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Hard Left Losing African-American Vote to Trump

I can’t imagine being an African-American voter and being treated like a political commodity!  Van Jones, who is a critic of President Trump yet joined the President on the First Step Act criminal justice reform, lamented the fact that Democrats are losing African-American votes to the President!  This was accentuated last night at the State of the Union address as the President touted the best employment ever for African-Americans; Best employment for African-American youth; Lowest poverty rates for African-Americans; and economic fastest gains ever for African-American families.  The President placed minorities dead center in his “Great America Comeback” speech.  

Last night, Jones told a CNN panel:

“What he was saying to African-Americans can be effective.  You may not like it but he mentioned HBCUs [Historic Black Colleges and Universities]: black colleges have been struggling for a long time, a bunch of them have gone under, he threw a lifeline to them in real life in his budget. He talked about this. He talked about criminal justice reform. He talked about Opportunity Zones.”

Really?  When a President actually works to cure economic inequality, criminal justice equality, and the need to improve education opportunities for minority children, it is a POLITICAL red flag to the Democrat Party!  This party “owned” the African-American vote since the Great Depression.  Yet, what has this Party done for this demographic?  Not Much!

Just prior to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the follow-on Voting Rights Act, Lyndon Johnson was able to regain and solidify the African-American voting block for Democrats.   Johnson wanted to cement this vote by enacting the “Great Society” program.  After spending 20 Trillion Dollars on this program, it is widely noted to have been a major failure for all minorities, especially African-Americans.  It has been attributed to LBJ, but challenged by Snopes, that Johnson said of his War on Poverty: ”… declaring that “negroes” are “getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness….” and claimed further that his efforts would secure the vote of the “nig*ers” for “200 years.”


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It is hard to imagine the level of cynicism it would take to even think of this vile placement of politics over human suffering. 

But when you witnessed last night at the State of the Union Address by President Trump, the Democrats sitting on their hands when the President touted employment gains, opportunity gains, economic gains, for African-Americans.  When the president described the creation of opportunity zones to rebuild our failing inner-cities and rural areas; and then asking for Democrat’s help in lifting up disadvantaged children trapped in failing public schools, the Democrat response, silence or boos. 

It is no wonder that African-Americans are polling favorably for Trump as high as 35-40%!  If President Trump gets anywhere near the Black Vote in 1955 when 39% voted Republican, it is lights out for the Democrats across the board, up and down ballot, in the 2020 election.  

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The real shame is that Van Jones has to remind the Democrat Party that African-Americans are real people that deserve their attention and actual efforts to improve their opportunities.  Jones said, “What he was saying to African-Americans can be effective”  What he should have said was “What President Trump has DONE for African-Americans and all Americans is effective”.  President Trump believes that if you stick to principles and enact sound economic, educational, and infrastructure policies, all citizens will benefit.  
The poorest more than others…


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Democrat Party-RIP: Democrat Socialist Party to Overtake It!

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Hey Democrats, your base has left you and you abetted in this departure. 

Enter, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Socialist as the early voting leader in the Democrat Party!  Their philosophy, “A Socialist Revolution is the only way to “SAVE” America”.  All of its institutions, foundations and norms have to be obliterated!

What is at Stake for the Democrat Party?  If Bernie/AOC win the Democrat Primary, they become the de facto leaders of the DNC (Democrat National Committee), its finances, its databases, and its platforms!  There may be internal battles to rest control of the DNC from Bernie/AOC, but the horse will be out of the barn even if Trump beats Bernie.  The offshoot will be to give Bernie/AOC a huge advantage in funding radical local, State, and Congressional candidates in their own likeness!  Add to this AOC/Soros’s current radical sponsorship and you have the end of the Democrat Party.

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The Democrat strategy of RESIST and fomenting hatred of President Trump, Trump Supporters, and the Republican Party has its founding, its founders, its heritage, its flag, its national anthem, and its history.  This hatred is focused on the 2016 election results and its epicenter is President Donald J. Trump.

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Antifa is the New Brown Shirt Army of the Democrat Socialist Party

What the Left and the Democrats did not count on is their inability to control this sociopathic mob and the mob’s inclusion of everything “establishment” that includes the establishment Democrat Party and its establishment candidates.  The mob has jettisoned the traditional Democrat identity politics handbook and now is so radical that traditional Hispanic and Black voting blocks are fleeing the Democrat camp.  

You might say that AOC cannot be Bernie’s running mate in the 2020 Election.  You are correct.  But, she could be his running mate in 2024 and serve as Bernie’s Senior Advisor, the head of the National Security Council, or some other position where she can run covert operations into opponents and counter-revolutionary efforts.  Sound over the top?  Remember, the prior administration weaponized the CIA, DNI, the DOJ and the FBI into killing the Trump candidacy and his presidency.  If Bernie and AOC get into the White House, they will set in motion a revolutionary onslaught to “fundamentally transform America”.  Sound familiar?

Concurrently, President Trump is revamping the Republican Party and returning it to standing for America First and ageless America values…  Bernie/AOC is the antithesis to the Trump Presidency.

RD Pierini





Pelosi’s Next Dumb Move, Hold Articles of Impeachment Until State of the Union Address

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What is Pelosi waiting for in filing the Articles of Impeachment with the Senate?  Probably two things.  She and the rabble on the left are hoping to find anything they can use to add to their “charges”.  Two, I believe that she will try to use the filing with the Senate as a way to “embarrass” Trump the day before or day of the SOTU. 

Earth to Nancy: 


If the Left does hold the Articles of Impeachment until just before the SOTU, it will be one of the ugliest examples of partisan politics since this Republic was founded.  

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If this happens, it will be interesting to see what Trump’s response to Pelosi and the radical left will be that night. 

  • Will Trump even show up?  Without a Doubt! 
  • Will Trump slam Pelosi and the Democrats to their face?  Without a Doubt! 
  • Will the Democrats be seen as the political hacks they are?  Without a Doubt! 
  • Will the Democrats suffer for this stunt?  Without a Doubt!

If Pelosi pulls this stunt, she will go down as the most ineffective Speakers of the House in our History.  She presided over the Failed Obamacare fiasco that saw her party thrown out onto the Streets with the Speaker’s gavel hitting her on the rear end on the way out as Speaker!  

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The impeachment is already being seen as a political, illegal, and anti-Constitutional act by the Democrats.  The Democrats have lost almost all of the independent support for their actions.  With the backdrop of Trump fending off the Iranians; getting USMCA passed; meeting with Xi of China to sign the Phase I of the USA/China trade agreement; and surrounded by a Roaring 20’s type of economy, the Democrats will g down and flames…

And they deserve it!

RD Pierini




Trump Should Campaign in California

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Should Trump Campaign in California?  YES!

President Trump needs to lead the Republican Party outreach to the Black and Latino voters everywhere, especially in California, New York, and interior cities with large minority concentrations.  Is it a waste of Time to campaign in California?  Not really.  In 2008, Proposition 8 was defeated in California primary by the Black vote in Los Angeles.  This was an anti-gay marriage proposition.  In 2008. gay marriage was still out of the mainstream and opposed by many if not most conservative minorities including Blacks and Hispanics.  Even Barack Obama favored Gay Unions but not Gay Marriage!

I am not saying that Trump should campaign on an anti-gay platform, quite the opposite.  He should take his record on standing up for all minorities and raising their standard of living, investing in turning around their communities, and pushing for criminal reform.  He should reach out to the LGBT community and show them his actins have made the LGBT community safer around the world.

Can he win California?  Maybe not.  But right now, national pols are showing that 30+% of black males approve of Trump’s performance.  Black poverty rates are at historic lows, Black unemployment are at historic lows, and Black Youth unemployment are at historic lows.  Trump needs to work on Black Women but that is doable given his track record of accomplishments for Blacks in general.  

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Hispanics are generally entrepreneurial, conservative, Christian and pro family.  Many Hispanics may not like Trump’s Tweets but they do not necessarily disagree with his strong border policies.  This sentiment is also supported in Black Communities who have seen their wages driven down by illegal immigration.  Also, it is tough enough to provide for your own families much less have to pay for others who are here illegally!  These traits are not supported by the Democrat Left, especially by the group of 2020 Democrat candidates.  Trump’s approval by Hispanics hit 50% in a pol this year according to McLaughlin.  Real Clear Politics polling show similar strength.

Non-White Hispanics and Hispanics (38%),  Blacks (7%)  and Asians (13%) outnumber Non- Hispanic Whites (40%) in California by almost 20%!  Trump and the Republican Party may not be able to take back California but they could certainly scare the pants off of the Democrat Left and their media!  New York and New Jersey may be more difficult but what do we have to lose?

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The Homelessness problems in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York are legend and their Democrat populations don’t like stepping in poop any more than the rest of us!  Over half of the nation’s  homeless population live in California.  A little leadership by the President would go a long way to solidify these voters support.

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Finally, crime in San Francisco, Los Angeles,  Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Baltimore, New York City. Washington DC, and other cities and States led by 50 year+ Democrat regimes, account for the vast majority of crime in this country.  These same cities and States are rotting from the inside and their sanitation, infrastructure and opportunity levels are abhorrent.  The President should target these areas and put as much pressure as possible on local Democrat politicians by promoting his Opportunity Zones and use the DOJ, ATF and the FBI to start to clean up the streets of these areas and make them safe for their residents.  

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President Trump should showcase his Department of Education’s efforts, led by Betsy DeVos, to make sure the inner City residents and hard hit rural area residents have access to SCHOOL CHOICE.  You think the DEEP STATE is squealing now!  Just wait!

My fear is that if Trump does not use the 2020 election to expose his pro minority agenda to California and other Democrat strongholds, he will lose an opportunity to start a process of taking these areas back.  This is a generational fight and we need to start it NOW!   It will be difficult time wise as the Democrat Left and their media will keep harassing him with phony allegations and impeachment hoaxes.  This will not stop.

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He has already poked the Progressive-Left Bear and they are fighting back.  Let’s give them something to really scream about!

RD Pierini


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Polls: Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics approaches 50 percent





Why The Left Must Tear Down the United States REPUBLIC To Win!

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BACDKGROUND:  Today all we hear is impeachment; the tearing down and removal of our history and historical reminders; the attacks on our institutions such as the Electoral College, States Rights, freedom of speech and Equal Representation; the branding of our Founding Fathers as Racist; the “need” to elect a President by popular vote and to eliminate equal representation in the Senate; and many more examples of the tyranny of the minority trying to reduce our Democratic Republic to an oligarchy led by Leftist Elites (rule by a select few). 

The Left has systematically attacked the pillars of our Republic.  The Electoral College; the fact that each State has an equal number of Senators, 2, to represent them, and the Constitution itself by trying to make it a “living” document that can change with the times.  The Left has usurped education and inserted their anti-republic ideologies into the curriculum, K-University.  The Left has dominant control over the main stream media through which to continue the anti-republic indoctrination that began in kindergarten.  The Left sold “Fair Trade” as a panacea for all peoples when in fact it was a way to hobble the US economy with stifling regulations and controls while allowing our adversaries and enemies to prosper unfettered.  The Left has created a permanent bureaucracy through which to ignore elections and perpetuate economic, foreign policy, social, and law enforcement Leftist policies.  They have created an anti-free-speech environment where contrary thought and speach is not accepted and silenced.  Only Leftist speech, thus thought, is acceptable.  You either conform or you are cast out…  Sound like Facism?  That is what it is.

But in order to understand how an “elite” few on the left, an oligarchy, could seek to destroy the most stable and free form of government ever devised, we need to understand how this government came to be and the growing pains it endured in order to be created.

The Colonies:

In order to discuss our maturation, we must first acknowledge that “American” colonists were residents of a British Colony/British American Colony and were first and foremost citizens of Great Britain.  Many of its residents were also from other parts of Europe as well as slaves brought in from Africa and elsewhere.  Regardless, they were subjects of British Monarchial rule and not free to self-govern.  By the time of the American Revolution, colonists had become angry over their lack of self-governance, high taxation, and dictatorial edicts emanating from the “mother” country.  The British colonist sought freedom to control their own destinies from any government and sought to create some form of organization to allow them to govern themselves and to achieve a high degree of individual freedom.  It can be argued that if King George III had loosened his grip on the American colony, there may not have been an American Declaration of Independence nor the American Revolution.

The American Revolution

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The American Revolutionary War was fought to rid the colonies of the shackles of British rule and provide the colonial citizens the right to determine their own destiny.  The colonial revolt began in 1765, made official by the Declaration of Independence in 1776, then culminated when the colonists won their independence from Great Britain in 1783.  But it would take until March 4th, 1789, before the colonies would mature from a confederation of the 13 colonies into the Constitutional Republic that we remain today.  Our metamorphosis was not sudden, nor hurriedly decided.  After all, no single state wanted to be controlled again by another State or heaven forbid a central government.  It took time for the States to trust one another and to devise systems that alleviated their fears.

The Articles of Confederation

Following the Declaration Independence, the 13 colonies knew they had to band together in order to prosecute a war against the then world’s most powerful army, the British Army.  None of the colonies trusted any form of a central government so during the Second Continental Congress they agreed to the Articles of Confederation on November 15, 1777.  The Articles were ratified by all of the colonies on March 1st, 1781It may seem remarkable today that it took almost 4 years to ratify the Articles but remember that horseback was the mode of transportation, the delegates had farms and businesses to run, and they were fighting the British at the same time!

The Articles of Confederation

The overriding principle of the Articles of Confederation was the preservation of each State’s sovereignty and independence.  The very definition of the word “confederation” is an alliance or league of entities joined together for economic or political purposes It was not the establishment of a new central government!  The Confederation was constituted to create the final form of government for the States and in the interim conduct business on behalf of the group as permitted by its Congress where each state had one equal vote.  The latter point is not insignificant.  The One State One Vote rule highlights the States’ fear of central governments and the need to maintain real autonomy at the State level.

The US Constitution and the Birth of the Republic of the United States of America

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The Articles of Confederation were effectively shelved with the convening of the Constitutional Convention in 1786.  The lack of taxing enforcement and the debts that arose during the Revolutionary War made it imperative that the former colonies create a new form of constitutional government through which the Confederation of States could be governed.  While the States had grown closer during the Confederation period, they individually still did not trust a strong central government and thus adopted a new constitution the enshrined a democratic republic form of government.  The Articles of Confederation had already set forth a government that included a legislative, executive and judicial branch with recognition of the individual States sovereignty.  The US Constitution that was ultimately ratified on June 21, 1778, and mirrored many of the structural aspects of the Articles of Confederation by delineating limited, specific powers of the new central government while reserving all other powers to the individual States.  

What is a Republic?

One dictionary definition describes a Republic form of government as follows:

“A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.”

The Founders were especially careful to include specific controls to guard against the eroding of State’s rights by the central government and sought to curtail the growth of the central or federal government. 

Electoral College:  One such control was the inclusion of an Electoral College mechanism to elect the Executive Branch President.  The Founders, especially those in the less populous States, feared that the more populous States would elect the President due to their shear number of voters.  They sought a mechanism that would mirror each State’s legislative representation in Congress.  Each State had 2 electors based on their 2 Senators then had the same number of electors as their members of the house of representatives.  The latter was based on the State’s population as established by the constitutionally mandated census to be taken every 10 years. 

This proportional model by State did eliminate a pure populous vote in the selection of the President and the Vice President and thus held up the “Republic” model in which all States had a voice in the selection of the executive It is further upheld by each State’s ability to control their own elections for candidates for federal offices within the limitations set forth in the Constitution.  So, both the Executive and Legislative branch  elected officials are elected at the State level versus the federal level.  


10th Amendment

The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution is considered to be part of our “Bill of Rights”.  This amendment is simple and to the point:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

In other words, the federal government was given specific powers and authorities under the US Constitution and ALL other powers and authorities were retained solely by the States.  The Founders, again, worried about a central federal government becoming too powerful and overwhelming the State’s autonomy and authorities.  Unfortunately, the Courts and Congress, with silent ascent from the Executive branch, have eroded much of the State retained autonomy and authority in favor of a larger central government.

Judicial Errosion

What our Founders could not foresee was the gradual erosion of the States autonomy in favor of more power being usurped by the Federal Government.  This was primarily accomplished by the Federal Judiciary over the course of decades.  Below are a couple of ways the Supreme Court has allowed the Federal Government to increase its powers.

Marbury v Madison (1803):  Nowhere in the US Constitution does it grant to the Judiciary the power to decide if a law passed by Congress or an action by the President is “Constitutional”.  Nowhere But, in this decision, the Marshall Court granted ITSELF the power to do so.  Some argue that this was what the Founders intended.  I disagree.  If the Founders had intended that the Federal Judiciary had the superior power, they would have said so in Article III.  This decision has allowed SCOTUS to overturn Congressional laws, REINTERPRET what Congress intended specific laws to mean, and to stop the Executive Branch from enforcing federal law according to its own interpretation.  In short, Marbury v Madison gave SCOTUS super powers over the Legislative and Executive Branches of our government…

The Commerce Clause:  The US Constitution states in Article 1, Section 8:  “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.” Liberal controlled SCOTUS has interpreted this to mean that anything that crosses State lines is subject to regulation by the Congress.  And Congress has pushed this to the limits to the point that today; if a farmer produces let’s say corn; if that farmer chooses not to sell his corn at all; that farmer is still subject to any regulation Congress passes over the production or use or sale of that corn! Period!

The Right to Privacy:  Oh yea, this doesn’t exist in the US Constitution!  The Right to Privacy is a concept that originated amongst the Left and they used the Courts arguing that the 1st Amendment, 3rd Amendment,  4th Amendment, and the 5th Amendment implied the Right to Privacy.  Why is this important?  This is the basis for Roe v Wade, the right to an abortion.  Nowhere in the Constitution is abortion permitted nor forbidden.  Typically this means that Congress can legislate or regulate this procedure.  But, since 1973, the Roe decision has protected the “Right to an Abortion” and has been used to curtail or limit State laws prohibiting or restricting abortions within their jurisdiction.  This non-right argument has resulted in 250,000,000 US Citizens being denied the right to life as provided in the 14th Amendment which states in part:  “…nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”   


The Role of the American Civil War

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The American Civil War was fought over a similar issues that caused our founders to issue the Declaration of Independence and to fight the American Revolution.  That issue was State versus Federal rights and authorities much like the colony’s rights versus the British Monarchy.  In 1858, fearing the election of Abraham Lincoln in the 1960 elections, the Southern States began discussing how to deal with an anti-slavery Republican President.  In 1861, representatives from South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas, followed by the upper south (Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and North Carolina) met to draft their own constitution.  On March 11, 1861, these states formally adopted their own new Constitution that mirrored the US Constitution except it granted more autonomy to its States and created the Confederate States of America.  This act effectively memorialized their cessation from the United States of America.

Why?  Certainly these States were agrarian and relied on slave labor and this practice was vehemently opposed and threatened by the Northern Abolitionist movement represented by the new Republican President, Abraham Lincoln.  These States viewed the election of Abraham Lincoln as a direct threat to their ability to set their own policy vis-à-vis slavery and other State’s Rights issues.  At stake was the ability of these States to rule themselves independent of a central, Federal government.  The slavery issue may have been more a fear factor by these States as Lincoln’s Administration offered them a Constitutional Amendment that would that would guarantee slavery where it legally existed. Lincoln himself in his inaugural address pledged only to hold federal property that was in the possession of the Union on March 4, 1861.  The Confederacy’s distrust of the Northern States was such that they feared that eventually they would be forced to give up slavery and yield to northern pressure.   The History Channel website discribed the events this way:

“The close connection between the right to revolution and separation from the governing power in the spirit of 1776 was an early theme in the provisional Confederacy. To be sure, the revolution was posited as a peaceful one. Separation from a Union perceived to be under the control of a tyrannical power that would destroy southern institutions was the objective.”

The Confederate leadership believed that the North would not start a war in order to preserve the Union.  Following their early meetings in 1858, the Confederacy begin taking over “Federal” forts, armories and other “Federal” assets located in their States.  By the time Lincoln was inaugurated in March of 1861, northern federal troops held only Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, Fort Pickens off the Florida coast, and one or two other outposts in the South.  The Confederacy sealed the fate of the young nation when they attacked and took control of Fort Sumpter on April 12, 1861.  The Fort’s leader, Major Anderson surrendered to the Confederacy’s General P.G.T. Beauregard after only 34 hours.  The war was on.

In order to reinforce my point that slavery was a secondary issue to State’s rights, consider the following.  Historians have argued that the decision of four border states that stood between the Union and the Confederacy was key as to whether there would have been a Civil War at all.  The History Channel described the delicate balance as follows:

“The provisional Confederacy likewise sought vigorously to stimulate secession sentiment in the border states.  ( Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, and Kentucky) Had all the border slave states thrown in their lot with one or the other government, there might not have been a war, or conversely, separation might well have become an accomplished fact.”

Ironically, the Confederate attack and takeover of Fort Sumpter caused two border States, Maryland and Delaware to side with the Union.  Kentucky and Missouri declared themselves to be neutral but eventually sided with the North.   Lincoln joined the fight to prevent the Confederate Cessation and ultimately the Union prevailed.

The Left’s Attack On the Confederacy and History

Ironically the Confederate constituents were the forerunners of the modern Democrat Party.  Ironic since the Left Wing of this party is now trying to erase the Confederacy from our public squares and rewrite history.  Ironic since there are two valuable lessons that the American People must remember:

  1. That the Union of States that make of the Democratic Republic called the United States of America must be protected and defended in order to guarantee that all of its People remain sovereign.
  2. That State’s Rights are paramount to our individual and collective Freedoms.  The Federal Government must stick to the enumerated duties, powers and responsibilities that are specifically defined in the Constitution.  All other Rights must remain with the States and the People. 

The Cracks The Left Exploits

After taking a look at how we arrived at 2020, it is easy to see certain cracks that have occurred or been created that Left exploits.  For one, most Americans are busy raising their families and making a living.  It is not that they are apathetic as to the governing of their country, it is that they have expected their representatives to represent the People’s interest and not that of the government, and thus themselves.  In 2008, the seeds were sown that created the Tea Party Movement.  This is a movement that is outside of either political party and seeks to realign our country according to what is was meant to be, a country by the People.

The Left almost succeeded in ripping up our Constitution either by direct action or simply ignoring it.  The legislative branch is almost worthless at this point and non responsive to the People.  The current administration has gone a long way in forcing this body to act on issues the people expect to be fixed.  The 2018 mid-term set this momentum back a big but it may take hold again depending on the 2020 elections.  The Judiciary occupants are now being replaced with originalist or textualist judges that will hopefully stop all of the judicial activism and interference that has been taking place.  The Left succeeded in corrupting our DOJ, FBI, Intelligence agencies and more to the point that they would seek to overturn an election.  Hopefully this too will be righted.

Our Founders lived literally through fire and created the most stable Democratic Republic in History.  One such Founder, Thomas Jefferson, stated:  “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.  In the 1860’s this revolution took the form of an armed conflict that killed 700,000 or so American citizens.  In modern times, the Nationalist, America First revolution may become our third revolution through which to reset our Republic to its roots.  Just like in the 1770s, it will take a vigilant and courageous People to act.

Sorry for the history lessons but it is important to have a common understanding how and why this nation was formed; the methods used to erode some of its founding principles; and how those that seek its demise will use One branch of our government against the other; the Federal Government against the States; and the States against the Federal Government to accomplish their goals.  Republics are fragile by their very nature and dependent upon the controls set forth in the Constitution that created them for their survival.  In the end, it is up to the people to protect themselves, their State, and the Republic itself.  

The Only Thing Standing In The Way of the Left are We the People

RD Pierini


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Impeachment-Should Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald J. Trump’s Impeachment be Expunged?

Presidents, Johnson (1865-1869), Clinton (1993-2001) & Trump 2016-Present)

What do these three presidents have in common?  All three were impeached by the House of Representatives.  The first two were acquitted by the US Senate.  The Senate trial for President Trump has not been held as of this writing and may or may not occur.  I am asking the question as to whether all three of these impeachment’s should be EXPUNGED from the Congressional record as if they never happened. 

Why?  These cases did not charge that any of the Presidents violated “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” that involved their conduct of office or centered around Article I and Article II scope disputes.  The Johnson impeachment should have been resolved via the courts with Congress challenging Johnson in Court.  The Clinton charges involved a sexual harrassment charged that occured before he became president and an attempt to hide an affair with an intern.  In President Trump’s case, Congress should have sought court ascent and direction to their allegation of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress by a President.  

Expungement of Impeachments?

 As discussed above, all three impeachment acts by the House of Representatives involved; either conflicts between the US Congress and the Presidency; or, in the case of Bill Clinton, it involved “crimes” that were not connected to the “Office of the Presidency” but rather “civilian” crimes of Pergury over a cover-up of a sexual harassment case and Obstruction of Justice over trying to obfuscate facts concerning the Monica Lewinski affair. 

Andrew Johnson was impeached for violating the Tenure of Office Act that had been passed in 1867, during his Presidency.  Johnson had previously vetoed this law but his veto was overridden by Congress.  The law was later repealed in 1887.  The law required the President to seek Senate approval before he or she removed a member of his executive branch that had been “confirmed” by the Senate, including cabinet members.  in 1926, a similar law, Myers v United States was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court siding with the Presidency’s Article II right to appoint or remove anyone in the executive branch.

The Johnson case is reminiscent of the Trump impeachment in that much of House testimony surrounded the firing of a US Ambassador to Ukraine.  The other issues with the Trump impeachment included abuses of power over the President exercising his Article II powers involving dealing with foreign relations and national security.  The second issue was Trump’s assertion of “Executive Privilege” and seeking court relief over House subpoenas.  Using the courts as the arbiter between Congress and the Executive is as old as George Washington!  In this case, the House simply did not want to rely on the courts to resolve this common conflict.

Clinton’s impeachment was based on behavior that I personally find repulsive and the acts probably violated our laws.  But, those acts were not directly related to the Office of the President or the execution of the duties of that Office (obviously).  I would support potential civil or criminal action against Clinton once he left office. 

My last point is that none of these Presidents were actually found guilty of the Impeachment Charges brought forth by the House.  (Trump will most likely be acquitted if his case is ever presented to the Senate)  If you were charged by a local district attorney for a crime that you did not commit and you were acquitted by a court, should this charge follow you for the rest of your life?  While these types of charges can remain on your record, you should seek expungement up acquittal.  Expungement of an Impeachment is especially critical as the Impeachment of a President is most assuredly political and not based on convictable charges.  The acquittal by the Senate is a testimony to this use of expungement!

Give this some thought!  Thoughts?

RD Pierini


Impeachment Letter to Nancy Pelosi, From President Trump

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Below is the link to the letter President Donald Trump sent to Speaker Nancy Pelosi today regarding her continued efforts to force an impeachment vote against the President.  There is no need for additional commentary beyond what the President wrote.

Pres Trump Letter To Nancy Pelosi

RD Pierini




Senate Impeachment Trial-Truth vs Justice

Sen. Graham rips Schiff impeachment tactics as Senate readies for likely trial

It is obvious that one, the House will vote to impeach President Trump over his Ukrainian telephone call and remnants of the so called Mueller Report; Two, the impeachment conviction in the Senate is DOA.  So at the end f all of the drama, we will know the real truth, and will justice have been served?

Truth, of course, is a factual account of what events and actions transpired to support any allegations of wrong-doing, on both sides.  Justice is the moral principle determining just conduct and the administering of deserved reward or punishment.  One would hope that Truth would yield Justice but that is not always the case.  Truth, can also be, the perception of facts, thus leaving some room for interpretation.

In the bizarre scenario that has been unfolding literally since before President Trump was inaugurated, the Progressive-Left, the Establishment Elite, and the Anti-Trumpers in both parties have set events in motion to convince the voting public that President Trump was guilty of Treason, Bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors, or all of the above!  This anti-Trump coalition started with the “Russian Collusion” scheme then transitioned to the “Ukraine Collusion” scheme.  They fabricated evidence and testimony and even were able to get a special prosecutor, Mueller, assigned to investigate Trump, his campaign and his administration.  After two years of investigation, Mueller found nothing that would warrant indictment let alone impeachment.

Without going into all of the weeds on both schemes, two facts are true:

  1.   Mueller found no “Russian Collusion” or conspiracy by either Trump or his campaign or administration.  Mueller was also not able to establish any “Obstruction of Justice” nor was any obstruction actually acted upon.  In short, no criminal referrals came forward from this investigation for President Trum.
  2. The so called Ukrainian “Quid Pro Quo”, or bribery, or obstruction or whatever the latest “crime” the left associated with President Trump, for allegedly using foreign aid to Ukraine as a way to force the Ukraine government to investigate the Biden’s role in extorting board positions for Biden’s son, was based on an anonymous “Whistleblower”, backed up by hearsay testimony from career diplomats and career aides.  There was only a single “FACT” witness, Ambassador Sonderland, who testified that President Trump told him directly that there was no quid pro quo, or any other arrangement, tied to the US aid to the Ukraine.  Trump said forcibly, “I want nothing”.  In short, the President never told the Ukrainian President that in order to receive the aid from the US, the Ukrainian President would have to investigate the Bidens, period!

So, it appears that the Pelosi House will vote soon to “Impeach” President Trump which will then send the impeachment indictment to the Senate where this body will determine President Trump’s guild or innocent of the impeachment charges.

BUT, the Senate has two ways to adjudicate impeachment charges: 

One, based on the evidence, or lack thereof, sent over from the House, the Senate could hold an up or down vote to either convict or acquit the President of the charges, without further facts or testimony being offered.  This option does not resolve the TRUTH issues and the public may never know the actual facts based on direct testimony from all of the participants backed up by documentation evidence to support the facts and testimony.  While this may yield “Justice” from Trump’s perspective, many Trump detractors would never be convinced that Trump was really innocent but merely protected by the Republican Senate.

Two, the senate could allow that President’s attorneys to present their case as to why the President should be exonerated prior to the Senate voting on the House impeachment articles.  This latter option would allow real rebuttal testimony and presentation of facts to offset the one sided House articles.  Both sides could bring witness and documentary evidence for the Senate to weigh prior to voting on the articles of impeachment.  This is the only process that stands a chance to get at the truth and provide justice based on evidence.  The Trump detractors may still not be convinced of his innocence, but at least they will have had the chance to hear both sides.  Same is true for the “jurors” which are the 100 Senators.

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Lindsay Graham stated today on Maria Bartiromo’s show that he would probably go with option one and quickly exonerate the President.  While I am sick and tired of this dog and pony show and a total lack of action by the House to actually pass the USMCA, prescription drug reform, pass a real budget and fund the military, and a whole host of other real issues facing the US., the nation needs to hear the real facts behind all of the allegation put forth by the never Trump crowds.

Without a full and impartial hearing of all of the facts, not hearsay, the American people will always wonder why our elected officials would not pursue the Truth on our behalf so we could decide if Justice was actually delivered.  Oh well, must be too much to ask…


RD Pierini


Obama and Moderation? He is the Master of Deceit and Deception!

President Obama to Liberal Donor Group Yesterday:

“Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision we also have to be rooted in reality.  The average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it.”

I spent 9 years interpreting “Obamaspeak”, 1 year as candidate Obama and 8 years as President Obama, so I think I can decipher his double talk as good as anyone.  Lesson one:  Obama is a died in the wool hard core progressive socialist who hates this country, and indeed Western Civilization.  If you start with this lesson, you won’t be sucked into “If you Like Your Doctor, …”.  Allow me to offer my humble interpretation of Obama’s statement shown above.  Read it again just so you have it in mind.

  • “Even as we push the envelope…”:  Interpretation:  As we implement our hard left, progressive, socialist agenda.
  • “… and we hold in our vision…”.  Interpretation:  As we keep deeply rooted in our heart and soul our vision for a hard left progressive, socialist, goal and objective vision and objective for the US and Western Civilization.
  • “The average American …”:  Interpretation:  Those Americans that do not support our hard left progressive, socialist agenda.
  • “…doesn’t think that we…”: Interpretation:  As elite, enlightened members of the hard core progressive, socialist movement.
  • “…have to completely tear down the system and remake it.”:  Interpretation:  We have to replace capitalism with socialism, freedom of the individual and their separate property rights, freedom of speech and action with control of individualism with the collective good, and the elimination of individual wealth and replace it with redistributed equality.

So, What Obama actually “said” was:

“As we implement our hard left, progressive, socialist agenda,  we must keep deeply rooted in our heart and soul, our vision for a hard left progressive, socialist, goal and objective vision and objective for the US and Western Civilization.  Since most Americans do not support our hard left progressive, socialist agenda, as elite, enlightened members of the hard core progressive, socialist movement, we have to replace capitalism with socialism, freedom of the individual and their separate property rights, freedom of speech and action with control of individualism with the collective good, and the elimination of individual wealth and replace it with redistributed equality, all the while espousing MODERATION.”

If Obama is talking, he is lying!

Image without a caption

Obama is absolutely, the quintessential politician of all times when it comes to masking, lying, his true intent while sounding like his words just came down the mount with Moses.  When he ran against McCain in 2008, I thought he might be a closet conservative.  He sounded more sincerely conservative than McCain which is not too hard to do.  As a President, it soon became clear that he was a hard core progressive socialist that would do and say anything to move his progressive socialist agenda forward.  

His caution to the 2020 Democrat candidates for President was not a call to them to change their beliefs, but for them to lie to the public and make the public think that you are not a progressive socialist!  LIKE HE DID IN 2008 AND 2012.

Obama could sit next to the gates of hell and convince you that you were about to inhabit a tropical island and you would believe it.  Wonder why he does not endorse Biden?  Biden is not progressive socialist enough for Obama.  Obama does not have any respect for the rest of the 2020 candidates because he does not believe they are talented enough to lie directly to the public and make them believe it.  Look at Warren.  She tried to skirt the cost of Medicare-For-All but finally admitted that her plan would cost $5.2 TRILLION per year.  Obama would have said that his plan would save every family $2,500.00 per year on healthcare.  Oh wait, he did say that!

Lying politicians are nothing new.  The phrase is actually redundant.  But Obama’s ability to obfuscate is legend.  How does he do it?  He believes that his progressive socialist utopia will finally right all of the racial wrongs of Western Civilization and create a perfect society, rand by he and George Soros!

So, while the bumbling Democrats are as awkward as teenagers in the back seat at a drive-in (for those over 60 who remember drive-ins), at trying to impeach President Trump, just remember that Obama is in the wings.  Don’t underestimate his ability to play the pied piper and lead even some seemingly intelligent people to the brink.  He did it in 2008 and 2012.  The media is waiting for him to descend on the mere morals below and save them from themselves, and President Trump!

RD Pierini


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Your Country, Your Choice… Constitutional Republic Vs Deep State Oligrchy

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You, and every other US citizen, are witnessing a flagrant attempt to negate Article II of the US Constitution, the section that enumerates the powers of the Executive Branch of our government; and supplant it with an oligarchy of career diplomatic and intelligence community bureaucrats known as the Deep State.  The key question will come down to whether this blatant attempt to abet an outright overthrow the Executive Branch may be a felony under 18 U.S.C.A. § 2384, Seditious Conspiracy.   

Before we go to the current attempts to overthrow President Trump, lets look back at how the “deep state” was created.

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  1.  Congressional Abdication of Duty:  Over the years, Congress has passed more and more laws that have allowed, ironically, the Executive Branch to “flesh” out, expand, and self-interpret laws by creating regulations that ostensibly define the implementation of the legislative intent.  In reality, the Executive Departments have used this unconstitutional legislative editing to formulate politically biased regulations of duly enacted legislation.  Ostensibly, Congress is supposed to use its oversight powers to regulate the regulators but this rarely if ever happens.  Do you really think that any Congress member actually reads all of the federal regulations that are created?  So, while the US Constitution, in Article I, grants all legislative powers to Congress, Congress has allowed the Executive Branch bureaucrats to usurp this power and twist legislation into their political will.  When was the last time you saw Congress sue the Executive Branch over regulatory overreach?  Never.
  2.  Executive Department Bureaucratic Legislation:  With a license to steal from Congress in interpreting, then regulating, legislation, including how money is spent or not spent, the Executive Branch bureaucracy soon became the true power within the US Government even though they have no Constitutional authority to do so.  JUST THINK, THEY REPLACED ARTICLE I AND ARTICLE II OF THE US CONSTITUTION WITH THEIR OWN SELF GRANTED AUTHORITY!  To make matters worse from a conservative constitutional perspective, leftist Presidents have hired their political appoints as full time bureaucrats within these executive branch departments before they leave office.  This creates a permanent, left-leaning if not outright leftist, permanent bureaucracy that grows and infects more and more as time goes on.
  3.  Enter the Intelligence Communities:  Over time, due to foreign entanglements, wars, and cold wars, the American people were fed numerous justifications for building up both domestic and foreign spying capabilities.  Lets not even use the word, “intelligence”.  Bill Barr was right, lets just call it SPYING.  In sprite of congressional attempts to place controls over the Intelligence Community, (IC), Congress once again failed to perform oversight over the vast capabilities of these 17 or so agencies.  Following 9-11 and the birth of the Patriot Act, coupled with Orwellian advances in technology, electronic and visual spying on US citizens and foreigners, the IC became the ultimate political weapon to be used against its own government.  The IC learned quickly that by scaring citizens with threats of terrorism they could pressure congress to hand over more and more unfettered power to the IC.  One of the most scary tools that came out of this overreach was the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  This allows the executive branch to literally spy on US citizens and foreigners as long as they get the approval of the FISA courts.  How hard is this to obtain?  Between 1979 through 2015, only 12 of 38,169 spying requests were denied by the FISA courts.  Remember, only the IC investigators/prosecutors are a party to the application.  Their is no due process for the target!  The 4th Amendment was suspended for this process!
  4. Lets Not Forget the Pentagon:  I am extremely pro military and believe to my core that our service men and women are truly honorable and put country before themselves.  But, I do not extend this same belief to the Generals and civilians who run the Pentagon and especially Generals who have retired.  You have witnessed time and time again generals giving interviews, writing op-eds, or even testifying before biased Congressional committees condemning, criticizing, or betraying  their Commander in Chief while they are in uniform, some not, over policy differences.  Our founders specifically created a CIVILIAN led military with the President as its Commander-In-Chief in order to keep a check and balance on the most lethal military force on earth!  While the Pentagon has not yet totally bought into a full membership in the deep state as has the State Department, the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI and the other alphabet IC agencies, they have proven to be less than loyal to their CIC and have overtly thwarted or watered down policy decisions that were not in their power to make.  While the first amendment protects retired generals from voicing their opinions on current foreign policy decisions, they need to look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves whether they would, or could, have voiced those criticisms while on active-duty.  If not, then they should keep quiet for the good of the country.  If the US Military leadership teams up with the deep state regulatory, diplomatic, and IC oligarchy, the US Constitutional Republic is over, PERIOD.
  5. The Press Was the Last Straw:  The main stream media has always had a “left” bent to their reporting.  As we approached the new century, they had become a not so subtle Democrat Party advocate that has morphed into a unabashed left-wing advocacy that is joined at the hip with the left wing of the Democrat Party and global elitist.  They provide cover, or create it, to the endless attacks against a sitting Republican President and even work with the Deep State actors to skew stories in favor of the Deep State and the Democrat Party to work to destroy anyone who challenges their agenda.  With few exceptions today, we do not have a free press.  We have a large population of the press who are merely Democrat leftist propaganda organizations that are joined at the hip wiht multi-national globalist organizations.

So, the Executive Branch bureaucracy has been allowed to grow almost unchecked to the point they function on their own and adhere to policies they think are best for America.  This includes all facets of government including foreign policy, domestic welfare policy, immigration policy, certainly environmental policy, energy policy, fiscal policy, abortion policy, social engineering policy, education policy and certainly military engagement policy.  You almost cannot fire them, remove them, or punish them for misconduct.  They are protected by public sector unions and civil service laws and regulations that shield the deep state almost to the point of impunity.   

As we stated before, the Democrats have learned that before one of their Presidents leave office, they “hire” all of their political appointments into career positions so it is difficult if not impossible for a Republican successor to replace these political appointed deep state employees!  Republicans need to employ the same tactics or change the laws so it is easier to replace employees who hold disdain for the new incumbent.  

The Deep State knows that every 4 or 8 years the will get another political hack to lead their agency that they can ignore and thwart any efforts to curtail their power or implement policies that they disagree with!  They are in their jobs until they want to retire and are rewarded for their loyalty to the deep state, and not the current or even past administration.   Something you should understand is that cabinet and other administrative heads that are appointed by the President, have few if any direct reports other than the person right under them such as the Deputy Attorney General.  All of the department heads in the Department of Justice report to the Deputy and not the actual Attorney General.  The Deputy is usually a “career deep state person” who understands the deep state rules and objectives.  

2016, Turning Point,

Covert Deep State, Led By The IC,

Turns into an Overt Sedition Conspiracy Against a Sitting President

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During the 2016 Trump Campaign, the media, the deep state, the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign took off their masks and came out full on against the Trump Candidacy.  They were not even sneaky about it!  The DOJ/FBI initiated a “Counter Intelligence” investigation that bypasses the normal checks and balances and allows investigations, leaks and seditious activities to go on below the radar. 

This effort was aided by the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign who funded the creation of the Steele Dossier that really should be called the “Nellie Orr” dossier as she was the primary contributor to its creation.   This coup even enlisted the help of foreign intelligence agencies from at least Australia, Italy, the UK and Italy. The entire Obama administration from the head of the DOJ, FBI, NSC, Ambassador to the UN, the Head of the CIA and other IC members flagrantly unmasked conversations by members of the Trump Team in total violation of the safeguards that are in place to protect such invasions of privacy by members of the administration and the deep state.  

But, this Seditious Conspiracy continued virtually unchecked up through today and continues as it morphed into the current “Impeachment” investigations into President Trump! 

This effort is the very definition of Deep State Sedition against the United States.  Make no mistake, this is not against Donald J. Trump!  It is against the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic.  Donald J. Trump is merely the first officeholder to challenge the Deep State and the Leftist agenda head on and to challenge their very existence in our Republic!

Members of the State Department, the CIA, the NSC, the Military, and even members of the President’s staff continue to leak to their compliant and complicit media to create justifications as to why Trump should be thrown out of office.   They even “attach” these “news” articles, created by their own leaks, as corroborating evidence to support a FISA Warrant application or renewal! This is a full on assault by the Deep State in all of its ugly glory.  

But, what if the impeachment and removal fails and Donald Trump is re-elected for another 4 years?  Trump’s investigations into the Deep State will continue and like an exorcized evil spirit the Deep State will fight back with all of their ugliness. 

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How Bad Could It Get?

We could go off into all kinds of conspiracy theories but let is suffice to say that the onslaught will continue as it did during the 2nd Reagan term.  The left tried to use the Iran-Contra “scandal” to hamstring the 2nd Reagan term.

If the Republicans do not shoot themselves in the foot and take back the House and hold the Senate, the Left will have to use external pressure to try to stop Trump.  The Deep State will have to use leaks, made up scandals, and international incidents to try to kill Trump’s support.  Inside, agencies, including the Pentagon will continue to thwart the implementation of Trump’s agenda.  He will probably win 80% of the battles which is actually good.  You will probably see the White House staff reduced to a skeleton crew of loyalist.

If the Republicans do shoot themselves in the foot and fail to take back the House but hold the Senate, you will see a re-run of the current impeachment charade.  Worse yet, Trump will not be able to move his agenda forward as Pelosi will continue to stalemate any meaningful Trump agenda efforts.  The courts will continue to be deluged with leftist lawsuits to stop any executive actions by the President.  Healthcare, immigration, tax cuts, military budget increases, and many other Trump cards will be hard fought at best.  The country will suffer by the left does not care as long as they stop Trump from eroding their ill got gains even farther.

If the Republicans do shoot themselves in the foot and fail to take back the House and lose the Senate, Trump will be in for a constant barrage of impeachment inquiries and trials in the Senate.  The leftist may not be able to remove him from office but their end game is to stop his agenda from moving forward.   They will have to fight Trump’s prolific use of his Veto Powers and hopefully they will not be able to get RINOs to vote with them to override.  They can wait 4 years to take back the Presidency as long as they stop Trump!  What a way to run a car wash, let alone the largest and most powerful nation in the world.

Regardless of the scenario, the President will continue to go directly to the American people via social media and public appearances.  He will use whatever tools he can to move his agenda forward and fight it out in court for almost every move he makes.  The good news is that by then he will have appointed about 200 of the 875 Article III federal judges.  He will also most likely appoint another Supreme Court Judge by the end of his 2nd term which will give him a leg up ultimately when battling the left in court.

18 U.S.C.A. § 2384, Seditious Conspiracy.   

As I mentioned the crime of “Seditious Conspiracy” at the beginning of this article, I would like to take a moment to elaborate.  First of all, the Supreme Court has ruled against most efforts to create laws against sedition.  Why?  Sedition is typically viewed as a free speech issue where the offending party attacks the current government over policy.  Thus voicing opposition to policy is a constitutionally protected right.  Some then conclude that Sedition is thus Constitutional…

But, would prior Supreme Court decisions apply when government officials, elected, appointed, and career, collude, not lobby against using their speech, to prohibit a political candidate from being elected; and worse, attempt to frame a sitting President in order to impeach him or her and “overthrow” that administration and thus the Government, by using existing executive branch employees, civilian and military, to accomplish that goal?  In the Supreme Court case of Yates V the United States, the court ruled that citizens could advocate for the forceful overthrow of the US Government as long as long as these EFFORTS WERE PASSIVE AN NOT ACTED UPON.  The current Deep State efforts are anything but passive.

One other wrinkle, the actual text of the Seditious Conspiracy statute:

“If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.”

I highlighted the words “by force” as it may be construed as a “limiting” factor when considering this law in the context of the Deep State attempting to fraudulently removing a sitting President/Government.  The Law Dictionary defines force as:

“Power dynamically considered, that is, in motion or in action; constraining power, compulsion; strength directed to an end. Usually the word occurs in such connections as to show that unlawful or wrongful action is meant.”

I do believe that the Supreme Court may be faced with deciding whether the Trump Administration’s Justice Department can charge members of the Obama Administration and the Deep State with Seditious Conspiracy in attempting to remove President Trump from office.  It may also apply to the Trump candidacy as well.

There is no doubt that members of the Obama Administration conspired and acted to stop the Trump candidacy, then to set up felonious charges to use to impeach the President.  The use of a Constitutional process, Impeachment, does not excuse or justify the conspiracy.  Sedition is the crime of  revolting or inciting revolt against the government.  Speech alone is not enough to charge sedition but when actions are taken, force, the term applies to the Statute.

If the DOJ does not charge and ultimately convict the perpetrators, no matter how high up this goes, then our Constitutional Republic will have been nullified.  Article I and Article II of the US Constitution will have been replaced by a Deep State coup d’état.  

RD Pierini



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