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The Left’s Uncontrollable March to Defeat The Great American Experiment In Freedom and Equality

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In our last article, “The Left’s Last Stand to Defeat The Great American Experiment In Freedom and Equality”, we postulated that:

The only way the left can overcome the American Constitutional Republic is by destroying the fabric of its foundation.  In other words, destroy its base of law and order through division, class hatred, race hatred and ultimately anarchy.  Once the foundational pillars are gone, the globalist left can come in and the people will acquiesce to the rule of this oligarchy in order to restore some semblance of law and order. “

While we stand by this statement, we also believe that the Political and Media arm of the leftist movement has passed the center of gravity in inciting insurrection and are now unable to control the deep dive of the followers of the left into the abyss of anarchy!  In other words, the Political and Media arms of the left have been so successful in demonizing President Trump that the sheer inertia of the leftist anarchy movement may drive it to a coup d’état or a cultural/political revolution.  Sound far fetched, this word has been used lately in almost a dozen articles printed in leftist publications and parroted on cable channels.  

Coup d’état versus a Revolution:  You may have noticed that I used both the word coup d’état and revolution.  They are different phenomena with quite different outcomes.  A coup d’état is like a revolution in that they can be driven by a popular uprising, but a coup is usually enacted by a few individuals  A coup d’état is usually followed by military rule, at least in the interim.  It is  a change in leadership and not necessarily a cultural and political change.  Existing structures and governing apparatus remain under different leadership.  A revolution is usually accomplished by an overwhelming number of people with the goal to fundamentally change the structure of the nation as well as its leadership.   Think of a revolution as throwing the baby out with the bath water!

The Two Donald Trump’s:  Many Americans only knew the Donald Trump who was the larger than life New York sky scraper builder and part of the New York social elite.  His television show, “The Apprentice”, made him a household name and arguably one of the most recognizable characters in the World.  What many Americans did not know, was that this larger than life character had very specific, principled views on foreign policy, economics, taxation, government, the use of the military, and every other aspect of the role of the US in the world in the current century.  Donald Trump wrote several books that chronicled his beliefs in black and white and the Left certainly knew and understood who Donald Trump was, his views, and his absolute threat to their ideology and more importantly, their 100 year to war to defeat the Great American Experiment.  To use a very overused word, Donald Trump was an existential threat to the Leftist movement in the modern world.

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So, when Donald and Melania Trump came down the golden escalator in June 16, 2015, the Left began their campaign to take out Donald Trump, the candidate, then the President.  At first they chuckled about him not being a serious candidate but behind the scenes, the Obama Administration, including the Justice Department, FBI and the Intelligence services, began to surveil his candidacy and “create” fictitious operation research that they could use against him.  During the ensuing months leading up to the election, the Left and their lap dogs in the media threw the Democrat playbook at Trump with no avail.  The more they denigrated him, the more popular he became.  “America First” and “Make America Great Again” resonated with conservatives, some Democrats, blue-collar workers, and most importantly with many in the minority communities.   

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Trump had struck a cord with the American People that could not be extinguished by Leftist mudslinging using sex, money, and finally race.  The Left’s creation of the Russia Hoax is now pretty widely understood and I will not go into that here,  Suffice it to say, this Leftist smear campaign against Donald Trump the Candidate, then Donald Trump the President, resonated with Leftist hate groups, race baiters, and philosophically opposed factions to the point where the majority of the Democrat party actually believed every untruthful allegation against Trump to be true.  The hard Left groups knew that Trump would undo what had taken them 100 years to accomplish in the US and around the world and they knew they could not allow him to succeed.  The hard Left also had allies in the Neo-Con “conservative” community who would do anything to maintain their hegemony over our foreign policy and foreign trade levers of power.  Globalism to the Left and the Right was a religion that had to be maintained and protected and this “Orange” person threatened their kingdoms.

Fast forward to today when Trump has completely ripped up almost every bad Globalist trade deal for his new reciprocal trade deal format; ejected he US out of the Left wing Paris Climate Accord; Defunded US funding of abortion overseas; Pulled our troops out of Syria and Iran for the most part and working on pulling them out of Afghanistan;  Moved our Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; Torn up the US/Iran agreement and placed harsh sanctions on the Iranian regime; Defeated ISIS in Syria; Forced Europe to pay their share of NATO; and so on.  All of these reversals struck at the heart of the Leftist global agenda. 

But he did not stop overseas, Trump is providing School Choice to minority students who have been confined to failing public schools; Created Opportunity Zones to uplift the inner-cities and create jobs for historically unemployed minorities; provided long-term funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities; Provided increased child care support for families; Drastically revamping the healthcare systems that service the impoverished areas;  Enacted long overdue Criminal Justice and Prison reform that benefitted the Black community the most; Brought millions of jobs to the US via tax cuts, regulation cuts, incentives to manufacturers and more.  In short, in 3 years Trump’s domestic policies generated the lowest unemployment and raised income levels for all minorities; Raised the incomes for most minorities to historic levels; and created a business environment where Blacks and Hispanics opened more new business than at anytime in our history; and much more.  

Chinese Virus:  The onset of the Chinese Virus gave the Left another tool to use against Trump.  But their hand is pretty weak trying to blame Trump for the impacts on our economy as a result of this Pandemic.  While Trump was stopping travel into the US from China in January, the Radical Political Left was impeaching President Trump!  But, the Left saw how easy it was to use the Pandemic to tear up the Constitution and Bill of Rights!  Even today, the curtailment of free peaceful assembly, free speech, and freedom of religion is still being curtailed by leftist governors and mayors around the country.  The Left also sees the use of continued, unsubstantiated “lock-downs” as a way to stop the economic recovery that is underway in the hopes that they can blame Trump for a slow recovery!  Sick People! 

Make no mistake, the Left is taking notes how to strip you of your rights in the event they are able to seize power, peacefully or not!

Trump’s popularity in minority communities scares the living hell out of the progressive Left to the point that supporting anarchy via Antifa and specifically Black Lives Matters is the last trump card the Left has to play, and play they are!

So, today, June 15, 2020, we have part of Seattle, including a police precinct, was taken over by Black Lives Matter and Antifa; Many major Left controlled cities in the US are calling for the defunding of the police or at a minimum cutting police budgets down to levels that will invite lawlessness; Riots spring up every time a police officer is involved with a shooting of a Black person; Calls for emasculating police power and force to the point of ridiculousness; and the Left’s media is flaming the fires 24-7.

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It is so bad at this point there was a Fox reporter, Jonathon Hunt, on scene in Seattle stating that President Trump was wrong about the insurrection in Seattle and that the “protest” was 99.9% peaceful.  What a complete idiot and dupe of the Left, thank you Fox News!  By its very nature, an armed takeover of parts of an incorporated city, and the private property contained therein, and the citizens who work and reside within its confines, is insurrection and can in no way be construed as “PEACEFUL”.  Is this really where we are today in “journalism?  Are members of this self-proclaimed elite class that ignorant?  Or are they part and parcel of the Left Push to Defeat the Great American Experiment!  I think the latter.

A Bridge Too Far

A bridge too far has to come to mean an act or plan whose ambition overreaches its capability, resulting in or potentially leading to difficulty or failure.  While “A Bridge Too Far” was a quote that came our of a discussion of a WWII plan by the allies to isolate the Nazis by taking out all of the bridges in the Netherlands, the plan failed as they did not take out one at Amhem.  The Left is finding themselves in much the same predicament as the Allies.  The Left’s plan was to take out Trump and take back power by any means necessary short of a revolution or a coup d’état, 

But, Where is the “OFF” Button for Anarchy!

Do you really think that if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer stood up and told Antifa, Black Lives Matters and all of the protestors and rioters to go home and chill out that they would obey them!  Get Real!  The political leaders in Democrat Party are now powerless to control their self-created mob.  The Left Media is now in full control shouting orders to these groups and directing their next moves by innuendo.  The mob has tasted blood and they believe that the majority of Americans either stand with them or are afraid of them.  

The anarchist are calling the shots and their enablers in the Left wing media and the leftist controlled states and cities are aiding and abetting their every move.  Congress is even complicit in their hand-wringing and endless apologies for all of the country’s past wrongs even though no one can articulate them in a coherent manner.  Congress, both sides of the aisle, are frantically trying to out legislate the other to appease the mob.  MOBS CANNOT BE APPEASED WITH LOGIC OR RHETORIC.  It has been tried and it does not work.

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Well, you could argue that the Off Button is the Federal Military and the National Guard if the President Federalizes the guard under Title 10 or Title 32 of the US code.  He could further activate all of the provisions of the INSURRECTION ACT of 1807!  This law provides:

“Empowers the President of the United States to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion.  The act provides the “major exception” to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which limits the use of military personnel under federal command for law enforcement purposes within the United States. Before invoking the powers under the Act, 10 USC § 254 requires the President to first publish a proclamation ordering the insurgents to disperse.”

The Left knows that the President has this power and that this power has been used over 20 times by both Republican and Democrat Presidents, that last being George H.W. Bush in 1992 to quell the riots in Los Angeles.  1992 only impacted one city, Los Angeles,  The current insurrection is impacting dozens of major cities across the US.  So, the Left and its Media is portraying Trump as a dictator if he tries to quell this current wide-spread insurrection.  Also, the Leftist Mayors and Governors are dragging their feet in taking charge so they can force Trump to act!  God forbid one of the mob is killed by the military as this will be blown out of proportion and make the Kent State shootings seem small.

Where Will the Military Be?

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Lately, you have seen several retired military Generals and even our Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff state that Trump is violating the US Constitution by some of his acts or planned acts.  Of course, none of these brave soldiers name any of the specific of these alleged violations.  But it begs the question, if the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, enacts the Insurrection Act, and Federalizes the National Guard and the Active Service Military, would the Pentagon resist?  If they refused to deploy troops, this is the first step towards a coup d’état!  How far would they go?  If both houses Congress did not support the President and publicly ask the military to remove the President, would they do so?  Would the Military tell Congress they had to impeach the President rather than unconstitutionally remove the President from Office?  IF the President is impeached, would VP Pence be “ALLOWED” to succeed him or would the Military and Congress name their own President?  Seem far fetched?  Today seems far fetched!

Revolution Instead?

Antifa and Black Lives Matter today are not strong enough nor organized enough to fend off the weight and military strength of the US Military.  But, they could certainly loot, burn, maim, and kill indiscriminately before they are subdued.  The impact on our cities, our citizens, and our immediate future would be grim to say the least.  If the President deploys the Military around this nation, there will no doubt be violent actions and reactions.  No doubt some will be killed, maybe on both sides.  One thing for sure, the Left and its Media and the Democrats will blame President Trump in order to try to use it to defeat him in November.  

The Law of Lawlessness

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President Trump is in a Catch-22.  If he does nothing, the lame left wing Mayors and Governors will sit back and let the violence continue.  Eventually, President Trump will have to act and act decisively.  The less decisive, the more casualties.  It will have to be a swift, well coordinated effort followed by strict marshal law with strictly enforced curfews until emotions abate.  It will be a sad day in America but better than allowing this to continue until we see Red States and Blue States enjoining in battle!  We went through this once and a repeat of the American Civil War is not something any of us wish to consider.

We pray for this current upheaval to abate organically.  But, if it does not, then there is only one option and it cannot be postponed too long…

RD Pierini


The Left’s Last Stand to Defeat The Great American Experiment In Freedom and Equality

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Since the founding of this Great Country, leftist elements, including the media, have fought to subvert the world’s oldest Republic. One of the main reasons the left hates the republican form of government is that it is the hardest to defeat.  Why?  Because a republic is a decentralized form of government where the people and their individual States are Constitutionally protected against an absolute authoritarian centralized, Federal government. In short, it is difficult to supplant a decentralized, people-power vested Republic with a socialist-communist style of centralized, oligarchy controlled, government.  BUT, the left has dominated our educational systems for over 70 years and have instilled leftist ideology and hatred of or at least a lack of respect for America.  Their identity politics campaign has been successful in wiping out 60 years of work and progress towards a truly racially color blind society and has replaced tolerance with class and racial Animous.  

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The only way the left can overcome the American Constitutional Republic is by destroying the fabric of its foundation.  In other words, destroy its base of law and order through division, class hatred, race hatred and ultimately anarchy.  Once the foundational pillars are gone, the globalist left can come in and the people will acquiesce to the rule of this oligarchy in order to restore some semblance of law and order.  Expand the anarchy in Seattle to every left controlled city and State of which there are many.  Before long, after all of the cities have been burned and ransacked, the population will kneel to their new centralized masters. 

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Yes for a while, some of the Red States will fight back and may even rise up and start a new civil war.  The key will be whose side the military supports!  You have witnessed an overwhelming majority of retired military Pentagon officials standing against President Trump.  This is not a surprise as the military complex is hard left leaning, supporting endless wars that are designed to weaken the patriotism and resolve of the American people.  Before the left joins the civil conflict, it will ensure that the military is supporting them.  The left has already split the military’s allegiance when it comes to the Constitutional and legal use of our standing military force to quell domestic insurrection.  Are we sure if President Trump orders the regular military to take back downtown Seattle that the military leaders would immediately comply with this order?  Unfortunately I am  not sure at this point.

Why Is Left Doubling and Tripling Down On Its Efforts To Destroy The Great American Experiment?

Is it really a hatred of President Trump?  Not really.  They hate what he represents.  He represents the only modern threat to rolling back a 100 years of leftist gains to take over and rule this nation, and thus the world.  

If the left did not fear the role that the Trump Presidency would be playing in their loss of power and ultimate world domination, would they really have used our Justice system and our Intelligence community to try to kill his election, then, after he won, roll back his electoral victory?  Probably not.  This effort to take down Trump was a huge, illegal and unconstitutional risk and only underscores the fear the left has of the Trump movement.  

The left spent much of the last century setting up the demise of our Great American Experiment in Freedom. 

  • K-12 Education:  They took over our educational systems by controlling the unions to make sure that funding to the schools was used to liberalize the curriculum and also to money launder some of that funding back to the Democrat Party.
  • Higher Education:  They established control over higher education much the same way by selectively doling out grants and setting up the kill shot through their student loan programs.  The student loan programs allowed higher education to charge exorbitant tuition funding by student loans.  Thus, students were forever in debt to the government and these institutions.  The students paid for their own liberal brain washing and saddled themselves with a lifetime of debt servitude!
  • Military:  One of the strongest pillars protecting our Republic is our military dominance that was established in WWII, then perpetuated when the Soviet Union collapsed.  The left knew that our military and our standing in the world as its dominant military power stood in its way to usurp the power of the United States.  By embracing “New-Conservative” world views whereby the US would be responsible for policing every conflict throughout the world, the left insured that the US would be bogged down in endless conflicts that would drain our treasury and deplete our military resources.  The left instilled these Neo-Con ideas into the Pentagon and into our war colleges to the point that many of the generals in the Pentagon and those that have retired rail against ending a war that has been ongoing in Afghanistan for 20 years and also in Iraq where the war itself had dubious justification.  The left knew that it had to weaken our military, deplete our treasure, and corral our Pentagon officials into supporting globalism and the idea that the US must be used for the “world common good” rather than to “protect and defend the United States against enemies foreign and domestic.”
  • China and US Multi-National Companies:  In order to weaken the US economy, the left, aided and abetted by left leaning Republicans and US based Multi-National companies and banks, saw China as a way to counter-balance and weaken the strength the US economy.  Initially they has hoped that the European Union would provide the counter-balance but they soon realized that the EU was bogged down in their own anti-capitalism and pro-socialist downward spiral.  So the leftist looked to the East and saw a hard-core Communist nation, led by harsh dictators, who were badly in need of economic revitalization.  The leftist told us that if we brought China into the 21st century economically, that China would move from being a hard core brutal communist regime to a moderate, pro-western, somewhat socialist nation.   The left almost succeeded prior to the election of President Trump.  The Chinese were on track to overtake the US economically in a short time and our US based multi-national companies and banks were poised to follow them into this new age of Chinese Prosperity.  But, President Trump stopped this Chinese march and restructured our trade relationship with China, and our US based multi-national companies.  THIS WAS A MAJOR BLOW TO THE LEFTIST WHO SOUGHT TO WEAKEN AMERICAN BY USING CHINA TO SIPHON OFF OUR MANUFACTURING BASE AND TO ENSURE THAT THE US COULD NOT DEFEND ITSELF AGAINST CHINA OR ANY OTHER MAJOR POWER.
  • Slavery, Black Civil Rights, and the Left:  The 20th century Leftist Democrat Party had to devise a means to capture the Black vote to ensure that the Democrats could continue to dominate Congress and oftentimes the Presidency.  They also knew that it was critical for the Left to dominate Cities and States in order to ensure that leftist ideologies were ensconced in local politics including school boards.  The problem the left had was that it was they who supported slavery, who opposed abolishing slavery, fought against the Republican President Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War, and fought against post civil war amendments to ensure that freed Blacks were given equal rights.  The left was also responsible for a series of local and State laws that came to be know as Jim Crow laws that sought to roll-back any freedoms won by Blacks following the civil war.  Ironically, the left was stuck with the legacy of their pro-slavery past until the Great Depression.  Blacks, Whites and all Americans suffered greatly under this economic disaster.  President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and other measures attracted many poor Americans, including Blacks, to Roosevelt’s Democrat party. The Blacks remained pro Democrat and this supported was solidified, ironically, with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and its subsequent revisions.  I say ironically as it was the Republican in Congress that supported and passed this historic legislation.  But, the left, led by President Lyndon Johnson, made everyone believe that it was the Democrats who were responsible for ensuring that Blacks were protected by this legislation.  When Johnson passed his historic welfare scheme, the Great Society, he is purported to have said, “This will have the N*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years”!  Ever since then, the Democrats have enjoyed 90%+ of the Black vote!  More to come on this…
  • Identity Politics:  The Left was very successful in identifying the Blacks as a group then pandering to this group in order to ensure their political support.  The Left supported Black community organizers who personally profited from their affiliation with the left, ensuring their loyalty come election time.   The Left then looked elsewhere for possible groups that they could exploit in order to gain their political support.  Any minority group was a target and the Left successfully was able to identity, illegal aliens, Hispanic legal immigrants, gays, lesbians, bi-sexual individuals, transsexuals, and other sexual preference groups, as well as combinations of those groups.  The only problem with Identity Politics is that at some point one of your “groups” interests may be at odds with one or more of your other groups!  Or, since the Left supported the off-shoring of American jobs, Blacks, Hispanics and others found that the Left’s support for off-shoring  jobs or their support for unlimited illegal immigration was taking jobs away from Blacks and Hispanics!  How did the left overcome this conflict?  By pointing to another shiny object and taking the spotlight off of their hypocrisy.  For example, as President Trump began to make inroads into the Hispanic and Black communities by proving job and self employment opportunities, the Left began their campaign to brand Trump and his Administration and followers as RACISTS.  This has become the rallying cry for the left on everything Trump.  

So, by taking over education and using the classroom to indoctrinate our children and young adults in leftist ideology including the “decadence of America at its core”, the left has set the stage for triggering civil unrest to the point of anarchy.  By indoctrinating our military leaders with Neo-Con ideology, in order to weaken America, and the need for the military to embrace “social change”, non-interference with civil unrest,  the left has effectively at least made the military brass ambivalent to leftist, anti-American ideology or converted many of the brass as supporters of this anti-American rhetoric.  By using China as a way to siphon off US assets and jobs, and to bond US Multi-National CEOs of our companies and banks to Chinese interest at the expense of US interests, the left had the perfect mechanism to weaken our economy all the while making minorities feel that they have been left out of the American Dream and that it is all Trump’s fault!  Finally, by using the centuries old wounds of slavery and inequality, coupled with identify politics that pits groups of Americans against each other and against America itself, the left has the perfect fuse from which to ignite nation-wide insurrection that could destroy the Great American Experiment in Freedom and Quality!  

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The upcoming 2020 election is even more important than the 2016 election in one important way.  In 2016 the Left perpetrated insurrection against Donald J. Trump.  In 2020, the Left is perpetrating insurrection against the United States of America. 

The Left and their media are fully prepared to light the fuse of nation-wide insurrection by exploiting the current protests, riots and insurrection.  They will absolutely push the anarchist groups to armed conflict in order to destroy President Trump and stop his reelection.  To our fellow citizens in the Black Community.  Make no mistake, this insurrection has nothing to do with the death of George Floyd, police brutality or your civil rights.  It is about stopping Donald Trump’s election and furthering their leftist agenda.  Also, after supporting the Democrats since the 1940’s, what have they done to bring about economic and educational equality to the Black Community, nothing!  

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Make no mistake, America is at a tipping point!  Silence and apathy will lead to the Death of the Great American Experiment in Freedom and Quality!

RD Pierini


The New York Area Is NOT the Center of Our Universe!


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To Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:  The Rest of the US is not your Sugar-Daddy and will not be treated like second-class citizens because of your inability to self govern responsively.

To Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:  Your inability to elect competent, freedom-loving politicians and to subject yourselves to their stupidity and ineptitude is NOT THE FAULT OF THE REST OF THE UNITED STATES.  

To Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:  You seem fine with cramming yourselves into rat infested cities where your subways are dirtier than public restrooms; Your rest homes allow virus infected staff and patients to co-mingle with healthy patients; Your homeless suffer from a myriad of diseases and are treated as less than human; all the while you harbor and adore some of the richest and most entitled citizens on this planet.

To Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:  The next time a pandemic or even a mild cold hits you, don’t look to the rest of us to bail you out, send you our money, or even feel the least bit sorry for yourselves until you elect politicians that respect our Constitution and our rule of law and who value freedom over their own selfish power.

To Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:  The free peoples of this land, the non-entitled from New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, (and the rest of the Blue States) are going back to work, attending our faith services as we choose, going to eat out at our restaurants, going to our gyms, taking our vacations, and doing whatever we damn well please as the Free Citizens of the United States of America.  You may choose to baracade yourselves in your cubbyholes but we are living the lives God intended us to live.  PS:  Don’t expect us to support any Legislation that sends you any money that rewards your incompetence and seeming suicidal penchant for supporting corruption and inept politicians…

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RD Pierini


Pres. Trump/Coronavirus-Win-Win or Lose-Lose

Limbaugh Aiding MSM Anti-Trump Rhetoric!

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Risk increasing the Coronavirus death toll or risk starting the economy too late and risk a Depression? 

How is that for a decision that no human being should have to make.  On the one hand, you have medical “experts” pushing for total shutdown of our freedoms and our economy; on the other, an economy that is dwindling more and more each day adding debt, fear and despair to our largest and smallest businesses as well as the average working man and women and their families.  The only person who can make this decision for the United States, and arguably the world, is President Donald Trump.  Whether you are MAGA Trump fan or a Hollywood Trump hater, your fate is in his hands!  

Since the President placed travel restrictions on China on January 30th, the MSM and the Left have condemned his every move.  He is either being too cautious or not cautious enough.  He is either favoring his health experts or favoring his economic advisors.  In short, the President is in a lose-lose position politically with the left and their press.  To pile on to the worries of this President, you have our #1 enemy China, who created this crisis by their withholding the truth from the world when this pandemic broke out in Wuhan, holding a stranglehold on the very supply chain and many of the finished products the world so desperately needs to combat this virus.  At the same time, China is ramping up its own economy while the rest of the 150 countries fighting the virus in their own countries are literally shut down.  Further, China has threatened to withhold resources from the US and others while profiteering off of the shortages of PPE, medications, and medical equipment.  China is also beefing up its offensive capabilities in the South China Sea.

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The Democrats and the left wing media is salivating at the prospect of Trump being placed in a lose-lose paradox.  They are ready to attack if he leans towards saving the economy and risking a resurgence of the virus or continues to stagnate the economy in order to stalemate the virus.  The other despicable posture the Left is taking is saying that Trump’s advocacy for hydroxychloroquine is reckless, dangerous and should not be taken seriously.  Why?  If it works as it has all over the world and in the US, it is effective at preventing the virus infection and if taken early enough can save lives.  This would be the worse case scenario for the Democrats and the MSM.  All the while, there are no guarantees that either alternative will produce positive economic or health outcomes!  How would you like to be the President!

Economy VS Health

  • If you contract the virus infection and die, you won’t care about the economy. 
  • If you don’t contract the virus, but lose your job, your house, your car and all you own, you don’t care much about the virus. 
  • If the President opens the economy and sends workers back to work, and then this virus spreads unabated and 2 million people die this year, the President will be blasted, condemned and probably impeached. 
  • If the President waits too long to restart this economy and the economy stalls and does not start to recover within a quarter or so, the President will be blasted, condemned and maybe impeached even if the virus does not flare back up.

So, Anyone Want To Be President!

Obviously, in the real world, outside of politics, there are many ways to mitigate the spread of the virus even if we go back to work.  Antibody tests can isolate immune workers; perhaps hydroxychloroquine or something similar prove to be a good prophylactic to warding off the virus; The use of plasma therapy may also be effective in providing antibodies to people as a prophylactic to warding off the virus.  At some point, we can’t wait that long, a vaccine or 2 will be available.  I have already stated above that the left and the MSM is trying to play down and discourage the use of hydroxychloroquine.  They will do the same for any potential mitigation drug or treatment as the mitigation will only serve to bolster Trump’s chance of reelection!  

How Sick Are These People-the Left and MSM!

I started this article by saying the Limbaugh is helping those spreading anti-Trump rhetoric.  How?  By pushing every day to force this country to reopen immediately!  While I understand that Rush would never do anything intentionally to harm the future of this country or this President, nevertheless, Rush is moving parts of this country to push Trump into a possible early igniting of this economy  Many of these people are independents who are always subject to being swayed by propaganda.  If they, and others, start to believe that Trump is over his head then that is a problem.  Rush is giving the MSM more ammo to rail against regarding restarting the economy at the expense of American lives.  Trust me, if the MSM can force Trump from office, American Lives are collateral damage.  Trump knows that he has to get the economy restarted in May, June at the latest.  At that point, when he knows we have other real mitigation alternatives, he can start a targeted restart.

Restarting The Economy Is Harder Than Throwing A Switch

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The President and his economic team will have to use health data to target key geographic areas that provide a moderate to low risk of virus spreading, aided by pharmaceutical mitigationsWithin each industry, they will have to assess whether the supply chain that was in place before the shut down is intact, and if, not, where are the parts and supplies needed to fill this void.  For example, when you start the auto industry, you need steel, aluminum, IC boards, engine parts, transmission parts, tires, wheels, brakes and every other part needed to assemble an automobile.  Multiple this by every single product we produce or assemble in the US.  The good news is that a few very vital industries have not shut down including agriculture, food processing, distribution,  pharmaceuticals, food and drug retail etc.  And, our healthcare system will be well stocked with vital anti-virus equipment and essentials.

For President Trump though, he is facing a Win-Win, or a Lose-Lose scenario.  I doubt that there is a combination of the two that would prevail.  In any event, the Left and the MSM will hammer him hard no matter how successful he is at both stopping the virus and restarting the economy.  Hopefully, the start-up of the economy will be successful with progress made within a single quarter.  Progress, not total restoration.  During that process, hopefully he will be able to mitigate the spread of the virus and minimize the fatalities.  Even though the normal flu kills 307 people per  day, the Left and the MSM will blame the President for even a single death, even if it was cause by comorbidity.

If you are a Trump supporter, he will need each of you to stand strong against the upcoming onslaught from the Left and the MSM.

If you are not a Trump supporter, take your best shot!  This won’t be the first time we have annihilated you!

RD Pierini


Past Presidents, MIA on Current Coronavirus Pandemic

Where Are the Past Presidents In Supporting Our Country During this Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Usually, no matter who is President, past presidents line up behind the current President and his administration and support the efforts being made to protect our citizens and combat the threat.  So far, crickets from the past Presidents in supporting President Trump in his battle to eradicate the current pandemic.  Has our politics degraded to such a level where even our past Presidents cannot put petty politics and personal feelings aside and stand behind the American People in a time of crisis?  I suppose not!

These past Presidents have praised Trump’s medical team, Fauci and Birx mainly, but have not voiced any support for President Trump and his overall task force efforts to combat the pandemic. Praising Fauci and Brix alone is like patting themselves on the back as these two served all of the past Presidents except Carter.   When these Presidents skirt backing the administration, it is a tacit disapproval of President Trump and his administration.  Pretty sad when you consider the potential impact on this nation, health wise and economically.

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One of the Whitehouse correspondents asked the President if he had reached out to Obama for advice.  How about the past Presidents giving positive interviews and tweets in support of our nation and the efforts being led by this Administration.  Bet they would step up if funding for their libraries was at risk!

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President Trump-Educating America and Creating The New American “Normal”

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Note:  Victor Davis Hanson, a Hoover Institution senior fellow, appeared on Laura Ingram’s show and stated that President Trump’s Coronavirus Policies are now “Conventional Wisdom”, which means that they are the accepted norm for handling the pandemic viruses.  If you missed the interview, I have included the link below under the Hat Tops.  An excerpt from the interview:   “It’s just, it’s kind of ironic that we just shrug that this is conventional wisdom. But when he said it, it was heresy. When you have half the country shut down, you want a president who says to farmers here in California, ‘You guys need water? We’re going to give it to you. We want to produce food.  You want him to say, you guys in Pennsylvania, you guys in Texas get muddy and start fracking because we’re going to help. We want people in their apartments, in their homes to have heat when they turn on the thermostat.”  I had started writing this article prior to his appearance and observations.  I have modified my article to include his observations.


Love him or hate him, President Trump has schooled the American Public, economists, health care specialists, foreign policy buffs, the main stream media, and many others, on a wide range of topics such as “Free Trade”, America First, Reversing Globalism, Foreign Policy Based on America’s Self-Interest, Making Others Pay Their Fair Share, American Preparedness for Pandemics, Secure Borders, and so on.  What was “Conventional Wisdom” for a wide ranging subject matter, meaning accepted principles, definitions, norms, or beliefs, prior to November 8, 2016, are now out the window.  President Trump has changed the narrative, not only in the US, but worldwide.  Here are some examples of the New Trump Conventional Wisdom!

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  There is no such thing as the Left Wing Conventional Wisdom!

International Trade:

How many of us knew the difference between “Free Trade” and “Reciprocal Free Trade”?  How many realized that our globalist politicians strangled our industries with insane regulations that drove up our manufacturing cost of product between $11.00 and $20.00 per hour BEFORE OPENING THE PLANT DOOR?  Then, told us that it was so much cheaper to produce a US product in China.  That is how we lost 60,000 manufacturing plants in the past two decades!  They also told you that you were better off now since you could but products You much cheaper that were made in China?  NOT IF YOU WERE ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR MANUFACTURING JOB TO CHINA!  Of course this had  no impact on the globalist CEOs or the Wall Street bankers who made a killing by offshoring our jobs to China.  Obama told us that under this new Globalist economy, our stagnant economy and low job growth was our NEW NORMAL.

Trump’s Paradigm ChangePresident Trump taught you that reciprocal trade agreements were the only acceptable norm and that America had to return to a manufacturing economy for the sake of our national security, our economy, and the well being of our Middle Class that had all but died out prior to 2016.  Plus, when we bought more from other countries than we sold to other countries, we reduced our own GDP and weakened our own economy.

Principle, If China sold us a $1.00 worth of goods, China had to buy a $1.00 worth of goods from the US.  If China or any other country did not agree, then we had the right, and duty, to place tariffs on the goods coming in until we had a “Reciprocal Free Trade” balance. 

He taught us that tariffs were a tool to balance trade and did NOT actually increase the cost to our consumers at home.  HOW?  for every $1.00 of tariff we placed on China, China devalued their currency and increased their internal subsidies to offset our tariffs.  But, this practice drove down the value of China’s exports and hurt their economy.  But, China, not our consumers, are paying the price as evidenced by the lack of inflation in the US since tariffs were imposed.  

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Trade with other nations must be reciprocal, and, the use of tariffs is a strong tool in creating balanced, reciprocal trade agreements!

America First-Hire American, Buy American

President Trump ran as a pro-American Populist conservative but has espoused these principles since the 1980’s.  President Trump, repeatedly states that we have manufacture more of our consumer and national security related goods in the US and they have to be produced by US, not foreign, workers.   The goal is to make the US independent in its production of essential goods and services while lifting up lower and middle income workers by providing higher paying jobs to these workers.  His plan was working prior to the Coronavirus and will resume when it passes.  

In fact, the Coronavirus has driven home the President’s admonition that we cannot outsource our industries and jobs and expect the US to lead the world economy, preserve peace around the world, and lift our nation to new heights.  He has taught us that steel and energy is the backbone of our economy and national security and the coronavirus has accentuated that we cannot afford to outsource our healthcare products whether it be PPE, medical equipment, or pharmaceuticals.  When the virus passes, President Trump will insist that critical industries must be brought back to the us and the ones that are left, like agriculture, are supported and not depressed by environmental activism.  

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  A key pillar of US economic and national security is America’s ability to manufacture goods at home by American Workers.

American Independence On Strategic Supply Chains 

In order to manufacture here at home, the US must control the components of each of the items we produce which is defined as the supply chain.  IF not, what is the point of final assembly here if another country like China can withhold needed components of the product.  Today, 96% of the components that go into our pharmaceuticals are controlled by China.  We have to produce the raw materials we need at home and then create the final products here at home with American workers.

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional WisdomNations cannot be secure, free or safe unless it not only manufacture’s its own strategic products, but also controls and creates all of the product’s components within its Supply Chain.


Early on, President Trump placed tariffs on foreign steel coming into the US.  We have the raw materials we need to produce steel here at home but have allowed cheap imports to overtake our own production.  STEEL IS AT THE HEART AND SOUL OF OUR NATIONAL SECURITY LET ALONE THE BACKBONE OF MANY OFOUR CONSUMER PRODUCTS AND INFRASTRUCTURE.  The President, in spite of Wall Street and the MSM, proved that we can protect our steel industry and prices would not inflate as a result.  We can now rely on our own steel for our military equipment, ships, planes, buildings etc.. 

Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Steel is the core component powering our economy, military and lifestyle and must be produced in the US and the US cannot be reliant on foreign supplies of steel.


President Trump early on moved to replace NAFTA and other international agreements that have worked to the detriment of one of our core industries, Agriculture.  Many scoffed at this but an abundant, safe and steady supply of food is an essential national security component.  If you cannot feed your own people, what difference does it make if you have a strong military?  

In additional to changing international agreements in order to product our food industry, the President has also eliminated regulations that forced millions of our precious farmland to go fallow and to increase our production costs at home to the point where it was cheaper to import food products from foreign countries rather than produce them at home.  BUT, what will be the President’s most valuable move will be his directive to restore 25% of California’s water supply back to agriculture.  Today is being diverted to “save the smelt” in the San Joaquin Valley Delta.  California has forced over 900,000 acres out of production with its water policy.  These lands are the most productive lands in the world.

Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Our Food Supply is a key component of our national security and the US must produce all food commodities and finished food products.  Corollary for California:  Water is the foundation of our agricultural and must be provided to our farmers and ranchers.


President Trump had been working with healthcare equipment and pharmaceutical companies to stabilize and move much of the production back to the US.  The Coronavirus shocked the American public into reality by showing how dependent the US is on foreign production of our healthcare needs.  The President also reversed the Obamacare taxes on Healthcare medical devices which was absolutely crazy to start out with.  When you tax something, you get less of it!

If President Trump wins reelection, you will see a dramatic change in the supply chain and manufacturing of these vital health components.  If he does not win reelection, you will see the left move to nationalize our healthcare industries and push out our ability to be self-sufficient towards globalized supply.

Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Healthcare is a major component of our national security and the US must produce and control all of the components and supply chains that support our healthcare system.

Trucks and Heavy Equipment

The left has spent years crushing our automobile manufacturers with heavy handed regulations and taxes.  They have done the same for our heavy equipment manufactures such as Caterpillar Tractor.  But, these industries are vital in war time and for the continued maintenance of our military preparedness through their production of tanks, military vehicles and supporting equipment.  The left downplays the military strength then kicks the legs out from under our ability to sustain our military strength.

President Trump has stood these industries back up by removing burdensome regulations and taxes.  The Coronavirus has proved the President as being right and now we have auto companies producing ventilators and other needed equipment to help combat the virus.  If you do not see the national security element of these industries now, wake up!

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Vehicle production, including trucks and heavy equipment, are key to our national security as they can produce unparalleled supplies of military vehicle and equipment, including healthcare equipment such as ventilators and respirators.

Military Components and Equipment

Like healthcare and so many other vital industries, we have allowed our military suppliers to outsource components of our military systems and equipment to China and others.  This is nuts!  Even if a missile system is assembled here, if the electronic control boards are made in China we are putting a gun to our own head and pulling the trigger.  The President has issued EOs to force military contractors to Buy American and Hire American when it comes to our military components and equipment.

  Past conventional wisdom touted cheap versus our own security and our own workers.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  The US must produce all component parts of our military systems and never rely on foreign parts.

Chinese Communism

President Trump has written in his books that China represented a real existential threat to the US economically and militarily.  He emphasized that the Communist Party has one singular goal and that was to surpass the US as the Global super power and economic leader.  While praising the Chinese Communist Leader President Xi publicly, Trump’s policies toward China are anything but conciliatory or pacificatory.

The President has taught Americans not to accept the “Conventional Wisdom” that China overtaking the US economically was inevitable as you hear from Wall Street and the MSM.  He has shown the MSM and his detractors that you can wage economic warfare against China, enacting crippling tariffs on Chinese exports, and walk away with a pro-American trade agreement that bolsters our economy all the while slowing down the Chinese economic advances.

The President has taught Americans that Chinese military hegemony in the world is not inevitable and that confronting the Chinese head-on is possible without firing a shot.  He has accomplished this by instituting regular patrols in the once Chinese dominated South China Sea.  He has accomplished this by strengthening our own military, conventional and nuclear, to levels never before achieved.  He has done this by strengthening ties in the East with South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and others.  He is doing this by crippling Chinese allies in the Middle East such as Syria and Iran economically.  By becoming energy independent, the President has built an energy wall around the US where we cannot be threatened with Middle Eastern turmoil or oil embargoes. 

The old conventional wisdom that you cannot threaten China directly or indirectly or we will suffer.  NOT TRUE!

Watch for the President strengthening our ties with Taiwan in his second term.  China will not be happy but they will stand down!

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Chinese Communism is our #1 existential threat to the US and that the US must take back our lost industries and jobs from China.

Border Security-Land, Sea, Air, and Technological

When President Trump and the First-Lady-to-be descended down the golden escalator, and he told America that strong borders were critical and that stopping illegal immigration was a national security issue, the MSM and all of the then conventional wisdom crowd blew a gasket and still are! 

The President then spent his campaign, and now is Presidency, educating the American People of the horrors of open boarders that include drug trafficking, human trafficking.  In spite of illegal immigration reinvigorating diseases that we had long since eradicated including tuberculosis, the MSM was able to tamp down the outrage by changing the narrative to the housing of “children” by the Border Patrol. 

Now, with Coronavirus, even Americans who were skeptical of Trump’s border clampdown, now get it!  We had a number of Chinese illegal immigrants sneaking in our Southern border.  There is no doubt that the virus started and spread from China and our open borders would allow Chinese to circumvent our travel ban and merely walk into the US.  

Hopefully, with the threat of the Coronavirus, the flood of drugs pouring across our Southern Border, and the scourge of human trafficking, the President has convinced Americans that Open Borders are a threat to our national security!  If this holds, the President has helped to save American Jobs; saved those who are victims of human trafficking’s; saved thousands from death from illicit drugs; and protected the vulnerable who are being victimized by drug cartel coyotes who promise them nirvana and delivering suffering, pain and even death. 

Past conventional wisdom dictated that open borders was a humane practice that was in our national interest.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Open Borders are Bad and Controlled Borders are Good.  Border security is in our vital national security and healthcare interest.

Foreign Policy-Allies Pay Their Fair Share

The President stated while campaigning that our allies and all of those nations we protect MUST pay their share of the costs and must meet their obligations under existing treaties and agreements.  The left went nuts as their goal was  to continue to milk the US dry while standing up socialist and Islamist ideologies against the US.  The President asked simple questions:  Why should we pay to protect oil rich nations in the Middle East?  Why should we contribute to NATO and let other NATO members contribute less than their agreed upon amounts?  Why should we pay for our troops to be stationed in other countries without those countries paying the US for these security troops?  DUH, the President is right!  

  Past conventional wisdom touted US subsidies to protect other nations to the detriment of our own economy and our own security.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:   US Allies must reimburse the US for military protections that American provides to nations worldwide.  Our NATO allies must meet their investment and contribution commitments to NATO.  Our UN Allies must pay their fair share to support the UN and the UN must treat the US fairly in order to receive our funding.

Foreign Policy-Regions Police Their Own Regions

The President ran on the US getting out of regional conflicts and making our regional allies police their own regions.  The President condemns the old Neo-Con philosophy that it is in the US national interest to engage in decades long wars in regional conflicts.  The President believes that our involvement in the Middle East, for example, only serves to incite hatred against the US.  It is also a huge drain on our resources and allows for thousands our precious military men and women to be killed and maimed.  And for what?  Has this old policy ever worked?  Vietnam?  Afghanistan? Iraq? Syria?  Not even a little!

  Past conventional wisdom said that the US must engage in regional conflicts to combat communism, terrorism, and other evils of this world without regional allies taking the lead.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  Regional allies must police their own region and stand down regional threats without US direct involvement.

Foreign Policy-Peace Through Strength

President Trump has revived President Reagan’s policy of peace through strength by rebuilding our military to a level that is stronger than ever.  This policy has stalemated China, Russia, Iran and North Korea to a large degree.  They all now know that we have the tools and the craftsman to use these tools effectively, and in a decisive manner.  The President has also created the Space Force to counter China and Russia’s move to control cyberspace.  It will take some time to finalize all of these efforts but for now we have put the world on notice that the US is back and not leading from behind.

  Past conventional wisdom sought to downplay the US strength, physically and mentally, and created a counter-balance to the US a the sole World Super Power.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  The US military and its military systems must be maintained to establish and sustain our military leadership in the world in order to disuade bad actors from threatening the US and its allies.

Constitutional Rights

The left has been chipping away at our Constitutional Rights for decades being aided and abetted by the MSM and RINOs.  The left’s goal to emasculate State’s Rights along with individual rights, and turn our Republic into a Centralized Government almost succeeded. The Democrat Socialist Party is the Democrat Party and challenges our very existence as the oldest Constitutional Republic ever created.  President Trump is stepping in and reversing all of the leftists gains and seeks to restore the rule of law under our Constitutional Republic.   His handling of the Coronavirus should convince even his detractors that the President believes in the principles and foundation of our Republic by NOT instituting Marshal Law and federalizing out response to the virus.  You see article after article calling on the President to institute a national lockdown.  The President is resisting these efforts and calling the Governors to guide their own State with the help of the Federal Government.  Arguably, if we had a Democrat President, we would be under Marshal Law right now.  The President is also attempting to work with the private sector to cooperate voluntarily rather than invoke a mandatory command under the Defense Production Act to assist in the production of needed PPE and medical equipment. 

The President has also appointed justices and judges who believe in the letter of the Constitution versus those who believe that the Constitutional must bend to “Conventional Wisdom”.

The New Trump Conventional Wisdom:  The Constitution established a State led Republic and not a Centralized, Executive controlled Government, with the rights of the People at the apex of our form of government.

Sorry for the length of this article but I wanted to included as many of the new conventional wisdom “Trumpisms” as possible.  I could have included many more.  But, the key takeaway is that President Trump is reestablishing the principles that are the foundation of this nation and the reversal of the leftist move to “transform” our nation.  In spite of the dangers of the Coronavirus, the President continues to push power back to the State and Local Governments in spite of tremendous pressure to take this power for himself and the federal government.  The Left, and the President, knows that if President Trump did federalize the response, the Left would use it to solidify central control, after they impeach him for doing so!

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Pro-Life Policies Are Saved In The Coronavirus $2.2 Trillion Relief Package

The President and the Senate preserved their Pro-Life principles when crafting and passing the recent $2.2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package.

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They were able to:

  • Exclude Planned Parenthood from receiving any funding from this relief package. 
  • Include the “Hyde Amendment” rider in the bill (bars any federal funds from supporting abortion),
  • Extended the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) program to fund projects to implement sexual risk avoidance education that teaches participants how to voluntarily refrain from non-marital sexual activity.


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Conversely, Pelosi’s version of the Coronavirus Stimulus, that did not see the light of day, included an EXCLUSION of the Hyde Amendment allowing funds to go to support for abortion providers.  This would have permeated the entire health care and other portions of the bill allowing millions to go to support abortion.  (The picture above featuring Nancy Pelosi was taken when she received the Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award.  Just how many babies do you have to kill to receive this racist award?)

So, in 3 1/2 years, President Trump has taught the GOP how to fight for life and win!  His unabashed support for life is now an accual, honest to goodness, firmly engrained part of the GOP platform in action and not just words!  

RD Pierini


Hat Tips:

Did You Expect the Stimulus Package to Include Pro-Life Components? Here They Are


President Trump’s Easter Prayer, “God, Help Us To Go Back to Work”!

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President Trump stated today that it would be wonderful if we could get this country back to work by Easter and have Churches filled with the faithful!  Of course this brought out every pundit with why this is unreasonable and unscientific.  The WH press corps reacted in an expected manner nationalizing his remarks immediately.  Of course if New York remains the hot spot it is today, it would be exempted.  Same for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle or New Orleans.  

Will this be an easy decision?  Of course not.

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My football analogy would be that a single wide receiver is running a pass route against 3 all star defensive half backs.  One of the half backs is the Coronavirus, one is the Economy, and one is the American People.  Trump will have to thread the needle with his pass, the reintegration plan, in order to make his Easter Plan work.  If the virus breaks out again, he loses.  If the plan is too narrow, the economy will not respond; if the American suffer health or economic pain, he loses.  

The President is going to have to factor in where the cold spots are today, county by county, and why they have been immune from the spread.  Plus, how well the current antivirals and other treatments test out.  Whether the Congress can pass the phase 3 stimulus and how the economy responds whether it passes or not.  And of course, how the current hot spots have responded to the 15 day social distancing has abated, or not, the spread of the virus.

I, for one, would not want to be anywhere near this decision no matter when he decides to restart the economy or the extent of the restart.   

If you have not done so yet, now would be a good time to say a prayer for the President and his advisors so they make a divine decision regarding the restart of this nation…

RD Pierini


“Trump Checks” Are Giving House Dems Cold Feet

Trump Dollars May Imperil Cash To Worker Payout

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The last thing the Democrats and the Left and their media want is for President Trump to get any recognition for helping out those who are most impacted by this crisis, the American Worker and Small Businesses.  Hence, Trump Bucks!  The Left wants to drive any payments through the State’s Unemployment Insurance system and the Senate and the Administration want to issue payments directly through the IRS based in 2018 filings.  Using the IRS is the quickest and least bureaucratic of the alternatives being considered.  One quick database query and the payment list can be generated.  States would have to either get the lists from State rolls or from the IRS.  

The Republican Senate is putting together an American Middle Class Direct Payment to help Americans bridge the Coronavirus economic downturn and lack of available jobs.  The direct payments would go to individuals who reported less than $75,000 and couples that reported less than $150,000 on their 2018 tax returns.  The Amounts that are being bandied about are:

  • $1,200 for Individuals
  • $2,400 for Couples
  • $500 for each dependent claimed in 2018
  • Individuals who filed with at least $2,500 in Income would receive $600 or $1,200 for couples.  

The bill also provides loans to Small Business that could be converted to grants if the business uses the money to make payroll and other business related expenses.  The SBA and Local banks can quickly set this up with their local businesses.  There is also a big business portion that will be more contentious including the President’s demand that no corporation can use any of the funds for Stock buybacks.  Stock buybacks are where companies buy back their own stock from stockholders.  The impact is to reduce the number of shares outstanding which then increases the per share price.  The rub is that corporate executive bonuses and compensation usually include payment in stock.  They would give themselves a windfall if they used the government assistance for buybacks.

So, do Trump Bucks have a shot?  Who knows.  But if Speaker Pelosi tears up the State of the Union address by this President, it is doubtful that she will get within a 100 miles of Trump Bucks.  She will also try to pack a ton of restrictions on loans to big business and also put some candy in the pot for Unions!

Senate and House Fight!

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If it weren’t so important, this political eye scratching may be a good way to amuse ourselves while we are locked in our homes.  But, it is not only important, it is critical to well being of millions of Americans and children, and help to springboard any subsequent recovery.  We will see who really cares about the average American.  The biased media will back the Democrats for sure.  If Congress does not act by early next week, he will put a ton of pressure on them to get off of their collective butts!  This money has to be in the hands of Americans by the first week in March to be impactful.  

We will see who cars!





Not All States Are Equal In Coronavirus Infections/Deaths-Target, Not Blanket Support

Remember the TV Show Mash?

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One Size Does Not Fit All!

Remember when the Mash unit would receive incoming casualties and one or two doctors would be assigned to determine which of the casualties should be treated first and how much treatment was necessary?  The same should hold true to the Federal Government’s response to providing various types of relief, treatment and quarantine guidance to our States.  

Some politicians and others have called for the Federal Government to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak as “one size fits all” for its support to the States.  If one is locked, down, all should be locked down.  If one gets respirators, masks, protective clothing, test kits, etc.  the rest should get them as well.  This is a recipe for disaster when trying to triage a disaster!

Below is a list of the top States’ Coronavirus infections and total deaths to date as of today.

New York 2,382 20
Washington 907 56
California 722 14
New Jersey 268 3
Louisiana 240 6
Massachusetts 218 0
Florida 211 6
Colorado 183 2
Illinois 160 1
Georgia 146 1
Texas 114 1

Obviously New York, Washington State, and California are the US hot spots and most in need of healthcare resources as of today.  If we sent respirators, test kits and protective gear to States with low infection rates at the same time and rates as these States, the most impacted States may not receive the quantities they need and shortages would ensue.  We need to be able to “flex” support as dictated by events on the ground.  It would be wasteful and inefficient to build temporary hospital facilities in States and counties with few or zero infections.

It would be much easier for the Federal Government to treat all States and Counties the same.  A cookie cutter approach is much easier to allocate resources.  Same for economic aid.  Just send a check to everyone!  Bail out all of the airlines and cruise lines equally.  This is not only wasteful but underserves those with the most need.

Just sit back and heed the guidelines from the Coronavirus Task Force.  As Task Force Member Deborah Birx said yesterday, we should all treat the Federal Guidelines as a direct order.  While the Federal Government has not declared “martial law” to “force” enforcement, their guidance should be strictly followed.  Remember, this all started in Washington State with a single traveler from Wuhan, China.  If you want to stop the spread of the virus, SPREAD OUT!

RD Pierini