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Why Trump Called Out False Accusers at Gettysburg

Democrats Have Overplayed the

Sex Card to Cover their Own Sins,

And Keep the Campaigns OFF OF THE ISSUES

Jessica Drake Wicked Sex

Latest Trump Accuser

Right-wing pundits cringed and Left-Wing pundits delighted yesterday when Trump prefaced his “Gettysburg Address” with the threat to sue anyone coming forward falsely accusing him of sexual misconduct. 

Right-wing pundits thought Trump stepped on his message where he laid out 28 steps that he included in his “Contract With the American Voters”.  But, these right-wing pundits need to see Trump’s condemnation of these women, sought out and egged on by the Democrats and their hack Gloria Allred, who have falsely accused him as part of Trump’s overall corruption message.  (See our post on Trump’s “Contract with the American Voter” at

The system is rigged because Democrats seek women who are willing to make up stories about Republican Presidential and Congressional candidates allegedly engaging in sordid affairs.  They did this to George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and now Donald Trump.  They have been able to force candidates out of races entirely (Ask Herman Cain) just because they did not have the resources to fight these despicable practices or did not want to drag their families through the sludge.  No so, Donald J. Trump!

Trump is fighting to get these sensational, false sexual allegations by Democrats out of our Presidential Elections FOR all future Republican Candidates!

The “Swamp” includes these Political Practices of False Sexual Allegations!

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Trump Tweaks the Media:  From a Media Management perspective, Trump always play the MSM with something that they will run with that the MSM thinks will hurt Trump.  Trump has to do this because the MSM will NOT cover his substantive messages so he inserts his substantive message inside of a sensational CAPSULE of news.  The MSM jumps on these capsules and by day 3 Trump’s real message dribbles out bit by bit.  Otherwise the real messages would not see the light of day!  Do you really think the New York Times or the Washington Post would have put Trump’s Contract with the American Voters on the front page above the fold with a glowing headline!  Never happen! 

It is a terrible way to have to run a substantive campaign but Republican candidates have no choice. 

Trump is the first Republican Candidate to be media savvy and able to turn the tables on the MSM and using his expertise in the use of social media to counteract media bias!  Trump knows that in some circles that this strategy will hurt him but you have to fight with the cards that are dealt.  His hope is that even his honest detractors can see through the fog of Democrat political corruption.  Unfortunately for Trump, Right-wing pundits and the Republican Global Elitist join in with the Democrat party and their MSM puppets to slam Trump!  Trump is literally running against the entire Global Elitist Cabal and only the American People can Protect him and then ultimately their own future as Americans.  

Melania Signaled The Lawsuit Strategy

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Melania Trump was interviewed after the last debate by Fox and Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt. (video attached below) Melania challenged the women who were falsely alleging unwanted sexual advances by Donald Trump to take their case to the courts and file appropriate actions rather than prosecute their case in the media.  Melania had just previously sent a formal letter to People Magazine demanding that they retract and take down stories of her as being an Escort dearly in her career or face a lawsuit.  People retracted their false claims. 

If Republicans do not stand up for themselves, just imagine how weak they will be defending YOU, who they really do not care about!

If a women is assaulted in any way, she should seek legal remedies.  If they are falsely accusing another person, they SHOULD BE PROSECUTED OR SUED FOR DAMAGES!

Trump may have used his lawsuit capsule to get media coverage, but this strategy will eventually get his “Gettysburg Address” to more people via social media and his rallies.  The political pundits will just have to take more Maalox! 

PS:  Don’t get discouraged by the Polls.  On October 28, 1980, the Gallup poll had Jimmy Carter ahead of Reagan by 8 points.  Reagan beat Carter a week later by 10 points.  The pollsters, even the Fox News Polls, over-poll Democrats over Republicans.  Closer to the election, they adjust their mix to more accurately reflect the “mood” of the people and the likelihood of real people actually voting.  Trump’s 30,000 person rallies versus a couple of hundred showing up for Clinton are telling.  These are real people coming out for Trump who will vote…

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Melania Trump Interview with Ainsley Earhardt


RINOs Panic-Karl Rove Facilitates Carson Meetings with Wynn

Don't Forgot What RINOs and MSM did to Cain
Don’t Forgot What RINOs and MSM did to Cain

Another move by über GOP insider Karl Rove to “de-throne” Trump in his bid for the GOP nomination included an introduction of Ben Carson’s fund-raisers and Steve Wynn, a casino mogul.  Apparently Rove did not attend the meeting.  The GOP establishment may be presiding over their own demise by tempting Trump to bolt and run as an Independent.  IF this happens, I hope the GOP has a very large mirror to stand in front of when they are looking for why they lose n 2016.

The interesting twist to Rove seemingly trying to help Carson.  There is no doubt that Rove wants either Bush, Christie or Rubio, in that order, to win the Republican Primary and hold the line for the Republican Establishment.  Even Carson’s camp is dubious as to why Rove would try to help the Carson campaign other than to try to weaken Trump as neither Bush, Christie or Rubio seemingly have the ability to do so.  That would leave Carson on top and the Republican Establishment believe, that with the help of the MSM, Carson could be taken down.  Trump does not have the same vulnerabilities with the MSM.  Every time the MSM attack Trump he gains!

If I were Carson, I would be careful in who he accepts “help” from.  This is just another example that money has corrupted our political process to the point where the average voter is used to merely rubber stamp the choice of the powerful who control the parties.  The goal of both parties is to maintain the status quo which stacks the deck in their favor…

Did Wall Street lose any money during the 2008 depression?  Nope!  Did you?  Probably!





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Why Herman Cain had to be “Lynched”

Mr. Cain had at least 3 strikes against him in his bid for the Presidency of the United States:

  1. He was a Southern Black with roots in poverty whose family fought their way into the American Dream.
  2. He was a Conservative Black man.
  3. He believed in abolishing the 16th Amendment and there by eliminating the existing Tax Code and replacing it with his 9-9-9 Plan.

While politically he had to be “eliminated” at all costs by the first “two strikes”, it was the third strike, the replacement of the existing tax structure and replacing it with a new 9-9-9 Plan that really rallied the “establishment” against Mr. Herman Cain.  Why, the tax code is the blue print for:

  1. Controlling the middle class and making sure they don’t accumulate too much by taxing the middle class at very high levels.
  2. Controlling the poor and keeping them poor by giving them incentives not to work and earn income that would be taxed!  In fact, if you stay poor, you are rewarded with tax rebates that you did not contribute to…
  3. Controlling the Rich:
    1. Making sure “Pet” companies and industries do not pay any taxes and keep everything they earn so they can give back to political parties.  (GE)
    2. Make sure Unions do not pay any taxes so they can keep everything they earn so they can give back to political parties.
    3. Make sure the Rich can shelter their money in trusts and other vehicles so they can keep everything they earn so they can give back to political parties.

The tax code is not primarily a vehicle to provide the government with tax revenues to pay its expenses but a social engineering tool whereby the government and its handlers can form the kind of society they want the US to become.  Mr. Cain’s plan would take all of the social engineering elements out of the tax code and make the tax code merely serve to provide the government with tax revenues to pay its expenses.  THIS SCARED THE HELL OUT OF THE STATIST WHO CONTROL THIS GOVERNMENT WHEN CAIN ROSE IN THE POLLS…

China Syndrome:  Cain’s plan would have also hurt the status quo of certain interests who have invested in China and sell goods back to the US.  Cain would have charged the imports of those goods a 9% tax when entering this country.  Cain would have exempted US companies who exported their goods to China and they would not have to pay the 9% tax on outbound goods and services.  This part of Cain’s plan would have given our exports a competitive advantage over good produced overseas.

Middle Class Fairness:  The middle class always pays the most taxes in terms of total dollars just because there are more people in the middle class than any other economic segment in the economy.  The current tax code stymies the middle class by forcing them to buy homes to get deductions as that is really the only hedge they have against paying taxes.  The middle class also pays almost all of the “Payroll Taxes” (with their employer contributing the same amount for them).  The poor, who do not work to a substantial degree,  pays little of the total payroll taxes but they receive a disproportionate share of the social security and disability benefits when factored against their lack of contributions.  The middle class wage earners pay 7.54% of their gross earnings into payroll taxes (including Social Security at 6.2% and Medicare at 1.45%)  and their employers contribute a matching amount.  Most employers consider their matching of the FICA employee taxes a “Benefit” for the employee, many employers would pay this amount to the employee if they did not have to pay it to the government.   The middle class employee is actually contributing some 15.3% of their earnings to payroll taxes.  Then, the average middle class family ends up in a 15% income tax bracket when all is said and done.  Combining the payroll taxes with the employee’s income taxes, the middle class tax payer is paying over 30% in Total Federal taxes under the current law.  Under Cain’s plan, this would be reduced to 9% plus 9% on any purchases of NEW items.  That is a total possible rate of 18% versus the 30%. 

Poor Fairness:  Cain also proposed exemptions for those in or below the poverty levels from the income and sales tax portions of 9-9-9. 

Rich and Privileged Fairness:  Without going through all 81,000 pages of the current tax code here, suffice it to say that all of those perks embedded in the current tax code would be gone for those who use those perks to shelter income or avoid any tax on their consumption.  There is no way for this group to avoid the consumption tax portion of Cain’s plan and this group consumes a lot.  Further. all of the “corporate welfare” writeoffs are gone.  No one company or industry gets preferential treatment over another.  You here the term “Crony Capitalism” bantered around.  You should know that this term is  Non sequitur as capitalism that is jaded with political influence is no longer capitalism.  It would be more accurate to use the term “Crony Socialism” whereby the state provides undue benefits to those who support the goals of the state.  Each company would have to pay the 9% income tax and also pay a 9% consumption tax on new goods or services they consume internally.  COGS are still deductible under the Cain plan.  Warren Buffet and Bill Gates would get their wish and they would pay higher taxes than they do now.  Gates runs practically all of his expenses through his trust but under Cain many of those purchases he makes personally would at least be subject to the consumption taxes.  General electric would have paid $500,000,000 in taxes this year rather than receive a TAX BENEFIT OF OVER $5 BILLION on their overall operations. 

The bottom line is that too many political insiders and statists benefit from the current tax code staying in place.  There are only a handful of Congressmen and Senators who would advocate the elimination of the tax code on either side of the aisle.  The reason is power and control.  They can tweak the code anytime they want and make or break companies, lower the standard of living for the middle class, raise the standard of living for the poor or promote politically correct industries such as green energy.  The bottom line, they can control the middle class where all of the ready cash is. 

The middle class pay for running this country on a day-to-day basis. 

The tax perks given to individuals, unions, PACs and companies goes to pay for the running of the politicians…

That is why Herman was lynched…

If you want to follow Herman, go to and sign up to follow his new campaign to push for Government reform….

PS:  No other Republican candidate has proposed repealing the 16th amendment and replacing the entire tax code.  All of proposed that the current code be kept but a flat tax or other mechanism be put in place IN ADDITION TO THE CURRENT TAX CODE.  These candidates aren’t the same threat that Cain was…

RD Pierini

Newsmax Continues Shoddy Journalism against Herman Cain–I Canceled my Subscription

Are Republican Insiders, aka RINOs, not the Tea Party and true conservatives,

actually racists or do they just hate conservatives?

In a piece just posted to the Newsmax Website, Newsmax joined the left-wing media in providing even more non-facts” out about the allegations against Herman Cain while using Mrs. Cain’s cancellation on Greta Van Susteren’s show tonight to post this hit piece.  “Cain’s Wife Pulls Out of First Ever TV Interview”, Friday, 04 Nov 2011 12:09 PM, By Martin Gould and Michelle Lopata”. 

The opening sentence start off the piece; “Herman Cain’s wife has pulled out of her first television interview as the sexual harassment claims surrounding her presidential candidate husband continue to grow.”  Continue to Grow?  There is one documented settlement agreement for one of the women but we do not have any idea what is in the agreement, what the allegation was, and why the settlement was reached.  The second women’s claim does not have a documented settlement and is just innuendo while the 3rd is a women who states that she should have filed a harassment claim in the late 90’s, but did not.  So “continues to grow” is just another attempt to overplay these allegations, PERIOD.  If it weren’t for the left-wing media, abetted by RINO news sites like Newsmax, this story would be a non-starter to go along with the non-facts!

No where in the “article” (editorial would be more accurate), did they have a direct quote from Mrs. Cain nor any noted member of Cain’s staff or Cain himself.  Instead, they use the Politico’s in-depth reporting by quoting yet another anonymous source that stated that Mrs. Cain “apparently had a change of heart,” but gave no reason.  When are responsible journalists going to start using sourced stories.  Why on earth would someone hide behind anonymity to make a statement as lame as this one.  Then, why would a so-called conservative site like Newmax stoop so low as to even quote this source?  Is there any difference between Politico and Newsmax any longer…not much!

The piece rambles on then uses innuendo from Cain’s book intimating that he has a roving eye or a sexist view of women by quoting; “I was first attracted by her looks, and then I figured out she was also smart”!  There is no reason to have this quote in this piece other than to suggest that Herman is a shallow, sexist male, or female for that matter, who “superficially” was attracted to Mrs. Cain’s physical appearance rather than getting to know her inner self and intelligence before being attracted to her.  What planet are these people on.  Cain was obviously trying to compliment his wife’s appearance rather than make her into a sexual object.  Would these people feel better if he had written that “In spite of the fact that she was dog ugly and scared little kids just by looking at them, as soon as I found out she was a Phi Beta Kappa I fell in love with her”!!!  Really?

Then, to make sure they did not leave out quotes from every nut job who has a blog or a radio talk show, they quoted Steve Deance who claimed that Can had made awkward and inappropriate comments to two of Deace’s staff when Cain was in his studio.  He even went on to say that Cain; “morally inconsistent,” and “compromised in his private life,” adding “the fact the guy’s wife is never around…that’s almost always a warning flag to me.”  What did this have to do with the fact that Cain’s wife decided not be on Greta’s show?  Maybe Mrs. Cain is like the majority of women in America who actually enjoy a quiet family life and would do anything to keep herself and her kids and grandkids out of the spotlight while still supporting her husband and his career choices.  I know this does not fit with the feminist model who condone rape and sexual harassment as long as it is being done by Democrats or Muslims.  I don;pt blame her for not wanting to be in the limelight.  Who would?

In an attempt to downplay Cain’s continued popularity and high poll numbers, Newsmax added this little gem of a sentence; “Cain has continued to do well in the polls despite the scandal which first broke on Sunday.”  Scandal?  Nothing has been proven regarding the alleged “sexual harassment” claims, nor was Cain EVER convicted in a criminal court of anything, nor found guilty in a civil court of any wrong doing.  Dana Perino and Karl Rove in other articles have made similar statements and have added predictions that Cain will eventually go down do to this “scandal”. 

I wrote in an article on September 28th titled, “Herman Cain Beware, You Really Need to Talk to Justice Clarence Thomas”, ( warning Cain about the Electronic Lynching that was awaiting he and his wife.  I did not realize how prophetic it was at the time nor how many RINOs would pile on and help tie the knot. 

What the RINOs, Newsmax, Dana Perino, Karl Rove, and other Republican insiders don’t get is that WE are looking for a conservative who is a real person.  A real person who may have some flaws or may not sport the latest hair style nor be politically correct.  What we are looking for is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE who is AN INSTINCTIVE TRUE CONSERVATIVE and does not have to have a speech writer tell him or her what to say or what position was popular at a point in time.  In the final analysis, Herman Cain may or not be the candidate of choice for the TRUE CONSERVATIVES.  But, we will not long allow you to tell us who our candidate will be.  You are pushing us and the Republican party to the brink of splintering off a third political party.  We know the stakes but we are fed up with you and your phony brand of neo-progressivism.

RD Pierini

Original Story: Cain’s Wife Pulls Out of First Ever TV Interview

Democrats Prove their Racial Bias

The bigots at MSNBC and their guests just can’t get past their own racism and continue to try to pin their own racial prejudice on conservatives.  Today, Karen Finney said on Martin Bashir’s show that Republicans are supporting Can because of his race.  Just so you see the full context of this moron’s comments, here it is:

“One of the things about Herman Cain is, I think that he makes that white Republican base of the party feel okay, feel like they are not racist because they can like this guy.  I think he giving that base a free pass. And I think they like him because they think he’s a black man who knows his place. I know that’s harsh, but that’s how it sure seems to me.”

A Black Man who knows his place?  Just where is that supposed to be Finney?  Behind his democratic masters! 

Herman Cain Know His Place Finney, In the White House!

Conservatives and the Tea Parties Agree with Herman!

You on the left have done more to destroy the legacy and the future of the Blacks in this country by keeping the community at large in poverty and ignorance.  You keep them under the thumb of welfare and make sure they do not try get up on their own and make something of themselves.  If they do, you call them an “Uncle Tom”.  Then, to make sure you perpetuate their poverty, you force them to go to public schools that are a crime to humanity and specifically to our Black communities.  Obama even took vouchers away from Black and minority DC residents in order to insure that his precious Teachers Unions were taken care of at the expense of the Black’s in DC.  You should feel real proud of your self MS. Finney.

Then, that brilliant comedienne/actress Janeane Garafalo added her two cents worth on Obermann earlier by stating that Herman Cain is popular with Conservatives because supporting Cain “hides the racist element” of the Republican party.  You should take care of your own feelings and we will take care of ours.  We supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when less than 40% of the Democrats would in spite of the fact that the Act was the product of two Democrat Presidents.

Conservatives are flocking to Herman Cain because Herman Cain is a conservative.  We do not see or even care what his skin color is nor his racial heritage.  It does not matter to Conservatives.  Conservatives detest the policies of Barack Obama and the direction he is taking this country.  We do not see or even care what his skin color is nor his racial heritage.

But, the Democrats, Leftist, and Progressives in the country are so guilty or embarrassed about their KKK roots, their lack of support for the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s, and the damning of their Black constituents to the slavery of welfare just to keep their voting block in check, they think that conservatives are supporting Cain out of some need to feel okay about themselves that can only be quenched by supporting a Black Republican Candidate. 

Republicans are not the ones who electronically lynched Justice Clarence Thomas using every Black sexual bigoted stereotype on this earth and repeatedly labeled him a ‘Uncle Tom” because he was a Black in a white Party.  This has not stopped to this day to one of the most thoughtful and intelligent justices ever to sit on the Supreme Court.

Herman Cain will face an intense degree of racism as he gets closer to the White House.  And it will all come from the Progressive Left.   He represents an even bigger threat to the Progressive Left as his is the antithesis of their mantra that this country is bigoted and anti-Black and will not allow a Black in this country to succeed.  He came from a very modest background and had parents that did not let any of the race barriers of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s keep them from raising a family and lifting the family into a solid middle class lifestyle.  They did it through hard work and committment to family.  What a concept.

The majority of those awful racist Tea Party member love Cain and will support him to the end over a very white Romney.  Cain will get and keep conservative support as long as he is proven true to his conservative roots.  When we look at Cain, we see a man; a person speaking from the heart; and a person who exemplifies class.  Even if Herman Cain does not make it to the White House this time, his ideas and ideals will live on and become a part of the conservative legacy.  The left will just have to learn to live with their own failings but introspection is not their strong suit…

RD Pierini

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