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Trump Tariffs and the Globalist Spinning Heads

Image result for spinning headsIt is funny to watch the talking heads opine, wring their hands, and pop Valium on live TV over Trump’s proposed steel and aluminum “tariffs”.  They cry that Trump is creating a “trade war” and that our really nice allies are going to hate us.  Even farm groups are getting in on the act claiming that wheat, soybeans, and other commodities are going to be subject to retaliation.  The absolute dumbest comment that is often repeated is that there are only 250,000 workers in steel and aluminum but there are 6,500,000 workers who need steel and/or aluminum products to support their industries.  A trade war would endanger 6,500,000 workers versus only 250,000 who may benefit!  Really, a 25% tariff on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum, will cause 6,500,000 people to be laid off!  Then, our idiotic Congressional hacks all badmouth Trump’s policy even though they have no idea what it is like to compete today in the so-called “free market” of globalism!  They all need to get a real job and get some dirt under their fingernails!

Subsidies Are Tariffs:  First of all, “tariffs”, a tax on imports or exports between sovereign states, is only one way to screw your trading partner!  How about when your country produces wheat and my country produces wheat, but your country pays you $1.00 per bushel to produce your wheat.  This allows your country to produce more of a product that may not be economically viable if not subsidized.  The result, the world “free” market is now being flooded with a product because of one country’s subsidy!  This is not fiction.  When I was farming and growing sugar beets, the EU decided to subsidize their beet and cane production.  The result is that world sugar prices were driven down to $.06 a pound and we had to stop growing and EXPORTING sugar while the EU subsidized growers overproduced creating more downward pressure on sugar prices.  The EU farmer did not receive only $.06 per pound, they received almost $.25 per pound due to direct and indirect EU farm subsidies!  Their subsidy increased as world prices in the “free market” went down.  China and others do this today with Steel and Aluminum and a whole host of other products and commodities.

VAT Taxes:  Mexican IVA (VAT) tax is levied at the rate of 16% on most imports from even the US.  China, the EU and many other nations charge US manufacturers a VAT tax on all of their exports into these countries.  While the US manufacturer can recoup the VAT tax when the produce is resold in the designation country, the US product is automatically 16% more expensive than competing local products that are exempted from the VAT tax!

Quality/Health Restrictions:  MANY countries have set artificial import barriers by imposing harsh Quality or Health restrictions on incoming products.  These restrictions are levied against specific products from specific nations.  Case in point is Japan’s restrictions on importing US beef and other animal products.  In order to protect its own beef producers, Japan imposed quality requirements on US beef that even Japan’s own producers could not meet if the same standard applied to them.  The EU applies the same discriminatory barriers to US imports for many food products coming into the EU from the US. 

One of the funniest examples I personally experienced was when I was working in Tunisia.  Tunisia was a prior colony of France so France kept their paws in the Tunisian economy especially long after their independence.  Wine grape juice was sent into France and many of the French import restrictions on juice from Tunisia were waved entirely.  ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT WERE LABELED AS “FRENCH WINE” AFTER BEING PROCESSED IN FRANCE.”  This ticked off the Italians who thought they were part of the EU with France.  I guess they never read George Orwell’s Animal Farm.  (French wine is more equal than Italian Wine! )  If you were in the US trying to export wine to the EU, forget it.  It would be easier and cheaper to import heroin!  

So, without belaboring the topic with more details of a Tariff is not just a tariff, don’t think that the word “free trade” does not mean that countries we try to export to are “free” to our exports.  Also, that even if both countries have the same tariff percentage, VAT taxes, heath and quality fees may erase the “free” part!  One other nutty “tariff” is the EU’s global warming restrictions.  If the grand poohbah of the EU decides your country is not doing its part to lower cow flatulence, I mean global warming, then you could get a demerit, tax, on all products coming from your country!

What is Trump Trying to Accomplish?

  1. NAFTA:  Hold Canada and Mexico’s feet to the fire on renegotiating NAFTA and leveling trade imbalances, including quality standards, VAT, and other non-leveling practices.
  2. ChinaTrump wants to deal with China Top-To-Top rather than have a knock down drag out with them publicly.  Trump needs to maintain a dialogue with Xi on North Korea and a whole host of issues that are vital to our national interest.  He wants to whittle down the trade deficit with China but in as low-key a way as possible.  The blowhards who want to “attack” China head on are not responsible for leveling trade and maintaining world stability, Trump is!  Trump will deal with XI directly on intellectual property, currency manipulation, state industry dumping and other related trade issues.
  3. EU:  The EU sticks it to us on trade every time they get a chance.  Whether it is on agricultural products, BMWs/Mercedes, or steel, the EU does not treat us as a valued trading partner and do not particularly concern themselves over our trade imbalance.  Try exporting a horse to the EU.  If your horse does not have a passport, yes a passport, with all of the injections your horse has had, no deal.  Remember the French and others eat horse meat and they want to know what their meal has been injected with!  Trump sees NATO and the EU as intertwined.  Subsidizing their defense is not acceptable and having an unfair trade imbalance just adds to this level of unfairness in Trump’s mind.  He will negotiate long and hard with the EU and will do so openly as he did NATO and their lack of owning up to their commitments.

Many argue that trade imbalances are not harmful and are actually healthy by providing US citizens with low-cost products.  They argue further that even if a US company cannot make broom sticks as cheaply as they are made in and shipped in from China that is OK because the US consumer is getting a cheaper brook stick!  That great unless you worked at the US broom stick factory!  They will then argue, that is ok, they have unemployment, welfare, food stamps etc. to fall back on! 

So, we lose our factory that paid taxes, we lose the taxes from the employees who used to work at the broom stick factory, and now we have to subsidize the Chinese Broom Stick by giving our ex-broom stick employees $65,000 is welfare and other government paid goodies!  Bet you don’t hear Larry Kudlow or the Wall Street Journal mention that little paradox!  Trade imbalance can be offset with foreign investments back into the US IF THOSE INVESTMENTS PRODUCE US JOBS!  In the past 40 years we have lost out export base, increased our trade imbalance to $800 Billion, and CLOSED 55,000 US factories!  Maybe some of these really smart people need to go back to their Ivy League schools and try ECON 101 again. 

See the source image

Trump knows you have to stimulate the supply side via business tax and regulation reductions; stimulate the demand side by creating good paying jobs; and leveling our trade imbalances by insisting on a fair international trade playing field.  The US is 5% of the world population and consumes 25% of the world output including our own.  Trump knows that you cannot have low exports and continue to lose our own industries and jobs and still maintain a healthy GDP and economic growth.  

RD Pierini



DC Now on Trump-Time! And They Hate IT!

Overworked Congress!  NOT

See the source imageTypical Senate Floor Scene Where Nothing is Happening!

President Trump is teaching Congress and this nation that we better learn to Walk-And-Chew-Gum at the same time or we will perish as a nation.  Immigration Reform, Infrastructure, Opioid Crisis, School Safety, Welfare Reform, Fair Trade Restructuring, VA Reform, Healthcare Reform, Korean Nuclear Crisis, Syrian War, Iranian Nuclear Program, Middle East Peace, Afghan War, Stabilizing Iraq, Crushing ISIS, the War on Terror,  are all on TRUMP’S FRONT BURNER!  All this while Mueller, two committees in the Senate and two in the House are investigating Trump, his administration and his family for any possible wrong doing they can find using “Russian Collusion” as their cover…

Congress however, has trouble tackling even one of these at a time!

Last week was a perfect example.  Following the school shooting in Florida, Trump held a series of meetings with school children, their parents, law enforcement officials and elected officials to discuss the tragedy and preventative solutions.   A day after one of Trump’s summits when he called for Congress to act, Mitch the Turtle McConnell, announced that the Senate could not possible take up school safety as they had to concentrate on BANKING next week.  Seriously, kids are being killed and you are worried about the FDIC!

 This nation is suffering from a chronic case of DEFERRED MAINTENANCE.  There is not one single thing I can think of that works the way it should in government at all levels. 

  • The FBI ignores a tips that could have saved 17 people in the Florida shootings; Broward County adopted the “Promise Program” that kept them from arresting the Florida shooting one single time out of almost 50 confirmed complaints;
  • We have at least 3 federal circuit courts that think they are Congress and are above the President;
  • We have and FBI and a DOJ that is so politically corrupt that the almost got away with rigging the last election;
  • We have a federal water policy that is crippling our agricultural output; we have almost a trillion-dollar trade imbalance that robs a trillion dollars out of our GDP every year;
  • We have had at least one law enforcement killing per week since the first of the year and Obama’s 8 years of bad-mouthing our police; 
  • We are being challenged every day by North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, ISIS, Terrorists, and others while we have a depleted military and support infrastructure;
  • We have not passed a real budget in 10 years!  Trump proposed his on time and so far Congress has not done a thing to pass it!
  • We have a main stream media that is so Anti-American that it is helping to destroy the very fabric of this great nation.
  • And I could go on for days!

The Republican Congress needs to step up and start passing Trump’s agenda and doing so on his timetable, not theirs!  The Senate needs to grow up and return the Senate to a 50 vote majority and vote on the backlog of legislation awaiting them from the House.  The Senate needs to vote up or down now on all of Trump’s appointments.  It is criminal that they have not even voted on our ambassador to Germany!

And, Congress needs to stay in session and do their job!  They are all worried about the 2018 Mid-Terms.  News flash!  IF you don’t pass Trump’s agenda, you won’t have to worry about the 2020 election as you won’t be in office!

RD Pierini





Trump Middle East & Terrorism Doctrine-Saudi Arabia at the Core

The Mainstream Media, Anti-Trumpers, and Washington Elites try to claim that President Trump does not have  a cohesive policy regarding the Middle East and the War on Terror.  The main reason is that they fear that the Trump Middle East War On Terror Doctrine will actually work!  It is the antithesis of the Neocons invasive policies of meddling directly in everyone else’s business and a rejection of the Left and Elites globalist policies to weaken the US.  In short, President Trump Gets It!

The Trump Middle East Doctrine actually includes West Asia, India, and Pakistan and is based on a strong Sunni alliance for the Muslim countries anchored to Saudi Arabia at its core.  The inclusion of India and Pakistan creates a Mutually Assured Destruction alliance of the areas two pre-eminent nuclear nations (excluding Israel) that is critical to insure that Pakistan does not form an unholy alliance with other neighboring nations.  This alliance sets up Iran as the primary military foe and Iranian sponsorship of terror as a key target of the War on Terror.  Under the covers, Israel is also included in the Alliance via its mostly covert interaction with Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Image result for trump summit in saudi arabia

Trump Middle East / War on Terror Doctrine

  1. Combat Radical Islam By Enlisting Sunni Muslim Nations:
    1. Create an Anti-Terror Sunni Muslim Coalition:  Earlier this year, President Trump met with over 50 Muslim nations to enlist their support in combatting Radical Islam.  All 50 countries agreed to cut off funding support for Radical Islamists and to create reforms in their countries to curb the spread of radical ideologies. 
    2. Setup Saudi Arabia as the Cornerstone to the Sunni Muslim Anti-Terror Coalition:  It is important to note that the meeting of the 50+ Muslim Arab nations was hosted by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah with his son and heir apparent, Mohammed bin Salman, or “MBS” at his side.  President Trump has invested his trust in MBS to not only take his country into the twentieth century (not a typo), but to lead the Sunni Arab nations to checkmate Iran, Russia and Syria in the region.  MBS knows that in order to temper, then eliminate the Saudi Wahhabi radicals, he must isolate their internal supporters.  Hence, the current round of arrests and the freezing of their assets.  In the past, many in the royal family funded terrorism around the world and supported the Wahhabi radical Islamists.  The plan is to reform Saudi Arabia internally so they can then take the lead to reform Islam in the Sunni world and drive out radical Islamists.  This removes the past duplicity of Saudi Arabia claiming to support the US war on terror while funding terrorists!  MBS views radical Islamists as the barrier to not only religious reform, but a barrier to bringing the Sunni nations into the modern world.  MBS knows that the oil dominance of the Middle East is seriously threatened by US energy production and that his economy needs to diversify or die.  He also needs to get his citizens working so they are occupied and do not engage in idle radicalization.  Some question if MBS is leading Saudi Arabia into an Iran like takeover by radical Islamists.  The main differences between 1979 Iran and 2017 Saudi Arabia is technology, US Support and military might.  MBS controls one of the most weaponized militaries in the Middle East with a surveillance capability to deeply monitor and respond to any insurrection.  MBS knows he also has President Trump watching his back.  President Carter threw the Shah of Iran under the bus that allowed the Ayatollahs to overthrow the Shah’s regime!
    3. By eliminating funding sources to terrorists, it will make it very difficult for them to expand and export their poison.
      Also, it is critical that this be a Sunni Arab effort and not be seen as the US led intervention.  US Intervention and resulting Middle East wars do provide some fuel to terrorist propaganda.  It is hard to claim that the killing of 2-400,000 Iraqis endears the Iraqi population to the US.  
    4. Create a coalition of Sunni Arab nations to stand against Iran, its nuclear and missile programs, and its exportation of terror. This is critical to achieve a long-term peace solution without a significant US military intervention and extended occupation.  This is a two-part win if successful.  One, the Sunni Muslims will stand on their own in terms of controlling their region.  Two, Iran will quickly see that the “Great Satan” (the US and Israel) is no longer valid and they are challenged by other Muslims in their own neighborhood.  
  2. Make the US Energy Independent:  This is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle in securing peace in the Middle East and combating terrorism.  Why?  The US needs to use its dominant energy production to checkmate Russian intervention in the region by threatening to ruin the Russian economy by taking a large chunk out of their energy exports which supports 70% of the Russian economy.  Our energy position also checkmates Middle Eastern Oil Producers/OPEC and incentivizes them to support the Trump Doctrine for the Middle East.
  3. Rip Up the Iran Nuclear Agreement:
    1. The Iran Nuclear Agreement is a guarantee that Shiite Iran will become a nuclear power within the Middle East with tested delivery systems that will threaten not only the Middle East but Western Europe as well.  President Trump has set in motion the abandonment of this agreement to isolate Iran.
    2. President Trump will begin to reestablish harsh sanctions on Iran in an attempt to regain some ground given up by the Obama cash giveaway program to Iran.  Our treasury secretary must weaken and degrade Iran’s economy to the point that their ability to continue to support terrorism and invest in their nuclear program is difficult.  Too bad Obama subsidized their terrorism efforts to the tune of $150B when we had Iran on the ropes economically!  Treasonous.  
    3. Once the US takes the sanctions lead and is out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, President Trump will deal with Iran as a terrorist nation that is an existential threat to the rest of the world much like North Korea.  He will be solidly backed by the Sunni Arab coalition formed during his Saudi Arabia summit with Israel as their “wingman”.  IF Iran does not denuclearize unilaterally, which is not likely, then the coalition will have to degrade their nuclear development with strategic attacks all the while fomenting internal unrest against the Ayatollahs.  One way or another, Iran is incapable of standing against the 50 nation coalition even with Russian support.
  4. Expel Iran from Syria and Iraq:
    1. Due to the failures by the Bush and Obama regimes, Iran has taken a firm foothold in both Syria and Iraq and is aiding the Taliban in fighting US Forces in Afghanistan.  Trump’s efforts to degrade Iran’s terror and nuclear programs is a step towards removing Iranian influence in Syria and Iraq via their Revolutionary Guard.  President Trump will have to convince Russia that their continued support of the Assad regime and the Iranian meddling in Syria is not in Russia’s best interest.  The President can assure Putin that the Syrian Mediterranean facilities he controls can be maintained as a Russian “peaceful” facility as long as they maintain their agreements to stand against Assad and Iran.
    2. Convince Russia that their military interventions in Afghanistan and Syria are not in their long-term best interests.  Sound fanciful?  Not really.  Russia is an economic house of cards and Kevin Spacey proved how flimsy that can be!  Russia relies on its oil exports to fund its economy,  The US rising dominance in world energy production is a gun to the head of the Russian economy.  We could export sufficient quantities of LNG and oil to the EU and other western Asian countries who now import these commodities from Russia, and cripple the Russian economy.  Putin is ruthless but not stupid!  Russia could benefit economically if they join the US and the 50+ Sunni Arab nations in an economic and security pact.   If President Trump could convince China to also join such an arrangement, Russia would be hemmed in.
  5. Israel-Palestinian Peace?  The other side benefit of the 50+ Sunni Arab coalition is that it makes the potential for a Middle East Peace agreement more likely.  How?  The Palestinians cannot survive without outside subsidies from the 50+ Sunni Arab Nations!  President Trump can leverage the coalition to pressure the Palestinians to negotiate in good faith with Israel.  This may end up being too good to be true but I don’t think so…

So, President Trump’s Middle East & Terrorism Doctrine can be summarized as:

  • Form a Middle East Coalition with 50+ Sunni Muslim nations.
  • Develop the US energy sources and make the US a net exporter of energy and a dominant player in the world energy market.
  • Use the ME coalition to eliminate terror group funding from Sunni Muslim countries.
  • Work with the ME Coalition to transform their economies and reduce their dependence on oil long-term and empower their citizens to raise their standard of living.
  • Tear up the Iran Nuclear Agreement.  Assumes that Iran does not agree to abandon their nuclear ambitions.  
  • Re-impose Iranian sanctions and choke their economy.
  • Use the ME Coalition to encircle and isolate Iran and force them to denuclearize or face military attacks.  
  • Use the ME Coalition to support dissidents inside of Iran.
  • Use the ME Coalition to pressure the Palestinians to negotiate a Middle East Peace with Israel.
  • Pressure and negotiate with Russia and China to cooperate in Syria to depose the Assad regime and stand up a peaceful Syria without Iranian intervention.  
  • Pressure and negotiate Russia and China to support the ME Coalition as an economic trading partner with the US, Russia and China!

The implementation of this doctrine will not be easy and not without issues and bumps along the way.  But, it recognizes that a Middle East solution must be based on the support of Sunni Arab Nations, Pakistan, and India. 

It recognizes that both Russia and China would benefit economically by a peaceful Middle East.  No nation has really benefitted by supporting military operations in this region to try to establish hegemony in the region.  It would allow the US to “tame” the Taliban if we can checkmate Russian and Chinese interference. 

The irony is that this doctrine is simple and less threatening to the entire region versus the Neocon interventionist policies of the Bush dynasty.  The Clinton, Bush, Obama mess in Iran and Syria is still a threat but hopefully the Coalition can help defuse the Iranian threat to the region and the world.  

If the Trump Middle East Doctrine is successful, the entire world would benefit from the lessening of the constant turmoil of the region; the exporting of terrorism around the world; and a lowering of tensions between the three largest militaries in the world. 

Since 1917, the carving up and control of the Middle East has caused nothing but conflict, destruction, and terrorism.  This doctrine has the potential of wiping out the evils of 1917 and returning the Middle East to its occupants.  Some of the existing national borders may be redefined during this process which will create some tensions.  One such realignment may be the creation of a separate Kurdish nation out of Northern Iraq.  Hopefully when these realignments occur, the Coalition can intervene and negotiate a peaceful transition.   

One can only hope this doctrine succeeds!

RD Pierini



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Afghanistan/Pakistan/Indian/South Asia Challenge-The Trump Doctrine

Image result for trump doctrine

The Trump Afghanistan/Indian Sub Continent/South Asia Doctrine:

Last night, August 21/2017, President Trump outlined his Afghanistan foreign policy plan as part of his Afghanistan/Indian Subcontinent/South Asia foreign policy.  He has been asking his advisors for months “What does winning in Afghanistan look like”?  Trump drilled down on the result first, forcing his advisors to start with the conclusion then working a strategy to achieve that result…  He kept questioning their approaches until he was able to formulate a foreign policy that may achieve a result that benefits United States self-interest.  What has evolved is a doctrine that seeks to bring together a real diverse, and challenging “coalition” of disparate interest and nations.

Strategic Change:  Afghans Determine their Future

Inside of Trump’s address, was the notion that the US has no interest in defining the political self-governance structure of Afghanistan.  GW Bush and the Neo-Cons had the goal of establishing a western-style democracy over a country that is absolutely tribal in nature, with war lords as their overseers, with no experience in self-governing other than within the tribe.  This concept was doomed for failure at the outset especially when you add in the fact that these peoples were Muslim.  Islam has its own inherent governance structure.

Afghanistan is NOT a country made up of homogenous ethnic peoples with the same self-interests or even share any historical commonality.  There are 8 major ethnic groups within the current Afghan borders that were defined in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s by the British, Russia, and China.  The resulting “country” was basically a corral around a many peoples, most of which knew little or nothing about the other.  The map below will give you an idea of how disparate the ethnic make-up of Afghanistan is.

Image result for afghanistan pakistan taliban map 2016

Don’t make the mistake and try to draw a comparison to our republic that is made of 50 States.  The closest US analogy would be if the Christopher Columbus had drawn a line around the US and told all of the tribes of native peoples (Indians) and island dwellers, that they had to be subservient to Washington DC (I know it did not exist in 1492).  Further, that they had to vote for the central government leadership!  It is pretty amazing how clueless our own leadership is!

President Trump recognized that for the US to try to superimpose a central government over Afghanistan is a fool’s folly.  He stated point-blank that he has no interest in meddling in the Afghans governance.  While this one message is subtle, it is key to recognize that an Afghan western-style democracy cannot be a criteria for success!

Primary Success Criteria:  Eliminate Terrorist Haven in Afghanistan

President Trump stated that there are 20 separate terrorist groups in Afghanistan and in Pakistan.  His number one success criteria is the elimination of terrorist organizations from Afghanistan and allowing the terrorist organization from reconstituting in Pakistan.  Period!  

This is not simple and contains many tactical changes to give this a fighting chance.  Trump stated he will incorporate changes to achieve this goal:

  1. Rules of Engagement:  The President stated that he will take off the restraints on our commanders and soldiers and allow them to fight to win.  This will include the elimination of having embedded LAWYERS making the decision as to whether a soldier can fire on someone planting an IED!  How stupid is it to read a terrorist his “Miranda Rights”!  Further, that in-field tactical decision-making will not require approval from Washington and that the Military command will be empowered to take the fight to the criminals and terrorist, this is critical that we fight both, and eliminate them as a threat.  
  2. Focus on the Fight:  The US will no longer be in the business of nation building.  Our troops will no longer be building roads and buildings but focused on killing terrorist.  Period.
  3. Eliminate Cross-Border Safe  Havens:  The President also said that they will pressure Pakistan, apply real pressure and not just lip service, to not object to the US bombing terrorist havens inside of the Pakistan border with Afghanistan.  Today, the terrorist scurry across the border and we do not pursue them.  Trump will use our aid to Pakistan and other economic incentives to coerce the Pakistan Government to cooperate with the US.  He will also seek to isolate their nuclear weapons even more to ensure they do not fall into the hands of the terrorists.
  4. Stalemate China:  China has been a long-term player in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and are close neighbors with the former sharing a small border with China.  China has also been instrumental in the nuclearization of Pakistan!   The US will have to put pressure on China to keep them from interfering in our efforts to work with Pakistan to eliminate the terrorist from the region.
  5. Stalemate Russia:  The old Soviet Union bordered Afghanistan and had long sought to take over the Afghan mineral deposits.  Since the Progressive Left has interfered with Trump’s ability to work with Russia on Syria and other common issues, it will be difficult for the President to stalemate Russia.  That said, Trump will do everything he can to insure that Russian arming of the militants is minimized.  Russia shares many of our concerns for militant Islam and hopefully Trump will be able to overcome the “Russia Fever” that the left has created in our country.
  6. All Out War:  Trump will also wage a war to win and focus less on pressures to fight a “gentlemen’s war”.  He has already increased bombings by over 182% since taking office.  He will use special forces, air power, cyber, and increase commitments from NATO and other allies.  He may run into some resistance from some NATO allies as he talks the gloves off.  The French, for example, don’t like to fight at night!  Amazing.  Trump will also push the envelope in terms of pure fire power using even more MOABs to get the attention of the Terrorists.
  7. Engage the War Lords:  Trump’s team recognizes the role the regional war lords play in running Afghanistan.  Trump will have to prevail on them to cease sheltering and aiding any of the terrorists.  If he can persuade them that the US is not supporting a centralization of an Afghan government and allow the war lords to have a larger role in Afghanistan’s future, he may win most of them over.

Second Success Criteria:  Reduce the US Financial Commitment

Trump was subtle in his speech to enlist more financial support from Afghanistan, NATO and even India!  He is focused on $$$ and the US need to get others to help foot the bills that benefit others as well as the US.  He will probably tell Tillerson that he will take care of this part of the diplomatic effort!

  1. Afghanistan Financial Support:  Remember Trump talking about the Iraq war and that we should have “taken” some of the oil as repayment for our economic commitment to “liberating” Iraq?  Well, Afghanistan’s mineral and gemstone wealth is estimated at 1-3 Trillion dollars and include: barite, chromite, coal, copper, gold, iron ore, lead, natural gas, petroleum, precious and semi-precious stones, salt, sulfur, talc, zinc, emerald, lapis lazuli, red garnet and ruby.  Trump will probably seek to bring in international companies to help Afghanistan develop these resources and use part of the proceeds to offset our costs in the war effort.  Trump will also have to replace Afghanistan’s largest cash crop, poppies for opioid sales, with other sources of income for the war lords.   This change is needed to help rid the world markets of cheap opioids.  
  2. NATO:  Trump will ask NATO to increase their financial and military commitment to the Afghan Terrorist War as well.  NATO has already stated that they approve of the Trump Doctrine in South Asia and are open to discussions moving forward.
  3. India:  India is an interesting inclusion into the increased economic support for fighting terrorist in Afghanistan.  First of all, India is not a Muslim majority country and is in fact the home of the Sikhs who are enemies of the Muslims.  India would love to see the US exert more pressure on Pakistan as the two are also enemies in both religion and politics.  A more stable South Asia would benefit India and allow it to focus even more on its economic development and somewhat less on national defense.  The President seeks to pressure India, via its trade advantage with the US, to have India supply economic aid in Afghanistan in various forms.  At best, this will challenge even Trump’s “Art of the Deal” skills.  The overall alliance will include Muslims (both Sunni and Shia), Hindu, Sikhs, and a handful of others!  The alliance does, however, form a solid base for a true South Asia policy that includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Indian sub continent.  (May be easier than repealing Obamacare in Congress though)

The goals of the strategic change in Afghan self-determination, the defeat of terrorism in Afghanistan and to some degree Pakistan, and the Cost-Sharing goals to reduce US economic commitment to Afghanistan, define Trump’s success in Afghanistan.  If this succeeds with this “odd” alliance of players, it will have long-standing benefits in South Asia and help to stabilize a Post-Soviet South Asia.  If we do not succeed according to a time-table only Trump knows, we may pull out of Afghanistan sometime in the future.

There are many other facets of this doctrine that will be fleshed out in the coming months.  Trump will let the Generals and the troops do their jobs but will keep pressure on Mattis and his staff to keep their eye on the ball.  He will also make sure the Treasury is doing all they can to cut off the supply of funding to the terrorist and keep other cabinet members contributing in any way they can to assist the fight.  Rex Tillerson has a difficult job of keeping the coalition together while maintaining stability in Pakistan and elsewhere.  No small task.

Observation:  One thing to look for that will differentiate this campaign from our past feeble efforts to rid Afghanistan from Terrorist is a cessation of warfare during the winter months.  I would hazard a guess that Trump will seek to keep the terrorist from relaxing during the winter months with a series of asymmetrical attacks by land and air.  Sleep deprivation can be a demoralizing factor for sure…

RD Pierini



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The Multi-Faceted Intent of the Syrian Strike-America First!

Trump: And You Thought I Was Kidding!

Are you confused whether Trump’s bombing of the Syrian airbase over Assad’s use of chemical weapons is:

  • a contradiction of his campaign promises;
  • or whether Trump is now a Neo-Con who believes in Nation Building;
  • or has the President simply let his left leaning advisors to con in him to attacking Syria? 

Well, none of the “conventional wisdom” is right and certainly the main stream media (MSM) is clueless as are most of the Republican insiders, Never Trumpers, right-wing isolationists, or self-professed “Conservatives”!

Did Trump know that he would be tested by the world’s bad actors early in his presidency.  ABSOLUTELY. 

  • Syria:  Did he know that Syria would use chemical weapons to test him?  He probably had a test by Syria on his watch list of possible provocations as well as the following:
  • North Korea:  The President probably had a provocation by NoKo on his short list of potential tests.
  • Iran:  The President certainly had Iran on his short list of bad actors and potential provocateurs.
  • Russia:  The President probably did not think that Putin would come at the US directly but use one or more of his partners-in-crime, Iran or Syria.
  • China:  The President probably did not consider China a source of a military challenge due to our mutual need for trade and other common interests in the region.

Trump had contingency plans in place for all of the “A” list of bad actors and their possible provocative actions.  Trump had a bucket full of escalation options for retaliation short of all out war or troop invasion.  Trump also knew that if his retaliation was decisive enough he could use it to stalemate the rest of the bad actors.

What did President Trump Accomplish by Bombing Syria?

All of the potential threats from the bad actors were not necessarily negated but he certainly gave all of them pause.  Further, the two military powers who use surrogates to test the US, Russia and China, were put on notice that the US would not tolerate threats to the US or stand idly by if weapons of mass destruction were used in combat. 

What were the messages sent by Trump and received by the bad actors?

China:  The US needs China to either act directly against North Korea’s nuclear program or at least not oppose action by the US to do so.  The timing of the bombing was especially helpful as President Xi was concurrently meeting with President Trump.  The timing of the bombing and the meeting was perfect as Trump’s words about dealing with North Korea if China would not was backed by his action against Syria.  China now knows that what President Trump says is what he means.  He is not necessarily diplomatic but he certainly says what he means, period.

North Korea:  IF NoKo had a rational leader, which they do not, the Syrian bombing and China’s support of our policy of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula should give the North Korean leadership pause.  It is doubtful that the NoKo leadership is neither rational nor well advised.  NoKo will probably continue to test their nuclear weapons and delivery systems.  China just moved 120,000 troops to their border with North Korea to prevent refugees from NoKo to come into China if the US moves to take out the NoKo nuclear program.  Action by the US is imminent.  Unfortunately, there is really no other option for the US vis-à-vis the denuclearization of the of the Korean Peninsula.  We are probably looking at days, not weeks or months. 

Iran:  Iran will probably adopt a take a “look-see” posture for the time being and not directly take any action against the US.  They will pound their chests and condemn the US but what else is new.  They will oppose any diplomatic efforts to depose his ally, Assad.  But, Iran now knows that Trump will continue to ratchet up sanctions and financial transaction scrutiny.  They now know that what Trump says he will do. 

Syria:  Assad is not as nutty as North Korea but he could retaliate against US troops in Syria fighting ISIS.  THIS IS ONE OF THE PRIMARY REASONS TRUMP HIT SYRIA FOR USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS AS THESE WEAPONS COULD HAVE BEEN USED AGAINST US TROOPS.  IN FACT, I BELIEVE THAT THE ATTACK ON THE CIVILIANS WAS A DRY RUN TO SEE IF TRUMP WOULD REACT.  IF HE HADN’T, ASSAD WOULD BE EMBOLDENED TO USE THESE WEAPONS AGAINST US TROOPS IN SYRIA.  Syria will probably let Russia try to fend off the US and world-wide negative opinion until such time Assad is viewed as a liability to Putin.

Russia:  Putin apparently received the message sent by Trump that Obama is no longer in charge.  Trump stalemated Putin’s advances in the Middle East and probably Eastern Europe.  Putin is now assessing what Trump is and what he represents to the future of Russia.  IF Putin is smart, he will seek to get an agreement with Trump to keep his access to the Syrian naval ports and seek to transition Assad out of power.  This will not be simple nor easy especially since the Alawites (Assad’s Shia group) will want to maintain power over Syria and its 90% Sunni population.  Further, Iran sees Syria as key to their march towards dominating the Middle East with a Shia coalition of Iran, Syria and Afghanistan. 

United Nations:  President Trump and his Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, sent a strong message to the UN, and its members, that they are no longer relevant to the US, or the world, in determining US policy.  We will take an issue to them as a matter of courtesy but our decision is based on America First and we will not wait for the Security Council to act, nor not.   This is accentuated by President Trump cutting the US budget to the UN which is long overdue. 

NATO:  During the campaign candidate Trump made it clear that members of NATO would have to meet their financial obligations AND modernize and emphasize Counter Terrorism if they are to remain relevant and supported by the US.  Message received and backed up by decisive action by the US in Syria.  Too bad the other NATO nations did not initiate the reaction against Syria but perhaps they will be emboldened to do so in the future as they have post-Trump bombing of Syria.

The Aftermath:

So, while 59 Tomahawks and 59,000 pounds of explosives at a cost of $88,500,000 may not be considered by some as significant and others as over-kill, we probably saved over the $88,500,000 in costs for flights, hotel rooms and meals for overstuffed diplomats sitting around a table wringing their hands trying to figure out what to do about Syria, Iran, North Korea, ISIS, and Russia.

Trump planted our flag once again in the sacred ground referred to as the international community.  Time will tell the extent of the fall-out from Trump’s actions but there is no doubt that his action resulted in


RD Pierini




Are We Nuts?

Do you sometimes scratch your head and wonder why on earth the government, our politicians, and the media are focused on really stupid, idiotic, insane, ludicrous, inconsequential, inane, ridiculous things while the rest of the world is on fire? 

  • We have 15% of our citizens suffering Underemployment today, and yet we are reading that Lindsay Lohan is converting to Islam.  Hope she looks into Sharia and female genital mutilation, polygamy up to 4 wives, death penalties for gays, and death penalties for “immorality”.

  • China tested a multiple warhead ICBM last week and we are reading that our Treasury Department, who overseas our $19 Trillion debt, is worried whose pictures are on $10 and $20 dollar bills.

  • The 28 missing pages from the 9/11 Commission Report is too sensitive to our ally, Saudi Arabia so Americans may not see them but we are reading that Saudi Arabia will pull all of its Trillions in US investments if we allow our citizens to sue Saudi Arabia if our citizens are harmed by Saudi sponsored/paid for terrorists!

  • Our government continues to ignore all of our problems with border security while we are reading that we just discovered a 800 yard long tunnel carrying tons of drugs including 2,242 pounds of cocaine and 11,030 pounds of marijuana.

  • The EU continues to deal with sexual assaults on their citizens by the Muslim immigrants and refugees while we read our President just landed in London to convince the UK to stay in the EU and subject their citizens to the same insane immigration and lack of assimilation polices that the rest of the EU is being subjected to.

  • Russian fighter jets came within 30′ of our warships last week while we read that the US took no action but “EMPHATICALLY” stated that the act of aggression was “unsafe and unprofessional.”   Wow, I feel safer!

  • The Zika virus is spreading rapidly into the US from South America and the CDC needs Billions to fight it while we read absolutely nothing about killing the mosquitos who carry the virus using a tried and true pesticide, DDT.  It’s once thought detrimental impacts have been scientifically disproved.  We could eliminate malaria at the same time!

  • The murder rate in Chicago has increased 72 percent in 2016, and 88 percent in the first three months of 2016, while we read that Hillary Clinton is chiding Whites for not confronting their own “privilege”!  I don’t even know what that means but I assume that I need to feel guilty that I am White!

  • Black abortions comprise about 40% (17 Million since 1973) of all US abortions while Blacks make up about 13% of the US population but all we read about from Black Lives Matter is that the cops are systematically eradicating the Black population.

  • Bernie Sanders is an unapologetic Socialist who is convincing our best and brightest that everything they want is free and will be paid for by a Capitalist working hard and paying taxes, while the RNC is doing everything they can to derail the only popular candidate the RNC has had since 1976 (Reagan, not Ford).

  • Transgender confusion with bathrooms is dominating every aspect of the news while no one is upset that Social Security recipients have been denied a COLA increase again while their Medicare premiums have been increased.  (How many transgender people are there?  .001%?,)

The problem with writing this is knowing when to quit.  I guess the best time is just before you get depressed knowing that no one has their eye on the ball or, are watching our backs! 

The time is now!


RD Pierini



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National Priority-Senate Votes on “Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2011”-???

We are in the middle of the Depression of 2008 and are suffering under 20% real unemployment; a historical high number of people on food stamps; a home foreclosure rate that exceeds that of the “Great Depression”; and a government who quite frankly does not give a big damn about the suffering of its citizens.  We have an ego maniac President who has never seen a mirror he didn’t like; a Senate Majority Leader who apparently took too many head punches when he was a boxer; and a Speaker of the House who would not know how to rouse the electorate if he had a cattle prod.  Three Stooges Anyone?

While we are suffering through a government induced Depression, your government, at least the Senate, is hard at work for you passing the monumental, life changing legislation called the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2011.  Feel better already?  The purpose of the bill is to prevent our trading partners, not just China but any nation, from manipulating their currency to their own benefit.  Wow, like the US does not do that.  Ever hear of QE I, QE II, and QE III by the Federal Reserve?  Ever hear of “Monetizing the Debt” by the Federal Reserve?  Ever hear of artificially manipulating “Interest Rates” by the Federal Reserve?  Talk about us calling the kettle black!

Be assured that this bill will solve all that ails you by:

  • Creates another Congressional Committee made up of 4 Senators, 4 Representatives, and 1 member from the WH.
  • Of course the bill calls for paying for staff and other analytical expenses.
  • The bill calls for the Secretary of the Treasury, working with the Federal Reserve Chairman, (thief #1 and #2), to issue a report every 6 months telling the Congress which nations are not playing nice in the international currency markets.  Do you think these two would indict their own actions in manipulating our currency?
  • If we find a violator, we can tattle on these nations to the IMF, the WTO!
  • Then, the Secretary can take “appropriate” actions to punish the offending nations…  This means start a trade tariff war with our trading partners.

Aside from the fact that currency manipulation is not exactly in the top 1,000 items that are bothering US Citizens, the abject waste of time by the Senate to take up this bill is criminal.  These clowns have not passed a budget in 900 days!  This is a violation of US Law!!!  How about we start managing our own business.  Once this is done, maybe we can start talking to our trading partners regarding mutually beneficial currency stability.  At least the Speaker of the House is going to kill this bill and stop this waste of time.

How about lowering taxes on businesses and individuals?  How about getting rid of job robbing regulations?  How about stopping frivolous law suits?  How about doing your damn job!

RD Pierini


Text of Bill:  http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-112s1619pcs/pdf/BILLS-112s1619pcs.pdf


Obama-The Great Alliance Builder–“Saudis Seek Friends in Russia and China”

Appropriate Legacy

During the 2008 campaign, the media heralded the second coming as being Obama and that Obama-The-Great would create alliances throughout the globe that had been utterly destroyed by the bad evil GW Bush.  Obama could reach out to Africa, the Arab World, our European Allies, the East, the North, the South, and the West.  The media could not wait for us to discover life on Mars so Obama could go there and woo the Martians over to our side in peace and harmony. 

Then…S H A Z A M! 

The reality of 2011.  One of our staunchest Arab ally in the Middle East has always been Saudi Arabia.  GW Bush and practically every president before GW had a good relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Royal Family.  Then comes Obama-the-Great and destroys a century of good relations with Saudi Arabia at a time when gas prices are at or over $4.00/gallon and OPEC is thumbing their collective noses in our face, thanks to Obama-the-Great.  Even Tom Brokaw reported today from Iraq that:

“I was told on the way in here that the Saudis are so unhappy with the Obama administration for the way it pushed out President Mubarak of Egypt that it sent high level emissaries to China and Russia to tell those two countries that Saudi Arabia now is prepared to do more business with them.”

This is from the hard-core mainstream media who anointed and crowned Obama-the-Great.  King Abdullah himself, a long time friend of the US, is questioning the depth and breadth of our friendship and support.  Just how do you think Saudi Arabia is viewing Obama-the-Great’s calls for Kadaffi to get out?  How about Obama-the-Great’s call for the Royal Family in Bahrain to pack up?  How about our apparent willingness to side with Al Qaeda who are part of the Libyan Rebels trying to ouster Kadaffi?  Obama-the-Great is backing every rebellion in the Middle East and this is making even the King of Saudi Arabia seek relationships with either Russia, China or both.  Obama-the-Great is creating a power vacuum in the Middle East and now in Africa that will usher in Russia and China as we exit through the back door.  All of our Cold War gains may be for nought if Obama-the-Great continues and he will.  He has no choice, he is incompetent!

Israel is certainly not comfortable with Obama-the-Great.  The EU has no clue what Obama-the-Great’s foreign policy is towards them or our past enemies or whether our enemies are now our friends and our friends our enemies.  Wait, even the rebels who Obama-the-Great somewhat supports thinks he is a flake and they can’t rely on him. 

Obama-the-Great’s skills at forging new alliances are certainly unique.  In about a half a term, he has wiped out a 100 years of solid alliances that took hundreds of thousands of lives to achieve.  He has confounded both our allies and our enemies.  He has emboldened China and Russia to the point where they do not even concern themselves about what the US will do in the face of a threat.  They know Obama-the-Great will back down and sell out the US. 

Well when Chris Matthews and maybe Bill Maher start criticizing Obama-the-Great maybe we will know that there may be hope that we can solicit our media’s help in electing a real leader who can actually fill the shoes of our past great Presidents.  If they put Obama’s picture on any currency it will have to be a $3.00 bill.  That way the old saying, “Phony as a $3.00 Bill” will have a picture attached to it!  We can call them ‘BARRY BUCKS!’

RD Pierini


We are worrying about being Fat while the World Goes Up In Smoke

The headlines on most news sites this week are truly bizarre.  Here are a few:

World Going up in Smoke:

  • “Oil at two-year high as Libya on edge of civil war”
  • “Hundreds back Facebook call for Saudi protest”
  • “Gaddafi’s Next Move: Sabotage Oil and Sow Chaos?”
  • Democrat urges unions to ‘get a little bloody when necessary'”


  • “America’s Portly Pet Problem”
  • “Obesity gene may up dementia risk” 

A Little of Both:


I guess if one or the other of these headline groups, Worldwide Anarchy or Eating ourselves to death, may result at the same place.  We are goners!  The irony is that both are primarily food based.  The plethora of protests started as a revolt against climbing food prices, due to our monetary and agricultural policies, and the latter by our eating too much food and the wrong food and also sharing them with our pets!  So, let just quit eating and the problems will be solved!  That is what a government study would conclude!

In the midst of all of this chaos, the world citizens are looking for direction and leadership.  The US President appears weak and confused; European Leaders have been virtually silent; so there is a leadership void in the world at large.  This is the same environment that was present when Hitler was “created”.  During his ascendency, Hitler was admired by many prominent Americans and Europeans alike at the time.  In the absence of world leadership, people will become insecure and seek solace in almost anyone who provides even the hint of safety and leadership for the people.  The new leader(s) may also break along geopolitical lines.  Islamic Peoples may seek a world Islamic Leader to look up to for guidance.  Western Peoples may cede their liberty for a leader promising to re-establish the West’s dominance or pander to some other emotional need of Western Peoples.  China and Russia will tightly control their citizens so may be subject to some unrest but it is doubtful that any serious uprising would occur in either nation.  In short, we would potential end up with a world that is dominated by three groups:  Islamic World Movement; Western Isolationist; China/Russia Coalition. 

The trilateral power shift would pit three ideological giants against each other and there is no common thread between them.  During the Cold War, we relied on Mutually Assured Destruction to keep Russia from attacking the US.  The Islamic movement does not believe that they would be defeated and that suicide missions are justified by their belief structure.  Russia and China would try to play the West against the Islamic group and visa versa.  Ultimately they would be seen as the enemy of the Islamic group but that would only be after the West was subjugated. 

My suggestion to the U.S. would be to forget about obesity for a while and concentrate on rebuilding the West and Man-UP so we have a leadership model we can all look up to.  Europe needs to stand up to Obama and tell him what they really think.  European leaders do not agree with Obama’s fiscal, Islamic or unilateral disarmament positions.  They need to make their concerns vocal before it is too late.  China and Russia will not fight against a strong US but will seek to devour a weak US.  A weak US will allow the Islamic Movement to spread rapidly throughout the world and even to overtake the US.   

Time to wake up and take control…

RD Pierini









Worldwide Protests, Coincidence or Common Interests, Coincidence or Collusion?

Obama Supports Pro Islamic Forces--Disses US Governor

Auric Goldfinger once said, Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”. 

Emma Bull wrote, Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys.” 

Wisconsin has become yet another cog in the wheel of protests that are piggy-backing on the back of the protests in Tunisia and Egypt.  The difference is that the Wisconsin protest movement is about getting Obama re-elected in 2012.  If he loses the public sector union $$$’s, he and the democrat party is in deep trouble.

In the past month, civil unrest and massive protests have broken out against Middle Eastern, Secular governments in, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, Bahrain; In the Islamic Republic; In the Communist Nation of China; and in the United States in the State of Wisconsin.  Is there a common thread in these four groups of protests or was the growth of the protests fed by earlier perceived gains in Tunisia and Egypt?    Unless you subscribe to a high degree of conspiracy theory, the likelihood that these protests shared a common interest is a stretch.  But, the success of the protests in Tunisia and Egypt more than likely was the catalyst for the spread of the protests in other countries. 

But, the collusion did begin during the unrest in Tunisia and Egypt.  In the secular led Arab Nations’ protests, the global Islamic Movement jumped on board immediately.  They were emboldened by a lack of global concern over the radical elements that are embodied in the Muslim Brotherhood and the lack of support by Western Nations for the secular leaders.  The overt condemnation by Obama of Mubarak and Ben Ali sent the signal that the US would not intervene on behalf of the governments.  The Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s radical surrogates, Hezbollah, Hamas, and others were unleashed to not only join in the initial two protests, but to spread the protests to the rest of the secular Arab nations.  The initial success of the Tunisian and Egyptian protests emboldened global Islamists (which is all believers in Islam per the Quran) and in lest than two weeks spread the unrest to 8 other Arab Nations.

The uprising in Iran was spearheaded by the same pro-democracy group that was squashed by Iran last year.  They two were emboldened by the successes in Tunisia and Egypt but they did not read the West correctly.  The protesters in Iran thought that our Administration’s approval of the protesters in Tunisia and Egypt was due to their love for democracy.  They did not realize that the goal was to start the ball rolling down the hill to create Islamic Republics in all 8 nations, like in Iran.  Our protests to the Iranian Government’s brutality was almost non-existent.  As a result, the protestors were hung or brutalized and Obama turned a blind eye.

The uprising in China was also a result of over exuberance of its citizens about the successes of the Tunisian and Egyptian protests and once again the protestors did not understand that Obama would not intervene against the Chinese Government.  They probably did not realize that Obama had the Secretary of Treasury Geithner relax SEC rules and allow the Chinese Government to invest $1.2B in Morgan Stanley!  Why would Obama then get in bed with the protestors!

Finally we come to Wisconsin.  Once again the success of the Middle Eastern protestors gave the Obama Administration, the Democratic National Committee, and the public sector unions, the false sense that the American Public would rise up against the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, and the governor’s push to limit the public sector union’s collective bargaining breadth and make the public sector employees pay more of their own healthcare and pension costs.  Obama’s own political action group, “Organizing for America” was unleashed to organize the protest in Wisconsin.  The protest has the explicit blessing of the President of the United States of America!  Obama accused the Governor of creating an  “assault” on unions in pushing emergency legislation that would change future collective-bargaining agreements that affect most public employees, including teachers.  The President’s role is to enforce Federal Law such as Taft-Hartley and other labor law rather than interjecting his own political bias into a governance issues within one of the 50 sovereign States.  Obama assaulted Walker faster than Obama chastised Mubarak, Ben Ali, and other Arab leaders who were resisting the protestors in their own sovereign nations. 

Governor Walker deserves the support of the President of the United States in all local State matters.  If Obama disagrees with the governor, he should do so “off-line” and not abet and support the unlawful, virtual strike, by public sector employees.  Even worse, use his political arm to virtually riot against a sovereign state’s top official.  This is a sad time in America and an era that will not soon be forgotten. 

Obama and the Democrat party rely on public sector union contributions and “free” labor in their campaigns.  They make sure they unions are funded and supported so thye unions can turn around and support the Democrat goals.  This is a true perversion of democracy.  In a democracy, you don’t have your opponent, the conservative taxpayer, fund your bribes to unions in return for their support and votes.

Carter went down as a failed President.  Obama will go down as a failed activist, progressive who was mistakenly elected President. 

May God protect and keep safe the protestors, counter-protestors, and government officials in Wisconsin.  Most of the former are mere dupes of this administration and their union servile dependents.

RD Pierini

Auric Goldfinger:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auric_Goldfinger

Emma Bull:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Bull