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Artificial Intelligence-Why You Should Be Scared!

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You are constantly being bombarded with the term “Artificial Intelligence” or its acronym, “AI”.  Most of the time, the term is couched as a modern marvel of human achievement.  A way to have machines replace humans in mundane jobs that humans do not want to perform or jobs that are dangerous for humans to perform.  Really?  When you hear the term “Robotics”, you should also understand that the “robot” has a “brain” that is based on AI.  But, you may not have thought through some of the other applications of AI or really how AI is being developed.

Starting with the latter, “how AI is developed”, it is critical to stop and think what creates AI?  You are right, another human being. 

  • All human beings have a unique level of intelligence, some greater, some less;
  • a unique level of critical thinking;
  • a unique level of logical thinking;
  • Then add in the Bias of the organization who employees these individuals.  

These human beings have political, religious, and environmental views that may or may not be the same as yours or those you know and agree with.  These human beings may believe that Republicans are bad and Democrats are bad; that Socialism is good and Capitalism is bad; that Climate Change is an eminent threat and deniers are dangerous.  I could go on but the point is that AI is inherently flawed as it is being created by a human being with all of our flaws.  That may be OK if the one creating it agrees with everything you do but odds are that is not the case.

Then add in the company they work for.  This company has the biases and beliefs of its management.  The management will ensure that the AI programmer adheres to the biases the company wants instilled into its AI.  This is true for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all other such companies.  

Let’s look at real life examples of how AI is impacting your life now.

So, if you buy a cute little round vacuum cleaner that scurries around your house unattended and vacuums your carpets and floors, you never give a second thought as to whether the AI used in this cute little machine is good or bad, or has an agenda. (other than scaring the crap out of your cat or dog)  When your new car issues a verbal or tone warning that you are too close to an object or starts to apply your brakes if you are getting within dangerous limits of an object, you probably think that is a good use of AI.  Have you considered that this advanced AI automobile warning system is the first step to convincing you that self-driving cars are a good idea?  Did anyone ask you whether you thought self-driving cars were a good or bad idea?  Probably not.

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Let’s take this to the next step that probably impacts your life, specifically your wallet, everyday to some degree.  Most of us have savings or have an income or retirement plan based on the stock and financial markets.  Did you know that stock, commodity, currency and other financial traders rely on AI to:


Of course the trading companies are spared the risk that you now face as their computer will issue a hedge order to protect the trading companies’ positions.  You probably cannot do this as you work for a living!  Haven’t you wondered why at 9:00 AM you heard the stock market was up 100 points but when you turned on the nightly news the market closed down 350 Points!  Just scan the news and you will find a news event that triggered the selloff.  

Starting to get nervous about AI yet?  You should be!

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You may have heard lately that GOOGLE, yes that “free” search engine you use to find unbiased news or information on a specific person or topic, is engaged with Communist China in developing China’s AI.  This is not for manufacturing cute, round, self-propelled vacuums.  No, this is for MILITARY use.  Why would a military use AI?

To have an AI computer determine the threat level of another country’s actions so that same computer could pre-emptively strike that country with conventional or nuclear weapons!  Look ma, no hands!

Since this is a communist country, they want to turn AI on its citizens in order to control them.  All social media posts, facial recognition systems, and all financial transactions are fed into their AI system in order to monitor, then “re-train” those exhibiting aberrant behavior! 

You probably don’t think this is possible in a “free” society such as that of the US?  Think again!  I don’t wear a tin-hat but I can assure you that your phone calls, emails, texts, social media accounts and financial transactions are being recorded and monitored.  If the NSA’s AI systems detect behavior by you that it deems “dangerous” to the State, Federal authorities will be alerted with or without a valid warrant.  

A case in point is the recent “Russian Collusion” investigation that was started with a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant on specific individuals based on a completely false document (Steele Dossier) that was bought and paid for by a political party and that party’s candidate!  The only difference between China and our government is that our government at least had to fabricate a document on which to base the warrant application, the Chinese would not go to this trouble!  But, the outcome is the same. 

When you hear pundits talk about “Algorithms”, understand this to mean merely an AI computer program created by a biased human being working for a biased company to insure a desired outcome.  Rather than a human being sitting there watching you type in “I hate X”, the computer was told to watch you type and if the computer’s AI system doesn’t like what you type, the computer will warn you to stop or it may shut down your account!  What is next, issuing an arrest warrant?  Don’t laugh!

Why Politicians Like AI!

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For one thing, politicians can blame the computer!  Then they can blame the company who created the AI program/algorithm who in turn will say it was the fault of the algorithm.  Then the company and the politicians can go out and have a drink and decide how big of a campaign contribution this is worth to make the controversy go away!

The there is the other side.  Companies like to replace workers with AI/robots because AI/robots don’t take bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, time off for illness or childbirth, nor do they need benefits, vacations, or do they run to a union rep to file a complaint.  AI is financed by the taxpayers who have to support all those replaced by AI.  AI/robots reduce the operating costs for companies thus they can spend more on bribing politicians, I mean contribute to political campaigns,  to look the other way or not ask embarrassing questions about the workers who were just laid off due to AI/robot automation!  

So, the company’s profits go up; the politician gets greased; the employee loses his or her job; then the taxpayer has to support the laid off worker who is now on unemployment or welfare!  Isn’t that just a wonderful system!

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Probably the easiest job in the US to be replaced by AI/robots would be Congress.  First of all, they have for centuries used their own kind of “artificial” intelligence; acted like robots with their hand out to anyone willing to pay them off; and are easily replaced!  Most of all, no one would notice the difference!  

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So, don’t be naïve when you hear about AI.  It is not artificial nor intelligent.  It is absolutely real and malevolent and its intelligence is based on political religious and other biases found in the creator and their company’s management.  

When you hear the words, AI, robots, or algorithms, listen carefully and get informed.  We are now living at the speed of supercomputers.  We could lose the battle before even knowing we were in a battle!

RD Pierini


Trump Vs The Federal Reserve (Fed)

Federal Reserve “Palace”, Eccles Building Washington DC

Are you one of those who listen to the political pundits bad-mouthing Trump for criticizing the Federal Reserve policies and its Chairman Powell?  If you think the President is wrong to criticize the FED, consider the following.

The Federal Reserve (FED) is an extra-constitutional institution that was created in 1913 to stop financial crisis and provide stability to our nation’s credit, its banks, and to protect consumers.  Ironically the FED did nothing to prevent or end the Great Depression, and the recessions that have plagued this nation including the recessions of 1980 and 2008.  Following the recession of 1980 that was accompanied by runaway inflation, the FED was given additional powers to “control” inflation.  In short, our nation’s entire fiscal health, and the health of our banking systems, rely on an institution that is not mentioned in the US Constitution; is totally governed by 7 unelected citizens; and is advised only by 12 individuals from the banking industry that the FED is supposed to manage.  

The Fed is led by the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) comprised of seven Presidential appointed “governors”.  Below the are two additional levels of UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS.  Below the FRB, is the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).  Its membership is comprised of the seven members of the FRB plus five of the twelve  Federal Reserve Bank Presidents.  The Federal Advisory Council comprised of twelve REPRESENTATIVES OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY.  The FAC “advises” the FRB on all matters under its jurisdiction.  

Finally, the Federal Reserve Act created Twelve (not sure why they were hung up on the number twelve) Federal Reserve Banks, each of which is responsible for member banks located in its district.  (This was before national and international banks!)  

Each of these FED banks has a President appointed by its board of director.  While District Federal Reserve Banks are purported to be independent from its member banks, the MEMBER BANKS DO ELECT SIX OF THE NINE OF THE REGIONAL FEDERAL BANK’S BOARD!  

Sorry for the dissertation on the structure of the FED but the key points are:

  • The Fed is Extra-Constitutional
  • The Fed management is devoid of any elected individuals
  • The FED is controlled by 7 non-elected officials that are appointed by Presidents.
  • The banking industry itself controls the boards or members of Federal Reserve Advisory Council and the District Federal Reserve Banks.
  • The FED creates banking regulation and regulates private banks, PERIOD.  No elected official or agency of the Executive Branch has any sway over these banking regulations.  
  • Yes, the President can nominate the members of the FED Board and the nominees have to be confirmed by the Senate but any actions undertaken by the FED is not subject to Congressional or Executive Oversight!

So, the Federal Reserve can “create” money; manage how much of our cash is available to world; set funds rate which sets interest rates; print  money then buy back US debt also known as Quantitative Easing and monetizing the debt!  All this without any check or balance, nor anyone on the FED being elected by US voters!


Should the President Publicly Challenge the FED?  Someone Better!

During the Obama Presidency, the FED not only pumped $4 Trillion into the economy by borrowing (printing) money, they also drove interest rates down to zero Then when President Trump came in, the FED began to pay down, (remove cash from the economy), and then went through 6 additional Fed Rate increases (this increases your credit card and mortgage Interest rates) beginning in March 2016 raising the interest rate to 1%, until December of 2018 raising the funds rate to 2.5%. 

All of these actions depress the economy! 

These actions by the FED were justified as making sure inflation did not get out of control as the Trump economy was booming!  What, there wasn’t and still isn’t any inflation!

What you need to know is that raising interest rates slows economic growth, and what supposed “conventional wisdom” defines as inflation!    It is a mechanism that has been used to curb INFLATION.  Paying down the monies borrowed by the FED also slows down economic growth by taking cash out of the market. The FED set a target of 2% inflation following the Jimmy Carter presidency that featured an exploded inflation rate accompanied by the FED exploding interest rates to over 16%.    During the Trump administration and the economic growth under Trump in 2019, teh economy has yielded an inflation rate AT A LOWER RATE THAN THE 2% FED TARGET!  Thiws is why The President keeps saying that especially the last Fed interest rate hike in 2018 was deflationary and seriously damaged the growth of our economy.

The FED, the National Debt, and Globalism:

Why is the FED fighting against the Trump economy?  Why is the National Debt still rising?  and Where is the FED in all of this?

Remember, the FED is totally comprised of and controlled by International bankers.  The vast majority are globalist in that they believe that a “balance” among nations economically is good for all.  The only problem is that the FED charter has nothing to do with making sure nations, other than America, are financially sound.  Some argue that international economic stability is our responsibility.  Then why don’t we have a say in the really dumb decisions made by EU nations, China, Russia and other nations that are driving their own economies into the toilet?  Why is our economy held hostage by poor decisions being made by other countries!

Why is our National Debt still rising?  Two reasons, One is an corrupt Congress that does not have the guts to change its own rules allowing spending to keep climbing due to automatic increases each year.   Two, a FED, aided and abetted by Congress, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the Business Roundtable, that constantly depresses the US economy and makes sure that our growth and ensuing tax revenues do not strengthen our economy vis-à-vis other nation’s economic growth.  If the US economy is flat, then even if Congressional spending is flat, we can never pay down our national debt.  IF the Trump economy can generate an annual increase in our Gross Domestic Product in the 3-4% range, tax revenues will increase and eventually start chipping away at our national debt.  (Why not raise taxes?  Raising taxes decrease tax revenue.  Tax decreases increases tax revenues.  This is a historical fact!) 

The FED makes sure that our international globalist can move their investments and businesses out of the US into countries that increase their profits.  THE FED AND THESE SELF-INTERESTS AND FOREIGN NATIONS promote foreign countries to maintain tariffs on US imports further depressing US growth and US job promotion.  

President Trump’s


is the Antithesis to the goals of the FED, the Globalists, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and the Progressive Left.

This is why the President is taking on the FED chairman Powell directly and in the public square.  Continued rate hikes without inflation in excess of 3% is recessionary and contrary to the US National Interest.  The President understands that no matter what he does in terms of regulation and tax cuts, the FED can counterbalance his moves by merely printing more money or raising interest rates.  The President’s economy is generating inflation because for every job gained, PRODUCTIVITY per hour is increased.  For every good produced in this country versus China or elsewhere, GDP and tax revenues into the US treasure are increased!  


You hear every day that US Tariffs on other nations good being brought into the us are TAXES ON US CONSUMERS.  Not True in the Long Run and Not really true in the short to medium term.  Why?  Ask yourself, “How can the US inflation be less than 2% if ur Tariffs are increasing the cost of the good we import to any significant degree?  Answer, they are not! 

The exporting country, say China, cannot afford to loose production nor revenue due to US tariffs.  Also remember, that China is a communist country whose economy is totally controlled by its communist party.  So, China will devalue their own currency to offset some or all of the tariffs.  How does this work?  Say they export an item to the US that costs them $1.00.  We put a 25% tax on that item so the cost of that item would be $1.25.  By devaluing their currency by say 10%, the real tariff cost for the item is $1.125.  Then, in order for the Chinese factory to not loose the $0.125 per item, the Chinese government creates a subsidy for the factory in the amount of $0.125 per item.  In the end, the item cost is still $1.00 to US Consumers.  This is exactly what is happening to China today!  

In the short term, most of the exporters of Chinese goods have forward contracted with Chinese manufacturers to by their goods at a set price over a period of time.  Most are hedged against the Chinese currency to avoid loses due to Chinese currency manipulation.  So, in the short-term, the goods sold to US consumers do not carry a price increase. 

For items like electronics, South Korea and Japan have forced prices down by $150 or so per television over the past 18 months for example.  Our tariffs on Chinese TVs would have no impact on US consumers for specific items as they can buy the less expensive Korean or Japanese TVs.  In the medium to long term, these exporters can seek other country’s suppliers especially Viet Nam, Japan and South Korea.  During this same time frame, the Chinese manufacturers who have non-Chinese partners, will see their non-Chinese partners move their investments to other countries or even the US to avoid the tariff impacts.  Many already have plants in multiple non-Chinese countries.

So, President Trump has to fight for the US consumer on many, many fronts.  The FED is certainly at the top of the list as they can kill the impact of Trump economic moves and even drive the US into a Recession.  The FED can also manipulate our currency and overvalue it and kill our ability to export, especially agricultural goods that are priced on international markets.  

Congress is also a stumbling block as they typically support their big donors, regardless of party, and these include the US Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, the Koch Bros. and others.  While they give lip service to supporting America First, just listen to these political hacks when Trump threatens tariffs on Mexico and others.  In this case, the day Trump threatened to impose a 5% tariff on Mexico, their Peso was devalued at over 5% thus negating the impact of the tariffs in the short-term.  Congress will always stand behind global interests, until we institute term limits and expel these hacks from Congress.

Keep Up the Good Fight!

So, when you hear the talking heads and political hacks decrying Trump Tariffs, consider the sources.  Trump knows that the Chinese tariffs may in time case some of the Chinese goods to be more expensive for US consumers.  In the meantime, he has ramped up US energy production to drive down gas prices for consumers and manufactures alike in order to buffer potential Chinese price increases. 

What always gets me is to hear pundits say that it is better for US consumers to be able to by cheap goods from China than to have those goods produced in the US.  Good for Who?  If you have been laid off at a factory and receiving unemployment or welfare, your purchasing power has been seriously reduced.  Further, rather than you paying taxes and increasing revenue into our treasury, and keep circulating your wage income within the US, you are taking from our treasury and the dollars we are spending with China leave this country and are never recirculated within the US!  Moving jobs out of the US no matter the cost of a tennis shoe is never a net benefit to this nation.  


Note:  if you have a chance, read “Why America Will Fail-Unless the People Take Back Their Country” by clicking on this link:  It will explain in more depth the structure of the FED and other institutions and how many of our economic safeguards have been removed intentionally by the globalist.

RD Pierini



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Top 10 Countries with Largest National Debt-to-GDP in 2018


Healthcare Coverage in the US-FACTS, Not FICTION

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The left-wing Democrats and its media are pushing “Medicare For All”.  Their media continues to ask a meaningless question, “Is Healthcare a Priority for You” in order to help push the left-wing agenda.  Of course healthcare will rank high on everyone’s list of priorities as next to eating we all care about quality healthcare.  At some point maybe this media will asked follow-up questions as to WHY healthcare is a priority.  More on this later.

Obamacare and Healthcare Fallacies

Obamacare:  Assuming the US population in 2019 is 329,000,000, only 8,500,000 or 2.5% of the entire US population relies on OBAMACARE for its healthcare insurance.  To hear the media rant, you would think that the entire US population was on Obamacare and Obamacare was poor coverage due to President Trump’s ineptitude.

The Real US Health Insurance Numbers:

I am using data from an analysis of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) by the Kaiser Family Foundation, not a right-wing organization.  Their data lists the following coverage totals by coverage types:  (for definitions of healthcare coverage, details are provided at the bottom of this article.

  • Employer Provided Healthcare:  156,199,000,  49%
  • Non-Group Covered:  20,525,000, 7%
  • Medicaid:  65,152,400, 21%
  • Medicare:  42,802,800, 14%
  • Other Public Coverage (VA & Military):  4,588,200, 1%
  • Uninsured, 27,753,700, 9%
  • Obamacare included in one of the categories above is 8,500,000 or 2.5% of the total.

Medicare for All or Medicare for No One?

It is important to note that out of the 65,152,400 senior citizens, over 20,000,000 million of us old folks purchase Medicare Advantage type of supplemental insurance.  The basic Medicare Part A pretty much sucks.  Without the supplemental coverage, we would face high deductibles, co-pays, and limited coverages, much the same as Obamacare. 


So, all of those premiums you have paid in out of your paycheck are, POOF, gone!  You will be in the big ugly pot along with everyone else. 

Plus, since Seniors are the largest consumers of healthcare, just how long do you think it will take the left to start cutting back on senior care!  Euthanasia anyone?  If babies don’t matter to the left, 

Employer Provided Healthcare & Military Tri-Care and VA Care

Also on the chopping block with “Medicare for All”, are the very good, in the vast majority of cases, Employer provided healthcare for employees.  The employers would be happy to offload this large personnel cost to the taxpayers.  But, the left will be ready, willing and able to raise corporate taxes in order to pay for these shifts in coverage.  Once again, the US will have the highest corporate taxes in the industrialized world. 

The worst part is that the employees will give up a benefit that will be reduced to low-level care.  Most of the employer and union paid healthcare plans were deemed “Cadillac” plans under Obamacare!  Guess what, get ready for “scooter” coverage.   Wait until this is presented to the Unions.  They will scream and demand a cut-out for their members as they did with Obamacare.  The Left will exempt them as they will exempt Congress and the vast DC swamp!  Public Federal, State and local employees who thought they would retire with healthcare coverage will be merged into the pot as well.

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Next on the chopping block is Tri-Care and most likely VA care that we had promised to be available to our soldiers and veterans.  The VA would survive for a while but its costs have grown exponentially and will become more of a drag on overall healthcare costs.

You can’t add 3 Trillion dollars in spending without significant cuts and significant tax increases.  Also, for those in the lower-income levels who think they will be exempt from tax increases, think again.  There are not enough rich people and corporations to support a 6 Trillion dollar annual budget!  The lower middle and middle class will have to bear the brunt of the tax load just due to their sheer numbers. 

With today’s population, EVERY man, woman and child in the US would have to pay an additional $6,029 in Federal taxes just to cover “Medicare for All”.

How About A Real Healthcare Discussion

It is time for we peons to have a real discussion regarding healthcare.  Those of us on Medicare today, with a supplemental plan, are fairly happy with our healthcare insurance and the care we receive.  But, that will be gone.  It is time to be honest with each other as we know our politicians, on both sides of the swamp, will never be honest with us.  Why?  POLITICIANS, THEIR STAFF AND THEIR FAMILIES WILL NEVER BE ON OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!

A Few Key Question that need to be addressed:

  1. Which Health Insurance Group are you?
    1. Employer supplied health insurance
    2. Medicaid Insurance
    3. Medicare Insurance
    4. Medicare w/Supplemental
    5. TriCare
    6. VA
    7. Non-Group Plan
    8. Obamacare
    9. Uninsured/Self Insured
  2. Are you satisfied with your coverage overall?
  3. Are you satisfied with your Deductible?
  4. Are you satisfied with your Co-Pay?
  5. Are you satisfied with your healthcare provider network?
  6. Have you had a need for major, catastrophic healthcare coverage?
    1. Were you satisfied with your insurance coverage?
    2. Were you satisfied with the amount you had to pay?
    3. Were you satisfied with your choice of healthcare providers?

There are other questions that should be included but you can see that just asking if Healthcare is a priority is really dumb!  IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE EXTENT OF A PROBLEM YOU CAN NEVER SOLVE THE PROBLEM! 

Remember, Politicians grab power by Federalizing functions!  They are not interested in solving your problems.  Just interested in solving their problem, “How do we grab more power and control over the citizens!”  

RD Pierini


Insurance Coverage Definitions:

Medicaid: Includes those covered by Medicaid, Medical Assistance, Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) or any kind of government-assistance plan for those with low incomes or a disability, as well as those who have both Medicaid and another type of coverage, such as dual eligible who are also covered by Medicare.

Medicare: Includes those covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and those who have Medicare and another type of non-Medicaid coverage where Medicare appears to be the primary payer. Excludes seniors who also report employer-sponsored coverage and full-time work, and those covered by Medicare and Medicaid (dual eligible).

Employer: Includes those covered through a current or former employer or union, either as policyholder or as dependent

Other Public: Includes those covered under the military or Veterans Administration

Non-Group: Includes those covered by a policy purchased directly from an insurance company, either as policyholder or as dependent

Uninsured: Includes those without health insurance and those who have coverage under the Indian Health Service only.

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Health Insurance Coverage of the Total Population

Total Number of Medicare Beneficiaries

Population Of USA 2019



Is Treason Against the US or a Lack of Conscience Scarier?

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Nellie Ohr testified last October that,

“I would probably have been less comfortable doing opposition research that would have gone against Hillary Clinton.”  “Because I favored Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate.”  

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Remember, Nellie Ohr’s husband was the Deputy Assistant Attorney General (#4 at the DOJ) at the time she worked for Fusion GPS and created “operation research” against Donald Trump and his 2016 Presidential campaign.  She and her DOJ hubby met with the Russian Dossier creator Christopher Steele (former UK MI6 operative) on July 30,2016, 3 months and a few days prior to the 2016 Election.  Nellie worked directly for Glenn Simpson, the head of Fusion GPS.  Her “research”, along with the Russian Dossier was passed to her DOJ husband who in turn gave it to the FBI.  It is assumed that the same information was passed to the Clinton campaign and per Lisa Page’s text to Peter Strzok on August 2, 2016, to Obama.  Her text read, “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing”.  

See the source image

The Russian Dossier has now been identified as the primary source of “evidence” to a FISA court to justify the wiretapping of the Trump Campaign through taps on Carter Page.  This lie, became the linchpin of the entire Russian Hoax against President Trump before and after his election. 

Before the election, this effort was a seditious effort to obstruct and interfere with a presidential election and after, Treason to conspire with a foreign government (Russia and perhaps Ukraine)  to overthrow the US Government by removing a duly elected president.

Other Conspirators

See the source image

Intelligence Services Complicity:  The head of the Obama CIA, John Brennan legitimized the dossier by including it in a security briefing to President Obama which ultimately ended up being briefed to Donald Trump.  It is unclear the role James Clapper played in the dossier conspiracy but his support for Brennan suggests at least conspiratorial support to defame Trump. 

DOH/FBI Complicity:  Then the DOJ, presumably under the nose of eyes of Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, and the FBI under James Comey, kicked things into a higher gear.  The DOJ/FBI had been performing a covert counter-intelligence investigation of Trump and his campaign.  The dossier and its submission as evidence to the FISA court and the granting of wiretapping of Carter Page and the Trump Campaign allowed the leaders of the Trump insurrection to generate leaks to key media lackeys and to cast aspersion against the legitimacy of the fledging Trump Presidency.

OK, let’s get real. 

See the source image

Since the CIA, DIA, NSA,  the National Security Advisor, the DOJ, and the FBI were involved in the conspiracy, with all of the covert tools to monitor every single move, phone call, text message, and email that Trump and his team would make or even think of making, did not know that the Trump team had NOT conspired to collude with the Russians, I’ll sell you the London Bridge!  This was a straightforward case of falsifying evidence against a candidate and then the President of the United States in order to overthrow a Constitutionally elected President of the United States with the help of foreign powers.


Did Anyone involved Ask If These Seditious and Treasonous Acts Were Legal, Much Less Moral?

It is more likely that this conspiracy to defame Trump, elect Clinton, then impeach Trump, was know all the way to President Obama.  It is also 99.9% probable that Carter Page was only one of many of the Trump campaign supporter.  Remember that Obama’s UN Ambassador requested over 200 Trump people to be unmasked on surveillance recordings, texts or emails.  Why would a UN Ambassador need to do this?  Since the DOJ and the FBI had most of its top Washington DC management, all the way to the director levels, involved with the dossier and the counter-intelligence investigation of Trump, the Obama AG, Loretta Lynch had to be in the loop.  


Did anyone in the Obama Administration or the Clinton Campaign even stop to think that these activities against a Presidential Candidate was ethical? Moral? much less LEGAL?  


The scariest part of this horrible, despicable dark plot to subvert our nation is that there was no moral compass to guide any of these involved from presumably the President himself (Obama), his administration, members of the Democrat Congressional Caucus, the intelligence and Justice departments and willing accomplices in the media.  The next question is that since we cannot rely on our leaders, who swore an allegiance to the US Constitution to uphold their oath, how can we stop this from happening again? 


One thing for sure, we better figure this out and prevent it from happening again! 


See the source image


RD Pierini


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Trump Unleashed! Just Sit Back and Take Notes!

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  • You think Trump accomplished a lot in his first two years? 
  • You haven’t seen anything yet! 
  • Plus, the political handcuffs are now after following the Mueller Report and Trump’s political/swamp enemies better expatriate somewhere fast.

President Trump never wavered from his agenda in his first two years prioritizing those goals that were in his grasp and there were many.  There were some goals that slipped through his fingers such as the repeal and replace of Obamacare.  He was also hamstrung by an inept and feckless Attorney General in Sessions, the Russia Hoax and cries of obstruction of justice, that corralled him in and precluded him from going after RINOs, the Progressive-Left, and the hard-core deep state that had infected the Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, the DIA, the NSA, and other key law enforcement and counter-intelligence agencies who targeted him.  No More!

Does the Progressive-Left’s Control of the House of Representative hamstring the President?  NOPE!

The Democrat control over the house is the perfect foil for Trump to run against in 2020.  Senator Gary Peters of Michigan is one target and Trump’s first 2020 campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Thursday, March 28th, is no coincidence.  There are a few RINO senators up for re-election that better start sucking up to the President as well, and soon!

But, the Pelosi “lead” Democrat caucus is a target rich environment for the President.  AOC is a gift that keeps on giving plus she has no “respect for her elders” on the left!  Couple this with Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, two devout anti-Israel, and very outspoken critics of US Pro-Israel policy.  The President can force Pelosi et al to either back their radical policies, alienating the US Jewish voting block, or stand against their pro-Muslim anti-Israel rants and shatter the left’s fragile identity politics matrix.  Then, throw in Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters and many, many others who have unabashedly clung to the “RUSSIAN COLLUSION” hoax and continue to spout tin hat conspiracies regarding Trump and Russia!  

See the source image

The President will use the Democrat house control to contrast himself and his administration to the radical Democrats and ever nuttier policy proposals.  While he may not get much significant legislation passed in the next 20 Months, but he will make the Democrats pay dearly for every vote against his agenda.  In the interim, he will set up key legislation that he will need to pass when he retakes the House and retains the Senate in 2020.  Some of those include;

  • New National Healthcare to replace Obamacare for those not covered by private insurance, VA, Medicare, Medicaid or other government programs. 
  • A privatization of the idiotic Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  You have probably heard of these two institutions but may not be too familiar with their role in the 2008 Recession and housing crash.  They are semi-government agencies who are fully backed by the resources of the Federal Government, i.e. your money!  Their politicization from 1995 through 2008 fueled cash into the housing bubble caused by sub-prime loans and unscrupulous lending practices to non-credit worth borrowers.  These agencies should be forced to compete with their peers in the private sector WITHOUT THE PROTECTION OF TAXPAYER MONEY!  If the mortgage industry did not have this cash cow through which to inflate the housing market beyond reason, no private lender would have subsidized Wall Street by backing loans that were not solvent at the time they were created.  This is long overdue.
  • A National Infrastructure Plan to rebuild our air, highway and rail transportation systems; a plan to rebuild fragile local water and wastewater facilities; a plan to modernize our power grid and add protections against hacking and terror acts; and many more.  Infrastructure may end up being a post-2020 project for the President as he want to use mostly private sector funds and the Democrats what to use our tax dollars to fund infrastructure.  REMEMBER THE OBAMA STIMULUS PLAN!  A lot of our money but not much stimulus except for the unions.  It is doubtful that the President will explode the debt any higher to accomplish infrastructure but once he takes back the House and keeps the Senate a more sane plan can be implemented.
  • Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy, and more Foreign Policy!  The President is now in a stronger position to set up an even more aggressive foreign policy agenda.  With the weak slate of Democrat Presidential candidates, our adversaries will assume Trump will be re-elected in 2020 now that the Mueller probe is over.  There will be remnants of attacks by some on the left and their lackeys in the media but for the most part the Dems will see the folly of continuing their tin hat onslaught!
    • China is the key and Xi totally gets US politics.  He knows that Trump does not bluff and will probably sign a Trump designed trade deal by June of 2019.  We will continue to butt heads with China in the South China Sea but a New, Trump initiated, South China Sea Pact will bring the non-Chinese nations in the region together.  This will be a combination of a defense alliance coupled with a trade and development alliance.  It is also a telegram being sent directly to Xi!
    • North Korean Denuclearization is also in China’s hands and Xi will begin exerting pressure on Kim in North Korea to get back to the table.  Kim will  continue to play some games but he too will recognize the inevitable.
    • President Trump will continue to implement his Middle East Plan that includes an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.  
      • Kushner will present the Trump peace plan to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, and other allies and solicit their support and funding commitment to rebuild Palestine.
      • Kushner will lay out the peace plan internationally that includes the recognition of Israel by Palestine and a peace and security accord between the two.  In exchange, the plan will present a commitment to the rebuilding of Palestine allowing their citizens to live in peace, and, prosperity.
      • Iran will be further isolated and punished to the point of internal insurrection.  Iran will not be permitted to meddle in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and support from Iran to Hamas will be strangled.  By 2024, Iran’s nuclear arms race will be halted.
    • President Trump will tighten the noose around Russia’s neck and that noose will be made of energy!  The President will use energy and energy prices to manipulate the Russian economy and box Putin into a corner; get out of Venezuela;  Stop aiding Iran in the Middle East; and stay out of the OAS region, the Monroe Doctrine in alive and well!

See the source image

Trump Unleashed-Returning to the Rule of Law

The most critical part of the new era of Non-Mueller Trump Presidency will be the taking back and controlling of our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, coupled with the purging of political operatives from these institutions and the investigation and unmasking of the players in the 2015-2019 Trump Coup!  The President has pledged that the attempted overthrow of a lawfully elected President “Can Never Be Permitted to Happen Again”.  

If you think the Tin Hat mob that brought you the Mueller Witch Hunt was rabid before, including their partners in the media, just wait!  There is little doubt, based on texts between Page and Strzok that Obama himself was aware of the illicit spying and conspiracy against the Trump Campaign and ultimately the Trump Presidency.

Lisa Page wrote to Strzok on Sept. 2, 2016 regarding the need to prep on their activities in pursuing Trump to then Director Comey because:

“POTUS  wants to know everything we’re doing”


See the source image

Don’t be surprised when this scandal reaches Obama himself and the upper echelons of his administration, Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Campaign.  The President may wait until after he wins re-election but events may unfurl faster than he can control.  The President will also release a who slew of classified documents when he deems it be the optimum time to do so in light of the 2020 election.  ‘

IF the Democrats and their Mainstream Media are not worried yet, they truly should be.   The coup against President Trump is nothing short of Treason and Sedition.  At this point, the Democrats have themselves set up the Perfect Storm and that storm has reversed course and will soon tough the shores of the Democrat Party and their supporters…


RD Pierini


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RINO Round-Up Against Trump Border Security-Blood On Their Hands!

See the source image

  • Feckless McConnell Failed to Hold the Senate for the President! 

  • Not a Vote on Principle But On Reaffirmation of RINO Opposition to the President!

  • Only Collins up for Re-Election in the Senate in 2020.  Collins needs to be Primaried!

  • All House Members up for Re-Election in 2020!

Below is a list of the House and Senate Republicans who FAILED to vote for the President’s Emergency Declaration to build the wall on the Southern Border in light of a massive illegal invasion at the border, countless criminals entering illegally, massive amounts of drugs being smuggled across the border, and the sick scourge of human trafficking these House and Senate Republicans now are responsible for!

  • Any American Killed, raped, assaulted, robbed or otherwise abused by an Illegal Alien now is the fault of these Republicans.
  • Any American dying of a drug overdose from the drugs coming over the Southern border is the fault of these Republicans.
  • Any illegal alien child sexually abused trying to enter the US is the fault of these Republicans.
  • Any person smuggled over the Southern border and enslaved into human trafficking is now the fault of these Republicans. 
  • See the source image

All of these House and Senate Members should be Voted Out of Office during their next Re-Election!

Senators Voting Against President Trump


  • Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn. (Not Running in 2020),
  • Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo.,
  • Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine,
  • Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah,
  • Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan.,
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska,
  • Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.,
  • Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio,
  • Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah,
  • Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.,
  • Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa.,
  • Sen. Roger Wicker, R- Miss.,

House Republicans Voting Against President Trump

  • Justin Amash of Michigan 
  • Fred Upton of Michigan 
  • Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
  • Mike Gallagher Of Wisconsin
  • F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. of Wisconsin
  • Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington
  • Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington
  • Will Hurd of Texas
  • Dusty Johnson of South Dakota
  • Thomas Massie of Kentucky
  • Tom Rooney of Florida
  • Elise Stefanik of New York
  • Greg Walden of Oregon.

Lame Excuses by Lame, gutless Republican RINOs!

Some of these poor excuses for Americans had the guts to try to say that they were standing on “principle” when defying the President!  They alleged that only Congress has the Power of the Purse!  But, Congress gave the President the Power of the Purse in 1976 for Emergency situations like the one that exists on our Southern Border!  If these gutless wonders thought the 1976 Presidential Emergency Powers act was unconstitutional, THESE JERKS HAD 43 YEARS TO REPEAL THEIR OWN LAW!  Where were their “principles” the last 58 times national emergencies were declared by Presidents!  

This is just a RINO Rodeo of spineless swamp creatures who don’t care if American Citizens are killed or sexually assaulted.

Mitch McConnell Has to Go

The real problem in the Senate is the Senate Republican Leadership led by Senator Mitch McConnell.  McConnell is up for re-election in 2020 and HE HAS TO BE PRIMARIED OUT OF OFFICE!  Why?  Just ask yourself, “How come Democrats vote in lockstep with their leadership on key votes such as this one to defeat the Republicans but Republicans never stick together to defeat the Democrats?”  


McConnell and the RINOs have no spine and give in every single time.  What happened to the repeal of Obamacare.  What happened to the $25 Billion McConnell and Ryan promised Trump in Trump’s first two years in office? 

The only people the House and Senate Republicans do NOT FEAR is us, the Republican Voters!

Contact These Senators and Tell Them What You Think About Their Betrayal Of Their Constitutional Imperative To Protect This Country First and Foremost!


Contact These House Members and Tell Them What You Think About Their Betrayal Of Their Constitutional Imperative To Protect This Country First and Foremost:  For contact info on each, go to:

  • Justin Amash (MI)

  • Fred Upton (MI)

  • Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)

  • Mike Gallagher (WI)

  • F J. Sensenbrenner (WI)

  • J. Herrera Beutler (WA)

  • Cathy McMorris Rogers (WA)

  • Will Hurd (TX)

  • Dusty Johnson (SD)

  • Thomas Massey (KY)

  • Rom Rooney (FL)

  • Elise Stefanik (NY)

  • Greg Walden (OR)

Time to Stand Up Even If Our Senators and Congress Men and Women Will Not!

See the source image

Only President Trump Is Standing For You and Your Family’s Safety!

RD Pierini


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Florida’s Broward Election Malfeasance-Must Revote or Decertify County’s Vote!

See the source image

Brenda Snipes, Broward Supervisor of Election

Either force Broward (and Palm Beach County) to REVOTE, or DISQUALIFY all ballots from these two counties!  Otherwise, the rest of the votes cast across this nation have been diluted or nullified.

Florida Election law contains several “hard” procedures that are required for every one of its Election Commissioners to follow.  These are in place to ensure that voter fraud cannot take place and that all ballots are casts and counted uniformly across the State of Florida.  Except, if one or more of its Election Commissioners do not follow the State’s Election laws, then the whole system breaks down and can yield victories to the underserved and defeat to those that won fairlyThe 2018 mid-term election votes in Broward County appear to have fallen victim to malfeasance on the part of Brenda Snipes, its Election Commissioner, and may in fact tip at least three of its races to Democrats who had not won as of election night.

Why is this malfeasance a NATIONAL problem?  You just saw how close the vote for Justice Kavanagh was and in fact relied on one Senate vote to confirm him.  Now, you are seeing that one Senate seat may go from a Republican to a Democrat, due to Broward County malfeasance, which could literally determine whether a series of judges, and even a future Supreme Court Justice, along with many other Trump administration positions, are confirmed or denied confirmation!  The Broward County fiasco is literally a Constitutional crisis!


The core of the Broward County problem is that due to Snipe’s malfeasance by not reporting voting counts and results per Florida law, she eliminated any way to determine how many votes were truly casts in order to prevent ballot stuffing, or ballot destruction, by Snipe and her fellow election officials.   In other words, there is no baseline to judge how many ballots should have been eligible for counting.  How did this happen.

In order to prevent erroneous reporting by counties, the State of Florida requires that each county tabulate and post results on an ongoing basis .  This allows for audit trails to be established that can be used to ensure that phony ballots are not added or valid ballots destroyed and not counted.  Snipes has yet to meet one of these deadlines for the 2018 election!  She is required to:

  1. Cast Ballots:  November 6th, Election Night:  All counties must post a preliminary count of how many ballots have been casts by 7:30PM the night of the election, Tuesday, November 6th!  Then the counties are required to update these totals every 45 minutes to ensure that an accurate baseline of cast ballots are tabulated and reported.  She missed these deadlines.
  2. Provisional Ballots:  November 8th, 2 days after the Election:  All provisional ballots that are eligible to be counted, (must have been checked against required eligibility criteria to vote), must be tabulated and reported by 5:00PM on Wednesday, November 8th.  This is critical to add the provisional ballot count to the number of ballots cast on election day to update the baseline for total eligible ballots cast.   She missed this deadline!
  3. Unofficial Counts and Results, Saturday, November 10th:  County canvassing boards are required to turn in first unofficial returns no later than noon on Nov. 10.  (Not sure as of this writing whether Snipes met this deadline but it is doubtful)

The bottom line is that without concurrent ballot counts and tallies, there is no way to determine whether the final counts are accurate or not and whether invalid ballots were created and counted after the fact!  This is NOT far-fetched in the case of Snipes and Broward County as she has been accused of gross mismanagement and election malfeasance in the past!

  • In 2017, Snipes admitted in court that she had allowed illegal aliens and felons to vote!
  • In 2016, Snipes was found guilty by a judge of DESTROYING ballots before the Federally mandated 22 month retention time.  This made it impossible for the challenger to Debbie Wassermann Shultz, Tim Canova, to inspect the ballots to challenge DWS election!  Looks like the Dems screwed not only Bernie but Mr. Canova!
  • In 2016, she “forgot” to put the medical marijuana initiative on the ballot altogether!
  • In 2012, Snipes allowed 2,000 votes to be counted from a “phantom” voting district where all 2,000 “voters” listed the same UPS store as their address!  She also “found” an additional 963 ballots after she had recessed the canvassing board and sent them home!

There are more instances but suffice it to say that Snipes’ actions are felonious and she would normally have been prosecuted except that this Broward County sheriff is not only a Democrat but also the sheriff that allowed the students at the Parkland school to be slaughtered and the shooter go uncontested for a long period of time.  This county is corrupt to its core and the rest of us should not be penalized nor our vote be nullified by being offset from this corrupt county regime.  Ms. Snipes must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for these current as well as past felonies that she has committed in violating Florida and Federal election statutes.

My hope is that someone will file a lawsuit stopping this vote fraud from impacting the 2018 mid-terms.  This county, and Palm Beach, must be forced to revote or their results ignored by the State of Florida.  As a legal voter, we are entitled to “Equal Protection” under the law and our vote must be protected by the Federal Government!  The Democrats have proven they have no scruples or moral constraints against winning at any cost.

There us a lesson for Republicans.  Snipes was put into this office by Jeb Bush and kept in office by Rick Scott even after countless allegations and citations against Snipes for election malfeasance.  I am not sure if they were afraid to fire her because she was Black or what.  If it was that they were afraid to fire her because she was a woman and Black, then we are in serious trouble.  Republicans must stand for the rule of law and not stand down over shout outs of racism or misogyny.  If not, the Democrat tactic of using racism and sexism to freeze Republicans, has been successful!  It does not phase our President!  Take a lesson from President Trump!

RD Pierini


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A.G. Sessions-Abetting or Leading a Lawless DOJ and FBI


See the source imageA.G. Sessions, at best, is abetting/permitting a lawless DOJ/FBI to exist and focus on an all out assault of President Trump, OR he is directing the all out assault of President Trump. 

Almost immediately after he took the oath of office to ascend to the office of the Attorney General, Sessions recused himself from:

I have now decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any matter relating in any way to the campaigns for president of the United States.”  

In doing so, Sessions stated that he came to this decision after consulting with “ETHICS” specialists inside of the DOJ and then erroneously cited the federal regulation regarding “Disqualification arising from personal or political relationship”.  This regulation, (28 CFR Sec. 45.2), ONLY PERTAINS TO A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION OR PROSECUTION!  The subsequent Rosenstein/Mueller investigation into the Donald Trump was not a criminal matter but a COUNTERINTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATION that is NOT subject to 28 CFR Sec. 45.2. 

Per the disgraced ex-FBI director James Comey in his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, Comey stated:  “I have been authorized by the Department of Justice to confirm that the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts.”  

Is Sessions totally devoid of the ability to understand our laws and regulations?  Is the DOJ intentionally putting Sessions in a box to keep him from assisting his President?  Did Sessions recuse himself so Rosenstein his Deputy, could wage a war against Trump and his family without interference?   Remember A.G. Holder saying that he was Obama’s WINGMAN!  Sessions is a lot of things but certainly NOT Trump’s Wingman!

If anyone inside of the DOJ is conflicted and should recuse himself from everything involving a Trump investigation it is Rod Rosenstein himself.  This political hack actually signed the 3rd FISA warrant extension allowing the Trump team to be wire tapped and all electronic and other communication surveilled.  Then this hack created a phony excuse to designate Robert the saint Mueller as a DOJ Special Council!  And the DOJ ETHICS experts have not told Rosenstein to recuse himself!!! 

Rosenstein, the Session’s Anti-Trump Henchman:

See the source image

But, there is more!  (This travesty of justice is like a midnight TV commercial for Ginsu knives!) 

  • Donald Trump’s pick to head the Department of Justice Southern District of New York was Geoffrey Berman.  (Left in the picture above)  (This office is the office that is attacking the President’s advisors and staff without mercy including Michael Cohen!) 
  • In order to insure that the Mueller investigation into “Everything Trump” would survive Mueller being fired by Trump, Rosenstein turned over the Cohen case and others to this office. 
  • BUT, before doing so, he literally coerced Berman, a Trump pick, to RECUSE himself of anything to do with Trump! 
  • Then, “Everything Trump” would be handled by the 2nd chair, Robert Khuzami,  an anti-Trump prosecutor who was a friend of the Trump Hating Democrat Appointee Preet Bharara who Trump fired.
  • Rosenstein now has a two tiered federal prosecution hit team against Trump!
  • One Last point, Rosenstein is the one who recommended the current FBI director, Christopher Wray (far right in the picture above) to Trump and Sessions!  Now Rosenstein can direct Wray’s FBI on who to attack next!

So, Rosenstein, Mueller et al have created a prosecutorial web against Trump that could have only been possible by Sessions recusal!  If Sessions was really Trump’s A.G., he could have, and still could, shut this whole charade down! 

So, I will leave you to decide, is Sessions a purist who recused himself on principle or a political hack who his abetting this entire Anti-Trump Which Hunt!

I have to go throw up now!


RD Pierini



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2018 Mid-Term Elections-Turning Point for America


America and our Republic are at a cross-road and its ultimate direction and survival may hinge on the outcome of the 2018 Mid-Term elections. If Republicans do not maintain control of the House of Representative and gain seats in the House, Trump will be blocked at best and impeached at worst!  Why?  Obama had taken the US to the edge of economic, political, social, moral and cultural collapse after years of “Progressive-Left” erosion of our Constitutional Freedoms, Economic dominance and moral world leadership.   The election of President Trump represented a rejection of the Progressive-Left by our electorate and Trump singlehandedly became the single most threat to the Progressive-Left’s world-wide dominance.  In a mere year and 9 months, President Trump has all but erased the years of the Progressive-Left cancerous devouring of our Republic and the Progressive-Left wounded beast is seeking to devour and eliminate the rekindling of our Democratic Republic.

Systemic Progressive-Left Infiltration:

The Progressive-Left for years has sought to totally control the collective knowledge base of our citizens.  The Progressive-Left had two main tools they sought to dominate; one, the education of our youth, and two, the media to further the educational indoctrination of our citizens and reinforce what we “learned” from leftist teachers and professors.  By the year 2000, the Progressive-Left had all but total control of the content and message for both tools.  In order to effectively ensure that the indoctrination was complete, the Progressive-Left had to tear down the moral fabric of the nation by scorning religion and faith, and use moral relativism to break down our sense of “right and wrong”.  They also loaded up Federal and State agencies, especially the courts and the Federal and State Prosecutorial and Investigative bodies, with hard Left advocates who put Progressive-Left politics above the Constitution and our rule of law.

Enter President Trump in 2016

The left has all but succeeded in their quest to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM the United States as of November, 2016, sound familiar?  But, our citizens had enough of these corrosive Progressive-Left policies in 2016 and elected a total outsider who was beholden to no political interest groups or ideologies other than America First and the re-establishment of Constitutional Rule of Law.  The Progressive-Left could not stand for Trump to succeed and have and are pulling out all of the stops to destroy President Trump and all of his accomplishments including the roll-back of the Progressive-Left agenda.

Today’s Political War Against President Trump and America First!

The Progressive-Left had already concocted a game plan to rid this nation of the Trump scourge even prior to his election.  The DOJ and the FBI had colluded with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to first of all not allow Trump to be elected and if he was, force him from office!  The Left had fabricated damaging reports (dossier) on aberrant Trump behavior and collusion with the Russian government.  They used these falsehoods to obtain a FISA warrant to use to spy on the Trump campaign and even pay “spies” to infiltrate the Trump Campaign.  They even used the firing of the FBI director Comey to justify the appointment of their ace-in-the-hole special prosecutor to turn Trump’s personal, professional and political life upside down! 

Plan B

But, the Russian Collusion hoax petered out as did their constant Stormy Daniels stories and allegations.   So, Plan B had to be put in play by Mueller which was to use Mueller’s ability to bring charges against key Trump campaign allies and now attack even personal and business friends, staff and affiliates of President Trump in order to gain true or false allegations of wrongdoing by Trump!  They have even forced Trump’s CFO to take an immunity agreement in exchange for information in support of claims by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen!  During this onslaught, Mueller performed early morning ARMED raids against a Trump former campaign manager and his wife as well as Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.  Mueller even seized Cohen’s client records and information and shredded ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE! 

In short, since the Progressive-Left now totally controls the DOJ, the FBI and the New York Attorney General’s office, Mueller is free to use any means he can to destroy Donald Trump and annihilate the US Constitution in the process!  

During the next 80 or so days, you will hear non-stop leaks out of the Mueller investigation on details from Trump’s business dealings, personal dealings, banking relationships, etc..  None of which has anything to do with Trump’s candidacy or Presidency!  It is all to smear his name and if the Progressive-Left takes over the House of Representatives, Impeach President Trump!  Impeachment (indictment) by the House of Representatives only takes a simple majority of 218 votes while the Senate requires a 2/3rds vote or 67 votes to convict.  You may say, well, they would never get 67 votes in the Senate!  Remember, the Senate is full of RINO Republicans who may shift their support to convict on the impeachment unless we elect Trump supporting senatorial candidates in the Mid-Terms.

It is imperative that everyone get out and support Trump friendly candidates in the Mid-Term elections.  The booming economy, the measures to insure our military world checkmate against aggressors, our control of our borders and our culture, and the very future of your children and grandchildren is at stake.  If the Progressive-Left and their executioner Mueller succeed, this nation will slide back into the oblivion of meritocracy or worse that you experienced under Obama.  This is not hyperbole, it is fact!

Your Choice in November, 2018

See the source image

RD Pierini



AG Jeff Sessions-The Demise of the DOJ and Its FBI

Thomas Jefferson:  “The most sacred of the duties of government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.”

See the source image

I used to think that Jeff Sessions had such a sophomoric moral code that he felt he had to recuse himself so as not to have a conflict of interest in the so-called Russian-Probe! 

Now, I think I was the one with a sophomoric view of Jeff Sessions!

I now think that Jeff Sessions is part of, or has bought into the mystique of the DOJ as being its own shadow government.  I think that he is protecting the DOJ/FBI over the interest of we the people, just as Robert Mueller did, James Comey did, and the rest of the absolutely politically corrupt DOJ and FBI officials have.  Jeff Sessions is a disgrace as an Attorney General, a traitor to President Trump who hired him, and will go down in history as the AG who presided over the demise of the DOJ and the FBI.

The Depth of the Stench

Unless you live in a cave without electricity, and you don’t believe that CNN is the gospel of truth, you wonder how the DOJ and its FBI could possibly have exonerated Hillary Clinton and given immunity to all of the key Clinton staff who could have been witnesses against Clinton BEFORE THEY TESTIFIED AGAINST CLINTON.  Further, that Comey and the entire Clinton investigative group prejudged the outcome and buried all damaging evidence against Clinton.  Concurrent with the Clinton probe, the same Clinton probe DOJ and FBI agents started up a national security investigation of the Trump Campaign, based on false documents paid for by the FBI and the Clinton Campaign using an ex-British intelligence officer using information obtained from Russian agents.  

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, that we know of.  The stench permeates the management of the NSA, DNI, DIA, the CIA, the State Department and prior Democrat Administrations.  These agencies and persons passed information to the DOJ/FBI to be used to squelch the Clinton probe while feeding or creating derogatory information against the Trump Campaign.  When it became clear that Trump would win the Presidential Election and after he was inaugurated, these agencies went into full tilt to bring down the Trump Presidency, with Jeff Sessions watching this seditious action unfolding before his eyes and not lifting a finger to address this miscarriage of justice.

We could go back to the days when these agencies, and specifically Clinton and Obama, passed on turning over 25% of the US uranium to RUSSIA, some of which has been exported in violation of the transfer agreement…  While handing over strategic materials to who the LEFT has determined to be our mortal enemy is nuts and contrary to US best interests, outright sedition against a lawfully elected President is more than scary!  And by government agencies that actually are subservient to and report to that same duly elected President!

The Creation of the DOJ and the FBI

The office of the Attorney General was first established by Congress (Not the Constitution) in 1789, and only authorized a one person part-time office.  His duties were supposed to be to prosecute and conduct all suits on behalf of the country before the Supreme Court.  After the Civil War, the volume of suits required a change as the AG was spending an exorbitant amount on contract attorneys.  In 1870, Congress passed the Act to Establish the Department of Justice as an executive department (subservient to the President).

In 1908, the nation had grown and spread out from coast to coast without any comprehensive penal code nor federal investigative force.  The Attorney General Bonaparte actually created what is today’s FBI by memorandum in 1908 (originally Bureau of Investigation).  At the time, the AG had to use the Secret Service to investigate on his behalf as he did not have his own investigative staff.  The real irony in the creation of the nation’s arguably most powerful investigative executive agency is that it was not created by Congress.  Congress did approve appropriations and tweaked some of its powers but in fact it is an investigative body created by the Attorney General.  Today, the DOJ has a permanent workforce of 109,000 people (only God knows how many contractors they employ.  As of 2008, the FBI employed approximately 33,500 people.

Today, the DOJ and its FBI have grown exponentially and have for a long time seemingly acted autonomously and shown complete disdain for Congressional oversight and even acted like they were not subservient to the President which is absolutely untrue!  Both agencies thumb their noses at legitimate Congressional inquires and redact information that persons with tops security clearances are not allowed to read.

FISA Armed the DOJ/FBI With the Mother Of All Investigative Power

See the source image

Before discussing Sessions specifically, we have to acknowledge that after 9-11 and the adoption of the Patriot Act, the DOJ and the FBI and other intel agencies now have seemingly unlimited access to technology to spy on American Citizens.  The agencies hide behind the FISA act and the FISA courts to obscure and bury their covert surveillance against US persons.  What we saw in the 2016 Presidential election was that the DOJ/FBI had no reservation in using fictitious documentation to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on a member of a Trump advisory board and by extension, anyone in the Trump Campaign.  This power has been abused in this past election cycle and has been allowed to go on without consequence.  January 20th, 2017, enter Jeff Sessions…

Jeff Sessions Betrayed the American People, And his “Friend”, President Trump!

Below is an org chart for the Sessions Department of Justice.  When looking at this chart, keep two things in mind.  One, Sessions has recused himself from the most important investigations in history, the “Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign”.  So, while the entire nation, Congress and our President is consumed with this investigation, AG Sessions, sits on a log doing what exactly?  Two, look at which departments report to Rod Rosenstein, Sessions #2.  THEY ALL DO! 

So what is Sessions doing?  More importantly, What is Sessions NOT doing!  

  • Sessions is not directing Rosenstein on any matter the Mueller is investigating that is NOT related to the Trump Campaign.
  • Sessions is NOT forcing Rosenstein to turn over documents to Congress in a timely manner without politically motivated redactions…
  • Sessions is allowing Rosenstein to function as the actual AG without oversight.
  • Sessions is not focusing on the Left’s attacks on the Right as a civil rights issue.  
  • Sessions is not focusing on violence against our police as we have already exceeded their death toll versus 2017.
  • Sessions is not focusing on cleaning up the DOJ or the FBI in light of the total politicization of both agencies as evidenced in the Clinton and now the Trump probe.  

Sessions knows that the President is not in a political position to fire him and Rosenstein.  If the man had any scruples, he would fire Rosenstein then resign.  If the President fires either one or both, he faces a backlash in the Senate to confirm their replacements.  In the meantime, the American Public is fed up with the DOJ and FBI acting like they are not accountable to anyone, which they haven’t been!

There is a drastic need to reorganize both the DOJ and the FBI, NOW.  But, I’ll save that for another article…

See the source image

RD Pierini



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