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Republican Healthcare Fiasco-Separate Medicaid

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Republicans seem hell-bent on allowing the Left and Obamacare to define the parameters of Healthcare reform.  The Republicans ALWAYS follow the Left’s lead and allow the libs to define the argument!  This has to change, NOW!


The Obamacare replacement should only focus on “private” insurance coverage whether purchased directly by individuals or provided by employers as a benefit to their employees. 

MEDICAID has nothing to do with private insurance and was enveloped in Obamacare to provide a transition template for the left to make Obamacare a single payer system.  This is the ultimate goal of the left!

MEDICAID should be addressed in separate legislation as is Medicare, Social Security etc.  MEDICAID is a welfare program intended to provide medical coverage for the poor even though Obamacare included those earning 4 times the poverty level aspoor”.  The chart below shows the poverty level for various household sizes.  The far right column shows the income level for those earning 4 x the poverty level:

According to this chart, a family of 4 earning $96,400 is eligible to receive benefits under MEDICAID.  This puts MEDICAID under Obamacare in an entitlement program category all its own.

Address Private Coverage Only in the Obamacare Replacement Bill

What is left?  

  1. Repeal Obamacare in its entirety leaving MEDICAID as a standalone program as it should be.  Medicare and VA healthcare was not part of Obamacare and MEDICAID should be excluded as well.
  2. Interstate Insurance:  Allow for Insurance companies to compete across state lines.
  3. Demand Driven Policies:  Allow Insurance companies to create a menu of bundled services into health insurance plans for both individuals and employers.  Self-Insured employers would be free to create their own plans.
    1. Plans could range from lower cost umbrella plans to comprehensive plans with optional add-ons.
  4. Lowest Price Medications:  Pharmaceutical companies would have to provide medications to patients at the same cost as they do to their lowest cost customers around the world.
  5. Expand Health Savings Accounts:  Health Savings Accounts should be expanded and considered part of the individual’s estate.
  6. Healthcare Premiums Deductible:  Taxpayers should be able to deduct the cost of their health insurance from their income taxes!
  7. Pre-Existing Conditions:  A federal pool would be created to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions.  
    1. It should be noted that only 1.5 million people or .4% of the population have pre-existing conditions! 
    2. The pool would be allocated to States according to population with actual dollars given out for actual coverage and any funds not used would remain in the pool. 
    3. Expenses would be tracked and reported separately.
  8. MEDICAID as a program should be dealt with separately.  Reductions in increases, block grant amounts, eligibility etc. should be kept separate from the Obamacare replacement. PERIOD.

The Obamacare replacement bill then would be pretty straight forward and get the government out of  healthcare for private individuals and businesses.  The free market would be freed to function and provide only the services that people want.

Health Cost Curve:

Cost Curve:  Health costs have been rising steadily since Medicare was created back in 1966.  Medicare created a complicated, and illogical, reimbursement methodology that has nothing to do with cost containment.  Medicaid has further complicated reimbursement systems and have served to only increase medical costs.   Medical providers should be required to publish their services and fees and the federal government should receive the lowest cost from these providers.  Rural providers could be required to charge no more than what is charged by the nearest metropolitan city.   

Government Claims Processing:  All single payer government healthcare claims (Medicare, Medicaid, VA) processing should be outsourced to companies like American Express to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse by unscrupulous providers.

Mal-Practice Insurance: Medical mal-practice should be limited to $250,000 per occurrence which will help control the providers costs that should be passed through in terms of lower fees.

FDA Reform:  If the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) certifies a drug safe for distribution, the total drug manufacture’s liability would be limited to $500,000,000.  The FDA regulations and procedures should be reviewed and streamlined to shorten the time to market for new drugs.  

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Alas this is probably too simple for power-hungry Washington DC.  Their lobbyist and personal power trips would derail the simplification of our healthcare system now that Medicare and Obamacare have moved healthcare  far to the left of center towards a total national single payer system.  


RD Pierini




KKK Leader Rule Still Hamstrings American Voters Wishes

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Robert Byrd:  The Byrd Rule was named after former Klansman and US Senator Robert Byrd.  The Byrd Rule basically laid out the rules surrounding what could and could not be included in “budget reconciliation” and where specific inclusions could be subject to the 60 Vote cloture procedure in the Senate.  It was a further move to insure that a 40% minority in the Senate could thwart the will of the people and the majority of the people’s representatives…

The bottom line, any use of the need to have 60 out of 100 Senators vote to stop debate in the Senate is asinine in the modern era.  

A simple majority of Senators, 51, should be sufficient to represent the will of the people.   This 60 vote filibuster requirement is not a part of the Constitution but merely a Senate “Rule” that was created by the Senate and can be changed or eliminated by the Senate.  The irony of the practice of requiring a 60 vote for stopping the use of filibusters to kill legislation was used extensively by Southern Democrats to kill Civil Rights Legislation!

Paul Ryan Using, or Hiding Behind the 60 Vote Rule?: 

Ostensibly, the demise of the repeal of Obamacare and the replacement of Obamacare fell prey to the 60 vote idiocy of the US Senate rules, including the bill killing Byrd Rule.  Ostensibly, the way the repeal/replacement was structured by Paul Ryan was to circumvent the arcane Senate requiring 60 votes to overcome a fake filibuster by using the Budget Reconciliation Rules of the Senate and thus prohibiting a MINORITY of Congress, specifically the Senate, to kill the Obamacare replacement. 

Was Ryan trying to use the Senate Rules to really pass a viable replacement of Obamacare or was he hiding behind the Senate Rules to insure that the RINO goals of keeping big government in charge of health care?  Only the very few members of the Ryan leadership team really know the answer. 

The sad part is that the American People, who supported the Republican take back of the House and Senate and in November of 2016 the election of Donald Trump who ran on the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, are the losers.  Once again we counted on our Government to do their job and follow the will of the people.  Instead, Ryan and his cronies cow-towed to the will of big insurance, big pharma, and other interest groups to thwart the American People.

What is the Real Lesson?:

The real lesson that the American People have learned in watching this exercise of insanity is that the 60 Vote Cloture rule to end debate and allow a vote on a bill, whether subject to the budget Byrd Rule or not, has to be changed. 

We realize that the 60 vote rule does not make the Senate a great deliberative body but rather a slave to minority rule.  Period!

Same goes for confirmation of Presidential judicial appointments.  a simple 51 vote majority must be implemented or key judicial appointments can be derailed by 40 of the 100 Senators. 

The other use of the 60 vote rule is to try to hide behind a procedure to make themselves look good when they know full well that their vote is a farce.   All of the votes to repeal Obamacare by Republicans have been done with full knowledge that the Senate did not have the votes to stop a filibuster or last year’s when the House and Senate Republicans knew that Obama would veto the repeal vote.  But how many times have you seen Ryan and other puff out their chest and say that they voted to repeal Obamacare but X, Y, or Z stopped it from happening.  GET A MIRROR.  THE HOUSE AND SENATE REPUBLICANS, CONSERVATIVE AND RINO, HAVE ALLOWED THIS FARCE TO CONTINUE SO THEY CAN HIDE BEHIND CIRCA MID 1800’S RULES WHEN CAMPAIGNING FOR OFFICE.

Somehow, we need to force McConnell to repeal the Senate Rules to allow for majority rule.  Ryan and all Republican elected officials need to stand behind this change or nothing will ever change.

Some will say that when the Democrats are in power, they will use this Senate Rule change against us.  Where have you been the last 8 years?  The Democrats do not care about Senate Rules or the Constitution. Period!  Obama would issue an executive order and merely bypass Congress or the Constitution.  Ryan and McConnell would throw up their hands and say they don’t have the votes to overcome the Democrats. 

Enough is enough.  Trump’s agenda is OUR last chance to save this country from Progressive Rule and from the Big Donor, Big money interests that control this nation.   Obama put this country at the mercy of our sworn enemies and into the hands of the global progressive movement seats of power.

We need to stand and stand firm, NOW!

RD Pierini



TrumpCare Challenge-Governance With the “Art of the Deal”

Democrat Obamacare Vs Republican TrumpCare

Obamacare was NEVER “sunshined” to the American Voter, or even Congress, before it was passed.  Just ask then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said we will have to pass it to see what is in it!

The TrumpCare replacement, ala Paul Ryan, was just made public and all hell broke loose.  AS IT SHOULD!  The good news, it has not even undergone House hearings or opened yet for amendments let alone scheduled for a vote in the House.  The Senate has yet to propose its own bill or reviewed the House bill with its Republican caucus. 

So far, what you are witnessing is Congress going through a normal legislative process where this TrumpCare bill will be sliced, diced, amended, changed dramatically or even scrapped altogether before the process is finished. 

That is a good thing.  That is what we sent our representatives to Congress to do!

Keep in mind, there are two parts to the ultimate TrumpCare legislation.  One, Repeal Obamacare.  Two, Replace Obamacare.  According to many of the conservatives, the current bill does not go far enough to completely repeal the current ACA/Obamacare law.  Further, these same conservatives do not feel that the current replacement bill is not a free-market, conservative principled replacement.  You are hearing the term Obamacare-Lite!

Why did Trump praise this bill even though the bill did not contain all that he wanted and campaigned to deliver?

The House, Ryan TrumpCare bill is a Start!  Trump see this bill as the START of the Negotiations, not the FINAL PRODUCT!

Now the fun part begins.  The “sausage making” will be on full display as it should be.  For those who are less than 25 years old, you have never really seen a real legislative process!  For those of us who have attained senior status, we may have forgotten what a real legislative process looks like!

Be that as it may, the public display and posturing by the various factions works to our advantage.  Call your Senator, call your representative, tweet President Trump directly and let you voice be heard.   This bill, in its current form, will not be passed nor signed by President Trump.  It is only the beginning. 

Be assured that President Trump, VP Pence, and HHS Secretary Price will be working to make sure all sides come together.  They would also include the Democrats but it is doubtful if they will join in the debate.  They seem to be fixated on the Russians, period. 

Maybe if Putin weighs in on the TrumpCare process, the Democrats and their lackeys in the main stream media ears would perk up.  Don’t hold your breath!  Just imagine the editorial meeting in the NYT trying to figure out how to tie this to Russian Hacking and Trump collusion with Putin!

RD Pierini


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Latinos Are Not Ignorant! RINOS and LEFT Beware! Hispanics Get Trump!

Latino-American’s Priorities: Jobs, Security, Stronger Education, & Opportunity for Their Family.


Trump-37% Positive Sentiment by Hispanics Vs 41% for Hillary

(Based on big data analysis over the last 30 days as of June 1st, Trump reports 37 percent of Hispanic positive sentiment versus 41 percent for Clinton.)

Latino-Americans are not some monolithic block of stone or a group of zombies who all are programmed to think the same way about important issues.  Latinos-Americans are no different from Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, German-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans or any other ethnic group who have immigrated to the United States in terms of their basic human desires and needs.  Latino-Americans have exhibited a high degree of personal ambition and drive to attain economic success for themselves and their families, much like their varied immigrant predecessors. 

Latino-American families share the same concerns as other Americans:

  1. Jobs:  Latino-Americans recognize the weaknesses of this economy and worry that their household incomes may be in jeopardy.  Further, they worry about whether their children will have the job opportunities that will allow them to live the American dream their families anticipated when arriving in the US. 

  2. Security:  Latino-Americans worry about the safety of their children’s day-to-day lives, their children safely walking to their school, the impact of drugs on their children and the threat of gangs, and the danger to their children from gun violence.  Internationally, Latino-Americans fear Islamic Terrorism and its potential for harm to their communities.  Latino-Americans have a high military participation rate and want a strong military to protect them and their communities.  They also want to make sure their veterans are well cared for.

  3. Schools:  Latino-Americans understand that their children’s futures are tied to the competence and effectiveness of our educational system, from kindergarten through college.  They worry about the cost of higher education when their children graduate high school.  They also understand that their children’s future is tied to their ability to communicate in the US society and that their command of the English language is paramount to a secure future.  This is no different from all of ethnic groups who immigrated to the US in the past. 

  4. Healthcare:  Affordable, accessible and proficient healthcare is very important to Latino-Americans, as it is with all other Americans. 

  5. Social Security and Medicare:  Latino-Americans want to ensure that these programs remain solvent and can provide needed support to aging Latino-Americans. 

  6. Border Security:  Latino-Americans view border security as necessary to secure the nation and provide for a legal transition of applicants to citizenship.  Latino-Americans have gone through the immigration process and understand the need for an orderly process.  They understand that unfettered, uncontrolled illegal immigration leads to an influx of cheaper labor that depress wages in the US.  They also recognize the absolute need to stop the inflow of drugs that ravage many of the Latino communities.

  7. Moral Security:  Latino-Americans culturally are morally conservative and want the freedom to raise their children according to their family’s moral values. 


Trump Support of the Latino-American Priorities

These seven priorities are actually the Donald Trump platform.  Assuming Trump can reach the Latino-American communities, and by-pass the Democrat Hispanic activists.  Trump’s theme of “America First” will drive home each of these 7 priorities and help Latino-Americans to achieve their “American Dream”.  Many Latino-Americans are entrepreneurs and Trump’s assault on business, EPA, and other Federal regulations, and, the lowering of income taxes will help these business grow and expand. 

Hillary Clinton will tout more welfare and other give-a-way social programs.  She will pander to the Latino community selling a “Poor-You” spin.  Latino-Americans want to be able to stand on their own and not be subjected to “Federal Nannyism” and control. 

If the Latino-American Community and Donald Trump Join Forces in November, the Nation will Enter a New Era of Prosperity and Unification.

It is Time to Dump the Divisiveness of the Left That Has Left the Latino-American Communities Lacking and Missing Out on Achieving Their Dreams.

RD Pierini


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SCOTUS – Replacement for Congress?

Stop Relying on the Supreme Court to Create Law!


Gutless Wonders In Congress Shirk Their Duty to Legislate and Duck their Responsibility and the Possible Ire of their Constituents by Allowing 9 Unelected Judges to Create Law by Fiat!


It is the Job of Congress Alone

U.S. Constitution; Article 1, Section 1

All legislative (having the power to make laws:) Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

The Supreme Court has NO Constitutional Authority to “Legislate”, Period!

U.S. Constitution; Article 3, Section 1.

The judicial Power (1) of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.

SCOTUS RESTRICTED ROLE:  The courts below the Supreme Court, inferior courts, are created and maintained solely by Congress.  In 1803, a famous case, Marbury v Madison, formed the basis for the exercise of judicial review in the United States (constitutionality) under Article III. This Supreme Court decision helped define the boundary between the constitutionally separate executive and judicial branches.  CONGRESS STILL HAS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY AND CONSTITUTIONAL ROLE TO LEGISLATE, CREATE NEW LAW OR MODIFY EXISTING LAW. 

The Supreme Court, or any inferior court, can only judge whether a Constitutionally created law, passed by Congress and signed by the President, is in conformance with or does not violate any Constitutional authorities granted to the Congress by the Constitution, amendments thereto, or governing law.  Any law found to be unconstitutional, at the discretion of the Congress, must be modified by the Congress alone and submitted to the President for approval.  The court cannot, and should not, but has, actually modified the original language of a law by interpreting the language in the law to suit the court.  This is not legal right of the court and has been labeled “Judicial Activism” (2). 

Congress Needs to Pass Real Legislation Dealing with:

  • Freedom of Religion Protection under the 1st Amendment Against Government Overreach on Healthcare.

  • Define Life as beginning at Conception.

  • Pass a real school choice law allowing parents to use vouchers to send their children to a school of their choice.

  • Clarification of LGBT rights Vs the Religious Liberty of individuals.

  • Get the Government out of our Rest Rooms, Showers and Changing rooms.

  • Revise Title 7 and 9 that control schools and universities receiving Federal Funds to get the government out of the day-to-day operations of these institution.

  • Individual Employee Rights Vs Unions Rights regarding dues and Union political activism.

  • Disallow Environmentalists’ “standing in court” to bring lawsuits on behalf of the environment.

  • Mandate that all laws passed by Congress cannot exempt Congress or its members from its provisions.

  • Mandate that all laws passed by Congress, and any resulting regulation, that require funds to be expended to implement the law, be fully paid for by the Federal Government.  (Eliminates unfunded mandates)

  • Create a national standard for Voter IDs to ensure that Federal Elections are properly controlled.

  • Clarify 2nd Amendment protections by creating national “carry permits”; eliminate State and Local taxes designed to restrict gun or ammunition ownership; create Federal restrictions on gun ownership for the mentally impaired.

  • Pass common sense political contribution reform and eliminate PACs and Super PACS.  All persons, including individuals, corporations, LLCs, Unions, tax exempt organizations, can only contribute $1,000 per candidate or initiative. 

  • Require that the President submit and the Congress pass an Annual Budget or the executive and legislative elected officials and staff do not get paid until it is passed.

  • Require that the annual budget be prepared and approved using zero based budgeting and eliminate automatic increases.

  • Require all regulations that have been created undergo a cost-benefit analysis, and then be reviewed by Congress before it is put into effect. 

  • Etcetera!  You get the point.

Otherwise, Our Nation and Our Culture will be Dictated by 9 Unelected People! 

The point being is that Congress needs to step up and do its job as the Founding Fathers intended.  Since Obama was elected, Congress has shirked its duties and stopped passing budgets, allowed SCOTUS to modify legislation that the Congress should have done through the legislative process, and have allowed the President to create legislation via executive fiat.  Congress has the power of the purse and impeachment to use against an out-of-control Executive Branch and they must step up and exercise their duties as prescribed by the Constitution or we all lose. 

We cannot be dictated to by a President, or 9 unelected individuals on the Supreme Court. 

We need to get back to the basics and start acting like a real country again!


RD Pierini



((1)Judicial Power is defined as Authority, both constitutional and legal, given to the courts and its judges (1) to preside over and render judgment on court-worthy cases; (2) to enforce or void statutes and laws when scope or constitutionality are questioned (3) to interpret statutes and laws when disputes arise.)

(2) Case in point was when SCOTUS ruled that the individual mandate to purchase a Obamacare policy was in fact a TAX which is lawful for the Congress to levy rather than an individual mandated payment which is a violation of the Congressional authority under the Constitution.  Chief Justice rewrote Obamacare regarding the mandates when he concluded that: “Part III-B that the individual mandate must be construed as imposing a tax on those who do not have health insurance, if such a construction is reasonable.”  It is not reasonable! This all the while the Obama Administration, who helped create the bill, maintained that the individual mandate was NOT A TAX, because it did not meet the Constitution’s definition of what taxes could be levied by the Congress.  Roberts must have “divined” that Obama had a mental lapse and didn’t mean what he said!


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Trump’s Plan to Save Social Security and Medicare Is Right, Ryan and the Establishment is Wrong!

DC Elitist Consider Breaking their Contract With You as Being “Conservative

Social Security and Medicare Is Paid For by Its Beneficiaries

This is Not Welfare or an Entitlement!


Now You Hear:

It is Conservative to SAVE Social Security and Medicare for the Elderly (By cutting it!)

It is Conservative to Cut Social Security and Medicare to pay down the debt (After they ran the debt up!)

It is Conservative to Change the Social Security Contract as the Social Security Trust Fund will Run Out of Money by 2033.  (After 2033, income will still cover 77% of scheduled payments.)

Blah, Blah, Blah!

2 Different Approaches-Establishment Versus Donald Trump

The “CONSERVATIVES” in the Republican Party want to “Deal with Entitlements” (read, CUT) in order to SAVE Social Security, Medicare and the Federal Budget!  They include Social Security and Medicare in their word, Entitlements

Donald Trump wants to Ramp up our Economic Growth and Create Lots of Jobs to Save Social Security and Medicare WITHOUT Changing our Contract!


Does the Trump Solution Work?

trump 1

Social Security and Medicare are paid for by Employees and Employers.  Each payroll dollar, up to $118,500 in 2016, is taxed 12.6% for Social Security and 2.9% for Medicare. 

So, the more people who are working, and the better paying the jobs, the more money that goes into both funds. This is the Trump Solution!!!

Today, Social Security reserves are $2,807 billion ($2.8 trillion) as of the end of March 2016.  The Social Security Fund will remain solvent until 2033, when revenues still cover 77% of the payments.  This is based on TODAY’S LOUSY ECONOMY! 

Coal Minors-West Virginia Example

Take the 140,000 coal minors in West Virginia who have lost their jobs in the past 8 years.  If the average salary of the coal minors is $50,000 per year, the gross payroll would be $7,000,000,000 ($7 Billion!).  This would add $868,000,000 ($868 Million) to the Social Security fund and $203,000,000 ($203 Million) to the Medicare fund!  And that is just one set of job gains in one State for one Group of abused US employees! 

Under Employed Workforce Example

We currently have 95,000,000 (95 Million) people who have given up looking for a job and are out of the work force.  IF Trump’s economy can re-employ 10% (9,500,000) of these citizens at an average annual salary of $50,000, this would equate to a total payroll of $475,000,000,000 ($475 Billion) and provide the Social Security Fund with $59,000,000,000 ($59 Billion) in additional revenue and Medicare with $13,800,000,000 ($13.8 Billion) in additional funding. 

Donald Trump “gets” finance and certainly the economic factors facing our nation.  He has had to traverse his businesses through multiple recessions and even the 2008 “Depression” and has done pretty well.  He understands the plight of senior citizens and their reliance on Social Security and Medicare, especially since many of the senior’s retirement nest eggs were decimated by the 2008 Depression.  Why not try to make these funds solvent by increasing the health of our economy!  Maybe if the economy heats up, the middle class may even see a real increase in their wages!


So, If a Better Economy can Create Solvency for Social Security and Medicare, Why Does Ryan and the Establishment Want to Cut Social Security and Medicare?

Pushing Granny Off of the Cliff!

Republicans, ala the DC Elitists, have historically disliked the structure of Social Security and Medicare.  But, historically, the Republicans have not made any real attempts at making these systems more economically viable though good and bad economies. 

Instead, they are now pushing a cuts and changes to the retirement age and other tweaks that do not solve the problems.  Further, if we keep our eye on the economic ball and job creation, the system is much more solvent than advertised. 

The Elitist also reduce payments to recipients by not giving or reducing COLA increases by manipulating the contents of the cost of living criteria. 

The retirement portion could be privatized to a large degree, eliminating the potential budget burden on the Federal Budget and yield higher returns for the beneficiaries. 

There are tons of things that could help these systems but the Republicans have never had the stomach for the fight.  Here are a couple of examples of other inequities in the Social Security/Medicare systems.

Poor Return on Investment:

It is illegal for the trustees of the Social Security Funds to invest the funds in anything but government securities.  But, the Federal Reserve can invest any amount it wants into any investment is accountable to no one.  The rate of return to a Social Security recipient is well below market earnings.  If someone who just retired and made close to the top of the social security wage cut off for a large portion of their life, they would be receiving over $10,000 per month, not $1,236 current Social Security benefit, based on Standard and Poor fund index appreciation over 40 years. 

Congress should change the investment requirements so the interest earned matches the growth in our economy.  The current system forces the Social Security participants to “subsidize” the Federal Government by providing it with an internal source of funds while not having to pay market interest.

Public Employees Are Exempt from Social Security:

Most public employees are not in or have to pay Social Security taxes,  So, while we have a system that is supposed to tax everyone, those privileged in government can opt out to a more lucrative alternative.  Remember, the US Federal Government is the largest employer in the US at over 4 million employees.  So, the largest segment of employees in the US do not contribute to Social Security!

Public Employees, including Congress and the Executive, should not be exempt from participating in Social Security.  Same goes for State employees.  This would provide an additional source of revenue and make the entire system more equitable.

Disability Payments Impact on the Social Security Fund:

Disability benefits were included in the original 1935 Social Security law.  But, since its enactment, Congress has fiddled with the benefit provisions and the disability roles have exploded along with the drain on the fund.

Congress must put back many of the cost controls and beneficiary controls over the disability portion of Social Security.  Since 2008, disability has become a replacement for long-term unemployment insurance and is depleting the funds that should be reserved for retirement and those needing disability assistance.

We need to allow Trump to put his cards on the table relative to “amping up” the economy!  If successful, the results will be HUGE for not only Social Security and Medicare but for our nation as a whole.  It will take a while to revamp trade agreements and restart the US domestic industrial complex, but you need to start sometime. 

No better time than now!

RD Pierini



Hat Tips:

Ryan Vs Trump-Career Politician Vs Businessman

Who Understands the Real World Better?

Trump Ryan borderRyan was the Primary Sponsor of Only 2 Pieces of Legislation in 17 Years!

One to Name a Post Office in His Home Town

Two, to put an Excise Tax on ARROWS

Trump built a $10 Billion International Real Estate Company

The DC, self-proclaimed conservative pundits hail Ryan as a principled conservative and rail against Trump as a non-conservative populist. 

They glow over Ryan’s budget prowess and his creds as a “policy wonk”, while they spew hatred for Trump’s uncouth dispatch of his 2016 rivals and scoff at his lack of intelligence in being able to articulate policy positions. 

The DC, Self-proclaimed Conservative Pundits are the Enablers that Allowed This Country to Sink Into Economic, Political and Moral Decline

They have Covered for our Feckless Republican Leadership and Excused the Progressive Agenda as an Unavoidable US Political Evolution

We The People Cannot Distinguish and Difference between Our Current Republican and Democrat Leadership

Ryan PelosiRyan and the Republican Insiders have stood by for the past 24 years and have allowed or helped the left to drive this country into near oblivion:

  • Created the depression of 2008 by setting up the prime loan perfect storm then nationalizing our banking system

  • Created an unthinkable level of national debt even when in total control of the Government

  • Created conditions that have driven our military unpreparedness to levels not seen since before WWII

  • Created a stagnated economy while spending over $4 Trillion per year 

  • Created an ineffective and systemic corruption of our educational system

  • Created a trade paradigm that has exported 40% + of our manufacturing jobs and industries, and allowed our healthcare system to be decimated and much, much more. 

  • Created a system of environmental, labor, other regulations that cripple and kill our own industries while putting our international competitors at a competitive advantage.

So, if Ryan and the Republican Insiders are “Pure Conservatives” with “Principled Positions”, what on earth are their positions?

  • Support for nationalized, centralized banking system?

  • Support for uncontrolled spending and debt accumulation?

  • Support for weakening our military so we are unable to defend our nation?

  • Support for driving our economy down, holding down our middle class incomes, driving more and more citizens into poverty and big government hand out programs?

  • Support for dumbing down our educational system while increasing our cost per student and enriching the Teacher’s Unions?

  • Support for promoting “unbalanced” “free trade” programs that serve to drive our industries overseas and drive our citizens into unemployment?

  • Support for Big Government regulations to drive industries out of the US and enhance the capabilities of our competitors.

I am not the problem, It is the Pigs in Government
I am not the problem, It is the Pigs in Government

It is obvious to We the People that Politicians are only focused on their own re-election and increasing the power of the federal government and thus their own personal power. 

It is time for us to go back to our Founding Father’s Principles, not Republican or Democrat, and have a President, and ultimately a Congress, made up of Business People and not professional politicians, like Ryan and others, who have never ran a business nor even had a job, other than being a lawyer, in the real world.  We need more people in government who have signed the front of paychecks rather than just the back of a government check!  We need a government who lives among We the People and understand what We the People are going through every day. 

Ryan and the Insider Professional Political class will never come up with solutions that really work.  They simply do not have the experience and they are motivated more to perpetuate their own kingdoms than take care of We the People.  Business men and women are confronted with issues and problems every day.  They have to act quickly and in a cost-effective manner or they perish. 

What is the Punishment for Inept or Corrupt Politicians? 



Why Trump Does Not Need Ryan’s Endorsement

We the People, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents support Trump and his vision, and not those of the DC Establishment.  Votes Count, eventually.  We will get enough people in Congress who are from the real world, and care more about this country than themselves and who will follow Trump’s example.  The DC Establishment has decimated our Constitution and the enumeration of powers.  We need to get the power back to the States where it started and cut DC down to size. 

This is not the Hunger Games even though DC resembles “Panem” and Obama, President Snow and Congress His Puppets! 

Ryan does not control nor speak for We the People

Get over it!

RD Pierini



Update-Scariest Part of Obama’s New Gun Control Mandate-HIPAA Violation?


On Tuesday, January 5th, I posted an article discussing one of the potentially scariest parts of Obama’s gun control order which was the medical/mental health reporting requirements that are yet to be defined (Link: 

Today, Marsh Blackburn raised the issue as to whether the Executive Order will violate the HIPAA patient privacy laws that are on the books.  Obviously, if a doctor or a pharmacist or other health care provider discloses a patient’s condition through bureaucratic channels, this is a violation of the law and the patient’s privacy. 

The information would theoretically go to the Homeland Security, FBI, then to local law enforcement.  Blackburn correctly stated that this EO goes beyond just gun laws when she said, “When you look at his executive order on guns you have to say it’s more than just about the gun or this one executive order,”

This is why the founders came up with a deliberative process to look at as many sides of an issue as possible.  But, the president goes around this process with EOs and Congress has all but abdicated its credibility to deliberate with 2,000 page bills that no one reads let alone deliberates!!!

Stay tuned.  This is going to be crazy when the government gets in between your health care provider and you!





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Trump’s Assumption of the Post-Constitutional United States

The Bane of RINOs
           The Bane of RINOs


Please Read This Article:  John Hayward, writing for Breitbart, penned an excellent article, “Trump and the Post-Constitutional Presidency“.  Hayward is basically sparing against many of the remarks made by Rich Lowery, since Trump’s rise in the polls, where Lowery basically asserts that Trump will extend Obama’s deliberate assertion of dictatorial powers over the Constitutional powers attributed to the President.  Further, that Trump will continue to marginalize and ignore the Congress and Executive Order’s will replace the legislative process.  I strongly recommend that you read Hayward’s article.  (The link to Hayward’s article is included below under “Hat Tips”)  My article discusses some of the same topics plus possible actions by Donald Trump if he is elected President.


A Trump Presidency Vs. the U.S. Constitution?

The Creation of the Trump Phenomena: 

The Republican Establishment and its pundits (and candidates) have attacked Donald Trump 50 ways to Sunday since his rise in the polls.  The attack is by the cast of that popular TV show, “As the RINO Turns”.  It airs every time George Will, Rich Lowry, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Glenn Beck, David Brooks, Stephen Hayes, and other apologists for the death of conservatism in the Republican Party appear on TV or in print media.  They foretell the death of our Constitution, the creation of a dictatorial regime, the US losing all of its allies, the loss of individual freedoms, mass deportation of anyone Trump does not like, the death of the Republican Party, and the end to civility in US politics.  Earth to “As the RINO Turns”, these have already happened except that mass deportation has been replaced by Mass Importation of refugees, recipients of H1-A, H1-B and others.

  • Constitutional Demise: Where were you when Obama penned Executive Order after Executive Order that overrode existing laws that had been duly passed by Congress such as his illegal immigrant amnesty decree or he simply refused to execute existing laws such as DOMA and others?
  • Creation of a Dictatorship:  Where were you when Obama and the Democrats stopped creating annual budgets, a practice that was carried on by Boehner/Ryan;  Or, when Obama defied a Federal Court during the Gulf Oil Spill; Or, when Obama failed to report to Congress during the protracted annihilation of Libya; Or, when Obama’s IRS politically targeted conservative groups seeking a valid 501(c)(3) status?
  • Our Allies:  Where were you when Obama consistently ignores the Prime Minister of Israel; Or, shuns our European allies; Or, makes a deal with the Shia Iran and ticks off all of our Sunni partners in the Middle East?
  • Individual Freedom:  Where were you when Obama and the democrats created Obamacare and forced religious institutions to comply with portions of the law that were clearly and historically against their religious beliefs.
  • Immigration:  Where were you when Obama opened the US to Syrian refugees and others from known terrorist countries without creating adequate safeguards for our citizen’s health and allowing terrorists to infiltrate our land; for forcing cities to take in large numbers of people who were not willing to assimilate; for not protecting our borders physically nor with proper background scrutiny.
  • Death of the Party:  Where were you when the Republican Party controlled all three branches of the government and still doubled the national debt; Or, during the 1990’s up to 2007 when both parties allowed the housing bubble to fester and ultimately blow up in our faces creating huge losses to individuals and families; Or, where were you when GW Bush kicked the GM and Chrysler bailouts down the road rather than forcing these companies to work through existing bankruptcy laws;  Where were you when we bailed out the banks and the mortgage industry but left the average middle class family in the streets after losing their homes and life savings;  where were you when Dodd-Frank passed then after when the Republican Party had opportunities to strip the teeth out of that bill; or, where were you when the Republican Party and its majorities could have used the power of the purse or impeachment as tools to stop Obama and the Democrats?
  • Civility in Politics:  Where were you when Obama blames the conservatives of being racists, Islamophobes, and that it is our fault for everything that is wrong with America; Or when the Democrats attack the Tea Parties and other conservative groups; Or when the Republican Party members of Congress pass the $1.2T 2016 Omnibus Bill that left the Democrats STUNNED that the Republican Party gave us everything we wanted and more in the bill to the detriment and over the objections of your base!  WE DO NOT NEED CIVILITY, WE NEED SOMEONE TO FIGHT FOR REAL CONSERVATIVES WHO GO TO WORK EVERYDAY, PAY TAXES, OBEY THE LAWS, AND SUPPORT ALL OF THE OVERBEARING PROGRAMS YOU PARTICIPATE IN CREATING! 

Enter Donald Trump.  You have ignored the Republican Base too long and patronized us too long to take it any longer. 

Along comes a Donald Trump, and a Ted Cruz, and we feel a refreshing breeze of sympathy for our plight and frustrations.

Will Donald Trump Stop This Generational Slide

Into Post-Constitutionalism?

Donald Trump first and foremost is a successful businessman.  For those who have been stuck on the sidelines of life in the US serving as a government bureaucrat, or as a member of the Fourth Estate, his level of success requires the ability to see multiple outcomes with each decision; attention to details during the decision-making process; the ability to delegate but follow-up post decision; the ability to cut through the fog of the personal interests of staff, advisors, and advocates of special interests; the ability to quickly assess the decision costs and consequences; the ability to rally those who may not understand or be for a decision/policy that you have chosen; and to know the legal and other constraints on you regarding the decision.  Then, most of all, to be able to live with the consequences of a decision; or to know when to change course; or when to abandon the decision/policy.    Given Mr. Trump’s level of success, he either possesses these traits and more or he is the luckiest man to ever live.

Would Trump plow through the Constitution and ignore the legislative process as President?  I really do not think so.  Why, regardless of what you think about his personality and tactics, I believe that his life reflects his love and belief in what this country stands for.  Why wouldn’t he, everything he has he has is because of the foundational principles of this country and its values.  Could he have amassed this level of success in China, or even Europe?  Probably not.

Trump and Congress: 

McConnell and Ryan would both be in for a rude awakening and probably a wild ride with Trump.  He will set a firm agenda and work with them or through them to get it accomplished.  If they will not cooperate in the board room, he will take to the media and address the public directly.  Based on his success in waging a campaign for the Republican nominee almost exclusively via Twitter, Facebook and other internet vehicle, McConnell and Ryan will have to cave and enact the legislation required to put the agenda into law.  Just think of the pressure he can mount with the power of the Presidential Pulpit!  (Sorry RINOs, I know this gave you a stomach cramp)

McConnell and Ryan will have an opportunity to decide whether the special interests inside of the Republican Party will win or will Trump.  They will have to decide to listen to the conservative base of this nation, the independents who lean center-right and the Reagan Democrats who have been silenced since the 1980’s.  If they do not, I doubt that either will survive their next re-election bid.

Trump will also insist on a realistic budget process.  He may or may not push for a zero based budget but it would not surprise me as this is standard operating procedure in business.  He will force McConnell and Ryan to justify every dime they want in taxes and every dime they want to spend.  Why?  This is what you do in business.  Ryan is a bright guy, my hope is that he uses his analytical talents to help create a more responsive and cost-effective government.

Trump and the Bureaucracy:

If you are a business person, the only thing worse than a wart on the end of your nose are having to deal with Bureaucrats!  (Depending on who is VP choice is, this could be interesting as he could use his VP to cleanup the bureaucratic mess in Washington DC that is choking this economy and killing are middle class and small businesses.)  He will probably start with the VA, then Homeland Security, the State Department and Defense, then the EPA, Energy and Education. This is based on his campaign so far as these are departments that strike a chord with his campaign speeches and Tweets.

It would not surprise me if he does not start to privatize much of the VA to streamline care for the veterans.  He may leave a coordinating agency to oversea the effectiveness of delivering care to the vets.

Given the threats from Terrorism, he will prioritize changes to Homeland Security and the State Department regarding immigration and visa programs.  He will assign a liaison with Congress to make sure that any needed legislation is not bottlenecked in Congress.  He will upgrade much of the law enforcement technical infrastructure to make security checking and immigrant tracking more seamless between Federal, State and Local agencies.  He will have been coordinating these changes with Defense and working with the Pentagon to create a more appropriate global strategy based on US self-interest.  He will also use his Congressional Liaison to make sure any budget needs are coordinated with Congress so they can be included in the budget and proper appropriations are authorized.

If Trump has a VP that can help in dealing with these agency changes, he may be able to start to cut back the EPA, Energy and Education departments right away.  Trump would set the goals he has for these agencies as the starting point. The VP could coordinate the preliminary analysis of these agencies and a plan of action could be created fairly quickly.  Trump would set the goals he has for these agencies as the starting point.  The EPA will be a priority for him as it is choking off business growth and jobs in the US.  It would not surprise me if he did not eliminate or severely cut back Energy and Education.  The former could be scaled back to a think tank and much of Education reduced with more of the policy being decentralized BACK to the local school districts.

To reiterate, in spite of Trump’s outward persona, his business successes do not support the idea that he is an unthinking, emotional, irrational loose cannon.  Quite the contrary.  Also, he will not be Constitution Revisionist for one reason and one reason only.  He wants to make sure he has a foundational process in place to insure that his changes survive long after his Presidency and form his legacy.  He has implemented this concept in his businesses and it is a normal governance practice in business  This may sound self-serving but it could restart the Constitution and place it back onto its foundational pedestal.  The weak link to me at this point is whether Ryan and McConnell will get on board and overcome the Republican establishment and work to turn this country around.  They will have to resist the pressures from all of the special interests that have become a way of life in DC.


RD Pierini

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Obama’s New Year’s Gifts for You


The President is almost down to his last year,

what will be his New Year’s Resolution for you?

Update-Forgot Guantanamo


One can hope for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

With a little over a year left in President Obama’s presidency, he is making a list, and checking it twice, of gifts and goodies to do to give to America, and indeed, the world.  Remember, he said that he would transform American and he still has a lot of ink left in his Presidential Executive Order pen.  Here are a few of those gifts on his short list!

  1. Gun Control for Americans:  At a minimum, Obama will try to enforce the California Gun Control laws on the rest of the nation in spite of the fact they did not stop the San Bernardino attack.  Most likely, he will go further and actually ban “assault weapons” even though they are the same technically as their more traditional styled hunting or target shooting counterparts.  He will probably also ban clips over 10 rounds but will not touch a mental health provision for gun ownership.
  2. Federalization of Law Enforcement:  At a minimum, he will have the Department of Justice (DOJ) issue mandatory training for racial and gender sensitivity and remove all military equipment from non federal police and sheriff departments.  He may push the pen further and issue mandatory guidelines for responding to protests, dealing with minority groups, and set up hard procedures for non-lethal actions when reacting to unarmed and armed perpetrators.  Regardless, he will further imperil our police and their ability to protect the public.
  3. Recognition of Sharia Law as a complimentary legal structure to our legal system:  At a minimum, he will include some components of Sharia in DOJ guidelines and attempt to “tweak” the federal penal code.  He will push the envelope to the edge in terms of forcing Congress to act to stop him rather than recognize their Constitutional authority.  If local authorities enact Sharia, don’t expect the DOJ to weigh in unless it is in support of the local implementation of Sharia.
  4. Further enhance Iran’s influence in the Middle East as the counter to Sunni Islam:  At a minimum, Iran will get the $150B to spend on terrorism and the development of their nuclear military arms and complete the development of their ICBM capabilities.  He will also turn his back cheek on any violations of HIS deal with Iran and Lurch John Kerry will be his mouthpiece for support.  He may even back Iran’s effort to take over Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and create a three nation Shia bloc.  This will totally tick off the remaining Sunni allies we have had in the region for us to have supported Iran in taking control over this massive piece of the Middle East plus have nuclear and missile capabilities to stalemate any aggression against them.  Putin will go along as well as all he is interested in is keeping Iran and Syria as allies plus he gains Iraq and will have influence over Afghanistan which he could not gain militarily.
  5. Create a system to allow 200,000+ Syrian refugees into the US:  At a minimum, Obama will allow 100,000 Syrian refugees into the US in 2016 plus open the gates for other Muslim immigration.  It is more likely he will allow 200,000 Syrian refugees in during his final year.  He will do this WITHOUT reforming the screening process nor any immigration laws.
  6. Complete conversion of all illegal aliens living in the US to citizens of the US:  At a minimum, he will continue with his immigration amnesty, regardless of what SCOTUS decides on the matter.  He will ask liberal states such as California (Moonbeam will go along) to issue drivers licenses and do whatever they can to solidify the immigrants entrenchment into society and be hidden from subsequence enforcement.  The immigration from Central America will quadruple and we will be swamped with children and others without any hygiene or infectious disease control.
  7. Total Destruction of our Energy Industry-Climate Change:  At a minimum, he will sick the EPA on the energy industry and place fees on gasoline and natural gas for internal consumption and set fees on oil exports so we are not competitive against either Russia or OPEC.  He will continue to choke our coal industry out of existence and will not upgrade any of our pipeline delivery systems.  He may add mandatory adoption of Solar and Wind by states via EPA mandates and by withholding funding from gas taxes and any other stick they can find.
  8. Elimination of School Choice:  At a minimum, he will have the Department of Education (DOE) set up harsh guidelines for private, charter and home schooling education.  He will force the use of union labor (SEIU) in these schools, even for home schoolers.  He will also set up fees via the DOE to make the costs of these educational alternatives even harsher on parents of choice.  More control over local public schools will be enacted as well.
  9. Obamacare/Medicare/VA:  Obamacare will be morphed into a single payer system.  At a minimum, he will proceed with the implementation of Obamacare on businesses to put even more pressures on healthcare providers, exchanges and insurance companies.  This will force the system to collapse and he will eliminate all of the state exchanges and centralize the administration and payment systems.  If he has time, he would push to consolidate Medicare and Medicaid and perhaps even the VA system.  He may have to tweak Congress’s noses but they have a vested interest in keeping healthcare centralized.  We will see…  He will also move to force religious institutions to accept birth control and abortions or get out of the healthcare business.  This would eliminate 25% of the hospitals or more in the US.
  10. Expanding the Racial, Social and Ethnic Divide:  He has single-handedly taken race relations in the US back to the 1800’s and has been successful in creating a deep level of distrust and animosity between the US citizens and those coming in from Mexico and from Muslim countries.  Pushed to extreme, this could result in an urban war that would severely damage the US economically and otherwise.  Further, his agenda for LBGT acceptance will be to force religious intuitions who object to gay-marriage to marry same-sex couples, or groups of more than 2 people, who wish to be married.  He will use the 501(c)3 exemption and other tax benefits to force this issue.  This will pit religious institutions, specifically the Catholic Church and Conservative Protestant Churches, against the LBGT community and the left in general.  It will be interesting to see if Mosques are exempted.
  11. Supreme Court Appointment:  13 months is a long time when two of the conservative judges on the Supreme Court are in the late 70’s.  Scalia is 78, Kennedy is 78 (a bit of a stretch to include him but he is a wild-eyed conservative when compared to Ginsberg/Kagan/Sotomayor).  It is possible that either of their seats could be replaced by Obama due to their incapacitation or death.  I am sure Ted Cruz nor Mark Levin are not on Obama’s short list for a Supreme Court vacancy.  This would out the court in a left majority with a fairly young set of liberal judges except for Ginsberg and she will probably outlive us all…
  12. Guantanamo-Late Entry:  Sorry, Obama will drain the Guantanamo swamp of terrorist sending them all back home to live out their lives in peace and harmony, or not.  Then, he will call Speaker Ryan and What’s-his-name in the Senate, I know McConnell, and inform them that the former prison is now a retreat for overworked Congress persons and that they can call Valarie Jarrod, speak in English, Farsi or French, she is fluent in all three,  to book the next available room or merely vote to close the institution and quit claim the deed back to the every-loving and appreciative Castro Brothers.  Boom! Guantanamo closed…


My greatest fear is that there are other things he may do that are even worse.

Don’t say that most of these are Unconstitutional.  It no longer matters!

We live in a Post-Constitutional Era since the Republicans took Impeachment and the

Use of the Purse Strings off of the table.

These are the only two Constitutional methods we had to control the Executive Branch.