one who spends hours at his job sites and properties, he understands the issues every family faces every day.  He is closer to We the People than any other candidate we have had in decades.  He may be a billionaire, but he relates to everyday people.

  • Borders and Immigration:  He was the candidate that brought our borders, the impacts of illegal immigration, immigration visas, and the Syrian refugee impacts into the primaries.  He also brought in the disgrace of sanctuary cities to the national front page.  He insists on building the wall, both physical, legal and procedural, and protect our sovereignty.  Pretty telling when the past president of Mexico give Trump the Bird.  Actually, he gave the bird to all of us who are tired of supporting illegal immigrants better than our vets.

  • Veterans:  Trump brought the plight of our Vets and the horrors of the VA care into the campaign and will continue to force changes in the VA in the treatment of our best!

  • Repeal of Obamacare:  Trump has a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare with a private sector based solution.  You should take the time to read his policy statement on this plan and you can bet Dr. Ben Carson will be instrumental in the final development of the legislation.

  • Voter Integrity:  Trump is the one who educated the American Electorate on the “goofy” system the political parties have set up to ensure that the parties control who becomes the candidate for the party.  TRUMP exposed this up by challenging the “corrupt nature” of the systems and once he becomes the head of the Republican Party, he will push for systemic changes in the process at the national and State level.  It took a billionaire to do this as he was independent of the Republican Party, its elites, its donor class, and the Super-PACs. 

  • Supreme Court Nominees:  Trump will soon release his list of potential Supreme Court nominees and has pledged that he will only select from this list.  Many of you do not know his sister, Maryanne Trump Berry.  She is an appellate court judge who sat on the bench with now Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.  Their voting records were almost identical including the one Cruz blasted Trump over when their court held that a New Jersey anti-abortion law was unconstitutional.  Cruz and his surrogates maintained that Trump and his sister were not pro-life due to this decision.  The truth is that Justice Alito voted the same way Maryanne Berry did and he is certainly pro-life.  There is one thing I can guarantee you, Hillary’s nominees will be hard left and take this country down the progressive liberal rabbit hole!  Wait to judge Trump on this until you see his list.

Trump aligns better with the Tea party than all of the other 2016 candidates, including Ted Cruz.  Cruz voted to fast-track TPP which would continue to export US jobs overseas; Cruz voted to increase immigration visas to the highest level in our history.  Don’t get me wrong, Cruz is a conservative.  But, Cruz does not have the executive skills pass the legislation needed to turn this country around.  There are very few of his Congressional colleagues who will even talk to him let alone work with him.  

Don’t assume Trump’s populist positions are not conservative in their very nature.  Compare him to self-described “Conservatives” like Paul Ryan and others whose voting record, or lack thereof, belie their actual bias against true conservative values.  Trump has also proven that he knows how to use the Bully Pulpit to influence public opinion for a cause.  He will use these skills to get congress off of their proverbial butts and enact common sense legislation to get this country, not Wall Street, moving again.

Consider why the Globalist Establishment oppose Trump.  He will stop their mindless profit-motivated exporting of American Jobs overseas and cut off their cheap US Worker replacements via his immigration controls. 

The US consumes 25% of the world’s goods and services.  Over the past 40 years, more and more of the goods are being produced overseas while our factories are being closed.  At some point, you wonder who will have a job in the US to buy those foreign-made goods?

Think about it!

RD Pierini



Limbaugh On Boehner Lucifer Comment, Pence and More…


Rush Triples Down on Cruz Advocacy!

Rush is adamant that he is remaining neutral on the 2016 Republican Presidential Primaries.  Maybe Rush needs to have someone who is a disinterested third-party give him some honest feedback.  The real issue for Rush is that his bias for Cruz is clouding his ability to analyze current events accurately and to objectively see Cruz has others see him.  Rush needs to ask himself the questions, “Why don’t I understand the real motivation behind Trump supporters and why Ted Cruz cannot gain any traction”?  Here are a couple of recent campaign events that Rush just flatly got wrong!

Boehner-Lucifer Comment:

Speaker Boehner, speaking at an event at Stanford University this week described Ted Cruz as:  “Lucifer in the flesh.”  Then Boehner went on to say, “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

This comment was no surprise as practically all establishment Republicans and the Congressional Republicans have disdain for Cruz and his approach to the government shutdown and other tactics.  They feel that he is a “grandstander”, and show boats for his own political gain.  (With the GOP Congress at about a 12% approval rate, I am not sure any of them are able to take much of a high moral ground!)

That said, Rush concluded that the Boehner remarks, and his apparent support for Trump over Cruz, would be a big benefit for Cruz as Boehner is the epitome of the “establishment” and, paraphrasing, would give Cruz “street creds” as an anti-establishment candidate.  But…

  • The only people who see this as a benefit for Cruz are the died in the wool Cruz supporters like Limbaugh and Levin. 

  • The Trump supporters see the comments as a confirmation that Cruz is not a team player, cannot motivate others to join his position, and deepens their distrust of Ted based on the fact that only a handful of his Congressional colleagues have backed him. 

  • The Republican establishment totally agree with Boehner!  So, how is this going to help Cruz?

In the past few weeks, Cruz had been working delegate rules in various states in an attempt to Stop Trump.  His efforts have not been opposed by the Stop Trump GOP Establishment so Cruz has been even more successful at pealing off 2nd ballot delegates that one would have thought possible. 

Cruz’s reaction to Boehner’s comments was to slam the Speaker, and by extension, the GOP Establishment.  OK.  But, the people Cruz needs at the convention are, you guessed it, those same GOP insiders that support Boehner!  For someone who is supposed to be brilliant, this reaction by Cruz was not in his own best interest.  Sometimes it is best to just walk away and ignore comments like these. 

Everyone already knew Boehner had nothing but contempt for Cruz so it would have been a 10 second spot on the 11:00 PM news.  But, Cruz kept the comments alive with his tweets and comments while lessening his chances of having the GOP continue help him to pick off more candidates and Stop Trump. 

Also, he played into Trump’s narrative of Cruz that none of his colleagues in Congress liked him! Cruz should have also been smart enough to see that after last Tuesday’s massive win for Trump, the GOP insiders, establishment and donor classes all but gave up on their Stop Trump movement.  His chances for continued institutional finance contribution are pretty much nil.

Rush overestimated any benefit that accrued to Cruz as a result of the Boehner comments.  In fact, Cruz’s reaction probably turned this into a net negative for Cruz and a benefit for Trump, but Rush would never agree with this!

Governor Mike Pence’s “Endorsement” of Cruz:

It was clear this morning listening to Rush that he had not previewed the two sound bites his staff had clipped of Governor Mike Pence regarding his very tepid “endorsement” of Cruz.  If Rush had listened to the clips, the first thing he would have realized was that this really was not an endorsement in the traditional sense but a statement that Pence would vote for Cruz next Tuesday.  There were no comments regarding campaigning for Cruz in Indiana like Scott Walker did in Wisconsin.

Rush told his staff to run soundbite 20 of the Pence endorsement.  The transcript from Rush’s website describes the conversation as follows:

RUSH: I want to get a couple bites in from Pence, Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, and his endorsement.  Sound bites 20 and 30.  Here is the first one.

PENCE:  I like and respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field.  I particularly want to commend Donald Trump, who I think has given voice to the frustration

RUSH:  Wait a minute, what?  (my comment, Rush caught off guard)

PENCE:  — of millions of working Americans with a lack of progress —

RUSH:  I thought this —  (my comment, Rush caught off guard)

PENCE:  — in Washington, DC. 

RUSH:  It says here —

PENCE:  And I’m also particularly grateful that Donald Trump has taken a strong stance for Hoosier jobs when we saw jobs in the Carrier company abruptly announce leaving Indiana not for another state, but for Mexico, I’m grateful, I’m grateful for his voice in the national debate.  Let me say I’ve come to my decision about who I’m supporting, and I’m not against anybody, but I will be voting for Ted Cruz in the upcoming Republican primary.

(My Comment:  Rush clearly did not expect Pence to go on singing the praises of Donald Trump and when this sound bite finished, Rush was flustered and cut to a break.  He clearly wanted to hear the next sound bite from Pence before continuing)

RUSH:  Wow.  Okay.  I don’t have time to play, he goes on about Cruz, there’s another 40 seconds. I just don’t have time.  I’ll do it right when we get back, top of the next hour.  It says right here: “Pence endorses Cruz.”  I gotta take a break here.  I gotta be very careful on how I characterize — just hit the break, let’s go, Snerdley. 

After the break, Rush played both segments of the Pence promise to vote for Cruz:

PENCE:  I like and respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field. I particularly want to commend Donald Trump, who I think has given voice to the frustration of – of millions of working Americans with a lack of progress in Washington, DC. And I’m also particularly grateful that Donald Trump has taken a strong stand for Hoosier jobs when we saw jobs in the Carrier company abruptly announce leaving Indiana, not for another state, but for Mexico. I’m grateful, I’m grateful for his voice in the national debate. And let me say I’ve come to my decision about who I’m supporting, and I’m not against anybody, but I will be voting for Ted Cruz in the upcoming Republican primary.

RUSH:  Okay, that first sound bite was 40 seconds, and then about 35 seconds into it, Ted Cruz was mentioned and mentioned as the candidate that Mike Pence is supporting.  Here is what he said next.

PENCE:  I see Ted Cruz as a principled conservative who’s dedicated his career to advocating the Reagan agenda. And I’m pleased to support him. I really admire the way Ted Cruz has been willing to stand up for taxpayers in opposing runaway spending, deficits, and debt, calling for and leading on repealing Obamacare. And I also have to tell you I’m very impressed with Ted Cruz’s devotion and knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, of the freedoms that are enshrined there in our Bill of Rights, from our liberties to our Second Amendment. And of course, I appreciate his strong and unwavering stand for the sanctity of life.

RUSH:  And so it is being dissected, as I mentioned on cable networks left and right, and I’m sure other places too, the analysis of this endorsement, and you’re gonna hear all kinds of takes on it.  I probably imagine you having your own reaction to it in one of a number of different ways.

While it is commendable that Rush viewed Pence’s promise to vote for Cruz as a resounding endorsement, however, not many others do.  Pence spent almost half of his statement praising Trump for actually setting the agenda for 2016 and for standing up for Indiana against Carrier Air Conditioning who is moving to Mexico!  Rush’s enthusiasm for Cruz once again led him to overstate a fact and really miss the impact, or lack thereof, of this event.

 Bobby Knight Endorsement of Trump:

In that same segment where rush was discussing the Pence pledge to vote for Cruz, Rush threw cold water on the real Endorsement by Bobby Knight of Donald Trump.  (A real endorsement includes actually working for the campaign on the trail and not merely voting for the candidate.)

Rush:  On the other side you have Trump, who was endorsed by Bobby Knight.  And Bobby Knight said that he doesn’t know if Trump is a Republican or Democrat and he doesn’t even know what a conservative is.  Bobby Knight: “Is a conservative a guy that goes to bed early?  Is a conservative a guy that goes to bed too early or too late and doesn’t get enough sleep?  I really don’t know what a conservative is.” 

Rush knows better than to try to deflect to ideology rather than state that the Knight endorsement was huge in Indiana.  No one in Indiana cares whether Bobby Knight knows the definition of what a conservative is.  Bobby Knight put Indiana on the map and everyone in the US who follows college sports knows that Knight is a giant in college basketball and a legend in Indiana.  Knight is seen as a WINNER.  This fits into Trump’s narrative of him being a winner and the US will once again become a winner.

Rush cannot seem to get back to his long hitting streak of calling events as they are.  He seems to be in a Cruz fog and cannot penetrate through to reality.  As a conservative, Rush should be focused on Clinton and her shortfalls rather than working on discrediting the frontrunner and supporting someone who will not win the GOP nomination.  I have written before, the GOP insiders hate Cruz worse than Trump and will make sure that if Trump is inevitable, he will win.  If Trump is not inevitable, they will use Cruz to go to a 2nd ballot and nominate Kasich if they can tear him away from the buffet line.  Cruz, Limbaugh and Levin are all living in a dream world devoid of reality.

RD Pierini


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Obama Dumps Increased Healthcare Cost On Our Military, but Protects “UNION” Civilian Military Workforce!

Obama Will Raise Health Insurance Premiums by 345% in 5 Years to Retired Military


For Active Duty Service Members, An Increase Pharmacy Co-Pays and a Loss of Reduced Costs for Generic Drugs is Included

BUT, His Cronies in the Unions who Suck up Civilian Military jobs, there are NO Corresponding Cuts in Their Pay or Benefits!


Here is a link to allow you to support stopping these cuts to the Military

(New Link added 3/5)





      And this guy is the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Services?  He is now “means” testing retired military personnel which means the higher the retirement pay, the more they will be paying for healthcare that was included when they signed on to defend this country some 20 years ago!  According to congressional assessments, a retired Army colonel with a family currently paying $460 a year for health care will pay $2,048 or 4.5 times as much as they are now!  IF that same person was a Civilian Union Military worker, there would be NO change in their benefit costs…  TALK ABOUT THE WRONG STUFF!

I just don’t understand two things:

  • How even a Democrat can’t see that this President will do anything to discourage our military including robbing their benefits, apologizing for their actions when it is unnecessary and harmful to our troop safety, and slap them in the face by coddling their union civilian counterparts.
  • Why on God’s Green Earth the GUTLESS REPUBLICANS keep warning us that you can criticize this guy’s (Obama) policies but not Obama himself.  What is the difference?  He is an Anti-Strong-America bigot who is systemically removing all of our tools to defend our nation and its people whether it is with this sham of a program to demoralize our troops or the tearing down of our nuclear arsenal when every terrorist nation on earth is building theirs.

Republican-Cave-In-Artists: Let’s see if our fearless (not) Speaker of the House and our dynamic (not) Senate Majority Leader have a pair and stand up against this assault on our military, present and past.  Or, if they will say that we only control 1/2 of 1/3 of the government.  If they take this position again, and Boehner is reelected this fall, I hope Ohio (Boehner’s state) secedes from the Union!  There has to be someone in that state capable of beating this guy.  We are stuck with McConnell for another 4 years but I hope the Kentucky Tea Party has a long memory. 

This is absolutely the last straw for me.  I have no respect for this President as he has no respect for any of the institutions that have made this country great! 

Please click on the link below to read more of the details.  I just can’t write anymore on this as it makes me absolutely SICK!

RD Pierini

Hat Tip:  The Washington Free Beacon:  http://freebeacon.com/trashing-tricare

Limbaugh Vs. Boehner–Like John Adams Vs. John Dickinson – Our Fight for Independence

The Internet and Media debate going back and forth between Rush Limbaugh and John Boehner reminds me of the debates in Philadelphia between John Adams and John Dickinson where the former was trying to convince the other colonies to join Massachusetts in declaring independence from Great Britain. 

Dickinson’s position represented that of many other leaders in the colonies in believing that appeasing King George was the best course of action for the colonies versus declaring our independence from England.  Dickinson and the others who opposed a very independence committed John Adams were sincere in their opposition and feared the outcome of an effort to become independent from the most powerful empire on earth. 

Rush-Independence Now, Not Appeasement:

Today, Rush Limbaugh is supporting the opposition to our present government efforts to enslave this nation, and all of its citizens, in a nation ending debt crisis.  Rush believes wholeheartedly that the solution is to change the budget baseline back to 2006 or 2008 and stop increasing the debt limit ad infinitum…  I believe Rush also supports a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) as a tool to help to insure that Congress and Presidents can be kept in check to some degree possible.  Boehner is like the appeaser Dickinson in trying to find a middle road with the Progressives.  Rush recognizes the time for compromise has passed and we are out of time to return this nation to prosperity. 

Boehner believes that by raising the debt limit, forming another committee to see what “tough” cuts can be made, then vote in a BBA as a  separate effort, is a way to show that Republicans are great people and real compromises and leaders.  What Boehner fails to understand is that we are in the same position today that the colonies faced in the 1770’s; they could either be driven into economic ruin by appeasing the Crown or risk their lives and seek independence.  Thank God there was a John Adams, and others, at the time who understood the issues and the only real alternative.  Thank God that today, there are voices like Rush Limbaugh, and others, who are holding firm and fighting for our freedom from a strangling debt load.

Believe it, this is a fight to the death.  Boehner needs to understand the risks and focus on the big picture.  We are not in an immediate position of default.  August 2nd is a fictitious date set by Obama and Geithner.  Obama has doubled the operating budgets for this nation since he came to office by compounding 3 back to back 25%+ budget increases which literally doubles the budget baseline in 2012.  There are many ways to ensure that we meet our obligations by reducing our obligation!  Cuts in spending have to be for the current 2012 budget year and forget about years 2-10.  Cuts in outlying years will never materialize.

It is our choice.  Are we going to stand firm behind John Adams/Rush Limbaugh or give in as advocated by John Dickinson/John Boehner?

RD Pierini

US Taxpayers Get the Short Stick with the “Compromise Funding”-AGAIN!

IF you DON’T live by PRINCIPLES,

then the decisions you make and the courses you take are always RIGHT

Late last night, Boehner, Speaker of the House, and McDonnell, Senate Majority Leader, walked away from the 2010 elections and the mandate to cut federal spending in a meaningful way.  The only PRINCIPLE that was upheld was Boehner’s and McConnell’s principle to cave in rather than force a government shut down if needed.  I was frankly not at all surprised since Boehner himself said he would not support a government shutdown some months ago as did McConnell.  Why would Obama and Reid back off of their position to not cut $100B from the 2011 budget, de-fund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare, and other Republican commitments from the 2010 election, when the Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader already said they would not force the shutdown. 

Boehner and McConnell apparently like to negotiate with themselves and forget the mandates that they were given in the last election.  They were afraid that if they were a party to shutting down the government that the House and Senate Republicans would suffer in the 2012 election cycle.  Well, guess what, you may have held onto a few independent voters in the short-term but you have lost most of your conservative base.  Don;t be surprised by July, 2011, the Tea Parties coalesce into a third political party. 

Americans are looking for leadership, not sound-bites; for principled leaders not politically expedient politicians; for someone they can trust to do the right thing, not compromise on our children’s and our grandchildren’s futures.

Last nights votes were apparently voice votes and not roll call votes so you really cannot tell for certain who voted for the one week stop-gap bills and who did not.  But, the vote next week will certainly be a roll call vote.  Watch for Michele Bachmann’s and Allen West’s lead against adopting the week compromise that Boehner and McConnell agreed to last night.  Call, write, fax or email every Congressman and Senator you can starting today.  Their contact information is listed on this easy to use website:  http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

Watch the vote next week.  Those who oppose the passage are candidates that should be supported in 2012.  Those that agree to a watered down 2011 Budget should be jettisoned in 2012.  Some questions fiscal conservative must now ask themselves include:

  1. If we caved on the 2011 budget, how hard do you think Boehner and McConnell will fight to force Obama and Reid to accept Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal?
  2. If Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal is a comprehensive, sane, and responsible path to regain US Solvency, then where is the room for another “deal” with Obama and Reid?
  3. How much do you trust Boehner and McConnell to watch out for your best interest and those of your children and grandchildren going forward?
  4. Do you see anyone in the list of front-runners for the Republican Presidential nomination that you would feel really motivated to contribute $$$ to?

I have said for months that we will have to lose again in 2012 to establish a real conservative alternative party to the current luke warm Republican Party,  to combat the current progressive radical democrats who have dominated this country during this and the past century.  I am not sure that the nation would survive another 4 years of Obama, Reid and Pelosi but we may not have an alternative.  The current Republican leadership, and I used a small “L” to make a point, is not a counter balance to the hard progressive left that is consuming our resources and our nation.  We have to stand up now and get through to the Republican back room deal makers that they have to adopt a true conservative, fiscally sound, agenda and stick by them or else.  If Obama is in for another 4 years, there is a better than even chance that we will lose our tenuous majority on the Supreme Court.  If you think it was bad when the country was ruled by a Democratic President (Obama), with a Democratic House (Pelosi) and Senate (Reid), imagine if they had control over the Supreme Court as well!  Welcome to 2012…

RD Pierini




While Japan is Burning, So is our Economy-Anyone Watching Congress or Obama?

Dear Congress Person Pinocchio!!! Where are the CUTS?

We all are praying for the people of Japan that their recovery may be swift and their losses as minimal as possible.  They are suffering from a terrible loss of life and a stark reminder that compared to nature, we are pretty insignificant.  In the meantime our economy is burning into ashes and while this not as dramatic as the photos from Japan, the impact may be the same or worse on the Global Economy.  Too bad the news is ignoring what is going on in Congress this week as it is vital to the very survival of this nation and our ability to help our neighbors in Japan.

Obama and the Democrats continue to “push” for their “gigantic” $4B budget cut package.  That is not even a rounding error.

The Republicans on the other hand are negotiating against each other!  BRILLIANT STRATEGY McCONNELL AND BOEHNER!  At stake is the November 2010 election PROMISE to cut the current budget by $100B and de-fund Obamacare.  Well, so much for elections.

You only have two days to contact your Republican Congressmen and women and tell them to get real and start living up to our expectations of their mediocrity.  Our real expectations are more in line with Rand Paul and his $500B budget reduction.  So Mediocrity would be the $100B plus defunding Obamacare.  So, we now know that the Republicans are committed to Budget Mediocrity or Worse…

Congressman Steve King has tried time and time again to get Boehner to put an amendment in the budget bill that would remove the automatic $105B Obamacare funding and start to roll back the implementation of that bill that now has over 1,400 EXEMPTIONS.  But no, the Republican Leadership, and I use that term very loosely, will not out his amendment in citing “House Rules” and contending that these “rules” take precedent over the will of the people in the last election. 



Then there is the feeble effort to cut discretionary spending.  Somehow Harry Houdini showed up and made $40B disappear from the Republican budget cuts.  So we are left with maybe cutting $60B or so out of the 2010-2011 budget.  As the younger generations seems to like to out in the tweets, BFD! 

Here is the link to the Congressional Contact List.  Please email, call, or fax your Congressman or Senator and tell them to get real and enact a $100B cut in discretionary spending and put the $105B King-Obamacare defunding amendment in the Continuing Resolution or the final 2011-2012 budget.

Congress and Governors Links:  http://www.conservativeusa.org/mega-cong.htm

Senate Links:  http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

House and Senate Links:  http://www.contactingthecongress.org/   (Just click on a state)

It is your life they are tinkering with.  TAKE CONTROL AND CONTACT THEM!

Before we go to the phones, if you can, send your financial support to the Japanese relief efforts of the American Red Cross…


RD Pierini



Members of Congress are National Representatives—Why Do they ALL hide behind their Districts?

Ever Bing (conservatives)/Google (liberals) a Congress person or Senator only see that in order to contact them you have to reside in their district? Or, they give you a 1”x1” box with 2pt font in which to enter your “out of district” comment!

Hear No Evil...! Congress should listen more and talk less!

These people vote every day on issues that impact every single one of us. When election time comes around, these people go outside of their district and even their state to raise funds.




Sen. Arlen Specter’s email service adds insult to injury by flat-out stating that if you don’t live in Pennsylvania that he won’t bother to respond at all or some such nonsense… How about when someone out of my district votes for something that impacts me, maybe I should not have to pay any attention to or obey the new law, legislation, etc…!

REPUBLICANS, wake up! Open up your own communications channels.

This is precisely why the Tea Parties gained traction in the first place.

You have been and are out of touch with your constituents who include all of us whether we reside in your district or not.   You don’t restrict campaign contributions to only those who live within your district nor are we governed only be the actions of the legislators in our own districts. Open your eyes and ears and start seeing “we the people” and listen to our voices.

BTW, here is John Boehner’s contact info from his (our) website: If you are a resident of Ohio’s 8th District, your comments can be submitted via my Congressional Office Website, which you can access by simply clicking here: http://johnboehner.house.gov. Please note: Scheduling requests should be faxed to (202) 225-2012. Scheduling requests sent via asktheleader [at] mail.house.gov will not be responded to.

Toll-free number
Residents of the 8th District
of Ohio may use the toll-free number: (800) 582-1001

All other lowly taxpayers please use and pay for your own calls or postage:  (my comment not from his website)

Washington, D.C. Office
1011 Longworth H.O.B.
Washington, DC  20515
Phone: (202) 225-6205
Fax: (202) 225-0704

RD Pierini