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Trump Vs The Federal Reserve (Fed)

Federal Reserve “Palace”, Eccles Building Washington DC

Are you one of those who listen to the political pundits bad-mouthing Trump for criticizing the Federal Reserve policies and its Chairman Powell?  If you think the President is wrong to criticize the FED, consider the following.

The Federal Reserve (FED) is an extra-constitutional institution that was created in 1913 to stop financial crisis and provide stability to our nation’s credit, its banks, and to protect consumers.  Ironically the FED did nothing to prevent or end the Great Depression, and the recessions that have plagued this nation including the recessions of 1980 and 2008.  Following the recession of 1980 that was accompanied by runaway inflation, the FED was given additional powers to “control” inflation.  In short, our nation’s entire fiscal health, and the health of our banking systems, rely on an institution that is not mentioned in the US Constitution; is totally governed by 7 unelected citizens; and is advised only by 12 individuals from the banking industry that the FED is supposed to manage.  

The Fed is led by the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) comprised of seven Presidential appointed “governors”.  Below the are two additional levels of UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS.  Below the FRB, is the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).  Its membership is comprised of the seven members of the FRB plus five of the twelve  Federal Reserve Bank Presidents.  The Federal Advisory Council comprised of twelve REPRESENTATIVES OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY.  The FAC “advises” the FRB on all matters under its jurisdiction.  

Finally, the Federal Reserve Act created Twelve (not sure why they were hung up on the number twelve) Federal Reserve Banks, each of which is responsible for member banks located in its district.  (This was before national and international banks!)  

Each of these FED banks has a President appointed by its board of director.  While District Federal Reserve Banks are purported to be independent from its member banks, the MEMBER BANKS DO ELECT SIX OF THE NINE OF THE REGIONAL FEDERAL BANK’S BOARD!  

Sorry for the dissertation on the structure of the FED but the key points are:

  • The Fed is Extra-Constitutional
  • The Fed management is devoid of any elected individuals
  • The FED is controlled by 7 non-elected officials that are appointed by Presidents.
  • The banking industry itself controls the boards or members of Federal Reserve Advisory Council and the District Federal Reserve Banks.
  • The FED creates banking regulation and regulates private banks, PERIOD.  No elected official or agency of the Executive Branch has any sway over these banking regulations.  
  • Yes, the President can nominate the members of the FED Board and the nominees have to be confirmed by the Senate but any actions undertaken by the FED is not subject to Congressional or Executive Oversight!

So, the Federal Reserve can “create” money; manage how much of our cash is available to world; set funds rate which sets interest rates; print  money then buy back US debt also known as Quantitative Easing and monetizing the debt!  All this without any check or balance, nor anyone on the FED being elected by US voters!


Should the President Publicly Challenge the FED?  Someone Better!

During the Obama Presidency, the FED not only pumped $4 Trillion into the economy by borrowing (printing) money, they also drove interest rates down to zero Then when President Trump came in, the FED began to pay down, (remove cash from the economy), and then went through 6 additional Fed Rate increases (this increases your credit card and mortgage Interest rates) beginning in March 2016 raising the interest rate to 1%, until December of 2018 raising the funds rate to 2.5%. 

All of these actions depress the economy! 

These actions by the FED were justified as making sure inflation did not get out of control as the Trump economy was booming!  What, there wasn’t and still isn’t any inflation!

What you need to know is that raising interest rates slows economic growth, and what supposed “conventional wisdom” defines as inflation!    It is a mechanism that has been used to curb INFLATION.  Paying down the monies borrowed by the FED also slows down economic growth by taking cash out of the market. The FED set a target of 2% inflation following the Jimmy Carter presidency that featured an exploded inflation rate accompanied by the FED exploding interest rates to over 16%.    During the Trump administration and the economic growth under Trump in 2019, teh economy has yielded an inflation rate AT A LOWER RATE THAN THE 2% FED TARGET!  Thiws is why The President keeps saying that especially the last Fed interest rate hike in 2018 was deflationary and seriously damaged the growth of our economy.

The FED, the National Debt, and Globalism:

Why is the FED fighting against the Trump economy?  Why is the National Debt still rising?  and Where is the FED in all of this?

Remember, the FED is totally comprised of and controlled by International bankers.  The vast majority are globalist in that they believe that a “balance” among nations economically is good for all.  The only problem is that the FED charter has nothing to do with making sure nations, other than America, are financially sound.  Some argue that international economic stability is our responsibility.  Then why don’t we have a say in the really dumb decisions made by EU nations, China, Russia and other nations that are driving their own economies into the toilet?  Why is our economy held hostage by poor decisions being made by other countries!

Why is our National Debt still rising?  Two reasons, One is an corrupt Congress that does not have the guts to change its own rules allowing spending to keep climbing due to automatic increases each year.   Two, a FED, aided and abetted by Congress, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the Business Roundtable, that constantly depresses the US economy and makes sure that our growth and ensuing tax revenues do not strengthen our economy vis-à-vis other nation’s economic growth.  If the US economy is flat, then even if Congressional spending is flat, we can never pay down our national debt.  IF the Trump economy can generate an annual increase in our Gross Domestic Product in the 3-4% range, tax revenues will increase and eventually start chipping away at our national debt.  (Why not raise taxes?  Raising taxes decrease tax revenue.  Tax decreases increases tax revenues.  This is a historical fact!) 

The FED makes sure that our international globalist can move their investments and businesses out of the US into countries that increase their profits.  THE FED AND THESE SELF-INTERESTS AND FOREIGN NATIONS promote foreign countries to maintain tariffs on US imports further depressing US growth and US job promotion.  

President Trump’s


is the Antithesis to the goals of the FED, the Globalists, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and the Progressive Left.

This is why the President is taking on the FED chairman Powell directly and in the public square.  Continued rate hikes without inflation in excess of 3% is recessionary and contrary to the US National Interest.  The President understands that no matter what he does in terms of regulation and tax cuts, the FED can counterbalance his moves by merely printing more money or raising interest rates.  The President’s economy is generating inflation because for every job gained, PRODUCTIVITY per hour is increased.  For every good produced in this country versus China or elsewhere, GDP and tax revenues into the US treasure are increased!  


You hear every day that US Tariffs on other nations good being brought into the us are TAXES ON US CONSUMERS.  Not True in the Long Run and Not really true in the short to medium term.  Why?  Ask yourself, “How can the US inflation be less than 2% if ur Tariffs are increasing the cost of the good we import to any significant degree?  Answer, they are not! 

The exporting country, say China, cannot afford to loose production nor revenue due to US tariffs.  Also remember, that China is a communist country whose economy is totally controlled by its communist party.  So, China will devalue their own currency to offset some or all of the tariffs.  How does this work?  Say they export an item to the US that costs them $1.00.  We put a 25% tax on that item so the cost of that item would be $1.25.  By devaluing their currency by say 10%, the real tariff cost for the item is $1.125.  Then, in order for the Chinese factory to not loose the $0.125 per item, the Chinese government creates a subsidy for the factory in the amount of $0.125 per item.  In the end, the item cost is still $1.00 to US Consumers.  This is exactly what is happening to China today!  

In the short term, most of the exporters of Chinese goods have forward contracted with Chinese manufacturers to by their goods at a set price over a period of time.  Most are hedged against the Chinese currency to avoid loses due to Chinese currency manipulation.  So, in the short-term, the goods sold to US consumers do not carry a price increase. 

For items like electronics, South Korea and Japan have forced prices down by $150 or so per television over the past 18 months for example.  Our tariffs on Chinese TVs would have no impact on US consumers for specific items as they can buy the less expensive Korean or Japanese TVs.  In the medium to long term, these exporters can seek other country’s suppliers especially Viet Nam, Japan and South Korea.  During this same time frame, the Chinese manufacturers who have non-Chinese partners, will see their non-Chinese partners move their investments to other countries or even the US to avoid the tariff impacts.  Many already have plants in multiple non-Chinese countries.

So, President Trump has to fight for the US consumer on many, many fronts.  The FED is certainly at the top of the list as they can kill the impact of Trump economic moves and even drive the US into a Recession.  The FED can also manipulate our currency and overvalue it and kill our ability to export, especially agricultural goods that are priced on international markets.  

Congress is also a stumbling block as they typically support their big donors, regardless of party, and these include the US Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, the Koch Bros. and others.  While they give lip service to supporting America First, just listen to these political hacks when Trump threatens tariffs on Mexico and others.  In this case, the day Trump threatened to impose a 5% tariff on Mexico, their Peso was devalued at over 5% thus negating the impact of the tariffs in the short-term.  Congress will always stand behind global interests, until we institute term limits and expel these hacks from Congress.

Keep Up the Good Fight!

So, when you hear the talking heads and political hacks decrying Trump Tariffs, consider the sources.  Trump knows that the Chinese tariffs may in time case some of the Chinese goods to be more expensive for US consumers.  In the meantime, he has ramped up US energy production to drive down gas prices for consumers and manufactures alike in order to buffer potential Chinese price increases. 

What always gets me is to hear pundits say that it is better for US consumers to be able to by cheap goods from China than to have those goods produced in the US.  Good for Who?  If you have been laid off at a factory and receiving unemployment or welfare, your purchasing power has been seriously reduced.  Further, rather than you paying taxes and increasing revenue into our treasury, and keep circulating your wage income within the US, you are taking from our treasury and the dollars we are spending with China leave this country and are never recirculated within the US!  Moving jobs out of the US no matter the cost of a tennis shoe is never a net benefit to this nation.  


Note:  if you have a chance, read “Why America Will Fail-Unless the People Take Back Their Country” by clicking on this link:  It will explain in more depth the structure of the FED and other institutions and how many of our economic safeguards have been removed intentionally by the globalist.

RD Pierini



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Top 10 Countries with Largest National Debt-to-GDP in 2018


The US Federal Reserve Vs We The People-The Basics

See the source imageFed Chairman Ben Bernanke Propped Up Bush/Obama Catastrophe, Trump and the Middle Class Now Has to Pay for Their Malfeasance

Don’t go to sleep on me because this really impacts you and your family.  You wouldn’t ignore a burglar, so don’t ignore the thieves in the White House and the Federal Reserve!

You hear about and read Trump’s slamming of the Federal Reserve raising Interest rates when there is no inflation on the horizon and the 10 year treasury rate remained low at 2.797%.  (3.0% tp 3.5% is considered normal in a normal economy)  Trump is also slamming the Fed for continuing to “normalize” the balance sheet assets of the Fed.   What the heck does this mean? 

See the source imageRemember the Bush/Obama recession of 2008 that lasted through 2016?  And, remember that wonderful term QE or Quantitative Easing?  QE means that the Federal Reserve prints money, making your money less valuable (thieves), then buys up worthless MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES from SUB-PRIME LOANS, and also pumps cash into the stock market inflating the stock market by 2-4 Trillion Dollars!  So, if you lost your job,  home or business to the 2008 recession, your government not only stole your house or business from you, but are now making you pay again because they are raising your credit card and mortgage interest rates!  Plus, their idiotic rapid interest rate hikes and printing more money to pay off their dumb securities they “bought with your money” while making the Wall Street crooks even more rich, is putting downward pressure on Trump’s economy just when he restarted its engines!  Take some time and reread this paragraph!  

What Now?

So, now that Trump’s economy has lowered unemployment in the Black, Hispanic and Asian communities to an all time high, and there are more jobs available now than workers to fill the jobs, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street are doing everything they can to kill the Trump Economy.  Above we reminded you of the thievery practice of Quantitative Easing, now the Fed is slapping Trump’s economy with QUANTITATIVE TIGHTENING by “Normalizing” their Balance Sheet!  (Anytime an economist has to come up with a new term, hold onto your wallet and your rear end because here comes the judge!)  QT is when the Fed REMOVES money from the economy by retiring is assets, that they never paid for, in the form of treasury securities and mortgage backed securities.  On top of this, raising interest rates takes even more money out of the Trump Economy by punishing consumers with higher credit card and mortgage interest costs!  It also slows the growth of small businesses that are the lifeblood of this economy.

The economy is still stronger than the Federal Reserve’s or Wall Street’s ability to kill it!  Trump’s policies continue to stimulate growth and put more money in the pockets of our middle class while lifting millions out of poverty.  Even the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Tightening and raising interest rates should now lower our GDP growth by more than 1-2 percent.  But even that is criminal and works against the interest of the American People.  Finally a President is overcoming the 2008 recession and the DC Swamp is finding new ways to nibble at his ankles!  

You may continue to see volatility in the Stock Market due to the Fed’s past and current malfeasance.  Wall Street voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats so don’t think for a minute that they want to help Trump improve the US economy when he is up for re-election in 2020!  Wall Street is a globalist enterprise and use US to leverage its gains in world markets and investments. Trump’s America First and his Trade policies calling for balanced trade with our trading partners, especially the EU and China.  Wall Street is heavily invested in China and does not want to see any changes that could upset the Chinese Apple Cart!

Stay tuned and keep your eye on Trump’s fight with Fed Chair Powell and his trade talks with the EU and China.  If he can get the Fed to stop raising interest rates, which also hurts Trump’s trade talks by strengthening  the US dollar against EU and Chinese currencies making our goods more expensive to export, and he can bring our trade in balance with at least these two large trading “partners”, the economy will continue to grow.  The Democrat control over one chamber of Congress will not be able to slow Trump’s economy much if any.  Gridlock will just mean that our national debt will continue to grow on “autopilot” which is the next article that we will post.  

RD Pierini





Prior Article on this topic, February 6th, 2018

Do You Believe that Obama Deficits were $10 Trillion? Wrong!

Attacking Senior’s COLA Increase to Solve the Social Security Problem—REALLY!

The Role of Government: 

Create a Crisis, then Rush in to Fix it: 

Corollary, Create a Group to Point to as the Problem and Attack them as the Fair Solution.

First, Attack the “Rich”

Next:  Attack Social Security Recipients

Next:  YOU, assuming you are working!

Social Security:  The Government has politicized the Social Security system that was created to help people during their retirement years and also those who may be disabled and not capable of working to support themselves.  They have used it to hide their own budget ineptitude and to fund their spending follies.  Now that their little slush fund is getting in trouble, they are talking about fixed their Trillions in Debt by taking and $2.50 from your GRANDPARENTS!  Wow, what a brave solution!

     The HERITAGE FOUNDATION, who at one time supported national healthcare, ala the single payer version,  joined in with the Left’s IDIOTIC proposal to “tweak” the Social Security COLA in order to help make Social Security Solvent and take care of a Trillions if dollars in Unfunded Liabilities.  The article was part of their Morning Bell and it was entitled “Morning Bell: 3 Simple Solutions for Fixing Social Security” and the link to the article is (  The problem with simple solutions is that they usually don’t work but give the inept crowd in our government, a lot of sound bites.

     The author, Rob Bluey, basically says that the government should focus on Medicare and Social Security rather than tax increases.  Bluey makes the point that in the next 75 YEARS, Social Security will owe $11.3 Trillion more than it takes in.  WHAT HE NEGLECTS TO SAY IS THAT TODAY THE SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM IS AND WILL GENERATE POSITIVE CASH FLOW THROUGH 2021, DUE IN PART TO CONTRIBUTIONS AND INTEREST EARNED BY LOANING THE SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDS TO OUR GOVERNMENT TO FUND THEIR OVER SPENDING GLUT!  What he does not say is that this government’s 2% reduction in Payroll Taxes robbed $103 Billion in 2011 and $111 Billion in 2012 from the Social Security Fund, now he is worried about seniors getting a 1.7% COLA in 2013 rather than the 1.5% the seniors would get with his proposed CHAIN COLA plan!  His COLA adjustment could not make up for the lost funding caused by the 2% payroll tax boondoggle in 20 years!  It was this siphoning off of Social Security Funds that caused the SS system to have a shortfall in 2011.  But the reduction he advocates is a 12% reduction in the COLA, which is not much to Mr. Bluey, but for the average Social Security recipient who gets $1,236 per year a few bucks could make a little difference especially since this same Senior’s Medicare share is also going up! 

     Let’s talk COLAs for a second.  The average Social Security recipient spends the lion’s share of their available cash on groceries, gas/electricity, housing and medical care.  Their COLA should be based on these 4 items and NOT ADJUSTED because gas prices were seasonally too high, or some specific food prices spiked for a while or whatever reason the government comes up with.   The new “CHAIN COLA” the government is trying to stick on Seniors assumes a substitution capability on behalf of Seniors as consumers.  For example, if the price of a filet mignon goes up to $12.00/lb from $8.00/ lb (50% increase), but chicken only goes up to $.95/lb from $.86/lb (10%), the Senior would substitute chicken for filet mignon!  New flash, Seniors aren’t eating a whole lot of filet mignon on $1,236/month but the percent means more to them than let say, Warren Buffett!  So, for food costs, the government would take the filet increase out of the total CPI calculation and reduce the Senior COLA based on a lower index!  How about indexing who is buying filet versus chicken?  If you are poor, you don’t indulge on filet mignon, you are buying the lowest cost protein you can get, including pet food.    

Raising Social Security Age and Means Testing: Bluey also joined in with the leftist to raise the retirement age as well as join the PROGRESSIVES in reducing social security benefits if you made a certain income, also known as means testing!  Means testing is another way of saying you can pay in but you can’t have anything back because you were too successful!  There are so many other systemic, real solutions that are available to make Social Security solvent and these two are just asinine on the surface.  At some point we will need choice of the types of investments one chooses with a certain level of a safety net.  This is not privatizing social security, it is taking some of the decisions out of the hands of this government and politicians who could not manage even the simple task of delivering a letter.  Some solutions will be addressed in a subsequent article.

The Social Security System has been corrupted for its political cronies and insiders since its inception.  Do you know:

  1. Public Employees are Exempt from FICA:  Most public employees are not in or have to pay Social Security taxes?  So, while we have a system that is supposed to tax everyone, those privileged in government can opt out to a more lucrative alternative.  They have their own systems!  Who can blame them.  This week a California Highway Patrolman took over $500,000 in cash for back vacation, sick leave, overtime, etc. and then retired on $178,000 per year!  That is $14,800/month, while Seniors average $1,236/month.
  2. Social Security Investments and ROI:  It is illegal for the trustees of the Social Security Funds to invest the funds in anything but government securities.  But, the Federal Reserve can invest any amount it wants into any investment is accountable to no one.  The rate of return to a Social Security recipient is well below market earnings.  If someone who just retired and made close to the top of the social security wage cut off for a large portion of their life, they would be receiving over $10,000 per month, not $1,236, based on Standard and Poor fund index appreciation over 40 years.   So, the FED (our government) can prop up banks and stocks buy pumping non-existent money into these markets, but the Social Security recipient can’t expect a decent ROI based on these same market’s growth?  You don’t mind playing Russian Roulette with our Fed dollars but squeeze old people for theirs that they earned and contributed.
  3. Social Security Benefits are Taxable:  You pay FICA on your gross income but still have to pay taxes on your benefits, most of which you paid for!  Once again, stick our Seniors with a system no one else have to live by! 
  4. Social Security Funds have hidden the True Public Debt of the US:  the total US debt is over $16.3 trillion dollars but you will oftentimes here that the total PUBLIC DEBT of the US is about $11 Trillion and some change.  The other is Government debt, debt owned by the Social Security Fund and other government funds which is a little over $5 Trillion.  So, this government forces Social Security to live with lower than market returns while it borrows and uses its cash to fund their criminal levels of spending.  Even the Public Debt is a lie.  A large portion of the Public Debt is owned by our very own Federal Reserve!  So, we let the Federal Reserve print money to buy our debt.  Only the criminals in government could come up with this scheme and not be in jail, this includes DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS AND WHATEVER LABEL THIS BUNCH ATTACHES TO THEMSELVES.

     This COLA discussion is just another way for this government to lull you into another of their head fakes!  LOOK, we can cut the COLAs!  All the while their foot is on the throttle to make sure as many of the Bush Tax Cuts expire as possible; that you don’t focus on the Billions in Obamacare related taxes that will kick in 2013; that they continue to spend the trillion dollars a year of stimulus that continues every year that there is not a new budget; that they even add billions in new spending to “stimulate” the economy which is the farthest thing from the top of their lists; and to force us to accept a $20-$25 Trillion Debt Ceiling which is a real contradiction in terms.  Just like an Intelligent Congressman or Senator or President. 

     We are trapped in some sort of alternative universe at this point where up is down and down is up.  Where spending is investment and debt is our insurance for the future.  Republicans are no better than Democrats and all are complicit for this massive cultural, fiscal, and moral cliff we are going over.  All I can compare this to is the 1930’s when Hitler wooed the Germans into believing that their enslavement was in their best interest.  He did this by blaming Jews and others for the plight of his citizens and the citizens bought it.  The only way a conservative in office today could redeem themselves would be to stand up and help to create a new party.  We are going over the waterfall and the democrats and republicans are both manning the oars and paddling as fast as they can towards the precipice.  They created this cliff and now are shoving you over it…

RD Pierini


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What is Wrong with the US–Case Study: The Buffet-Obama Odyssey

     Americans as a whole are intelligent, industrious, and honest people who probably trust too much.  It is not in their nature to automatically question their elected officials as they believe that these officials share the same core values of honesty that Average Americans possess.


     More and more Americans are turning to the Tea Parties and other forms of assembly and away from watching and believing in what they are hearing from their leaders or listening to a biased media.  Members of the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian parties and independent voters are becoming more and more alienated by their own government officials.  They vote, and nothing changes.  They vote, and the nation goes further into debt.  They vote, and their roads and highways deteriorate more and more each year.  They vote, and none of the US poverty programs work.  They vote, and their tax dollars just seem to disappear into an abyss of bureaucracy and debt service that consumes their tax dollars…

Where did we go wrong?

     Unfortunately, we have delegated the power over our freedom to our elected offices who have in turn relegated our freedoms to a place of insignificance behind their own ambitions and self-aggrandizement.  Americans are now wondering what went wrong?  They work hard; raise their families as best they can; live by the rules; and try to treat their neighbors as they would like to be treated.  So what went wrong?  Let’s look at one situation that is driving Americans to a level of cynicism and malaise that we have not seen or felt in decades.  This is just one example of how corrupt our system has become and why the average person can’t stand government, local, state or federal…

Warren Buffet and Barack Obama:

     Warren Buffet is best known as one of the richest men on this earth and is the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, the 8th largest company in the world and it is described as a conglomerate holding company.  A holding company does not produce any good or service directly but merely owns stock or other equity positions in other companies that do produce either goods or services.  In short, they are money people who invest in existing or new companies.   Holding companies of all sizes lobby to make sure that they can control political events to protect their investments:


     Warren Buffet courted Obama during Obama’s Presidential campaign in 2007-2008 and has been rewarded by becoming one of Obama’s key advisors and confidants.  Buffet and Obama are often pictured in the news to give Obama an air of authenticity by having a successful businessman by his side.  Buffet learned a long time ago that in order to protect his own self-interest and that of the companys’ he has invested in, playing politics is the third leg on a three-legged stool.  The other two legs include a business that has stock growth potential and the other is a business that generates cash with generous float capabilities, such as the insurance companies he owns (GEICO is one).  He uses the latter to fund the cash flows needed to finance acquisitions in order to avoid debt. 

     So, we have a multi-billionaire who manages a multi-billion dollar empire and cozys up to the Washington Power Brokers and makes sure that they follow his yellow brick road!  So, what is our case study?

Case Study:  Buffet-Obama-Bank of America:

     We saw from 2008-2011, the outcry from the government and the financial institutions over the imminent total collapse of our economy and even the entire global economy.  This was the setup to the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and other more covert programs set up in secrecy by the Federal Reserve.  Taxpayers were lined up against the wall awaiting the financial firing squad of Trillions in bailout programs for banks and Wall Street.  Bank of American was at the front of the pig trough with their hands in our pockets.  In 2008, B of A received $25 Billion from TARP; then again in 2009, B of A received $20 Billion from TARP and another $118 Billion in guarantees to protect B of A from potential losses! Also, in 2009, B of A was handed another $5.2 Billion from AIG!!  AIG got the money they gave B of A from guess who, you the taxpayer via TARP!!  If you are not ready to barf yet, how about the Federal Reserve giving B of A’s Morgan Stanley $1.9 Trillion and B of A itself received $1.2 Trillion in loans.  So, B of A raked in a total of $3.1 Trillion in almost zero interest loans from the Fed (you) and another $50 Billion via TARP and the Treasury. This was the same time that B of A was refusing to renegotiate mortgages, refusing loans to small business, and crushing you with new credit card interest and fees! 

Enter Warren Buffet and his wallet known as Berkshire Hathaway: 

     The favoritism the government has displayed, both Bush and Obama, for the benefit of the banks and Wall Street, started when the taxpayers had to pony up almost $800 Billion to bailout big banks and Wall Street firms to fix a problem they and the politicians created!  At that point, Bank of America was in the front of the financial soup line with their hand in your pocket.  Buffet, KNOWING through his relationships with Henry Paulsen, Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke and Barak Obama (the candidate then the President) that B of A and the other banks and financials institutions would be “protected” as too big to fail by the Government (you), open up his checkbook!   Since the Sub-Prime Crash in 2007, Buffet has purchased and sold 9.1 million shares of B of A, owns 12.6% of American Express, owns 19% of Wells Fargo, invested $3.5 Billion in Goldman Sachs, and owns 12.5% of Moodys, (the rating agency who rates the very financial institution Buffet owns).  The cherry on the top of his investments was a sweetheart deal he just concluded with B of A.  This deal followed the following events that occurred in less than two days.

  • Obama and Buffet have a friendly phone chat while Obama is basking up the sun in August on Marth’s Vineyard.  Ostensibly Buffet was counseling Obama in job growth and the health of the financial sector leading up to Obama’s post Labor Day speech.
  • Buffet agrees to “host” a fundraiser for Obama at a cost of around $10-$35K per ticket!
  • Buffet has an epiphany that B of A might be a good investment.
  • Buffet gives B of A $5 Billion in return for preferred shares with guaranteed 6% dividends and a 5% guaranteed profit if the bank buys back the shares.  B of A’s shares had declined 50% in the preceding year.

     Do you really believe that the phone call, the fundraiser, and the investments in B of A were isolated events?  Do you really think that Buffet did not know about the $3.1 Trillion in loans from the Fed or the $50 Billion in bailout funds from the Treasury would be forthcoming when he bought 9.1 million shares in B of A in 2007-2009?  Do you really believe that Buffet did not get assurances from Obama that the Treasury, the Fed and his administration would prop up the financial institutions in case they got into trouble again?  (actually they are still in trouble and would be gone without government intervention)  Buffet is a genius when it comes to “investing” in businesses especially when he controls the outcomes!  His political machinations are superb and he targets his favors where they can be used to manipulate outcomes.

     So, when the average American is facing increasing levels of negative equity in their homes; the loss in one or more jobs in their household; the loss of lines of credit or loans for their small businesses; or increasing tax liabilities due to having to cash out retirement funds to live on; Buffet and the ruling class continue to stack the deck in their favor.  This is what is wrong in American and the Average American gets it.  They understand political favoritism and “crony capitalism” which is NOT capitalism, it is manipulated socialism.  Americans are sick of the ruling class and business as usual in Washington.  They are sick of being made the patsies of crony capitalism and thought to be an idiot for acquiescing!  The next few months leading up to the 2012 election will be increasingly confrontational.  Average Americans are ready to stand against further cronyism and further corruption within the ruling class.  They are even more ready for a CHANGE than they were in the 2010 mid-term elections…

Buffet better get his money out before the people take back their government. 

RD Pierini


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Boomer’s Retirement Blamed for Stock Market Downfall–No Dummy, We are being Fired!

WOW!  What a headline this was!  Earth to Wall Street and the Government: 

    Your idiotic, criminal, Sub Prime Scheme caused the 2008 Depression that is forcing more and more seniors to try to find work and others have been laid off as a result of your greed.  Further, our Government’s failure to address Social Security and Medicare funding issues are the cause of the drain on these systems and not the Baby Boomer’s Retirement.  It was no secret that the Baby Boomer’s Retirement Time was coming and no one in government in the last 30 years has had the guts to deal with it.  Instead, they just kept expanding the programs and extending services to non retirees in the hopes of snagging a few more votes.  Well, Wall Street, we are sorry of you little markets are not doing so well.  Our 401Ks have been decimated by your Sub-Prime larceny and we did not get bailouts by the Government and the Fed like you have.

You have:

  • Eliminated the Equity in our Homes.!

  • Eliminated much of our 401K Retirement Funds!

  • Caused inflation by being a co-conspirator with the Federal Reserve with their “Quantitative Easing” Grand Larceny!

  • Eliminated 2 years of COLA adjustments for Seniors!

  • Drove Gas Prices up from $1.61 in January of 2009 to over $3.75 today!

You want to blame someone for a bad stock market, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!


RD Pierini

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Tweet to Bernanke and the Federal Reserve–Stay Out of the Markets and Let them Settle

Here we go again.  As if Washington, including the President, Congress, the Treasury Department, and the Federal Reserve have not done enough to ruin our once robust economy, the Fed will be meeting tomorrow to see what it can do to STIMULATE the economy!!!  PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THIS ECONOMY AGAIN.  All the Fed has done so far is print trillions of dollars, setting up an eventual inflationary spiral and low dollar value downturn; then created a false stock market bubble by investing some of their monopoly money in the stock market.  Now that their little bubble is bursting in the stock market, they are thinking about doing it again!  Talk about Idiotic! 

I cannot believe that no one at the Fed has not read Albert Einstein’s often quoted definition of Insanity:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. “

Bernanke is a one trick pony and one that we simply cannot afford.  He needs to sit this one out and let the markets seek their own level.  Today in the Financial Times, Robin Harding reported:

“Sharply weaker economic data in recent weeks, a new peak in the eurozone debt crisis, and a downgrade to the triple A credit rating of the US have shaken confidence in a way that could spiral towards a new recession. The Fed will be forced to consider fresh stimulus in response.” (my emphasis) 

The only real hope we may have to get the Fed to sit this one out for a few days is the split within the Federal Reserve group of Governors.  The meeting tomorrow may be a replay of last years contentious meeting where Bernanke prevailed but the consensus was week to say the least.  You even had the past Fed Chairman who presided over the Fed during the creation, maturation, and collapse of the entire Sub-Prime Loan Crash that led to the 2008 Depression, Alan Greenspan, advocating the Printing of More Money as the solution.




Keep an eye on the Fed.  You do not vote for them nor do you or Congress have any control over them.  Every time the Fed prints a single dollar, they are stealing value from every dollar you have.  There are already calls from the international community to drop the United States Dollar as the international currency.  If this happens, our currency will be subject to the whims of the world currency market and your dollar will be worth even less…  You have a big stake in what is happening, keep your eyes open and watch Bernanke very carefully…

RD Pierini

Good News! Federal Reserve Is Helpless to “Help” on Debt Crisis

Fed Officials: “Not Much We Can Do About Debt-Limit Crisis” reported this morning that:  The Federal Reserve has pretty much done all it can for the economy and can do little to steer it from a failure to raise the debt ceiling that could throw the country into default, say two Federal Reserve governors”.  This report was the result of interviews by CNBC of James B. Bullard, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and Dennis P. Lockhart, president of the Federal Reserve bank of Atlanta.  Bullard also said that We can’t do anything directly to fix this.” (the debt Ceiling).

The Federal Reserve has dumped Trillions of Dollars onto the open market in their lame attempt to add liquidity to the capital markets in order to stimulate borrowing by businesses and thus increase business growth!  That is like pouring gasoline on a dead man!  Earth to Federal Reserve, “Stay on the Sidelines, you are not able to help this economy with your idiotic “Quantitative Easing Schemes”.  You are too late to help.  You, President Clinton, Robert Rubin, George W. Bush, Secretary Hank Paulson, President Obama, Secretary Geithner, and your old leader Alan Greenspan, rushed into save the “Too big Too Fail” but left the small businesses bleeding on the sidelines.  You helped to create the 2008 Depression by your collusion with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, the Treasury Department, Wall Street, by supporting the corrupt practices of banks in promoting Sub-Prime mortgage lending.  Oh, lets add in the rating agencies like S&P, Moody’s, and others as they grossly over-rated Freddie and Fannie and such upstanding mortgage lenders like Angelo Mozilo’s Countryside, and NovaStar, Fremont Corp, right up to days before their collapse.

You have already proven your brilliance in “helping our economy” so do us all a favor and stay on the sidelines.  Once we dig our way out of this Depression and the incomprehensible debt crisis that our fearless leaders in Washington DC have foisted on we taxpayers, we will be back to deal with you!

RD Pierini

Bernanke-Failed Policies Have not Helped So We Need to Continue Down a Failed Path…


In the spirit of openness and transparency, Bumbling Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman, held the first ever press conference by a Fed Chairman.  Sounds great but he only demonstrated that he is as good a politician as Obama and both are master dodge-ball champions.  Bernanke continued to be obtuse and vague about what the Fed is and has been doing and offered no real insights into the future Fed actions other than more of the same. 

Dollar Decline during Speech:  He did say that interest rates would not be raised as unemployment is too high and inflation is still in check.  This drove the dollar further into the currency market toilet.  This at a time when the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, and almost every country around the world is screaming to drop the US dollar as the world currency.  Interest rates are practically zero so how about maybe raising it to 2%?  The banks aren’t loaning money to small businesses or consumers so who cares?  The only firms benefitting from the current interest rates are the banks.  Wonderful, made my day!  They get cheap interest rates then loan OUR money to global concerns at high returns while ignoring the US consumers. 

One analyst said that the bright side of low-interest rates and a declining dollar is that the price for crude oil, since it is expressed in dollars, would go down as the dollar goes down.  Wow!  Following that logic then we should make the US Dollar worthless then we could buy gasoline for nothing.  How about we address the root cause of both issues: 

  1. Why don’t we drill for oil here AT HOME, thereby changing the supply fundamentals, and let that drive the price of crude down.  This is a HEDGE against unrest in the Middle East and North Africa which is the primary catalyst for increasing global crude prices.
  2. Then, strengthen the dollar by gradually raising interest rates back to around 4-5%,  before the dollar gets dumped as the world currency and the US Consumer takes it in the shorts having to buy goods on the world market using a worthless US Dollar.

FED Strategic Functions:


Here are the FACTS:  The FED was established in 1913.  Since the establishment of the FED, the value of the dollar has fallen 95% against other currencies.  Good Job!!!  Eric Frye wrote a piece posted in the DailyReckoning on 2/2/2011, (link below) that says it all.  Basically he said that if two people both had $500 in 1913; one had 10 $50.00 dollar bills; the other $500 in gold; and both hid their “stash” under the floorboards of their homes; then, their heirs found both stashes in 2011; the 10 $50.00 dollar bills would be worth $500.00 but the gold would be worth $32,172!  Pretty simple story to prove the point.  If you had $1.00 in 1913, you buy something for 5 cents with it today.  THINK THE FED HAS LIVED UP TO ONE OF THEIR TWO #1 PRIORITIES?

Inflation:  The Second Priority for the FED is to hold down inflation.  REALLY!  Printing trillions of dollars without any economic base doesn’t create inflation.  Another way of putting it is that if there are $10.00 in circulation in the US, and the FED prints a $1.00 such as they are doing with QEII, Quantitive Easing II, then the value of your dollar just went down by almost 10%.  That is inflation to the holders of the original $10.00.  the original $10.00 is now worth $9.09.  Wal-Mart and other major retailers and food manufacturers have been warning that the inflationary pressures on prices will not be able to be contained at the cash register much longer.  Wal-Mart prices saw an overall 4% rise last year alone.  Manufacturers are looking to downsize products or find other ways to lower costs to maintain profit margins.  The bottom line is that consumers will pay in the end for failed FED policies.

This year so far cotton prices (NYCE Near December price) have averaged $1.33 per pound while current purchases of cotton are over $2.00 per pound.  As a prior cotton farmer, I can tell you that I have never sold cotton for more than $.65 per pound.  In March, 2008, cotton sold for around $.80 per pound.  This March, it sold for over $2.30 based on the A Index price.  That means that the raw materials in your shirts, blouses, jeans etc. is costing the manufacturer of those items almost 3 times as much as it did 3 years ago!  Much of the price increase has been due to the weak dollar and to our government removing 100,000’s of acres from production in the US at a time when world supply was dwindling.  THINK THE FED HAS LIVED UP TO THE SECOND OF ITS TWO #1 PRIORITIES?

Everyone should take some no-dose and watch the video of Bernanke’s press conference.  You will not take away much but that was the point of the press conference.  Bernanke has many detractors with the Federal Reserve system who disagree with both his Quantitative Easing, low-interest rates, and his generally weak dollar policies.  Only Obama can take him out but Obama needs Bernanke to insure his next election.  Bernanke is the Wizard f Oz behind the curtain pulling the strings and manipulating the short and long-term US Economy.  He can try to make sure that during the 3rd quarter of 2012, just prior to the election that some signs of economic improvement are forthcoming.  They will be false positives as his underlying policies, coupled with the spending policies of Obama, will insure that by the end of 2012, there will be little or nothing left to the dollar or the US economy as we have known them. 



RD Pierini

The Incompetence of the Federal Reserve and its Clueless “Inspector General”

Ron Paul - A Profit?Ron Paul has been demonized for years because of his Anti-Federal Reserve position.  Congressman Paul has chided both Bernanke and the past Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan for running a secret organization and not disclosing virtually any of its day-to-day operations to even Congress. 

The Fed and many of its officers, including its Inspector General are appointments by the Fed Chairman.  So, if you work for a boss, and your job is to audit that boss, how tough are you going to be on the boss?  Paul has correctly pointed out that actions by Congress and the President, and the President’s cabinet, have CONSTITUTIONALLY provided safeguards and oversight functions.  The Fed, is basically autonomous with more direct impact on the U.S., and thus the world economy, than any other agency on earth.  The Secretary of the Treasury has some latitude to manipulate the economy but his power is limited by the Constitution and duly passed and signed legislation.  So in the past 4 years, the Fed has printed Trillions of Dollars forcing new currency into circulation, loaned Trillions of Dollars to U.S. and Foreign Banks and Wall Street Institutions, Invested Trillions in U.S. Bonds, and Invested Trillions in the Stock Markets, without one U.S. Citizen or their elected representative’s approval or in most cases, knowledge. 

The current Inspector General, AKA, head auditor for the Fed, is a person by the name of Elizabeth A. Coleman, was appointed by Ben Bernanke, the Fed Chairman on May 6, 2007.  Since then, she apparently has not inspected anything and has generalized her responses to congress to the point that they are incomprehensible.  Since she reports only to her Boss, Ben Bernanke, WHO APPOINTED HER AND KEEPS HER IN HER JOB, we have not seen any reports on any of the items mentioned in the prior paragraph.  Meanwhile, we are all up in arms about a current budget deficit of $1.5T which is ridiculous, but the Fed has created or spent Trillions of our Dollars and we have no idea why, where or how much.

To underscore the lack of specificity, incompetence or collusion by the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve, take 5 minutes and listen to Coleman’s responses to Congressman Alan Grayson’s questions regarding Fed actions.  I could write all day and not adequately convey how scary it is to have Bernanke and Coleman in charge of the U.S. and world economy.

Ron Paul introduced HR 1207 in 2009 but the bill never moved out of committee.  It called for:

“Repeals the authority of the Comptroller General to carry out a onsite examination of an open insured bank or bank holding company only if the appropriate federal regulatory agency has consented in writing. (Retains the authority of the Comptroller General to audit a federal agency.) Directs the Comptroller General to complete, before the end of 2010, an audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and of the federal reserve banks, followed by a detailed report to Congress.”
In other words, he was calling for an audit by the Government Accounting Office, of the Fed’s activities by an agency outside of the Fed with a full report to Congress.  Since the House Financial Services committee was controlled by Democrats, the bill never got out of committee.  Now that the Republicans control the committee, maybe Ron Paul can finally get the bill to the floor for a vote.
It is time to take the blinders off of the American People when it comes to the Fed.   The Fed initially created in 1913 to add stability to the financial markets.  How is that working out for you!   Support Ron Paul’s effort to shine a little sunshine on the Federal Reserve…
RD Pierini

Egypt: US Causes Collapse, then Blames Mubarak!

The media continues to ignore the initial cause for unrest in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan and other parts of the Middle East, RISING FOOD PRICES.  Commodities prices for food and textile items such as grains, meat, cotton, sugar and other related commodities have risen sharply in the past two years primarily due to US monetary and energy policy which are fueling global  inflation fears.  Lower yields in some countries are also contributing to the supply shortages.  The index of food items published by the International Monetary Fund shows that the index of Cereal, Vegetable Oils, Meat, Seafood, Sugar, Bananas, and Oranges Price Indices have risen from $100 in 2005 to $176.90!  it is projected to double by this summer!

The UN’s FAO Abdolreza Abbassian, a FAO economist and grains expert is reporting:

“The new figures clearly show that the upward pressure on world food prices is not abating. These high prices are likely to persist in the months to come,” .

“High food prices are of major concern especially for low-income food deficit countries that may face problems in financing food imports and for poor households which spend a large share of their income on food.”

From the FAO latest commodity survey:  “..the Food and Agriculture Organisation said its index which monitors monthly price changes for a variety of staples averaged 231 points in January — the highest level since records began in 1990.

The US has engaged in a deliberate policy to divert much of its grain production into Ethanol rather than channel it into food usages.  The US has historically been one of the largest producers and exporters of wheat and other grains.  In addition to substituting land use from agricultural commodities to energy commodities, our Government has been engaged in a systematic effort to eliminate prime agricultural lands, especially in the West, through the Department of Interior’s water policies and the EPA’s chemical and dust regulations.  The Westplains Water District, part of the Westlands Water District, has recently removed some 400,000 acres from production due to government policy.  These lands are some of the most productive land on this earth capable of extremely high yields. 

Bernanke is an Idiot!

The Fed Chairman came out yesterday and said that his monetary policy had nothing to do with rising food prices!  He said:

“I think it’s entirely unfair to attribute excess demand pressures in emerging markets to US monetary policy, because emerging markets have all the tools they need to address excess demand in those countries,”

Excess Demand!  It is called subsistence and barely surviving.  In Egypt, many of its citizens live on $2.00 per day.  They are just trying to feed their families BEN.  What tools?  Egypt has a controlled, non traded currency with no free foreign currency; Tunisia has similar controls on their currency so neither can manipulate their economies like YOU can.  When China tries to manipulate their currency, like you do, you chastise them for unfair trade practices!  YOU are inciting fears of global inflation and actually fueling global inflation by your uncontrolled printing of money and the monetizing of the US debt.  You try to blame Congress but you have printed more money and loaned out more of OUR money than Obama and his Co-conspirators in Congress spent to drive up the deficit. 

The Obama and Bush administrations are both complicit in creating yet ANOTHER BUBBLE, except this one is even more potentially dangerous than the disasters they created in the US housing and financial industry markets.  A food commodity bubble is devastating to the poorest countries and creates international chaos which will yield violence and political turmoil that will be exploited by the radical elements around the world.   When people are starving, there is not much else that matters.  In Egypt, Tunisia and other countries this is not about President Mubarak, or President Ben Ali, it is about feeding your family.  Egypt is a poor country and it has been kept so by International Policy groups such as the IMF, the World Bank, the US, the UN and others.  Our generous aid to Egypt amounts to $20.00 per person in Egypt.  That is not even Starbucks money for most Americans for one month. 

When you are sitting by the side of the Nile, in your crude dwelling, your daily household income is under $10.00, you have 8 children, your life expectancy is 42 years of age, you don’t care about Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, the Fed, Mubarak, or anything else outside of your small world.  You just want to feed your family and survive one more day.  You don’t care about politics, the Muslim Brotherhood, or Mickey Mouse.  You care about surviving.

We need to help the leaders of these impoverished countries restore peace and change OUR policies so they can feed their own people.  Our trying to overthrow these governments will only cause more innocent people to be injured or killed.  The fighting will reduce whatever little resources these countries have at their disposal.  IF there are reforms needed, then work behind the scenes with these leaders and help solve the real problems. 


Obama, remember your own words you uttered in Cairo not so long ago:

“So let me be clear: no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other.”

So, quit meddling in the internal affairs of Egypt, Tunisia and others who are fighting the tyranny of poverty..  We need to ensure that subsistence is guaranteed to all, then we can worry about their other “rights”.

RD Pierini