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Ryan, Trillion Dollar Stab in Trump’s Supporters Back!

Ryan Risking Future of GOP

Never Turn Your Back on a RINO!

Speaker Ryan seems hell-bent on driving the Republican Party back to its comfortable position of being an opposition party! 

His trillion-dollar plus Continuing Resolution today literally and figuratively ignited Trump’s base that was instrumental in keeping the GOP majority in the House and giving the GOP the majority in the Senate in 2016. 

Trump and GOP congressional voters relied on Ryan being honorable and sticking to the campaign pledges that saved their bacon in 2016.  Instead, Ryan stabbed Trump and his supporters in the back by:

  • Not Defunding Planned Parenthood.
  • Not Providing  Any Funding for Trump’s Southern Boarder Wall.
  • Not Adding Language to Take Away Funding for Sanctuary Cities.
  • Not Providing Substantial Additions to Beef Up Our Military!
  • Not Delivering a “Readable” Bill!  Instead this PORKER BILL is over 1,600 Pages Long!  Ryan Is Only Allow Lawmakers 72 Hours to Read this Traitorous Piece of Crap!


Democrats Dumfounded that Ryan and the GOP Congress are So Spineless! 

Image result for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi dancing

Why Win Elections?  The GOP will Surrender Anyway!


While Trump has to work with the GOP RINOs, he may as well admit that they will do everything to defeat him and his agenda.  Ryan and the donor class are showing Trump that “Theirs is bigger than His”!

Trump better mount the Bully Pulpit Image result for Trump's bully pulpitand call out Ryan and this travesty now or he can kiss off successfully Repealing and Replacing Obamacare, building the wall, rebuilding the military, or driving through his tax and budget plans. 

RD Pierini



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Attacking Our Military! Leftist Globalist Attempt to Lower Our Preparedness

US National Guard Troops Defrauded Out Of “Signing Bonus”

to Keep Troop Levels up in Iraq and Afghanistan

Easy Fix for their Commander-In-Chief But He Is MIA!



In 2006 and 2007, National Guard Troops were offered $15,000 to re-enlist for an additional 6 Year tour.  That is a “Whopping” $2,500 per year to take a chance on being killed or maimed.  There were other programs that would also help pay off student loans that the soldiers had accumulated. 

Then, in 2010,  our brilliant federal government bureaucracy audited the bonus programs and found that the soldiers either did not qualify for the bonuses or did not fill out the paperwork!  But, their superiors granted the Bonuses and the Soldiers served their time!  PERIOD. 

To add “insult to audit”, threatening Dunning letters were sent to our troops demanding repayment or their wages would be garnered, their tax refunds would be snatched, their property seized, or all of the above.  This by bureaucrats who have probably never even seen a combat boot let alone be in combat and risk their life! 

To Put This in Perspective,

the Total the Government is Trying to Snatch Back From

Our Troops is $150,000,000. 

Our Wonderful Congress Costs Us About

$107,000,000 PER YEAR Plus Expenses Which Triples This Amount! 

How are the Troops Going To Get Their 6 Years Back?

The horror stories by our troops is unimaginable.  Master Sergeant Susan Haley said she got the first collection letter from the government in 2012 while she was at a Texas military hospital visiting her son, an Army medic whose leg had been blown off in Afghanistan.  Great way to say thank you to a family who has given so much.  Haley still owes the government $20,500 and has been making a $650 per month payment (25% of her total income).  She is now unable to make her payments.  Haley stated that she will try to pay back the money but that she will never get back the six extra years she gave the Army.  There are hundreds of similar stories.

How Can This Happen?

I believe that this travesty was caused by first of all a dumb mistake by the Bush Administration then a deliberate attempt by the Obama Administration to demoralize our troops to drive down enlistment numbers!  Yes, the California National Guard gave the order to the auditors to recoup the money that erroneously APPROVED for the soldiers, but there is no way this did not go to the top, the Commander-In-Chief and his staff before the recovery program was initiated.  This money would have been initially reimbursed or paid by the federal government, not the State of California.  No bureaucrat is going to go out on a limb without someone covering his rear-end. 

Why would Obama want to demoralize the military?  The left hates the volunteer army and is constantly trying to make a case for reinstating the draft for “social justice” reasons.  Also, Obama used the budgeting process to decimate the military funding via the sequester agreement thus sending a signal to the troops that he is not supporting them financially.  Obama’s rules of engagement in Iran and Afghanistan have forced our troops to be human targets and not engage in many dangerous situations that are life threatening and further demoralized our troops knowing that optics trump their safety.  Finally, the Leftist Globalists have to weaken the US military to make it ineffective in stopping their global realignment via supporting insurrection, fomenting civil wars, and forcing global open immigration.

The US Military is the only barrier to the West loosing its grip on social order around the world.  The Leftist Globalists thrive on disorder as they create turmoil then sweep in and gobble up the world treasure at basement prices.  Don’t think so, just look at what Soros and Buffet made off of the 2008 recession when they bought up billions in banking and securities assets at pennies on the dollar.  With global oil and other resources at stake, the degradation of our military is paramount in the minds of these enemies.

This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a regurgitation of their policy as it applies to all events that they can use to achieve their goals of global dominance.

Obama Could Stop the Harassment of Our Troops by a Stoke of His Well Worn Pen, But he Won’t

Congress Could Come Back in an Emergency Session and Stop this Harrassment, But they Won’t

Priorities Anyone!

RD Pierini


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The Obama 2008 “Birther Issue”, Hillary’s Demise

McClatchy and Others Confirm Hillary Started “Obama Birther” Movement


Hillary’s Sidney Blumenthal, Not Trump, Instigated Birther Rumors

Hillary’s poor judgement was totally on display when her campaign staff resurrected the 2008 Obama Birther issue in an attempt to cast Trump as a racist!  Obviously, Trump’s recent uptick in popularity with Black voters following his outreach to this voting block was the impetus for this desperate ploy.  The attempt to smear Trump with African-American voters would have worked IF SHE HAD NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INITIATING THE OBAMA BIRTHER CONTRIVERSY IN 2008 WITH THE AID OF HER CLOSEST CONFIDANT SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL!

Breitbart reported that David Goldstein of McClatchy stated in a tweet this week that Sid Blumenthal and one other Clinton aid had pushed the false birther narrative in 2008 to McClatchy’s former Washington Bureau Chief James Asher.

Bad Judgement or Stupidity?

  • Did Hillary not think news outlets would not rebut this new Birther narrative with actual accounts of her 2008 attempts to say that Obama was born in Kenya?

  • Did Hillary not think that there were archives, print and video, indicting her involvement in the Obama Birther scam?

  • Did Hillary not think that Donald Trump wouldn’t fight back?

  • Hillary’s poor judgement does not bode well for her in the upcoming debates.

One has to be careful when the press and pundits label you as the “smartest women in the world”.  You may start to believe it!  Trump once again proved this label to be false and exposed Hillary’s penchant for deceit and deception.

RD Pierini


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Madam Clinton-Queen of The Elite!

Hillary Joins Obama in Denigrating

the Deplorable Bitter Clingers“!


Hillary Clinton once again states her disdain for the “average American” by lumping them into her “basket of ‘deplorables'” and tagging them as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic and any other “IST” or “PHOBES” you can imagine.  Obama, in April of 2008, stated, And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” 

The Elitists of the left and right view anyone just West of New York and East of California as the “great unwashed” whose families actually worked for a living and may have actually “perspired” in doing so!  The elitist believe that the “deplorables” have somehow devolved into a sub-human species. (If needed, they would have to rent a tuxedo!)  But, while casting a wide net, Hillary has snared Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ, and others in her Basket!  That is the main problem with identity politics.  Pretty soon you are pitting one “identity” against another.

Hillary’s and the Elitist’s Definitions:

Racist:  A racist is a white person, or someone identifying as white person, who believes that everyone is equal and should be treated exactly the same regardless of race, creed, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

Sexist:  A sexist is male, or presumably trans-sexual female identifying as a male, who disagrees with a female elitist or, heaven forbid, actually criticizes an elitist female, or male presenting as an elitist female.   

Homophobic:  a homophobe is anyone, of any race, creed, or ethnic origin who believes that what a same sex couple does in the privacy of their bedroom is no one’s business but that the “homophobe” has the right to not participate in or condone your same sex activities, or bake you a cake or make you a flower arrangement for your wedding.  (kind of like a libertarian)

Xenophobe:  A xenophobe is anyone who believes that sovereign nations should protect their own borders and establish immigration controls to insure the safety of their citizens.  “Xenos” can be a member of the LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Whites who do not want unvetted refugees to be allowed into the US.  Could also be anyone, of any race, creed, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation who do not want Islamic Terrorist to be allowed in the US or to remain in the US. 

Islamophobic:  Like a xenophobe but someone who may be a member of the LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Whites, and who is opposed specifically to allowing Islamic Terrorists into the US under any circumstance or elitist program.   This can also include, ironically, American Muslims who oppose allowing unvetted Islamists into the US! 

You Too Can Be a Bigot!

Image result for despicable me

So, by their vary definitions, anyone (non-Elitist of course) can be offensive to anyone else or be offended by anyone else, regardless of their race, creed, ethnic origin or sexual orientation!  So, even you can be one of the Elitist’s “ISTS” or “PHOBES”.  The problem with identity politics is that sooner or later you form a circular firing squad and shoot yourself!  The only way it works for an length of time is if one of the groups gives you a free pass and lets you to se them and also ignore their needs without consequences.  This is true of the Black and Hispanic communities today.  The Elitists have totally taken these groups for granted as a sure-thing voting block and only drag them out when they need to use them to condemn others of racism or xenophobia. 

Orlando Islamic Terror Attack:  It was tragic to watch but educational, when the Elitists tried to thread their way through their own identity politics after the Orlando Islamic Terror attack at the Orlando Gay nightclub.  The elitist could not support Gays’ right to bear arms and defend themselves; could not explain why an Islamist could possibly attack the Gay community that the Elitists claimed as their own; and then to see that the victims where not only gay, but multi-racial and multi-ethnic, really confounded the lines of their Elitist Identity Politics.

Time to Ban Together with Other “Deplorables”!

Image result for despicable me

So, when Hillary and the Elitist on the left and right describe their “Basket of Deplorables”, they cast a net that snared the majority of non-Elitist Americans regardless of race, creed, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.  Outside of the Hollywood crowd, the uber-rich and uber-rich wanabes, the New York and West Coast social elites, and their pawns in the Political Elite circles, I give you the rest of America as the “Basket of Deplorables”. 

Finally we have a pure example of how the Elites, exemplified by Hillary Clinton, divide us into groups for conquest, then play one of us against the other so we focus on each other and ignore the Elite’s sick machinations of the masses. 

Time to Get Off of the Elite Merry-Go-Round


Vote for the Defender of the Basket of Deplorables

on November 8th. Donald J. Trump


RD Pierini



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Iowa-The Carson/Cruz Effect

We will never know the impact on this episode but it really does not make the Republican Party and some of its candidates look like they are above politics as usual.  This election is about a new beginning and “we the people” taking back our country.  Whoever we pick we must be able to trust.  Personally, for me, Cruz is no longer someone I could trust.

We will never know the impact on this episode but it really does not make the Republican Party and some of its candidates look like they are above politics as usual.  This election is about a new beginning and “we the people” taking back our country.  Whoever we pick we must be able to trust.  Personally, for me, Cruz is no longer someone I could trust.

While Iowa is now in our rear view mirror, it is important to at least add a couple of footnotes to our Campaign 2016 notebook.  The Iowa caucuses this year for the Republican Presidential primary featured a record turnout.  Both Cruz and Trump broke Republican individual vote count records.  Many precincts ran out of voting supplies.  and, Cruz erroneously communicated to his 1,500 precinct captains and workers that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race and they should let caucus goers know so they can change their vote to Cruz.  A Cruz Iowa staffer sent an email to all of the precinct captains that read:

“Breaking News. The press is reporting that Dr. Ben Carson is taking time off from the campaign trail after Iowa and making a big announcement next week,” the email read. “Please inform any Carson caucus goers of this news and urge them to caucus for Ted Cruz.”

Steve King, a congressman from Iowa and Cruz national co-chairman Tweeted out:

“Carson looks like he is out. Iowans need to know before they vote. Most will go to Cruz, I hope. 

These Communications went out BEFORE the Caucus Voting Began Giving the Precinct Captains Ample Time to lLbby Carson voters to Vote for Cruz.

Ted Cruz defended the statements, and apologized to Carson, by blaming CNN for falsely reporting that Carson was dropping out of the race and returning to Florida.  You can find the timeline of the CNN reporting at You can make up your own mind as to what CNN reported, or not.

But, the Real Issue is Why the Cruz Campaign DID NOT Call the Carson Campaign to Confirm the story

This wasn’t some minor story.  The story that the #3 or #4 was dropping out of the race prior to the caucus starting was a very big deal.  For a candidate for the president of the United States to run with this story without even picking up the phone to call Carson is at the very least intellectually and morally dishonest.  Sorry Cruz fans but you cannot ride in claiming to be a true Christian then engage in shady campaign practices, especially a guy like Ben Carson.  But then again, we are way to used to this type of tactic by our elected officials.

I really thought Cruz was better than this.

Theories on the Potential Impact of the Misinformation:

Impact on Carson:  Apologists like Rush Limbaugh point out that this misinformation would not have gained Carson sufficient votes to win the Iowa Caucus.  That is really not the point as the difference between 4th and 3rd from a campaign fund raising point of view is huge.  IF Carson would have picked up 10 votes per precinct, that would have given him an additional 15,000 votes.  Some of these votes may have been switched to Rubio and if they were, Carson would have been in 3rd place.  This would have given Carson a big advantage in the first quarter fund raising game.

Impact on Trump:  Assuming that the misinformation caused only 4 voters to go to Cruz from Carson who were both battling over the Evangelical vote.  That would equate to 4 X 1,500 or 6,000 votes.  This would have all but assured a Trump win in Iowa over Cruz. 

Two things are sure.

  1. The misinformation campaign by Cruz had some impact on the final voting. 

  2. Cruz should have confirmed that the story was true before running with it prior to the caucus starting.  If Cruz himself did not know about the misinformation campaign, which I doubt, he should have held someone accountable. 

We will never know the impact on this episode but it really does not make the Republican Party and some of its candidates look like they are above politics as usual.  This election is about a new beginning and “we the people” taking back our country.  Whoever we pick we must be able to trust.  Personally, for me, Cruz is no longer someone I could trust.

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Jeff Session’s Litmus Test for Republican Candidates-Should be the Next Debate

Time to ask each Candidate:  Where’s the Beef!

Senator Jeff Sessions laid out 5 questions that each candidate for the Republican nomination for president should answer.  In Fact, the entire debate on Saturday, 2/6, should be these question rather than the sophomoric “gotcha” questions asked by Fox and other moderators.  Who cares about whether X thank Y lied or whether Y didn’t show up to an event.

To channel Donald J. Trump.  This country is in Deep Sh*%!  We need some serious answers to serious questions.

Below are the questions Senator Sessions posed and my comments below each of the questions:

Question 1: How would you vote (or how did you vote) on fast-track, and would you support or oppose advancing a final trade agreement which enters the United States into a new international commission with binding authority on future United States trade policy?

Senator Cruz and Rubio both voted to fast-track the Trans Pacific Partnership, TPP.  Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the US Constitution states: “The President… shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur….”  The TPP must be viewed first and foremost as a treaty, and also be defeated.  The TPP transfers our sovereignty to a to be formed international commission that will have BINDING authority on future US trade policy.  This should be unconstitutional on its face.  While Cruz and Rubio voted to fast-track the agreement, Trump is squarely against it.  Where is the National Review on this one?

Question 2: If the vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership were held today, and you had a vote to cast in Congress, would you vote for it or against it?

All candidates should pledge to vote no on the legislation without reservation.

Question 3: Upon entering office, will you promptly and unconditionally terminate and rescind all of President Obama’s illegal executive amnesties – which provide work permits and entitlements to illegal aliens – including President Obama’s first executive amnesty in 2012, which remains in effect?

All candidates should pledge to immediately revoke all of Obama’s illegal executive orders without reservation.

Question 4: A supermajority of GOP voters say immigration is too high. Every year, on autopilot, we let in another 1 million immigrants on green cards, 700,000 foreign guest workers, half a million foreign students, and 100,000 refugees and asylees. Historical precedent would be to reduce record-breaking immigration, rather than continuing to surge it beyond all historical precedent. Will you support legislation to reduce immigration numbers, and will you oppose legislation that would add to the number?

All candidates should pledge to, at a minimum, reduce current immigration levels.  Even better, they should pledge to stop allowing refugees, from anywhere, including Cuba, until we have established a comprehensive vetting process; further, the H-1B and H1-A visa programs should be stopped until we can accurately assess our US labor pool and stop using these visa programs to compete against US workers; Also, all immigration limits should be indexed against the U-6 unemployment rate.  If the U-6 is <5%, then we would allow immigrants in.  If the U-6 is >5%, then there would be a graduated scale of the number of allowable TOTAL immigrants under all programs to be allowed in.

Question 5: Today, law enforcement are under increasing scrutiny and face excessive criticism from the political elites and the media, and are being targeted by criminals and terrorists. Meanwhile, since 2011, the federal prison population has declined by over 20,000, and is on track to be at its lowest level since 2005. Since 2009, the total state prison population has dropped every year, and is over 56,000 lower than it was then. These circumstances may have contributed to a nationwide spike in crime. The FBI recently reported an overall increase in violent crime and a 17 percent increase in homicides in the nation’s 50 largest cities. At the same time, the CDC reports that heroin and opioid drug overdoses have reached an all-time record high. Do you support efforts by President Obama and some Republicans in Congress to reduce penalties for drug-trafficking and further reduce the federal prison population, or do you think government should do more to keep drug traffickers off the streets?

All candidates should say they do not support Obama’s numbers for the sake of numbers bastardization of our penal system just to reduce the number of people in prison.

Obviously there is a need to provide better and more intelligent support to all law enforcement levels throughout the US including maintaining the military style equipment program for local law enforcement.  Reducing prison populations for the sake of just reducing the number is idiotic. 

We have sufficient info to help create a drug-use prevention program and to structure an enforcement scheme that will help reduce the drug related crime and incarceration rates.  But, so far, there is just too much money in the drug businesses that I fear makes its way into Federal, State and Local elections! 

As a former Mayor, I can tell you that Federal money with specified usage for law enforcement is not effective.  Federal law enforcement block grants are more effective as no 2 police or sheriff’s departments have the same needs.  Further, if equipment is provided, the training on its use must also be provided.


I’ll bet each of you who have read these 5 questions have probably come up with your own solutions and wonder why the President and the Republican Congress have not made inroads into solving each of these 5 issues.  You may also be surprised at the answers your candidate may give in response to these 5 questions.

The current debates are designed to drive ratings and to allow one candidate to look better than another.  We the People need to demand that the RNC and DNC work with the people to structure the debates so we can get the answers we need to intelligently vote.

Wow, an intelligent vote, the RNC and DNC would be scared to death of that!!!

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Why Would You Vote for Obama – Part 1 of 6

Vote Smart - Part 1

“Why Would You Vote…..”

Part 1

by:  Anonymous

American Voters –10/4/2012

If Obama declared on national TV that he and Michelle regularly smoke marijuana with their two girls in the White House, yet you would still vote for him in November, then skip this post. It would be a waste of your time. Otherwise, please continue reading.  

Forward:  This document is long but may well be the most important piece of information you will read this year. It was developed by a group of individuals deeply concerned about the path the nation is headed, and everything here has been researched extensively. If you question anything, please do the research yourself on the internet, newspapers, President Obama’s books, YouTube, magazines, your senators, congressmen, Wikipedia,,, or your family / neighbors, etc.  If you blow this off as just another anti-Obama rant, remember what was said here 4-5 years from now. 

If you don’t have the time, just read the numbered items. If you have time please read the expanded bullets below the numerals. 

If you plan to vote for President Obama, then the question becomes, why would you vote for a man for President of the United States who,  

1    Violated nearly all of his campaign promises. Paraphrasing, during the 2008 campaign president-hopeful Barak Obama said, 

  • “I will cut the deficit in half in my first term, or this will be a one term proposition.”   – The President did not cut the deficit at all but has increased it by $5 trillion. If you recall, he said President Bush’s deficit “….was irresponsible and unpatriotic.”  President Obama must be irresponsible and unpatriotic also since he has exceeded Bush’s deficit in half the time. He also said: “…..but I refuse to leave our children with a debt that they cannot repay.”  And, what happened to his “one-term proposition?”  Did he lie?
  • Larry Summers, a member of his own appointed economic team, told another member, speaking of Obama, that “…there’s no adult in the room. You just can’t make an argument and then have him make a decision because he doesn’t know what he’s deciding.”
    • In essence, the president is out of his league on economic issues.  And, unfortunately, if re-elected he will be inheriting a worse economy than he did in 2008.  So should we give him another chance? 
  • “I will have an immigration bill in my first year.”  – Still has not happened 
  • “I will have a budget in my first year.” – This has not happened; in fact he has not had a budget passed since he’s been in the White House and in his first two years he had a Democratic Senate and Congress.  Most of his own party has voted against his every proposal.  
  • My administration will be the most transparent in history.” – Far from it, e.g. he solely appointed czars (presidential advisors that are not accountable to congress, only the president) some who are avowed socialists, that will not allow reporters at their meetings and whose salaries are secret.  
  • “I will put all bills on the White House web site for five days for public comment before signing them.” – This has not happened. 
  • “ I will have the congressional health care negotiations broadcast live on C-SPAN.” – This did not happen 
  • “I will work to eliminate earmarks.”  – Most bills still have numerous earmarks. 
  • “…….keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent.” – Has been and is still above 8%.  In fact, in spite of the recent increase in hiring, touted in his campaign speeches, there are still fewer people employed now than there was when the he first took office. If you count the people who have stopped looking, it’s closer to 20%. Unemployed among the blacks is much worse. 
  • ”I will close the detention center at Guantanamo in my first year.” – It is still open.  As it should be so it’s fine that he did not close it.  
  • “ ….I will end the hiring of former lobbyists into high White House jobs. – He did not / has not abided by this promise. 
  • “….will put an end to no-compete contracts with the government above $25,000.” – This did not / has not happened. 
  • “….will disclose the names of all attendees at closed White House meetings.” – Has not / does not happen 
  • Promised to establish a $10 billion fund to bail out home owners that would lose their homes.  Even Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has acknowledged that the program would never come close to fulfilling its original expectations. 
  • “I will end the war in Iraq. We will have our troops home in 16 months.” I will finish the fight against Al Qaeda.” – The war in Iraq has “ended” but all our troops are still not home and even though during a speech in August he said, “Al Qaida is decimated,” they are still very much alive, active, far from “decimated,”  and as it turns out were responsible for the Libyan Embassy killings. 
  • Pledged to cut $700 Billion from Medicare to fund the Affordable Care Act. – Actually he did fulfill this promise. He cut $716 billion from Medicare to fund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Yet he accuses Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan of wanting to “gut Medicare.” 

     It becomes painfully evident that during the campaign, presidential-hopeful Obama made many claims and promises, but either never planned on following through with these promises (lied), or did not realize the enormity of the tasks he faced due to his lack of leadership & political inexperience. Either way, he grossly let the American people down.  


This country is at a tipping point. This group feels that Obama gets a majority of his support from the millions that receive some sort of government entitlement (unemployment insurance, welfare, subsidized housing, food stamps (47 million citizens), etc.). Please bear in mind though; we are not talking about the millions of hard-working Americans that have been looking and would rather have a job than trying to live on entitlement programs. However, the life-long government recipients will vote for Obama because he promises to tax the rich so that his plan for “redistribution of wealth” will benefit every citizen. In other words, tax the rich and give to the poor. (Remember, other than the celebrities & sports figures, the rich are the ones that do the hiring).


Email theLinks for this series to your relatives, friends and undecided voters… 

Article: #1:

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Article #5:

Article #6:  (Not Released)

Why Would You Vote for Obama – Part 5 of 6


Vote Smart #5

“Why Would You Vote…..”

Part 5

by:  Anonymous

American Voters –10/29/2012

This is a bit long, but please read it in its entirety.  The question is, if you plan to vote for President Obama, why would you vote for a man for President of the United States who,

10.  Refuses to admit that Al Qaeda still exists. 

  • We know the State Department was watching the attack on the Libyan Embassy in real-time. However, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, and the President continued to perpetuate the “video trailer” theory for nearly two weeks.  They blamed the riot in Cairo earlier in the day on the video, so the video seemed a natural fit for the Libyan “protest.” 
  • The September 11th Libyan killings were first reported by President Obama on September 12th. In that speech he used the phrases “no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve…,” act of terror will go unpunished.”   On September 13th he said, “No act of terror will dim the light…”  Although implied, it was obvious he was speaking about terrorism in general and he never called the attack or killings in Libya an act of terrorism, so, granted, those speeches are spin-able as he’s done repeatedly. 
  • The following day, September 12th, rather than remaining in Washington to at least show some leadership and support, get engaged in the situation for those who were killed, the loss of the Embassy, and gather information about the attack, the president flew to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser. He later appeared on TV the talk show, “The View” on September 14th
  • In an unbelievable display of audacity, during an interview two days after the attacks, the president referred to the killings as “..there will be ‘bumps in the road.’”   Later, on October 18th, he said the killings were “not optimal.”  
  • The father of Tyrone Woods, one of those killed in the attack, attended the memorial service at Andrews Air Force Base, met President Obama and shook his hand. In Mr. Woods words “the President said,  ‘I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, you know, that your son died,’ but it was totally insincere, more of a whining type, ‘I’m sorry.’”  On October 29th Mr. Woods said “I’d like to know who in the White House was watching my son die.”  
  • Of Hillary Clinton, Mr. Woods said, “I gave her a hug, shook her hand, and she did not appear to be one bit sincere – at all. She said, ‘We’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted, the one that did the video.’” 
  • And, VP Biden made very disparaging remarks to Mr. Woods that we won’t repeat here. 

Does it make sense that the U.S. Government, i.e. Secretary of State, would be more interested in arresting the producer of the video (that had committed no crime) than those responsible for killing the four men?   

The terrible tragedy of the killings is that several weeks prior to the 9/11 attacks Ambassador Stevens expressed deep concern about the vulnerability of the Embassy and several times requested additional security including the day he was killed.  All were denied. On August 14th, an elite security force was removed from the Libyan Embassy against the vehement protests of the commander of the 16 member team.  

During the VP debates, Vice President Biden was asked about embassy security. He said, “We didn’t know they wanted more security.” If you recall, the look on Paul Ryan’s face was one of incredulity. Apparently, he, Ryan, knew more about the Embassy’s requests than the Vice President.  

What does this mean? 

One of Obama’s early promises was the eradication of al-Qaeda and in several campaign speeches this year, he declared, “al-Qaida is decimated,“ “al-Qaida is on its heels,” “Osama Bin Laden is no more.”  It is apparent that the president desperately wants the public to think he has eliminated (decimated) al-Qaeda, and radical Islamists are no longer a threat. Therefore, he cannot (could not) use the word, “terrorist” and wanted to blame the attack on the video trailer. 

Bottom line, the president and his administration are either 1) Lying – blaming the video when they knew it was a terrorist attack. 2) Extremely incompetent – refused security to the embassy when requested early on, and refused any type of support for nearly 8 hours. Or both. 

It is disgustingly apparent that the president abandoned our men and is hoping the incident will go away and be forgotten. This sends a terrible message to our State Department personnel and to the military.

 Compare the Libyan incident to this Viet Nam rescue in the ‘70s.


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Pelosi is an Idiot! Fast and Furious is the Obamaway!

Fallen Agent Brian Terry
Fallen Agent Brian Terry

     I finally figured out that Brian Terry’s parents and the rest of us are to blame Eric Holder’s moving towards being held in contempt of Congress!  We are responsible for Obama having to invoke “Executive Privilege” in order to hide the truth from all of us!  All of us, represented by Darrel Issa, are just trying to make sure Holder and Obama can enforce our voter laws by insuring that dead people can’t vote, non citizens can’t vote, felons can’t vote, and citizens can only vote once!  Oh wait,  Holder and Obama are on the other side of these voting issues!  Obama and Holder are suing State’s who are trying to clean up their voting rolls and States that are trying to adopt laws requiring photo Ids in order to vote! 

     Pelosi today actually had the guts to say:  “They’re going after Eric Holder because he is supporting measures to overturn these voter suppression initiatives in the states.  This is no accident, it is no coincidence. It is a plan on the part of Republicans.”  And this woman was two heartbeats away from being President when she was the Speaker!  Nancy, how about just telling us how on earth an Administration could sell fully automatic weapons to known drug cartel terrorist and allow one of our own Border Agents be murdered along with 200 innocent Mexican Nationals.  It is that simple.  Forget Bush.  Forget Republicans playing politics.  This is on you, you own it, now own up to it!

    This administration and Pelosi are an embarrassment to the United States around the world.  On the one hand they pander to illegals in this country in a naked attempt to woo the Hispanic voters all the while they aid and abet the murdering of 200 Mexican Nationals.  This goes so far beyond politics that it is insulting for the Democrat Progressives to feign outrage that Republicans would play politics with this issue.  Really!  You had 18 months to come clean and only kept kicking the can down the street until now you are getting close to the election and you are in a state of panic. 

     If this is the best leadership the Democrat Progressives have, then they need to leave office quietly or we need to show them all the door in November…

RD Pierini

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US Forest Service-A Lesson In Total Governmental Incompetence!

How Do You Get 6 Frozen Cows Out of a Forest Service Cabin?

     This is not a trick question but one that has the US Forest Service in Denver totally stymied and has actually created quite a Conundrum (that means something puzzling for those in government service).   It is even more perplexing as the location of the Conundrum is in Conundrum Hot Springs which is about 9 miles from Aspen and the wayward frozen cows are actually frozen in a Ranger Station.  OOPS, someone left the door open or forgot to post the sign, “No Bovine Allowed”.  Or, “Bovine must register with the Forest Service if Staying Overnight”! 

     The Forest Service is tied up in its own bureaucracy, the bureaucracy of the EPA and the Department of Interior and a whole lot of environmental groups.  The big question these geniuses are pondering is how to get the cows out of the Ranger Station.  They have already made the astute observation the cows are actually dead which then ruled out the possibility of walking them out.  BRILLIANT!  Since the Ranger Station is near streams, they are trying to figure out the best way of disposing of the cows so as not to contaminate the streams.

    The Forest Service actually stated that in the past they have used explosives to get rid of Elk, Deer and dead Horses.  (I am capitalizing the names of each of the animals so as not to offend PETA.)  I only have one question for these brilliant US Forest Service Disposal Personal.  When you blow up an Elk, do you really thing that you have somehow evaporated all of the animal’s organic matter?  Don’t you think that this organic matter may be washed into the streams during the next rain?  Not that it should matter as animals have been dying in woods and streams long before the US Forest Service was there to protect mother nature from her own natural recycling processes.  Maybe we should send tapes of Wild Kingdom to the US Forests Service so they can watch what happens to an animal carcass when left in the wild.  It is a miracle of the natural food chain.  By the time the critters are through, not even a US Forest Ranger would be able to find a scrap.  Also, since the sun actually shines there is a good chance that mother earth may actually oxidize whatever is left over, even if it reaches the stream.

    The Service also had the guts to state that this is a wilderness preserve so taking vehicles into the Ranger Station is a no-no as they cannot disturb mother earth by making tire tracks.  Here is the actual quote: 

“But Segin said using helicopters is too expensive and rangers are worried about using trucks in a wilderness area, where the government bars permanent improvements and tries to preserve the natural habitat.  They need to use the minimal tool to get the job done. They don’t want to leave the land scarred,”

     A Minimal Tool!  I think that aptly describes the mental capacity of the Rangers!  So, their solutions may be to Blow up the Cabin; or send a team of rangers in and pack out the carcasses by foot!  (Psst, how are you going to get the dead cows out of the cabin?) Here is a thought, the Air Force Academy is located just outside of Denver.  Have a couple of cadets Napalm the cabin!  Or maybe they just drop a low yield nuclear device on the cabin.  That should teach those cows to trespass on government property!

     I can only guess the costs incurred so far to solve the Conundrum in Conundrum Hot Springs, Colorado.  How about you do nothing and let nature take its course.  The door is already open to the cabin so maybe you can post a sign outside inviting critters in for a free “cow-fest”.  Or, drag them out of the cabin and let them be recycled outside, naturally.  I’ll bet this ends up as a mid six figure or higher expenditure to get rid of 6 cows.  This could be the most costly beef ever served up by this White House and its brilliant bands of bureaucrats…

RD Pierini

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