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Black Anarchy-Still Being “Enslaved” by White Global Elitists

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Anarchy Tools of the Global Elitists

Open Borders


Global Economic Chaos

Pitting Disparate Groups Against Each Other-Intra and Inter Nation

Political and Economic Enslavement

Black Voting Block Key to Continued Dominance by Democrats, Over Blacks!


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Global Elitist Goal:

Global Elitist seek World Political and Economic Supremacy over All Peoples.  Period! 

  • They create depressed classes of Peoples and drive them into abject despair so they can be manipulated into helping the Global Elites destroy the fabric of civil society.  In order to achieve their goal, the Global Elitist must isolate these groups to the point that disparate groups see each other as their mortal enemy, literally.  Blacks have been used for years by the Global Elitist in the US to keep them in power with little regard for the plight of the Blacks.
  • The Global Elitist will shame the Nation States to open their borders in order to share their generosity with Peoples of lessor nations.  This will increase tensions as the new immigrants are so culturally disparate that assimilation and the development of mutual respect or acceptance is impossible.  Blacks have disproportionately been harmed by cheaper immigrant labor that have robbed entry-level jobs from young Blacks.
  • The Global Elitist must be able to seize absolute control over Nation States who must be beaten down to the point where they seek help from anywhere to survive.  The Global Elitist lobby to Blacks and other minorities to blame all of their woes on Republicans and conservatives and lift up international agencies as friends of the Blacks in fight the oppression from within.
  • The Rule of Law in the Nation States must be made irrelevant by continual Constitutional erosion from globalist courts, erosion of governance checks and balances, and a systemic erosion of personal, political and ethical values by the ruling classes.  The Global Elitist continually stir racial tensions between Blacks and Whites.  They use law enforcement as an example of racial animus of the Whites towards the Blacks.  This serves to justify Black rioting as a means to achieve “social justice” but it is a further erosion of the rule of law.
  • The Global Elitist create economic chaos within developed nations that drives up the debt of these nations to the brink of bankruptcy in order to bring down the strong nations to the level of the lessor nations.  Once the nation states have been leveled off politically and economically, the Global Elitist will step in and “Save the World”!  The Global Elites use economic chaos to pit minorities against Whites in general to deepen the racial divide and keep the focus off of themselves.

Are Global Elitist Succeeding in Establishing Anarchy in the United States?

Forward:  The balance of this article will focus primarily on the Global Elitist goal of creating racial tensions and segregation in American in order to take down America to the point where it cannot remain as the enviable bastion of Democracy and Freedom in the world.  In the short-term the Global Elitist will continue to foster racial tensions between Blacks and Whites with the goal being to keep Democrats in power.  Open borders, anti-nationalism, global economic chaos, and the pitting of disparate groups against each other internally and internationally will be discussed in the context of race relations in the United States and the role of the Global Elitist in fomenting racial tensions.  If the Blacks come together with Whites to actually work together to solve the decades of political abuse of the Blacks at the hands of the Democrats, the Global Elitist goals will be threatened.  They will even encourage outright anarchy in order to win the 2016 election if needed.

Global Elitist Insertion Into the US Government:

Political Landscape Changes in the US: 

Over the past 50 years, the Progressive takeover of the Democrat Party has been completed and included the full integration of Global Elite goals.  The Global Elites have also been able to infiltrate the leadership and rank and file of the Republican Party.  The Republican Party has embraced many of the Open Borders objectives and Globalism in trade.  Many have also embraced the expansion the Government and the rapid increase in the national debt in spite of a sluggish growth of the US economy.  The Republican Neo-Conservative movement is evidence of the GOP embracing positions that are not typical Republican Conservative positions.  Global Elites with international business interest have been dominant in both parties in driving legislation that benefits the Global Elites over American workers.  The view that the rights of US citizens should be diminished for the “Global Good” has not only been promoted but integrated into our national political thinking.  The result of this shift has been persistent high unemployment, stagnant GDP growth, more US businesses moving out of the US, an $800B trade deficit, and a whopping $20 Trillion dollar national debt!  The impact on the Black and other minority communities has been disproportionately high creating further frustration resulting in feelings of being left behind and politically detached.   Global Warming, refugee relocation, and amnesty for illegal aliens now trump jobs and financial security for US Citizens for the “greater good”.

Deterioration of US Race Relations:

Racial relations in the US have deteriorated substantially over the past 8 years under the Obama administration.  If Obama had intentionally stirred up animosity between Whites and Blacks, he could have not been more successful.  Blacks today have been convinced by the Global Elitist that Republicans were the slave owners, the ones who created the “Jim Crow Laws”, the ones who tried to stop the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the ones who started the KKK!  The bottom line is that US leadership, left and right, has failed miserably in creating better race relations and have built a seemingly impenetrable walls between US racial groups.  Blacks have traditionally overwhelmingly supported the Democrat Party and believe that the GOP does not represent their best interest.  (Donald Trump is changing this perception but not for the GOP, but for his populist message)  The result of this degradation in race relations has yielded the following:  Blacks distrust law enforcement;  Blacks in the inner-cities receive inferior education when compared to the balance of the country;  Black on Black crime in the inner-cities is spiraling out of control;  Black illiteracy rates in the inner-cities averages 50% with very low high school graduation rates;  Black out-of-wedlock births have sky rocketed;  Black unemployment is least double that of other ethnic groups;  Blacks have the highest per capita incarceration rate of any other ethnic group; and Blacks have one of the lowest home ownership numbers of any group.  In short, the status of the Black and other inner-city minorities have deteriorated greatly over the past 8 years.  As a group, Blacks have been set up as the physically disruptive force in the US as evidenced in recent riots that resulted out of police shootings of blacks regardless of whether the shooting was justified or not. Black Lives Matters and other Black anarchist groups are now threatening destruction of historic statues and monuments that may be perceived as “racist” due to their commemoration of the Civil War South.  The destruction of the historical monuments and the attempts to rewrite history is to take away and references to historical truths that tie Slavery, the Civil War, and the continuing downward spiral of the Black community to the Democrat party who are the political arm of the Global Elitist in America!

Open Borders:

Both political parties have systematically voted for increased immigration levels, almost unlimited VISA grants, and dramatically increased levels of refugees from several countries.  The result of these policy changes has been increased competition for US jobs between US citizens and the newcomers;  fewer opportunities for our minorities, including Blacks, to achieve the American Dream;  increased welfare, education, and other government program costs to support the newcomers at the expense of the American taxpayer; health concerns due to the lack of health screening of illegal immigrants and refugees; lower national security due to the lack of vetting for immigration and refugees coming into the US from nations supporting terrorism.  The US Black community has suffered greatly from the Open Border policies imposed by the pawns of the Global Elitist.  Many in the Black community have not even realized the total impact of open borders on their own community.  The lower job growth, lower opportunity availability, and financial impacts on the Black community that have resulted from open borders have added greatly to the frustration in the Black households.

Global Elitist & Use of Blacks to Create Anarchy and Disrupt 2016 Elections

Image result for charlotte race riotsCharlotte, NC, Riots 9/21/2016 – North Carolina Key Battleground State Between Trump and Clinton

The Global Elitist such as George Soros have pumped millions of dollars into Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other anarchist groups in order to disrupt the US political process and ensure that the Global Elitist prevail in 2016 in light of the strong challenge by Populist Donald Trump.  BLM is directly coordinating all rioting and demonstration activities surrounding any law enforcement encounters with Blacks.  The narrative is that law enforcement is inherently Racist regardless of the race of the police officer.  In other words, if a Black copy shoots a Black person, it is a racially motivated shooting as all cops are racists.  Originally BLM was not going after shootings by Black officers but there have not been enough shootings by White officers to keep the riots going!

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Race Baiting Politicians

Obama and Clinton keep stoking the fires of the cries of racism by not standing on the side of law and order but pandering to the BLM anarchist movement.  This has been a pattern for both of these politicians for the past 8 years.  In the minds of the Global Elitist, an America on fire is better than a Trump presidency!  In the minds of the Global Elitist, any Means Justifies the End, which is Global Elitist domination over the world.

What to Expect from Global Elitist Before November 8th?

Who knows how far this will go.  Will Obama eventually declare Marshal Law and suspend the elections?  Will BLM force the hand of the civil society to take lethal action to quell the social unrest.  Will Obama militarize our nation and physically seize control?  Those are far-fetched possibilities but I would have thought that mass rioting in a historic city in North Carolina over a police action that resulted in the death of an armed Black man, with a 20 year felony history, at the hand of a Black police officer who reports to a Black Chief of Police would be far-fetched.

Solution:  Black and White Unity and Rejection of Race Baiting Global Elitist

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The Trump campaign is seeking systemic solutions to changing the negative paradigm of Black inner-city communities.  He is not pandering with hand-outs but with adding school choice for Blacks, bringing back jobs to the inner-cities, bringing back investment into the inner-cities, strengthening community policing so inner-city residents feel safe in their homes and on their streets, and ending racial tensions between Whites and Blacks through mutual efforts to lift all Americans up by working together and discontinuing the politics of racial divide.  If Trump is elected, this does not mean that the Global Elitist will take their marbles and go home.  Quite the contrary.  They will use the Main Stream Media (MSM) to hammer every unifying advancement that is gained and try to insert a “social injustice” wedge in between the Blacks and the Whites, law enforcement and the citizens, government and the people.  It will be an all out war and not fought with any degree of civility.

The other lever they will pull is Islamophobia.  This is present today but has not been totally exploited by the Global Elitist as it has proven to be less effective than fomenting discourse between Blacks and Whites.  Those pesky terrorist use bombs rather than guns, target gays, and are not particularly friendly to any non-Muslim group.  Maybe that is why they are Muslim Radical Terrorist rather than Global Elite Muslim Terrorist!  But, if the Blacks begin working with Whites to improve Black living conditions, the Global Elitist will seek out any mechanism they can find to exploit. 

Maybe after Obama leaves office we can actually embark on a true path to a Post-Racial America!  Obama used his bully pulpit to divide and pit one citizen group against the other at the bidding of the Global Elitist. 

Trump does not agree with or need the support of the Global Elitist.  Maybe, just maybe, we actually have someone who will represent We the People, regardless of race, religion, or other distinguishing personal difference.

RD Pierini



How Much Does the U.S. Owe to the World?

Foreign Aid

Do our Memberships in International Defense and other Organizations Further U.S. Self-Interest? 

How Much US Sovereignty Should We Give Up to These Organizations? 

Facing $19 Trillion in debt, and a Presidential Election this fall, isn’t it time to stop and look at all of our treaties and memberships in the 79 organizations we currently participate in and support?  This should include a conversation on the role foreign-aid should play in our national defense strategy. 

Many of these international organizations sprang up at the end of World War II or were the result of the Cold War.  Today we face new challenges, not the least of which is from Islamic Terrorism.  Many of the current international organizational structures that we are a party to either do not assist in fighting this threat or actually hinder our ability to effectively deal with this threat.  In some cases, they create a conflict of interest that is contrary to our national self-interest.

United Nations:

The UN was established after WWII in 1945 to replace the ineffective League of Nations.  The goal was to create an organization that would ensure that another WWII did not occur.  The UN is by far the largest international organization we are a party to and one that presents many domestic and international conflicts of interests and often conflicts with our national self-interest.  The good news and maybe the bad news is that the permanent members of the Security Council, the US, Russia, China, United Kingdom and France all have veto power over any mandatory actions by the UN, very little gets done.  During the Cold War, Russia (USSR) and China virtually opposed everything the west attempted to do via the UN.  (Remember, this was created post WWII so Germany and Japan as aggressors in WWII were excluded from the Security Council.)  In short, the UN is primarily a body where the US and its ally Israel are beat up continually and very little concrete or positive solutions are out forth by the UN. 

The US is the largest contributor to the UN contributing 22% or $1.3 Billion to support the general operations and $2.3 Billion to support the UN Peacekeeping efforts.  The UN has 83,300 “peacekeepers” on its payroll?  The long and short of it is that we are paying to create a forum for small, antagonistic, and in some cases Islamic Terrorist countries, to meet and condemn the US and Israel.  The UN passes so-called binding resolutions through the Security Council which are for the most part ignored by even members of the Security Council.  A case in point is economic sanctions.  We found French weaponry in Iraq while we were fighting a war against Iraq and while their were UN sanctions against member nations trading with Iraq.  The same is true for sanctions against North Korea and Iran. 

If the UN were dismantled tomorrow, the world would be no less safe than it is today and the job of the New York police would be infinitely simpler!


NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

NATO is a military alliance between 28 countries.  Article Five of the treaty states that if an armed attack occurs against one of the member states, it should be considered an attack against all members, and other members shall assist the attacked member, with armed forces if necessary.  So technically, this is a binding agreement among the members for joint defense regardless of the provocation.  This is an important point given the expansion of NATO members over the years. 

NATO began with Belgium, Canada, Denmark,  France,  Iceland,  Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands,  Norway,  Portugal,  the United Kingdom,  and the United States as founding members.  In 1952, Greece and Turkey became members of the Alliance, joined later by West Germany (in 1955) and Spain (in 1982). In 1997, Hungary,  the Czech Republic,  and Poland were invited to join NATO.  From 2004-09, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia joined NATO.

When you look at the current member states, many of the members are also members of the European Union that created different governance structure from when NATO was formed.  Others were previously part of the old Soviet bloc adding tensions between NATO and Russia, and since Turkey became a member of NATO, it has become of an Islamic State than a Western oriented State. 

NATO members are “required” to spend 2% of their GDP on their military defense.  Since the US spends a much higher amount of their GDP on defense, the volume of the US defence expenditure effectively represents 73 per cent of the defence spending of the Alliance as a whole.  This does not mean that we pick up 73% of the total NATO costs, but it does mean that there is a disproportional reliance on US military capabilities. 

NATO should be reviewed in terms of its structure, membership and funding.  The current structure and membership makes NATO a natural enemy of Russia which is why NATO has not allowed the Ukraine to join.  Turkey’s inclusion has caused problems with the US in Iraq and with our ability to support the Kurds in Iraq who are the enemy of Turkey.  The economic crisis in the EU leaves doubt that the EU countries could support any real military conflict for any length of time. 

In short, what are the benefits to the US to continue in the current makeup of NATO?


WTO (World Trade Organization)

The WTO was formed in 1995 to regulate foreign trade among nations.  (Donald Trump will love this organization!)  This organization is touted to promote FREE Trade but it is based on a number of Rules that define and thus limit true free trade.  True Free Trade does not require regulation!  Again, this organization has its own bureaucracy consisting of 600 full time employees. 

Of special concern is the “DOHA Round”.  The DOHA Round is a redistribution of wealth regime to help developing countries.  It has been described:

“This was to be an ambitious effort to make globalization more inclusive and help the world’s poor, particularly by slashing barriers and subsidies in farming. The initial agenda comprised both further trade liberalization and new rule-making, underpinned by commitments to strengthen substantial assistance to developing countries”.

The WTO has yet to be effective in dealing with currency manipulation by China and others.  Most trade agreements today are outside of the WTO, like the Pan Pacific Partnership, and others.  If a truly free market existing internationally, the global markets would self regulate inequities and protectionists activities.  But, bureaucrats are not likely to let a free market be free from their tinkering. 

The WTO is outdated and just another mechanism to redistribute wealth and protect specific western interests, especially in the EU.



I will not go through the other 75 or so agreements and organization that we are paying for today.  The examples above should give you a flavor for the types of entanglements we have gotten involved in and continue to support today.  We are in a whole new world and one where large international bureaucracies seldom work towards our national self-interest.  Quite the contrary. 

Ask yourself why we insist on going to the United Nations when we feel it is in our own national interest to invade a country suspected of having weapons of mass destruction?  Then, spending two years to get UN approval.  By then the weapons could have been moved anywhere, like Syria!  The UN does not care about our self interests.  Neither does NATO or the WTO.

Also, our Constitution clearly states that the Constitution, laws enacted by the Federal Government, laws enacted by our States, all take precedent over ALL treaties or other international agreements.  PERIOD.  All of these international treaties tend to restrict or override our own Constitutional rights and protections.

It is time to take a second look at the rights our government has negotiated away!

RD Pierini


EuroMess–UK Calls the Right Shot–The Rest Suck up to Germany/France

    It took more than just guts for Cameron, the PM of the United Kingdom, England to Obama, to vote against joining in with the rest of the Eurozone to abdicate each country’s individual sovereignty to basically the EU Brussels crowd that is run by Merkel and Sarkozy with the former calling the shots.  The EU Brussels crowd is pushing for the right to basically override member country’s duly elected and authorized national legislatures if the country fails to meet up with the economic parameters set up by Brussels. 

While it sounds nice that each member country could only run deficits less than 0.5% of their GDP, this number is not a realistic goal if the countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain have to remain under the burden of the Euro.  It used to be cheap for Americans and other Europeans to travel to these countries due to the exchange rates.  This allowed the tourism trade and the exports from these countries to flourish as they and their products were a “good deal”. 

Now, having to operate under the Euro, they have no relative advantage over France or Germany in enticing tourists or providing bargain products via exports due to exchange rate differences.  The debt restructuring portion of the new plan is also DOA.  200 Billion Euros in trade for national sovereignty is not much of a deal.  Besides, how can Italy, who currently is running a Debt:GDP percentage of 120%, going to cut that down to 100.05% quickly without currency restructuring and debt renegotiation? 

The “plan” is a set up to make each of the agreeing countries, that are in tough shape, accept “help”, money, from Brussels and the IMF in the hopes that these countries fail so Brussels can step in and make these country’s citizens serfs of Germany/France/Brussels.  Bailouts are the bait to suck these countries in than force their takeover for their own good.  This scheme is set up to foster animosity amongst European nations not seen since before WWI and WWII. 

Enter Cameron:

Cameron’s actions may be the only sane  move so far in this whole Euro Debt Crisis.  Britain stood pretty much alone in WWII against forces on the Continent during the early goings of WWII.  They appear to be doing so again but are facing worldwide condemnation for their actions.  While the British Pound has taken a beating since the depression of 2008, the country is still standing and functioning.  They still need to deal once again with their socialist cancers that have re-infected the country since Thatcher left office.  But, they are Brits after all and their independent nature, from whom we inherited our own, may keep them from committing national suicide by joining in with the Euro Mania.  I will never forget one of the taxi drivers we had in London who said to us, “We Brits would rather be the 51st state in the United States than be a full Euro member of the EU”!  And that was 5 years ago before this recent mess.

Great Britain may be in the unique position of consulting with those countries who are in the most precarious positions financially and helping them to see that staying with the Euro is not their only option.  Make no mistake, these debt laden countries have no easy choices.  Their debt is their debt and they will have to deal with it.  I can tell you from first hand knowledge that Italians would fight to the death for Italy and their Lira but not shed one drop of blood for Brussels or the Euro.  They are just scared to death of the debt and the consequences they face but they would rally together as Italians but never as Europeans under the control of Germany/France/Brussels.  The UK may be able to step in and help them individually to renegotiate their debt and get their budgets under control.  These countries could trust the UK as they have no vested interest in taking them over which cannot be said for Germany/France/Brussels.

The EU experiment was a good idea at the time but poorly thought out with an even worse implementation.  When you premise is to be able to compete against someone, the United States, rather than to flourish as a people, then you start out on the wrong foot.  Today the Euro and the EU are thought to be TOO BIG TO FAIL.  Heard that before?  They are not.  But it will take guts by the citizens of each of the troubled countries, help from friends like the UK that have no vested interest, and patience by a world community that really does not have a lot of options.  The United States, during a Obama administration, will be no help to the struggling countries as Obama is an international socialist, so the consolidation of misery under Brussels is apropos.  Besides, his father hated the Europeans and blamed them for all of the ills of Africa and the rest of the colonized world so if Europe destroys itself that would be justice for his family. 

All we mere mortals can do is sit back and watch as this unfolds.  We all know here that Too Big To Fail is nonsense and merely a way to remove more and more liberties from citizens via confiscation of private property by big government.  Why aren’t governments ever TOO BIG?  Good luck to Cameron and the struggling members of the EU.  Buffet and Soros will be their trying to pick the Euros off of the bones of these great societies while their citizens struggle for their very survival.

RD Pierini

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Freedom and Capitalism Under Attack–Obama on a Last Ditch Effort to Destroy Western Civilization

Obama finally came out Wednesday with his Marxist Manifesto that many of us knew he espoused three years ago.  In Osawatomie, Kansas  he said:

Limited Gov’t That Preserves Free Markets Doesn’t Work. It Has Never Worked“. 

     I guess this nation just appeared out of the ashes of time and was, all of sudden, the leader of the World throughout most of the 20th and so far in the 21st century.  Until recently, the Federal Government remained relatively small as a percentage of our GDP.  Businesses were relatively free to operate in free markets that promoted growth and made US Businesses the most competitive force world-wide and their work forces the most productive of any industrialized country.  The Free Market oriented environment catapulted US citizens into the lead enjoying the highest standard of living worldwide.  Were there inequities?  Sure.  But, the society generated sufficient surpluses that if they would have been applied properly, there would be little need for government “safety nets”.  The Roosevelt, Johnson, and Carter presidencies began the Marxist movements to take over this country but the electorate woke up in time to elect conservative governments and allowed the country to revert to limited government and free enterprise.  But, with each of these  progressive administrations, some of the progressive cancer was left in our nation to rot away at our fabric.  Then along came Obama who is a devout Marxist and who has moved this country closer to the progressive abyss.  On Wednesday, he also said; 

…and, that Americans must look to a more activist government that taxes more, spends more and regulates more if they want to preserve the middle class.

Let’s parse this statement carefully:

  • More activist government:  This means that the government and its bureaucracy will entrench itself into every facet of your life and the society as a whole.  Obamacare will dictate to you how you live and die.  Obamavironment will force green energy down your throat and drive up the cost of gasoline, home heating, and every energy that we depend on today further shrinking your disposable income.  Obama-Internationalization will force the US to become subservient to the UN and integrate Islamic Sharia law into our judicial systems.  You will lose the right to own property including currency, a job, home, investments etc. and anything you “get” will be from the government.
  • Taxes More:  Tax who?  48% of Americans don’t pay taxes now.  That only leaves those left in the middle class who are working.  You can’t tax the rich enough to support a $4 Billion plus government.  There are simply not enough in the top 2-5% to support this expanded government.  While promoting taxing the rich, those of us in the middle class better hold onto our wallets.  The only real pool of cash is in the middle class.  Why, because that is where the bulk of the money is due to the sheer number of people in the middle class… 
  • Spends More:  We have the largest national debt to GDP level today than at any other time in our history.  The more we spend, the more we go into debt, the more we drive misery into every facet of our society.  Do you feel better now that we have increased our national debt by 50% in 3 years?  I doubt it.  Every dollar the government spends comes out of the private sector, you.  Unless you are one of the ruling class, every dollar spent by the government drives your standard of living down.  As Margaret Thatcher said of European Socialists:  “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”  the “other people’s money” is from the middle class.  The “rich” will never be taxed by the ruling class as they are one and the same.  General Electric paid no taxes last year on $5 Billion in income;  Obama is attending a $35,000 per plate fund-raiser with Wall Street types;  even Michael Moore had to admit that there is no difference between Obama and Wall Street…
  • Regulates More:  This is the real tool of Marxism.  In order to kill capitalism, you have to remove that evil word, profits.  Profits are what allows a company to fund its growth, secure stockholders, and hire more employees.  Regulations increase the cost to do business and eats away at the sorely needed profits that keep a company growing and strong.  The end result is that business have to move out of the country in order to survive.  Obama has taken regulation to a new level driving up the cost of energy, healthcare, and government compliance to levels forcing businesses overseas.  Regulation is a hidden business tax that eats away at competition. 
  • Preserve the Middle Class:  What this means is that they must have the masses survive to suck the lifeblood out of them to support the ruling class’s lifestyles.  They will not preserve your lifestyle.  Just think of the results from the housing crisis that was caused by government meddling in the housing markets.  Trillions of dollars have been robbed from home owners in equity and the vast majority of home owners are underwater with their mortgages.  The “preservation of the middle class” is the biggest lie of the Marxist.  The word preservation only describes the goal of preserving the ruling class by taking everything from the middle class.  Of course they will give you a stipend to live on.  They will give you “free” Medical care until you are 65 then they will make sure you are comfortable in your last days.  Marxism is the epitome of a parasitic organism.  We are really close to being committed to the large parasite in Washington DC…

Another way to view the Marxist Socialist agenda, just read the following simple quote from Karl Marx: 

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need “

“In other words, Take from anyone who has money or property, then Give that to everyone who does not have money or property” 

Who is going to decide who to take from and who to give to?

Obama and Marx both see the “middle class” as the suckers who can be manipulated into hating others who may have more material assets than they.  They foster class warfare while lowering the standard of living of the middle class exacerbating their disdain for others who may appear to be more affluent.  The more they can drive the middle class down towards poverty, the easier it is to manipulate their emotions against the “haves”.  The trick is to keep the middle class looking at the “rich” rather than the government who is creating the problem.

Look at today’s Obama world. 

  • We have the more people on Food Stamps than at any time in our history.
  • We have the highest sustained levels of unemployment at anytime since the Great Depression.
  • We have 47% of our citizens receiving government assistance.
  • 48% of our citizens pay no taxes.
  • We have more foreclosures today than anytime in our history.
  • We have the most rapid accumulation of national and state debt than anytime in our history.
  • We have more regulations over the private sector than at anytime in our history.
  • We have more US companies moving overseas than at anytime in our history.
  • We have more people leaving the workforce today than at anytime in our history.

 While Obama’s words sound nice rolling off of the teleprompter onto his tongue and into your ears, take the time to read his words and stop listening to them.  There is no philosophical difference between Obama and Marx!  Just read his words.  Parse each sentence.  You do not have the luxury not to get engaged and do everything in your power to cleanse this government of the progressive cancer that has infected our nation. 

RD Pierini

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End of Euro? The Only Way to Keep Europe from German Domination

Germany is “softly” invading Europe again, ironically with the help of France.  Germany and France do not want to lose their perceived world power position that the Eurozone affords both countries.  The Eurozone’s GDP is slightly larger than the US.  But, individually, Germany at $3.4 Trillion and France at $2.7 Trillion are dwarfed by the US GDP of $14.5 Trillion.  But, the Euro crisis is putting a dent in the designs of Germany to maintain control over the EU.  Even the head of the EU in Brussels is fighting Germany for control which is ironic since Germany was primarily instrumental for creating the EU Government in Brussels.  Brussels is pushing for EU reforms that would give Brussels ultimate power and control over member nations’ budgets and thus their societies.  They are further proposing the issuance of joint Eurozone bonds that would cement the EU as the One Nation Entity for Europe.  But, Germany and France have other designs on the EU that would give Germany and by extension France, control over the Eurozone.  Alas, I really do not think either power group will be able to save the Euro.  And that is a good thing!

On November 1st, we published an article discussing how, when and why the current Euro crisis came about and why the Euro should be abandoned in countries that cannot live up to the currency requirements of the Eurozone.  The article was titled, “Eurozone-Too Big To Fail?  Our Fate is Linked to Theirs!” and can be found at: .

The Euro was a good idea with poor execution and even worse expansion goals.  The only way each of the member nations will survive is to revert to their own currencies.  Yes, this will be a mess while we go through this but what is the alternative, a European version if TARP?  That is nuts.  WE have to stop creating bigger and bigger world bodies, banks and institutions that we hold up as too big to fail.  If they are too big to fail, then we should tear them apart into smaller more manageable entities. 

WE need to learn our lessons and start to stabilize this world economy once and for all.

  • All nations should stop printing money to buy back their own debt.
  • Stop all bailouts and allow entities to reorganize under whatever bankruptcy rules they are governed by.
  • Start restricting national budgets so they do not consume more than 18% of the nation’s GDP.

It is not too late to salvage the global economy but we need to keep our eye on what should be our primary goal, personal liberty.  Debt creates shackles for citizens whether it is personal or governmental.  Too Big to Fail needs to go by the wayside now.  We can’t afford to keep rewarding incompetence by those we elect by bailing out their mistakes…

RD Pierini


Eurozone-Too Big To Fail? Our Fate is Linked to Theirs!

I am writing this article not because it is a page turner but a topic that is critical to the economic survival of the West including the US.  The events unfolding in Europe will impact you directly regardless of the outcome.  The European nations combined are now a larger economy than the US.  If they fail, the ripple effect will make the Depression of 2008 seem tame…  You may wonder why the European Crisis is solved, then back again and again in the news.  Hopefully this article may provide some insight…We will also tie this in with US State issues…


Following WWII, the Marshall Plan, and the ascendency of the United States, Europe sought to re-establish itself as a major world force both politically and economically.  As individual nations, each had its strengths and unique cultures and histories.  Many were historical enemies, allies or both at one time or another.  With the fall of the Soviet Union, the Eastern European countries became independent and sought to rapidly establish their place in the new world order.  The Big Three in Europe in the 60’s and 70’s were Great Britain, France and Germany.  The latter was further enhanced by the fall of the Soviet regime as Germany was able to reunite East and West Germany creating a manufacturing force to be reckoned with in the global economy. 

The forerunner to the current Eurozone was the European Economic Community/Common Market that came into existence in 1957.  During the past 54 years, the EEC has morphed into the current Eurozone/Euro Area/European Union economic and monetary union.  The trouble with trying to follow a lot of the news stories regarding the Eurozone is that it, and its component parts are referred to by a whole host of names.  For the purposes of this article, we shall refer primarily to the Eurozone (EZ) as the entity that includes Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.  All of these countries have adopted the Euro as their currency which is controlled by the European Central Bank (ECB). 

The total population of the 27 member European Union is 494 million people while the smaller EZ is slightly larger than the US at 317 million people (2006 Stats).  Using 2010 statistics, the European Union’s GDP topped $16 Trillion while the US topped $14 Trillion.  So, by combining the European nations, they were able to create an economically competitive entity with the United States.

The Underlying Problem:

When the EZ was being formed, the establishment of a common currency was the cornerstone of their economic goals.  To accomplish this task, the European Central Bank, much like our Federal Reserve, was created to monitor the Euro and the relative strength and weaknesses of the individual nations in the EZ.  One underlying weakness was the challenge to manage individual autonomous economies within the group.  Germany, for example, was a much stronger nation financially than Spain, Greece or other lesser members.  Their strength was from their lower debt load and strong GDP and employment growth. 

In addition to having to balance disparate economies, the group had no direct control over the individual nations’ public policy.  All of the European nations were trending towards socialism to a greater or lesser degree than the other during the formation phase of the EZ.  So, while trying to balance individual nation’s economies, their GDP:National Debt ratios, against a common currency, the EZ was trying to organize chaos!  The relative economic strength of each of its member would change over the 40 years to the point that at one time France was actually close to being in default of their EZ financial requirements. 

During this creation period, the EZ “Capital” in Brussels consolidated more and more public policy power over the member nations without actually having any real power to force compliance on its members.  Brussels’ encroachment on the individual sovereignty of its members became a real point of contention and in fact has kept Great Britain from entering the EZ.  To give a you an insight into the depth of encroachment by Brussels, they established a law that horses had to have passports with inoculation records maintained in a similar manner to humans.  The reason was that some of the members consume horse meat and they wanted to make sure that they knew the inoculation history of the animals they would consume. 

The underlying problems included the combining of several nations with disparate economies, high debt:GDP ratios, disparate social structures, and no central public, economic or social policy capabilities.  So, when the debt crisis threatened the default of Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, there really was not a good way for the group to “fix” the problem.  The “fix” was then left up to Germany and France as the two most stable members.  But, in order to “fix” the problem, Germany and France could only negotiate the solution with the defaulting members. 

Source of the the Crisis:

The EZ members who are experiencing the highest levels of economic woes spent themself into oblivion.  (Sound familiar?)  Their labor productivity kept declining as more time off, pension age reductions, and other social programs took more and more productive hours out of their work force.  The higher the level of socialism, the higher the National Debt:GDP ratio.  There simply were not enough tax payers to pay for the non tax payers receiving benefits.  (Sound Familiar?)

When the EZ allowed more “affiliated” nations to join outside of the European Central Bank perview, nations such as Turkey and other less developed, lower labor cost nations, were given protected trade status under the EZ umbrella.  This led to the manufacturing and local trades within the EZ nations to be exported to the lower cost affiliates and reduced the GDP potential of the member nations.  There was a general failure by the EZ to recognize that labor and material procurement will always seek the lowest cost source, all else being equal.  Without the trade protection for member EZ nations, the new affiliates literally sucked the life blood out of many of the EZ member nations.  Hand crafts and labor intensive processes moved out of Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain to Turkey and many Eastern European affiliate nations.

The crisis then was caused by a lowering of the EZ members productivity; national debts that were growing faster than their GDP; and a loss of jobs and industries to lower cost affiliated members.  From a historical perspective, the demise was actually a continuation of what the powerful European nations attempted to do during the high point of the worldwide imperialistic expansion.  They tried to get nations they controlled to do their dirty work or perform the menial tasks and thus allow their citizens to live a more leisurely life free from toil.  Well, how did that go for them the first time around!  They failed then and they will fail now…

Default or What?

Since the Depression off 2008, we have all been sold a bill of goods under the umbrella of “TOO BIG TO FAIL”.  First of all, politicians create or allow the creation of very large private sector entities as it is easier to get donations out of one company rather than having to go to 300 smaller companies.  Government allowed the expansion of the US and European banks and key infrastructure companies such as communications companies, oil and gas companies, steel companies, and auto companies are all allowed to grow outside of what is healthy for competition and to protect against a catastrophic economic impact should one or more of the entities become bankrupt.  By allowing these entities to grow into behemoth proportions, also make them easier for the governments to take them over if they get into economic trouble…  (General Motors and Chrysler) 

Then, in the case of the US, we have allowed our States to incur such high levels of debt that there may have to be a special law written to allow for a State to file for bankruptcy protection.  In the EZ, the debt load of its weaker members has them at the brink of default/bankruptcy.  So, what is the next step? 

  • Allow States in the US, or members of the EZ, to default on their debt and seek bankruptcy protection
  • OR bail them out somehow? 
  • Or, in the case of the EZ, why not allow the troubled nations to exit the EZ and re-establish their own currencies?
  1. Allow Default/Bankruptcy:  The reason the politicians who are at the tip of the power structure do not like this option is that it takes control out of their hands!  If a State, like California, is allowed to go through bankruptcy, then the State will be FORCED to sit down with its creditors, suppliers, and employees and negotiate a mutually agreed upon plan to allow the State to survive and reorganize its debt and finances.  In the case of EZ members, the same is true.  Greece, not Germany and France, would be forced to sit down with their own creditors, (the European Central Bank is one), suppliers and employees and come up with a survival plan.  Without a State or an EZ member going through this process, there really is no long-term solution and one reason you keep seeing the “Crisis headlines” over and over again.
  2. Bail Out Troubled Nations/States:  This is the preferrable “solution” for the power brokers/politicians.  Why?  With every bailout Dollar or Euro the entity bailing out the State or member assumes more control over the State or member being bailed out.  In short, this process furthers centralization and further reduces local autonomy.  In the medium or long-term, this is not a solution as the underlying causes are not remedied…  The State’s or member’s debt, low productivity, or overspending are still on table and will rear their ugly heads in the future.
  3. EZ-Break Up the EZ:  The hard fact is that the members of EZ had hoped that the economies and thus the intra currency strengths between the northern EZ members, who are stronger, and the less stable southern EZ members, would equalize over time.  This has not happened and was a naive assumption at best.  Today, there is a 30%-40% intra EMU currency misalignment between North and South.  This is why you are seeing Germany (Merkel) and France (Sarkozy) meeting by themselves to come up with a bailout solution.  They represent the Northern Strength and are worried that if the Euro collapses, their nations will be adversely impacted.  What is somewhat odd to watch is that the Central Bank is actually tightening its monetary policies which help Germany and France to a degree but lessen the chances of Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Greece to dig their way out…  The bottom line is that the members who are in economic trouble, would have to devalue their own economy by 40% to come back to par with the northern member.  The inflation hit on their citizens would incite riots that would make those in Greece look like a warm up.  Allowing the troubled nations to back out of the EZ and re-establish their own currency and take back their own economic destiny may be the best long-term solution. 

The individual nations in Europe have very diverse histories and cultures and will probably never truly assimilate into a cohesive union as has been envisioned since 1957.  In the case of the United States, we were able to grow into our Republic, starting with 13 States and growing gradually into the 50 States.  The EZ attempted to assimilate nations that had actually been at war with one other less than 40 years prior!  It is tough enough to for the US and its States to adjudicate its differences.  The differences within the EZ are deep and the economies do not lend themselves to integration.

It may be time to stop moving towards too big to fail and go back to small enough to manage!



The bigger we allow governments, companies, financial institutions, and other core entities to grow to autocratic or monopolistic size, the less freedom we will have personally and as a nation.  The politicians tell us we have to bailout this or that entity or country or the world will collapse.  Or, that the we have to raise our debt ceiling or the world will collapse.  None of these catostropic events will occur but our loss of freedom will most certainly occur if we do not take back our own governments and stop this madness.  You will continue to read about the European crisis as they do not have either bankruptcy/default or the transitioning of one or more of the EZ members out of the EZ as options to fix their problems.  They only have bailout/centralization on the table.  The ultimate goal of the Progressives is to centralize as much power as possible and enslave more and more free people economically which will lead to a total loss in freedom due to the confiscation of private property. 

Watch Europe and you will see our fate…

RD Pierini

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Boomer’s Retirement Blamed for Stock Market Downfall–No Dummy, We are being Fired!

WOW!  What a headline this was!  Earth to Wall Street and the Government: 

    Your idiotic, criminal, Sub Prime Scheme caused the 2008 Depression that is forcing more and more seniors to try to find work and others have been laid off as a result of your greed.  Further, our Government’s failure to address Social Security and Medicare funding issues are the cause of the drain on these systems and not the Baby Boomer’s Retirement.  It was no secret that the Baby Boomer’s Retirement Time was coming and no one in government in the last 30 years has had the guts to deal with it.  Instead, they just kept expanding the programs and extending services to non retirees in the hopes of snagging a few more votes.  Well, Wall Street, we are sorry of you little markets are not doing so well.  Our 401Ks have been decimated by your Sub-Prime larceny and we did not get bailouts by the Government and the Fed like you have.

You have:

  • Eliminated the Equity in our Homes.!

  • Eliminated much of our 401K Retirement Funds!

  • Caused inflation by being a co-conspirator with the Federal Reserve with their “Quantitative Easing” Grand Larceny!

  • Eliminated 2 years of COLA adjustments for Seniors!

  • Drove Gas Prices up from $1.61 in January of 2009 to over $3.75 today!

You want to blame someone for a bad stock market, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!


RD Pierini

Read more on Boomer Retirement Could Slow US Recovery -Fed Paper

While the World “Burns”, The President Bicycling On Martha’s Vineyard

Nero, famous for the phrase, “Nero Fiddled while Rome Burned”, has nothing over President Obama who is bicycling and vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard while the world and its lowly citizens are grappling life and death issues.  This President has no intention of trying to turn this economy around and improve the global economy.  The only concern he has is his own re-election.  We can only hope that we see his reign end on January 21, 2013! 

While Obama is vacationing on the exclusive Martha’s Vineyard island, the US and the world is trying to address an immense amount of life and death issues that if not caused by Obama, were certainly exacerbated by him.  Here is the short list.

United States:

  •  20% of American Children are living in Poverty
    • 14.7million children in families living at or below the Poverty level ($21,800)
    • The State of Mississippi leads the nation at 33%
    • Nevada, the home of Senate Leader Harry Reid, has seen 13% of its children made homeless through foreclosures.
  • 43,000,000 Americans are receiving Food Stamps which is an all time historic high.
  • Consumer Price Index continue to rise to higher and higher levels robbing more and more precious cash from American Consumers, especially Seniors.
  • Gasoline Prices in January, 2009, when Obama was inaugurated, averaged $1.61/gallon.  Today it is averaging $3.62/Gallon which is a 124% Increase.  The avoidable gas price increases are robbing $1,200/year per family across the US.
  • Unemployment claims topped 409,000, another 400,000+ month.  Underemployment continues over 18%!
  • The US lost its AAA credit rating earlier this month that is continuing to cause global unrest over US credit worthiness.
  • Stock Market dropped 419 points today (8/18/2011)
  • Sales of existing homes fell again by 3.5% to an annual rate of 4.7 million homes.  In a normal economy, 6 million new homes are sold annually. 
  • Burning our Food:  More corn will be used to create ethanol for fuel, 5.05 Billion Bushels,  than to feed livestock, 5 Billion Bushels.  WE ARE BURNING OUR FOOD WHILE LEAVE BILLIONS OF BARRELS OF OIL, BILLIONS OF CUBIC FEET OR NATURAL GAS, MILLIONS OF TONS OF OIL SHALE, AND MILLIONS OF TONS OF COAL UNTAPPED UNDER OUR FEET!  This will drive world food prices up even more yielding more instability as food shortages erupt around the globe.
  • Young, unemployed and undereducated youths continue to roam the streets of many major US cities harassing, mugging and intimidating other citizens.


  • Morgan Stanley slashed its economic outlook for 2011 and 2012 fearing that the U.S. and the euro zone are”dangerously close to a recession”.
  • Gold jumped $28.20, or 1.6%, to $1,822 amid panic over global outlook.
  • Japan’s Exports fell for the 5th straight month.
  • European and Asian stock markets down again today.
  • Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Ireland may default on debt payments.
  • France and Germany may drag down their own economies to bail out the Eurozone.
  • France’s GDP growth tanked again this quarter.

World Conflicts:

  • Israel is again under attack by Palestinian forces in southern Israel.  Some rockets may have been fired from Egypt…
  • Libya:  We continue a failed “war”, albeit “non-kinetic”, trying to oust a single person, Colonel Kadaffi!  This is insane.
  • Obama, via his “under” President Hillary Clinton, now is DEMANDING that Syria’s President leave office.  Maybe France will ask that Obama leave office!
  • August was the deadliest month we have had in Afghanistan so far.
  • Iraq violence continues to escalate in a growing Shia versus Sunni conflict.  Sound familiar?
  • Unrest through Europe continues to stain European police forces.

 While this President’s absence and total disregard for the suffering of his nation’s citizens, many of whom are African-Americans, is appalling, the absence of the Republican congressmen and women is equally troubling.  There is definitely a blatant disregard for the citizens of this great nation by its ruling class, the President and the Congress.  instead of caring, they are all posturing for a political advantage in the 2012 elections.  They are more optimistic than the rest of us who don’t think we will make it to November 6, 2012!  How can this nation, and the global community, possibly survive 15 more months without systemic governance changes around the world.

The US, the Euro Zone, and Japan have to take the following measures immediately:

  • Eliminate their capital gains taxes.
  • Eliminate or seriously drop income taxes on corporations.
  • Make capital flow within the western economies rational by eliminating in country taxes for repatriated profits.
  • Slash individual taxes across the board.
  • Eliminate all non productive regulations on business and energy production. 
  • Stop Monetizing their individual debts by printing money and weakening western currencies against the Chinese and other currencies, and fueling inflation.
  • Let interest rates rise slowly to normal 4-5% levels.
  • Re-instate “normal” underwriting practices for home mortgages and make it illegal to create or re-market any sub-prime mortgages or other loans, period!
  • Stop taxing the drawdown of retirement funds that have to be used now for survival for most citizens rather than “enjoying” their retirement that they had hoped for.  Your taxation is driving more and more citizens into poverty.

Alas, don’t hold your breath that any of the global leaders will do anything short of trying to ensure their own jobs.  The lack of global leadership today is astounding.  Our allies look at the US and shake their heads.  They are wondering where we went!  We are not leading the world any longer because Obama does not believe in our greatness.  That is great for him but is catastrophic for the rest of the world.  The world is not some sort of university lab class that he can toy with.  There will be repercussions to what we have allowed this nation to become and the impact we have forced onto a unssupecting world…

RD Pierini

As Rome Burns… All of the Western Leaders Go On Vacation–Including Obama

Western Leaders consider themselves to be the New Royalty and Privileged Class,

and do not have a clue what their average citizen is going through!

While the average working American is wringing their hands trying to make ends meet while facing rising gas prices, rising food prices, the threat of layoffs, and their retirement accounts shrinking rapidly; and those unfortunate Americans who were gainfully employed prior to the Depression of 2008 but now are trying to make ends meet on a $450 or so per week unemployment check, ALL OF THE MAJOR WESTERN WORLD LEADERS ARE OFF ON HOLIDAY!

Obama:  Leaving for a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard next week for a 10 day holiday.

US Congress:  Off for a 5 Week vacation for the whole month of August.

Cameron (UK):  Vacationing in Italy.  Cut short his vacation to deal with the fact that London was burning down!

Sarkozy (France):  Vacationing on the French Mediterranean (he did return for one day for a meeting).

Merkel (Germany):  Vacationing in the Italian Alps,

Zapatero (Spain):  Vacationing in southern Spain.  Came back to meet with his ministers.

Berlusconi (Italy):  Is actually working and trying to get the G7 group to meet to deal with the global meltdown.  Can’t, they are all on vacation!  (G7 = US, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Japan, & Canada)

Meanwhile, the European Central Bank (ECB) is borrowing money from the United State’s Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, to prop up Spain, Italy, and Greece.  Where does Bernanke get the money to loan the ECB?  He prints it, of course, so you end up subsidizing the ECB via inflation of the US Dollar…

Lack of US Leadership, What Should Have Happened:

Obama and our Congress should have started real deliberations about our debt and the establishment of a budget for the US a year or so or more.  We have been operating without a budget for over 800 days and that should be a criminal act by the President and Congress.  Then, assuming they negotiated, debated and really dug in and came up with some real, detailed, solutions, those solutions should have then been disclosed to the American Public and a period of at least two weeks allowed to lapse before Congress adjourned and went home to their States/Districts to meet with their constituents.  Then, after a 3 week recess, Congress would then reconvene and debate openly which solution to approve or reject.  Once Congress passes one of the solutions, that would go to Obama for approval or rejection.

This is the process our Founding Fathers envisioned.  Unfortunately today, we are constantly forced into one emergency after another and legislation is thrown together with disastrous results.  If we would have missed the August 2nd fictitious deadline to raise the debt limit would we really have had our credit rating downgraded?  Oh I forgot, we were downgraded anyway.  The only people who were surprised were the politicians and media in Washington.  The average American, 70%+ according to polls, got it and knew the solution Washington came up with stunk to high heaven.  S&P apparently agreed!

Step 2  US World Leadership:

Then, after coming up with a US solution, the G7 should convene in a televised series of meetings to discuss the solutions for the Euro Zone.  Any impact on the US, via the Fed or via our direct intervention, should be disclosed openly to the American Public.  The G7 should then propose several possible solutions to get Europe out of their financial abyss in the long-term.  Throwing cash at Greece or Spain isn’t a solution.  The solution has to include real governance changes and all of the European leaders must share in the outcome.  These solutions should be made public and openly debated in the legislatures of the various nations.  These nations must then adopt or reject the solutions. 

The actual survival of the Euro itself should also be on the table as its existence and the existence of the European Central Bank is central to this debate.  All Central Banks have been historically tied to a Nation whereas the ECB is a central bank for multiple nations.  This is tenuous at best as each of the European nations have their own unique economies and social structures.  None of the nations are the same in terms of GDP or economic base.  What is happening is that the more affluent and more disciplined economies are being made to subsidize the less  affluent and disciplined countries. 


What will inevitably happen if the US does not fix its problems; if the G7 does not deal with a long-term solution for the Euro Zone, the entire Western World will go down in flames, perhaps literally. 


Nikita Khrushchev said on November 18th, 1956 that “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will dig you in”  (translated to mean we will bury you)  he must be laughing in his grave that Russia won’t even have to dirty a shovel to help in our demise.  Our Politicians will do that for them!

RD Pierini