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How About E-Verify for Law Enforcement! Requred for Employers, Why Not Law Enforcement?

2011 E-Verify Requirements by State

Need to Make E-Verify Mandatory for Business AND Every Governmental Agency. 


The Federal Law governing the hiring of individuals who have been deemed legal to work in the United States is simple:

“U.S. law requires companies to employ only individuals who may legally work in the United States – either U.S. citizens, or foreign citizens who have the necessary authorization.” (DHS Website)

Democrats and Republicans alike have shied away from fully implementing this law nor have they extended its use to GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES.  Congress has been gutless in implementing a tool that would further strengthen our border security by discouraging additional illegal crossings. 

Why aren’t States and local governments required to verify every arrested person they detain, and every potential employee or contractor, against a national citizen database? 

Every police vehicle and booking facility could access this database via their in-vehicle systems. 

Image result for police vehicle on-board computersThis would eliminate the burden of these agencies to go through a verification process of checking papers to determine the detainee’s legal status in the US.  If a person was in the US illegally, whether through an illegal border crossing or here on an expired visa, the system would flag these individuals.   If a detainee did not show up as a citizen, then the agency could go through the more arduous process of checking their paperwork.   If a detainee was erroneously flagged by the system as an illegal, there should be an easy process to reassess their status and the appropriate updates to the system quickly applied.

Unfortunately, this system would be too easy to implement, even for government, and put a serious dent in visa over stays and illegal crossings. 

  • If employment opportunities are eliminated, illegal immigration would be reduced.
  • If Visa Over stays were eliminated, this form of illegal immigration would be reduced or eliminated.

Don’t just sit idly by, ask your Congress men and women why they won’t beef up E-Verify and insure that State and Local Compliance is enforced.  This includes Sanctuary Cities!

RD Pierini



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“Never argue with Stupid People. They will Drag You Down to Their Level and then Beat you with Experience.” –Mark Twain

Image result for argue with an idiot

Ever try to reason with a Progressive/Liberal (P/L), or is it Liberal/Progressive?  If you have, please reread the title if this article by Mark Twain, take two aspirin, and go to bed, NOW!

The first thing a P/L will do is start quoting talking points taken from Move-On.Org or another Soros website.  Then if you rebut their point, they will back up their assertions using another left-wing website as a source.  Not too dissimilar to CNN!  Or if things get really dicey, they will quote their oracle of truth, http://www.Snopes.com!  Another “fact checker” controlled by a P/L.

Then, if all of that fails to win you over, they invoke the “ist”, “ism” or “phobe” monikers on you.  You become a racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, xenophobic,  or say you engage in sexism, racism, or you are a racistismphobe!  Sounds like a Nancy Pelosi-ism! 

I think I am going to make a Tee-Shirt with the word, STUPIDPHOBE written on it.  (If I really want to raise their blood pressure, I will put #MAGA on the shirt as well!)  Whenever a P/L attempts to dissuade my views or attacks my moral compass, I will merely point to my Tee-Shirt and say Bless You! 


Invoking God is another tactic of a P/L.  Now this is really rich as they are pro-death baby killers who think Gosnell was just eccentric and that Margaret Sanger really did not believe in eugenics and that the culling out of non-whites was not really in her writings.   The P/L will invoke God to sell their illogical views on unlimited and unrestrained immigration, wealth redistribution as being charity, and abortion as being compassionate. 

Finding truth today is elusive at best and requires a lot of due diligence to sort the wheat from the chaff.  First of all, seldom believe stories based on a “reliable source” or an unnamed spokesperson for …, etc.  If someone is not willing to put their name on the line then the line should not be taken seriously.  Secondly, when it comes to President Trump, if the words did not come from his mouth, his twitter account, or from Kellyanne Conway, then they are probably not true.  Whether you like the President or not, he is not bashful and seldom filters his words, spoken or written.  Kellyanne is one of the closest allies he has, other than family, and is privy to the goings-on of the inner sanctum of this administration.  Thirdly, if you see more than one network opining on a point using exactly the same phraseology, turn off your TV.  These are P/L talking points and most likely Fake or contrived “news”.

Finally, many of you jump the gun when the Speaker, the Senate Majority Leader, or another Republican or RINO says something stupid like demeaning President Trump or one of his actions.  Let me leave you with a final Mark Twain quote to remember when this occurs: 

“Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” –Mark Twain


RD Pierini





Black Anarchy-Still Being “Enslaved” by White Global Elitists

Image result for black enslavement

Anarchy Tools of the Global Elitists

Open Borders


Global Economic Chaos

Pitting Disparate Groups Against Each Other-Intra and Inter Nation

Political and Economic Enslavement

Black Voting Block Key to Continued Dominance by Democrats, Over Blacks!


Image result for black enslavement

Global Elitist Goal:

Global Elitist seek World Political and Economic Supremacy over All Peoples.  Period! 

  • They create depressed classes of Peoples and drive them into abject despair so they can be manipulated into helping the Global Elites destroy the fabric of civil society.  In order to achieve their goal, the Global Elitist must isolate these groups to the point that disparate groups see each other as their mortal enemy, literally.  Blacks have been used for years by the Global Elitist in the US to keep them in power with little regard for the plight of the Blacks.
  • The Global Elitist will shame the Nation States to open their borders in order to share their generosity with Peoples of lessor nations.  This will increase tensions as the new immigrants are so culturally disparate that assimilation and the development of mutual respect or acceptance is impossible.  Blacks have disproportionately been harmed by cheaper immigrant labor that have robbed entry-level jobs from young Blacks.
  • The Global Elitist must be able to seize absolute control over Nation States who must be beaten down to the point where they seek help from anywhere to survive.  The Global Elitist lobby to Blacks and other minorities to blame all of their woes on Republicans and conservatives and lift up international agencies as friends of the Blacks in fight the oppression from within.
  • The Rule of Law in the Nation States must be made irrelevant by continual Constitutional erosion from globalist courts, erosion of governance checks and balances, and a systemic erosion of personal, political and ethical values by the ruling classes.  The Global Elitist continually stir racial tensions between Blacks and Whites.  They use law enforcement as an example of racial animus of the Whites towards the Blacks.  This serves to justify Black rioting as a means to achieve “social justice” but it is a further erosion of the rule of law.
  • The Global Elitist create economic chaos within developed nations that drives up the debt of these nations to the brink of bankruptcy in order to bring down the strong nations to the level of the lessor nations.  Once the nation states have been leveled off politically and economically, the Global Elitist will step in and “Save the World”!  The Global Elites use economic chaos to pit minorities against Whites in general to deepen the racial divide and keep the focus off of themselves.

Are Global Elitist Succeeding in Establishing Anarchy in the United States?

Forward:  The balance of this article will focus primarily on the Global Elitist goal of creating racial tensions and segregation in American in order to take down America to the point where it cannot remain as the enviable bastion of Democracy and Freedom in the world.  In the short-term the Global Elitist will continue to foster racial tensions between Blacks and Whites with the goal being to keep Democrats in power.  Open borders, anti-nationalism, global economic chaos, and the pitting of disparate groups against each other internally and internationally will be discussed in the context of race relations in the United States and the role of the Global Elitist in fomenting racial tensions.  If the Blacks come together with Whites to actually work together to solve the decades of political abuse of the Blacks at the hands of the Democrats, the Global Elitist goals will be threatened.  They will even encourage outright anarchy in order to win the 2016 election if needed.

Global Elitist Insertion Into the US Government:

Political Landscape Changes in the US: 

Over the past 50 years, the Progressive takeover of the Democrat Party has been completed and included the full integration of Global Elite goals.  The Global Elites have also been able to infiltrate the leadership and rank and file of the Republican Party.  The Republican Party has embraced many of the Open Borders objectives and Globalism in trade.  Many have also embraced the expansion the Government and the rapid increase in the national debt in spite of a sluggish growth of the US economy.  The Republican Neo-Conservative movement is evidence of the GOP embracing positions that are not typical Republican Conservative positions.  Global Elites with international business interest have been dominant in both parties in driving legislation that benefits the Global Elites over American workers.  The view that the rights of US citizens should be diminished for the “Global Good” has not only been promoted but integrated into our national political thinking.  The result of this shift has been persistent high unemployment, stagnant GDP growth, more US businesses moving out of the US, an $800B trade deficit, and a whopping $20 Trillion dollar national debt!  The impact on the Black and other minority communities has been disproportionately high creating further frustration resulting in feelings of being left behind and politically detached.   Global Warming, refugee relocation, and amnesty for illegal aliens now trump jobs and financial security for US Citizens for the “greater good”.

Deterioration of US Race Relations:

Racial relations in the US have deteriorated substantially over the past 8 years under the Obama administration.  If Obama had intentionally stirred up animosity between Whites and Blacks, he could have not been more successful.  Blacks today have been convinced by the Global Elitist that Republicans were the slave owners, the ones who created the “Jim Crow Laws”, the ones who tried to stop the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the ones who started the KKK!  The bottom line is that US leadership, left and right, has failed miserably in creating better race relations and have built a seemingly impenetrable walls between US racial groups.  Blacks have traditionally overwhelmingly supported the Democrat Party and believe that the GOP does not represent their best interest.  (Donald Trump is changing this perception but not for the GOP, but for his populist message)  The result of this degradation in race relations has yielded the following:  Blacks distrust law enforcement;  Blacks in the inner-cities receive inferior education when compared to the balance of the country;  Black on Black crime in the inner-cities is spiraling out of control;  Black illiteracy rates in the inner-cities averages 50% with very low high school graduation rates;  Black out-of-wedlock births have sky rocketed;  Black unemployment is least double that of other ethnic groups;  Blacks have the highest per capita incarceration rate of any other ethnic group; and Blacks have one of the lowest home ownership numbers of any group.  In short, the status of the Black and other inner-city minorities have deteriorated greatly over the past 8 years.  As a group, Blacks have been set up as the physically disruptive force in the US as evidenced in recent riots that resulted out of police shootings of blacks regardless of whether the shooting was justified or not. Black Lives Matters and other Black anarchist groups are now threatening destruction of historic statues and monuments that may be perceived as “racist” due to their commemoration of the Civil War South.  The destruction of the historical monuments and the attempts to rewrite history is to take away and references to historical truths that tie Slavery, the Civil War, and the continuing downward spiral of the Black community to the Democrat party who are the political arm of the Global Elitist in America!

Open Borders:

Both political parties have systematically voted for increased immigration levels, almost unlimited VISA grants, and dramatically increased levels of refugees from several countries.  The result of these policy changes has been increased competition for US jobs between US citizens and the newcomers;  fewer opportunities for our minorities, including Blacks, to achieve the American Dream;  increased welfare, education, and other government program costs to support the newcomers at the expense of the American taxpayer; health concerns due to the lack of health screening of illegal immigrants and refugees; lower national security due to the lack of vetting for immigration and refugees coming into the US from nations supporting terrorism.  The US Black community has suffered greatly from the Open Border policies imposed by the pawns of the Global Elitist.  Many in the Black community have not even realized the total impact of open borders on their own community.  The lower job growth, lower opportunity availability, and financial impacts on the Black community that have resulted from open borders have added greatly to the frustration in the Black households.

Global Elitist & Use of Blacks to Create Anarchy and Disrupt 2016 Elections

Image result for charlotte race riotsCharlotte, NC, Riots 9/21/2016 – North Carolina Key Battleground State Between Trump and Clinton

The Global Elitist such as George Soros have pumped millions of dollars into Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other anarchist groups in order to disrupt the US political process and ensure that the Global Elitist prevail in 2016 in light of the strong challenge by Populist Donald Trump.  BLM is directly coordinating all rioting and demonstration activities surrounding any law enforcement encounters with Blacks.  The narrative is that law enforcement is inherently Racist regardless of the race of the police officer.  In other words, if a Black copy shoots a Black person, it is a racially motivated shooting as all cops are racists.  Originally BLM was not going after shootings by Black officers but there have not been enough shootings by White officers to keep the riots going!

Image result for obama clinton riots

Race Baiting Politicians

Obama and Clinton keep stoking the fires of the cries of racism by not standing on the side of law and order but pandering to the BLM anarchist movement.  This has been a pattern for both of these politicians for the past 8 years.  In the minds of the Global Elitist, an America on fire is better than a Trump presidency!  In the minds of the Global Elitist, any Means Justifies the End, which is Global Elitist domination over the world.

What to Expect from Global Elitist Before November 8th?

Who knows how far this will go.  Will Obama eventually declare Marshal Law and suspend the elections?  Will BLM force the hand of the civil society to take lethal action to quell the social unrest.  Will Obama militarize our nation and physically seize control?  Those are far-fetched possibilities but I would have thought that mass rioting in a historic city in North Carolina over a police action that resulted in the death of an armed Black man, with a 20 year felony history, at the hand of a Black police officer who reports to a Black Chief of Police would be far-fetched.

Solution:  Black and White Unity and Rejection of Race Baiting Global Elitist

Image result for Racism

The Trump campaign is seeking systemic solutions to changing the negative paradigm of Black inner-city communities.  He is not pandering with hand-outs but with adding school choice for Blacks, bringing back jobs to the inner-cities, bringing back investment into the inner-cities, strengthening community policing so inner-city residents feel safe in their homes and on their streets, and ending racial tensions between Whites and Blacks through mutual efforts to lift all Americans up by working together and discontinuing the politics of racial divide.  If Trump is elected, this does not mean that the Global Elitist will take their marbles and go home.  Quite the contrary.  They will use the Main Stream Media (MSM) to hammer every unifying advancement that is gained and try to insert a “social injustice” wedge in between the Blacks and the Whites, law enforcement and the citizens, government and the people.  It will be an all out war and not fought with any degree of civility.

The other lever they will pull is Islamophobia.  This is present today but has not been totally exploited by the Global Elitist as it has proven to be less effective than fomenting discourse between Blacks and Whites.  Those pesky terrorist use bombs rather than guns, target gays, and are not particularly friendly to any non-Muslim group.  Maybe that is why they are Muslim Radical Terrorist rather than Global Elite Muslim Terrorist!  But, if the Blacks begin working with Whites to improve Black living conditions, the Global Elitist will seek out any mechanism they can find to exploit. 

Maybe after Obama leaves office we can actually embark on a true path to a Post-Racial America!  Obama used his bully pulpit to divide and pit one citizen group against the other at the bidding of the Global Elitist. 

Trump does not agree with or need the support of the Global Elitist.  Maybe, just maybe, we actually have someone who will represent We the People, regardless of race, religion, or other distinguishing personal difference.

RD Pierini


The “R” Word Indicts the Speaker, Not the Person Being Defamed!

Paul Ryan’s Labeling of Trump’s Comments About Judge Curiel as Being Racist Merely Highlights Ryan’s Lack of Intestinal Fortitude and Commitment to Principle!

Ryan Flip Flop

What is the Definition of “RACISM”

Merriam Webster Dictionary:  “poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race”

When your opponent uses the word “RACISM”, your opponent really means that they do not want to engage you in a meaningful dialogue regarding whatever subject you are discussing.  Same for Sexism and all other “ISMs” the Left, and Right, has sought to use to silence decent.   

Political discourse today does not exist.  As soon as someone on the Right calls out an obvious bias by someone on the left, especially a Minority, the Left chimes in by calling them a Racist.  This term is intended, and has been effective, in silencing the call out. 

Inherent with this tactic is the message that the Left and Minorities cannot be biased

Somehow, the Left and Minorities have escaped the “Bias Gene” or have evolved to a much higher level than those on the Right!

Along comes Donald J. (No PC) Trump. 

Trump doesn’t view the world as majority/minority, Black/White, Hispanic/Caucasian.  He sees People!  What he says may not conform to the Left’s established politically correct “idiom”.  He will call out injustices no matter who he feels is the abuser.  This included a judge who is overseeing the Trump University case.  (For a discussion of this controversy, click on this link; http://wp.me/pY51c-Yr).

Because the judge in this case was of Hispanic decent; and has supported the La Raza organizations who are violently opposed to building a southern border wall, opposed to clamping down on illegal immigration, and opposed to having illegal immigrants in the US to become legal residents, Trump felt that this judge may be prejudiced against Trump and Trump’s positions based solely on these migration topics.  All of the Left and Right PC crowds immediately condemned Trump as being a RACISTS, rather than admitting that anyone from any race or ethnic origin could be biased based on their own experiences and viewpoints.  I think this is called “HUMAN NATURE”.

Enter Speaker Ryan

One such outcry against Donald Trump was the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan.  Ryan publicly stated that “Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment”.  In short, he referred to Trump as a Racist.  Obviously Paul Ryan had forgotten that the Hispanic Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor actually stated that different people with different backgrounds would reach different conclusions, or ruling in court, based on their experiences/background.  She stated,  “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life,”   No one called her a RACIST!

This comment was by Paul Ryan, the very person who will be presiding over the Republican Convention in Cleveland this summer, where this “racist”, will be officially crowned as the Republican Candidate for President.  Donald Trump is the presumed Republican candidate now and as such is the head of the Republican Party.  Ryan is not.  So my question to Speaker Ryan is,


Then, within 24 hours, Paul Ryan came out and stated that members of Congress should stand behind Donald Trump!  Apparently the RNC got to Ryan and brought him back into reality! 

But, this will not change the fact that Ryan does not like nor agree with Donald Trump and his policies. 

Trump’s policies are antithetical to Neo-Conservatives who back big government, foreign intervention and nation building, building deficits to address national needs, globalist trade policies, open borders, and reforming (cut) Social Security and Medicare for seniors. 

Trump is diametrically opposed to these positions and in fact embraces more traditional values on all of these positions. 

This will not be the last time that Ryan betrays his disdain for Trump.  One can hope that either Ryan loses his House seat to his GOP opponent or the House votes in a new Speaker.  Trump will need advocates in the House and Senate and Ryan will serve as a roadblock to Trump.  Kind of ironic and telling that Ryan has not opposed any budget or policy put for by Obama!


Could get interesting…

RD Pierini



Trump is Right to Call Out Judicial Politicization & RINO Backlash

The Judiciary Was Not Intended

to Influence Presidential Elections



The Judiciary Was Not Intended to Promote a Political Agenda

Why the GOP Hypertension and Overreaction to Trump’s Calling out of Judge Curiel’s Ethnicity Was Counter-Conservative

Focus:  Donald Trump’s call out of the “Mexican” United States District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over the Trump University “class action” lawsuit in San Diego, California, has brought Trump’s outgoing nature to the forefront once again.  I am not going to discuss the case itself as that will take care of itself over time, probably on appeal.  But rather, I will focus on the Left’s use of “every weapon in their arsenal” to go after Republican Candidates.  And, as a corollary, I will discuss the giddiness of Republicans, who like to hear themselves talk, to quickly jump on the left’s bashing of a GOP candidate.  Finally, I will put forth some thoughts why the GOP “Conservatives” need to support the prevention of appointing judicial activists to the Federal Bench at all levels. 

Democrat Left Wing Arsenal-Now Includes the Judiciary & Corporate Blackmail:

In politics it is apparent that almost nothing is off-limits.  The Democrat Left has been able to create the rules that Republicans now play by and seem happy to do so. 

Judicial Activism:  In the Trump University cases, the Left is using the judiciary in two States to try to impugn the business integrity of Trump.  The NY Attorney General is a left-wing operative who has no lost love for any conservative and has particular animus for Trump.  The Federal Judge in San Diego was or is a member of the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego and oversaw the gift of a law school scholarship to an illegal alien.  So much for a Federal Judge adhering to Federal Law!

The National La Raza organization is a political activists group who is opposed to deporting illegal aliens and the building of a wall on our southern border among other key immigration issues.  The plaintiff’s attorneys are documented Clinton supporters and have given substantial sums ($600K+) to Hillary’s campaign and to the Clinton’s foundations.  The Trump legal team has alleged that the Federal Judge in San Diego, Curiel, has consistently and in a biased manner, ruled against Trump University.  From Trump’s point of view, the New York and California cases are both politically motivated and tied to his GOP Presidential Campaign. 

Corporate Blackmail-PGA:  In this past week, Trump was notified by the PGA that their 54 year tournament at Doral would be moved to Mexico City.  The PGA used a clause in their long-term contract with Trump that if the PGA could not find a sponsor for the event at Doral they were free to move the tournament.  This is after a multi-million dollar renovation of Doral, under the guidance and approval by the PGA, by Trump Doral, over the past two years.  Cadillac was the previous sponsor and stated that their decision to pull out was not “political”. 

I am sorry, but even if this happened to Hillary Clinton I would not believe for a second that the decision by Cadillac and the PGA was nothing but Political!  The left will continue to use these types of boycotts all the way through the election in November in an attempt to either shine a bad light on Trump’s operations or make him lose so much money that he loses interest in the Presidential campaign, or both.  The outcry from conservatives over the PGA dropping Trump was non-existent!  As Usual.

So Why Is Trump Calling Out a Federal Judge?

Blind Justice with Dog

Four points. 

One, Trump is calling out the Left’s use of judicial activism as a political tool.  Trump clearly feels that Judge Curiel’s past support for La Raza et. al. is biasing his judgement in the prosecution of the Trump University suit.  La Raza and their affiliates are “Hispanic” focused organizations that support illegal immigration, open borders, benefits for illegal immigrants, the Dream Act and other such legislation.  Trump’s tough stand on illegal immigration and the building of a southern border wall are antithetical to the La Raza organizations. 

Two, GOP immediately grabs onto the Political Correctness Banner against one of their own!  When Trump called out Curiel as “Mexican” or of Mexican decent, the right, including Newt Gingrich and others, immediately came out ON TELEVISION condemning Trump and his “prejudiced”, “racist” comments about a Judge of Mexican decent born in the US.  Trump is merely questioning the lack of IMPARTIALITY of a specific person, and is not indicting a whole ethnic group!  Trump is questioning the motivation for lack of IMPARTIALITY by a specific person and is not indicting a whole ethnic group!  It is pretty sad to see the lack of depth and conviction in our political elders. 



Three, That the GOP who are condemning Trump, are displaying the worst form of Pandering!   The GOP is so paranoid of offending one single Hispanic voter, they break out in hives and blisters when one of their “own” makes a statement that they think may cost them a vote or a Senate or House seat!  Their “concern” is for the lost vote and not for the individuals within the ethnic group!  This is the real reason the GOP cannot attract the Hispanic voter, they do not believe the GOP is sincere, because they aren’t!  Trump is the premier advocate for both legal Blacks and Hispanics in terms of improving their opportunities for education, jobs and achieving the American Dream!  What has the GOP or Democrats done for Blacks and Hispanics lately?  NOTHING!  Trump is the lone voice for stopping the exporting of needed jobs and for stopping the unfettered influx of illegal immigrants who flood our scarce employment market with cheap labor to the detriment of US citizens. 

Four and most important, that appointments to the Federal Judiciary matter!  The GOP Senate has given into Democrat rule changes that basically make judicial appointments automatic.  Trump was hammered by the GOP “conservatives” regarding his appointments to the Supreme Court.  Trump responded by naming 11 or so potential candidates to the Supreme Court who were conservative constitutionalist.  Why then, when Trump questions the activist nature of Federal Judges that were nominated by Obama and approved by a GOP Senate, do those same Senators and other “conservatives” feel that Trump is biased against Hispanics when he is pointing directly at political activism by political appointees! 

Federal Judgeships are the “minor leagues” for the Supreme Court.  It is important to vet candidates properly and to weed out activists.  RACE, ETHNIC ORIGIN, RELIGION OR SEXUAL PREFERENCE are not the issue.  The issue is whether a judge will apply the law without prejudice.  Period.


Trump sees the Trump U case as much more than a 6 plaintiff “class action” lawsuit.

  To Trump, this is an example of POLITICAL JUDICIAL ACTIVISM that he abhors. 

To Trump, any US citizen could be subjected to Judicial Overreach and harmed immeasurably.  In fact, many have already. 

To Trump, this is a battle to either embrace Conservatism, “Blind Justice for All”, or give in to political expediency where votes outweigh the principle. 

We will see how long it takes

for the “conservatives” to get it!


RD Pierini



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Clinton-The Real Disaster for You and Your Family

Hillary’s Proven Legacy of Death and Destruction

Hillary FailuresTop Left:  Hillary kisses wife of PLO Leader Arafat; Destruction in the Middle East; Rape of Europe promotes open immigration; Started negotiations on Iran Deal  Middle Left:  Promoted “Arab Spring” in Egypt; Foreign Disrespect of US Flag; Coddle 9-11 perpetrators; Supported “Arab Spring in Tunisia; Supported the Iranian Nuclear Agreement;  Bottom Left; 4 Americans Killed in /Benghazi due to Clinton hesitation to send help; Email Scandal sends US secrets to our enemies; Hillary disrespecting 4 dead Americans, What difference does it make!; Phony reset with Russia!

Experience?  Yes.  Judgement?  No!

Hillary Has Been a Placeholder in Government, Not a Patriot, Leader, or Statesman

Hillary claiming Trump “would be” Dangerous for America and the world. 

This is a “Dangerous” Accusation: 


Dangerous Queen Hillary-Wall-Street-Benghazi-Clinton

Hillary is trying to frame Donald Trump as Dangerous to the US and World at large and blames his temperament and lack of experience and judgement for his not being ready to be the President of the United States.  Hillary needs to take a long look into the mirror of history to see just how unqualified she is to ever again be involved with US Foreign Policy or be anything other than a tourist visiting the White House.

Here are a few examples using her own soundbites from her supposed “Foreign Policy” speech yesterday.  (She can’t even tell the truth about a speech.  It was not a foreign policy speech but rather a political campaign speech against Trump!)

CLINTON: “This is not someone (Trump) who should ever have the nuclear codes because it’s not hard to imagine Donald Trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin.”

  • Trump is not a rabid interventionist like Hillary as evidenced by her promoting the invasion of Libya and her plea for regime change in that country.

  • Trump believes in America First and would only act if he felt the nation was at grave risk. 

  • Hillary put the country at grave risk with her advocacy for a Nuclear Iran and supporting rapid pullout of Iraq without a Status of Forces Agreement.

  • Hillary vindictively went after and helped to destroy all of her Husband’s lovers and victims.  Is this being too thin skinned?  Maybe her judgement should have been aimed at her husband rather than rape victims…

CLINTON: “Donald Trump’s ideas aren’t just different – they are dangerously incoherent,”

  • Trump advocates reviewing decades old treaties such as NATO and others to insure that these defense agreements are effective and are fair to the US.

  • Unlike Clinton, Trump believes that regime change is not in the best interest of the US.  He believes that war is the last resort and never justified unless US self interests can be achieved.  Clinton supported regime change in Iraq, Libya and Syria.  How is that working out!

  • Hillary aided and abetted the Russian takeover of Ukraine after a phony “reset of relations” with Russia.  This reset led to Russia becoming increasingly more belligerent in reclaiming parts of the old Soviet Union. 

  • Hillary pushed Obama into taking out the Kaddafi regime in Libya in spite of the fact that Kaddafi was an acquaintance of Obama’s pastor, Rev. Wright!  This ouster totally destabilized Libya and left the country ripe for ISIS to step in and take over.

  • Trump is a collaborative business person who will seek the best advice of experts before acting.  Hillary surrounds herself with 2-3 close confidants and excludes everyone else! 

  • Hillary uses an unsecured Blackberry in an unsecured area of the State Department to text Sid Blumenthal, in opposition to a direct order by her Commander and Chief, to see what she should do in Libya and elsewhere. 

  • Trump has engaged an impressive national security team that includes Senator Jeff Sessions, to formulate his foreign policy.  Big difference…

  • Hilary ramped up a pro-Iranian nuclear agreement that eventually led to a solution designed to give Iran $160 Billion to use to support their world-wide terror organization, insured that Iran would get nuclear weapons, and featured virtually a non-inspection pact allowing Iran free reign to do what ever they wanted during their development of nuclear weapons.  And this is coherent?

CLINTON:  “He is not just unprepared – he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility.”

  • Clinton has yelled at the Secret Service, her Staff, and her husband in well documented accounts.  She is also more paranoid than Richard Nixon. She would not use government issued, secured email and handheld devices as she feared a FOIA request that could sunshine her actions.  She feared that even Obama would find out that she was communicating with Sid Blumenthal.  And she says Trump is unfit?  If she won’t obey a direct order from the President of the United States, why would you think she will obey the US Constitution!

  • Trump runs over 500 companies world wide with thousands of employees.  He negotiated and built each of these enterprises from scratch including many “turnaround” situations requiring the rebuilding of assets and infrastructure.  His “temperament” has served his ventures well and he understands how to reach out to his adversaries.  He has converted the majority of his former opposing presidential candidates to becoming his supporters and has rallied 85% of the Republican Party to his side.  You don’t do this if you are temperamentally unfit! 

CLINTON:  “He believes we can treat the U.S. economy like one of his casinos and default on our debts to the rest of the world, which would cause an economic catastrophe far worse than anything we experienced in 2008.”

  • Well, this one is rich!  Hillary was part of a Senate and then part of the Obama administration who drove the national debt to over $19 trillion dollars and climbing.  Our debt is over 100% of our GDP and growing, thanks in part to Hillary’s policies and advocacies. 

  • Hillary and her husband were co-architects of the sub-prime loan disaster that led to the 2008 recession.  All the while receiving millions from Wall Street!

  • Trump had 4 operations that failed, out of hundreds and those operations filled for bankruptcy protection.  As opposed to Hillary’s support and vote for the GM “government contrived bankruptcy”, backed by taxpayers, as well as the bank bailouts of 2008.  The Trump company bankruptcies did not put taxpayer money at risk. 

  • Hillary is great at gambling with your money, all the while raking in money for herself. 


Hillary Must be Desperate to Use Foreign Policy to go After Trump

Her Failed Positions and Policies are Legend

Only Biden, and Neo-Conservatives, Have a Worse Foreign Policy Record than Clinton

RD Pierini



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Read Hillary Clinton’s Speech on Donald Trump and National Security



Ryan’s Reluctance-Immigration Policy vs Romney 3rd Party Candidacy?

Is Ryan Waiting for Romney to Run as 3rd Party Candidate?

Or, Does Ryan Oppose Trump’s Illegal Immigration Deportation?

Romney Ryan Loser


Is Ryan Waiting to See if His 2012 Running Mate, Mitt Romney, Will Launch a 3rd Party Challenge in 2016?

I have to admit that I do believe that Speaker Paul Ryan is waiting to see if Mitt Romney throws his hat into the ring as a 3rd party candidate. 

I do not believe that Ryan would join Romney on the ticket this time.  But, Ryan would have cover to stay “neutral” and not have to endorse Trump as the GOP candidate due to Ryan’s old relationship with Mitt. 

If this is Ryan’s motivation, we will know shortly, and obviously before the November elections.  If Romney enters the race and Ryan plays the “neutral card”, Ryan’s congressional opponent in Wisconsin, Paul Nehlen, will gain a lot of steam.  There will be a lot of Trump supporters, including Sarah Palin, out in force to defeat Ryan.  Ryan lost his home town in his last re-election while Trump won Ryan’s home town in this year’s primary.  Ryan’s could be “Cantored” and lose his Speakership!

Or, Is Ryan Opposed to Trump’s Illegal Immigrant Deportation Plan?

Paul Ryan is adamantly opposed to Donald Trump’s “mass deportation” rhetoric.  During a town hall meeting in Georgetown in April, 2016, Ryan said:

“I’m a person who believes that for the undocumented, we have to come up with a solution that doesn’t involve mass deportation, that involves people the opportunity to get right with the law, to come in and earn a legal status while we fix the rest of legal immigration,”  (Except that is not the law and not what the senior member of the 2012 ticket thought!)

Trump’s position is that all illegals have to leave and reapply for legal admission into the US.  But, Trump’s position on the deportation of illegal immigrants is not that different from Ryan’s 2012 running mate, Mitt Romney .  Romney stated in 2007, and restated this position during the 2012 campaign:

“My plan is this, which is for those that have come here illegally and are here illegally today, no amnesty. Now, how do people return home? Under the ideal setting, at least in my view, you say to those who have just come in recently, we’re going to send you back home immediately, we’re not going to let you stay here. You just go back home.”

Now, Ryan has changed his position, assuming he agreed with Romney as head of the 2012 ticket.  Ryan now is adamantly opposed to deportation?

Is this why Ryan is withholding his endorsement of Trump?  If so, than Ryan has to forfeit some of his “conservative” creds!  Deportation is the law of the land and a conservative always follows the rule of the law!  Ryan did not oppose it in 2012 so why now?


If Ryan withholds his endorsement for the designated GOP Presidential Candidate, based on another candidate entering the 2016 Presidential Race, than Ryan SHOULD step down as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  At a minimum, he should step down as the Chairman of the GOP Convention in Cleveland. 

This action by Ryan, is jeopardizing not only the 2016 Presidential race, but the House and Senate races as well.  People are fed up with the Establishment.  Ryan and Romney are the poster-children for the establishment. 

RD Pierini




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Obama-248 Days Left Of the Destruction of Our Republic

50% of Those Polled Approve of Obama’s Performance!


2016 Presidential Campaign Allowing Obama to

“Fundamentally Transform America”

While We Are Not Watching

King Obama

The Buzz today is about discussing Donald Trump’s love life from 30 years ago!  Really?  

Obama and the Main Stream Media (MSM)  will do and say anything to distract us from seeing that Obama has literally redefined America.  We, including our elected Republican officials in Washington DC, have done nothing to stop him.  Here are a few of Obama’s “Accomplishments“:

  • Completely weakened the financial fabric of this nation by driving up our debt to $20 Trillion.

  • Exploding our welfare assistance to illegal and legal immigrants and eliminating our borders entirely.

  • Emasculated the breadth of our banking system and consolidated our financial institutions to the detriment of the consumers.

  • Ruining higher education by taking over Student Loans and driving the cost of higher education through to roof enslaving our students through a life of debt owed to the almighty government.

  • Gave Iran a clear path to create and possess nuclear weapons and provided $150 Billion to help finance their creation and subsidize Iranian terror networks.

  • Giving Iraq and Syria to Iran with his hands off policy in Syria and his allowing Iraq to fall into political and military disarray through his hands off policy with ISIS. 

  • Giving Iran a clear path to complete its missile arsenal with which to deliver its soon to be completed nuclear weapons.

  • Allowed Iran to intimidate our navy by capturing and detaining one of our ships in international waters.

  • Destabilized Libya by taking out Qadhafi and destroying its governing infrastructure leaving it for ISIS and other nefarious organizations to pick at its carcass. 

  • Allowing China to “annex” the South China Sea without resistance nor repercussions.

  • Allowing Russia to intimidate our military with low flyovers and close encounters with our ships and aircraft.

  • Giving North Korea a clear path to complete their nuclear arms and ballistic missile programs.

  • Allowing Central and Eastern Africa to become a cesspool of terror and unrest.

  • Transformed cultural norms such as traditional marriage by his advocacy of same-sex marriage giving SCOTUS a clear path to overturn DOMA and a millennia of cultural tradition.

  • Literally destroying the American Health Care System with Obamacare.

  • Using Obamacare to destroy the Freedom of Religion to force religious institutions to conform with Obamacare mandates regardless of their long-held religious objections to abortions, birth control, and sex reassignment procedures.  Euthanasia next?

  • Using Title IX and Title VII, redefined bathroom, changing room and shower access to be wide open to all genders.

  • Setting the stage to force the private sector to allow transgender individuals to use restrooms, changing rooms or other typically gender restricted areas as they wish ignoring the risk to the innocent by pedophiles and sex offenders.

  • Undermining our civil order by making continuous disparaging remarks about our police and other law enforcement officials and using the DOJ to interfere with local law enforcement.

  • Inciting riotous behavior by siding with anarchistic organizations such as Occupy and Black Lives Matter.

  • Creating open borders and open immigration policies that are destroying the cultural fabric of our nation.

Still Think Obama Does Not Know What He Is Doing!

Unfortunately, the list is virtually endless as everyday more and more of our liberties are lost, our economic prosperity driven into the oblivion of debt, and our moral fiber destroyed.  Race relations, due to Obama’s constant race baiting tactics, are at their worst since the 1960’s.  The plight of Blacks and other inner city minorities is dismal with Black on Black crime escalating exponentially.   Obama blames law enforcement and the bias of the justice system!

So, when you hear or see the MSM focusing on silly issues like Trump’s love life when he was single, stop and ask, “What is the Administration and the Media trying to Hide”?  The MSM has become one big reality show meant to distract and mislead the public.  Unfortunately, we are too easily duped into thinking that what we are going through is “NORMAL”!  It isn’t! 

This Election is Vital to this Nation’s Survival. 

While some on the right are chanting the #nevertrump mantra, Obama and the left keep on destroying what is left of this republic.  Hillary, if she is able to run, or for that matter any Democrat (or socialist) candidate for president, will continue to take this nation down the path of progressive annihilation. 

trump 1

You may not like some of the things Donald Trump says or does. 

But, It Is Trump Or The Fall of America. 

This is not being dramatic, this is being truthful.


RD Pierini



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Trump is the “Mechanic” for the Tea Parties Get Onboard

Insider, Elitist Republicans Failed the Tea Parties

In 2010, 2012 & 2014Tea Party Groups Need to Understand that Trump Is the ONLY Chance To Take Back the Government from Elitists & Globalists

Tea Party advocates who want to take back our nation need to carefully consider supporting Donald Trump.  The alternative, Hillary Clinton will solidify our loss of freedom and control over this nation forever or at least until the electorate think that insurrection is their only alternative…  Trump is a populist candidate that supports an overwhelming number of your core conservative values.

Republican Party Control is in the Hands of Globalists and Open Border Advocates

The Tea Parties rose out of a grass-roots movement to rail against our government’s heavy-handed tactics, increasing taxes and control over we the people, supporting illegal and legal immigration, run-a-way spending and increasing debt, and a total lack of empathy from both parties.  The reasons the Tea Party Movement became a popular, if not populist movement, are not only still prevalent today but have grown exponentially worse.

This is in spite of the fact that the Tea Party and their supporters have given back the House of Representatives and the Senate to the Republican Party.  The Republican Party would have won the presidency in 2008 and 2012 if it had run a real candidate!  The voters today, including many Tea Party advocates, feel betrayed by everyone they have elected to the House and Senate and feel the Republican Party is not much better, if it is better, than the Democrat Party in terms of the core values of We the People.

Enter Donald J. Trump

Tea Party Core Values:

When the Tea Party movement started, individual Tea Party organizations sprung up all over the country.  While some had specific local issues they supported, there were common themes and principles interwoven into each of these organizations.  They included:

  • Lower and less complex Taxes

  • Control over Federal Debt

  • Focus on Personal Freedom-Protection for our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights.

  • Smaller Government

  • Refocus on American Values and Heritage (Judeo-Christian Foundation)

  • Control over our Borders and Immigration

  • Private Healthcare (Repeal and Replace Obamacare)

  • Enforce Election Integrity (Voter ID)

  • Conservative Supreme Court

Unfortunately, the McConnell, Boehner, and Ryan leadership in the Senate and House, that presided over an increase of our national debt of $9 Trillion Dollars ($19 Trillion Total) and climbing; a failure to overturn Obamacare; a failure to control our borders; a failure to reign in legal and illegal immigration; a failure to stand for American workers and push for increases of visa immigrants to take American’s jobs; a failure to challenge Obama either with impeachment or with the purse strings;  a failure of countless, feckless House and Senate Oversight committees hearings that yielded no tangible results nor resulted in any accountable results;  have deepened the US slide into Progressive Socialism and hardened silos of groups pitted against one another. 

In short, our work to elect a House and Senate that would do the will of the people have failed.  Many of these candidates solicited the help of the Tea Parties only to sell out to the Congressional leadership for a cushy committee assignment or other phony badge of self-importance.

Trump “America First” Platform 2016

Trump has set the agenda for the 2016 Republican Primary and also for the 2016 Presidential Election!  This is the FIRST time in a long time, 1976 and 1980, a Republican candidate actually set the national agenda and that agenda mirrors most of the Tea Party platform.  Why did Trump do it?  Because, for once someone, Trump, actually listened to what you had been saying in the past and actually formulated your thoughts into a national agenda!  So, how does Trump stack up against the Tea Party’s priorities?

  • Taxes:  Trump has proposed a revamping of tax rates to lower taxes on businesses, large and small; lower taxes substantially on the middle class; and to eliminate loopholes that protect Wall Street traders.  His plan is pretty much aligned with the Tea Party desires for taxation, “Taxed Enough Already”!

  • Federal Debt:  Trump correctly sees the issues of the Federal Debt and the Economy as one and the same and adds in a need to revamp our trade policies to at least level the playing field or give the US a slight edge in our trade agreements.  By increasing the rate of growth of our economy to 3-5%, and eliminating our negative balance of trade internationally, the US can start to eliminate the federal debt.  This will, of course be abetted with lower spending as he cuts back on the EPA, the Department of Education and other agencies.

  • Personal Freedom:  1st and 2nd Amendment Rights:  Trump has published statements on his support of the 2nd amendment, as well as his positions against political correctness, the constraints against religious freedom and others, that underscore his willingness to fight for personal freedom. 

  • Smaller Government:  Trump has campaigned on cutting back the Dept. of Ed and turning control back to the States.  He also sees cuts in the EPA and the elimination of many of the regulations; the downsizing of the Dept. of Energy and turning its control back to the States;  the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and its huge bureaucracy; and a revamping of many of the functions of government that do not yield a payback to the tax payers.

  • American Values:  Trump has crushed political correctness that has stifled our traditional values such as using phrases like Merry Christmas, Happy Easter and so on.  As an employer of thousands of employees, and one who spends hours at his job sites and properties, he understands the issues every family faces every day.  He is closer to We the People than any other candidate we have had in decades.  He may be a billionaire, but he relates to everyday people.

  • Borders and Immigration:  He was the candidate that brought our borders, the impacts of illegal immigration, immigration visas, and the Syrian refugee impacts into the primaries.  He also brought in the disgrace of sanctuary cities to the national front page.  He insists on building the wall, both physical, legal and procedural, and protect our sovereignty.  Pretty telling when the past president of Mexico give Trump the Bird.  Actually, he gave the bird to all of us who are tired of supporting illegal immigrants better than our vets.

  • Veterans:  Trump brought the plight of our Vets and the horrors of the VA care into the campaign and will continue to force changes in the VA in the treatment of our best!

  • Repeal of Obamacare:  Trump has a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare with a private sector based solution.  You should take the time to read his policy statement on this plan and you can bet Dr. Ben Carson will be instrumental in the final development of the legislation.

  • Voter Integrity:  Trump is the one who educated the American Electorate on the “goofy” system the political parties have set up to ensure that the parties control who becomes the candidate for the party.  TRUMP exposed this up by challenging the “corrupt nature” of the systems and once he becomes the head of the Republican Party, he will push for systemic changes in the process at the national and State level.  It took a billionaire to do this as he was independent of the Republican Party, its elites, its donor class, and the Super-PACs. 

  • Supreme Court Nominees:  Trump will soon release his list of potential Supreme Court nominees and has pledged that he will only select from this list.  Many of you do not know his sister, Maryanne Trump Berry.  She is an appellate court judge who sat on the bench with now Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.  Their voting records were almost identical including the one Cruz blasted Trump over when their court held that a New Jersey anti-abortion law was unconstitutional.  Cruz and his surrogates maintained that Trump and his sister were not pro-life due to this decision.  The truth is that Justice Alito voted the same way Maryanne Berry did and he is certainly pro-life.  There is one thing I can guarantee you, Hillary’s nominees will be hard left and take this country down the progressive liberal rabbit hole!  Wait to judge Trump on this until you see his list.

Trump aligns better with the Tea party than all of the other 2016 candidates, including Ted Cruz.  Cruz voted to fast-track TPP which would continue to export US jobs overseas; Cruz voted to increase immigration visas to the highest level in our history.  Don’t get me wrong, Cruz is a conservative.  But, Cruz does not have the executive skills pass the legislation needed to turn this country around.  There are very few of his Congressional colleagues who will even talk to him let alone work with him.  

Don’t assume Trump’s populist positions are not conservative in their very nature.  Compare him to self-described “Conservatives” like Paul Ryan and others whose voting record, or lack thereof, belie their actual bias against true conservative values.  Trump has also proven that he knows how to use the Bully Pulpit to influence public opinion for a cause.  He will use these skills to get congress off of their proverbial butts and enact common sense legislation to get this country, not Wall Street, moving again.

Consider why the Globalist Establishment oppose Trump.  He will stop their mindless profit-motivated exporting of American Jobs overseas and cut off their cheap US Worker replacements via his immigration controls. 

The US consumes 25% of the world’s goods and services.  Over the past 40 years, more and more of the goods are being produced overseas while our factories are being closed.  At some point, you wonder who will have a job in the US to buy those foreign-made goods?

Think about it!

RD Pierini



Obama and Paul Ryan/RINOs are #NeverTrump

If anyone needed any confirmation that Washington DC, Democrats and Republicans are cut from the same cloth just look at Ryan’s withholding of an endorsement for Trump as the Republican presumptive nominee and Obama’s attacking Trump as a celebrity during his spinning of his economic disaster this morning. 

Time to Start Over

Then, the rest of the RINO herd, the Bushes, Lindsay Graham, the pundits, Steven Hayes, George Will, Bill Kristol, Katy Pavlich and a host of others piled on the presumptive nominee not only withhold their endorsement but many are still trying to start a 3rd party.  Their support for Rubio and Cruz failed miserably so they are seeking another back door!

Their hope is to split the vote enough to keep

Trump and Clinton from getting to 270 electoral votes. 

If Trump and Clinton both get 49% (264 electoral votes) of the vote, and the 3rd party spoiler only gets 2% (11 electoral votes or less) of the vote, without a candidate receiving the majority of the electoral votes the selection of the President will be decided on the floor of the House of Representatives. 

Once the election goes to the House of Representatives, ANY of the presidential candidates, including the 2% 3rd Party candidate, could be selected by the House of Representatives as provided by the US Constitution, Article II, section 1, clause 3. 

A Trump candidacy put states like New York, West Virginia, Ohio, Florida and other states in play that Obama won.  The chance of getting close to a split is certainly better than winning the lottery and thus the potential for even a weak 3rd party candidate, like Romney, to spoil the two frontrunners is possible. 

This is the political wet dream for the DC Establishment! 

Once the vote goes to Congress, the Republican insiders, who are the majority in the House, can select their chosen third-party candidate regardless of how many electoral or popular votes they received!

Trump Sessions

Why is the Establishment so tweaked by Trump?

There are two key issues that bind Republicans and Democrats and the Establishment/Donor Classes.  These two issues yield billions of dollars to large US Corporations and by extension venture capitalists (Romney), lobbyists and politicians via campaign contributions and golden parachutes when they retire!  Even the US Chamber of Commerce, who is supposed to support US business IN THE US, support this insanity.

  1. Open Borders-Open Immigration:

    1. Democrats and Republican insiders both share this goal. 

    2. Democrats see illegal immigrants as future Democrats and voters who will support them.

    3. Both support cheap labor to help their big business donors to keep their labor costs down.  US Chamber of Commerce spends millions on candidates who support open borders.

    4. Immigration Visas:  Both support expanding the worker visa programs so they can use the cheaper immigrant labor to replace both blue-collar and professional US workers.  This is huge for US businesses like the tech industry but goes way beyond Silicon Valley.  US Chamber of Commerce spends millions on candidates who support open borders.

  2. Free Trade” / Outsourcing of the US:

    1. Free Trade“, read this to mean agreements and treaties that allow US businesses to easily export their business and jobs to other companies, is supported by both parties.

    2. “Free Trade” also incorporates the principle of granting to a third-party, an international body, the power to rule and manipulate US trade according to the “agreement”.  This extends to the World Trade Organization and even United Nations “mandates”.  While this is unconstitutional, our elected officials, Congress and the Presidents, have allowed us to become subservient to international bodies.  Both parties have supported this practice and agreements.  The pending Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will further erode our sovereignty and push more US industry and jobs overseas!  The Democrat and Republican candidates support both treaties, with the exception of Trump.

    3. Free Trade is a misnomer and must be seen as an Anti-American labor mechanism.  The trade agreements allow US companies to export their production to other countries, then import the finished products back to the US!  Usually the country they are moving to provides tax benefits and certainly lower environmental and labor regulations than they face in the US.  In the process, American labor looses as do thousands of small businesses who provide local support for the exported industries.  So, when you hear of Carrier moving 1,400 jobs to Mexico, there are probably 5,000 small business employees who will lose their jobs as well.  These range from parts suppliers, local freight haulers, and the pizza shop across from the Carrier plant.

What is at Stake with a Ryan / Trump Meeting?

Donald Trump’s Jobs Plan and economic stimulus is predicated on reversing the exporting of our industries and jobs via trade deals and providing more opportunities to American workers rather than illegal aliens and Immigration Visa recipients.  These policies, coupled with his tax plan and the elimination of  idiotic EPA regulations, will in fact propel our industries and our workers to new heights. 

If you think for a second that the establishment politicians of either party, including Paul Ryan, care more about putting US workers back to work than keeping the donor class happy and swimming in foreign generated profits, you may as well support Bernie Sanders. 

Otherwise, let Trump know that he should tell Speaker Ryan to take his agenda and shove them …!

RD Pierini