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The Left’s Uncontrollable March to Defeat The Great American Experiment In Freedom and Equality

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In our last article, “The Left’s Last Stand to Defeat The Great American Experiment In Freedom and Equality”, we postulated that:

The only way the left can overcome the American Constitutional Republic is by destroying the fabric of its foundation.  In other words, destroy its base of law and order through division, class hatred, race hatred and ultimately anarchy.  Once the foundational pillars are gone, the globalist left can come in and the people will acquiesce to the rule of this oligarchy in order to restore some semblance of law and order. “

While we stand by this statement, we also believe that the Political and Media arm of the leftist movement has passed the center of gravity in inciting insurrection and are now unable to control the deep dive of the followers of the left into the abyss of anarchy!  In other words, the Political and Media arms of the left have been so successful in demonizing President Trump that the sheer inertia of the leftist anarchy movement may drive it to a coup d’état or a cultural/political revolution.  Sound far fetched, this word has been used lately in almost a dozen articles printed in leftist publications and parroted on cable channels.  

Coup d’état versus a Revolution:  You may have noticed that I used both the word coup d’état and revolution.  They are different phenomena with quite different outcomes.  A coup d’état is like a revolution in that they can be driven by a popular uprising, but a coup is usually enacted by a few individuals  A coup d’état is usually followed by military rule, at least in the interim.  It is  a change in leadership and not necessarily a cultural and political change.  Existing structures and governing apparatus remain under different leadership.  A revolution is usually accomplished by an overwhelming number of people with the goal to fundamentally change the structure of the nation as well as its leadership.   Think of a revolution as throwing the baby out with the bath water!

The Two Donald Trump’s:  Many Americans only knew the Donald Trump who was the larger than life New York sky scraper builder and part of the New York social elite.  His television show, “The Apprentice”, made him a household name and arguably one of the most recognizable characters in the World.  What many Americans did not know, was that this larger than life character had very specific, principled views on foreign policy, economics, taxation, government, the use of the military, and every other aspect of the role of the US in the world in the current century.  Donald Trump wrote several books that chronicled his beliefs in black and white and the Left certainly knew and understood who Donald Trump was, his views, and his absolute threat to their ideology and more importantly, their 100 year to war to defeat the Great American Experiment.  To use a very overused word, Donald Trump was an existential threat to the Leftist movement in the modern world.

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So, when Donald and Melania Trump came down the golden escalator in June 16, 2015, the Left began their campaign to take out Donald Trump, the candidate, then the President.  At first they chuckled about him not being a serious candidate but behind the scenes, the Obama Administration, including the Justice Department, FBI and the Intelligence services, began to surveil his candidacy and “create” fictitious operation research that they could use against him.  During the ensuing months leading up to the election, the Left and their lap dogs in the media threw the Democrat playbook at Trump with no avail.  The more they denigrated him, the more popular he became.  “America First” and “Make America Great Again” resonated with conservatives, some Democrats, blue-collar workers, and most importantly with many in the minority communities.   

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Trump had struck a cord with the American People that could not be extinguished by Leftist mudslinging using sex, money, and finally race.  The Left’s creation of the Russia Hoax is now pretty widely understood and I will not go into that here,  Suffice it to say, this Leftist smear campaign against Donald Trump the Candidate, then Donald Trump the President, resonated with Leftist hate groups, race baiters, and philosophically opposed factions to the point where the majority of the Democrat party actually believed every untruthful allegation against Trump to be true.  The hard Left groups knew that Trump would undo what had taken them 100 years to accomplish in the US and around the world and they knew they could not allow him to succeed.  The hard Left also had allies in the Neo-Con “conservative” community who would do anything to maintain their hegemony over our foreign policy and foreign trade levers of power.  Globalism to the Left and the Right was a religion that had to be maintained and protected and this “Orange” person threatened their kingdoms.

Fast forward to today when Trump has completely ripped up almost every bad Globalist trade deal for his new reciprocal trade deal format; ejected he US out of the Left wing Paris Climate Accord; Defunded US funding of abortion overseas; Pulled our troops out of Syria and Iran for the most part and working on pulling them out of Afghanistan;  Moved our Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; Torn up the US/Iran agreement and placed harsh sanctions on the Iranian regime; Defeated ISIS in Syria; Forced Europe to pay their share of NATO; and so on.  All of these reversals struck at the heart of the Leftist global agenda. 

But he did not stop overseas, Trump is providing School Choice to minority students who have been confined to failing public schools; Created Opportunity Zones to uplift the inner-cities and create jobs for historically unemployed minorities; provided long-term funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities; Provided increased child care support for families; Drastically revamping the healthcare systems that service the impoverished areas;  Enacted long overdue Criminal Justice and Prison reform that benefitted the Black community the most; Brought millions of jobs to the US via tax cuts, regulation cuts, incentives to manufacturers and more.  In short, in 3 years Trump’s domestic policies generated the lowest unemployment and raised income levels for all minorities; Raised the incomes for most minorities to historic levels; and created a business environment where Blacks and Hispanics opened more new business than at anytime in our history; and much more.  

Chinese Virus:  The onset of the Chinese Virus gave the Left another tool to use against Trump.  But their hand is pretty weak trying to blame Trump for the impacts on our economy as a result of this Pandemic.  While Trump was stopping travel into the US from China in January, the Radical Political Left was impeaching President Trump!  But, the Left saw how easy it was to use the Pandemic to tear up the Constitution and Bill of Rights!  Even today, the curtailment of free peaceful assembly, free speech, and freedom of religion is still being curtailed by leftist governors and mayors around the country.  The Left also sees the use of continued, unsubstantiated “lock-downs” as a way to stop the economic recovery that is underway in the hopes that they can blame Trump for a slow recovery!  Sick People! 

Make no mistake, the Left is taking notes how to strip you of your rights in the event they are able to seize power, peacefully or not!

Trump’s popularity in minority communities scares the living hell out of the progressive Left to the point that supporting anarchy via Antifa and specifically Black Lives Matters is the last trump card the Left has to play, and play they are!

So, today, June 15, 2020, we have part of Seattle, including a police precinct, was taken over by Black Lives Matter and Antifa; Many major Left controlled cities in the US are calling for the defunding of the police or at a minimum cutting police budgets down to levels that will invite lawlessness; Riots spring up every time a police officer is involved with a shooting of a Black person; Calls for emasculating police power and force to the point of ridiculousness; and the Left’s media is flaming the fires 24-7.

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It is so bad at this point there was a Fox reporter, Jonathon Hunt, on scene in Seattle stating that President Trump was wrong about the insurrection in Seattle and that the “protest” was 99.9% peaceful.  What a complete idiot and dupe of the Left, thank you Fox News!  By its very nature, an armed takeover of parts of an incorporated city, and the private property contained therein, and the citizens who work and reside within its confines, is insurrection and can in no way be construed as “PEACEFUL”.  Is this really where we are today in “journalism?  Are members of this self-proclaimed elite class that ignorant?  Or are they part and parcel of the Left Push to Defeat the Great American Experiment!  I think the latter.

A Bridge Too Far

A bridge too far has to come to mean an act or plan whose ambition overreaches its capability, resulting in or potentially leading to difficulty or failure.  While “A Bridge Too Far” was a quote that came our of a discussion of a WWII plan by the allies to isolate the Nazis by taking out all of the bridges in the Netherlands, the plan failed as they did not take out one at Amhem.  The Left is finding themselves in much the same predicament as the Allies.  The Left’s plan was to take out Trump and take back power by any means necessary short of a revolution or a coup d’état, 

But, Where is the “OFF” Button for Anarchy!

Do you really think that if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer stood up and told Antifa, Black Lives Matters and all of the protestors and rioters to go home and chill out that they would obey them!  Get Real!  The political leaders in Democrat Party are now powerless to control their self-created mob.  The Left Media is now in full control shouting orders to these groups and directing their next moves by innuendo.  The mob has tasted blood and they believe that the majority of Americans either stand with them or are afraid of them.  

The anarchist are calling the shots and their enablers in the Left wing media and the leftist controlled states and cities are aiding and abetting their every move.  Congress is even complicit in their hand-wringing and endless apologies for all of the country’s past wrongs even though no one can articulate them in a coherent manner.  Congress, both sides of the aisle, are frantically trying to out legislate the other to appease the mob.  MOBS CANNOT BE APPEASED WITH LOGIC OR RHETORIC.  It has been tried and it does not work.

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Well, you could argue that the Off Button is the Federal Military and the National Guard if the President Federalizes the guard under Title 10 or Title 32 of the US code.  He could further activate all of the provisions of the INSURRECTION ACT of 1807!  This law provides:

“Empowers the President of the United States to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion.  The act provides the “major exception” to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which limits the use of military personnel under federal command for law enforcement purposes within the United States. Before invoking the powers under the Act, 10 USC § 254 requires the President to first publish a proclamation ordering the insurgents to disperse.”

The Left knows that the President has this power and that this power has been used over 20 times by both Republican and Democrat Presidents, that last being George H.W. Bush in 1992 to quell the riots in Los Angeles.  1992 only impacted one city, Los Angeles,  The current insurrection is impacting dozens of major cities across the US.  So, the Left and its Media is portraying Trump as a dictator if he tries to quell this current wide-spread insurrection.  Also, the Leftist Mayors and Governors are dragging their feet in taking charge so they can force Trump to act!  God forbid one of the mob is killed by the military as this will be blown out of proportion and make the Kent State shootings seem small.

Where Will the Military Be?

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Lately, you have seen several retired military Generals and even our Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff state that Trump is violating the US Constitution by some of his acts or planned acts.  Of course, none of these brave soldiers name any of the specific of these alleged violations.  But it begs the question, if the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, enacts the Insurrection Act, and Federalizes the National Guard and the Active Service Military, would the Pentagon resist?  If they refused to deploy troops, this is the first step towards a coup d’état!  How far would they go?  If both houses Congress did not support the President and publicly ask the military to remove the President, would they do so?  Would the Military tell Congress they had to impeach the President rather than unconstitutionally remove the President from Office?  IF the President is impeached, would VP Pence be “ALLOWED” to succeed him or would the Military and Congress name their own President?  Seem far fetched?  Today seems far fetched!

Revolution Instead?

Antifa and Black Lives Matter today are not strong enough nor organized enough to fend off the weight and military strength of the US Military.  But, they could certainly loot, burn, maim, and kill indiscriminately before they are subdued.  The impact on our cities, our citizens, and our immediate future would be grim to say the least.  If the President deploys the Military around this nation, there will no doubt be violent actions and reactions.  No doubt some will be killed, maybe on both sides.  One thing for sure, the Left and its Media and the Democrats will blame President Trump in order to try to use it to defeat him in November.  

The Law of Lawlessness

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President Trump is in a Catch-22.  If he does nothing, the lame left wing Mayors and Governors will sit back and let the violence continue.  Eventually, President Trump will have to act and act decisively.  The less decisive, the more casualties.  It will have to be a swift, well coordinated effort followed by strict marshal law with strictly enforced curfews until emotions abate.  It will be a sad day in America but better than allowing this to continue until we see Red States and Blue States enjoining in battle!  We went through this once and a repeat of the American Civil War is not something any of us wish to consider.

We pray for this current upheaval to abate organically.  But, if it does not, then there is only one option and it cannot be postponed too long…

RD Pierini


The Left’s Last Stand to Defeat The Great American Experiment In Freedom and Equality

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Since the founding of this Great Country, leftist elements, including the media, have fought to subvert the world’s oldest Republic. One of the main reasons the left hates the republican form of government is that it is the hardest to defeat.  Why?  Because a republic is a decentralized form of government where the people and their individual States are Constitutionally protected against an absolute authoritarian centralized, Federal government. In short, it is difficult to supplant a decentralized, people-power vested Republic with a socialist-communist style of centralized, oligarchy controlled, government.  BUT, the left has dominated our educational systems for over 70 years and have instilled leftist ideology and hatred of or at least a lack of respect for America.  Their identity politics campaign has been successful in wiping out 60 years of work and progress towards a truly racially color blind society and has replaced tolerance with class and racial Animous.  

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The only way the left can overcome the American Constitutional Republic is by destroying the fabric of its foundation.  In other words, destroy its base of law and order through division, class hatred, race hatred and ultimately anarchy.  Once the foundational pillars are gone, the globalist left can come in and the people will acquiesce to the rule of this oligarchy in order to restore some semblance of law and order.  Expand the anarchy in Seattle to every left controlled city and State of which there are many.  Before long, after all of the cities have been burned and ransacked, the population will kneel to their new centralized masters. 

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Yes for a while, some of the Red States will fight back and may even rise up and start a new civil war.  The key will be whose side the military supports!  You have witnessed an overwhelming majority of retired military Pentagon officials standing against President Trump.  This is not a surprise as the military complex is hard left leaning, supporting endless wars that are designed to weaken the patriotism and resolve of the American people.  Before the left joins the civil conflict, it will ensure that the military is supporting them.  The left has already split the military’s allegiance when it comes to the Constitutional and legal use of our standing military force to quell domestic insurrection.  Are we sure if President Trump orders the regular military to take back downtown Seattle that the military leaders would immediately comply with this order?  Unfortunately I am  not sure at this point.

Why Is Left Doubling and Tripling Down On Its Efforts To Destroy The Great American Experiment?

Is it really a hatred of President Trump?  Not really.  They hate what he represents.  He represents the only modern threat to rolling back a 100 years of leftist gains to take over and rule this nation, and thus the world.  

If the left did not fear the role that the Trump Presidency would be playing in their loss of power and ultimate world domination, would they really have used our Justice system and our Intelligence community to try to kill his election, then, after he won, roll back his electoral victory?  Probably not.  This effort to take down Trump was a huge, illegal and unconstitutional risk and only underscores the fear the left has of the Trump movement.  

The left spent much of the last century setting up the demise of our Great American Experiment in Freedom. 

  • K-12 Education:  They took over our educational systems by controlling the unions to make sure that funding to the schools was used to liberalize the curriculum and also to money launder some of that funding back to the Democrat Party.
  • Higher Education:  They established control over higher education much the same way by selectively doling out grants and setting up the kill shot through their student loan programs.  The student loan programs allowed higher education to charge exorbitant tuition funding by student loans.  Thus, students were forever in debt to the government and these institutions.  The students paid for their own liberal brain washing and saddled themselves with a lifetime of debt servitude!
  • Military:  One of the strongest pillars protecting our Republic is our military dominance that was established in WWII, then perpetuated when the Soviet Union collapsed.  The left knew that our military and our standing in the world as its dominant military power stood in its way to usurp the power of the United States.  By embracing “New-Conservative” world views whereby the US would be responsible for policing every conflict throughout the world, the left insured that the US would be bogged down in endless conflicts that would drain our treasury and deplete our military resources.  The left instilled these Neo-Con ideas into the Pentagon and into our war colleges to the point that many of the generals in the Pentagon and those that have retired rail against ending a war that has been ongoing in Afghanistan for 20 years and also in Iraq where the war itself had dubious justification.  The left knew that it had to weaken our military, deplete our treasure, and corral our Pentagon officials into supporting globalism and the idea that the US must be used for the “world common good” rather than to “protect and defend the United States against enemies foreign and domestic.”
  • China and US Multi-National Companies:  In order to weaken the US economy, the left, aided and abetted by left leaning Republicans and US based Multi-National companies and banks, saw China as a way to counter-balance and weaken the strength the US economy.  Initially they has hoped that the European Union would provide the counter-balance but they soon realized that the EU was bogged down in their own anti-capitalism and pro-socialist downward spiral.  So the leftist looked to the East and saw a hard-core Communist nation, led by harsh dictators, who were badly in need of economic revitalization.  The leftist told us that if we brought China into the 21st century economically, that China would move from being a hard core brutal communist regime to a moderate, pro-western, somewhat socialist nation.   The left almost succeeded prior to the election of President Trump.  The Chinese were on track to overtake the US economically in a short time and our US based multi-national companies and banks were poised to follow them into this new age of Chinese Prosperity.  But, President Trump stopped this Chinese march and restructured our trade relationship with China, and our US based multi-national companies.  THIS WAS A MAJOR BLOW TO THE LEFTIST WHO SOUGHT TO WEAKEN AMERICAN BY USING CHINA TO SIPHON OFF OUR MANUFACTURING BASE AND TO ENSURE THAT THE US COULD NOT DEFEND ITSELF AGAINST CHINA OR ANY OTHER MAJOR POWER.
  • Slavery, Black Civil Rights, and the Left:  The 20th century Leftist Democrat Party had to devise a means to capture the Black vote to ensure that the Democrats could continue to dominate Congress and oftentimes the Presidency.  They also knew that it was critical for the Left to dominate Cities and States in order to ensure that leftist ideologies were ensconced in local politics including school boards.  The problem the left had was that it was they who supported slavery, who opposed abolishing slavery, fought against the Republican President Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War, and fought against post civil war amendments to ensure that freed Blacks were given equal rights.  The left was also responsible for a series of local and State laws that came to be know as Jim Crow laws that sought to roll-back any freedoms won by Blacks following the civil war.  Ironically, the left was stuck with the legacy of their pro-slavery past until the Great Depression.  Blacks, Whites and all Americans suffered greatly under this economic disaster.  President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and other measures attracted many poor Americans, including Blacks, to Roosevelt’s Democrat party. The Blacks remained pro Democrat and this supported was solidified, ironically, with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and its subsequent revisions.  I say ironically as it was the Republican in Congress that supported and passed this historic legislation.  But, the left, led by President Lyndon Johnson, made everyone believe that it was the Democrats who were responsible for ensuring that Blacks were protected by this legislation.  When Johnson passed his historic welfare scheme, the Great Society, he is purported to have said, “This will have the N*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years”!  Ever since then, the Democrats have enjoyed 90%+ of the Black vote!  More to come on this…
  • Identity Politics:  The Left was very successful in identifying the Blacks as a group then pandering to this group in order to ensure their political support.  The Left supported Black community organizers who personally profited from their affiliation with the left, ensuring their loyalty come election time.   The Left then looked elsewhere for possible groups that they could exploit in order to gain their political support.  Any minority group was a target and the Left successfully was able to identity, illegal aliens, Hispanic legal immigrants, gays, lesbians, bi-sexual individuals, transsexuals, and other sexual preference groups, as well as combinations of those groups.  The only problem with Identity Politics is that at some point one of your “groups” interests may be at odds with one or more of your other groups!  Or, since the Left supported the off-shoring of American jobs, Blacks, Hispanics and others found that the Left’s support for off-shoring  jobs or their support for unlimited illegal immigration was taking jobs away from Blacks and Hispanics!  How did the left overcome this conflict?  By pointing to another shiny object and taking the spotlight off of their hypocrisy.  For example, as President Trump began to make inroads into the Hispanic and Black communities by proving job and self employment opportunities, the Left began their campaign to brand Trump and his Administration and followers as RACISTS.  This has become the rallying cry for the left on everything Trump.  

So, by taking over education and using the classroom to indoctrinate our children and young adults in leftist ideology including the “decadence of America at its core”, the left has set the stage for triggering civil unrest to the point of anarchy.  By indoctrinating our military leaders with Neo-Con ideology, in order to weaken America, and the need for the military to embrace “social change”, non-interference with civil unrest,  the left has effectively at least made the military brass ambivalent to leftist, anti-American ideology or converted many of the brass as supporters of this anti-American rhetoric.  By using China as a way to siphon off US assets and jobs, and to bond US Multi-National CEOs of our companies and banks to Chinese interest at the expense of US interests, the left had the perfect mechanism to weaken our economy all the while making minorities feel that they have been left out of the American Dream and that it is all Trump’s fault!  Finally, by using the centuries old wounds of slavery and inequality, coupled with identify politics that pits groups of Americans against each other and against America itself, the left has the perfect fuse from which to ignite nation-wide insurrection that could destroy the Great American Experiment in Freedom and Quality!  

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The upcoming 2020 election is even more important than the 2016 election in one important way.  In 2016 the Left perpetrated insurrection against Donald J. Trump.  In 2020, the Left is perpetrating insurrection against the United States of America. 

The Left and their media are fully prepared to light the fuse of nation-wide insurrection by exploiting the current protests, riots and insurrection.  They will absolutely push the anarchist groups to armed conflict in order to destroy President Trump and stop his reelection.  To our fellow citizens in the Black Community.  Make no mistake, this insurrection has nothing to do with the death of George Floyd, police brutality or your civil rights.  It is about stopping Donald Trump’s election and furthering their leftist agenda.  Also, after supporting the Democrats since the 1940’s, what have they done to bring about economic and educational equality to the Black Community, nothing!  

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Make no mistake, America is at a tipping point!  Silence and apathy will lead to the Death of the Great American Experiment in Freedom and Quality!

RD Pierini


President Trump-Educating America and Creating The New American “Normal”

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Note:  Victor Davis Hanson, a Hoover Institution senior fellow, appeared on Laura Ingram’s show and stated that President Trump’s Coronavirus Policies are now “Conventional Wisdom”, which means that they are the accepted norm for handling the pandemic viruses.  If you missed the interview, I have included the link below under the Hat Tops.  An excerpt from the interview:   “It’s just, it’s kind of ironic that we just shrug that this is conventional wisdom. But when he said it, it was heresy. When you have half the country shut down, you want a president who says to farmers here in California, ‘You guys need water? We’re going to give it to you. We want to produce food.  You want him to say, you guys in Pennsylvania, you guys in Texas get muddy and start fracking because we’re going to help. We want people in their apartments, in their homes to have heat when they turn on the thermostat.”  I had started writing this article prior to his appearance and observations.  I have modified my article to include his observations.


Love him or hate him, President Trump has schooled the American Public, economists, health care specialists, foreign policy buffs, the main stream media, and many others, on a wide range of topics such as “Free Trade”, America First, Reversing Globalism, Foreign Policy Based on America’s Self-Interest, Making Others Pay Their Fair Share, American Preparedness for Pandemics, Secure Borders, and so on.  What was “Conventional Wisdom” for a wide ranging subject matter, meaning accepted principles, definitions, norms, or beliefs, prior to November 8, 2016, are now out the window.  President Trump has changed the narrative, not only in the US, but worldwide.  Here are some examples of the New Trump Conventional Wisdom!

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  There is no such thing as the Left Wing Conventional Wisdom!

International Trade:

How many of us knew the difference between “Free Trade” and “Reciprocal Free Trade”?  How many realized that our globalist politicians strangled our industries with insane regulations that drove up our manufacturing cost of product between $11.00 and $20.00 per hour BEFORE OPENING THE PLANT DOOR?  Then, told us that it was so much cheaper to produce a US product in China.  That is how we lost 60,000 manufacturing plants in the past two decades!  They also told you that you were better off now since you could but products You much cheaper that were made in China?  NOT IF YOU WERE ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR MANUFACTURING JOB TO CHINA!  Of course this had  no impact on the globalist CEOs or the Wall Street bankers who made a killing by offshoring our jobs to China.  Obama told us that under this new Globalist economy, our stagnant economy and low job growth was our NEW NORMAL.

Trump’s Paradigm ChangePresident Trump taught you that reciprocal trade agreements were the only acceptable norm and that America had to return to a manufacturing economy for the sake of our national security, our economy, and the well being of our Middle Class that had all but died out prior to 2016.  Plus, when we bought more from other countries than we sold to other countries, we reduced our own GDP and weakened our own economy.

Principle, If China sold us a $1.00 worth of goods, China had to buy a $1.00 worth of goods from the US.  If China or any other country did not agree, then we had the right, and duty, to place tariffs on the goods coming in until we had a “Reciprocal Free Trade” balance. 

He taught us that tariffs were a tool to balance trade and did NOT actually increase the cost to our consumers at home.  HOW?  for every $1.00 of tariff we placed on China, China devalued their currency and increased their internal subsidies to offset our tariffs.  But, this practice drove down the value of China’s exports and hurt their economy.  But, China, not our consumers, are paying the price as evidenced by the lack of inflation in the US since tariffs were imposed.  

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Trade with other nations must be reciprocal, and, the use of tariffs is a strong tool in creating balanced, reciprocal trade agreements!

America First-Hire American, Buy American

President Trump ran as a pro-American Populist conservative but has espoused these principles since the 1980’s.  President Trump, repeatedly states that we have manufacture more of our consumer and national security related goods in the US and they have to be produced by US, not foreign, workers.   The goal is to make the US independent in its production of essential goods and services while lifting up lower and middle income workers by providing higher paying jobs to these workers.  His plan was working prior to the Coronavirus and will resume when it passes.  

In fact, the Coronavirus has driven home the President’s admonition that we cannot outsource our industries and jobs and expect the US to lead the world economy, preserve peace around the world, and lift our nation to new heights.  He has taught us that steel and energy is the backbone of our economy and national security and the coronavirus has accentuated that we cannot afford to outsource our healthcare products whether it be PPE, medical equipment, or pharmaceuticals.  When the virus passes, President Trump will insist that critical industries must be brought back to the us and the ones that are left, like agriculture, are supported and not depressed by environmental activism.  

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  A key pillar of US economic and national security is America’s ability to manufacture goods at home by American Workers.

American Independence On Strategic Supply Chains 

In order to manufacture here at home, the US must control the components of each of the items we produce which is defined as the supply chain.  IF not, what is the point of final assembly here if another country like China can withhold needed components of the product.  Today, 96% of the components that go into our pharmaceuticals are controlled by China.  We have to produce the raw materials we need at home and then create the final products here at home with American workers.

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional WisdomNations cannot be secure, free or safe unless it not only manufacture’s its own strategic products, but also controls and creates all of the product’s components within its Supply Chain.


Early on, President Trump placed tariffs on foreign steel coming into the US.  We have the raw materials we need to produce steel here at home but have allowed cheap imports to overtake our own production.  STEEL IS AT THE HEART AND SOUL OF OUR NATIONAL SECURITY LET ALONE THE BACKBONE OF MANY OFOUR CONSUMER PRODUCTS AND INFRASTRUCTURE.  The President, in spite of Wall Street and the MSM, proved that we can protect our steel industry and prices would not inflate as a result.  We can now rely on our own steel for our military equipment, ships, planes, buildings etc.. 

Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Steel is the core component powering our economy, military and lifestyle and must be produced in the US and the US cannot be reliant on foreign supplies of steel.


President Trump early on moved to replace NAFTA and other international agreements that have worked to the detriment of one of our core industries, Agriculture.  Many scoffed at this but an abundant, safe and steady supply of food is an essential national security component.  If you cannot feed your own people, what difference does it make if you have a strong military?  

In additional to changing international agreements in order to product our food industry, the President has also eliminated regulations that forced millions of our precious farmland to go fallow and to increase our production costs at home to the point where it was cheaper to import food products from foreign countries rather than produce them at home.  BUT, what will be the President’s most valuable move will be his directive to restore 25% of California’s water supply back to agriculture.  Today is being diverted to “save the smelt” in the San Joaquin Valley Delta.  California has forced over 900,000 acres out of production with its water policy.  These lands are the most productive lands in the world.

Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Our Food Supply is a key component of our national security and the US must produce all food commodities and finished food products.  Corollary for California:  Water is the foundation of our agricultural and must be provided to our farmers and ranchers.


President Trump had been working with healthcare equipment and pharmaceutical companies to stabilize and move much of the production back to the US.  The Coronavirus shocked the American public into reality by showing how dependent the US is on foreign production of our healthcare needs.  The President also reversed the Obamacare taxes on Healthcare medical devices which was absolutely crazy to start out with.  When you tax something, you get less of it!

If President Trump wins reelection, you will see a dramatic change in the supply chain and manufacturing of these vital health components.  If he does not win reelection, you will see the left move to nationalize our healthcare industries and push out our ability to be self-sufficient towards globalized supply.

Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Healthcare is a major component of our national security and the US must produce and control all of the components and supply chains that support our healthcare system.

Trucks and Heavy Equipment

The left has spent years crushing our automobile manufacturers with heavy handed regulations and taxes.  They have done the same for our heavy equipment manufactures such as Caterpillar Tractor.  But, these industries are vital in war time and for the continued maintenance of our military preparedness through their production of tanks, military vehicles and supporting equipment.  The left downplays the military strength then kicks the legs out from under our ability to sustain our military strength.

President Trump has stood these industries back up by removing burdensome regulations and taxes.  The Coronavirus has proved the President as being right and now we have auto companies producing ventilators and other needed equipment to help combat the virus.  If you do not see the national security element of these industries now, wake up!

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Vehicle production, including trucks and heavy equipment, are key to our national security as they can produce unparalleled supplies of military vehicle and equipment, including healthcare equipment such as ventilators and respirators.

Military Components and Equipment

Like healthcare and so many other vital industries, we have allowed our military suppliers to outsource components of our military systems and equipment to China and others.  This is nuts!  Even if a missile system is assembled here, if the electronic control boards are made in China we are putting a gun to our own head and pulling the trigger.  The President has issued EOs to force military contractors to Buy American and Hire American when it comes to our military components and equipment.

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  The US must produce all component parts of our military systems and never rely on foreign parts.

Chinese Communism

President Trump has written in his books that China represented a real existential threat to the US economically and militarily.  He emphasized that the Communist Party has one singular goal and that was to surpass the US as the Global super power and economic leader.  While praising the Chinese Communist Leader President Xi publicly, Trump’s policies toward China are anything but conciliatory or pacificatory.

The President has taught Americans not to accept the “Conventional Wisdom” that China overtaking the US economically was inevitable as you hear from Wall Street and the MSM.  He has shown the MSM and his detractors that you can wage economic warfare against China, enacting crippling tariffs on Chinese exports, and walk away with a pro-American trade agreement that bolsters our economy all the while slowing down the Chinese economic advances.

The President has taught Americans that Chinese military hegemony in the world is not inevitable and that confronting the Chinese head-on is possible without firing a shot.  He has accomplished this by instituting regular patrols in the once Chinese dominated South China Sea.  He has accomplished this by strengthening our own military, conventional and nuclear, to levels never before achieved.  He has done this by strengthening ties in the East with South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and others.  He is doing this by crippling Chinese allies in the Middle East such as Syria and Iran economically.  By becoming energy independent, the President has built an energy wall around the US where we cannot be threatened with Middle Eastern turmoil or oil embargoes. 

The old conventional wisdom that you cannot threaten China directly or indirectly or we will suffer.  NOT TRUE!

Watch for the President strengthening our ties with Taiwan in his second term.  China will not be happy but they will stand down!

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Chinese Communism is our #1 existential threat to the US and that the US must take back our lost industries and jobs from China.

Border Security-Land, Sea, Air, and Technological

When President Trump and the First-Lady-to-be descended down the golden escalator, and he told America that strong borders were critical and that stopping illegal immigration was a national security issue, the MSM and all of the then conventional wisdom crowd blew a gasket and still are! 

The President then spent his campaign, and now is Presidency, educating the American People of the horrors of open boarders that include drug trafficking, human trafficking.  In spite of illegal immigration reinvigorating diseases that we had long since eradicated including tuberculosis, the MSM was able to tamp down the outrage by changing the narrative to the housing of “children” by the Border Patrol. 

Now, with Coronavirus, even Americans who were skeptical of Trump’s border clampdown, now get it!  We had a number of Chinese illegal immigrants sneaking in our Southern border.  There is no doubt that the virus started and spread from China and our open borders would allow Chinese to circumvent our travel ban and merely walk into the US.  

Hopefully, with the threat of the Coronavirus, the flood of drugs pouring across our Southern Border, and the scourge of human trafficking, the President has convinced Americans that Open Borders are a threat to our national security!  If this holds, the President has helped to save American Jobs; saved those who are victims of human trafficking’s; saved thousands from death from illicit drugs; and protected the vulnerable who are being victimized by drug cartel coyotes who promise them nirvana and delivering suffering, pain and even death. 

Past conventional wisdom dictated that open borders was a humane practice that was in our national interest.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Open Borders are Bad and Controlled Borders are Good.  Border security is in our vital national security and healthcare interest.

Foreign Policy-Allies Pay Their Fair Share

The President stated while campaigning that our allies and all of those nations we protect MUST pay their share of the costs and must meet their obligations under existing treaties and agreements.  The left went nuts as their goal was  to continue to milk the US dry while standing up socialist and Islamist ideologies against the US.  The President asked simple questions:  Why should we pay to protect oil rich nations in the Middle East?  Why should we contribute to NATO and let other NATO members contribute less than their agreed upon amounts?  Why should we pay for our troops to be stationed in other countries without those countries paying the US for these security troops?  DUH, the President is right!  

  Past conventional wisdom touted US subsidies to protect other nations to the detriment of our own economy and our own security.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:   US Allies must reimburse the US for military protections that American provides to nations worldwide.  Our NATO allies must meet their investment and contribution commitments to NATO.  Our UN Allies must pay their fair share to support the UN and the UN must treat the US fairly in order to receive our funding.

Foreign Policy-Regions Police Their Own Regions

The President ran on the US getting out of regional conflicts and making our regional allies police their own regions.  The President condemns the old Neo-Con philosophy that it is in the US national interest to engage in decades long wars in regional conflicts.  The President believes that our involvement in the Middle East, for example, only serves to incite hatred against the US.  It is also a huge drain on our resources and allows for thousands our precious military men and women to be killed and maimed.  And for what?  Has this old policy ever worked?  Vietnam?  Afghanistan? Iraq? Syria?  Not even a little!

  Past conventional wisdom said that the US must engage in regional conflicts to combat communism, terrorism, and other evils of this world without regional allies taking the lead.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Regional allies must police their own region and stand down regional threats without US direct involvement.

Foreign Policy-Peace Through Strength

President Trump has revived President Reagan’s policy of peace through strength by rebuilding our military to a level that is stronger than ever.  This policy has stalemated China, Russia, Iran and North Korea to a large degree.  They all now know that we have the tools and the craftsman to use these tools effectively, and in a decisive manner.  The President has also created the Space Force to counter China and Russia’s move to control cyberspace.  It will take some time to finalize all of these efforts but for now we have put the world on notice that the US is back and not leading from behind.

  Past conventional wisdom sought to downplay the US strength, physically and mentally, and created a counter-balance to the US a the sole World Super Power.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  The US military and its military systems must be maintained to establish and sustain our military leadership in the world in order to disuade bad actors from threatening the US and its allies.

Constitutional Rights

The left has been chipping away at our Constitutional Rights for decades being aided and abetted by the MSM and RINOs.  The left’s goal to emasculate State’s Rights along with individual rights, and turn our Republic into a Centralized Government almost succeeded. The Democrat Socialist Party is the Democrat Party and challenges our very existence as the oldest Constitutional Republic ever created.  President Trump is stepping in and reversing all of the leftists gains and seeks to restore the rule of law under our Constitutional Republic.   His handling of the Coronavirus should convince even his detractors that the President believes in the principles and foundation of our Republic by NOT instituting Marshal Law and federalizing out response to the virus.  You see article after article calling on the President to institute a national lockdown.  The President is resisting these efforts and calling the Governors to guide their own State with the help of the Federal Government.  Arguably, if we had a Democrat President, we would be under Marshal Law right now.  The President is also attempting to work with the private sector to cooperate voluntarily rather than invoke a mandatory command under the Defense Production Act to assist in the production of needed PPE and medical equipment. 

The President has also appointed justices and judges who believe in the letter of the Constitution versus those who believe that the Constitutional must bend to “Conventional Wisdom”.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  The Constitution established a State led Republic and not a Centralized, Executive controlled Government, with the rights of the People at the apex of our form of government.

Sorry for the length of this article but I wanted to included as many of the new conventional wisdom “Trumpisms” as possible.  I could have included many more.  But, the key takeaway is that President Trump is reestablishing the principles that are the foundation of this nation and the reversal of the leftist move to “transform” our nation.  In spite of the dangers of the Coronavirus, the President continues to push power back to the State and Local Governments in spite of tremendous pressure to take this power for himself and the federal government.  The Left, and the President, knows that if President Trump did federalize the response, the Left would use it to solidify central control, after they impeach him for doing so!

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RD Pierini



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The Left Exposed on Foreign Policy-“America Last”

John Kerry Complains Donald Trump Ruined Iran Deal

The Progressive-Left, America Last, Globalist elites, all chimed in to condemn President Trump’s take-down of the Iran State Terrorism Leader General Qassem Soleimani.  Soleimani was the Lefts last hope to maintain instability in the Middle East in order to bog down the US in this region, take down Israel after weakening the US, and allow the Iran backed Shia to counter balance the Sunni majority in the Middle East.  Soleimani would be rewarded by the US and European Progressive-Left with cash bribes, lucrative oil exports and other incentives as long as the Iranian Theocracy would keep working to weaking the US and Israeli coalition.

But, the Progressive-Left and the Iranian Theocracy did not count on Donald J. Trump and the Trump Doctrine for the Middle East.

See the source image

The saddest part of the current chapter of Trump’s doctrine in Iran is that some RINOs are siding against Trump’ action and his strategy in the region, including Senator Mike Lee of Utah.  Many of these limp-wristed Republicans hailed Bush’s idiotic invasion of Iraq but now want to limit President Trump’s ability to take down Iran once and for all by freezing their aggression and fomenting domestic unrest that will hopefully lead to the demise of the Iranian Theocracy. 

As a witness to the overthrow of the Shah in 1979, and the seating of the current Iranian Theocracy, I am pleased to see the potential for the Iranian people to take back their country and engage in self rule.  The Iranians deserved better than the US backed Shah’s harsh rule but certainly also deserve better than the current despotic rule of an islamist Theocracy!  The Iranians, heirs of the Persian Empire, are more cohesive than most other made-up countries of the region for self rule.  Their pre-Islamist past certainly gives them the creds to be a major innovative player in technlogy and other fields if they are freed to do so.  The US, Israel, Christianity and Persia have much more in common than is commonly understood.  That will be the subject of our next post, “The US And Iran Common History and Belief Systems”.

See the source image

The progressive-Left’s absolute backing of the Iran Islamist leadership, kept in place by its tyrannical, military terrorist Soleimani, is all of the proof you need that the Progressive-Left is Anti-American!  Since the pathetic President Jimmy Carter handed Iran over to the tyrannical theocratic leadership of Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, also known in the Western world as Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran has abandoned its heritage, squandered its wealth on supporting terrorism, and suppressing the rights and freedoms of its people. 

Art - Cyrus the Great

Ironically, under the Persian Empire’s Cyrus the Great (559-529BC), this leader created the first documented charter of CIVIL RIGHTS that 1,700 years later became the basis of the Magna Carta and then our own Constitutional Bill of Rights.  Today in Iran, their rights have been eliminated and the people are kept in check by the policies of the Ayatollah and its “Darth Vader”, General Soleimani.  Thousands of Iranians, Jordanians, Syrians, Kurds, Iraqi, Yemenis, Saudis and AMERICANS have been killed at the hand of this brutal terrorist.

The American and European Progressive-Left have aided and abetted the rise and continuation of this brutal regime.  This support is in direct conflict with America’s self-interest and the interest of the Iranian people.  Their goal was to further weaken the US interests at home and abroad and to foment a lose-lose condition in the Middle East that would insure endless warfare and disruption to the world energy supply.  The only barrier to their goal is Donald J. Trump and his Middle East Doctrine.  The juxtaposition of America First and America Last is the billboard for the Progressive-Left agenda in Iran.  Iran offered them the perfect storm.  

The good news is that the Progressive-Left and their puppet the Iranian Theocracy, are a couple of short steps away from being relegated to annuls of history.  President Trump’s Middle East Doctrine is almost in place to insure this demise.

  • President Trump has aligned Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates into a NATO like coalition to oppose a nuclear Iran.
  • President Trump is seeking to add a NATO Directive that would align NATO against Iranian hegemony in the Middle East and form the second “wall” of international opposition to this theocratic dictatorship and State sponsor of terrorism.
  • Remove Iran’s influence over Iraq and the Iranian-Iraqi coalition to create a Shia/Iran controlled Iraqi government controlled by Tehran.
  • Pull our troops out of Iraq and Syria and replace our presence with those of the new Middle East and NATO coalitions.
  • Support Iranian dissidents so they can install their own government and rid themselves of the 40 year old terrorist theocracy.

See the source image

 The recent protests in Iran against its government are signs that the timetable for regime change from internal revolt may happen sooner than later.  This is difficult to predict but I witnessed a similar event in the late 70’s that unseated the prior Iranian government.  The current government is in disarray since the death of Soleimani that left the regime without a brutal butcher to slaughter their own citizens into submission.  Time will tell what the outcome will be.  But, if you disagree with my premis that the Progressive-Left is anti-America/Anti-Trump, just watch the US Democrat and their compliant media’s reaction to the current uprising.  Some will ignore it, some will condemn Trump for sowing the seads of unrest, and some will outright criticize the movement and call on our government to stamp out the uprising.  Then you will know…

RD Pierini



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Iranian terrorist kingpin Qassem Soleimani’s Top 10 Atrocities

Trump Should Campaign in California

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Should Trump Campaign in California?  YES!

President Trump needs to lead the Republican Party outreach to the Black and Latino voters everywhere, especially in California, New York, and interior cities with large minority concentrations.  Is it a waste of Time to campaign in California?  Not really.  In 2008, Proposition 8 was defeated in California primary by the Black vote in Los Angeles.  This was an anti-gay marriage proposition.  In 2008. gay marriage was still out of the mainstream and opposed by many if not most conservative minorities including Blacks and Hispanics.  Even Barack Obama favored Gay Unions but not Gay Marriage!

I am not saying that Trump should campaign on an anti-gay platform, quite the opposite.  He should take his record on standing up for all minorities and raising their standard of living, investing in turning around their communities, and pushing for criminal reform.  He should reach out to the LGBT community and show them his actins have made the LGBT community safer around the world.

Can he win California?  Maybe not.  But right now, national pols are showing that 30+% of black males approve of Trump’s performance.  Black poverty rates are at historic lows, Black unemployment are at historic lows, and Black Youth unemployment are at historic lows.  Trump needs to work on Black Women but that is doable given his track record of accomplishments for Blacks in general.  

See the source image

Hispanics are generally entrepreneurial, conservative, Christian and pro family.  Many Hispanics may not like Trump’s Tweets but they do not necessarily disagree with his strong border policies.  This sentiment is also supported in Black Communities who have seen their wages driven down by illegal immigration.  Also, it is tough enough to provide for your own families much less have to pay for others who are here illegally!  These traits are not supported by the Democrat Left, especially by the group of 2020 Democrat candidates.  Trump’s approval by Hispanics hit 50% in a pol this year according to McLaughlin.  Real Clear Politics polling show similar strength.

Non-White Hispanics and Hispanics (38%),  Blacks (7%)  and Asians (13%) outnumber Non- Hispanic Whites (40%) in California by almost 20%!  Trump and the Republican Party may not be able to take back California but they could certainly scare the pants off of the Democrat Left and their media!  New York and New Jersey may be more difficult but what do we have to lose?

See the source image

The Homelessness problems in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York are legend and their Democrat populations don’t like stepping in poop any more than the rest of us!  Over half of the nation’s  homeless population live in California.  A little leadership by the President would go a long way to solidify these voters support.

See the source image

Finally, crime in San Francisco, Los Angeles,  Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Baltimore, New York City. Washington DC, and other cities and States led by 50 year+ Democrat regimes, account for the vast majority of crime in this country.  These same cities and States are rotting from the inside and their sanitation, infrastructure and opportunity levels are abhorrent.  The President should target these areas and put as much pressure as possible on local Democrat politicians by promoting his Opportunity Zones and use the DOJ, ATF and the FBI to start to clean up the streets of these areas and make them safe for their residents.  

See the source image

President Trump should showcase his Department of Education’s efforts, led by Betsy DeVos, to make sure the inner City residents and hard hit rural area residents have access to SCHOOL CHOICE.  You think the DEEP STATE is squealing now!  Just wait!

My fear is that if Trump does not use the 2020 election to expose his pro minority agenda to California and other Democrat strongholds, he will lose an opportunity to start a process of taking these areas back.  This is a generational fight and we need to start it NOW!   It will be difficult time wise as the Democrat Left and their media will keep harassing him with phony allegations and impeachment hoaxes.  This will not stop.

See the source image

He has already poked the Progressive-Left Bear and they are fighting back.  Let’s give them something to really scream about!

RD Pierini


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Polls: Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics approaches 50 percent





Why The Left Must Tear Down the United States REPUBLIC To Win!

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BACDKGROUND:  Today all we hear is impeachment; the tearing down and removal of our history and historical reminders; the attacks on our institutions such as the Electoral College, States Rights, freedom of speech and Equal Representation; the branding of our Founding Fathers as Racist; the “need” to elect a President by popular vote and to eliminate equal representation in the Senate; and many more examples of the tyranny of the minority trying to reduce our Democratic Republic to an oligarchy led by Leftist Elites (rule by a select few). 

The Left has systematically attacked the pillars of our Republic.  The Electoral College; the fact that each State has an equal number of Senators, 2, to represent them, and the Constitution itself by trying to make it a “living” document that can change with the times.  The Left has usurped education and inserted their anti-republic ideologies into the curriculum, K-University.  The Left has dominant control over the main stream media through which to continue the anti-republic indoctrination that began in kindergarten.  The Left sold “Fair Trade” as a panacea for all peoples when in fact it was a way to hobble the US economy with stifling regulations and controls while allowing our adversaries and enemies to prosper unfettered.  The Left has created a permanent bureaucracy through which to ignore elections and perpetuate economic, foreign policy, social, and law enforcement Leftist policies.  They have created an anti-free-speech environment where contrary thought and speach is not accepted and silenced.  Only Leftist speech, thus thought, is acceptable.  You either conform or you are cast out…  Sound like Facism?  That is what it is.

But in order to understand how an “elite” few on the left, an oligarchy, could seek to destroy the most stable and free form of government ever devised, we need to understand how this government came to be and the growing pains it endured in order to be created.

The Colonies:

In order to discuss our maturation, we must first acknowledge that “American” colonists were residents of a British Colony/British American Colony and were first and foremost citizens of Great Britain.  Many of its residents were also from other parts of Europe as well as slaves brought in from Africa and elsewhere.  Regardless, they were subjects of British Monarchial rule and not free to self-govern.  By the time of the American Revolution, colonists had become angry over their lack of self-governance, high taxation, and dictatorial edicts emanating from the “mother” country.  The British colonist sought freedom to control their own destinies from any government and sought to create some form of organization to allow them to govern themselves and to achieve a high degree of individual freedom.  It can be argued that if King George III had loosened his grip on the American colony, there may not have been an American Declaration of Independence nor the American Revolution.

The American Revolution

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The American Revolutionary War was fought to rid the colonies of the shackles of British rule and provide the colonial citizens the right to determine their own destiny.  The colonial revolt began in 1765, made official by the Declaration of Independence in 1776, then culminated when the colonists won their independence from Great Britain in 1783.  But it would take until March 4th, 1789, before the colonies would mature from a confederation of the 13 colonies into the Constitutional Republic that we remain today.  Our metamorphosis was not sudden, nor hurriedly decided.  After all, no single state wanted to be controlled again by another State or heaven forbid a central government.  It took time for the States to trust one another and to devise systems that alleviated their fears.

The Articles of Confederation

Following the Declaration Independence, the 13 colonies knew they had to band together in order to prosecute a war against the then world’s most powerful army, the British Army.  None of the colonies trusted any form of a central government so during the Second Continental Congress they agreed to the Articles of Confederation on November 15, 1777.  The Articles were ratified by all of the colonies on March 1st, 1781It may seem remarkable today that it took almost 4 years to ratify the Articles but remember that horseback was the mode of transportation, the delegates had farms and businesses to run, and they were fighting the British at the same time!

The Articles of Confederation

The overriding principle of the Articles of Confederation was the preservation of each State’s sovereignty and independence.  The very definition of the word “confederation” is an alliance or league of entities joined together for economic or political purposes It was not the establishment of a new central government!  The Confederation was constituted to create the final form of government for the States and in the interim conduct business on behalf of the group as permitted by its Congress where each state had one equal vote.  The latter point is not insignificant.  The One State One Vote rule highlights the States’ fear of central governments and the need to maintain real autonomy at the State level.

The US Constitution and the Birth of the Republic of the United States of America

Image result for us constitution

The Articles of Confederation were effectively shelved with the convening of the Constitutional Convention in 1786.  The lack of taxing enforcement and the debts that arose during the Revolutionary War made it imperative that the former colonies create a new form of constitutional government through which the Confederation of States could be governed.  While the States had grown closer during the Confederation period, they individually still did not trust a strong central government and thus adopted a new constitution the enshrined a democratic republic form of government.  The Articles of Confederation had already set forth a government that included a legislative, executive and judicial branch with recognition of the individual States sovereignty.  The US Constitution that was ultimately ratified on June 21, 1778, and mirrored many of the structural aspects of the Articles of Confederation by delineating limited, specific powers of the new central government while reserving all other powers to the individual States.  

What is a Republic?

One dictionary definition describes a Republic form of government as follows:

“A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.”

The Founders were especially careful to include specific controls to guard against the eroding of State’s rights by the central government and sought to curtail the growth of the central or federal government. 

Electoral College:  One such control was the inclusion of an Electoral College mechanism to elect the Executive Branch President.  The Founders, especially those in the less populous States, feared that the more populous States would elect the President due to their shear number of voters.  They sought a mechanism that would mirror each State’s legislative representation in Congress.  Each State had 2 electors based on their 2 Senators then had the same number of electors as their members of the house of representatives.  The latter was based on the State’s population as established by the constitutionally mandated census to be taken every 10 years. 

This proportional model by State did eliminate a pure populous vote in the selection of the President and the Vice President and thus held up the “Republic” model in which all States had a voice in the selection of the executive It is further upheld by each State’s ability to control their own elections for candidates for federal offices within the limitations set forth in the Constitution.  So, both the Executive and Legislative branch  elected officials are elected at the State level versus the federal level.  


10th Amendment

The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution is considered to be part of our “Bill of Rights”.  This amendment is simple and to the point:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

In other words, the federal government was given specific powers and authorities under the US Constitution and ALL other powers and authorities were retained solely by the States.  The Founders, again, worried about a central federal government becoming too powerful and overwhelming the State’s autonomy and authorities.  Unfortunately, the Courts and Congress, with silent ascent from the Executive branch, have eroded much of the State retained autonomy and authority in favor of a larger central government.

Judicial Errosion

What our Founders could not foresee was the gradual erosion of the States autonomy in favor of more power being usurped by the Federal Government.  This was primarily accomplished by the Federal Judiciary over the course of decades.  Below are a couple of ways the Supreme Court has allowed the Federal Government to increase its powers.

Marbury v Madison (1803):  Nowhere in the US Constitution does it grant to the Judiciary the power to decide if a law passed by Congress or an action by the President is “Constitutional”.  Nowhere But, in this decision, the Marshall Court granted ITSELF the power to do so.  Some argue that this was what the Founders intended.  I disagree.  If the Founders had intended that the Federal Judiciary had the superior power, they would have said so in Article III.  This decision has allowed SCOTUS to overturn Congressional laws, REINTERPRET what Congress intended specific laws to mean, and to stop the Executive Branch from enforcing federal law according to its own interpretation.  In short, Marbury v Madison gave SCOTUS super powers over the Legislative and Executive Branches of our government…

The Commerce Clause:  The US Constitution states in Article 1, Section 8:  “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.” Liberal controlled SCOTUS has interpreted this to mean that anything that crosses State lines is subject to regulation by the Congress.  And Congress has pushed this to the limits to the point that today; if a farmer produces let’s say corn; if that farmer chooses not to sell his corn at all; that farmer is still subject to any regulation Congress passes over the production or use or sale of that corn! Period!

The Right to Privacy:  Oh yea, this doesn’t exist in the US Constitution!  The Right to Privacy is a concept that originated amongst the Left and they used the Courts arguing that the 1st Amendment, 3rd Amendment,  4th Amendment, and the 5th Amendment implied the Right to Privacy.  Why is this important?  This is the basis for Roe v Wade, the right to an abortion.  Nowhere in the Constitution is abortion permitted nor forbidden.  Typically this means that Congress can legislate or regulate this procedure.  But, since 1973, the Roe decision has protected the “Right to an Abortion” and has been used to curtail or limit State laws prohibiting or restricting abortions within their jurisdiction.  This non-right argument has resulted in 250,000,000 US Citizens being denied the right to life as provided in the 14th Amendment which states in part:  “…nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”   


The Role of the American Civil War

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The American Civil War was fought over a similar issues that caused our founders to issue the Declaration of Independence and to fight the American Revolution.  That issue was State versus Federal rights and authorities much like the colony’s rights versus the British Monarchy.  In 1858, fearing the election of Abraham Lincoln in the 1960 elections, the Southern States began discussing how to deal with an anti-slavery Republican President.  In 1861, representatives from South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas, followed by the upper south (Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and North Carolina) met to draft their own constitution.  On March 11, 1861, these states formally adopted their own new Constitution that mirrored the US Constitution except it granted more autonomy to its States and created the Confederate States of America.  This act effectively memorialized their cessation from the United States of America.

Why?  Certainly these States were agrarian and relied on slave labor and this practice was vehemently opposed and threatened by the Northern Abolitionist movement represented by the new Republican President, Abraham Lincoln.  These States viewed the election of Abraham Lincoln as a direct threat to their ability to set their own policy vis-à-vis slavery and other State’s Rights issues.  At stake was the ability of these States to rule themselves independent of a central, Federal government.  The slavery issue may have been more a fear factor by these States as Lincoln’s Administration offered them a Constitutional Amendment that would that would guarantee slavery where it legally existed. Lincoln himself in his inaugural address pledged only to hold federal property that was in the possession of the Union on March 4, 1861.  The Confederacy’s distrust of the Northern States was such that they feared that eventually they would be forced to give up slavery and yield to northern pressure.   The History Channel website discribed the events this way:

“The close connection between the right to revolution and separation from the governing power in the spirit of 1776 was an early theme in the provisional Confederacy. To be sure, the revolution was posited as a peaceful one. Separation from a Union perceived to be under the control of a tyrannical power that would destroy southern institutions was the objective.”

The Confederate leadership believed that the North would not start a war in order to preserve the Union.  Following their early meetings in 1858, the Confederacy begin taking over “Federal” forts, armories and other “Federal” assets located in their States.  By the time Lincoln was inaugurated in March of 1861, northern federal troops held only Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, Fort Pickens off the Florida coast, and one or two other outposts in the South.  The Confederacy sealed the fate of the young nation when they attacked and took control of Fort Sumpter on April 12, 1861.  The Fort’s leader, Major Anderson surrendered to the Confederacy’s General P.G.T. Beauregard after only 34 hours.  The war was on.

In order to reinforce my point that slavery was a secondary issue to State’s rights, consider the following.  Historians have argued that the decision of four border states that stood between the Union and the Confederacy was key as to whether there would have been a Civil War at all.  The History Channel described the delicate balance as follows:

“The provisional Confederacy likewise sought vigorously to stimulate secession sentiment in the border states.  ( Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, and Kentucky) Had all the border slave states thrown in their lot with one or the other government, there might not have been a war, or conversely, separation might well have become an accomplished fact.”

Ironically, the Confederate attack and takeover of Fort Sumpter caused two border States, Maryland and Delaware to side with the Union.  Kentucky and Missouri declared themselves to be neutral but eventually sided with the North.   Lincoln joined the fight to prevent the Confederate Cessation and ultimately the Union prevailed.

The Left’s Attack On the Confederacy and History

Ironically the Confederate constituents were the forerunners of the modern Democrat Party.  Ironic since the Left Wing of this party is now trying to erase the Confederacy from our public squares and rewrite history.  Ironic since there are two valuable lessons that the American People must remember:

  1. That the Union of States that make of the Democratic Republic called the United States of America must be protected and defended in order to guarantee that all of its People remain sovereign.
  2. That State’s Rights are paramount to our individual and collective Freedoms.  The Federal Government must stick to the enumerated duties, powers and responsibilities that are specifically defined in the Constitution.  All other Rights must remain with the States and the People. 

The Cracks The Left Exploits

After taking a look at how we arrived at 2020, it is easy to see certain cracks that have occurred or been created that Left exploits.  For one, most Americans are busy raising their families and making a living.  It is not that they are apathetic as to the governing of their country, it is that they have expected their representatives to represent the People’s interest and not that of the government, and thus themselves.  In 2008, the seeds were sown that created the Tea Party Movement.  This is a movement that is outside of either political party and seeks to realign our country according to what is was meant to be, a country by the People.

The Left almost succeeded in ripping up our Constitution either by direct action or simply ignoring it.  The legislative branch is almost worthless at this point and non responsive to the People.  The current administration has gone a long way in forcing this body to act on issues the people expect to be fixed.  The 2018 mid-term set this momentum back a big but it may take hold again depending on the 2020 elections.  The Judiciary occupants are now being replaced with originalist or textualist judges that will hopefully stop all of the judicial activism and interference that has been taking place.  The Left succeeded in corrupting our DOJ, FBI, Intelligence agencies and more to the point that they would seek to overturn an election.  Hopefully this too will be righted.

Our Founders lived literally through fire and created the most stable Democratic Republic in History.  One such Founder, Thomas Jefferson, stated:  “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.  In the 1860’s this revolution took the form of an armed conflict that killed 700,000 or so American citizens.  In modern times, the Nationalist, America First revolution may become our third revolution through which to reset our Republic to its roots.  Just like in the 1770s, it will take a vigilant and courageous People to act.

Sorry for the history lessons but it is important to have a common understanding how and why this nation was formed; the methods used to erode some of its founding principles; and how those that seek its demise will use One branch of our government against the other; the Federal Government against the States; and the States against the Federal Government to accomplish their goals.  Republics are fragile by their very nature and dependent upon the controls set forth in the Constitution that created them for their survival.  In the end, it is up to the people to protect themselves, their State, and the Republic itself.  

The Only Thing Standing In The Way of the Left are We the People

RD Pierini


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Trump Foreign Policy-The Kurds-Syria-Turkey–Part II

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City of Raqqa, before and after the Syrian Civil War and the Rise and Fall of ISIS.

In the last segment, we laid out the main players in the Kurdish, Syrian, Turkey conflict theatre and discussed each of the player’s interested in chaos or stability in the region.  Bear in mind that we are actually discussing a narrow, 20 mile long strip of land along the Northeast Syrian Border that is bordered to the North by Turkey.  This land is shown below as the Safe Zone that Turkey is demanding to be cleared of Kurdish and Syrian Influence.

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In the past 3 days, President Trump has been able to negotiate a ceasefire between Turkey, Syria and the Kurds.  Sporadic fighting continues and will continue between various subgroups but so far no major air strikes have occurred.  In about 3 more days, the parties involved, including the Kurds, must agree to clearing the “Safe Zone” and cease hostilities indefinitely.  Turkey would then be responsible for “peace” in the “Safe Zone”.

Will the ceasefire hold?  Maybe.  The Kurds will have to withdraw to the south and east into other parts of Syria or even Iraq.  Without US financial and arms support, it will be difficult for the Kurds to wage any real incursions into Turkey claimed territory or into Turkey itself.  If you look at the red dots on the map, these are areas where there are ISIS supporters.  These cities are surrounded by Turkish, Kurdish, Syrian, and SDF forces that will pretty much insure that the odds of a rise in ISIS strength in the Northeastern region of Syria is slim to none.  (Iraq is a different story and will be dealt with in a subsequent post.)   So, the question is whether Turkey and the Syrian-Kurds can coexist in this region without hostilities.  My bet is that there will be periodic skirmishes but no major offensive by either side.  The Kurds can’t afford it and Turkey has the US watching it closely.

What is Next?

NATO:  The NATO nations must meet with Turkey and reinforce their insistence on peace in the “Safe Zone” with assurances that the NATO members will work to insure that the Kurds remain non-combative and that “terror” attacks by them on Turkish targets be stopped.  The NATO nations must step up and take responsibility for their citizens who left Europe to join ISIS are brought back into their home countries and kept incarcerated.  Same for the US.  Turkey should maintain custody for those of Middle Eastern descent who joined ISIS whose return to their home country would only insure their release.

Syrian Civil War Aftermath:  The Syrians who are aligned against the Syrian Assad regime have a choice to keep up their insurgency or accept that they were unable to topple Assad.  My money is on some type of truce being formed between Assad and the rebel forces.  Assad is a brutal dictator and this outcome may be something of a humanitarian crisis without some form of international intervention that does NOT have to involve direct military force.

This “civil war” has left much of Syria in rubble and their population decimated with a high number of expatriated refugees.  Estimates of deaths due to this civil war range from 220,000 to 500,000 men, women and children.  Hundreds of thousands have fled to Europe, Jordan and other countries.  Unless the infrastructure of Syria is somehow rebuilt, it will be impossible for these refugees to return. The picture at the top of this article of the city of Raqqa is a small example of the devastation that the civil war has inflicted on a once beautiful and well developed nation.  

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Syrian Refugees leaving Syria

Rebuilding Syria:  The World Bank has estimated that it would cost US$180 Billion to rebuild the infrastructure in Syria.  Many believe that this estimate is low by a factor of 3 or 4!  With oil prices hovering around $50.00 per barrel, Syrian revenues could not begin to fund this rebuilding effort.  In 2014, Syria’s GDP was only US$24.6 Billion!  Other nations in the Middle East are also somewhat squeezed by lower oil prices so their ability, or desire, to help in rebuilding Syria is not all that great.

Who Gets Stuck With the Bill:  One of the best features of President Trump’s withdrawal from Syria is that Assad, Russia, and Iran are now faced with either paying for the rebuilding of Syria or dealing with a nation in shambles whose citizens are living in abject poverty and have literally nothing to lose.  One not too bright so-called expert on TV stated that President Trump’s withdrawal from Syria meant that Syria is now in the hands of the RUSSIANS.  Really!  Syria has been in the hands of the Russians since the Cold War and when Assad’s father ruled Syria.  Russia wants NOTHING to do with funding the cost to rebuild Syria.  Russia’s GDP is only US$1.5 trillion and they do not want to use over 20% of their GDP on Syria!  President Trump has squeezed every red cent out of Iran with his sanctions so they have little or nothing to contribute to the rebuilding of Syria, nor do they really care about the citizenry of Syria.  After all, whatever little the Ayatollahs have left they have to use to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis in Yemen.  All the while the Ayatollahs are facing an increasing level of hostilities from their own citizens at home!

Syria and Iranian Crap Shoot:  President Trump has laid the foundation to force Assad to cave in and give up much of his autonomy at home in favor of international cooperation to rebuild his country.  Assad is like a stockholder holding all of the shares of a company that is worth ZERO.  He has no bargaining chips; Russia has its own financial problems; and Iran is not too far behind Syria in terms of financial ruin.  Assad could do something really stupid and launch a barrage of humanitarian crisis but I doubt it.  It would be short lived and he would not survive it.  Iran could do likewise but they would face retribution from 80% of the other Middle Eastern countries, Israel, the US and hopefully NATO.  

My Prediction? (As good as anyone’s on CNN or MSNBC)

So, my prediction is that within 1-3 years Syria will be under some type of “Marshall Plan” and that Assad will be all but gone or be a titular head only.  (Remember, Assad may be Shia but the majority of Syrians are Sunni)  President Trump will make sure that Syria is not subjected to a US enforced regime change but be allowed to transition into some form of local control monitored by regional nations.  The plan will be administered by a coalition of other Middle Eastern countries that are led by Saudi Arabia.  This is the main platform of Trump’s Middle East Foreign Policy. 

Iran will be or have been immersed in civil unrest that will lead to the Ayatollahs losing a grip on the country.  Their ability to wage proxy wars would have been eliminated by US sanctions.  Iran would have lost the support of China as China needs a stable Iran from which to buy oil.  (Oh yea, and Little President Macron would be in the same boat.)  The EU and China would join the US in backing anti-Ayatollah factions in Iran to stabilize their economy and remove the crippling US sanctions.

Pipedream?  Maybe.  But unless someone does something really dumb like use a nuclear weapon, Russia, Iran and Syria are not capable of any further prolonged conflicts; nor is Russia capable of investing in Syria’s or Iran’s pipedreams of regional or world dominance.  The EU would back our play only because it is in their interest.  Turkey will be delighted as their age old adversaries, Iran and Syria, were forced to bite the dust.  The Middle East transformation where the predominant Sunni nations take the lead in stabilizing the region would be complete.  

You should hope I am right!

RD Pierini



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Trump Impeachment-the “Nuts” and the Bolts!-Part IV

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OOPS!  Hunter Biden is stepping down as a member of a Chinese government backed securities company, board of directors.  Even worse, Hunter Biden’s attorney stated:

“To date, Hunter has not received any compensation for being on BHR’s board of directors. He has not received any return on his investment; there have been no distributions to BHR shareholders since Hunter obtained his equity interest. Moreover, Hunter played no role in directing or making BHR’s investments. Hunter intends to resign from the BHR board of directors on or by October 31, 2019,”

This statement is priceless.  “…since Hunter obtained his equity interest…”!  How much?    What is it worth?  Is he going sell is shares and donate the proceeds to the American Taxpayers!  How about the statement: “…Hunter played no role in directing or making BHR’s investments.”  So, Hunter received free equity, shares of stock, but did not have to do anything in return!  Unless the value of his father’s political clout was payment enough!  Just substitute the name “Hunter” with “Don Jr.” and guess how the PLMSM would howl!   This follows Hunter’s resignation from the Ukraine company Burisma board of directors earlier this year!  Did he get free equity in Burisma?  If so; how much; what is it worth; is he going to sell these shares and donate the proceeds to the American Taxpayers?

But wait, there is more!  The attorney went on to say:

“Hunter Biden would not partake in any foreign business dealings “under a Biden administration.”  

So, it wasn’t wrong but I won’t do it again if Dad is elected.  What if dear old dad is not elected but another democrat is?  Other than China and the Ukraine, where else has Hunter been raking in cash on behalf of dear old dad”

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Round 2 Coming

DOJ Inspector General and Barr Investigation Results:  On the immediate horizon is the release of DOJ Inspector General report regarding FISA abuse and other related spying activities by the Obama Administration’s intelligence services against the Trump campaign and the Trump Administration.  Shortly thereafter, US Attorney John Durham and the Barr DOJ will start releasing their findings into an expanded investigations on the alleged spying by the Obama administration intelligence services, foreign agencies, and State Department, on the Trump campaign. The latter has been expanded into looking at continued spying activities up to and including the beginning of the Mueller investigations.  

So, what started as allegations of “collusion” with the Russians by the Trump campaign, morphed into alleged impeachable offenses by President Trump offering aid in exchange for investigations into foreign meddling into our 2016 elections and other corruption in Ukraine by US officials, including VP Joe Biden and his family.  Now, it has been learned that the Trump phone call with the Ukraine PM did not include “quid pro quo”, or included any wrong doing by Trump outside of his Constitutionally mandated duties.  Now, the Hunter Biden forays into international influence peddling is literally blowing up in the faces of the PLMSM, Pelosi, Schiff, the Biden family, and the DNC.  

If the Inspector General and the Barr report prove damning to the Obama Administration and its intelligence services, the PLMSM will have great difficulty keeping the focus on alleged Trump miscues.  That does not mean they will not try!  It will get uglier before it gets better.

Imagine a female, Black, transsexual, DACA recipient, CIA officer with a Spanish surname, who alleges sexual assault by Trump, Kavanaugh, and AG Barr, at their high school prom, together, coming forward, flanked by Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Maxine Waters, and Senator Feinstein!  OMG!  CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and some on Fox are going to go apoplectic!  Mitt Romney will probably faint on the Senate floor.  This won’t end until Trump defeats whoever the Democrat nominee is and the Republicans take back the House and gain seats in the Senate in 2020…

Watch out for increased violence as the 2020 election approaches.  Be careful and stay vigilant…

RD Pierini


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Trump Impeachment-the “Nuts” and the Bolts!-Part III

Note:  As I was writing this article, I received an alert from Breitbart that a “Whistleblower” from the IRS filed a complaint that either President Trump or Vice President Pence had improperly “interfered” with the IRS audit of either Trump or Pence!  

The first installment ( of this topic talked about the Progressive-Left/Main Stream Media (PLMSM) and their repeated use of baseless allegations to entrap President Trump or his cabinet or appointees in “scandals” that rise to the crisis point of a “constitutional crisis” and as such impeachment!  We discussed the insane levels to which the PLMSM would go to regain power after the 2016 Presidential defeat of Clinton.  In the second installment ( we discussed the repetitive playbook script that the PLMSM were and would follow until they drive this President from Office.

“Whistleblower Weaponized”

Today, I am warning you that use of the “Whistleblower” statute and regulations will become the favored tool to target President Trump, his cabinet and his appointees and supporters. Why use the whistleblower cover?  Because this ruse was devised by idiotic RINOs and the PLMSM to allow employees in government to “tattle” on their peers without fear of reprisal or being outed.  The “whistleblower” is also able to pass on here-say and uncorroborated information.  Once leaked to the media, it becomes fact until the target can scrape enough info together to refute the allegations.  But, by then, most of the pubic would have heard the allegations and ultimately only a small percent of those would have heard the exculpatory rebuttal. 

So, the PLMSM now has a tool they can use to impugn anyone they deem a threat from a lowly Secretary of State, a Supreme Court Justice, a Secretary of Commerce, and, did I forget, the President of the United States!  Facts are irrelevant.  It is the SERIOUSNESS of the Allegation is what is important.  This allows the RINOs like Mitt Romney, and his new cohort, Mike Lee and others to feign outrage that X would have committed such a despicable act, if true.  They always add the “if true” just to make themselves more saintly!

So what do the PLMSM have in store for President Trump and his supporters?  Here are a couple of juicy tidbits that I am sure they can find someone in John Brennon’s old CIA or Hillary Clinton’s State Department to confirm and tweet on their whistle!

  • I am sure that they will use the IRS and the ongoing IRS audits of the Trump organization and the President himself.  I am sure they will allege some impropriety of pressure being levied on one of the many auditors who is looking into the obviously corrupt Trump Organization.  Coincidently, this will give Schiff and his ilk the absolutely “necessity” to look at Trump’s tax returns for the past 323 years!  Of course, Schiff would never leak any of the confidential tax information…
  • They will go after Vice President Pence as well as President Trump.  Remember, Nancy Pelosi is 2nd in succession if Trump is impeached and if Pence is likewise impeached, Aunt Nancy is now your President!  I’ll bet money on this one!  It does the PLMSM no good to just get rid of Trump, they have to damage Pence as well just to make sure he cannot run effectively against any of Sleeping Beauty’s (Nancy Pelosi) seven dwarfs who are the Democrat Presidential Candidates.
  • The State Department is replete with Obama era holdovers who would be glad to avenge the “Hillary Loss” and whistle blow some “facts” regarding President Trumps foreign policy missteps like with North Korea but most likely with RUSSA, just to stay on theme!  The PLMSM would immediately push to hear and publish all of the transcripts of every meeting and phone call between Trump and Putin or anyone else who uses Russian Salad Dressing on their salad!
  • Just for Hooters, they could dredge up an ex-playboy bunny or even more despicable, perhaps a porn star, to accuse Trump, maybe a stretch to include Pence but you never know of doing the deed in the oval office.  I never claimed that the PLMSM were deep thinkers capable of too many nefarious plots.  (I should look at some John Grisham novels to make sure I did not miss an obvious plot.)
  • There are always Trump’s banks that could provide a who new batch of “whistleblowers”, real or imagined, to trump up all kinds of improprieties!  The only people who are hated more than rich people are bankers!  Bankers for rich people are a bonus!

My point is that this impeachment parade of horrors will not end with the current non-impeachable crisis surrounding Trump’s Ukrainian phone call.  The PLMSM are kind of like an addicted gambler at a slot machine.  One more quarter is bound to pay off!  They are so used to their playbook paying dividends that they cannot imagine losing to TRUMP!  After all, he is an idiot, and a despicable deplorable morally repugnant sub-human being who does not deserve to rise to the level of let’s say, Bill Clinton! 

See the source image

So, buckle up, chin-up, stock up on wine or whatever you need to survive the continued SH@$show.  It won’t end when Trump is re-elected for another 4 years.  They can never admit they were wrong and more importantly, incompetent. 

Also, say a prayer every night for President Trump and all of those who support and surround him…

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After all, it just the fate of the world that is at stake!




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The New Leftist Political 3 R’s! Russia, Racist and Recession!

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First the Leftist turned our own Intelligence agencies, and those of our international allies against Candidate Trump, and then President Trump; After the RUSSIAN Hoax failed, these same Leftist tried to brand President Trump AND ALL OF HIS SUPPORTERS AS RACIST;  When that failed, they are now crying out that the great Trump Economy is heading into a RECESSION!  

All three political hit jobs have one thing in common.  None are True! 

  • The Russia Hoax was fabricated by the Clinton Campaign, aided by the Obama Administration, and abetted by many of our so-called European and Australian allies.  This will end up being the most blatant disregard for the rule of law in US history.  Even Robert Mueller and his 17 pit bull leftist prosecutors could not find one shred of evidence against the President, his campaign or his Presidency with which to indict anyone for conspiracy or obstruction of justice.  This hoax went deep inside our DOJ, FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies and even corrupted the FISA process which is supposed to protect US citizens from unlawful surveillance.
  • Racist labeling of the President and his supporters have backfired and US citizens, Trump supporters and detractors, are tired of everything being labeled as racist.  It is so bad, that the Leftist morphed this word into WHITE NATIONALIST or WHITE SUPREMECIST!  The Trump economy has yielded the lowest unemployment numbers in the history of the US for Blacks and Hispanics.  Trump’s OPPORTUNITY ZONES target the rebuilding of mostly poor minority inner cities and poor rural areas.  The goal is to overcome decades of Leftist control over these areas that have left minorities and their communities in abject poverty in the midst of the worst school systems and drug infestations.  If Trump and his supporters were racists, why would be care about the plight of these areas?  Maybe the Leftist should be asked and forced to answer why they allowed these areas to decay, become rat infested, with substandard school system yielding over 50%+ illiteracy, and the residents with no hope for the future other than to hope that someone gives them money because they have long despaired and given up on America’s promise of Equal Opportunity!
  • Russia and Racist both failed so now the Democrat Leftists are ginning up a new hope that the Trump Economy is heading for a RECESSION.  They even embarrassed themselves by pointing out that the 2 year treasury bond yield was higher (for a few hours) than the 10 year treasury bond yield.  These morons stated that this “inversion” indicated that our economy would go into a recession, within 22-24 MONTHS, as it had in SOME PRIOR recessions.  Not all, SOME.  Well, I ate pasta just before the 1979. 1991 and 2008 recessions.  I guess I caused these recessions!  Don’t take my word for it, Dr. Sonal Desai, the Chief Investment Officer for the Templeton Investment Fund stated;  “In short: the economic data show no evidence that either the United States or the global economy is approaching a recession.”  

Why would the Democrat Left gin up a Recession and the fears of a Recession?  Simple!  2020

The President has turned this economy around and the US, its businesses and its citizens, especially blue collar and lower income people have benefitted the most.  There are no signs of a US recession.  You hear these Leftist pundits decry the Trump Tariffs against China as being a driving force for the upcoming recession.  Don’t confuse them with facts, especially the fact that the Chinese have devalued, manipulated, their currency below the tariff levels thus negating the impact on the US consumers.   Once again, if we tax a Chinese product that costs $1.00 10%, that product will now cost $1.10.  If the Chinese devalue their currency by 10%, then that product will still cost the US consumer $1.00.

See the source image

Jamie Diamond, Chairman of the Globalist Business Roundtable and Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Helped Structure the 2008 Recession Bubble!

Why do the Democrat leftist want to get rid of the Chinese tariffs?  Simple, the globalist, multi-national corporations like the status quo where they can maximize their profits by manufacturing in China where labor has been very low.  The more sinister view is that they really want to take down the US as the dominant economy in the world so these forces can dominate the world economy!  But I won’t go there now.  These business interest could care less if you lose your factory job because they cut a buck out of their costs!  Did you ever stop to think about what Obama and the leftist have said about jobs leaving America, never to return.  They said that it was a matter of companies HAVING to produce products wherever it was the cheapest so all  world consumers, even the US consumers, could get the best price.   Did you stop to ask just how a US factory worker who lost his or her job could afford to by anything now they do not have a job and a paycheck!  The leftist did not care if our middle class was decimated which it was.  The globalist goals were loftier and better for everyone, ESPECIALLY THEM.

See the source image

Then along came Donald J. Trump and his America First band of merry supporters.  First the Leftist laughed.  After all, they stomped out the Tea Party revolt!  How hard could it be to stomp out Donald Trump and his DEPLORABLES?  Very hard indeed.

Don’t let this latest Left-Wind hysteria regarding Recession worry youWe ARE the strongest economy in the world.  Our economy is the only hope the rest of the world has to avoid problems in their own countries.  We consume 25% of the world’s output and are now the dominant oil and gas producer in the entire world.  We have re-established our steel industries as well so no nation can now threaten us with energy or manufacturing  boycotts or price fixing.  

We will probably at some point have a slowdown or even a recession.  But for one political party and their leftist cronies and media to hope and promote the idea that a recession is inevitable and rapidly approaching, just when many Americans are starting to live the dream they thought was dead, is sick and demented.  

Enjoy the economic revival.  Why Would You Want to be Miserable Like the Leftist Democrats and their Media!  

RD Pierini



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