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Black Anarchy-Still Being “Enslaved” by White Global Elitists

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Anarchy Tools of the Global Elitists

Open Borders


Global Economic Chaos

Pitting Disparate Groups Against Each Other-Intra and Inter Nation

Political and Economic Enslavement

Black Voting Block Key to Continued Dominance by Democrats, Over Blacks!


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Global Elitist Goal:

Global Elitist seek World Political and Economic Supremacy over All Peoples.  Period! 

  • They create depressed classes of Peoples and drive them into abject despair so they can be manipulated into helping the Global Elites destroy the fabric of civil society.  In order to achieve their goal, the Global Elitist must isolate these groups to the point that disparate groups see each other as their mortal enemy, literally.  Blacks have been used for years by the Global Elitist in the US to keep them in power with little regard for the plight of the Blacks.
  • The Global Elitist will shame the Nation States to open their borders in order to share their generosity with Peoples of lessor nations.  This will increase tensions as the new immigrants are so culturally disparate that assimilation and the development of mutual respect or acceptance is impossible.  Blacks have disproportionately been harmed by cheaper immigrant labor that have robbed entry-level jobs from young Blacks.
  • The Global Elitist must be able to seize absolute control over Nation States who must be beaten down to the point where they seek help from anywhere to survive.  The Global Elitist lobby to Blacks and other minorities to blame all of their woes on Republicans and conservatives and lift up international agencies as friends of the Blacks in fight the oppression from within.
  • The Rule of Law in the Nation States must be made irrelevant by continual Constitutional erosion from globalist courts, erosion of governance checks and balances, and a systemic erosion of personal, political and ethical values by the ruling classes.  The Global Elitist continually stir racial tensions between Blacks and Whites.  They use law enforcement as an example of racial animus of the Whites towards the Blacks.  This serves to justify Black rioting as a means to achieve “social justice” but it is a further erosion of the rule of law.
  • The Global Elitist create economic chaos within developed nations that drives up the debt of these nations to the brink of bankruptcy in order to bring down the strong nations to the level of the lessor nations.  Once the nation states have been leveled off politically and economically, the Global Elitist will step in and “Save the World”!  The Global Elites use economic chaos to pit minorities against Whites in general to deepen the racial divide and keep the focus off of themselves.

Are Global Elitist Succeeding in Establishing Anarchy in the United States?

Forward:  The balance of this article will focus primarily on the Global Elitist goal of creating racial tensions and segregation in American in order to take down America to the point where it cannot remain as the enviable bastion of Democracy and Freedom in the world.  In the short-term the Global Elitist will continue to foster racial tensions between Blacks and Whites with the goal being to keep Democrats in power.  Open borders, anti-nationalism, global economic chaos, and the pitting of disparate groups against each other internally and internationally will be discussed in the context of race relations in the United States and the role of the Global Elitist in fomenting racial tensions.  If the Blacks come together with Whites to actually work together to solve the decades of political abuse of the Blacks at the hands of the Democrats, the Global Elitist goals will be threatened.  They will even encourage outright anarchy in order to win the 2016 election if needed.

Global Elitist Insertion Into the US Government:

Political Landscape Changes in the US: 

Over the past 50 years, the Progressive takeover of the Democrat Party has been completed and included the full integration of Global Elite goals.  The Global Elites have also been able to infiltrate the leadership and rank and file of the Republican Party.  The Republican Party has embraced many of the Open Borders objectives and Globalism in trade.  Many have also embraced the expansion the Government and the rapid increase in the national debt in spite of a sluggish growth of the US economy.  The Republican Neo-Conservative movement is evidence of the GOP embracing positions that are not typical Republican Conservative positions.  Global Elites with international business interest have been dominant in both parties in driving legislation that benefits the Global Elites over American workers.  The view that the rights of US citizens should be diminished for the “Global Good” has not only been promoted but integrated into our national political thinking.  The result of this shift has been persistent high unemployment, stagnant GDP growth, more US businesses moving out of the US, an $800B trade deficit, and a whopping $20 Trillion dollar national debt!  The impact on the Black and other minority communities has been disproportionately high creating further frustration resulting in feelings of being left behind and politically detached.   Global Warming, refugee relocation, and amnesty for illegal aliens now trump jobs and financial security for US Citizens for the “greater good”.

Deterioration of US Race Relations:

Racial relations in the US have deteriorated substantially over the past 8 years under the Obama administration.  If Obama had intentionally stirred up animosity between Whites and Blacks, he could have not been more successful.  Blacks today have been convinced by the Global Elitist that Republicans were the slave owners, the ones who created the “Jim Crow Laws”, the ones who tried to stop the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the ones who started the KKK!  The bottom line is that US leadership, left and right, has failed miserably in creating better race relations and have built a seemingly impenetrable walls between US racial groups.  Blacks have traditionally overwhelmingly supported the Democrat Party and believe that the GOP does not represent their best interest.  (Donald Trump is changing this perception but not for the GOP, but for his populist message)  The result of this degradation in race relations has yielded the following:  Blacks distrust law enforcement;  Blacks in the inner-cities receive inferior education when compared to the balance of the country;  Black on Black crime in the inner-cities is spiraling out of control;  Black illiteracy rates in the inner-cities averages 50% with very low high school graduation rates;  Black out-of-wedlock births have sky rocketed;  Black unemployment is least double that of other ethnic groups;  Blacks have the highest per capita incarceration rate of any other ethnic group; and Blacks have one of the lowest home ownership numbers of any group.  In short, the status of the Black and other inner-city minorities have deteriorated greatly over the past 8 years.  As a group, Blacks have been set up as the physically disruptive force in the US as evidenced in recent riots that resulted out of police shootings of blacks regardless of whether the shooting was justified or not. Black Lives Matters and other Black anarchist groups are now threatening destruction of historic statues and monuments that may be perceived as “racist” due to their commemoration of the Civil War South.  The destruction of the historical monuments and the attempts to rewrite history is to take away and references to historical truths that tie Slavery, the Civil War, and the continuing downward spiral of the Black community to the Democrat party who are the political arm of the Global Elitist in America!

Open Borders:

Both political parties have systematically voted for increased immigration levels, almost unlimited VISA grants, and dramatically increased levels of refugees from several countries.  The result of these policy changes has been increased competition for US jobs between US citizens and the newcomers;  fewer opportunities for our minorities, including Blacks, to achieve the American Dream;  increased welfare, education, and other government program costs to support the newcomers at the expense of the American taxpayer; health concerns due to the lack of health screening of illegal immigrants and refugees; lower national security due to the lack of vetting for immigration and refugees coming into the US from nations supporting terrorism.  The US Black community has suffered greatly from the Open Border policies imposed by the pawns of the Global Elitist.  Many in the Black community have not even realized the total impact of open borders on their own community.  The lower job growth, lower opportunity availability, and financial impacts on the Black community that have resulted from open borders have added greatly to the frustration in the Black households.

Global Elitist & Use of Blacks to Create Anarchy and Disrupt 2016 Elections

Image result for charlotte race riotsCharlotte, NC, Riots 9/21/2016 – North Carolina Key Battleground State Between Trump and Clinton

The Global Elitist such as George Soros have pumped millions of dollars into Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other anarchist groups in order to disrupt the US political process and ensure that the Global Elitist prevail in 2016 in light of the strong challenge by Populist Donald Trump.  BLM is directly coordinating all rioting and demonstration activities surrounding any law enforcement encounters with Blacks.  The narrative is that law enforcement is inherently Racist regardless of the race of the police officer.  In other words, if a Black copy shoots a Black person, it is a racially motivated shooting as all cops are racists.  Originally BLM was not going after shootings by Black officers but there have not been enough shootings by White officers to keep the riots going!

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Race Baiting Politicians

Obama and Clinton keep stoking the fires of the cries of racism by not standing on the side of law and order but pandering to the BLM anarchist movement.  This has been a pattern for both of these politicians for the past 8 years.  In the minds of the Global Elitist, an America on fire is better than a Trump presidency!  In the minds of the Global Elitist, any Means Justifies the End, which is Global Elitist domination over the world.

What to Expect from Global Elitist Before November 8th?

Who knows how far this will go.  Will Obama eventually declare Marshal Law and suspend the elections?  Will BLM force the hand of the civil society to take lethal action to quell the social unrest.  Will Obama militarize our nation and physically seize control?  Those are far-fetched possibilities but I would have thought that mass rioting in a historic city in North Carolina over a police action that resulted in the death of an armed Black man, with a 20 year felony history, at the hand of a Black police officer who reports to a Black Chief of Police would be far-fetched.

Solution:  Black and White Unity and Rejection of Race Baiting Global Elitist

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The Trump campaign is seeking systemic solutions to changing the negative paradigm of Black inner-city communities.  He is not pandering with hand-outs but with adding school choice for Blacks, bringing back jobs to the inner-cities, bringing back investment into the inner-cities, strengthening community policing so inner-city residents feel safe in their homes and on their streets, and ending racial tensions between Whites and Blacks through mutual efforts to lift all Americans up by working together and discontinuing the politics of racial divide.  If Trump is elected, this does not mean that the Global Elitist will take their marbles and go home.  Quite the contrary.  They will use the Main Stream Media (MSM) to hammer every unifying advancement that is gained and try to insert a “social injustice” wedge in between the Blacks and the Whites, law enforcement and the citizens, government and the people.  It will be an all out war and not fought with any degree of civility.

The other lever they will pull is Islamophobia.  This is present today but has not been totally exploited by the Global Elitist as it has proven to be less effective than fomenting discourse between Blacks and Whites.  Those pesky terrorist use bombs rather than guns, target gays, and are not particularly friendly to any non-Muslim group.  Maybe that is why they are Muslim Radical Terrorist rather than Global Elite Muslim Terrorist!  But, if the Blacks begin working with Whites to improve Black living conditions, the Global Elitist will seek out any mechanism they can find to exploit. 

Maybe after Obama leaves office we can actually embark on a true path to a Post-Racial America!  Obama used his bully pulpit to divide and pit one citizen group against the other at the bidding of the Global Elitist. 

Trump does not agree with or need the support of the Global Elitist.  Maybe, just maybe, we actually have someone who will represent We the People, regardless of race, religion, or other distinguishing personal difference.

RD Pierini


Madam Clinton-Queen of The Elite!

Hillary Joins Obama in Denigrating

the Deplorable Bitter Clingers“!


Hillary Clinton once again states her disdain for the “average American” by lumping them into her “basket of ‘deplorables'” and tagging them as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic and any other “IST” or “PHOBES” you can imagine.  Obama, in April of 2008, stated, And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” 

The Elitists of the left and right view anyone just West of New York and East of California as the “great unwashed” whose families actually worked for a living and may have actually “perspired” in doing so!  The elitist believe that the “deplorables” have somehow devolved into a sub-human species. (If needed, they would have to rent a tuxedo!)  But, while casting a wide net, Hillary has snared Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ, and others in her Basket!  That is the main problem with identity politics.  Pretty soon you are pitting one “identity” against another.

Hillary’s and the Elitist’s Definitions:

Racist:  A racist is a white person, or someone identifying as white person, who believes that everyone is equal and should be treated exactly the same regardless of race, creed, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

Sexist:  A sexist is male, or presumably trans-sexual female identifying as a male, who disagrees with a female elitist or, heaven forbid, actually criticizes an elitist female, or male presenting as an elitist female.   

Homophobic:  a homophobe is anyone, of any race, creed, or ethnic origin who believes that what a same sex couple does in the privacy of their bedroom is no one’s business but that the “homophobe” has the right to not participate in or condone your same sex activities, or bake you a cake or make you a flower arrangement for your wedding.  (kind of like a libertarian)

Xenophobe:  A xenophobe is anyone who believes that sovereign nations should protect their own borders and establish immigration controls to insure the safety of their citizens.  “Xenos” can be a member of the LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Whites who do not want unvetted refugees to be allowed into the US.  Could also be anyone, of any race, creed, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation who do not want Islamic Terrorist to be allowed in the US or to remain in the US. 

Islamophobic:  Like a xenophobe but someone who may be a member of the LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Whites, and who is opposed specifically to allowing Islamic Terrorists into the US under any circumstance or elitist program.   This can also include, ironically, American Muslims who oppose allowing unvetted Islamists into the US! 

You Too Can Be a Bigot!

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So, by their vary definitions, anyone (non-Elitist of course) can be offensive to anyone else or be offended by anyone else, regardless of their race, creed, ethnic origin or sexual orientation!  So, even you can be one of the Elitist’s “ISTS” or “PHOBES”.  The problem with identity politics is that sooner or later you form a circular firing squad and shoot yourself!  The only way it works for an length of time is if one of the groups gives you a free pass and lets you to se them and also ignore their needs without consequences.  This is true of the Black and Hispanic communities today.  The Elitists have totally taken these groups for granted as a sure-thing voting block and only drag them out when they need to use them to condemn others of racism or xenophobia. 

Orlando Islamic Terror Attack:  It was tragic to watch but educational, when the Elitists tried to thread their way through their own identity politics after the Orlando Islamic Terror attack at the Orlando Gay nightclub.  The elitist could not support Gays’ right to bear arms and defend themselves; could not explain why an Islamist could possibly attack the Gay community that the Elitists claimed as their own; and then to see that the victims where not only gay, but multi-racial and multi-ethnic, really confounded the lines of their Elitist Identity Politics.

Time to Ban Together with Other “Deplorables”!

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So, when Hillary and the Elitist on the left and right describe their “Basket of Deplorables”, they cast a net that snared the majority of non-Elitist Americans regardless of race, creed, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.  Outside of the Hollywood crowd, the uber-rich and uber-rich wanabes, the New York and West Coast social elites, and their pawns in the Political Elite circles, I give you the rest of America as the “Basket of Deplorables”. 

Finally we have a pure example of how the Elites, exemplified by Hillary Clinton, divide us into groups for conquest, then play one of us against the other so we focus on each other and ignore the Elite’s sick machinations of the masses. 

Time to Get Off of the Elite Merry-Go-Round


Vote for the Defender of the Basket of Deplorables

on November 8th. Donald J. Trump


RD Pierini



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Obama-248 Days Left Of the Destruction of Our Republic

50% of Those Polled Approve of Obama’s Performance!


2016 Presidential Campaign Allowing Obama to

“Fundamentally Transform America”

While We Are Not Watching

King Obama

The Buzz today is about discussing Donald Trump’s love life from 30 years ago!  Really?  

Obama and the Main Stream Media (MSM)  will do and say anything to distract us from seeing that Obama has literally redefined America.  We, including our elected Republican officials in Washington DC, have done nothing to stop him.  Here are a few of Obama’s “Accomplishments“:

  • Completely weakened the financial fabric of this nation by driving up our debt to $20 Trillion.

  • Exploding our welfare assistance to illegal and legal immigrants and eliminating our borders entirely.

  • Emasculated the breadth of our banking system and consolidated our financial institutions to the detriment of the consumers.

  • Ruining higher education by taking over Student Loans and driving the cost of higher education through to roof enslaving our students through a life of debt owed to the almighty government.

  • Gave Iran a clear path to create and possess nuclear weapons and provided $150 Billion to help finance their creation and subsidize Iranian terror networks.

  • Giving Iraq and Syria to Iran with his hands off policy in Syria and his allowing Iraq to fall into political and military disarray through his hands off policy with ISIS. 

  • Giving Iran a clear path to complete its missile arsenal with which to deliver its soon to be completed nuclear weapons.

  • Allowed Iran to intimidate our navy by capturing and detaining one of our ships in international waters.

  • Destabilized Libya by taking out Qadhafi and destroying its governing infrastructure leaving it for ISIS and other nefarious organizations to pick at its carcass. 

  • Allowing China to “annex” the South China Sea without resistance nor repercussions.

  • Allowing Russia to intimidate our military with low flyovers and close encounters with our ships and aircraft.

  • Giving North Korea a clear path to complete their nuclear arms and ballistic missile programs.

  • Allowing Central and Eastern Africa to become a cesspool of terror and unrest.

  • Transformed cultural norms such as traditional marriage by his advocacy of same-sex marriage giving SCOTUS a clear path to overturn DOMA and a millennia of cultural tradition.

  • Literally destroying the American Health Care System with Obamacare.

  • Using Obamacare to destroy the Freedom of Religion to force religious institutions to conform with Obamacare mandates regardless of their long-held religious objections to abortions, birth control, and sex reassignment procedures.  Euthanasia next?

  • Using Title IX and Title VII, redefined bathroom, changing room and shower access to be wide open to all genders.

  • Setting the stage to force the private sector to allow transgender individuals to use restrooms, changing rooms or other typically gender restricted areas as they wish ignoring the risk to the innocent by pedophiles and sex offenders.

  • Undermining our civil order by making continuous disparaging remarks about our police and other law enforcement officials and using the DOJ to interfere with local law enforcement.

  • Inciting riotous behavior by siding with anarchistic organizations such as Occupy and Black Lives Matter.

  • Creating open borders and open immigration policies that are destroying the cultural fabric of our nation.

Still Think Obama Does Not Know What He Is Doing!

Unfortunately, the list is virtually endless as everyday more and more of our liberties are lost, our economic prosperity driven into the oblivion of debt, and our moral fiber destroyed.  Race relations, due to Obama’s constant race baiting tactics, are at their worst since the 1960’s.  The plight of Blacks and other inner city minorities is dismal with Black on Black crime escalating exponentially.   Obama blames law enforcement and the bias of the justice system!

So, when you hear or see the MSM focusing on silly issues like Trump’s love life when he was single, stop and ask, “What is the Administration and the Media trying to Hide”?  The MSM has become one big reality show meant to distract and mislead the public.  Unfortunately, we are too easily duped into thinking that what we are going through is “NORMAL”!  It isn’t! 

This Election is Vital to this Nation’s Survival. 

While some on the right are chanting the #nevertrump mantra, Obama and the left keep on destroying what is left of this republic.  Hillary, if she is able to run, or for that matter any Democrat (or socialist) candidate for president, will continue to take this nation down the path of progressive annihilation. 

trump 1

You may not like some of the things Donald Trump says or does. 

But, It Is Trump Or The Fall of America. 

This is not being dramatic, this is being truthful.


RD Pierini



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Radical Islam Is Caused by a “Lack of Maternal Participation and Acceptance”

Fundamentalist Islam/Sharia Does Not Promote the Value of Mothers and Women!


Christianity Promotes the Value of the Holy Mother, and All Mothers and Women!

After years working in the Middle East along side of Muslims and then watching the Islamic Terrorism spread and kill indiscriminately throughout the world, and watching accounts of Honor Killings and Genital Mutilation of women, the light finally came on. 

Fundamentalist followers of Islam and Sharia are Male Centric in every way. 

The male children grow up being taught they are superior in every way to their mother, sisters and every other female they come in contact with.  Infidel women have absolutely no value and males are encouraged to do whatever they wish with these women. 

The female children grow up being taught that they are inferior to their father and brothers and to every Muslim male they come in contact with.  They are taught they have no real personal rights and are at the mercy of the males around them. 

These attitudes are passed from generation to generation.  In most of the households in the Middle East, the home houses multiple generations of the family.  The grandparents reinforce this anti-female bias and servitude.  As young males enter puberty, they believe they are superior to their mother, their sisters, and every other female in their circle.  Since boys attend the Mosque with their Fathers and are segregated from women, their religious experience reinforces their lack of respect for women.  After all, if your Mosque separates men and women and women are not allowed in the inner chambers, women must not be equal to men!

Lack of Male Compassion in Fundamentalist Islam:  While I do not profess to be a psychiatrist, my observation of families in the West is that the mother provides a “softening” buffer against normal adolescent aggression (Testosterone Overload!).  (Dads are busy getting their boys to play football or compete in some way against other boys.  Ok, some push their boys to be good students.)  In the West, the mothers are supported by the fathers to “honor they mother” or you get the “poop beat out of you” if you disrespect mom! (personal experience)  Moms also give their sons a sense of empathy and compassion for their friends, kids they may not necessarily like, and people who are different from them.  Dads help but it is the mom who spends the most time with the children.  Western boys with sisters are also taught to PROTECT their sisters against any potential harm.  (before I get bombarded by the PC class, stay at home or time-sharing dads can perform the same vital function as the mom)

Why is this sudden epiphany important?

  If we, the West and Muslims who abhor radical Islamic terrorism, have any chance of changing the mindset of Fundamental Islamists, we have to recognize that the problem is systemic!  You will first have to change the way women and girls are treated and the equal role they have in society.  Mothers have to have the respect of all of their children.  Husbands and wives must show respect to one another and all males must respect all women.  Boys have to be taught to respect their sisters and all females in society.  Many parts of Sharia have to be abandoned such as genital mutilation, honor killing, polygamy, etc.  These will not be easy changes as they have been ingrained over centuries. 

We in the West, and Muslims who immigrate to our countries have a choice.  If Westerners are to ever live along side of followers of Islam peacefully, we must share the same cultural values and these are anchored around our Western sense of EQUALITY and RESPECT for men and women, girls and boys.  Without this change, we cannot possibly expect to coexist.  Also, Muslims must accept as equals others who follow different faiths.  They must also respect all other nationalities who reside in their new homeland. PERIOD  If the Islamic Community does not want to start this transition, then they are free to remain in their native countries. 

Expecting their new homeland to change to their way of life is not realistic and at some point, even Europe, will come to this realization and the cultures will have to be separated by force if necessary.  Neither side can or should exist operating in a constant state of tension, fear and resentment.

RD Pierini


Obama-Is this Islamophobia or

Migrant attacks

President Obama

Is it Islamophobia to condemn these despicable acts by Muslims who were Welcomed by Europe?

  • Migrant-Dominated Group Raped Unconscious 17-Year-Old, Claim ‘Gang Rape The Most Natural Thing In The World’

  • 10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna

  • German Town Cancels Children’s Carnival after Terror Threat

  • Young Women Beaten, Sexually Assaulted In Migrant Attacks During German Carnivals

Many other acts of violence by Muslims Refugees & Immigrants are just now being brought to light by a Europe that does not know how to justify their immigration policies to their own people.  Can You…?






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Obama Visits Mosques-An Affront to Women


Islam Is At War With Its Own Women


Obama:  “Islam has always been part of America,”

“If we’re serious about freedom of religion, and I’m speaking now to my fellow Christians, who remain the majority in this country, we have to understand, an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths.”


We are in a Fight to Preserve Our Heritage and Our Culture and Our President Blames us for Standing

Our Heritage, Culture and Faith Dictate that All People are Equal, including Men and Women


In yet another bashing of Christians in the US, Obama blasted our “bigotry”, “intolerance”, “Isolation of”, “profiling”, and slamming our candidates for “inflaming hatred against the Muslim community”.  Obama added speaking to the Muslims in attendance, “Let me say it as clearly as I can, as President of the United States, you fit in here. Right here. You’re right where you belong. You’re part of America too.”

No American is prohibiting anyone from becoming part of the American Dream as long as they are committed to our founding principles, condemn any acts committed against America and its people, diligently seek to rid our nation of radical ideologies and assimilate into our culture.


“Support of Apartheid of Women”

Islam Needs to Accept Women as Being Equal To Men,

to Begin ending the Radicalization of their Faith.

If Islamic Women are viewed as Subservient to Islamic Men,

How Could Non-Islamic Men and Women Be viewed as Equal to Followers of Islam?

Islamic treatment of Muslim women as second class citizens is an anathema to American beliefs.  In many Mosques, women are not allowed to pray in the “main halls” that are the prayer areas for men.  Asra Q. Nomani has been fighting for reform within American Islam for years.  She has described what is like for women and girls inside of American Mosques: 

“Today, in an estimated two-thirds of mosque around the United States, women and girls are segregated in dark basements, sparse balconies, separate rooms and even behind shower curtains in the “sisters’ section,” listening to Friday sermons piped in through shaky sound systems and watching them, if we are lucky, via TV screens. It’s too often only on “interfaith” occasions like the president’s visit that women and girls get to step forward into the “brothers’ section.”

Regarding the isolation of girls versus the boys in the Mosque, Nomani writes: 

“Girls, to inside the gym! Boys to in the musallah.  The girls, shrouded in headscarves that, in some cases, draped half their bodies, slipped into a stark gymnasium and found seats on bare red carpet pieces laid out in a corner. They faced a tall industrial cement block wall, in the direction of the qibla, facing Mecca, a basketball hoop above them. Before them a long narrow window poured a small dash of sunlight into the dark gym. 

On the other side of the wall, the boys clamored excitedly into the majestic musallah, their feet padded by thick, decorated carpet, the sunlight flooding into the room through spectacular windows engraved with the 99 names of Allah, or God, in Islam. Ornate Korans and Islamic books filled shelves that lined the front walls.”

This is how girls are brought up to accept gender apartheid and their role as subservience to men as being normal!  It gets worse.  Honor killings, genital mutilation to control wives’ libido, acceptance of polygamy with 3 other wives, having to be covered in public, are just some of the condoned sexist practices of Islam.  By the President and the First Lady visiting this Mosque, and ignoring the plight of women in Islam, they gave tacit approval to codified abuse of women and their relegation to be second class citizens.

Nomani writes in her Blog questioning Obama’s Choice of this Particular Mosque:  “The president has an opportunity to shine light in a place once associated with the darkest extremes of Islam. His motorcade will re-trace the path of al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki: FBI surveillance notes document that al-Awlaki, then a local imam, drove down Johnnycake Road to enter the Islamic Society of Baltimore at 5:56 p.m. on the evening of November 11, 2001. (A copy of the notes was released under the Freedom of Information Act).

Raheel Raza, a Pakistani-Canadian activist opined regarding Obama’s disregard to Islam’s treating women as second-class citizens:

“While the free world awaits a Muslim reformation, the leader of the free world shows blatant disregard for gender equality by visiting a mosque that treats females like second-class citizens.”  “This makes our work as activists extremely difficult because equality is one of the main tenets of our reform movement.”


Access to prayer areas in Mosques may seem like a small “inconvenience” for women but when coupled with the facts that many male followers of Islam will not allow their wives to go out in public unescorted, without at least a hijab and loose clothing; may have up to 4 wives, believe that corporal punishment of their wife is their right as the husband, and in some more extreme cases the men insist that their wives under go genital mutilation and may even condone and undertake honor killings.  Freedom for Muslim women is vital before any reforms of the more radical forms of Islam that lead to terrorism against the West will be affected.

Obama Needs to Change His Focus:  Obama needs to confront Islam in America with the challenge to reform their treatment of Women and that it is their responsibility to rid Islam of the radical elements before they will be unconditionally welcomed into the American community.  When 98% of the world’s terrorism has its roots in Islamic extremism, and there are a lot of acts of terror daily, it is difficult for people to openly accept Islam as a religion of peace nor not to be suspicious of their Islamic neighbor’s motives. 

Europe is Lost:  Europe has lost the battle of radical Islamic terrorism through their wide open immigration of Muslim populations.  Statistically, 2% of Muslims are radicalized which means that POTENTIALLY 2,000 out of every 100,000 Muslim immigrants may be radicalized!   

Obama is right that we need to assimilate the Muslims living in America.  But, the process needs to be driven by the Muslims themselves through reforms toward their own women and then to those who do not share their religious beliefs.

And we have not even begun to discuss Islam’s view and treatment of Gays!


The Islamic Bill of Rights for Women in the Mosque is a list of rights for Islamic women in the mosque written by Muslim author and feminist Asra Nomani. The Bill of Rights was vanguarded in the United States in 2004 by the Daughters of Hajar, a group of 7 prominent progressive Muslim feminists.

  1. Women have an Islamic right to enter a mosque.
  2. Women have an Islamic right to enter through the main door.
  3. Women have an Islamic right to visual and auditory access to the musalla (main sanctuary).
  4. Women have an Islamic right to pray in the musalla without being separated by a barrier, including in the front and in mixed-gender congregational lines.
  5. Women have an Islamic right to address any and all members of the congregation.
  6. Women have an Islamic right to hold leadership positions, including positions as prayer leaders, or imams, and as members of the board of directors and management committees.
  7. Women have an Islamic right to be full participants in all congregational activities.
  8. Women have an Islamic right to lead and participate in meetings, study sessions, and other community activities without being separated by a barrier.
  9. Women have an Islamic right to be greeted and addressed cordially.
  10. Women have an Islamic right to respectful treatment and exemption from gossip and slander.


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Egypt’s Muslim President Has the Strength to Reach out to Coptic Christians

Christian Renewal?

Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, attended the Orthodox Christmas Mass yesterday at a Coptic Christian Church in Cairo.  The purpose of his attending the service was to apologize again for the suffering Christians experienced in Egypt at the hands of Islamic Extremist and promised to return them to their homes.  The Islamic Extremist al-Sisi referred to were mainly the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama and Hillary Clinton helped to take over Egypt after the overthrow of President Mubarak.  The Muslim Brotherhood systematically sought to rid Egypt of the Christian Infidels.  Their goal is to do the same throughout the world, including in the US.  Coptic Christians have worshiped in Egypt since St. Mark evangelized Egypt shortly after Christ’s death when he founded the Coptic Church. 

Why is this Important?

This is a key event as it marks the recognition by a Muslim leader in a Muslim country of the right of Christians to exist!  Hopefully, this is the start of a protracted rebirth of Christianity in the Middle East.  And, a reversal for our President and his Secretary of State Clinton, and now Lurch, who have systematically allowed Christians to be persecuted and martyred and in some countries completely annihilated or displaced or both.  Finally, Egypt is the most populous Sunni Arab nation and their example, with a supportive US Government after 2016, could form a solid base from which to turnaround the Middle East quagmire. 

Where’s the Pope?

Even though the Coptic Church is not part of the Roman Catholic Church of Rome and has its own Pope, Pope Francis missed a perfect opportunity to reach out and either directly participate in this Christmas celebration in Egypt or to at least commend al-Sisi for reaching out to the Coptic Church.  This event was much more than form over substance and should be used to start a revival of the Christian communities throughout the Middle East and Africa. 

US Moral Responsibilities

We not only squandered an opportunity to safeguard the Christians in Iraq, a country that we spent years and trillions of dollars to take back and rebuild, we left the Christians at the hands of Muslims who systematically drove them out of the country or left them to be slaughtered by ISIS The US stood by and did absolutely nothing.  This includes G.W. Bush.  Unfortunately, we see the same happening all over the Middle East and Africa and the US stands idly by and does nothing. 

While at home, Obama constantly berates, cajoles and criticizes the white Christian majority at home for their reluctance to accept more Muslim immigrants and refugees.  The Christians in the US are tolerant of all religions and ethnic minorities.  Too bad our own government views US Christians as the enemy and the US enemies as allies.

RD Pierini

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ISIS/CAIR Threatening Our Republican Primary with Intimidation

Dr. Carson nailed it!
                       Dr. Carson Nailed It!

On December 16th, we posted an article on how US taxpayers were subsidizing CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood/ISIS (  Now CAIR, the surrogate for ISIS in the US, along with the American Muslim Alliance has the gall to go on TV and threaten our Republican Primary candidates not to engage in “Islamophobia” or ELSE.  The American Muslim Alliance director Mahdi Bray said, flanked by CAIR’s national executive director, Nihad Awad at the National Press Club said;

“Let it be heard, and clear, to all political candidates, be it Donald Trump or whoever else, that indeed, if you engage in Islamophobia, if you engage in demagoguery and bigotry, you will pay a political price.” Further; “Because we’re going to register our people and we’re going to use our ballot and we’re going to ‘take our souls to the polls’ and make sure you are out of there.” 

Know that CAIR is allied with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas who works behind the scenes with ISIS so when they engage their “followers souls”, some of their radical followers may take this to mean that it is an open season to harm one or more of the Presidential candidates.  In the Middle East Bullets and Ballots are somewhat synonymous with the former being more absolute.

Violation of our 501(c)(3) IRS Statutes:  If you look at the December 16th article referenced above, you will notice that CAIR is a 501(c)(3) entity which means that it enjoys a RELIGIOUS exemption from US taxes, i.e., you are subsidizing their activities.  There are several of these Muslim activists groups who are 501(c)(3) entities as well with CAIR being the most vocal.  But, the question is, they are engaging in activities of political activism which is against the law governing 501(c)(3) entities;  Why doesn’t the IRS go after them and remove their tax exempt status?  I know, dumb question.  Obama would never go after a Muslim organization even if they were operating outside of the law.  While they did not directly endorse a specific candidate, they did clearly single out one candidate and threatened anyone else engaging in what they refer to as Islamophobia.

If the majority of the Muslims do not want to be lumped in with these radical forces, they need to stand now and denounce this type of speech.  One of our political candidates will end up being the President of the United states and as such will swear to protect the peaceful Muslims living in the US.  The peaceful Muslims have a responsibility to stand up and demand these radical elements respect our institutions and cease to engage in their own brand of harmful rhetoric.  Further, the inflammatory comments by CAIR and their ilk are designed to drive a wedge between our Muslim community and the rest of the people of the US.  By segregating the Muslim populations, they can exert a higher degree of control, through intimidation, over them.


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Trump Will Win the Muslim Ban Argument, Again!

 ***Update ***

Told Ya–64% of Likely GOP primary voters agree with Trump’s Ban on Muslim Immigration!!!

An Online Poll Found 37% of General Election Voters (includes Democrats) Favored Trump’s Proposal

It is comical to see the left and right come together every time Trump issues a fatwā, فتوى‎ (just trying to keep things in context).  This time Trump merely wants to suspend the entry into the United States anyone, other than US citizens, (Unless they went overseas to receive Jihadi training), who is a Muslim.  The both sides are screaming Un-American, Fascists, Racists, unconstitutional, and a whole host of other superlatives and rhetorical hyperbole.  It is always amusing when Dick Chaney ends up seated next to the current White House in condemning Trump’s proposals.  Maybe when that happens, someone should call for a time out and revisit the proposal.

Trump Gets the Juices Flowing!

Whether you support Trump or not, you have to admit that he really knows how to create a discussion on whatever topic he deems critical to open debate.  He does not put a fine edge on any of his points nor does he hide behind and PC rhetoric.  He plainly stated: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” 

  • Is this constitutional? Yes, non citizens have no protections under our Constitution.
  • Would the President have statutory authority to enforce such a ban?  Yes!  8 USC 1182: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”)

Here are a couple of examples of restrictions placed on immigration by our government in the past:

  • 1882Chinese Exclusion Act. First federal immigration law suspended Chinese immigration for 10 years and barred Chinese in U.S. from citizenship. Also barred convicts, lunatics, and others unable to care for themselves from entering. Head tax placed on immigrants.
  • 1891: Bureau of Immigration established under the Treasury Department. More classes of aliens restricted including those who were monetarily assisted by others for their passage. Steamship companies were ordered to return ineligible immigrants to countries of origin.
  • 1892Ellis Island opened to screen immigrants entering on east coast. (Angel Island screened those on west coast.) Ellis Island officials reported that women traveling alone must be met by a man, or they were immediately deported. (Hillary would love this one)
  • 1902:  Chinese Exclusion Act renewed indefinitely.  (See 1882 above)
  • 1906:  Procedural safeguards enacted for naturalization. Knowledge of English becomes a basic requirement.  (Just thought I would add this one)
  • 1917:  Immigration Act provided for literacy tests for those over 16 and established an “Asiatic Barred Zone,” which barred all immigrants from Asia.
  • 1922 Japanese made ineligible for citizenship. (This was 19 years before Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese)
  • 1924:  1921 Quotas changed to 2% of each nationality based on numbers in US in 1890. Based on surnames (many anglicized at Ellis Island) and not the census figures, 82% of all immigrants allowed in the country came from western and northern Europe, 16% from southern and eastern Europe, 2% from the rest of the world. As no distinctions were made between refugees and immigrants, this limited Jewish emigres during 1930s and 40s.
  • 1948:  (And here is another of those Un-American concepts)  Displaced Persons Act allowed 205,000 refugees over two years; gave priority to Baltic States refugees; admitted as quota immigrants. Technical provisions discriminated against Catholics and Jews; those were dropped in 1953, and 205,000 refugees were accepted as non-quota immigrants.
  • 2001Patriot Act:  Amended the Immigration and Nationality Act to broaden the scope of aliens ineligible for admission or deportable due to terrorist activities to include an alien who: (1) is a representative of a political, social, or similar group whose political endorsement of terrorist acts undermines U.S. antiterrorist efforts; (2) has used a position of prominence to endorse terrorist activity, or to persuade others to support such activity in a way that undermines U.S. antiterrorist efforts (or the child or spouse of such an alien under specified circumstances); or (3) has been associated with a terrorist organization and intends to engage in threatening activities while in the United States.

So, apparently, we have been Un-American, Fascists, Racists, and constitutionally incorrect in the past!  We have banned whole nationalities and indeed races, and stopped a group of Catholics via regulations, etc.

Why was and is all of this legal?  Because our Constitution places the protection of our citizens as the primary duty of our government and any immigration or refugee restrictions the Congress and President deem necessary to protect the nation is not only Constitutional but required by those in our government.

Can and should followers of Islam be set up as a restricted class for immigration scrutiny?  Yes.

Islam is not only a religion, but also establishes a code of laws for its adherents to live by commonly known as Sharia Law.  When polled by the Center for Justice, 51% of the followers of Islam who are living in the U.S. believed that they should be able to choose to live by U.S. laws or Sharia Law.

So, before you succumb to the hyperbole of the media and other Democrat and Republican political types, stop and ask yourself, “if 2 out of a 1000 Muslim immigrants are or will become radicalized while in the US, should our government do more to screen out the 2?”  Unfortunately the number is a lot highter than 2 out of 1000 which is only .2%.

The Center for Security Policy also released their online polling data that showed that “25% of those polled (Muslims living now in the U.S.), agreed that violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad.”

So, rather than 2 out of 1,000, would you feel comfortable with 250 out of 1000 becoming radicalized and perpetrating another Paris or San Bernardino style attack or worse?

Just Sayin!  Worth thinking about what Trump said and asking yourself what should we do to keep out elements who wish to destroy this nation?




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Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar Thinks WE Should Rethink OUR Freedom of Speech!!!

Clinton and Pakistan’s FM Khar

     FM Hina Rabani Khar said to Wuss Blitzer on CNN that if Our Freedom of speech provokes those in Arab and Islamic countries that “maybe we do need to rethink how much freedom is okay.”  US to MS. Khar, “HOW ABOUT WE STOP SENDING YOU AND THE OTHER RADICAL COUNTRIES IN THE ARAB AND ISLAMIC WORLD OUR MONEY? 

You folks in the Arab and Islamic countries need to look in the mirror.  You have virtually destroyed the once beautiful countries of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, etc. and now are hell-bent on destroying Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan (again), and who knows where else. 


     It seems, to quote you about your Prophet Mohammed;  “Prophet Muhammed’s life is a life of peace,” “He is called the messenger of peace, for instance. So this is very different from the Islam that is portrayed to you when you see that street violence.”  Oh really?  How about the violence in Syria.  There are no Americans there inciting violence through their “insensitivities”.  How about the “Arab Spring” that was merely a pretext for radical Islamist to infect their host countries with radical Sharia ideology ala Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda ideology?  How about the bombings in Iraq AFTER the US left instigated by the Shiia on Sunni or visa versa?  No insults there by the US? 

     Your “culture” seems to be one of destruction and death no matter where you are.  The majority of YOUR Arab League detests the idea that Iran will soon have nuclear capabilities, because you know they will use them on you after Israel, but yet you sit back and do nothing hoping that your arch enemies, the US or Israel, take care of the problem for you so you can maintain your power base and not tick off your own “peaceful” Islamic Citizenry!  Your condemnation of our freedom of speech and religion is a farce of the highest degree. 

     It is time for you to get in touch with “YOUR INNER CHILD” and grow up and take responsibility for your own idiotic, self-defeating actions.  Islam is the least tolerant religion on the face of this planet.  Sharia is the most degrading set of “Laws” ever for freedom loving people and especially Women!  Beheading is not part of religious tolerance. 

Go ahead and run to the United Nations. 

Burning Up Your Foreign Aid

We will run to the US Treasury and cut off your aid.  How about a picture of us burning your foreign aid check!


RD Pierini

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