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#DumpNFL-Racial Equality is a Smoke Screen

Can you pick the photo that shows Racist Hypocrisy,

True Heroism, or the result of Progressive-Left Policies?

Talk about the WRONG STUFF!

The take-a-knee crowd in the NFL now don’t even know what they are kneeling for.  Those mouthpieces who seem to want to talk for the kneelers are now using the term:


What the heck does that mean? 

What would make Race Equal? 

Can Race be Equal? 

Can you define Race Inequality? 

Who is making Race Unequal?

When We Reach Race Equality, How Will We Know? 

When you talk to or watch a Progressive-Left race-baiter and they cite “Race Inequality” as the cause for the dreadful plight of many American-Blacks, (I intentionally put American before Blacks), you can translate that to mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  The athletes who are now taking a knee cannot even state coherently why they are taking a knee. 

I watched one “professor” from Johns Hopkins University who used the Racial Inequality card as the reason for the NFL protest!  She was clueless when trying to define what she meant.  She maintained that it was increased brutality and homicide of Black men by White law enforcement!  Really, White Police shootings of Black men has declined by over 70% since the 1960’s and continues on a downward trend.  Not so much for Blacks shooting law enforcement officers!

Now you are hearing comments from NFL Team personnel that the protest is NOT against the flag or NOT against the POLICE!  Really?  Someone tell goofy Kaepernick who wears socks with a picture of cops as PIGS when he started this protest nonsense.  Any show of disrespect for our flag and our anthem is a show of disrespect for our military, our veterans, our fallen, and our law enforcement.  

  • So is Racial Inequality defined as forcing Black women to be the sole support for their families at the rate of 70% when White women suffer the same fate at a rate of 25%?  the vast majority of these Black single parent households are at or below the poverty line! 
    • Root Cause-Progressive-Left welfare rules rewards single mother families and takes away benefits when there is a father in the home!  Under the Democrat Welfare regime the Black men are used as non-resident sperm donors to impregnate Black women and enslave these women into a life of welfare that translates to a lack of opportunity and abject poverty.  
  • So is Racial Inequality defined as Blacks being slaughtered by other Blacks in our major inner-cities?  The US has 4 of the top 50 cities with the highest murder rates in the WORLD!  Bet you can’t name them in order!  Remember this is murder rate per 100,000 population.  They are in order; St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Detroit.  Chicago (500 murders so far this year) has the most murders but with 2 million citizens the rate per 100,000 citizens kept them out of the top 50.  The vast majority of these deaths are the result of Black on Black shootings.
    • Root Cause-Lack of Choices for Black and other minorities in our inner cities forcing them into a life of crime!  The Progressive-Left promotes forcing minorities into the failed public school system creating a criminally high number of illiterate children in the inner cities.  70% of prison inmates are illiterate so there is a direct correlation between failed education and the propensity for lawless activity by those devoid of a good education.  This is the epitome of RACIAL INEQUALITY IMPOSED BY THE DEMOCRAT LEFT WHO THE BLACKS, AS A VOTING BLOCK, SUPPORT AT LEAST 9-1 OVER CANDIDATES OPPOSED TO ENSLAVING BLACKS BY INSURING THAT BLACKS HAVE EDUCATIONAL AND OPPORTUNITY CHOICE.
  • So is Racial Inequality defined as 22% of Blacks Living in Poverty compared to 8.8% of Whites living in Poverty?  The real median household income of Whites was $65,041, Blacks $39,490, and Hispanic $47,675.  
    • Root Cause:  Once again the lack of upward mobility opportunity driven by illiteracy and abject poverty is at the core of the “Black Poverty Issue”.  Black poverty is being driven by the Progressive-Left stranglehold over public education and their absolute refusal to allow poor Black families any educational choice.  Further, the Democrat Left creates “social gulags” in our inner-cities and warehouses the impoverished minorities until it is time for them to vote!  This is probably the sickest irony of our modern history.  This is the epitome of RACIAL INEQUALITY IMPOSED BY THE DEMOCRAT LEFT WHO THE BLACKS, AS A VOTING BLOCK, SUPPORT AT LEAST 9-1 OVER CANDIDATES OPPOSED TO ENSLAVING BLACKS BY INSURING THAT BLACKS HAVE AN EDUCATIONAL AND OPPORTUNITY CHOICE.
  • So is Racial Inequality defined as the Infanticide of Black unborn children by Progressive-Left abortion supporters and led by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, and now Cecile Richards, the current President of Planned Parenthood, the Left’s WHITE Eugenicists who believes that the reproduction of people of color needs to be held in check so the Whites can maintain their Superiority!  The Democrat Left’s support of racial eugenics is the true definition of White Supremacy!    Today, Black babies are aborted at a rate THREE TIMES HIGHER THAN WHITE BABIES.
    • Root Cause:  The Progressive-Left has wholeheartedly embraced Abortion on Demand and the Eugenics teachings of the inferiority of persons of color and the need to control their reproduction.  Keep just enough Black babies alive to ensure a large voting block.  How sick is this!  Where are the Black Athletes protesting the slaughter of millions of unborn Black babies!  This is the epitome of RACIAL INEQUALITY IMPOSED BY THE DEMOCRAT LEFT WHO THE BLACKS, AS A VOTING BLOCK, SUPPORT AT LEAST 9-1 OVER CANDIDATES OPPOSED TO BLACK INFANTICIDE.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to have a true national dialogue on all of these issues as the Democrat Left has so highly charged these issues that opponents of their policies are immediately labeled as racists and more.  Black and White Race-Baiters fill the air ways, along with the complicit Main Stream Media, with hate and charges of discrimination and White Supremacy on the right.  This is the Democrat tactic to insure that the Left’s hegemony over American-Blacks is maintained at the expense and to the detriment of American-Blacks.  

Only Blacks can stop the continued economic enslavement of their own.  The Democrat Left creates voting blocks by creating “VICTIMS” rather than promoting personal self-worth.   Those of us on the right who literally and physically supported the movement by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and those that continue to try to change the Left’s dominance over American-Blacks, are labeled White Supremacists and Racists and those Blacks who are trying to awaken the Black Community are labeled as “Uncle Toms”.  Just ask Dr. Ben Carson or Justice Thomas. 

As long as the Left continues to succeed in enslaving impoverished Blacks, the plight of those impoverished Blacks cannot change.  President Trump was right when on his campaign he said to the Black community that they should support him as; 

“What do you have to lose?”

RD Pierini



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Chicago Marks 500th Homicide Of 2017


Charlottesville Tragedy-Failures and Phony Outrage

The birth of a perfect storm of violence, death, and political pandering in Charlottesville, VA,

August 11 & 12, 2017.

The Main Stream Media, Left-Wing Progressives, and Republican Elites are out in force laying the tragedy of Charlottesville at the feet of President Trump.  Regardless of what he says, how he says it, he comes up deficient in the eyes of these Trump Haters. 

None of the Trump Haters bother to look at the facts or at the actual words of the President.  In order to understand what happened, it is critical to understand what led up to the myriad of tragedies that included the sad death of Heather Heyer, 32, of Charlottesville, VA. 

Below is a timeline of the events so the reader can have actual facts when assessing the true events of the final two days of this blight on the American psyche.  This story will start way back on May 30, 2017.

5/30/2017:  Jason Kessler (resident of Charlottesville, VA), the founder of “Unite the Right” applied for a rally permit for his organization.  The permit requested that Kessler’s group conduct a demonstration in Emancipation Park in the City of Charlottesville, VA.  Kessler objected to the renaming of Lee Park to Emancipation Park as well as the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee as he objected to the removal of Confederate statues and the renaming of parks to eliminate Confederate references.  

6/5/2017:  The Lee Park was renamed Emancipation Park and the Jackson Park was renamed Justice Park by the City of Charlottesville, VA.  

6/13/2017:  US District Judge Glenn Conrad ruled that the City of Charlottesville had to grant the permit to Kessler and his Unite the Right group.  The rally would take place on August 12, 2017, at Emancipation Park (formerly Lee Park).  The city issued the permit on 6/13.

7/8/2017:  50 North Carolina KKK members held a rally at Justice Park (formerly Jackson Park).  1,000 counter-protesters met the 50 KKK members at the park.  The counter-protesters carried signs with “Black Lives Matter” and “Smash White Supremacy“.  22 of the counter-protesters and KKK were arrested.  

The KKK entered Justice Park in the afternoon and after being confronted by 100 police officers, some in full riot gear, and 1,000 counter-protesters, left some 40 minutes after the rally began.  The counter-protesters followed the KKK out of the park to their cars but the police prevented any direct confrontation with the KKK.  The event ended without any major incident other than the arrests.

7/17/2017:  Judge Conrad acknowledged that counter-protesters had submitted applications for assembly permits on the same day as the Kessler Unite the Right rally on August 12Local news organizations reported that Walt Heinecke has applied for counter-protest rally permits on August 12th,  for both McGuffey and Justice Parks.  At this point, the Kessler rally was permitted for a different park even though they were close in proximity.  The Heinecke permits had not yet been approved by the city.

8/7/2017: (Monday)  The city notified Kessler that his Unite the Right rally permit had been revoked.  The city also told Kessler that the city was modifying the permit to move his rally to McIntire Park, a mile away from Emancipation Park (Lee Park).  But, the city did not take any action to modify or revoke the pending permit for Heinecke’s counter-protest.

8/9/2017: (Wednesday) The city granted the 2 permits by Heinecke for his counter-protest against the Unite the Right rally.  The permit was granted to “Peoples Action for Racial Justice” and the organizer Heinecke.  

8/10/2017:  (Thursday Evening):  Kessler filed an “Instant Action” request to Judge Conrad to contest the City’s revocation of his permit.  The ACLU of Virginia represented Kessler and his Unite the Right rally group.

8/11/2017:  (Friday Morning):  Kessler and the ACLU filed an instant motion for preliminary injunctive relief against the City’s revocation.  Written briefs and oral arguments were presented to Judge Conrad.  (This was the day before the rally was to take place)

8/11/2017:  (Afternoon):  Judge Conrad ruled against the City and granted Kessler injunctive relief against the City’s revocation of his permit.  The Kessler rally was cleared to take place on 8/12/2017 at Emancipation Park (Lee Park), not McIntire Park.  The Judge basically agreed with Kessler that the City’s argument were merely against his “views” which violated his 1st Amendment rights.  The Judge also ruled that moving the Kessler rally would not dissuade Heinecke’s counter-protesters from following the Kessler no matter where it would be held in the City.  The Judge also stated:  “Thus, a change in the location of the demonstration would not eliminate the need for members of the City’s law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services personnel to appear at Emancipation Park. Instead, it would necessitate having personnel present at two locations in the City.”    THE JUDGE WARNED THE CITY OF ITS DUTY TO PROVIDE PROTECTION FOR CITIZENS AND PARTICIPANTS.  

Day of the Rally and Protest

8/12/2017:  (Saturday, 9:39am):  Violence broke out at Justice Park that was permitted for use to Heinecke and his Peoples Action for Racial Justice.  The ACLU confirmed that there was violence on both sides and that there was no police presence at the time of the altercation, State or City.

8/12/2017:  (Saturday, 10:55AM):  Matthew Heimbach, a self-described Fascist and head of the Traditional Worker’s Party stated that he and others were willing to die for his cause and for self-protection.  He was supported by a group of White-Supremacists affiliates.  When the White-Supremacists met up with the Counter-Protesters in the downtown area, they began beating each other with improvised weapons, fists, feet and pepper sprays.  The police did little or nothing to break up the melee.  Riot gear clad Virginia State Militia were a little more engaged in breaking up the fights.

8/12/2017: (Saturday, 11:06 AM):  The Albemarle County and Charlottesville City declared a LOCAL State of Emergency that would begin at 11:06AM.  The declaration allowed local, NOT STATE, to request additional resources as needed to ensure the safety surrounding the Rally and Counter-Protest.  

8/12/2017:  (Saturday, 11;28AM):  Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a State of Emergency for Charlottesville, VA.  McAuliffe stated that State Police Virginia National Guard, and Virginia Dept. of Emergency Management are ON THE GROUND IN CHARLOTTESVILLE.  The declaration was missing a time stamp and the signature of the governor nor the Secretary of the Commonwealth which is a bit odd.  

8/12/2017:  (Saturday, 11:35AM):  The Charlottesville Police posted on Facebook that the “Unlawful assembly has been declared for rally at Emancipation Park” (the Kessler permitted rally/protest).  It was not clear nor confirmed whether the Chief of Police or another official approved the declaration.  Facebook postings are not official notifications.  The police on scene at Emancipation Park notified those in the area that the assembly had been designated as “Unlawful” at 11:40AM and that everyone was order to vacate the area.  The City nor the State officials state the basis of the revocation of the permit and the rally; neither entity stated which official had the power and actually deemed the permit to be invalid; did the city council authorized the Chief of Police to designate the rally as unlawful or to declare the permit invalid.  The police officer on site invoked the authority of the Commonwealth of Virginia versus the City of Charlottesville.   If the rally at Emancipation Park was deemed unlawful, why wasn’t the rally at McIntire Park deemed unlawful and all participants ordered to leave the areas?

August 12, 2017: (11:40AM): The University of Virginia’s The Cavalier Daily reported: “Law enforcement officers in full riot gear then began forming a line at the rear of Emancipation Park, slowly moving forward to push people out of the park and toward the counter-protesters, many of whom were acting aggressively. Police warned anyone who remained in the park, on the street or in the sidewalk that they would be arrested.” (Italics added for emphasis)  The police further exacerbated the co-mingling of rally and counter-protest participants:  “Following the declaration of an unlawful assembly, many of the protesters began moving to McIntire Park, with others dispersing entirely and some staying to protest on the Downtown Mall opposite both police and counter-protesters.
Peaceful counter-protests were set up in McGuffey Park and Justice Park near downtown to provide the community with a quiet respite, offering a place to rest, first aid, water and food to those who needed it.” 

8/12/2017:  (11:40 – 1:42PM):  Sporadic violence continued throughout the late morning and early after noon with both sides being forced into close proximity.  Then, at 1:42PM, Heather D. Heyer, 32, of Charlottesville, VA was struck down by a car driven intentionally into the crowd of peaceful counter-protesters at the intersection of 4th Street, SE and East Water Street, downtown Charlottesville.  James A. Fields, Jr., White Supremacists, 20, of Maumee, Ohio, has been charged in the murder of Heather Heyer.

The perfect storm of co-mingling White Supremacists with Black Lives Matter and Peoples Action for Racial Justice in a relatively small area of a relative small town (Pop. 46,000); add in the emotionally charged topic of removing Confederate statues and renaming parks that were named after Confederate leaders and soldiers; and top it off with flawed assembly permit planning and poor law enforcement execution by State and Local officials, and you have the Charlottesville tragedy and the death of two police officers and a peaceful protestor, Heather Heyer.  

It is idiotic to divert attention from this tragedy and instead play sick politics by trying to blame the President of the United States for not condemning White Supremacists enough or for condemning the White Supremacists and the Counter-Protesters for inciting the violence.  Is there a moral equivalence when both parties are inciting violence, YES. 

Is there a moral equivalence between White Supremacists and BLM or Antifa?  The question is not what they purport stand for, but rather their actions!  IF both commit murders, destroy private property, or assault others, then both are criminals and their cause or what they say they stand for is irrelevant.

White Supremacy as a concept is abhorrent and should be universally condemned.   Thankfully their numbers are small (see Players and Definitions below).  Antifa’s assault on the Freedom of Speech and unlawful destruction of private and public property and the BLM follower’s who assaulted or murdered police officers, should also be universally condemned.  

RD Pierini

Players and Definitions:

Jason Kessler: 

Permit applicant and holder on behalf of the nonprofit “Unite the Right” (UR).  UR’s protest in Charlottesville on August 11 and 12 turned into the Charlottesville tragedy, leaving 3 dead and many injured.  Kessler’s political leanings are mixed to say the least.  He has been reported to support everything from left-wing Occupy Wall Street to White Supremacists.  Kessler was represented by the ACLU defending his rights to assembly right up to the day of the riots.  This left-wing legal organization also blamed BOTH SIDES for inciting violence…

Ku Klux Klan:

This organization was founded by members of the Democrat party just after the Civil War in 1865.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, a Left-Wing organization, describes the Klan’s participation today as:  “Today, the Center (Southern Poverty Law Center) estimates that there are between 5,000 and 8,000 Klan members, split among dozens of different – and often warring – organizations that use the Klan name.”  As described by the SPLC, the group pretty much hates everything:  “Although black Americans have typically been the Klan’s primary target, it also has attacked Jews, immigrants, gays and lesbians and, until recently, Catholics.”  This is at its core a hate group no matter how you define it.

Neo-Nazis/American Nazi Party:

These people borrow elements from Nazi doctrine, including ultra-nationalism, racism, ableism, xenophobia, homophobia, antiziganism, anti-Semitism, and initiating the Fourth Reich. Holocaust denial is a common feature, as is the incorporation of Nazi symbols and admiration of Adolf Hitler.  Other than that, they sound like a swell group! (sarcasm)  This is also a hate group at its core.  The SPLC estimate that they have less than 1,000 members across the US.

White Supremacists: 

This is not a single organization or group but is an aggregate of groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazis.  The SPLC lumps almost organization they perceive to be a hate group made up of Caucasian individuals.  The SPLC estimate that there are about 1,000 “organizations” in this category.  But, given the population of the KKK and New-Nazi groups, the total affiliates probably number less than 25,000 people.  This represents less than 1/100th of a percent of the US population!  Even if you assume that the WS = 250,000, this would still only equal 1/10th of a percent the US population.  These people are not only fringe and a hate group, they are irrelevant and on the outer fringe of society.

Virginia State and Charlottesville, VA Government and Law Enforcement Hierarchy:

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The BIG Lie by Politicians Today-“Obamacare Is US Healthcare”


Fact:  Obamacare(1) is actually ONLY 3.7% of our total Healthcare Insurance coverage today! (12M on ACA Exchanges)

Fact:  Obamacare Expanded Medicaid to 68M People by adding 11M people to Medicaid.  Almost as many as are covered by Obamacare Exchanges.

Fact:  Obamacare Exchange Coverage does NOT represent 1/6 of our economy today!  Obamacare Exchange Coverage is ONLY .62%, not 16.6% of our Economy!

Fact:  Employer Based Healthcare represents 47.6% of our Total Healthcare coverage insuring 155M people!

Fact:  There are 27M people still uninsured!  About the same as when Obamacare was passed in 2010!

Why Can’t Congress deal with this!


Because most Republicans and Democrats in Congress Want a Single Payer, totally government controlled, Healthcare Insurance System in the US.  They are addicted to the money the Donor Class lobbyists provide to their campaigns that include big pharma, insurance companies, and other healthcare providers.  Republicans have shrouded the Repeal and Replace legislation in a cloud of confusion hiding behind the touted “complexity” of Obamacare.

Obama himself neutered the impact of Obamacare by NOT implementing the EMPLOYER MANDATE multiple times for political considerations.  If he had implemented the employer mandate, over 50% of the nation would have been under Obamacare and a total of 298 Million Americans (92%) would have been under some form of Government Healthcare Insurance Coverage.


Path Forward:

  • Separate the Repeal of Obamacare into two parts; Medicaid Expansion and All Other Obamacare Mandates, Taxes, and Regulations.
  • Repeal all other Obamacare Mandates, Taxes and Regulations.
  • Put Medicaid reform in a separate bill later.
  • Legislate that insurance companies can offer health insurance across state lines and offer unlimited insurance plans as demanded by the people.
  • Legislate that pre-existing conditions be covered outside of the “insurance market” and be subsidized by block grants to the States.

Congress may NEVER pass repeal of Obamacare as there is too much hog slop to go around. 

The Never Trumpers and the Progressive Left will wage a life and death campaign against Donald Trump until the very end.  Trump will need every ounce of support his base can provide if he is to survive and get anything accomplished.

RD Pierini


Writer’s Note:  Statistics surrounding US Healthcare coverage is difficult to accurately assess due to many biased sources.  It is also true that some people, Vets for example, may be covered under private and public insurances.

Below is a chart that is about as straightforward as you will find on this subject:


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Immigration Reform-Trump’s Approach Is Correct But Global Elites will Kill It!

Image result for Immigration

Trump has consistently supported changing US immigration policy, one key segment at a time.  Global Elitist support “Comprehensive Immigration”  which means codify globalist goals of open borders and unfettered immigration, legal and illegal.  Comprehensive anything means make a bill so big no one will read it and so convoluted that no one can figure it out until it is too late.   John McCain has now announced that he will oppose President Trump by reintroducing the Global Elitist Gang of 8 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill.  Anyone Surprised! 

Trump’s Approach:

  1. Break the Complexity of Immigration into Manageable Pieces:

    1. Secure the Border:  Trump has reduced illegal southern crossings by over 75% since taking office.  He is also building the wall and increasing enforcement through Homeland Security and the Justice Department.  He is also beginning to BUILD THE WALL that will include a physical barrier supported by technology barriers to give border patrol agents a heads up of possible border breaches.   The physical wall will also inhibit the movement of drugs and continued human trafficking by forcing smuggling efforts to only be able to pass through checkpoints.  Trump has consistently stated that he would secure the southern border first and is doing just that.
    2. Green Card Immigration-Make LEGAL Immigration Merit Based:  Yesterday, Trump and Senators Cotton and Purdue unveiled the “RAISE” program to modify the current legal Green Card  criteria to be merit based.  This program seeks to bring in immigrants who are advantageous to the US economy and limit its impact on the US workforce.  It also prioritizes those who will enhance our workforce and not merely flood entry-level jobs.  This program also disallows immigrants from being on social welfare programs and limits chain immigration to close family only.  This will be difficult for Congress to fight but I am sure they will, including RINO McCain.
    3. Improved E-Verify Program:  Just like Trump did in merging the DOD and Veterans Affairs databases to smooth the transition of our military to civilian life, he will strengthen E-Verify to be more accurate and link to other relevant databases.  This will include a Temporary Visa database, social security, IRS and DOJ criminal databases.  This will insure that all types of illegal immigrants, visa recipients, and alien criminals are accurately monitored and violators deported from this country.  Employers must check this database prior to hiring and can actually be made to eliminate the paper based I-9 program that is labor intensive and paper burdensome.  This improvement must be reviewed, analyzed and developed standalone as it is key to the entire immigration enforcement system.
    4. “Temporary” Visa Programs Modifications:  You have all heard about H-1, H-2 visa programs that control the influx of skilled and unskilled workers to work in the US for a period of time.  One of these programs (R1) actually controls the entry of religious persons coming into the US under the Visa umbrella.  So, the visa program itself is a very complex set of laws that should be segregated and dealt with openly and not buried inside of a “comprehensive immigration plan”.  Trump will seek to crack down on blatant misuse of these programs by businesses who repeatedly fire American workers then rehire Visa foreign employees.  This is currently against the law and must be stopped.  Disney was the most prominent example of this violation.  Further, Trump will institute a tracking mechanism for Visa overstays where Visa recipients merely ignore their exit date and remain in the US.  This is not difficult to do as the government can cross reference Visa recipients against the social security/IRS payroll data.  Further, the Visa recipients can be added to an improved E-Verify system so when employers try to hire a overstay the overstay is flagged as unemployable.  
    5. Reinstatement of “Bracero” (Mexican for manual labor) type Seasonal Work Permits:  Prior to the left and their unions killing the 1942 “Mexican Farm Labor Agreement” with Mexico, the US and Mexico benefited from allowing Mexican workers to come into the US and work on a seasonal basis.  It also provided for humane working and living conditions.  Agriculture thrived under this program as they were guaranteed a stable supply of seasonal labor.  Unfortunately it was terminated in 1964 with the burgeoning effort to unionize farm works by the United Farm Works (Caesar Chavez and the National Unions) and was supported by the Catholic Church and the Democrats.  Lawful use of seasonal foreign workers for agriculture was replaced by wholesale illegal immigration and the rest is history.  Trump will include a version of the Bracero program to allow for a controlled supply of seasonal workers for agriculture and other seasonal industries such as hospitality.  The same restrictions for Temporary Visas will apply to verification, monitoring and enforcement.
    6. Refugee immigration Reform:  Trump will also deal with refugee crisis policy for crises that may occur in the future as well as the ongoing Syrian and Cuban crises.  His policy will more than likely place its primary focus on relocation of refugees in their own region where possible, even if temporary facilities have to be constructed.  Secondly, he will create a mechanism to allow for refugees to come to the US under stringent vetting and assessment.  

While there are more pieces to the immigration problems facing the US, these 6 blocks are indicative of the complexities involved and the need to avoid “comprehensive immigration reform” and deal with each of these blocks as individual major pieces of legislation.  This will allow the American People to focus on each block and logically assess the relative benefits and issues with each.  

This said, Congress is in love with “Comprehensive” anything as a mechanism to mask their giveaways to the lobbyists and special interest groups.  Trump will have to continue to go direct to the American People in order to thwart the lobbying by big business, the US Chamber of Commerce and others.  Trump’s focus is on the AMERICAN WORKERS and hopefully this will be continue to be supported by the AMERICAN PEOPLE who can force Congress to go along with Trump!

RD Pierini


GUILTY! Tom Brady or Hillary Clinton?

Pants on Fire

Hillary Disposed of Many Cell Phones, Servers, and Destroyed Government Property and Documents to Hide Her Guilt.

Lied under Oath to Congress Multiple Times.

Lied to the American People for 40 Years!

Responsible for the Death of 4 Brave Americans in Benghazi!

********Penalty:  Nada!  Zip!********


Image result for flat football

Tom Brady* “Disposed of His Cell Phone” Supposedly Hiding Evidence!


Accused of the horrible “Crime” of Deflating a Football!

Penalty:  Suspended 4 Games, $2,000,000 Loss In Salary



This is brought to you by your Obama/Lynch/Comey Justice System & the NFL


*For those who do not follow NFL Football, Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, was accused of conspiring to deflate footballs, that were used in his games, below the NFL League standards.  The League President found him guilty and suspended him without pay and fined his team owner $1,000,000!  The NFL found that destroying his cell phone was evidence of Brady’s attempt to destroy “evidence” that would have proved he conspired to deflate footballs!!!  Even though, they had no corroborating evidence!

RD Pierini






Trump is Right to Call Out Judicial Politicization & RINO Backlash

The Judiciary Was Not Intended

to Influence Presidential Elections



The Judiciary Was Not Intended to Promote a Political Agenda

Why the GOP Hypertension and Overreaction to Trump’s Calling out of Judge Curiel’s Ethnicity Was Counter-Conservative

Focus:  Donald Trump’s call out of the “Mexican” United States District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over the Trump University “class action” lawsuit in San Diego, California, has brought Trump’s outgoing nature to the forefront once again.  I am not going to discuss the case itself as that will take care of itself over time, probably on appeal.  But rather, I will focus on the Left’s use of “every weapon in their arsenal” to go after Republican Candidates.  And, as a corollary, I will discuss the giddiness of Republicans, who like to hear themselves talk, to quickly jump on the left’s bashing of a GOP candidate.  Finally, I will put forth some thoughts why the GOP “Conservatives” need to support the prevention of appointing judicial activists to the Federal Bench at all levels. 

Democrat Left Wing Arsenal-Now Includes the Judiciary & Corporate Blackmail:

In politics it is apparent that almost nothing is off-limits.  The Democrat Left has been able to create the rules that Republicans now play by and seem happy to do so. 

Judicial Activism:  In the Trump University cases, the Left is using the judiciary in two States to try to impugn the business integrity of Trump.  The NY Attorney General is a left-wing operative who has no lost love for any conservative and has particular animus for Trump.  The Federal Judge in San Diego was or is a member of the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego and oversaw the gift of a law school scholarship to an illegal alien.  So much for a Federal Judge adhering to Federal Law!

The National La Raza organization is a political activists group who is opposed to deporting illegal aliens and the building of a wall on our southern border among other key immigration issues.  The plaintiff’s attorneys are documented Clinton supporters and have given substantial sums ($600K+) to Hillary’s campaign and to the Clinton’s foundations.  The Trump legal team has alleged that the Federal Judge in San Diego, Curiel, has consistently and in a biased manner, ruled against Trump University.  From Trump’s point of view, the New York and California cases are both politically motivated and tied to his GOP Presidential Campaign. 

Corporate Blackmail-PGA:  In this past week, Trump was notified by the PGA that their 54 year tournament at Doral would be moved to Mexico City.  The PGA used a clause in their long-term contract with Trump that if the PGA could not find a sponsor for the event at Doral they were free to move the tournament.  This is after a multi-million dollar renovation of Doral, under the guidance and approval by the PGA, by Trump Doral, over the past two years.  Cadillac was the previous sponsor and stated that their decision to pull out was not “political”. 

I am sorry, but even if this happened to Hillary Clinton I would not believe for a second that the decision by Cadillac and the PGA was nothing but Political!  The left will continue to use these types of boycotts all the way through the election in November in an attempt to either shine a bad light on Trump’s operations or make him lose so much money that he loses interest in the Presidential campaign, or both.  The outcry from conservatives over the PGA dropping Trump was non-existent!  As Usual.

So Why Is Trump Calling Out a Federal Judge?

Blind Justice with Dog

Four points. 

One, Trump is calling out the Left’s use of judicial activism as a political tool.  Trump clearly feels that Judge Curiel’s past support for La Raza et. al. is biasing his judgement in the prosecution of the Trump University suit.  La Raza and their affiliates are “Hispanic” focused organizations that support illegal immigration, open borders, benefits for illegal immigrants, the Dream Act and other such legislation.  Trump’s tough stand on illegal immigration and the building of a southern border wall are antithetical to the La Raza organizations. 

Two, GOP immediately grabs onto the Political Correctness Banner against one of their own!  When Trump called out Curiel as “Mexican” or of Mexican decent, the right, including Newt Gingrich and others, immediately came out ON TELEVISION condemning Trump and his “prejudiced”, “racist” comments about a Judge of Mexican decent born in the US.  Trump is merely questioning the lack of IMPARTIALITY of a specific person, and is not indicting a whole ethnic group!  Trump is questioning the motivation for lack of IMPARTIALITY by a specific person and is not indicting a whole ethnic group!  It is pretty sad to see the lack of depth and conviction in our political elders. 



Three, That the GOP who are condemning Trump, are displaying the worst form of Pandering!   The GOP is so paranoid of offending one single Hispanic voter, they break out in hives and blisters when one of their “own” makes a statement that they think may cost them a vote or a Senate or House seat!  Their “concern” is for the lost vote and not for the individuals within the ethnic group!  This is the real reason the GOP cannot attract the Hispanic voter, they do not believe the GOP is sincere, because they aren’t!  Trump is the premier advocate for both legal Blacks and Hispanics in terms of improving their opportunities for education, jobs and achieving the American Dream!  What has the GOP or Democrats done for Blacks and Hispanics lately?  NOTHING!  Trump is the lone voice for stopping the exporting of needed jobs and for stopping the unfettered influx of illegal immigrants who flood our scarce employment market with cheap labor to the detriment of US citizens. 

Four and most important, that appointments to the Federal Judiciary matter!  The GOP Senate has given into Democrat rule changes that basically make judicial appointments automatic.  Trump was hammered by the GOP “conservatives” regarding his appointments to the Supreme Court.  Trump responded by naming 11 or so potential candidates to the Supreme Court who were conservative constitutionalist.  Why then, when Trump questions the activist nature of Federal Judges that were nominated by Obama and approved by a GOP Senate, do those same Senators and other “conservatives” feel that Trump is biased against Hispanics when he is pointing directly at political activism by political appointees! 

Federal Judgeships are the “minor leagues” for the Supreme Court.  It is important to vet candidates properly and to weed out activists.  RACE, ETHNIC ORIGIN, RELIGION OR SEXUAL PREFERENCE are not the issue.  The issue is whether a judge will apply the law without prejudice.  Period.


Trump sees the Trump U case as much more than a 6 plaintiff “class action” lawsuit.

  To Trump, this is an example of POLITICAL JUDICIAL ACTIVISM that he abhors. 

To Trump, any US citizen could be subjected to Judicial Overreach and harmed immeasurably.  In fact, many have already. 

To Trump, this is a battle to either embrace Conservatism, “Blind Justice for All”, or give in to political expediency where votes outweigh the principle. 

We will see how long it takes

for the “conservatives” to get it!


RD Pierini



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Is Bill Kristol Trying to Salvage His Father’s Legacy, Irving Kristol?

Is Bill Kristol’s Vendetta Against Donald Trump

Personal, or Ideological?

Bill and Irving Kristol

Irving Kristol                      Bill Kristol

Irving Kristol once described a Neo-Conservative as:

“a liberal who has been mugged by reality”

Irving Kristol was the father of William (Bill) Kristol who is best known as the founder and editor of the Weekly Standard and now the archnemesis of Donald Trump and his 2016 Presidential bid.  Irving Kristol had been dubbed the “godfather of Neo-Conservatism”.  His son Bill, has followed in his father’s footsteps and continues to expound the virtues and values of neo-conservatism.

It Appears, that Bill Kristol Views Donald J. Trump as the Potential Destroyer of

Neo-Conservatism and the Demise of Irving Kristol’s Legacy.

Origins of Neo-Conservatism: (aka “Neocons”)

  • The Neo-Conservative movement coalesced in the 1960’s and many of its followers became known and active in Presidential administrations from 1970 through 2008.  Neo-Conservatism peaked during the administrations of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

  • Many of the early Neo-Conservatives were disillusioned Democratic politicians like Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who served in the Nixon Administration, and Jeane Kirkpatrick, who served in the Reagan Administration. 

  • Irving Kristol was one of the early “crafters” of the movement and described Neo-Conservatism “not an ideology, but a “persuasion,” a way of thinking about politics rather than a compendium of principles and axioms“.  Irving Kristol supported an FDR type of a limited welfare state; believed in supply-side economics but felt it had to be “tempered” (controlled by government intervention), by “political philosophy, moral philosophy, and even religious thought. 

  • Leo Strauss, like Kristol, was an early crafter of Neo-Conservative thought.  He was a professor of political science who influenced students such as Bill Kristol, John Podhoret, and military strategist Paul Wolfowitz.  For Professor Strauss, he believed in the spirit of the Greek classics, and argued that the American “Founding Fathers” were correct in their understanding of the classics in their principles of justice. For Strauss, political community is defined by convictions about justice and happiness rather than by sovereignty and force.

Neo-Conservative Belief System:

  • Foreign Policy: 

    • Neo-Conservatives are military interventionists and generally believe in a more aggressive foreign policy that includes regime change and democratization of the Middle East.

    • During the Cold War, New-Conservatives believed that the US should engage more aggressively against the Soviet Union in order to defeat communism.

    • Neo-Conservatives opposed George H.W. Bush’s withdrawal from Iraq unless he took our Saddam Hussein.  They were disappointed when he pulled out without regime change.

    • Following 9/11, George W. Bush adopted a full pallet of Neo-Conservative foreign policy ideas.  The Neo-Conservatives were instrumental in his invasion of Iraq and his removal of Hussein from power.  Bush had also been persuaded to pursue Iran and North Korea but the Iraqi war bogged down any further actions in additional theatres. 

    • In 2009, Jonathan Clarke described Neo-Conservatism as “a tendency to see the world in binary good/evil terms a low tolerance for diplomacy, a readiness to use military force, an emphasis on US unilateral action, a disdain for multilateral organizations and a focus on the Middle East.”

  • Domestic/Economic Policy:

    • Neoconservatives positions on social issues are mixed with some holding to liberal positions on social matters, and are unlikely to agree with religious conservatives on issues like abortion, prayer in school and same-sex marriage. 

    • Strauss Neo-Conservatives tend to agree with religious and cultural conservatives on social issues. Neo-Conservatives differ from libertarians in that the former tends to support Big government policies to further their objectives, and to support intrusions on personal liberty as George W. Bush’s 2001 Patriot act. 

    • Neo-Conservatism generally endorses free international markets and capitalism, favoring supply-side economics.

    • But, Neo-Conservatives do not necessarily feel that budget deficits are bad and favor a growth of government as needed.  Irving Kristol believed that in order to safeguard democracy, government intervention and budget deficits may be required. 

    • Neo-Conservatives also believe that the economy only makes up part of our lives, the economy must not be allowed to take over and entirely dictate to our society.  In other words, some enlightened (governmental) intervention may be needed to steer the economy so as not to overshadow our need to guide individuals in an economic moral direction.

    • Neo-Conservatives believe that capitalism creates inherent disparities and to reduce, though certainly not to eliminate, such disparities, neoconservatives support the graduated income tax, the inheritance tax, the modern welfare state, and other means by which a social “safety net” might be placed underneath society’s less-fortunate members.

Enter Donald J. Trump

  • Foreign Policy Differences:

    • Trump’s disagreement with Neo-Conservatives on foreign policy is very apparent if you have followed Trump’s campaign.  Trump is a non-interventionist unless US interests are at stake while Neo-Conservatives believe that intervention should be used to promote democracy and eradicate dictators.

    • Trump disagrees with George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq.  There were no overwhelming US self interests at stake other than a possibility that Hussein had nuclear weapons.  Bush saw Hussein as evil and sought regime change and the democratization of Iraq.

    • Trump disagrees with the whole concept of regime change and the overlay of democracy in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    • Trump and the Neo-Conservatives do agree on the need for a strong military.  But, Trump wants it as a deterrent (Reagan) while Neo-Conservatives want it for regime change (Bush).

  • Social and Economic Differences:

    • Trump differs in his support of pro-life issues versus the Neo-Conservatives hands off policy.

    • Trump and Neo-Conservatives may be closer in support of gay-marriage and LGBT issues.

    • Trump does not appear to favor Big Government and would like to scale back the Department of Education, the EPA, and the Department of Energy.  Neo-Conservatives do not necessarily dislike big government in order to balance economic/social forces.

    • Trump is “America First” on immigration issues while Neo-Conservatives are pro open border.  Trump believes in building a border wall and enforcing border integrity whereas the Neo-Conservatives do not.

    • Trump is “American First” on Visa policies for H-1x as well as for Muslim and other refugees coming into the country.  Trump favors using H-1x Visas only when we have a real shortage of US workers.  Trump favors a strong vetting process for foreign entry Visas and refugees.  Neo-Conservatives favor H-1x programs.

    • Trump supports “Fair Trade” versus “Free Trade” and supports America First policies over globalization.  Neo-Conservatives support our current “Free Trade” globalist policies.

Trump’s American Vision is quite different than that of the Neo-Conservatives, and thus is a threat to the inroads the Neo-Conservatives have made since the 1960’s! 

Ideology vs Results:  It can be argued that Irving Kristol’s and Strauss’s vision for America is not what Neo-Conservatism promised.  Today, the Middle East is a disaster thanks in a large part to the Bush interventionist policies; our loss of manufacturing jobs are a direct result of the globalist, open border Neo-Conservative vision; and much of our financial deficits can be traced to rapidly expanded social programs, under a Republican President and Congress, for both illegal immigrants and welfare recipients in this country.  Granted, Obama’s policies have been equally as disastrous to our economy and our world security as those of the Neo-Conservatives. 

View From the Kristol World: But, if you are Bill Kristol, and you see an “interloper” like Trump enter the scene with no real philosophical, pro Neo-Conservative creds, you feel that the world would cease to exist if Trump were elected. 

The policies of Hillary Clinton and the left are more aligned with the Neo-Conservatives than are those of Trump’s America First policies.  Hillary would be an interventionist, support open borders, support open H-x Visas, and bring refugees in by the droves. 


I kept hearing Bill Kristol, others from the Weekly Standard, National Review, the Bush crowd and others, saying that Donald Trump’s views were NOT Conservative even though I related Trump’s views with my views of conservatism.  (see Reagan)  It was not until researching this article that I realized that all of these wise people were touting Neo-Conservativism, an offshoot of the Democrat party, rather than traditional Conservatism that I grew up with under Goldwater and Reagan. 



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Trump Channeling Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream…”

Governor Susana Martinez is not a “Woman” or an “Hispanic” to Trump, She is the Governor of New Mexico


Trump’s Criticism of the Martinez Record, was Based on a Lack of Economic Achievement in New Mexico; Not a Calculated Pandering to the “First Hispanic, Female Governor”

Trump’s Criticism of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Lack of Economic Achievement Proves Trump View of Success or Failure is Not Based on Gender or Race/National Origin!

Trump Views on Success or Failure is Solely Based on Performance!


Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream for America

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Are we to assess the Successes or Failures of WOMEN or HISPANICS based on their gender and national origin or on their CHARACTER, SUCCESSES AND FAILURES?

If I may humbly paraphrase Dr. King, the American Dream, and the promise of our Constitution, is that everyone’s value is solely based on their CHARACTER, rather than their gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, or economic status.  

Character” in Trump’s business consciousness, means that one meets or exceeds the critical success factors for the business venture or for one’s assigned tasks. 

Trump lives this “dream of character assessment” as a core business principle that drives his assessment of his own success or failure, and his employees’ success or failure in their assigned roles. 


When Trump criticized Governor Martinez, all of the pundits, PC police, RINOs, and even some of Trump’s well meaning advisors, shuddered that Trump just DUMPED on THE FIRST FEMALE, HISPANIC GOVERNOR IN THE UNITED STATES!  Remarks like; “Trump just killed the Women Vote”, Trump just turned off the Hispanic Vote”, “Trump just lost New Mexico”, and more! 

Before the Trump rally in Albuquerque, NM, Trump looked at the economic stats for the State and found them lacking!  NM, as of January, 2016, had the 3rd highest number of people on food stamps in the nation, 144,768 people or 22% of its population.  He also called out the NM high unemployment rate and poor job creation.  He has done the same analysis and presentation for practically every State he has campaigned in.  His performance review is hand written, on half folded 8.5″x11″ sheets of paper. He pulls out his notes when he begins is rally remarks.  His economic indictments are of the Obama economy but also for shortfalls within the State.

Trump also criticized Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin just shortly before the GOP Wisconsin primary.  Trump lost in Wisconsin but never back-tracked on his comments or indicated he had second thoughts of saying what he really thought of Walker’s shortfalls!


Ivanka Trump, speaking about her father’s criticisms or characterizations of women stated:  “You could also list a few comments he’s made about men that are unflattering. I think he’s highly gender neutral,” 

Post Mortem

Will Trump’s criticisms of Governor Martinez cause a backlash among Women and Hispanics?  Who knows, but probably not.  The MSM will play it up to the hilt as well as his RINO insider critics. 

In the end, Donald Trump was being Donald Trump.  Uncensored and unrehearsed. 

There is a an anachronism,


“What – You – See – Is – What – You – Get”! 

That should be on Trump’s Logo!  You want another 4-8 years of a “community activist teleprompter president?  Vote Hillary.  If Not, Hang-on and Vote Trump!

Trump Sign-WYSISYG


RD Pierini



(1)Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream Speech


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Limbaugh Trashes Media’s Capitalistic Trump Strategy–How about Shari’s Berries?

On Friday, following a call from a Cruz supporter making the case that the media has been treating Ted Cruz unfairly vis-à-vis Trump, Rush made a case that the media, broadcast and cable TV and others, have been “using” Trump to pump their own ratings and profits. 

OK.  So, given that the media is supposed to hate Republicans and support only Democrats, they are not totally stupid! 

If they can make a buck they will make a buck especially when someone else, Trump, is doing all of the work. 

It is called Capitalism. 

People, Viewers, want to hear more Trump.  The media are giving them what they want, more uncensored Trump! 

And guess what, people watch, advertisers pour in, along with the $$$!

Rush commented that the Trump demand, (my comment, created by Trump) drives coverage, drives ratings and drives profits and it is a self-perpetuating circle.  Rush said:

“You can get news in any way, shape manner or form.  The network television guys and the cable news guys don’t own it anymore and, as such, they’ve suffered massive audience erosion — Fox News excluded here — and massive financial drain.  So what has happened, they have found gold in Trump.  Trump attracts and holds an audience like they can’t.” 

“So they now know that eyeballs are watching them, and they’re doing it, and it’s happening because they’re carrying Trump, and so the beast feeds on itself.  And if Trump is the reason for say, a cable news revival or a particular network revival, then more Trump is what we want.  And then more Trump after that.” (1)

Rush was portraying the media’s pushing of “Trump Time” as being insincere and only being driven by viewership and profits.  REALLY!!  Of course the media will react to a cash cow when the cow walks into their pasture! 

Rush, Capitalism and Loyalty: 

I found Rush’s missives impugning the media’s profit motivation a bit disingenuous in light of his being FLUKED by his advertisers in 2012, then his subsequent welcoming back of those same advertisers today.

On February 29, 2012, Rush reacted, rightly so, to Sandra Fluke testifying before Congress in support of contraceptives being included in Obamacare.  Rush referred to Fluke as a “prostitute” and a “slut”.  Sandra Fluke was and still is a shill for the Left’s Women’s Rights movement.  When you did the math regarding how much she paid per year for condoms, she was having sex 3 times a day!  So, Rush’s characterization of Fluke was colorful but not without some merit but the media firestorm caused Limbaugh to lose over 100 advertisers over a short period of time.

Many of US, rushed to Rush’s side and stopped using many of those advertisers and I still refrain from doing so to this day.  But, advertisers like Shari’s Berries, were welcomed back by Rush, I assume, for the purpose of increasing his profits!

That is perfectly fine with me but a little two-faced when he condemns the media for trying to increase their profits.

Trump is the master at creating media demand for himself, his candidacy and causes.  No one is stopping the other candidates from emulating Trump’s tactics if they have the talent and MESSAGE.  He expertly uses social media to create the demand then has huge events to drive interest and medial coverage.  Trump is bigger than life and people, viewers, listeners and readers, can’t get enough.  I dare say that Rush’s own audiences have increased due to the hyperbole surrounding the 2016 Republican Presidential race. 

Would any broadcast or cable channel have had over 20,000,000 views for a televised debate without Trump?  NOPE!  The debate he skipped on Fox dropped to around 12,000,000 views when the other Fox debates drew in excess of 18,000,000 viewers. 

I can just picture a Jeb, Rubio and Cruz debate drawing maybe 8,000,000 viewers, Maybe!  Snore! 

It is hard for Rush to view this race except through the prism that Cruz is a conservative and everyone else is not; Cruz is the best thing since sliced bread and everyone needs to see that; Cruz has been mal-treated and maligned by the GOP, media and Trump; Cruz is the only one qualified to be the President of the United States in this cycle. 

But, Cruz cannot convince the GOP voters of this!

The other fact Rush left out when discussing the media and its quest for profits, is that the media today is no longer about news.  The 24 hours per day “news cycle” is actually less than an hour of actual hard news and everything else is commentary or punditry!  In other words, it is ENTERTAINMENT.  Someone has to pay the bills to keep the lights on, like an “Obscene Profit Time Out”!  (Rush’s phrase used when he has to take a commercial break)

The media now has to deal with free social media so the last thing the broadcast and cable media will do is kill the cash cow.  Why analyze and try to tell audiences what Trump just said?  We don’t need the media to interpret for us.  We all speak English!  We all know that the political season is all about sound bites with little substance.  We see what the candidates have done in their lives, and can draw our own conclusions.

The only difference this year is someone, Trump, is making politics and current events and issues interesting!

RD Pierini




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