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Trump Border Wall National Emergency Declaration-The Facts!

Congress Doth Protest To Much!

Confused by all of the so-called legal analysts on TV, including the sour grapes Judge Napolitano on Fox, (Napolitano apparently is holding a grudge as Trump picked Kavanagh over him) regarding the possible Emergency Declaration by President Trump to fund and build-out the wall on the Southern Border?  Then you get to listen to all of the Congress men and women, who know virtually nothing about federal law and the US Constitution (scary thought), say that Trump would be setting bad precedent, and the funding and build-out of the border wall is solely within the power of Congress or that this action by the President would be met with lawsuits and is a “fool’s errand”.

Is The Southern Border Illegal Immigration a Crisis?”

To hear the Democrats, Left-Wing-Media, RINOs and others, the Southern Border is just fine and while the murdering of a US residents by an illegal alien is “tragic”, it does not add to the designation of the border situation being  a CRISIS.  Recently, I posted an article “Why a Border Wall is ABSOLUTELY Necessary”, Link:  Some of the justifications that I cited included date published by DHS for 2017-2018:

Drug Smuggling:  Methamphetamines:  38% Increase; Heroin (Opioids):  22% Increase; Fentanyl:  73% Increase

Drug Smuggling Seizures by Border Patrol: 282,000 Lbs. Cocaine; 248,000 Lbs. Methamphetamines; 6,500 Lbs. Heroin (opioids); 2,400 Lbs. Fentanyl; 7,000,000 Lbs. Narcotics Seized In Total In 2018

Terrorists, Gangs, and Criminals Arrested: 3,755 Known Terrorists; 6,000 Gang Members; 17,000 Adults with Existing Criminal Records; Criminal Organizations Make $2.5 Billion in Profit Each Year from Migrant Smuggling!

Rise in Vulnerable Populations Overwhelming Resources: 60,000 Unaccompanied Children-Increase of 25%; 161,000 Family “Units”-Increase pf 59%; 2,000% Increase in Asylum Claims even though 72% do not qualify for Asylum! Over 2,000 Persons Per Day (730,000/yr annualized) are Captured at the Border.  These cannot be deported because of “Catch and Release”.

Depth of Humanitarian Crisis at Southern Border: 50 Migrants/Day Referred to Medical Providers; 4,300/Yr People in Distress Rescued by CBP; 31% of Women Sexually Assaulted on Journey; 17% of Men Sexually Assaulted on Journey; 70% of Migrants Traveling are Victims of Violence.

If all of the so-called experts do not think that we have a genuine Crisis at the Southern Border, then consider some of the Emergency Declarations that are STILL ACTIVE that have been declared by Presidents since Jimmy Carter and none, to my knowledge were ever challenged seriously by Congress or challenged in court by so-called aggrieved parties.  (For a total list of active declarations, scroll down to bottom of this article)

Presidential Authority to Declare a National Emergency Via the National Emergencies Act of 1974

Congress, yes those petulant morons that appear on TV every minute decrying Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional actions, GRANTED BROAD POWERS to the President Under the National Emergencies Act of 1976.  According to Elizabeth Goitein of the Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program, the President has broad powers as she stated:  “So if he can really just sign his name to a piece of paper, whether it is a real emergency or not, that creates a state of emergency that gives him access to these special powers that are contained in more than 100 different provisions of law that Congress has passed over the years.”  Further she stated, “Congress chose not to put any substantial or really any barriers on the president’s ability to declare a national emergency.”

So, Congress has an “Aw Shi#” moment.  Their original law granting the President far-reaching emergency powers included the provision that the House could pass a resolution by simple majority and the Senate could affirm the resolution by simple majority and the President COULD NOT VETO THE RESOLUTION DECLARING HIS EMERGENCY DECLARATION AS VOIDTo bad for Congress, the pesty Supreme Court ruled in 1984 that the President had CONSTITUTIONAL powers to veto any Congressional Legislation, including this act, and that Congress could only THWART THE VETO BY A 2/3rds VOTE OF BOTH HOUSES!    So, if President Trump declares that the Southern Border is an emergency and poses a threat to American Sovereignty, and/or, it is creating a humanitarian crisis, and/or it is endangering Americans by flooding drugs into our communities, and/or, it is promoting human trafficking, the House and Senate would have to have enough votes to overturn a Trump Veto if they attempt to invalidate his declaration!

Jonathon Turley quoted the Congressional Research Center when it wrote in 2007, “Under the powers delegated by such statutes, the president may seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and, in a variety of ways, control the lives of United States citizens.”

Further, Congress has passed laws that allow the President to tap the military to design and contract for the wall and that any Such projects may be undertaken only within the total amount of funds that have been appropriated for military construction, including funds appropriated for family housing, that have not been obligated.” Will the Democrats sue?  Absolutely!

Those that claim Trump should not issue the declaration as it would set a bad precedent are too late.  Congress has already lost this battle by “self-emasculation” via their own legislation.  Obama has already used non-existent executive powers to rewrite immigration law and granting status to DACA recipients.  Any good Left-Wing Progressive cares less about precedent!  

Who has “Standing” in Court to Sue Trump Over the Declaration

In terms of the declaration itself, since Congress passed the law, it would have some level of standing (the right to sue as an aggrieved  party) and attempt to invalidate the President’s declaration.  But, CONGRESS BUILT INTO THE LAW THE METHOD WHEREBY THE CONGRESS COULD CHALLENGE THE PRESIDENT VIA RESOLUTIONS THAT ARE SUBJECT TO A VETO!  The Democrats in Congress could file a suit to invalidate the declaration, but it would probably not be upheld by the Supreme Court as Congress gave up their standing within their own legislation!

Eminent Domain:  Some argue the landowners along the border who have not sold or granted access easements to the Federal Government where the wall would be built, would have standing to sue the Trump Administration citing the National Emergency Declaration as being harmful to the value of their real and personal property. BUT!  The procurement of these lands is subject to negotiation or legal proceedings via Eminent Domain.  The latter action and procedures are subject to their own statutes and remedies and do not necessarily provide standing against the National Emergency declaration.  The Federal Government would either have to negotiate access rights or an outright land purchase from such landowners or use Eminent Domain to procure the land.  While the landowners may sue citing the declaration, there is a slim chance the Supreme Court would deem their standing valid.  

Timing of the Legal Actions and Impact on Building the Wall

Once Trump issues the emergency declaration, the lawsuits will start. 

  • A Democrat Friendly Federal District Court would probably issue a cease and desist order against the declaration that would be immediately challenged by the Trump Administration. 
  • If the challenge does not cause the Federal Court to reverse the injunction, the Administration would appeal the lower court decision. 
  • The first action would have probably been filled within notorious the 9th District. 
  • The 9th District Court of Appeals would probably uphold the lower court’s injunction. 
  • The Administration would have to then appeal to the Supreme Court. 
  • The Administration could appeal the original decision directly to the Supreme Court, by passing the appellate court, but they tend not to short-circuit the appeal process through the lower courts.  

This process could take anywhere from 3 months to two years!  But, the Army Corps of Engineers could begin the design of the project; the property procurement could commence; and contacts could be developed.  It is doubtful that the Administration would drop everything and wait on the lawsuits!  

Trump, and his supporters, don’t have much to lose.  The Democrats are not going to fund the wall at this point and may not up through the 2020 elections. 

At least declaring an emergency could get the ball rolling and Trump has enough discretion to begin the process.  Right now it is a game of chicken and we will see who blinks first. 

Trump is looking for existing funding within the impacted agencies to make payroll.  If he does this, he can pretty much wait out the Democrats!  He already appears to be the only adult in the negotiations as Chuck and Nancy have only sat on their hands.  Time will tell.

RD Pierini



31 Active Emergency Declarations Since jimmy Carter:

1. Blocking Iranian Government Property (Nov. 14, 1979)
2. Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nov. 14, 1994)
3. Prohibiting Transactions with Terrorists Who Threaten to Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process (January 23, 1995)
4. Prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to the Development of Iranian Petroleum Resources (March 15, 1995)
5. Blocking Assets and Prohibiting Transactions with Significant Narcotics Traffickers (October 21, 1995)
6. Regulations of the Anchorage and Movement of Vessels with Respect to Cuba (March 1, 1996)
7. Blocking Sudanese Government Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Sudan (November 3, 1997)
8. Blocking Property of Persons Who Threaten International Stabilization Efforts in the Western Balkans (June 26, 2001)
9. Continuation of Export Control Regulations (August 17, 2001)
10. Declaration of National Emergency by Reason of Certain Terrorist Attacks (September 14, 2001)
11. Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Persons who Commit, Threaten to Commit, or Support Terrorism (September 23, 2001)
12. Blocking Property of Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Zimbabwe (March 6, 2003)
13. Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq has an Interest (May 22, 2003)
14. Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting the Export of Certain Goods to Syria (May 11, 2004)
15. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Belarus (June 16, 2006)
16. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (October 27, 2006)
17. Blocking Property of Persons Undermining the Sovereignty of Lebanon or Its Democratic Processes and Institutions (August 1, 2007)
18. Continuing Certain Restrictions with Respect to North Korea and North Korean Nationals (June 26, 2008)
19. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in Somalia (April 12, 2010)
20. Blocking Property and Prohibiting Certain Transactions Related to Libya (February 25, 2011)
21. Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations (July 25, 2011)
22. Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen (May 16, 2012)
23. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine (March 6, 2014)
24. Blocking Property of Certain Persons With Respect to South Sudan (April 3, 2014)
25. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Central African Republic (May 12, 2014)
26. Blocking Property and Suspending Entry of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Venezuela (March 9, 2015)
27. Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities (April 1, 2015)
28. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Burundi (November 23, 2015)
29. Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption (December 20, 2017)
30. Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election (September 12, 2018)
31. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Nicaragua (November 27, 2018)

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RINOs and DIMMS, Diarrhea Problem

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does” (or says!)

Pelosi is stick on stupid on how to deal with the new Left-wing “darling” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), whose mouth is way larger than her intellect or even elementary grasp of international relations and economics (which was her major and minor at BU graduating cum laude) or much else it seems.  RINOs pinned all of their anti-Trump hopes on two-time failed Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney who seems to be competing with AOC for top stupid honors.

AOC has all of the answers, seemingly, on the Israel-Palestinian conflict until she opens her mouth.  Doubt she could find either on a map!  She also is a master of fuzzy math when it comes to free healthcare for all along with a basket full of free “Bernie” goodies.  You have to hand it to her, she created a new tax bracket called the TIPPY TOP.  Ostensibly that tax bracket starts at $10 million dollars!  She somehow failed to understand that her “Medicare for All” plan would double the national deficit annually.  She also fails to understand that when you tax individuals to the point of confiscation they invest elsewhere where they can shelter their income!  Same for corporations where you want to raise their taxes to 30%.  Remember those bonuses that occurred after the Trump tax cuts were passed?  Those would disappear with the AOC plan along with any repatriation of overseas capital and jobs in America.  

Romney, who “carpet-bagged” his way back to Utah to run for the Senate, forgot to check President Trump’s popularity amongst Republicans, 90%, before he launched an attack on Trump’s character even before Romney was sworn in as a Freshman Senator!  Earth to Mitt, you were elected to support Trump, not attack Trump and fuel the Left-wing hatred of our President.  We really don’t care who you like or dislike.  The President supported you financially and with his endorsements in the past, and you groveled and thanked him profusely, now you bash him as if you are the keeper of all that is good.  Maybe some of the employees and owners of the companies your cockroach company acquired, then fired employees and sold off the company’s parts and pieces, might not think you have an upstanding character either!  As opposed to President Trump who actually bought properties, then made them successful and more valuable, or took over failed projects and made them successful hiring hundreds of employees in the process.  Your Op-Ed and your CNN interview were a disgrace and reminded all of us who voted for Trump why we voted for Trump in 2016, and will in 2020, and why we DID NOT SUPPORT YOU IN 2012.  

See the source image

Well, it will be interesting to see how Aunt Nancy handles AOC in the next two years.  AOC, however, does not have the monopoly, (and no AOC, this is not a board game), on functional illiteracy in the current crop of Freshman (or Freshwomen) Democrats.  Aunt Nancy will wondering why she even wanted to be Speaker of this hodgepodge of intellectually challenged but verbally vigorous nut jobs.  

See the source image

Romney has a choice.  We got rid of Jeff Flake, McCain passed, and we voted out many RINOs in the House in 2018.  You were the last RINO that we held our noses and supported.  Now, after seeing what a real America First person can do in power with Trump, we will no longer suffer RINOs like you!  We will dump others in 2020 to cleanse the Republican Party and force it to be the Trump Party.  You missed your chance.  Either get on the Trump Train or join the Democrat party.  We really don’t care which you choose!

RD Pierini



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US Military-Have We Forgotten How To Win?

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Trump is Military’s Staunchest Supporter, Why is Pentagon Pushing Against Him?

On January 20th of this month, President will have been Commander-In-Chief for two years.  Trump is first and foremost a businessman and a pragmatist.  He also does what he says he will do and it is amazing that after two years people are shocked when this happens!

President Trump has for years questioned whether we as a nation still know how to win a war.  We seem to be good at creating, then maintaining stalemates, or withdrawing, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory like as we did in Viet Nam, North Korea and elsewhere.  He often asked the question, as I have, could the US really fight a war like WWI and WWII again or do we lack the moral fiber and strength to commit and follow through with such a sacrifice?  The second follow-up question would logically be, are we fighting wars that are truly in our national self-interest vis-à-vis protecting the US against annihilation.  If a war is fought where the enemy or the cause DOES NOT pose an existential threat to us, can we be truly committed to using all of our military capabilities, perhaps short of nuclear, to defeat the enemy quickly and decisively?  The apparent answer is no!  If the answer was yes, then we would not have agreed to ridiculous international restrictions on our warfare capabilities or create rules of engagement that put our troops at risk.

Isn’t it a little nuts that we have 3 war heroes that are currently incarcerated or awaiting a court-martial just because they did their job while fighting for us?  All the while we have deserters and traitors who divulged national secrets, to the detriment of our nation, pardoned or set free!

Enter Pro-Military Trump

  In that time, he has secured almost $2 Trillion in military spending; cut ISIS held territory in Iraq and Syria to 1% of what it was when he took office; applied some the of the harshest sanctions ever against misdeeds by Russia;  retaliated against Syria’s use of chemical weapons twice, stepped up bombing and special forces attacks in Afghanistan; withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal; Stopped North Korea from continuing its testing of nuclear weapons and ICBMs; helped Saudi Arabia in Yemen against the Iran backed rebels; forced NATO allies to pony up some cash for their own defense forces to meet their commitments; and declared his intention to pursue a “Space Force” to checkmate China and Russia in the race to weaponize space.  But yet there are those who say Trump is not hawkish enough.  Most of these are left over Neo-Cons and Never-Trumpers who would like to see the US remain in current wars for “however long it takes”. 

The President, however, believes that you set a war objective, throw everything you can at the objective, then once the objective is met, or if there is no success in sight, then pull out!

See the source image

The latest backlash against Trump’s foreign policy is his announced withdrawal from Syria and drawdown in Afghanistan.  Democrats, Republicans, and military talking heads all went apoplectic!  But, look at it from Trump’s perspective:

  1. He gave the military brass clear objectives in Syria, obliterate ISIS, and, in Afghanistan, make the Afghans capable of self-defense while taking the fight to the Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaeda.
  2. He gave the military brass what they asked for in each theatre of battle, based on his objectives, every 6 months when he met with them for a theatre assessment.
  3. After 4, 6 month reviews, without any real change in the military’s recommendation and with ISIS all but wiped out, and, the Afghanistan scoreboard pretty much unchanged, Trump did what Trump does and pulled the plug and “shocked” the Pentagon and hawks! 
  4. If you tell Trump that if we do “X”, then we will achieve the objective, but then you don’t, he will cut his loses and reformulate his policy, and find someone who can!

Trump did not abandon the military nor did he minimize the prior sacrifices of thousands of our troop who have died or left maimed by years of conflict.  What he did was to tell everyone going in, that if we are going to ask our young men and women to stand up and fight, then we owe it to them to give them every advantage possible including a strategy to win or leave while minimizing the impact of either outcome.  Sending our finest into harms way for 18 years in one theatre and 16 in another defies credulity when you consider the military capabilities of the US against any of these foes.  The obvious conclusion has to be that we simply did not engage the enemy to win! 

Everyone says we have to have a coalition before we engage an enemy.  The coalitions we have put together so far include European soldiers who will not fight at night; hardly any, including the US, who will engage in a kill to win strategy; and all pussy foot around Islamic religious nonsense rather than treat them like a real enemy.  Maybe we should think of them as Catholic, Baptist, Buddhists, or whatever!

Can We Ever Fight To Win Again?

See the source image

Only if we change our Pentagon culture and silence the anti-war, read to mean they don’t care if our soldiers die, crowds who wring their hands when we actually kill the enemy or God forbid, incarcerate one of them in an off-shore prison!

War Strategy:  In the Middle-East, fighting ground wars like in Afghanistan and Iraq, is the epitome of the definition of insanity as stated: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not take “shock and awe” into or close to civilian populations.  So we resort to clearing residential neighborhoods house by house which is the equivalent of sending our troops into a meat grinder.  This strategy creates safe zones from which our enemy can hide and regroup.

Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not impose strict enough sanctions, and sustain them, to starve out our enemies.  We have too many US and international businesses, and many of our “allied” governments, who will cheat on sanctions for their own benefit.  There are too many left-wing advocacy groups who will apply pressure by citing adverse affects to civilian populations due to the sanctions.

Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not engage in enhanced interrogation techniques designed to obtain strategic and tactical information with which to defeat our enemies.  Politically our politicians care more about “feelings” and perception than our own troops, and citizens’ well being.  Our enemies do not share our predilection for eschewing enhanced interrogation.

Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not set hard goals, objectives and timelines and stick to them.  The longer the war, the less likely we will stay the course.  If our military objective in Afghanistan was to annihilate the Taliban completely, don’t you think that by now we would have attacked them in Pakistan, cutting off their safe haven, and turned over every stone and found each and every member and eliminated them as a threat?

Trump Rules

In the Middle East, those of our allies in the region must actively police their own region.  We do not see Iran and the Palestinians as an existential threat to the US.   We will provide support but our footprint will be limited.  If a Nation threatens another Nation, Iran vs Saudi Arabia, Iran vs Israel, etc., we will provide strategic and tactical firepower but our allies must be the face of the offensive.  We fully expect all of our allies in the region to pay their way in terms of resources and man power to defend their region.  

In regards to China and to some degree Russia, Trump has set them both up strategic long-term “competitors” who can pose an existential threat to the US.  His strategy is to remove any economic advantages they may have vis-à-vis the US in trade and the seizing of key commodities around the world, especially within the Americas.  The US GDP per capita is $57,638 while the Chinese per capita GDP is only $8,123, with Russian GDP per capita coming in at $8,748!   Trump’s goal is to slow the growth of the Chinese and Russian economies vis-à-vis the US economy and allow us to maintain military and technological superiority over both.  Russia is especially vulnerable as 75% of their exports are energy related and with Trump unleashing our energy sector, we can seriously damage, if not bankrupt, the Russian economy.  Trump wants to throttle the Russian bear but not force him into a corner.  Russia still is the #2 nuclear power in the world.  China is reliant on imports of energy allowing Trump to use our energy strength to level our balance of trade.  He will also fight to safeguard our technologies and keep both adversaries from stealing US technology.  He will also pressure China to abandon their move to control the South China Sea through naval militarization of the region.  

Pentagon Challenge

See the source image

The Pentagon brass needs to take a step back and forget everything they have learned during the past 50 years of Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy and War StrategyYes we need strategic forces capable of setting a large footprint, if needed, in opposing China or Russia, backed by a strong naval, air and space force.  We need surgical forces capable of lethal isolated and targeted attacks against terrorist type enemies throughout the world.  We need to put the world on record that these attacks will not recognize borders if a host country permits terrorists to remain in their borders. 

We need to rethink and challenge our current alliances in recognition of the world we live in today. 

NATO must stand up and fully fund their commitments and be the tip of the spear in confronting Russian aggression with our staunch support.  These NATO allies must acquiesce to real, lethal rules of engagement. 

Our Asian-Pacific Allies must re-arm, in the case of Japan, and stand up for themselves as our ally.  They must make sure that North Korea and China know they are serious and are resolved to not being intimidated by either. 

We must rebuild strong alliances in South and Central America and stand against the socialist regimes that infect our southern hemisphere allies.  We must also rid this area of drug cartels and remove their political power from their host nations.  This is especially true of our neighbor Mexico.

We must redefine our relationship with allies as being mutually beneficial with balanced contributions.  While we have a large apron, we cannot allow allies to hide behind it and leave all of the hard lifting to us and our men and women.  Commitment can only be gained through a sense of self-esteem that comes from the pride in knowing that you are contributing.  

RD Pierini




Gridlock Will Allow Our National Debt To Continue to Grow on “autopilot”

See the source imageEver Feel Like This? Don’t Worry, Congress and the Fed are With You!

Question:  Since the Constitution, In Article 1, gave the power to initiate Federal Spending to the House of Representatives, Does the House and the Senate actually have to vote on budget spending each year?

Answer:  Nope!  86% of auto-pilot Federal Spending by Congress is automatic and does not require a vote by Congress.  Worse yet, most of the auto-pilot spending has built-in increases of 5-9% so the budget for 86% of the budget is NEVER REDUCED!  So, in 2015, the auto-pilot budget equaled $3.2 Trillion.  In 2016, the same budget items would increase to around $3.4 Trillion; In 2017, $3.6 Trillion, 2018, $3.81 Trillion, and 2019, $4.03.  So, without lifting a finger, Congress has a built-in budget increase $.8 Trillion or $800,000,000,000.00 ($800 Billion) in four short years without breaking a sweat!

Why Did the Government Just Shutdown?  Well it didn’t.  Congress had already approved the budget for 75% of the Federal Government through October 1, 2019.  The remaining 25% is only 25% of those departments not on Auto-Pilot!  So, this is only a partial shut down and impact only non-essential services which begs the question, why do we have non-essential services.  If they are not essential, maybe we don’t need them at all!

Why the Shutdown? Border Security Including Building the Wall on the Southern Border.  The House passed a final spending bill that included $5.7 billion dollars to help build the southern border wall, provide additional ICE and CBP resources and equipment.  The Senate does not have the votes to pass the House bill so Congress went home without funding part of the Federal Government.  The additional $5.7 billion is “budget dust” that amount to .003% of the Federal Budget!  This is a political issue, not a budget issue.

Sidebar:  Can Trump Build the Wall Without Congress?  Maybe!

The good news for Trump is that Congress is made up the most fiscally irresponsible, corrupt, and lazy set of human beings on earth!  Was that too harsh!  In order to get out of actually doing their jobs, Congress not only abrogated their duty to pass a real annual budget by pre-authorizing 86% of the Federal Budget, they also created cute little procedures that allow the Executive Branch to “create budget dollars” out of thin air, and oh by the way, do not require Congressional approval.  Maybe Trump can poke around, tweak and use one of these little loopholes. (At least we may be shut Anne Coulter up)

Borrowing Authority:  Behind door #1, we have another way for the Federal Government to spend money WITHOUT Congressional Approval.  Congress created a dandy little “tool” called “Borrowing Authority”, to borrow money that has not been specifically allowed by Congress, then obligate itself to repay if and when it chooses!  For example, if the Department of Homeland Security has a budget of $1 Trillion dollars, its various agencies could theoretically “BORROW” $5 billion dollars and build Trump’s Border Wall!  Would the RINOs and Dems object in Congress?  Yep but they created it.

Offsetting Collections:  Behind door #2, we have another way for the Federal Government to spend money WITHOUT Congressional Approval.  Congress created another dandy little “tool” called “Offsetting Collections” that allows an Executive Branch agency to charge fines, fees and charges, then to spend those revenues anyway it chooses!  Outside of any Constitutional Congressional spending authority!  If the Department of the Treasury wanted to charge say a 5% fee for every dollar Mexican Nationals send back to Mexico, then spend the money on Trump’s Wall, Congress is SOL!  Since in 2018 these remittances will be about $32.8 Billion dollars, the President could have a permanent fund of $1.6 Billion dollars per year to build and maintain the Mexico-US border Wall!  Would the RINOs and Dems object in Congress?  Yep but they created it.

Contract Authority: Behind door #3, we have another way for the Federal Government to spend money WITHOUT Congressional Approval.  Congress created another dandy little “tool” called “Contract Authority” that allows an Executive Branch agency execute a contract to purchase a good or service without specific Congressional Budget approval.  Theoretically an Executive Branch agency could contract with a wall builder to build $5 Billion dollars worth of Trump’s Wall without Congressional approval.  Would the RINOs and Dems object in Congress?  Yep but they created it.

What About Reducing the National DebtSee the source image

Remember Trump Promising to Reduce the National Debt?  Well, the bad news is that with a Democrat let House, this will not happen in the next 2 years.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell squandered the last 2 years and did nothing to address the current budgeting malfeasance that has led to a $22 Trillion deficit.  President Trump has no power to reduce or increase the national debt by himself.  Congress must act to totally restructure the budgeting and spending process in DC.  

As we stated above, 86% of the Federal Budget is on auto-pilot and does not require Congressional approval each year.  It just keeps on chugging out of control.  Then, the built increases in spending for many of the items in the 86% have built-in increases so the deficit just goes higher and higher without anyone stopping it!  Even if Trump proposes budget cuts to within the Executive Branch, and he has, Congress has to create a real budget and include his cuts.  But, Republicans and Democrats like the broken budget process that keeps their constituents happy and they can tell us that the budget process is out of their control.  Obviously they don’t think we have read Article 1 of the US Constitution.  Maybe they should!

Until we elect real Congress men and women who believe that it is their job to balance the Federal Budget and to restrain spending and keep taxes low, we are pretty much screwed.  Fixing this problem is easy and requires merely a change to House and Senate rules that are today, unconstitutional!  

  1. Adopt a zero base budget process where all expenditures have to be built and justified from the bottom up like normal businesses do.
  2. Adopt a real balanced budget requirement where revenues must cover all governmental expenses.
  3. Adopt real accounting practices that mirror the private sector where the public and get a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement that accurately reflect the fiscal health of our nation,

Ryan and McConnell both failed President Trump and the American people by not adopting these practices.  Hopefully we can elect a real fiscally responsible Congress before Trump leaves office so we can turn this Titanic around before we hit the bankrupt iceberg.  

RD Pierini


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Trump is Right To Pull Out of Syria, Afghanistan then Iraq Next

See the source imagePresident Trump announced Wednesday that he will withdraw our military out of Syria as soon as possible.  Our total troop commitment in Syria is only 2,000 military personnel.  These assets have been mostly directing Kurds and Syrian opposition forces against ISIS rather than engaging ISIS directly.  The Iraqi troop deployment is not effected by this drawdown at this time.  You would have thought that it was 1945 and the President just surrendered to the Japanese on the USS Missouri!  (the Japanese actually surrendered to the US on this ship on September 2, 1945)  All of the Neo-Cons and foreign interventionist hair caught on fire and they could not wait to find a camera and a microphone.  First in line was “Bomb, Bomb Iran” Lindsay Graham followed by Little Marco!  The cry, “Trump did not even listen to the Pentagon and his national security advisor Bolton when making these decision. 

Hot Flash:  The Pentagon and the National Security advisors were not elected President, Trump was!

Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends led today’s early morning tirade against the President’s decision slamming the President for making an uninformed and basically ignorant decision.  Kilmeade is not alone.  The usual suspects on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC ABC and other left-wing media outlets joined in condemning Trump.  None of these people, including Kilmeade, were elected to anything let alone to serve as our Commander-In-Chief!

Kilmeade went on in his rant about how the Kurdish military leader was saying that there were still 30,000 ISIS fighters in Syria, (which is almost the same number as before Trump bombed them back to the dark ages) and our leaving will allow ISIS to quickly reconstitute in Syria.  I guess Kilmeade and some of Trump’s actual advisors forgot about all of the Iraqi “exiles” who swamped the GW Bush administration and the networks with tales of why we should invade Iraq and take out Saddam Hussein and that the entire Iraqi population would be waiting for us to thank us for our sacrificing our troops and our treasure.  Oh yea, that was 15 long years ago and included 4,400 deaths of our military with another 32,000 of our military wounded.  But the Iraqi dissidents could be believed that this would be a short war and totally supported by Iraqi citizens.  I guess they forgot about the Sunni/Shia split in Iraq!


Before we go on, it is critical for the reader to understand who some of the players are in Syria. The ISIS Caliphate is a SUNNI MUSLIM Salafi jihadist military group!  Assad’s Syria is ALAWITE SHIA MUSLIM even though the majority of the Syrian population is SUNNI.  ISIS is a NATURAL RELIGIOUS ENEMY OF THE ASSAD REGIME.  Keep this in mind.


So, the Neo-Cons and other Trump detractors jumped on the bandwagon to denounce this move by our Command-In-Chief.  But lets take a look at Maps of Syria just before Trump initiated his ISIS eradication effort in March of 2017 and now, in October of 2018, after Trump’s ISIS eradication campaign.  The first early map is shown below.

March 2017 Map of Syria and ISIS Controlled Areas

ISIS in Gray controlled the majority of land mass in Syria and Western Iraq…

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Without virtually any resistance from the Obama administration, ISIS was well on its way to dominating the land mass of Syria and actually major portions of Iraq to the east.  As we stated above, ISIS is diametrically opposed to the Iranian back Syrian Assad regime.  The Syrian government forces had been pushed to the western edges of Syria.  The Syrian Assad Regime was in danger of being toppled, not by the US or the Syrian Rebels, but by ISIS!  This was in spite of military support from both Russia and Shia Iran.  

October 2018 Map Of Syria and ISIS Controlled Area

Today ISIS only controls the black sliver shown below and they are hemmed in by the Kurds and Syrian Army.

Look closely at the black sliver of land in the North West quadrant of Syria that is controlled by ISIS today.  If there are 30,000 ISIS fighters there, as parroted by Kilmeade quoting a Kurdish General, they must be stacked on top of each other!  The ISIS area is bordered to the Northeast by US back Kurdish forces and on the Southwest by Syrian and Iranian forces.  In short, they are in a vice.

Clamor Not to Abandon the Kurds

The Kurds and their US supporters are clamoring that any US pullout would allow ISIS to retake Syria and Iraq and allow Turkey to fight against the Kurds.  The first argument is unlikely and one that we could combat quickly with special forces and air strikes.  The latter concern regarding Turkish animosity against the Kurds is a historical fact.  Why, portions of the old Kurdistan are actually now within the country of Turkey and the Kurds are not too keen on Turkey having control of their ancient lands.  Further, the Iraqi Kurds have not exactly been “good neighbors” to Turkey and have sponsored armed raids, I won’t call them terrorist acts, into Turkey.  Turkey is no virgin either.  But, is this our fight and can we not exert pressure on both combatants to deal with their differences peacefully.  Beside, Iraq itself, has its own problems to deal with.  Do we need to place put men and women in harm’s way to settle an old dispute between the Kurds and the Turks?

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Remember the Trump Middle East Doctrine:  Local nations in the region must fight their own battles.  We will not nation build nor lead aggression in the region that has caused millions of Muslims in the world to hate the US as an anti-Muslim aggressor!

The Trump Doctrine also includes driving our international foes bankrupt and force them to be subject to regime change internally or change just to survive.  President Trump is squeezing every ounce of cash out of Putin’s Russia by killing his exports of natural gas to Europe!  This is seriously weakening Russia as the vast majority of its trade is energy,  President Trump not only pulled out of Obama’s idiotic Iran Nuclear deal, but his is squeezing every ounce of cash out of the Ayatollah’s Iran by reapplying sanctions that are crippling this regime.  Both of these countries, Russia and Iran are meddling in Syria at the expense of their own people’s well being and this is starting to take a toll on both at home.  Trump is killing two birds with one stone!

Clamor:  ISIS will Reconstitute and Spread

Maybe.  But more likely, Russia, Shia/Iran and Shia/Syria will destroy and remnants of ISIS in Syria themselves.  ISIS has already spread to other African nations and Afghanistan as we made it “uncomfortable” for them to remain in Syria!  President Trump’s Middle-East policy of Local Containment and Action has realigned much of the SUNNI Arab world in the region and they are Anti-ISIS as they are targeted as a terrorist group.  (Saudi Arabia leads this charge which is one reason President Trump is not taking too strong a stance against Saudi Arabia vis-à-vis the Khashoogi murder. )

Further, if ISIS tries to reconstitute in Syria, we can quickly deploy special forces and air strikes to contain any such action.  We can also enlist our enemy in Syria, Assad, Iran and Russia to quell any ISIS uprising.  “An Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend.”

But, If We Don’t Fight Them There, We Will Have to Fight Them At Home!

I don’t know about you but I am getting tired of hearing this soundbite!  We have a military made up of the most highly trained, best equipped, most capable of rapid deployment, backed by the strongest air offenses in the world, and backed by some of the most sophisticated intelligence capabilities in our country and within our cadre of allies to respond to any threats from abroad or capabilities being created abroad.  Have we really stopped terrorist in Afghanistan, Syria, or Iraq by deploying thousands of troops for decades?  Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, we have been approaching this problem the wrong way?

Afghanistan and Iraq, What’s Next?

President Trump abhors our commitment of our women, men and treasure being stuck in the hell hole of these two nations.  He has spoken very straightforwardly against these wars and that they  and have gone on far too long,  17 and 15 years respectively, and the Trillions of dollars spent in these arenas was a waste.  Have these wars really stopped terrorism around the world.  Is Europe safer?  Is the US safer?  Would terrorist have come to America and killed over 6,772 Americans and wounded another 52,300 Americans in the past 17 years?  That is how many of our service men and women who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since these wars began!  Maybe it is time to step back and look at alternative ways to fight terrorism.  I am all for ridding the globe of each and every one of these human cockroaches but I would like to know that we are not throwing the bodies of our youth at a problem that may have a better solution.  

Don’t look for President Trump to remain in either Afghanistan or Iraq indefinitely.  He is lifting up not only these countries to defend themselves, but his Middle-East Doctrine is lifting up those of our allies in the region to stand up and fight their own battles.  After all, wasn’t it the Progressive-Left who blamed America for creating Islamic Terrorism by our meddling in the Middle-East and killing Muslims in these protracted wars!  Where is the Washington Post and the New York Times when you need them?

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Trump’s Bureaucratic Reorganization-Labor/Education 1st, then?


Donald Trump May Have the Opportunity to Redefine the Federal Government!  2018 Mid-Terms are Critical

Update:  A friend of mine who worked for the Bureau of Land Management relayed the following:  “Gifford Ginchot, the first USFS director, and Harold Ickes, Sec Interior, hated each other so when USFS was created and Pinchot was chosen to lead it, he got Congress/President to place it in USDA.”  How is that for logic!

Federal programs have three things in common, they never expire, they never get smaller, and no one ever holds them accountable.  Also, the more agencies that perform the same task the less likely the American public will ever figure out the real cost of these programs!  Probably one of the best examples is “welfare” that was spawned by President Johnson’s “Great Society”.

See the source image

Do you know how many Federal agencies have their own separate welfare programs that were spun off of the Great Society and the New Deal?  There are 7 departments, the IRS, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Education, Department of Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and the Federal Communications Commission. 

These agencies administrate at least 15 different “welfare” programs with doubtful levels of coordination of benefits!  The IRS, you probably didn’t think of this one, has two “negative” tax programs including the child tax credit and EITC; the Dept. of Agriculture is responsible for Food Stamps (SNAP), Child Nutrition, and WIC (as well as being the largest printing entity in the world!); Health and Human Services is responsible for AFDC, Medicare, Obamacare subsidies, TANF, Head Start, Child Care, and LIHEAP; HUD is responsible for housing assistance; the Dept. of Education is responsible for Pell Grants, the Dept. of Labor is responsible for job training; and the FCC is responsible for that wonderful program, Obamaphone, AKA Lifeline.  

This level of overlap is “normal” and PLANNED in the federal bureaucracy where multiple agencies are charged with providing similar benefits and services to the same US family!  Welfare as a function is ripe for consolidation in an attempt to reduce redundant bureaucracy, streamline benefits, and reduce operating costs.  This program is ripe for President Trump the businessman! No way would he condone this level of redundancy in his own businesses.

Trump’s First Targets-Consolidate the Departments of Labor and Education.

President Trump has already begun his reorganization of the Federal Government and the streamlining of the bureaucracy.

See the source image

Department of Education DeVos, President Trump and Department of Labor Acosta

He has charged Secretaries DeVos and Acosta to develop a plan to merge these two cabinet level departments!  Why?  Simple, these two departments and functions need have a single goal of educating our youth so they can enter and contribute to our economy!  Many say the Department of Education has a role of reshaping our social structure and teaching our young people the “new” mores such as homosexuality, transgenderism etc., and to protect our public school system.  Really?  I thought our schools were to educate our children and leave the teaching of social values to their parents!  In 2015, US students ranked 38th out of 71 nations on the PISA assessment! (Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

While the DOE is responsible for educating our youth, the DOL also spends billions on training and employment programs for adults.  By combining these two department, we can tightly coordinate education whether it be for K-12, adult education, or vocational re-training.  The better we educate K-12, the less we will require adult training and re-training!  By combining these two agencies, we can have a single department to oversee all forms of education and labor development and education.  The DOL has a large statistical department to measure the job market.  This department can then also measure the effectiveness of our K-12 education and how effective it is in providing the labor force that best serves the needs of our economy.

What’s Next?

Well, the President has already signaled he is looking to reform welfare.  This is critical to fill job openings that now are larger than those who are unemployed.  Will the President move all of the welfare assistance programs noted above under a single agency and consolidate these programs into adult, child and family benefits and services?  He may!  This would streamline these services, ensure that a family’s services are consolidated and controlled by a single agency, and cut way back on fraud and abuse.  If he does, he should also move SSI’s control and funding of “disability” benefits into this new agency.  Health and Human Services seems to be the most logical agency to assume this role.

One of the nuttiest duplicate and overlapping functions is between the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture.  Both have responsibility to oversee various levels of food safety among other activities.  One agency should oversee food safety, period.  Today, some food manufacturers have to have a USDA and a FDA inspector on site depending on which products they produce!  It is not only a waste but they have conflicting rules which makes the workplace chaotic.  I would suggest that the FDA assume all food safety roles.

Do you know who controls federal lands, water, parks, fishing and hunting control?  Well, how about the Department of Interior and the United States Dept. of Agriculture, (USDA).  Why would the forestry service be under the USDA and the Bureau of Land Management be under the Dept. of Interior?  How about giving the Forestry Service to the Dept. of Interior and have the USDA concentrate on AGRICULTURE!  

I can go on and on but you get the point.  There are way too many duplicate agencies across multiple departments and cabinet secretaries.  Jurisdictional battles are the norm and inconsistent management practices and fraud and abuse are the norm!  

I hope the President wins back control over the House and increases his control of the Senate by at least 60 seats.  If he does, he can do a lot more than tinker around the edges of reorganization the Federal bureaucracy.  Many changes will require Congressional approval and we can only hope that we elect those who have the spine and the work ethic to do what is necessary to revamp the SWAMP!  If Trump has true partners in Congress, WE CAN TRULY DRAIN THE SWAMP!

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FAKE NEWS-Family Separation Political Fallacy

Obama Policies Now Condemned by the Left as a Trump Failure!

24,000 Detained by Obama, 12,000 by Trump

Today, 85% of Separated Children are UNACCOMPANIED BY PARENTS!

Dention of immigrant children - 2014 and 2018

“Stupid is as Stupid Does”!

The Left creates a problem, then blames the Republicans, especially President Trump, for not fixing the problem!  Then, the Left’s media covers “Trump’s failures” wall-to-wall, and many Sheeples believe the rotten media without even educating themselves with the truth!  If you don’t like Fake News, stop watching the mainstream media, MSNBC and CNN, then do your own research! 

Ignorance is NOT BLISS, it is a road to the Death of Liberty!

The current child separation statutory and Flores ruling of the 9th Circuit court has its roots back to the Clinton administration.  The purpose by the left was to create a false emotional issue and visual of children being “ripped” from the arms of their parents.  Yes, the Left purposely created the child separation policy so they could whip up outrage against the policy and then allow families to come in to the country illegally without detention.  Feel smart now?  Open Borders is the Goal, the Children are merely pawns of the Left!

Why Now?

  • One, the mid-term elections are a mere 4 months away and the Left has no winning policies.
  • Two, the Justice Department IG report is damning to the Left, its hold over the DOJ and the FBI, and especially to HRC’s “exoneration” by Comey and his biased cronies.
  • The Trump economy is going gang busters and no matter how loony Nancy Pelosi gets with her “crumbs” and other insane rants the Left has no answer to the lowest unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics in history.  

The Left is looking down the barrel of another embarrassing election loss and this one during a mid-term election that should be easy for them!  The Left and its media lapdogs cannot win without a straw issue.  IF the American people educate themselves, the Left will lose this separation issue and the Left will be blamed as they should be!  Especially since the Left leader in the Senate said he will NOT support legislation to solve the child separation, or any other immigration legislation! 

This should be enough for any thinking person to see that the Left needs issues, not solutions!

Think about your own children.  Illegals entering this country by definition are not screened for communicable diseases.  Illegal children have not received the same vaccines that your children have but are in the same classrooms with your children!  Communicable diseases that were “conquered” by this country are now on the rise, including tuberculosis!

RD Pierini


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US Now A Lawless Nation-Cure Step One, Fire Sessions and Rosenstein

Session’s Betrayal Must Be Ended Now

See the source image

Trump must fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein NOW as the first step to end the Mueller investigation.  Will the media, the left and the RINOs go nuts?  ABSOLUTELY.  But, Trump has to change the momentum of this pending Constitutional Crisis by ending Mueller’s open-ended investigation of “Russian Collusion”.  Will this firing impact the 2018 Mid-Term Elections?  Maybe.  Depends on whether the RINOs rally around Trump.  If they do, the Trump base will turn out and support the RINOs for supporting Trump.  If the Sessions-Rosenstein-Mueller fiasco continues, the Trump Base will not show up and support RINOs in the 2018 Mid-Terms.  

Sessions Knows He Is Killing the Trump Administration

See the source image

If Sessions had an ounce of integrity, he would fire Rosenstein today then Resign himself!  Sessions blindsided the President by recusing himself from “any matters regarding the Russian Collusion investigation and the Trump candidacy, right after he was confirmed as Trump’s Attorney General.  Sessions claimed that the “ethics” advisors inside of the Department of Justice advised him to recuse himself to avoid a conflict of interest!  REALLY!!!  These are the same people trying to remove President Trump from Office!  Why didn’t these same “ethics professionals” tell Rosenstein and Mueller that they both are conflicted and should recuse themselves?  After all, Rosenstein signed the 3rd extension of the Carter Page FISA Warrant to spy on Trump!  Mueller interviewed with Trump to lead the FBI, is a close personal friend of fired FBI chief James Comey, and has tons of conflicts with Hillary Clinton!  

The only conclusion one can reach is that Jeff Sessions does not care if he kills the Trump agenda by allowing this open-ended Mueller Witch Hunt to continue.  So, all of the times when Sessions stumped for Trump and his agenda were outright lies.  You may hold RINOs like McConnell, McCain, Ryan, and others, and the Never-Trumpers who constantly rail against Trump, in utter contempt, but consider who has hurt Trump the most, these RINOs or Sessions! 

Sessions is the epitome of a NEVER-TRUMPER with the added bonus that he controls the Department of Justice, the nation’s most powerful law enforcement agency, and the FBI, the nation’s most powerful investigative agency.  Sessions has the power to insure that Rosenstein and Mueller can continue their coup d’état against the Trump Administration!  

What if Trump Fires Sessions and Rosenstein?

The left and its media will go insane if Trump fires Sessions and Rosenstein.  The Republican leadership in the House and Senate will go insane as well as the Never-Trumpers.  The media will attempt to whip up immediate impeachment calls and try to drive the narrative away from the Trump agenda and his ongoing agenda.  In short, Trump will be besieged from all sides!

SO What!

Trump can either take on this extra-constitutional onslaught by Sessions-Rosenstein-Mueller head-on or die a slow death of a thousand cuts from innuendo from the Mueller investigation and a constant and growing investigation of everything Trump by HIS OWN DOJ AND FBI!  

The Trump Base must rally around Trump and fight back any way they can if Trump takes on Sessions-Rosenstein-Mueller!  IF we don’t, it is our own fault when the Democrats and the allied Never-Trumpers and RINOs remove Trump from office and KILL TRUMP’S PROMISES TO MAKE YOUR LIVES BETTER.  

The Trump Base will have to rally around Republican candidates in the Mid-Term elections, (in some cases we will have to hold our noses), and make sure Republicans hold the House and the Senate.  The Trump Base will have to take on the Media as directly as they can and tamp down the firestorm the media will create following the firings.  You will have to vote for Ryan and the RINOs in the House and Senate who will publicly bad-mouth Trump over these firings.  We must hold both the House and Senate or the Democrats will move to impeach Trump following the Mid-Terms.   The Democrats are using the Mueller Investigation to provide them with “proof” they can use to impeach Trump!  

We are fighting a real Coup d’état and it will be up to us to take back our nation and ensure that our nation survives this progressive-left attempt to complete Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of our Great Nation.


RD Pierini



Swamp V Trump-$1.3 Trillion Spending-No Wall

Who Lost In This Latest Budget Fight?

Elected Officials View of Your Money!

First of all, for those who are wringing your hands and saying that Trump betrayed his campaign promises and sold out to the swamp and the Washington elites, man-up (or woman-up)!

In 14 months, do you really think that one man can completely change the power broker controlled Washington Swamp?  The House and the Senate are “controlled” by “Republicans”, NOT TRUMP AGENDA SUPPORTERS!  

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are deeply entrenched members of the Washington Elites as are the Republican members of both houses and are absolutely aligned against Trump’s border security agenda and his immigration policies.  They are aligned against his America-First trade policies that will put America back onto somewhat of a level trade playing field with China, The European Union and South Korea.  They totally support the Mueller investigation of Trump as a way of hobbling him and keeping him in check with the threat of prosecution.  Finally, they know that he needs to keep control of the House and Senate in the 2018 Mid-Term elections if he does not want to face a Democrat Impeachment process and an even more obstructionist legislative body! 

Could any of you stood up any better against the Washington Establishment than Trump has for the past 14 months?  I think not!

See the source image

Pundits Panic!  Good Grief.  For the third time, even Rush Limbaugh is all wobbly wondering, and even egging on his listeners, if Trump “caving” to this $1.3T spending budget buster will be the end to Trump’s loyal base!  The first time Limbaugh got all wobbly was when Trump brought in a bi-partisan group to discuss immigration and the second when Trump once again brought in a bi-partisan group to discuss gun-control.  Limbaugh’s immediate reaction to both was that Trump had just alienated his base and it is all over.  Wow, talk about a lack of faith and a total lack of loyalty!

Did y’all think the swamp was going to roll over and embrace the Trump and his policies that are hell-bent on taking away their power and restoring the power to the people?  Did you think that Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, and Schumer were going to play fair and not set land mines smack dab in the middle of Trump’s path?  Did you think that the Washington Elite would give Trump a victory on the Wall, tightening border security, Immigration Reform, Visa Reform, and so on?  These are Trump’s policies, not the policies embraced by the Washington Elites made up of Republicans and Democrats.  

Why did Ryan and McConnell support the Trump Tax Cuts?  Simple.  The 2018 Mid-Terms are right around the corner and these two jerks have not had a legislative victory in years.  They needed a win to run on and tax cuts were the wagon they hitched their fortunes to.  They didn’t care if Trump got most of the glory but they knew that a good economy is hard for the Democrats to run against.  Giving into Trump’s other Agenda items, especially immigration related issues, would be a win for Trump and a loss for Ryan and McConnell’s big buck backers.   They are pathetic and should never have been elected, ever!

Trump’s Win and Loss

Trump’s #1 priority is rebuilding the military and you would think that it would be the #1 priority of all patriots.  Not so fast.  It was Congress, including the Republicans that agreed to Sequestration that emasculated our military and degraded our military capabilities to early 20th century levels.  Trump is facing possible conflicts in North Korea, Iran, and Syria and has to have a show of strength to stave off China and Russia.  The military build-up was the perfect carrot with which to trap Trump into agreeing to this spending and policy nightmare.  The military funding was a win for the President.

Trump temporarily lost his drive to defund sanctuary cities/States; funding for his wall; beefing up border security; ending chain migration; ending the Visa Lottery; and getting control of spending and re-establishing a sane budgeting process.  All of these issues are firmly opposed by big business, big donors, and their lobbyists up and down K Street in DC.  He also lost the psychological war against the idiotic Mueller Russian Collusion Probe as this deal will be perceived on the Left as a weakening of President Trump.

Trump Veto?  The President could have vetoed this insane bill but what were the trade-offs?  Congress had already left DC for another 2 week vacation!  So, if Trump had vetoed the bill, and triggered a shut-down, it would have been at least a week before he could drag them back into the swamp!  Even when they came back, it would have taken days if not weeks to get some kind of agreement to fund the government.  This accentuates the trap Ryan and McConnell set for Trump by not giving him, nor their members, any time to debate and make changes to this bill.   In the interim, our men and women in the military would not be paid and most of them are living pay-check to pay-check!  Other government employees would be furloughed and would not be paid as well.  But the political push-back against Trump would be hard for him to fight as he would be standing alone against Congress and the media while his precious military would not be receiving their pay while risking their lives for even the traitors in Congress!

Trump needs your support now more than ever!  He is still fighting for you, are you still fighting for and supporting Trump?


See the source image

Who Else Lost?

 Ryan and McConnell and the Republican Elites seriously damaged their chances to keep the house and increase their seats in the Senate in the 2018 Mid-Terms.  These idiots actually thought they could run against the Trump Agenda and win in the upcoming Mid-Terms.  Their own egos and that of their donors think that running away from, and actually opposing, the Trump Agenda is a winning hand.  Even a Democrat beat a Republican in Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago by RUNNING ON THE TRUMP AGENDA, while the Republican was “Trump Squishy”.  Ryan and McConnell think that Trump’s popularity did not help this feckless Republican candidate even though he campaigned for this candidate.  Without the Trump base, Ryan and McConnell will both become minority leaders in 2019!  They deserve it, WE DON’T!

The taxpayers and Trump supporters were also big losers in this deal.  They killed funding for the Wall by stipulating that Trump could not spend the money on any wall that was made of concrete!  Barbed wire is probably OK.  Budget deficits will continue to swell and restoring a sane budget process seems to be even more of a pipe dream!  

What Are the Risks to Abandoning Trump

Well, if you like Obama and Clinton then go for it and abandon Trump.  If the Democrats take back the Senate and the House, Trump, and us, are toast!  The Hard Left, without any real opposition from the Republican RINOs, will impeach Trump with any trumped-up charge they can create.  Pelosi and Schumer will rise to lead both houses and Trump, and us, will be stymied at every turn!  Trump may actually win in 2020 but I would not blame him if he decides not to run if the Ryan/McConnell madness leads to Democrat control of Congress in 2018. 



RD Pierini



Democrats-A Party Without A Cause In 2018

Illegal Immigration Is the “Salvation” for Democrats in 2018/2020, Really!

See the source image

There is no doubt that the Democrat Party has locked itself in as an “Identity Party” by polarizing various target groups such as women, LGBT, Blacks, non-Christians, and Hispanics, and anyone else they can turn into victims.  In doing so, the only way to herd their flock into lockstep is to make sure that the economy is mediocre or bad so many of their flock are seemingly disenfranchised, that their flock groups feel threatened by the evil conservatives who are trying to return them to slavery, economic or social bondage.  The toughest task the Democrat herders face is to insure that one or more of their groups are not at odds with other group(s).  

During the Obama years of economic stagnation and the demise of opportunity and economic and social advancement, the Democrat groups pretty much towed the Democrat progressive line and kept their hands out for government subsidies to seemingly make up for their lack of opportunity caused by anyone else but themselves and their wonderful Democrat/Progressive masters. 

But!  Donald Trump stormed onto the scene with a message of economic hope, true socio-economic opportunity, and a clear emphasis on the middle class regardless of sex, sexual orientation, religion, or race.  He even challenged Black voters, “What the Hell do you have to lose?”  Trump cracked the once solid Democrat identity politics herd by introducing the chance for a better life regardless of which herd group you had been corralled into by the Democrats.  Further, Trump’s message of safety, strength, and pride lifted many out of despair that had heretofore not participated in the political process of voting.  Even the once solid Democrat stronghold of Union membership shifted from the Democrat herd to Trump with Trump garnering 42% of the union vote!

But, where does illegal immigration fit into this discussion and specifically to the 2018 mid-terms and the 2020 Presidential race?

The Coastal Democrat/Progressives have tripled down on illegal immigration and illegal immigrants living in the US in the past 18 months.  Sanctuary States and Cities have become the norm for the left and right coasts to the exclusion and detriment of the legal residents of those states.  Those same states have tripled down on socialist, high taxation, and welfare state, policies that have created a degree of homelessness never seen before and the death of their middle class that cannot survive the high taxation, low employment opportunity, and unrealistic housing costs.  They are substituting their once strong citizen middle class with illegal aliens.

California is leading the legal battles against the Trump Administration and are outright defying Federal Laws on immigration and immigration enforcement.  The California Governor and his administration have passed laws in direct conflict with US Immigration law and the US Constitution.  Recently, the Mayor of Oakland, a prior member of the Governor’s staff, warned illegal immigrants that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would be arresting illegal immigrants who had committed crimes and were subject to deportation.  This warning allowed over 800 ICE targeted illegal criminal aliens to avoid capture and deportation and to remain in the Bay Area to prey on local, legal and illegal members of the community.

So, by promoting Sanctuary States, Cities, and Counties, the Democrat Party has decided to place the fate of illegal aliens, including criminal illegal aliens, at the forefront of their party to the exclusion of their prior target groups such as women, LGBT, Blacks, non-Christians, legal Hispanics and victims in general.  47% of likely voters in these states oppose their State’s sanctuary designation!  The safety of all women, LGBT, Blacks, non-Christians, and legal Hispanics are put at risk by these policies.  The coastal State’s spending on supporting illegals is robbing their citizens of funds, while being the highest taxes States in the US, to improve their communities while creating a homelessness problem in once beautiful cities is a blight unlike the ghettos in third world countries.

See the source image  

Impact On Other Democrat Party Identity Groups

Prioritizing and promoting an influx of illegal immigration into a job market drives down wages for legal residents, especially for Blacks and Hispanics.  This policy also increases the burden on local schools and drives down the quality of education and the safety for legal students.  Welfare services are likewise stretched and draw down on the State and local governments resources.  Coddling illegal criminal aliens and preventing them from being deported puts all of the State’s residents at risk and the Democrat target identity groups are not immune from these risks, in fact, the poorer Black and Hispanic families are often the target of these criminals.

Just to be clear on how great a risk criminal illegal aliens are, consider the following.  Illegal aliens, criminal and non-criminal, make up only 3.7% of the total US population But, they have been charged with and/or convicted of 13.6% of the total crimes committed in the entire US;  responsible for 12% of the murders, 20% of kidnappings, 16% of all drug dealing, and thousands who have been convicted of sex crimes and not yet deported.  

So, how are the Democrats going to use Illegal immigration as their flagship issue in 2018/2020 when this element of our population:

  • Drives down wages for Democrat leaning Blacks.
  • Drives down wages for Democrat leaning legal Hispanics.
  • Robs this nation and their constituents of a net $115 Billion dollars per year in government services provided to support the illegal alien community.
  • Detracts from equality issues for women,  Blacks, Hispanics, the LGBT community, Muslims and other Democrat victims.
  • Robs inner cities of valuable funding that is siphoned off to support illegal aliens rather than being allocated to community development and safety.
  •  Diverts law enforcement resources an decreases the safety of its female,  Blacks, Hispanics, the LGBT community, and Muslims. 

I posit that the Democrat strategy to promote the causes for illegal aliens is a big loser for the Democrat/Progressive chances in 2018/2020!

Republicans in 2018 can only defeat themselves which is not out of the realm of possibility.  If they would adhere to Trump and his agenda, they could pick up 8 more Senate seats and hold the House.  The Republican majority in the Senate needs to start acting like a party in power by confirming all of Trump’s appointees and paring down to a 51 vote majority rule to pass the House bills that are stuck in the do-nothing Senate!  They have Trump’s regulation and tax reform economy to fill their sails into a victorious Mid-Term!  By November, Trump’s tariff/renegotiated trade agreements will add even more jobs to the economy and entice even more investment in the US.  

If the House and the Senate Republicans do stick by Trump’s guns, they will benefit from a higher percentage of the Black, legal Hispanic, and women’s vote.  Why do I say this?  In 2016, Trump already had chipped away at these normally strong Democrat strongholds.  The following voting blocks are where Trump can help the Republicans who are up for re-election.

  • LGBTTrump took 14% of their vote in 2016.  Since then, with the mass shootings, many in the LGBT community have become gun owners and many have joined the NRA.  Safety is a key issue for this group along with jobs and equal opportunity protections.  Trump is proving to more of this community that he does not represent a threat to their way of life but has proven that he can be good for them by providing economic, political and personal security.
  • Blacks: Trump took 8% of the Black vote in 2016.  Since then, his economic policies have driven Black unemployment down to historic lows.  His outreach through HUD and HHS are improving inner city and rural Black community’s quality of life.  He is restoring life to failed cities like Detroit by bringing back entire industries.  Once he gets Congress to act on a comprehensive Education program via Betsy DeVos, Blacks will finally realize their dream for their children through school choice.  Republicans can campaign on these Black community achievements and garner more of this demographics vote than they could imagine.  In 2020. Trump could get close to 20% of the Black vote for his 2nd term re-election!
  • Legal Hispanics:   Trump took almost 30% of the Hispanic vote in 2016.  Trump’s 4 pillar immigration/DACA proposal and his pushing for a DACA solution has won over many of the legal Hispanic voters.   Trump’s economic message and actions have soared employment levels for Hispanics and his SBA programs have swelled the ranks of new Hispanic small businesses.  Trump’s Christian message also resonates with many in the Hispanic community. Republicans need to campaign on Trump’s successes for the Hispanic community and stay behind Trump until the mid-term elections.  If the Republicans in Congress appear to be fighting Trump on immigration reform and border security or his economic programs, they could risk not getting a high percentage of the Hispanic vote.  I predict that in 2020 Trump will 40-45% of the Hispanic vote.
  • Women:   Trump took 41% of the total female vote, 47% of the married women, and 33% of the non-married women in 2016.  Democrats bet their 2018 chances on the #MeToo movement that is turning out to be a nightmare for themselves and their Hollywood and main stream media lackeys!  They will keep dredging up stories about Trump but the economy will trump #MeToo as it applies to Trump in 2020.  Economic and physical security mean a great deal to women voters.  If Trump can fend off North Korea, Iran, Syria and Russia and stalemate any threat from them, this will add to his side of the ledger.  The Democrats have no real economic, physical security or foreign policy message at all.  Obama/Clinton foreign policy is proving to be even more feckless every day.  Republican campaigners need to stay on the Trump message of strength, economic security, physical safety, and foreign policy security and they will garner a majority of the female vote.  Wouldn’t wait for Jennifer Lawrence nor Ashley Judd but I would question myself if they voted for me!

The Democrats have not learned that you cannot create pockets of identity voters and expect them to vote against their own interests, economic, safety, and quality of life.  You can’t prop non-citizens against citizens and expect your pockets of identity voters to stick with you!  Carvell reminded us that it is the Economy Stupid.  He could have said It Is My Self Interest Stupid!

RD Pierini


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