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Trump to GOP, Get in Line or Get Out of the Way! Populism V Swamp


Everyone is trying to understand why Trump jumped into the debt ceiling/government funding negotiation and cut the deal with Schumer and Pelosi over McConnell and Ryan.  It is simple.  On Tuesday, The House GOP leader, Kevin McCarthy stated that the RINOs would NOT push to fund Trump’s Border Wall until December.  This is after delay after delay by the RINO Leadership, Ryan and McConnell, to keep pushing off approval of Trump’s border security bill.  Trump viewed this additional snub as a personal attack, again.

So yesterday, after Ryan and McConnell publicly stated that they would not agree to a debt ceiling hike unless it was for 18 months, use a continuing resolution to fund the government, and not tie anything to the bill, like Harvey Relief, Trump stopped the back and forth bickering between Pelosi-Schumer and McConnell-Ryan by saying that the debt ceiling and government funding would go through December 15th and fully fund his request for Hurricane Harvey relief!  Period!  His priority was Harvey Funding and the other issues were mere political noise to him! 

He later added an additional insult to the GOP leadership by complimenting Schumer and Pelosi by name and merely mentioning that GOP leadership was also at the meeting and agreed to the deal. On Air Force One in route to North Dakota to give his Tax Plan a plug, Trump Said:

“We had a very good meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, we agreed to a three-month extension on debt ceiling, which they consider to be sacred – very important – always we’ll agree on debt ceiling automatically because of the importance of it.”  He followed up by saying the GOP Congressional Leadership were also in the meeting!  

Step in Trump’s shoes for a moment; he has a major cleanup in Houston to deal with; A new hurricane about to hit Florida; A nut job in North Korea threatening nuclear war; a sabre rattling whack job in Iran threatening retaliation if Trump kills the US-Iran sell-out; A tenuous negotiation with China over trade and NOKO policy; He is still managing the annihilation of ISIS around the world; deploying his new Afghanistan policy; a media who hates him; and the sun is going down on his Tax Plan, Obamacare, and his appointees for 2017.  So, to sit there for an hour listening to Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi and Schumer quibble like a bunch of spoiled brats over how and when and how much to increase the debt ceiling, (which is truly non-existent), and arguing for political advantages in terms of timing for how long the debt limit covers, and ignoring the real issue, Harvey Relief, Trump merely had enough.  

The Border Wall snub by Ryan and McConnell was just another log on the fire from Trump’s point of view.  Every time the media attacks something Trump says, even if the media is dead wrong as they usually are, Ryan and McConnell cannot get to a camera fast enough, usually having to wait for McCain’s bashing of Trump, to distance themselves from the President!  Trump is deeply frustrated with the lack of GOP support for his agenda and for him personally after he basically got all of those limp-wrist RINOs elected on his coattails.  The chickens are about to come home to roost.

Make no mistake, Trump knows that he will not get support from either the Democrats nor the media.  Many of the latter used to be personal friends of Donald and Melania Trump but since the election cycle, they have mercilessly attacked both of them and their family.  They oppose him and his agenda.  “Resist” is alive and well and the Democrats are too stupid to see the handwriting on the wall. 

But, Trump also knows that both Ryan and McConnell’s leadership is shaky at best.  He has tried to everything he can to support them and let them carry the ball for his agenda.  The problem is that they hate his agenda as his agenda offends their donor class!  These two have run away from Trump’s agenda and have at the same time alienated their conservative caucuses.  Mark Meadows could challenge Ryan’s leadership in the house but it is unclear who would challenge McConnell in the Senate.  There are a lot of “professed” conservatives in the Senate but not too many like Mark Meadows in the House who walk like a duck and quack like a duck.

Trump the Populist-First!

BUT, Trump is not a hard-core conservative nor a hard-core liberal.  Trump is a Populist!  He will back measures that are in the NATIONAL INTEREST of the nation and its citizens and not merely to adhere to someone’s view of conservatism or liberalism.  His America First Trade position is a good example as is immigration.  So the conservative caucus in the House and Senate need to understand he will not bend to mere ideology.  There has to be a pragmatic benefit to America if he is to embrace it.  He sees ideology as a possible barrier to “Make America Great Again”!  (Trump’s Trade Doctrine is an example)  He definitely sees ideology as a barrier to getting things done in the name of some lofty doctrine.  Case in point, the 60 vote filibuster rule in the Senate that is used by Senators to avoid making hard votes and being held accountable.

Trump has some real mine fields to navigate going forward. 

  • DACA will test his base as he viewed killing DACA and making Congress deal with this to be a Constitutional issue, more than an immigration issue.  (Separate Article to Follow)  the GOP and the Dems are sure to try to force Trump to sign amnesty for DACA beneficiaries before March 15th.  They may even try to tie it to a RINO/McCain/Rubio Gang of Eight amnesty bill.
  • Passing Tax Relief and Tax Reform will be a bigger battle within the GOP than Obamacare R&R.  Simply, corporate interests (Ryan and McConnell’s constituency) want lower rates but they want to keep all of the carve outs and tax breaks.  Dems will not support breaks for evil corporations and the “rich” and will push for more “tax rebates” for those who don’t pay taxes.  In the end, the middle-class could end up with the shaft rather than a tax break.
  • Obamacare Repeal & Replace will probably not happen before the 2018 Mid-Terms.  Congress will try to force Trump to subsidize the big insurance companies to keep Obamacare afloat longer.  The bottom line is that the RINO and DEM donor class wants to have national healthcare.  If a corporation is no longer responsible for providing healthcare for its employees and their families, just think how much the corporation  can add to their bottom line without doing absolutely anything!

Final Thought!

One other unmentioned comment Trump made yesterday following the meeting was that he expects Congress to take up and pass a real budget.  This is probably the most important statement he made yesterday and no one is talking about it!  Trump hates the now normal use of Continuing Resolutions to fund the government rather than formerly adopting a real budget.  As a business man, this is totally unacceptable.  How can you run a $4 trillion economy without a budget?  How can you expect to balance a budget without a budget.  The conservative caucus in the House and Senate need to wake up and insist on Congress passing Trump’s budget!

RD Pierini



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Time for A New Party! Tea Party Step UP!

Well, I thought I was watching Pelosi scheming to get one of her poison bills passed when I realized that I was watching a John Boehner led House of Representatives suspend debate and vote on a three-week Continuing resolution that did not contain the poison pill for Obamacare.  And he did this a day ahead of the scheduled vote day before he lost any more support within his own party.  54 members of the Republican caucus voted against Boehner and more would have done so if we had the time that was alloted to communicate with our representatives.  We thank the 54 Republicans who get it and understand the mood of the citizens of the US.

Regrettably I felt before the last election that we were at least three elections (6-8 years) away before we could begin to take back the country.  Why? I had no faith in the Republican elite that they would understand and support the will of the American People to take back this country and reverse the socialization and centralization of this country.  Today underscored my feelings and I am sad to say that:

  • The Tea Parties should start to create National Party now.
  • The Tea Parties have to drive to take back both houses in 2012
  • Since we will probably not be able to take the presidency, due to the vote split between the Tea Party Candidate and the Republican Party Candidate, we will have to wait for 2016 to take back the presidency.
  • Until then, we can only throw up road blocks to the continuation of the progressive agenda.
  • We will be in for a really lousy 6 years! 

Hope I am wrong and Boehner and Co. see the light.  I bet Obama calls their bluff and accepts the $61B cuts and gets Boehner to solidify this into the final budget for 2010-2011.  If so, chalk one up for Obama and take one away from the American People, AGAIN.  Obama is not worried, he was at ESPN today taping his picks for March Madness.  It is supposed to be nice in DC the rest of the week so, ANYONE FOR ANOTHER ROUND OF GOLF!

RD Pierini

While Japan is Burning, So is our Economy-Anyone Watching Congress or Obama?

Dear Congress Person Pinocchio!!! Where are the CUTS?

We all are praying for the people of Japan that their recovery may be swift and their losses as minimal as possible.  They are suffering from a terrible loss of life and a stark reminder that compared to nature, we are pretty insignificant.  In the meantime our economy is burning into ashes and while this not as dramatic as the photos from Japan, the impact may be the same or worse on the Global Economy.  Too bad the news is ignoring what is going on in Congress this week as it is vital to the very survival of this nation and our ability to help our neighbors in Japan.

Obama and the Democrats continue to “push” for their “gigantic” $4B budget cut package.  That is not even a rounding error.

The Republicans on the other hand are negotiating against each other!  BRILLIANT STRATEGY McCONNELL AND BOEHNER!  At stake is the November 2010 election PROMISE to cut the current budget by $100B and de-fund Obamacare.  Well, so much for elections.

You only have two days to contact your Republican Congressmen and women and tell them to get real and start living up to our expectations of their mediocrity.  Our real expectations are more in line with Rand Paul and his $500B budget reduction.  So Mediocrity would be the $100B plus defunding Obamacare.  So, we now know that the Republicans are committed to Budget Mediocrity or Worse…

Congressman Steve King has tried time and time again to get Boehner to put an amendment in the budget bill that would remove the automatic $105B Obamacare funding and start to roll back the implementation of that bill that now has over 1,400 EXEMPTIONS.  But no, the Republican Leadership, and I use that term very loosely, will not out his amendment in citing “House Rules” and contending that these “rules” take precedent over the will of the people in the last election. 



Then there is the feeble effort to cut discretionary spending.  Somehow Harry Houdini showed up and made $40B disappear from the Republican budget cuts.  So we are left with maybe cutting $60B or so out of the 2010-2011 budget.  As the younger generations seems to like to out in the tweets, BFD! 

Here is the link to the Congressional Contact List.  Please email, call, or fax your Congressman or Senator and tell them to get real and enact a $100B cut in discretionary spending and put the $105B King-Obamacare defunding amendment in the Continuing Resolution or the final 2011-2012 budget.

Congress and Governors Links:  http://www.conservativeusa.org/mega-cong.htm

Senate Links:  http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

House and Senate Links:  http://www.contactingthecongress.org/   (Just click on a state)

It is your life they are tinkering with.  TAKE CONTROL AND CONTACT THEM!

Before we go to the phones, if you can, send your financial support to the Japanese relief efforts of the American Red Cross…


RD Pierini



House Republicans Fail to Keep Their Promise on $22B Cuts

We used to joke about baseball players who could hit every batting practice pitch out of the park or pitchers throwing in the bull pen throwing flames and looked virtually “unhittable”.  But, when the game started and they had to CROSS THE LINE INTO ARENA OF THE GAME, they became average to below average players.  This phenomena also infects politicians. 

Yesterday the House Republicans “wimped out” on roughly $22B in additional spending cuts while stating some anemic reasons for voting against the cuts.  My message to these house republicans, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) who voted against the addition cuts, remember two numbers, 4 and 20.  Each month add one to the first number and subtract one from the second.  The first number is to remind you how long it has been since the November 2010 elections that swept you in and the second is how long you have left before the November 2012 elections when you will get thrown out if you don’t start asserting budget leadership. 

Another California spineless Republican, Dan Lungren, said he voted against the cuts because they would “paralyze the U.S. Capitol Police”.  WOW.  We are losing our local fire and police protection everyday due to local budget problems every day and you are worried about your Capital Police?  How about your fresh towels in your multi-million dollar gym; or your multi-million dollar Congressional Cafeteria; or your generous office and travel allowances; or your multi-million dollar, 24-7, healthcare center in the Capital?  If you did not want to cut this $22B, why didn’t you have an alternative $22B in cuts?  Do you really expect your constituents to believe that you could not find a measly $22B to cut somewhere?  At least Obama thinks big.  He proposed spending $53B on an inane rail system. 

Republicans in Congress and you Republican Elitist in Washington, we are watching.  If you don’t want the Tea Party to Split off into a another political party then you better grow a set!  This includes the Bush Family machine.  Obama or the Senate will surely force the Continuing Resolution to defeat and force a government shutdown.  That would be a great time to show that you have a spine and are committed to fiscal responsibility. Your constituents are living the horror of this economy every day and will not forget in 2012. 


RD Pierini