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Trump Impeachment-the “Nuts” and the Bolts!-Part III

Note:  As I was writing this article, I received an alert from Breitbart that a “Whistleblower” from the IRS filed a complaint that either President Trump or Vice President Pence had improperly “interfered” with the IRS audit of either Trump or Pence!  

The first installment (https://wp.me/pY51c-1js) of this topic talked about the Progressive-Left/Main Stream Media (PLMSM) and their repeated use of baseless allegations to entrap President Trump or his cabinet or appointees in “scandals” that rise to the crisis point of a “constitutional crisis” and as such impeachment!  We discussed the insane levels to which the PLMSM would go to regain power after the 2016 Presidential defeat of Clinton.  In the second installment (https://wp.me/pY51c-1jB) we discussed the repetitive playbook script that the PLMSM were and would follow until they drive this President from Office.

“Whistleblower Weaponized”

Today, I am warning you that use of the “Whistleblower” statute and regulations will become the favored tool to target President Trump, his cabinet and his appointees and supporters. Why use the whistleblower cover?  Because this ruse was devised by idiotic RINOs and the PLMSM to allow employees in government to “tattle” on their peers without fear of reprisal or being outed.  The “whistleblower” is also able to pass on here-say and uncorroborated information.  Once leaked to the media, it becomes fact until the target can scrape enough info together to refute the allegations.  But, by then, most of the pubic would have heard the allegations and ultimately only a small percent of those would have heard the exculpatory rebuttal. 

So, the PLMSM now has a tool they can use to impugn anyone they deem a threat from a lowly Secretary of State, a Supreme Court Justice, a Secretary of Commerce, and, did I forget, the President of the United States!  Facts are irrelevant.  It is the SERIOUSNESS of the Allegation is what is important.  This allows the RINOs like Mitt Romney, and his new cohort, Mike Lee and others to feign outrage that X would have committed such a despicable act, if true.  They always add the “if true” just to make themselves more saintly!

So what do the PLMSM have in store for President Trump and his supporters?  Here are a couple of juicy tidbits that I am sure they can find someone in John Brennon’s old CIA or Hillary Clinton’s State Department to confirm and tweet on their whistle!

  • I am sure that they will use the IRS and the ongoing IRS audits of the Trump organization and the President himself.  I am sure they will allege some impropriety of pressure being levied on one of the many auditors who is looking into the obviously corrupt Trump Organization.  Coincidently, this will give Schiff and his ilk the absolutely “necessity” to look at Trump’s tax returns for the past 323 years!  Of course, Schiff would never leak any of the confidential tax information…
  • They will go after Vice President Pence as well as President Trump.  Remember, Nancy Pelosi is 2nd in succession if Trump is impeached and if Pence is likewise impeached, Aunt Nancy is now your President!  I’ll bet money on this one!  It does the PLMSM no good to just get rid of Trump, they have to damage Pence as well just to make sure he cannot run effectively against any of Sleeping Beauty’s (Nancy Pelosi) seven dwarfs who are the Democrat Presidential Candidates.
  • The State Department is replete with Obama era holdovers who would be glad to avenge the “Hillary Loss” and whistle blow some “facts” regarding President Trumps foreign policy missteps like with North Korea but most likely with RUSSA, just to stay on theme!  The PLMSM would immediately push to hear and publish all of the transcripts of every meeting and phone call between Trump and Putin or anyone else who uses Russian Salad Dressing on their salad!
  • Just for Hooters, they could dredge up an ex-playboy bunny or even more despicable, perhaps a porn star, to accuse Trump, maybe a stretch to include Pence but you never know of doing the deed in the oval office.  I never claimed that the PLMSM were deep thinkers capable of too many nefarious plots.  (I should look at some John Grisham novels to make sure I did not miss an obvious plot.)
  • There are always Trump’s banks that could provide a who new batch of “whistleblowers”, real or imagined, to trump up all kinds of improprieties!  The only people who are hated more than rich people are bankers!  Bankers for rich people are a bonus!

My point is that this impeachment parade of horrors will not end with the current non-impeachable crisis surrounding Trump’s Ukrainian phone call.  The PLMSM are kind of like an addicted gambler at a slot machine.  One more quarter is bound to pay off!  They are so used to their playbook paying dividends that they cannot imagine losing to TRUMP!  After all, he is an idiot, and a despicable deplorable morally repugnant sub-human being who does not deserve to rise to the level of let’s say, Bill Clinton! 

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So, buckle up, chin-up, stock up on wine or whatever you need to survive the continued SH@$show.  It won’t end when Trump is re-elected for another 4 years.  They can never admit they were wrong and more importantly, incompetent. 

Also, say a prayer every night for President Trump and all of those who support and surround him…

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After all, it just the fate of the world that is at stake!




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Trump Showdown with RINO Senators, AGAIN!

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Republicans in Congress have been a COMPLETE failure when it comes to securing our Southern Border.  They cannot blame the Democrats for the Republican’s failure to secure our border.  From 2017-2018, Republicans held the House, Senate and the White House.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell promised President Trump over, and over, and over again!  But failed to deliver the President’s proposed immigration reforms and failed to substantially fund the President’s border wall requests.  Why, THE CONGRESSIONAL RINOS ARE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, THE BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE, AND THEIR BIG BUSINESS CONSTITUENTS.

Now, these same worthless, so-called pro-national security morons are railing against the President’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexico if that country does not step up, enforce its own immigration laws, and prevent thousands of illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers from flooding our Southern border.  These are the same morons that have failed the American People time and time again by not passing needed immigration reforms.  When the President declared a NATIONAL EMERGENCY at the Southern Border a month or so ago, THESE SAME MORONS FORCED THE PRESIDENT TO USE A VETO TO KEEP HIS DECLARATION IN FORCE!   

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Just to be MORONICALLY CONSISTANT, these same RINO Senators are opposing the President’s emergency declaration to allow the US to expedite arms shipments to Jordon, the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the face of eminent threats from Iran against our Middle East bases and our allies in the region.  

So, “our” RINO Senators and some House members are not only allowing the US to be INVADED by illegal aliens, from all over the world, at our Southern Border, they are also aiding and abetting Iran, who constantly chant “Death to America and Death to Israel”, by not allowing the President to complete arms sales to our regional allies, who oppose Iran, as he has proposed for the past two years. 

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These phony Senators, including Lindsay Graham, have no problem not doing their job time and time again in the Senate, but want to thwart our abilities to defend ourselves via our regional allies.  

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The President published his Middle East foreign policy months ago and it is based on having our Middle East Allies stand up and defend the Region themselves.  This policy called for arming our key allies, Egypt, the UAE, Jordon, Saudi Arabia and others.  The President believes that our spending $7+ Trillion dollars prosecuting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq not only drained our treasure, but needlessly cost the lives of thousands of our brave men and women in our military.  But equally as detrimental to the US, the President believes that these wars confirmed to Islamist that the US was hell bent on keeping our boot on the throat of the Muslim nations and their citizens.  These wars gave radical Islamist and Iranian Shia militants propaganda “bullets” to whip up hatred of the US and our ally Israel!  Now, the Left, their Media, and “our” RINOS in Congress are standing against rolling back decades of planting our Flag on Middle East soil and fueling anti-US sentiment!

2020 At Stake!

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The “Republican Party” better damn well wake up now!  Former House Speaker Paul Ryan held onto his speakership in 2018, convinced 40 Republicans to “retire” (read go to work for lobbyist for big bucks), and gave the House of Representatives back to Nancy Pelosi to make sure Trump could not advance his agenda legislatively!  Now, the Anti-Trump assault is being led by RINO Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and McCain’s acolyte Lindsay Graham!  

These Anti-Trump assaults by RINOs only serve to add fuel to the impeachment efforts led by the left and their media.  They think they will retain their own power and maybe knock President Trump out of office.  Trump is holding the RINOs accountable and have been forcing this lightweights to actually work!

McConnell and Graham are up for reelection in 2020 and need to hear from you now!  The “Republican Party” is now Trump’s Party and these reprobates will not take it back from Trump.  But, their efforts could give the Senate to the Dems and allow Pelosi to keep control of the House.  Don’t sit on your hands, STAND UP!

RD Pierini




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2019-Abortions Up-Borders Open-Death of Healthcare-Trump Inquisition-Commonality. “Death”


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With a Pelosi Speakership of the House of Representatives, you will be treated to 24/7 “news” of the “crimes” committed by the President and his family, even Barron will not be spared.  What’s the difference from past coverage?  It will be on Fox and other conservative outlets as well as it will be the only “news” of the day!  The Dems and their Left-Wing media will ratchet up the hate way past what we thought was already over the top.  The next two years will make the past two years seem mild.

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Your liberal “friends” will be even more hostile to you and your beliefs than ever before.  You think being called a supporter of a narcissistic liar, a homophobe, a racists, a sexists, a xenophobe, etc., was bad, just wait!  The lack of civility will be pushed to the point of physical violence and our institutions that support the “establishment” left, globalist, elitist, anti-America forces will be unleashed.  Freedom of speech will be slammed to be un-American, pro-border and national security will be made to be fascist in the mainstream dialogue, and the pursuit of happiness will be framed as only being able to be achieved by the government FOR YOU.  

How Bad Can Democrat Tyranny Be With Only Control of the House of Representatives?

Stop and consider the past two years of leftist chaos and legal malfeasance that has been mounted by the Democrats and the DC Swamp!  And that was with Trump controlling the Presidency and the Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress and with a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court (supposedly).  The DC swamp and its mouthpiece the mainstream media have viciously and constantly hammered every word and action by this President!  The DC swamp created phony allegations and charges that led to the phony Mueller investigation that is still ongoing to this day!  These investigations and prosecutions were made possible via a conspiracy within the DOJ, FBI and our intelligence services!  Many of those traitors are still in these institutions!  Now, the left controls one chamber of Congress from which to launch even stronger malicious attacks against the President and anyone who opposes them.  How long can the President remain popular against this onslaught of hatred, lies and deception?

Get ready for Articles of Impeachment to be filed by the Democrats in the House before the State-Of-The-Union address;  Get ready for the Democrats to boycott the State-Of-The-Union Address;  Get ready for the Democrats to investigate the Trump Family and anyone associated with the Trump businesses; Get ready for the left-wing courts to file law suits against Trump’s actions even more aggressively;  Get ready for the DOJ prosecutors offices that are still part of the DC swamp to investigate and indict every baseless allegation made by the Democrat House “investigations” and committees;  Get ready for left-wing control of the budget and spending as all spending bills and tax increases have to originate in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives;  This means more money for abortions, more money to support illegal-immigration, more money to support open borders, less money for our military, our border patrol, and our ICE agents. 

Constant hammering for government takeover of our healthcare system.  Their goal is not to actually take over healthcare before 2020, but to blame Trump for a failed Obamacare that the Democrats created.

Can Republicans Grow a Pair and Protect This President?

The key to Trump (Us) surviving this onslaught is being steadfast against this constant barrage and negative media coverage.  IT WILL REQUIRE EVERY ELECTED REPUBLICAN TO STAND BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP AND DEFEND HIM AGAINST THIS DESPOTIC, TYRANNICAL HIT SQUAD.  There-in lies the problem!  You already witnessed RINO Romney blast the President in an Op-Ed and on CNN before this insider, globalist elitist RINO was sworn in!  You can bet Ben Sasse and others won’t be too far behind when Pelosi and the media unleash their attack dogs.  RINO Kasich was right behind him and you can bet that the x-speaker Ryan is waiting in the wings to back his old running-mate Romney.

The Only way that American can be Great is if the Republican stand firm and fight tooth and nail against the House Democrats.  This would require that Mitch McConnell stop hiding behind the 60 vote rule and reestablish democracy in the Senate by reverting to majority rule.  The Senate must also change its rules and get Trumps judicial and staff confirmations completed, sooner rather than later.  Republicans will also have to be in talk shows constantly to put down the Democrat efforts to destroy this nation.  We will see.  I am less than optimistic that we have a true Trump Republican Party within the elected class.  I believe the Trump has taken control of the grass roots Republican Party and his supporters are firm. 

But, to date the media and the left have been successful in convincing even Trump supporters that he may have had affairs while first married to Melania.  This, despite the fact that Trump is in possession of a letter from at least one of these women that no affair took place!  The left has conflated Trump paying off nuisance claims as an admission of guilt!  The left has used a phony, Clinton paid for, “dossier” that contained false allegations against Trump to obtain an illegal FISA warrant to spy on Trump supporters and Trump himself; use the illegal FISA warrant to justify the creation of the Mueller special counsel investigation of Trump; and cripple some of Trump’s closest advisors like General Flynn to the point they can no longer serve their country.  All of this served to chip away at Trump’s support among “independents” and to force his strongest supporters to defend him against these illegal allegations!  

If this nation is to survive, it will take all of Trump’s supporters to tighten their resolve against the upcoming left-wing assault of our values and our country. 

Make no mistake, Trump and his supporters are the enemy because we have almost erased all of the inroads the corrupt left-wing progressives have made over the past 50 years!

Whether we survive will be up to you…

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war. - Donald Trump

All of our Enemies in the World are Watching!


RD Pierini


2018 Mid-Term Elections-Turning Point for America


America and our Republic are at a cross-road and its ultimate direction and survival may hinge on the outcome of the 2018 Mid-Term elections. If Republicans do not maintain control of the House of Representative and gain seats in the House, Trump will be blocked at best and impeached at worst!  Why?  Obama had taken the US to the edge of economic, political, social, moral and cultural collapse after years of “Progressive-Left” erosion of our Constitutional Freedoms, Economic dominance and moral world leadership.   The election of President Trump represented a rejection of the Progressive-Left by our electorate and Trump singlehandedly became the single most threat to the Progressive-Left’s world-wide dominance.  In a mere year and 9 months, President Trump has all but erased the years of the Progressive-Left cancerous devouring of our Republic and the Progressive-Left wounded beast is seeking to devour and eliminate the rekindling of our Democratic Republic.

Systemic Progressive-Left Infiltration:

The Progressive-Left for years has sought to totally control the collective knowledge base of our citizens.  The Progressive-Left had two main tools they sought to dominate; one, the education of our youth, and two, the media to further the educational indoctrination of our citizens and reinforce what we “learned” from leftist teachers and professors.  By the year 2000, the Progressive-Left had all but total control of the content and message for both tools.  In order to effectively ensure that the indoctrination was complete, the Progressive-Left had to tear down the moral fabric of the nation by scorning religion and faith, and use moral relativism to break down our sense of “right and wrong”.  They also loaded up Federal and State agencies, especially the courts and the Federal and State Prosecutorial and Investigative bodies, with hard Left advocates who put Progressive-Left politics above the Constitution and our rule of law.

Enter President Trump in 2016

The left has all but succeeded in their quest to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM the United States as of November, 2016, sound familiar?  But, our citizens had enough of these corrosive Progressive-Left policies in 2016 and elected a total outsider who was beholden to no political interest groups or ideologies other than America First and the re-establishment of Constitutional Rule of Law.  The Progressive-Left could not stand for Trump to succeed and have and are pulling out all of the stops to destroy President Trump and all of his accomplishments including the roll-back of the Progressive-Left agenda.

Today’s Political War Against President Trump and America First!

The Progressive-Left had already concocted a game plan to rid this nation of the Trump scourge even prior to his election.  The DOJ and the FBI had colluded with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to first of all not allow Trump to be elected and if he was, force him from office!  The Left had fabricated damaging reports (dossier) on aberrant Trump behavior and collusion with the Russian government.  They used these falsehoods to obtain a FISA warrant to use to spy on the Trump campaign and even pay “spies” to infiltrate the Trump Campaign.  They even used the firing of the FBI director Comey to justify the appointment of their ace-in-the-hole special prosecutor to turn Trump’s personal, professional and political life upside down! 

Plan B

But, the Russian Collusion hoax petered out as did their constant Stormy Daniels stories and allegations.   So, Plan B had to be put in play by Mueller which was to use Mueller’s ability to bring charges against key Trump campaign allies and now attack even personal and business friends, staff and affiliates of President Trump in order to gain true or false allegations of wrongdoing by Trump!  They have even forced Trump’s CFO to take an immunity agreement in exchange for information in support of claims by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen!  During this onslaught, Mueller performed early morning ARMED raids against a Trump former campaign manager and his wife as well as Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.  Mueller even seized Cohen’s client records and information and shredded ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE! 

In short, since the Progressive-Left now totally controls the DOJ, the FBI and the New York Attorney General’s office, Mueller is free to use any means he can to destroy Donald Trump and annihilate the US Constitution in the process!  

During the next 80 or so days, you will hear non-stop leaks out of the Mueller investigation on details from Trump’s business dealings, personal dealings, banking relationships, etc..  None of which has anything to do with Trump’s candidacy or Presidency!  It is all to smear his name and if the Progressive-Left takes over the House of Representatives, Impeach President Trump!  Impeachment (indictment) by the House of Representatives only takes a simple majority of 218 votes while the Senate requires a 2/3rds vote or 67 votes to convict.  You may say, well, they would never get 67 votes in the Senate!  Remember, the Senate is full of RINO Republicans who may shift their support to convict on the impeachment unless we elect Trump supporting senatorial candidates in the Mid-Terms.

It is imperative that everyone get out and support Trump friendly candidates in the Mid-Term elections.  The booming economy, the measures to insure our military world checkmate against aggressors, our control of our borders and our culture, and the very future of your children and grandchildren is at stake.  If the Progressive-Left and their executioner Mueller succeed, this nation will slide back into the oblivion of meritocracy or worse that you experienced under Obama.  This is not hyperbole, it is fact!

Your Choice in November, 2018

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RD Pierini



David Limbaugh Ignores Republican Congress Lack of Intestinal Fortitude

David Limbaugh posted an article:

“Can’s Support Trump Yet” 

In that article, you defend your position by saying: 

“If Clinton were to win, the Republican Party could vigorously and credibly oppose her, but if Trump were to win, it would be very awkward for it to criticize Trump if he were to govern as a liberal or do something outrageous.”

Seriously?  David, where have you been for the past seven and half years?  When did our Republican Congress oppose Obama and the Democrats on anything?  They would be more at ease opposing Trump than Clinton.  They agree with Clinton on unbalanced “free trade”, open borders, and a bloated government as the solution for everything that ails this country, that serves to increase their own power base. 


Then, you go on to quote the Hamilton Rule:

“If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

That may have been great in Hamilton’s time but it does not hold one drop of water in this race with this Congress.  Further, if our Republican congresses are the definition of “conservative”, then all of the self-proclaimed “conservatives” are absolved from any responsibility for Trump. 


Further, you go on to say:

“I am extremely concerned that he would be our political enemy in a number of areas and also that he has a tendency toward authoritarianism, a tendency many of his supporters seem unlikely to oppose.”

I have been an entrepreneur all of my life and I can tell you that a businessman, versus career politicians, understand that you have to “bring the team” along with any decision you make.  Your team, in this case the Congress and the American People, would have to be engaged for Trump to be even marginally successful.   I have less trust in a Republican Congress enacting a “conservative” agenda than I do Trump. 
After being involved in elections since Barry Goldwater, and watching the “conservative” candidates put forth by the Republican Party, I have no idea what “conservatism” means to those claiming this title. 

Will Trump “build the wall”, probably; lower taxes, probably; limit government, probably; have a coherent foreign policy, as opposed to what we have had for 16 years?, probably; Transgender bathrooms, as a State issue, probably; and abortion, this will require a SCOTUS decision, so, probably.

Do I know that for sure?  NO,  What I do know for sure is that Clinton will continue the Left’s destruction of this Nation.  What I do know that under Bush, with both Houses of Congress, we increased spending and the national debt, increased the size and scope of government, failed to secure peaceful transitions in Iraq and Afghanistan, expanded Medicare, and on and on.  If that is the definition of conservatism, then I guess I don’t fit the mold.


The final quote from your article that I will address is:

“At the very least, I believe that conservatives should withhold their support for Trump until they can extract meaningful concessions from him on major policy issues.”

Concessions, like what?  I cannot think of one meaningful act of this Congress to assert conservative values and stop Obama.  $2 Trillion + Omnibus Bill?  Did Congress use the US Constitution effectively?  Impeachment, off of the table.  Shutting down the Government, no stomach for that.  Withholding funding from the Executive branches, no stomach for that. 

The founders gave us two tools to reign in the executive, impeachment and the purse strings.  Republicans have “aborted” both of these tools.

Let me finish with another quote from Alexander Hamilton:

“Men often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those whom they dislike.”


RD Pierini


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You Will Pay a United Nations Climate Change Tax–Obama Says So!

In the middle of a depression, with millions out of work, this president has agreed to having the United Nations TAX US Citizens and Companies to support the Green Climate Fund and the Leftist Agenda to take down the US so level the global playing field! 

So much for Obama working night and day to create jobs!  The real kicker is the EUROPE IS EXEMPT!  According to this insane bunch of Global Socialists, “transactions within the Eurozone won’t have to pay this new tax.”  Our Imports from other countries, our exports to other countries, any of our travel to other countries, and any and all foreign currency transactions where an American is involved will be taxed.  We cannot compete globally now!  Now we are getting saddled with another tax by a bunch of environmental wackos and it is being sanctioned by Obama.

Obama believes that this is a good deal because our Constitution would force him to get Senate approval for a Climate Change Treaty.  He doesn’t think the Senate would ratify a climate change treaty so he will do the next best thing!  Tax us without representation by our elected Senators.  Has he looked at the Senate recently?  He controls the Senate with a Democrat Majority and his legislative lackey Dingy Harry Reid at the Helm.   

Anyone ready for Impeachment yet?  I know the Senate would never vote to Convict. 

But, it may make is all feel like someone is trying to look out for us! 

This is a criminal act by a criminal government…  And it will further exacerbate our economy and deepen our depression.  But the good news is that it will kill even more jobs and make us less competitive globally.  That is good news is you are a socialist hell-bent to destroy the greatest country on the face of this earth…

RD Pierini


Birth Certificate Issue–Assumption or Leap of Faith?

Before Barack Obama lunged onto the national scene, had you really sat around on your front porch with you wife or husband and pondered Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution that states:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Probably not!  We pretty much took for granted that anyone who ran for the highest office in our great country would be thoroughly vetted, including a full document check for citizenship.  After all, we have had candidates who were in fact not born in the United States but were US citizens by virtue of their parent’s status.  These included, John McCain in 2000 and 2008 and then George Romney in 1968.  Both submitted long form birth certificates and in McCain’s case, military document showing his father’s temporary deployment in Panama.  Then along came Obama.  The “birthers” were up in arms about Obama not being a citizen and therefore was not eligible to become the President of the United States. 

The election came and went and Obama was inaugurated without supplying his long form birth certificate.  The only official document release apprears to be a Certificate of Live Birth which is issued in lieu of an actual long form birth certificate.  The CLB is generally accepted for most casual verifications of birth.  BUT, we are in fact talking about the President of the United States.  The most puzzling thing to me is why Obama has not flown to Hawaii, picked up his Long Form Birth Certificate, and have it certified.  Sounds simple enough to me a simple person.  Why he hasn’t is anyone’s guess and that is the problem.  In the absence of facts there will be rumors, conjecture, and conspiracy theories which is where we are today.

THEN ALONG CAME THE DONALD.  From mild rumblings over 3 years or so, Donald elevated the Citizenship issue to a whole new level.  Donald presses the question, “If Obama has a long form Birth Certificate, why doesn’t he just produce it once and for all?” 

But, the real, unanswered philosphical question that is not being discussed is, “What if we elected President “X” and later found that he did not meet the requirements defined in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution?  Assume that the elected President refused to step down as President when this became public, what would happen then? 

  • Does not Supreme Court have the power to force a President to leave office for violating Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution?  NOPE!
  • The only Constitutional remedy for removing a sitting President, duly elected or not once he or she is sworn in, is through the Impeachment Process asa defined in Article 2, Section 4 of the US Constitution that reads:
    • “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High crimes and Misdemeanors”.
    • The House of Representatives has the Sole Power to Vote on and Adopt Articles of Impeachment.  This is similar to an Indictment, it is not the actual power to remove persons from office.  Typical the Resolution to Impeach is then referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration.
    • The Senate has the Sole Power to Try the person that is the subject of the Articles of Impeachment.  Initially the founders allowed the entire Senate to “try” the case but in 1980 the Senate adopted the use of “Impeachment Trial Committees” pursuant to Senate Rule XII.  These committees presided over the evidentuary phase of the “trial”.  The committee would then submit their findings to the whole Senate for discussion and debate.  This process would seem to be an improvement over having 100 Senate Members acting as the tryers of fact as a body.
    • The Senate’s actions are limited to three possibilities and only three.
      • The person can be equitted and all charges dropped.
      • The person is found guilty and removed from office.
      • The person is found guilty, removed from office, and prohibited from ever holding a federal office again.

So, history lesson aside, rewind ourselves to today.  Assume President “X” is found to be not a citizen of the United States.  I really don’t believe the House of Representatives have the stomach to impeach the current President “X”.  Assume the republicans actually took their responsibilities seriously and set aside their own political future and impeached President “X”, do you really think the Democrat controlled Senate would vote to convict?  NOT a CHANCE! 

What IF?:

But, for the fun of it assume the Senate voted to remove President “X” from office.  Then would Biden become the President even though President “X” did not really have the right to run for the office much less be elected?  YEP, Biden would be the new President.  If Biden was not able to assume the office, maybe someone gave him an IQ test or took away his rail pass, then the Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner would become President.

There are other questions to consider from a plurely philosphical point of view.

  • Are the Laws that were signed by President “X” actually valid?
  • Are the Executive Orders issued by President “X” actually valid?
  • Are appointments that were made by President “X” actually valid?

The answer is yes to all three plus any other official actions taken by President “X”.  The Constitution did not go into any real details surround the possibilility of having a President who was not actually qualified to be the President.  but, once duly sworn into office, the President is the President.  It is kind of like biting into an apple and finding one half of the worm!  It may be distasteful but as my Hispanic friends say, asi es la vida! 

So, even if the current President is not a citizen of the United States, he will probably remain the President until the 2012 elections.  PRESUMEABLY he would not be eligible to run in 2012 but nothing would surprise me at this point.  The only time the Left believes in the Constitution is when they can use it.  Otherwise they pretty much trample it in the dirt.

For the “Birthers” out there, don’t give up the passion you have but channel it to winning the next election.  For Donald, you at least had the guts to bring this issue up, and others in the public forum.  It is a valid question to ask and one that Obama could put to bed in a second by releasing his long form Birth Certificate.  This will probably happen when he lifs the drilling moratorium, approves land drilling in ANWR, starts promoting real energy independence, flushes the environmentalist down the proverbial toilet, and cuts spending to 2006 levels and apologizes to us for ruining this great nation.  There are winnable issues on our side, WE JUST NEED TO TAKE A LESSON FROM THE DONALD AND QUIT BEING SO DAMN POLITE AND PC AND ATTACK THE LEFT WHERE THEY LIVE.

The sad thing, but also the thing that gives me hope, is the fact that only the Women on the Right have the guts to take the fight to the Left rather than sit back and wring their hands worrying about how an issue will poll.  We should adopt the slogan, Women Are Right – WAR…We do need to learn to fight like girls!

RD Pierini