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The Left & the MSM are THE EXISTENTIAL THREAT to America

Senate Security Briefing Documents the Real Issues Facing the US

The Left Wing media and the Democrat Party are distracting US citizens with the “Russia” and “Comey” issues while the world left by Obama is a powder-keg ready to consume the West.

The Senate Intelligence Committee met today in an open, then closed, session to review the status of world-wide threats with the heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA the DNI and others.  The purpose of the hearing was to lay out to the committee the status of world and threats to the US.  Too bad the MSM is cherry picking the discussion as even the open portion of the meeting was scary to say the least.  But, the MSM focus remains on the Comey firing and the “Russian/Trump” left-wing conspiracy.  They feel this is more important than the US being attacked at home and abroad by radicals and enemies across the globe.  This is TRAITOROUS at best.

Bullet Points from the Meeting:

  • The American people deserve to know that North Korea represents an EXISTENTIAL threat to the US NOW! 
  • They need to know that Russia is seeking to expand their territorial land grab in Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. 
  • Also, Russia is stepping up their counter-intelligence efforts using updated technology and methods as are the US and others.
  •   NATO nations are threatened by Russian westward expansion; continued radical Islam terror attacks; 
  • The US is directly threatened by terrorism plans from Al Qaeda, ISIS, Iran and other radical groups;
  • and Iran is rapidly moving toward developing their nuclear capability and refining their delivery systems. 

All the MSM and the left can focus on is their narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians and defeated Clinton!

The graphic above shows that in spite of wall to wall coverage of Director Comey for the past year or so, only 17% of Americans have a positive view of the Director! In spite of his notoriety, 48% of Americans have no opinion of Comey.  And, 40% OF AMERICANS FEEL CONGRESS IS SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME ON THE “RUSSIAN AND WIRETAPPING” INVESTIGATIONS!  American need jobs and security, not political rhetoric!

Trump will continue to deliver on his campaign promises that are already making the MSM and the left apoplectic.  Their coordinated efforts to de-legitimize President Trump is inciting violence, hatred, and is posing an existential threat to our democracy and our future. 

Image result for uc berkely riots

The only possible outcome from this activity is higher and higher levels of violence ending with and all out armed conflict between the left and the legitimate government of the United States.  When?   Probably well before the end of Trump’s first term and perhaps as early as the mid-term elections.   We will see how sanctimonious the MSM pundits and the Democrat fringe are when this occurs.  Hopefully Trump will utilize the tactics of his hero Andrew Jackson, rather than Abraham Lincoln, and not engage in a civil war to bring the country back together. 

Far fetched?  It starts with killing free speech.  The left has a coordinated effort underway on college campuses and elsewhere to shut down conservative viewpoints.  Sanctuary cities are already defying Federal laws and are aided and abetted by left-wing judges who ignore the Constitution and the rule of law.  Firing the first shot is merely a matter of who and when.

RD Pierini

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Is this Conservatism? Banning 1st Amendment Rights! The “Ryan” Way!

Confederate Flags CANNOT Be Flown

At Federal Veterans Cemeteries


Confederate flags fly over the graves of Confederate soldiers burried in Magnolia Cemetery on July 14, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina.

If You Ignore History,

The Death of 700,000 Americans Will be For Naught!

Last Week the House voted 265 to 159 to block descendants of Confederate veterans from flying the Confederate Flag over mass graves even on the days when flags have been permitted in the past.  Democrats forced the Republicans to kowtow to their mantra that the flag represented racism, slavery and division.  This comes after a long line of other political decisions at the State and Federal level to erase the Confederate Flag from our Consciousness.  The real issue is Free Speech.  We protect the free speech of those who burn the American Flag.  Why don’t we protect the right to display the confederate flag?  The Confederate Flag is really a symbol of submission TO our Nation by Southern States and a reminder of our past historical mistakes regarding slavery and the maturation process of our Great Nation.

In a show of total ignorance and a lack of a sense of history, the feeble Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, stated, “People are going to have to take tough votes…”;  “…the last thing we should do is derail our own appropriations process”.  I am sure another Obama dictated Ryan budget is far more important than remembering Why and How 700,000 Americans, free and Slave, lost their lives in our great Civil War.  The budget is far more important than our 1st Amendment rights to Free Speech!

The Confederate Flag is the Symbol of the Maturation and Evolution of this Great Nation, and the Sovereignty of our Republic. 

Some argue that the seeds of the Civil War were sown as early as 1619 when a Dutch trader unloaded the first shipment of African slaves at Jamestown, Virginia.  (At the time, this nation did not exist as it was an British colony.  The British utilized slaves in a number of its colonies and perpetuated this scourge until 1833 when they outlawed slavery in MOST of there colonies, not all! ) The  The seeds of the Civil War grew over the next 250 years until they spawned the bloodiest war ever fought by this nation.  A war that was deeply seated in morality, economics, and politics. 

The Confederate Flag holds different meaning to different groups and individuals.  Unfortunately, for many, their perception of the meaning of the Confederate Flag is based on the teachings of a failed, biased, and revisionist education system.  A perception focused on one facet of what the banner represented, slavery, rather than teach the lessons that led to the freeing of 4,000,000 African slaves; the fierce battles that led to a narrow margin of Northern victory over the South that saved the United States as a nation; the solidification of Federalism over States rights including the right to secede from the nation; and an economic change to the Southern States that depressed the region for decades.

While some in the South may see the Flag as a symbol of Southern independence, the flag really stands for a history lesson that no American should be ignorant of, nor try to hid in the annuls of time. 

The Confederate Flag is the Symbol or the Reminder that We the People,

  • Once Divided Over Slavery;

  • the North and South Distrust and Bias of One Another;

  • the Sovereignty of our Federal System of States.

    • Now are One in the Elimination of Slavery and Human Rights Abuses of all Forms;

    • Respect of One Another’s Differences,;

    • And a Recognition That Federal Law, Constitutionally Enacted, is the Law of the Land and Applicable to all of the States.



There is no greater symbol of this reminder than when we see the American Flag Flying Over the Confederate Flag.  This symbol of dominance should remind Americans that the sacrifices of our ancestors in the Civil War, and the sacrifices of the slaves, was an act of maturation of this nation that it is the antithesis of Racism, Bigotry or Hatred.

If We Hide Our History, We are Bound to Repeat It.

RD Pierini



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The Irony of the Left’s Position on Freedom of Speech

Jared Loughner’s actions last Saturday, when he killed 6 people and wounded several others including a Congresswoman at a Safeway Store in Tuscon, was an acting out his own perverted version of his Freedom of SpeechRather than words, he used bullets.  His actions are the antithesis of the rights guaranteed to us all in our Constitution.  But the Left somehow sees Jared as a victim of the Right rather than as the average, ordinary, demented serial killer he is.  They do not condemn his actions as an act the he perpetrated and carried out on his own.  Rather, they oddly seem to forgive his perverted expression of free speech but turn on those on the Right and seek to deny the Rights free access to free speech.  While overlooking the actions of a demented soul, they seek to politicize any comment ever made by the Right that included any metaphor the Left deamed to be inappropriate.  Worse yet, the Left seeks to turn their feigned outrage into political action by forcing more gun control, dusting off the “Fairness Doctrine”, and impuning the character of those like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and others.

Obama delivered a speech in Tuscon last night that made him sound like the great healer.  We will see what rhetoric continues to come out of the White House, the Left, and the Left’s mainstream media in the days to come.  If Obama continues to allow the Left and the mainstream media to play the blame game and exploit this tragic event to further his own agenda for gun control and limiting true freedom of speech, then we will know that Obama is also a supporter of the perversion of our rights to free of speech and our right to bear arms.

RD Pierini