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The New York Area Is NOT the Center of Our Universe!


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To Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:  The Rest of the US is not your Sugar-Daddy and will not be treated like second-class citizens because of your inability to self govern responsively.

To Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:  Your inability to elect competent, freedom-loving politicians and to subject yourselves to their stupidity and ineptitude is NOT THE FAULT OF THE REST OF THE UNITED STATES.  

To Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:  You seem fine with cramming yourselves into rat infested cities where your subways are dirtier than public restrooms; Your rest homes allow virus infected staff and patients to co-mingle with healthy patients; Your homeless suffer from a myriad of diseases and are treated as less than human; all the while you harbor and adore some of the richest and most entitled citizens on this planet.

To Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:  The next time a pandemic or even a mild cold hits you, don’t look to the rest of us to bail you out, send you our money, or even feel the least bit sorry for yourselves until you elect politicians that respect our Constitution and our rule of law and who value freedom over their own selfish power.

To Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:  The free peoples of this land, the non-entitled from New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, (and the rest of the Blue States) are going back to work, attending our faith services as we choose, going to eat out at our restaurants, going to our gyms, taking our vacations, and doing whatever we damn well please as the Free Citizens of the United States of America.  You may choose to baracade yourselves in your cubbyholes but we are living the lives God intended us to live.  PS:  Don’t expect us to support any Legislation that sends you any money that rewards your incompetence and seeming suicidal penchant for supporting corruption and inept politicians…

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RD Pierini


Pres. Trump/Coronavirus-Win-Win or Lose-Lose

Limbaugh Aiding MSM Anti-Trump Rhetoric!

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Risk increasing the Coronavirus death toll or risk starting the economy too late and risk a Depression? 

How is that for a decision that no human being should have to make.  On the one hand, you have medical “experts” pushing for total shutdown of our freedoms and our economy; on the other, an economy that is dwindling more and more each day adding debt, fear and despair to our largest and smallest businesses as well as the average working man and women and their families.  The only person who can make this decision for the United States, and arguably the world, is President Donald Trump.  Whether you are MAGA Trump fan or a Hollywood Trump hater, your fate is in his hands!  

Since the President placed travel restrictions on China on January 30th, the MSM and the Left have condemned his every move.  He is either being too cautious or not cautious enough.  He is either favoring his health experts or favoring his economic advisors.  In short, the President is in a lose-lose position politically with the left and their press.  To pile on to the worries of this President, you have our #1 enemy China, who created this crisis by their withholding the truth from the world when this pandemic broke out in Wuhan, holding a stranglehold on the very supply chain and many of the finished products the world so desperately needs to combat this virus.  At the same time, China is ramping up its own economy while the rest of the 150 countries fighting the virus in their own countries are literally shut down.  Further, China has threatened to withhold resources from the US and others while profiteering off of the shortages of PPE, medications, and medical equipment.  China is also beefing up its offensive capabilities in the South China Sea.

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The Democrats and the left wing media is salivating at the prospect of Trump being placed in a lose-lose paradox.  They are ready to attack if he leans towards saving the economy and risking a resurgence of the virus or continues to stagnate the economy in order to stalemate the virus.  The other despicable posture the Left is taking is saying that Trump’s advocacy for hydroxychloroquine is reckless, dangerous and should not be taken seriously.  Why?  If it works as it has all over the world and in the US, it is effective at preventing the virus infection and if taken early enough can save lives.  This would be the worse case scenario for the Democrats and the MSM.  All the while, there are no guarantees that either alternative will produce positive economic or health outcomes!  How would you like to be the President!

Economy VS Health

  • If you contract the virus infection and die, you won’t care about the economy. 
  • If you don’t contract the virus, but lose your job, your house, your car and all you own, you don’t care much about the virus. 
  • If the President opens the economy and sends workers back to work, and then this virus spreads unabated and 2 million people die this year, the President will be blasted, condemned and probably impeached. 
  • If the President waits too long to restart this economy and the economy stalls and does not start to recover within a quarter or so, the President will be blasted, condemned and maybe impeached even if the virus does not flare back up.

So, Anyone Want To Be President!

Obviously, in the real world, outside of politics, there are many ways to mitigate the spread of the virus even if we go back to work.  Antibody tests can isolate immune workers; perhaps hydroxychloroquine or something similar prove to be a good prophylactic to warding off the virus; The use of plasma therapy may also be effective in providing antibodies to people as a prophylactic to warding off the virus.  At some point, we can’t wait that long, a vaccine or 2 will be available.  I have already stated above that the left and the MSM is trying to play down and discourage the use of hydroxychloroquine.  They will do the same for any potential mitigation drug or treatment as the mitigation will only serve to bolster Trump’s chance of reelection!  

How Sick Are These People-the Left and MSM!

I started this article by saying the Limbaugh is helping those spreading anti-Trump rhetoric.  How?  By pushing every day to force this country to reopen immediately!  While I understand that Rush would never do anything intentionally to harm the future of this country or this President, nevertheless, Rush is moving parts of this country to push Trump into a possible early igniting of this economy  Many of these people are independents who are always subject to being swayed by propaganda.  If they, and others, start to believe that Trump is over his head then that is a problem.  Rush is giving the MSM more ammo to rail against regarding restarting the economy at the expense of American lives.  Trust me, if the MSM can force Trump from office, American Lives are collateral damage.  Trump knows that he has to get the economy restarted in May, June at the latest.  At that point, when he knows we have other real mitigation alternatives, he can start a targeted restart.

Restarting The Economy Is Harder Than Throwing A Switch

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The President and his economic team will have to use health data to target key geographic areas that provide a moderate to low risk of virus spreading, aided by pharmaceutical mitigationsWithin each industry, they will have to assess whether the supply chain that was in place before the shut down is intact, and if, not, where are the parts and supplies needed to fill this void.  For example, when you start the auto industry, you need steel, aluminum, IC boards, engine parts, transmission parts, tires, wheels, brakes and every other part needed to assemble an automobile.  Multiple this by every single product we produce or assemble in the US.  The good news is that a few very vital industries have not shut down including agriculture, food processing, distribution,  pharmaceuticals, food and drug retail etc.  And, our healthcare system will be well stocked with vital anti-virus equipment and essentials.

For President Trump though, he is facing a Win-Win, or a Lose-Lose scenario.  I doubt that there is a combination of the two that would prevail.  In any event, the Left and the MSM will hammer him hard no matter how successful he is at both stopping the virus and restarting the economy.  Hopefully, the start-up of the economy will be successful with progress made within a single quarter.  Progress, not total restoration.  During that process, hopefully he will be able to mitigate the spread of the virus and minimize the fatalities.  Even though the normal flu kills 307 people per  day, the Left and the MSM will blame the President for even a single death, even if it was cause by comorbidity.

If you are a Trump supporter, he will need each of you to stand strong against the upcoming onslaught from the Left and the MSM.

If you are not a Trump supporter, take your best shot!  This won’t be the first time we have annihilated you!

RD Pierini


Past Presidents, MIA on Current Coronavirus Pandemic

Where Are the Past Presidents In Supporting Our Country During this Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Usually, no matter who is President, past presidents line up behind the current President and his administration and support the efforts being made to protect our citizens and combat the threat.  So far, crickets from the past Presidents in supporting President Trump in his battle to eradicate the current pandemic.  Has our politics degraded to such a level where even our past Presidents cannot put petty politics and personal feelings aside and stand behind the American People in a time of crisis?  I suppose not!

These past Presidents have praised Trump’s medical team, Fauci and Birx mainly, but have not voiced any support for President Trump and his overall task force efforts to combat the pandemic. Praising Fauci and Brix alone is like patting themselves on the back as these two served all of the past Presidents except Carter.   When these Presidents skirt backing the administration, it is a tacit disapproval of President Trump and his administration.  Pretty sad when you consider the potential impact on this nation, health wise and economically.

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One of the Whitehouse correspondents asked the President if he had reached out to Obama for advice.  How about the past Presidents giving positive interviews and tweets in support of our nation and the efforts being led by this Administration.  Bet they would step up if funding for their libraries was at risk!

RD Pierini






President Trump-Educating America and Creating The New American “Normal”

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Note:  Victor Davis Hanson, a Hoover Institution senior fellow, appeared on Laura Ingram’s show and stated that President Trump’s Coronavirus Policies are now “Conventional Wisdom”, which means that they are the accepted norm for handling the pandemic viruses.  If you missed the interview, I have included the link below under the Hat Tops.  An excerpt from the interview:   “It’s just, it’s kind of ironic that we just shrug that this is conventional wisdom. But when he said it, it was heresy. When you have half the country shut down, you want a president who says to farmers here in California, ‘You guys need water? We’re going to give it to you. We want to produce food.  You want him to say, you guys in Pennsylvania, you guys in Texas get muddy and start fracking because we’re going to help. We want people in their apartments, in their homes to have heat when they turn on the thermostat.”  I had started writing this article prior to his appearance and observations.  I have modified my article to include his observations.


Love him or hate him, President Trump has schooled the American Public, economists, health care specialists, foreign policy buffs, the main stream media, and many others, on a wide range of topics such as “Free Trade”, America First, Reversing Globalism, Foreign Policy Based on America’s Self-Interest, Making Others Pay Their Fair Share, American Preparedness for Pandemics, Secure Borders, and so on.  What was “Conventional Wisdom” for a wide ranging subject matter, meaning accepted principles, definitions, norms, or beliefs, prior to November 8, 2016, are now out the window.  President Trump has changed the narrative, not only in the US, but worldwide.  Here are some examples of the New Trump Conventional Wisdom!

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  There is no such thing as the Left Wing Conventional Wisdom!

International Trade:

How many of us knew the difference between “Free Trade” and “Reciprocal Free Trade”?  How many realized that our globalist politicians strangled our industries with insane regulations that drove up our manufacturing cost of product between $11.00 and $20.00 per hour BEFORE OPENING THE PLANT DOOR?  Then, told us that it was so much cheaper to produce a US product in China.  That is how we lost 60,000 manufacturing plants in the past two decades!  They also told you that you were better off now since you could but products You much cheaper that were made in China?  NOT IF YOU WERE ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR MANUFACTURING JOB TO CHINA!  Of course this had  no impact on the globalist CEOs or the Wall Street bankers who made a killing by offshoring our jobs to China.  Obama told us that under this new Globalist economy, our stagnant economy and low job growth was our NEW NORMAL.

Trump’s Paradigm ChangePresident Trump taught you that reciprocal trade agreements were the only acceptable norm and that America had to return to a manufacturing economy for the sake of our national security, our economy, and the well being of our Middle Class that had all but died out prior to 2016.  Plus, when we bought more from other countries than we sold to other countries, we reduced our own GDP and weakened our own economy.

Principle, If China sold us a $1.00 worth of goods, China had to buy a $1.00 worth of goods from the US.  If China or any other country did not agree, then we had the right, and duty, to place tariffs on the goods coming in until we had a “Reciprocal Free Trade” balance. 

He taught us that tariffs were a tool to balance trade and did NOT actually increase the cost to our consumers at home.  HOW?  for every $1.00 of tariff we placed on China, China devalued their currency and increased their internal subsidies to offset our tariffs.  But, this practice drove down the value of China’s exports and hurt their economy.  But, China, not our consumers, are paying the price as evidenced by the lack of inflation in the US since tariffs were imposed.  

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Trade with other nations must be reciprocal, and, the use of tariffs is a strong tool in creating balanced, reciprocal trade agreements!

America First-Hire American, Buy American

President Trump ran as a pro-American Populist conservative but has espoused these principles since the 1980’s.  President Trump, repeatedly states that we have manufacture more of our consumer and national security related goods in the US and they have to be produced by US, not foreign, workers.   The goal is to make the US independent in its production of essential goods and services while lifting up lower and middle income workers by providing higher paying jobs to these workers.  His plan was working prior to the Coronavirus and will resume when it passes.  

In fact, the Coronavirus has driven home the President’s admonition that we cannot outsource our industries and jobs and expect the US to lead the world economy, preserve peace around the world, and lift our nation to new heights.  He has taught us that steel and energy is the backbone of our economy and national security and the coronavirus has accentuated that we cannot afford to outsource our healthcare products whether it be PPE, medical equipment, or pharmaceuticals.  When the virus passes, President Trump will insist that critical industries must be brought back to the us and the ones that are left, like agriculture, are supported and not depressed by environmental activism.  

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  A key pillar of US economic and national security is America’s ability to manufacture goods at home by American Workers.

American Independence On Strategic Supply Chains 

In order to manufacture here at home, the US must control the components of each of the items we produce which is defined as the supply chain.  IF not, what is the point of final assembly here if another country like China can withhold needed components of the product.  Today, 96% of the components that go into our pharmaceuticals are controlled by China.  We have to produce the raw materials we need at home and then create the final products here at home with American workers.

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional WisdomNations cannot be secure, free or safe unless it not only manufacture’s its own strategic products, but also controls and creates all of the product’s components within its Supply Chain.


Early on, President Trump placed tariffs on foreign steel coming into the US.  We have the raw materials we need to produce steel here at home but have allowed cheap imports to overtake our own production.  STEEL IS AT THE HEART AND SOUL OF OUR NATIONAL SECURITY LET ALONE THE BACKBONE OF MANY OFOUR CONSUMER PRODUCTS AND INFRASTRUCTURE.  The President, in spite of Wall Street and the MSM, proved that we can protect our steel industry and prices would not inflate as a result.  We can now rely on our own steel for our military equipment, ships, planes, buildings etc.. 

Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Steel is the core component powering our economy, military and lifestyle and must be produced in the US and the US cannot be reliant on foreign supplies of steel.


President Trump early on moved to replace NAFTA and other international agreements that have worked to the detriment of one of our core industries, Agriculture.  Many scoffed at this but an abundant, safe and steady supply of food is an essential national security component.  If you cannot feed your own people, what difference does it make if you have a strong military?  

In additional to changing international agreements in order to product our food industry, the President has also eliminated regulations that forced millions of our precious farmland to go fallow and to increase our production costs at home to the point where it was cheaper to import food products from foreign countries rather than produce them at home.  BUT, what will be the President’s most valuable move will be his directive to restore 25% of California’s water supply back to agriculture.  Today is being diverted to “save the smelt” in the San Joaquin Valley Delta.  California has forced over 900,000 acres out of production with its water policy.  These lands are the most productive lands in the world.

Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Our Food Supply is a key component of our national security and the US must produce all food commodities and finished food products.  Corollary for California:  Water is the foundation of our agricultural and must be provided to our farmers and ranchers.


President Trump had been working with healthcare equipment and pharmaceutical companies to stabilize and move much of the production back to the US.  The Coronavirus shocked the American public into reality by showing how dependent the US is on foreign production of our healthcare needs.  The President also reversed the Obamacare taxes on Healthcare medical devices which was absolutely crazy to start out with.  When you tax something, you get less of it!

If President Trump wins reelection, you will see a dramatic change in the supply chain and manufacturing of these vital health components.  If he does not win reelection, you will see the left move to nationalize our healthcare industries and push out our ability to be self-sufficient towards globalized supply.

Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Healthcare is a major component of our national security and the US must produce and control all of the components and supply chains that support our healthcare system.

Trucks and Heavy Equipment

The left has spent years crushing our automobile manufacturers with heavy handed regulations and taxes.  They have done the same for our heavy equipment manufactures such as Caterpillar Tractor.  But, these industries are vital in war time and for the continued maintenance of our military preparedness through their production of tanks, military vehicles and supporting equipment.  The left downplays the military strength then kicks the legs out from under our ability to sustain our military strength.

President Trump has stood these industries back up by removing burdensome regulations and taxes.  The Coronavirus has proved the President as being right and now we have auto companies producing ventilators and other needed equipment to help combat the virus.  If you do not see the national security element of these industries now, wake up!

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Vehicle production, including trucks and heavy equipment, are key to our national security as they can produce unparalleled supplies of military vehicle and equipment, including healthcare equipment such as ventilators and respirators.

Military Components and Equipment

Like healthcare and so many other vital industries, we have allowed our military suppliers to outsource components of our military systems and equipment to China and others.  This is nuts!  Even if a missile system is assembled here, if the electronic control boards are made in China we are putting a gun to our own head and pulling the trigger.  The President has issued EOs to force military contractors to Buy American and Hire American when it comes to our military components and equipment.

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  The US must produce all component parts of our military systems and never rely on foreign parts.

Chinese Communism

President Trump has written in his books that China represented a real existential threat to the US economically and militarily.  He emphasized that the Communist Party has one singular goal and that was to surpass the US as the Global super power and economic leader.  While praising the Chinese Communist Leader President Xi publicly, Trump’s policies toward China are anything but conciliatory or pacificatory.

The President has taught Americans not to accept the “Conventional Wisdom” that China overtaking the US economically was inevitable as you hear from Wall Street and the MSM.  He has shown the MSM and his detractors that you can wage economic warfare against China, enacting crippling tariffs on Chinese exports, and walk away with a pro-American trade agreement that bolsters our economy all the while slowing down the Chinese economic advances.

The President has taught Americans that Chinese military hegemony in the world is not inevitable and that confronting the Chinese head-on is possible without firing a shot.  He has accomplished this by instituting regular patrols in the once Chinese dominated South China Sea.  He has accomplished this by strengthening our own military, conventional and nuclear, to levels never before achieved.  He has done this by strengthening ties in the East with South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and others.  He is doing this by crippling Chinese allies in the Middle East such as Syria and Iran economically.  By becoming energy independent, the President has built an energy wall around the US where we cannot be threatened with Middle Eastern turmoil or oil embargoes. 

The old conventional wisdom that you cannot threaten China directly or indirectly or we will suffer.  NOT TRUE!

Watch for the President strengthening our ties with Taiwan in his second term.  China will not be happy but they will stand down!

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Chinese Communism is our #1 existential threat to the US and that the US must take back our lost industries and jobs from China.

Border Security-Land, Sea, Air, and Technological

When President Trump and the First-Lady-to-be descended down the golden escalator, and he told America that strong borders were critical and that stopping illegal immigration was a national security issue, the MSM and all of the then conventional wisdom crowd blew a gasket and still are! 

The President then spent his campaign, and now is Presidency, educating the American People of the horrors of open boarders that include drug trafficking, human trafficking.  In spite of illegal immigration reinvigorating diseases that we had long since eradicated including tuberculosis, the MSM was able to tamp down the outrage by changing the narrative to the housing of “children” by the Border Patrol. 

Now, with Coronavirus, even Americans who were skeptical of Trump’s border clampdown, now get it!  We had a number of Chinese illegal immigrants sneaking in our Southern border.  There is no doubt that the virus started and spread from China and our open borders would allow Chinese to circumvent our travel ban and merely walk into the US.  

Hopefully, with the threat of the Coronavirus, the flood of drugs pouring across our Southern Border, and the scourge of human trafficking, the President has convinced Americans that Open Borders are a threat to our national security!  If this holds, the President has helped to save American Jobs; saved those who are victims of human trafficking’s; saved thousands from death from illicit drugs; and protected the vulnerable who are being victimized by drug cartel coyotes who promise them nirvana and delivering suffering, pain and even death. 

Past conventional wisdom dictated that open borders was a humane practice that was in our national interest.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Open Borders are Bad and Controlled Borders are Good.  Border security is in our vital national security and healthcare interest.

Foreign Policy-Allies Pay Their Fair Share

The President stated while campaigning that our allies and all of those nations we protect MUST pay their share of the costs and must meet their obligations under existing treaties and agreements.  The left went nuts as their goal was  to continue to milk the US dry while standing up socialist and Islamist ideologies against the US.  The President asked simple questions:  Why should we pay to protect oil rich nations in the Middle East?  Why should we contribute to NATO and let other NATO members contribute less than their agreed upon amounts?  Why should we pay for our troops to be stationed in other countries without those countries paying the US for these security troops?  DUH, the President is right!  

  Past conventional wisdom touted US subsidies to protect other nations to the detriment of our own economy and our own security.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:   US Allies must reimburse the US for military protections that American provides to nations worldwide.  Our NATO allies must meet their investment and contribution commitments to NATO.  Our UN Allies must pay their fair share to support the UN and the UN must treat the US fairly in order to receive our funding.

Foreign Policy-Regions Police Their Own Regions

The President ran on the US getting out of regional conflicts and making our regional allies police their own regions.  The President condemns the old Neo-Con philosophy that it is in the US national interest to engage in decades long wars in regional conflicts.  The President believes that our involvement in the Middle East, for example, only serves to incite hatred against the US.  It is also a huge drain on our resources and allows for thousands our precious military men and women to be killed and maimed.  And for what?  Has this old policy ever worked?  Vietnam?  Afghanistan? Iraq? Syria?  Not even a little!

  Past conventional wisdom said that the US must engage in regional conflicts to combat communism, terrorism, and other evils of this world without regional allies taking the lead.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Regional allies must police their own region and stand down regional threats without US direct involvement.

Foreign Policy-Peace Through Strength

President Trump has revived President Reagan’s policy of peace through strength by rebuilding our military to a level that is stronger than ever.  This policy has stalemated China, Russia, Iran and North Korea to a large degree.  They all now know that we have the tools and the craftsman to use these tools effectively, and in a decisive manner.  The President has also created the Space Force to counter China and Russia’s move to control cyberspace.  It will take some time to finalize all of these efforts but for now we have put the world on notice that the US is back and not leading from behind.

  Past conventional wisdom sought to downplay the US strength, physically and mentally, and created a counter-balance to the US a the sole World Super Power.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  The US military and its military systems must be maintained to establish and sustain our military leadership in the world in order to disuade bad actors from threatening the US and its allies.

Constitutional Rights

The left has been chipping away at our Constitutional Rights for decades being aided and abetted by the MSM and RINOs.  The left’s goal to emasculate State’s Rights along with individual rights, and turn our Republic into a Centralized Government almost succeeded. The Democrat Socialist Party is the Democrat Party and challenges our very existence as the oldest Constitutional Republic ever created.  President Trump is stepping in and reversing all of the leftists gains and seeks to restore the rule of law under our Constitutional Republic.   His handling of the Coronavirus should convince even his detractors that the President believes in the principles and foundation of our Republic by NOT instituting Marshal Law and federalizing out response to the virus.  You see article after article calling on the President to institute a national lockdown.  The President is resisting these efforts and calling the Governors to guide their own State with the help of the Federal Government.  Arguably, if we had a Democrat President, we would be under Marshal Law right now.  The President is also attempting to work with the private sector to cooperate voluntarily rather than invoke a mandatory command under the Defense Production Act to assist in the production of needed PPE and medical equipment. 

The President has also appointed justices and judges who believe in the letter of the Constitution versus those who believe that the Constitutional must bend to “Conventional Wisdom”.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  The Constitution established a State led Republic and not a Centralized, Executive controlled Government, with the rights of the People at the apex of our form of government.

Sorry for the length of this article but I wanted to included as many of the new conventional wisdom “Trumpisms” as possible.  I could have included many more.  But, the key takeaway is that President Trump is reestablishing the principles that are the foundation of this nation and the reversal of the leftist move to “transform” our nation.  In spite of the dangers of the Coronavirus, the President continues to push power back to the State and Local Governments in spite of tremendous pressure to take this power for himself and the federal government.  The Left, and the President, knows that if President Trump did federalize the response, the Left would use it to solidify central control, after they impeach him for doing so!

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RD Pierini



Hat Tips


Pro-Life Policies Are Saved In The Coronavirus $2.2 Trillion Relief Package

The President and the Senate preserved their Pro-Life principles when crafting and passing the recent $2.2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package.

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They were able to:

  • Exclude Planned Parenthood from receiving any funding from this relief package. 
  • Include the “Hyde Amendment” rider in the bill (bars any federal funds from supporting abortion),
  • Extended the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) program to fund projects to implement sexual risk avoidance education that teaches participants how to voluntarily refrain from non-marital sexual activity.


  • See the source image

Conversely, Pelosi’s version of the Coronavirus Stimulus, that did not see the light of day, included an EXCLUSION of the Hyde Amendment allowing funds to go to support for abortion providers.  This would have permeated the entire health care and other portions of the bill allowing millions to go to support abortion.  (The picture above featuring Nancy Pelosi was taken when she received the Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award.  Just how many babies do you have to kill to receive this racist award?)

So, in 3 1/2 years, President Trump has taught the GOP how to fight for life and win!  His unabashed support for life is now an accual, honest to goodness, firmly engrained part of the GOP platform in action and not just words!  

RD Pierini


Hat Tips:

Did You Expect the Stimulus Package to Include Pro-Life Components? Here They Are


How Long Will It Take for Us to Forget About the Coronavirus?

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Everyone is panicked today, hoarding toilet paper, for some goofy reason, and scared to shake hands with anyone.  The news media is hyping the Coronavirus Pandemic as the end times and every person with an MD or PHD after their name is on television making dire predictions.  You would think that this current crisis would at least remain in our little brains long enough for us to make permanent changes in our lifestyles, our hygiene and our public consciousness. 

Betcha a Buck it Doesn’t!

The other interesting facet of human behavior is that no matter how many times the media has hyped a story or outright lied to us we still fall for their crap without question.  Did any one of us ever heard the old saying, “Once Burned, Twice Shy”; or “Fool me once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me”.  I am not saying that this current pandemic is not real nor dangerous.  But if this pandemic is worth changing our lifestyles, our hygiene and our public consciousness, then maybe we should learn from it and make these changes permanent.

As of today, there are 2,496 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the US that have resulted in 51 deaths.  This pandemic has been compared to the 1918 H1N1 (bird flu) virus Pandemic, the 1957 N2H2 (Asian flu) virus Pandemic; the 1968 H3N2 virus Pandemic; and the 2009 H1N1 (bird flu) virus Pandemic.  

A flu fighter examines the Central Operating Picture

The 1918 H1N1 bird flu infected 1/3 or the world population and killed 50 million people.  The 1957-58 N2H2 Asian Flu killed over 1.1 million people worldwide.  The 1968 H2N2 Avian flu killed over 1 million worldwide and over 100,000 in the US.  The 2009 H1N1 flu was only 11 years ago and infected 60.8 million people and killed 18,000 in the US alone!  Remember, the Coronavirus in the US to date has infected 2,496 people and killed 51.  I am not saying that the current crisis is over, but it begs credulity that it could in any way approximate any of the earlier 4 outbreaks.

What is even worse is the nonsense we put up with every year with our “normal” flu seasons that infect 36,000,000 – 51,000,000 people; hospitalize 370,000 – 670,000 people; and KILL 22,000 – 51,000 PEOPLE IN THE US ALONE.

Does anyone really believe that the current Coronavirus is going to come anywhere near this level of carnage?  Yet, the response to the Coronavirus has created an economic nightmare; abject panic throughout our society; and A HEALTH AND HYGIENE RESPONSE THAT WE SHOULD FOLLOW EVERY DAY LESS THE PANIC.

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Melissa Francis of Fox Business “After the Bell” had a segment where there was a video of an airline completely sanitizing the interior of an aircraft in between flights to control the Coronavirus threat.  Melissa frankly asked the obvious question, “Why isn’t this level of hygiene practiced every day in all forms of public transit!  BINGO!  

See the source image

Why don’t we teach kids to wash/sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day?  Why don’t we teach kids from Kindergarten on to sanitize their desks every day before class?   Why don’t we teach high schoolers how to disinfect surfaces around the home or apartment before they go off to college?  Why don’t we teach and preach the importance of flu and pneumonia shots every single year.  Why don’t we publicize the annual flu season stats every week?  Why don’t we teach everyone how to make themselves more hygienically aware? 


Political Supidity

Lastly, there are two political failings that have surfaced with this Coronavirus outbreak.  (More but lets look at 2)  One, why is there a potential shortage of Ventilators and other medical devices that support respiratory failures; and two, why we the only type of testing we were prepared for was centralized SURVEILANCE tests and not wide spread decentralized DIAGNOSTIC test.  The former was the testing that was done in all prior outbreaks and is very limited in the number of samples.  The latter, is the newly developed testing where anyone with symptoms of the virus is tested on a wide scale.  

See the source image

Obamacare limited the number of “surge” equipment, such as ventilators and other respiratory mitigation equipment, that could be available in the event of a widespread pandemic.  How, well Obamacare imposed a MEDICAL DEVICE TAX in order to discourage hospitals and clinics from creating excess capacity that was reimbursable by the GOVERNMENT via Obamacare.  If you want to reduce something, tax it!  This will automatically decrease the availability of the item being taxed.  While the resulting lack of crisis available ventilators may have been an unintended consequence, it is nonetheless a dangerous outcome.  The same is true for other medical devices that would be needed in the event of war or a large scale natural disaster.

See the source image

The testing paradigm where limited testing is done merely to surveil the incidence of an outbreak rather than attempt to diagnose the total virulence of a pathogen, was a bureaucratic/political outcome that left us unprepared to properly assess the damage potential of the current Coronavirus outbreak.  The old methodology relied on limited lab capabilities at the CDC and did not involve local healthcare facilities nor any private sector capabilities.  It literally left us in the dark until three weeks ago when the Coronavirus Task Force realized that the testing paradigm was flawed.  There was also a reagent problem with the test kit early on but this would not have been a problem if the testing had been based on a decentralized diagnostic paradigm involving State, Local and private sector testing partnerships.

Well, we will see if human beings can really evolve and remain focused on threats to our existence on a day to day basis.  I am more cynical and bet that politics, apathy, and something as silly as “March Madness” will distract us.  I get that it is important to have distractions and amusements in our lives.  But, aren’t we smart enough to multi-task?

RD Pierini


Coronavirus-We Don’t Need Massive Testing to Project the Number of Infections!

If the number of CONFIRMED infected US persons is 291 MORE than the WORLDWIDE AVERAGE OF INFECTED PERSONS, how can our so-called LACK OF TESTING  be interpreted as the US Coronavirus outbreak being much worse than anticipated?  How can there be many more cases in the US than we know of?  Either Dr. Fauci is wrong, the worldwide statistics are wrong, or math has ceased to be relevant!  If there are many more cases to be confirmed through testing in the US as of today, then ultimately the death rate due to the Coronavirus will be much lower than expected.   

How come we can use polls of 2,000 people to project an election involving 120,000,000 voters but we cannot rely on statistics to sanity check our Coronavirus number of infected people!

The Coronavirus Hype is 99% Political and 1% Reality. 

Even the NIAID and CDC have forgotten their basic math concepts and are panic with almost every breath.  The current focus is to blame the lack of testing on why we do not know the extent of the number of infections in the US.  Really!  What do we know as fact? 

38 people have died in the US in total!  60% in One Nursing Home in Kirkland, Washington?

Judie Shape, left, who has tested positive for the coronavirus, waves to her daughter, Lori Spencer, right, Wednesday, March 11, 2020, as they visit on the phone and look at each other through a window at the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Wash., near Seattle.

OK.  Lets apply some basic math to see if we can predict or project the number of actual Coronavirus infections in the US as of 6:00AM this morning per Johns Hopkins.  

How Do You Calculate the Number of Infected Persons based on the Number of Deaths?

Well, the Death rate is computed by Dividing the Number of Deceased Persons by the Rate of Deaths.

So, using really basic math, if you Divide the Number of Deaths by the Computed Death Rate you will get the Number of Infected People. 

Number of Deaths/Death Rate Percentage

The NIH Director Fauci has estimated that the Coronavirus rate of death is .1% (001), of the total number of infected persons and that this means that Coronavirus is 10 times higher than the 2019-2020 flu which is .01% (.0001).   I am not sure what Dr. Fauci is basing his projection on as it is MUCH LOWER than the actual death rate worldwide so far for Coronavirus.  There is no current data to support Dr. Fauci’s estimate and if we use current, known worldwide data, the US death rate is 2.87% and not Fauci’s .01%.  

The actual worldwide statistics are that there are 127,863 total infected individuals with 4,718 total deaths.  That equates to 4,718/127,863=.0368 or 3.68% If you use US only Coronavirus data the statistics are 1,323 confirmed infected individuals with 38 deaths.  That equates to 38/1,323=.0287 or 2.87%.  


So, if we use the highest death rate, 3.68% divided into the number of US deaths, 38, the total US infected number of persons is 1,032.  This is actually 291 less than the 1,323 total reported Confirmed infected persons in the US.  Lets create of a table of each guestimate of US infected cases based on a number of actual death rates given the data we know today.

Source Death Rate Deaths Est. # US Infected
Dr. Fauci (.1%) PROJECTED 0.100% 38          38,000
Worldwide (3.68%) 3.680% 4718            1,033
US Only (Actual) 2.870% 38            1,324
China Only 3.910% 3172                972
Italy Only 6.630% 827                573

Dr, Fauci is estimating that there are 38,000 individuals in the US that are currently infected with the Coronavirus.  This is 36,667 more persons than are actually confirmed today?  He is saying if we tested every American today, we would find an additional 36,667 persons that are infected.

But, Dr. Fauci’s  number is not supported by the reported cases and deaths worldwide, in China, in Italy, in Japan or In the US!  Granted, our total number of worldwide cases is somewhat significantly small, 127,863, but it is doubtful that the current worldwide infection rate is 10 times higher than reported.   Using Fauci’s .1% death rate, the current worldwide number of infections would be 1,278,630, not 127,863.

Unfortunately when Dr. Fauci testified before Congress that his .1% death rate number for Coronavirus was valid, and that the US would have to do more testing to establish what he thinks is an infection rate that is order of magnitude higher than what we are observing, he unleashed a firestorm for the media and the Democrats.  No one is stopping to check the math.  The media is touting the wonderful protocols used in South Korea’s SAMPLING, not testing, as what we need to do in the US. 

See the source image

If we use the South Koran statistics. the actual number of US cases would be 4,538, not Fauci’s 38,000.  This is much closer to the current reported US cases of 1,324 infected persons.  

The bottom line is that additional testing is GOOD for people exhibiting symptoms of the Coronavirus as determined by a physician.  This is exactly what the CDC is recommending and how the tests have been set up in the US.  Quest and Lab Corp. will process the test for your doctor as well as state and federal labs.  It is especially good for anyone working around confirmed patients and those serving patrons of rest home as well as those living in these facilities.  But to say that we need to test millions of people who are not impacted or at risk is nuts.  The Swine Flu killed 12,000 Americans in 2009-10 .  So far 38 Americans have died from the Coronavirus.  This flu season has killed over 20,000 Americans.

Take a deep breath!

RD Pierini


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Coronavirus Testing-The Facts Without Political BS

See the source image

Maria Bartiromo this morning allowed New York Governor Cuomo to go on TV and lie about the availability of CDC Tests, and the truth about what happened during the first rollout of the Coronavirus tests.  This is not only shameful for the Governor, but for Ms. Bartiromo and Fox Business News.  This is only one of many shows and networks that have and are still spreading misinformation and political rhetoric regarding this public health emergency.  

What are the facts?  Let’s look at the lifecycle of Coronavirus and the Creation and Production of Coronavirus tests.

This is a picture of CDC’s laboratory test kit for the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). CDC is shipping the test kits to laboratories CDC has designated as qualified, including U.S. state and local public health laboratories, Department of Defense (DOD) laboratories and select international laboratories. The test kits are bolstering global laboratory capacity for detecting SARS-CoV-2.

  • 12/31/2019:  68 Days Ago:  1st Confirmed Coronavirus Case in China.
  • 1/7/2020:  61 Days Ago:  CDC established a COVID-19 Incident Management System. 
  • 1/9/2020:  59 Days Ago:  First Confirmed Death in China due to the Coronavirus
  • 1/13/2020:  55 Days Ago:  US CDC received the Virus from China and performed and published the first US generated Genome Sequence for the Coronavirus.  This sequence is the basis for designing Coronavirus test protocols and test material composition.
  • 1/21/2020:  47 Days Ago:  CDC activated its Emergency Operations Center to better provide ongoing support to the COVID-19 response.
  • 1/21/2020: 47 Days Ago:  First CDC Lab tested confirmation of the Coronavirus in Washington State from a traveler who just returned from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the virus.
  • 1/30/2020:  38 Days Ago:  President Trump closes travel to and from China issuing a level 4 Travel advisory.  In the middle of the Senate Impeachment Trial)
  • 1/31/2020:  37 Days Ago:  President Trump declares a National Health Emergency regarding the Coronavirus-Only 7 cases confirmed in the US at this time.
  • 2/3/2020:  34 Days Ago:  CDC completed its initial Coronavirus test but had to get an emergency declaration from the FDA in order to distribute the tests.
  • 2/4/2020:  33 Days Ago:  FDA granted the emergency designation (EUA) and the CDC began to make the tests widely available.  (The EUA process enables FDA to consider and authorize the use of unapproved, but potentially life-saving medical or diagnostic products during a public health emergency.)
  • 2/5/2020:  32 Days Ago:  The CDC Coronavirus tests utilize 3 reagents to confirm the presence of the virus in patients.  It was found that one of the reagents (1) manufacturing was faulty and unable to generate the correct results.  This manufacturing process was corrected and the proper reagent included in the new tests without an issue.
  • 2/8/2020:  29 Days Ago:  CDC made testing available to anyone seeking to have a Coronavirus confirmed.  The tests were made available to public labs as well as through Atlanta CDC.
  • 3/7/2020:  1 Day Ago:   One or more laboratories in 48 Stats have successfully verified and are currently using COVID-19 diagnostic tests. As of the evening of March 6, 72 state and local public health labs in 48 states and the District of Columbia have successfully verified and are currently using COVID-19 diagnostic tests.
  • 3/9/2020:  Tomorrow:  Quest Diagnostics labs and Lab Corps. labs will be offering testing for the Coronavirus on Monday, 3/9/2020.

So, within 68 days of this virus first being reported by China, we have a working, confirmed test for Coronavirus.  Within 55 days of receiving the virus sample from China and our CDC creating and distributing the Genome Sequencing, the blueprint of the virus, we have a working confirmed test for Coronavirus.  When the initial test waqs created, there were very vew cases in the US, 7-10, to test against.  Having a single faulty reagent is a minor miracle in this compressed time frame.  I challenge anyone to safely beat that effort! 

Governor Cuomo, and Maria Bartiromo should have know, that these test are and have been available to New York and most of the States throughout the US.  But instead, they spread misinformation for whatever personal or political reason.


Bartiromo and others have questioned why it could take a year or more to come up with a vaccine for Coronavirus.  The initial trials, that are very limited in terms human subjects, will start by the end of this March.  But, larger trials involving more human trials require careful monitoring across a much wider cross section.  Why?  Every human being is different in terms of immune systems and other physiological traits and reactions to vaccines and other medications.  Just imaging if we rushed the trials and we ended up having 100,000 people die due to reactions to the vaccine.  You want to take that chance?

Also, this vaccine will have to coexist with our normal flu shot that is not normal at all.  There is no such thing as a “flu” shot.  It is a vaccine that contains at least 4 virus components this year: A(H1N1)pdm09 vaccine component, The A(H3N2) vaccine component, a A/Kansas/14/2017 (H3N2)-like virus, and both B/Victoria and B/Yamagata virus components.  Sound simple?  Not at all.  

In the interim, we have some pretty smart people testing remediation medicines to counter the virus.  Many of these medications are already approved for other illnesses such as AIDS and others.  While these may not be generally available within 30 days, some may be used in severe cases under President Trump’s Right to Try protocol.  This is where the patient waves any liability for the drug company or the health providers in order to be able to take a chance that the drug may prove effective.  This will also speed up testing to market times.

So, once again, use common sense.  Wash your hands frequently; do not tough your face;  use disinfectant if you are out in the public and have to touch common surfaces;  do not travel on ships or planes if you are elderly and immune system challenged.  Only go to the CDC or other reputable web sites for information.  Most others have an agenda.    If you are watching the news and there is someone on it causing you anxiety, TURN THE DAMN THING OFF!  They use fear to drive their audience ratings.

More to come…

(1) In analytical chemistry, a reagent is a compound or mixture used to detect the presence or absence of another substance, e.g. by a color change, or to measure the concentration of a substance, e.g. by colorimetry.

RD Pierini



Hat Tips

Coronavirus Dashboard for Geeks from Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hoplkins Coronavirus Website

Link to Desktop Version:

Link to Mobile App Version:

Confused about all of the Statistics you are being bombarded with regarding the Coronavirus?  Well, Johns Hopkins University has a dashboard for you.  It is updated as data is received from the World Health Organization, the CDC (US), European Centre for Disease Control, Chinese National Health Commission, and others.  

As a long time certified nerd, this is a great dashboard.  You can click on most data or map points and drill down to the underlying information.  Maybe someone can show Brian Williams’s (MSNBC) producer how to use it so he may be able to quote actual numbers.

The other sites you should use for all other related information is the CDC website for the Coronavirus,

The CDC website for the 2019-2020 Flu Season,  

Keep in mind when you are reading or hearing about the Coronavirus that the statistics for the flu for this season are described as:

CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 34 million flu illnesses, 350,000 hospitalizations and 20,000 deaths from flu.

Compare that to the Coronavirus that has infected 105,837 people, (that we have confirmed), resulting in 3,449 deaths with 58,360 people fully recovering.

Older and/or immune challenged individuals are especially susceptible to the Coronavirus.  So far, the impact on babies and toddlers is less that that of the flu.  If you are in a risk group, use common sense and avoid anyone who has a cold or the flu.  Wash your hands and face frequently and take any other precautions you would to avoid catching the flu.  Avoid travel to impacted areas of the world and if you fly, take a cruise, or take a bus use an abundance of caution as you would to avoid the flu.


RD Pierini


Turkey Tired of Holding Back Refugees and ISIS Prisoners for the EU and NATO

See the source image

President Erdogan of Turkey is threatening to throw open his Western border and let the 3-4 million Syrian refugees flee into Europe along with 4,000 or so European ISIS fighters!  This would dwarf the 2015 crisis of refugees pouring into Europe.  Turkey’s critics say that the European Union has a deal with Erdogan to hold the refugees in exchange for cash.  Turkey is saying that this was not a life long commitment on their part and I agree. 


Turkey is a NATO nation, right or wrong, and they deserve to be treated with respect and not expected to house refugees totaling almost 5% of their total population.  Further, the ISIS prisoners they are holding that came from Europe are NOT Turkey’s problem.  Europe has never dealt with Islamic Terrorism and now they want to shrug off their responsibility of dealing with the consequences of their turning away from the Islamist problems that created ISIS.  Turkey has every right to dump this problem back onto Europe.

See the source image

The Syrian refugees are also another problem that the Europeans and the Obama Administration helped to create but now want to shrug off as well.  Obama’s Arab Spring campaign created the civil uprising that created the refugee problem but Obama never dealt with Syria, its civil war nor its refugees.  Europe, in their typical fashion, buried their head in the sand and ignored the Syrian Civil War for the most part and certainly are non-existent now when the aftermath is a mess.  President Trump has stated flat out that the countries in the region and Turkey’s other NATO allies need to do their part in cleaning up this mess.  The US and certainly not Turkey should not bear the brunt of this crisis.

See the source image

Europe was great at colonizing the Middle East and elsewhere but when the spoils became too inconvenient for them to dirty their hands to obtain, they tucked their tails and ran back to their European “castles”.   To our former masters in Europe, it is time for you to pay back what you owe the world.  The US may be the only super power but we are not the world refuse clean up agency.  Our President is correct in expecting you to do your part no matter how hard it may be.  

Europe needs to lead the charge in repatriating the Syrian Refugees.  The refugees do not need to be sent to Europe and create even more ISIS fighters long term.  The Europeans need to grow a pair and tell The Syrian and Russian leaders that these refugees need to be returned to their homes and that the Syrian Government MUST guarantee their safety and return their homes to habitable status.  

And one more thing.  Yes, Turkey purchased a missile defense from the Russians.  But, they did so after the Obama Administration REFUSED to sell them our missile defense system.  President Trump understands what drove Turkey into the arms of Russia and wants to support Turley as a NATO partner.  I hope President Trump FORCES our NATO partners to pony up whatever Turkey paid Russia for the missile defense system and have Turkey return the system to Russia.  Then we can sell Turkey our missile defense system and deliver the F-35s they already purchased from us.  

We need to stop treating Europe like some poor beaten down puppy and make this once world dominant imperialist group stand on their own two feet and deal with the consequences of their past actions!

RD Pierini