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Florida’s Broward Election Malfeasance-Must Revote or Decertify County’s Vote!

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Brenda Snipes, Broward Supervisor of Election

Either force Broward (and Palm Beach County) to REVOTE, or DISQUALIFY all ballots from these two counties!  Otherwise, the rest of the votes cast across this nation have been diluted or nullified.

Florida Election law contains several “hard” procedures that are required for every one of its Election Commissioners to follow.  These are in place to ensure that voter fraud cannot take place and that all ballots are casts and counted uniformly across the State of Florida.  Except, if one or more of its Election Commissioners do not follow the State’s Election laws, then the whole system breaks down and can yield victories to the underserved and defeat to those that won fairlyThe 2018 mid-term election votes in Broward County appear to have fallen victim to malfeasance on the part of Brenda Snipes, its Election Commissioner, and may in fact tip at least three of its races to Democrats who had not won as of election night.

Why is this malfeasance a NATIONAL problem?  You just saw how close the vote for Justice Kavanagh was and in fact relied on one Senate vote to confirm him.  Now, you are seeing that one Senate seat may go from a Republican to a Democrat, due to Broward County malfeasance, which could literally determine whether a series of judges, and even a future Supreme Court Justice, along with many other Trump administration positions, are confirmed or denied confirmation!  The Broward County fiasco is literally a Constitutional crisis!


The core of the Broward County problem is that due to Snipe’s malfeasance by not reporting voting counts and results per Florida law, she eliminated any way to determine how many votes were truly casts in order to prevent ballot stuffing, or ballot destruction, by Snipe and her fellow election officials.   In other words, there is no baseline to judge how many ballots should have been eligible for counting.  How did this happen.

In order to prevent erroneous reporting by counties, the State of Florida requires that each county tabulate and post results on an ongoing basis .  This allows for audit trails to be established that can be used to ensure that phony ballots are not added or valid ballots destroyed and not counted.  Snipes has yet to meet one of these deadlines for the 2018 election!  She is required to:

  1. Cast Ballots:  November 6th, Election Night:  All counties must post a preliminary count of how many ballots have been casts by 7:30PM the night of the election, Tuesday, November 6th!  Then the counties are required to update these totals every 45 minutes to ensure that an accurate baseline of cast ballots are tabulated and reported.  She missed these deadlines.
  2. Provisional Ballots:  November 8th, 2 days after the Election:  All provisional ballots that are eligible to be counted, (must have been checked against required eligibility criteria to vote), must be tabulated and reported by 5:00PM on Wednesday, November 8th.  This is critical to add the provisional ballot count to the number of ballots cast on election day to update the baseline for total eligible ballots cast.   She missed this deadline!
  3. Unofficial Counts and Results, Saturday, November 10th:  County canvassing boards are required to turn in first unofficial returns no later than noon on Nov. 10.  (Not sure as of this writing whether Snipes met this deadline but it is doubtful)

The bottom line is that without concurrent ballot counts and tallies, there is no way to determine whether the final counts are accurate or not and whether invalid ballots were created and counted after the fact!  This is NOT far-fetched in the case of Snipes and Broward County as she has been accused of gross mismanagement and election malfeasance in the past!

  • In 2017, Snipes admitted in court that she had allowed illegal aliens and felons to vote!
  • In 2016, Snipes was found guilty by a judge of DESTROYING ballots before the Federally mandated 22 month retention time.  This made it impossible for the challenger to Debbie Wassermann Shultz, Tim Canova, to inspect the ballots to challenge DWS election!  Looks like the Dems screwed not only Bernie but Mr. Canova!
  • In 2016, she “forgot” to put the medical marijuana initiative on the ballot altogether!
  • In 2012, Snipes allowed 2,000 votes to be counted from a “phantom” voting district where all 2,000 “voters” listed the same UPS store as their address!  She also “found” an additional 963 ballots after she had recessed the canvassing board and sent them home!

There are more instances but suffice it to say that Snipes’ actions are felonious and she would normally have been prosecuted except that this Broward County sheriff is not only a Democrat but also the sheriff that allowed the students at the Parkland school to be slaughtered and the shooter go uncontested for a long period of time.  This county is corrupt to its core and the rest of us should not be penalized nor our vote be nullified by being offset from this corrupt county regime.  Ms. Snipes must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for these current as well as past felonies that she has committed in violating Florida and Federal election statutes.

My hope is that someone will file a lawsuit stopping this vote fraud from impacting the 2018 mid-terms.  This county, and Palm Beach, must be forced to revote or their results ignored by the State of Florida.  As a legal voter, we are entitled to “Equal Protection” under the law and our vote must be protected by the Federal Government!  The Democrats have proven they have no scruples or moral constraints against winning at any cost.

There us a lesson for Republicans.  Snipes was put into this office by Jeb Bush and kept in office by Rick Scott even after countless allegations and citations against Snipes for election malfeasance.  I am not sure if they were afraid to fire her because she was Black or what.  If it was that they were afraid to fire her because she was a woman and Black, then we are in serious trouble.  Republicans must stand for the rule of law and not stand down over shout outs of racism or misogyny.  If not, the Democrat tactic of using racism and sexism to freeze Republicans, has been successful!  It does not phase our President!  Take a lesson from President Trump!

RD Pierini


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A.G. Sessions-Abetting or Leading a Lawless DOJ and FBI


See the source imageA.G. Sessions, at best, is abetting/permitting a lawless DOJ/FBI to exist and focus on an all out assault of President Trump, OR he is directing the all out assault of President Trump. 

Almost immediately after he took the oath of office to ascend to the office of the Attorney General, Sessions recused himself from:

I have now decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any matter relating in any way to the campaigns for president of the United States.”  

In doing so, Sessions stated that he came to this decision after consulting with “ETHICS” specialists inside of the DOJ and then erroneously cited the federal regulation regarding “Disqualification arising from personal or political relationship”.  This regulation, (28 CFR Sec. 45.2), ONLY PERTAINS TO A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION OR PROSECUTION!  The subsequent Rosenstein/Mueller investigation into the Donald Trump was not a criminal matter but a COUNTERINTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATION that is NOT subject to 28 CFR Sec. 45.2. 

Per the disgraced ex-FBI director James Comey in his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, Comey stated:  “I have been authorized by the Department of Justice to confirm that the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts.”  

Is Sessions totally devoid of the ability to understand our laws and regulations?  Is the DOJ intentionally putting Sessions in a box to keep him from assisting his President?  Did Sessions recuse himself so Rosenstein his Deputy, could wage a war against Trump and his family without interference?   Remember A.G. Holder saying that he was Obama’s WINGMAN!  Sessions is a lot of things but certainly NOT Trump’s Wingman!

If anyone inside of the DOJ is conflicted and should recuse himself from everything involving a Trump investigation it is Rod Rosenstein himself.  This political hack actually signed the 3rd FISA warrant extension allowing the Trump team to be wire tapped and all electronic and other communication surveilled.  Then this hack created a phony excuse to designate Robert the saint Mueller as a DOJ Special Council!  And the DOJ ETHICS experts have not told Rosenstein to recuse himself!!! 

Rosenstein, the Session’s Anti-Trump Henchman:

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But, there is more!  (This travesty of justice is like a midnight TV commercial for Ginsu knives!) 

  • Donald Trump’s pick to head the Department of Justice Southern District of New York was Geoffrey Berman.  (Left in the picture above)  (This office is the office that is attacking the President’s advisors and staff without mercy including Michael Cohen!) 
  • In order to insure that the Mueller investigation into “Everything Trump” would survive Mueller being fired by Trump, Rosenstein turned over the Cohen case and others to this office. 
  • BUT, before doing so, he literally coerced Berman, a Trump pick, to RECUSE himself of anything to do with Trump! 
  • Then, “Everything Trump” would be handled by the 2nd chair, Robert Khuzami,  an anti-Trump prosecutor who was a friend of the Trump Hating Democrat Appointee Preet Bharara who Trump fired.
  • Rosenstein now has a two tiered federal prosecution hit team against Trump!
  • One Last point, Rosenstein is the one who recommended the current FBI director, Christopher Wray (far right in the picture above) to Trump and Sessions!  Now Rosenstein can direct Wray’s FBI on who to attack next!

So, Rosenstein, Mueller et al have created a prosecutorial web against Trump that could have only been possible by Sessions recusal!  If Sessions was really Trump’s A.G., he could have, and still could, shut this whole charade down! 

So, I will leave you to decide, is Sessions a purist who recused himself on principle or a political hack who his abetting this entire Anti-Trump Which Hunt!

I have to go throw up now!


RD Pierini



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2018 Mid-Term Elections-Turning Point for America


America and our Republic are at a cross-road and its ultimate direction and survival may hinge on the outcome of the 2018 Mid-Term elections. If Republicans do not maintain control of the House of Representative and gain seats in the House, Trump will be blocked at best and impeached at worst!  Why?  Obama had taken the US to the edge of economic, political, social, moral and cultural collapse after years of “Progressive-Left” erosion of our Constitutional Freedoms, Economic dominance and moral world leadership.   The election of President Trump represented a rejection of the Progressive-Left by our electorate and Trump singlehandedly became the single most threat to the Progressive-Left’s world-wide dominance.  In a mere year and 9 months, President Trump has all but erased the years of the Progressive-Left cancerous devouring of our Republic and the Progressive-Left wounded beast is seeking to devour and eliminate the rekindling of our Democratic Republic.

Systemic Progressive-Left Infiltration:

The Progressive-Left for years has sought to totally control the collective knowledge base of our citizens.  The Progressive-Left had two main tools they sought to dominate; one, the education of our youth, and two, the media to further the educational indoctrination of our citizens and reinforce what we “learned” from leftist teachers and professors.  By the year 2000, the Progressive-Left had all but total control of the content and message for both tools.  In order to effectively ensure that the indoctrination was complete, the Progressive-Left had to tear down the moral fabric of the nation by scorning religion and faith, and use moral relativism to break down our sense of “right and wrong”.  They also loaded up Federal and State agencies, especially the courts and the Federal and State Prosecutorial and Investigative bodies, with hard Left advocates who put Progressive-Left politics above the Constitution and our rule of law.

Enter President Trump in 2016

The left has all but succeeded in their quest to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM the United States as of November, 2016, sound familiar?  But, our citizens had enough of these corrosive Progressive-Left policies in 2016 and elected a total outsider who was beholden to no political interest groups or ideologies other than America First and the re-establishment of Constitutional Rule of Law.  The Progressive-Left could not stand for Trump to succeed and have and are pulling out all of the stops to destroy President Trump and all of his accomplishments including the roll-back of the Progressive-Left agenda.

Today’s Political War Against President Trump and America First!

The Progressive-Left had already concocted a game plan to rid this nation of the Trump scourge even prior to his election.  The DOJ and the FBI had colluded with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to first of all not allow Trump to be elected and if he was, force him from office!  The Left had fabricated damaging reports (dossier) on aberrant Trump behavior and collusion with the Russian government.  They used these falsehoods to obtain a FISA warrant to use to spy on the Trump campaign and even pay “spies” to infiltrate the Trump Campaign.  They even used the firing of the FBI director Comey to justify the appointment of their ace-in-the-hole special prosecutor to turn Trump’s personal, professional and political life upside down! 

Plan B

But, the Russian Collusion hoax petered out as did their constant Stormy Daniels stories and allegations.   So, Plan B had to be put in play by Mueller which was to use Mueller’s ability to bring charges against key Trump campaign allies and now attack even personal and business friends, staff and affiliates of President Trump in order to gain true or false allegations of wrongdoing by Trump!  They have even forced Trump’s CFO to take an immunity agreement in exchange for information in support of claims by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen!  During this onslaught, Mueller performed early morning ARMED raids against a Trump former campaign manager and his wife as well as Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.  Mueller even seized Cohen’s client records and information and shredded ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE! 

In short, since the Progressive-Left now totally controls the DOJ, the FBI and the New York Attorney General’s office, Mueller is free to use any means he can to destroy Donald Trump and annihilate the US Constitution in the process!  

During the next 80 or so days, you will hear non-stop leaks out of the Mueller investigation on details from Trump’s business dealings, personal dealings, banking relationships, etc..  None of which has anything to do with Trump’s candidacy or Presidency!  It is all to smear his name and if the Progressive-Left takes over the House of Representatives, Impeach President Trump!  Impeachment (indictment) by the House of Representatives only takes a simple majority of 218 votes while the Senate requires a 2/3rds vote or 67 votes to convict.  You may say, well, they would never get 67 votes in the Senate!  Remember, the Senate is full of RINO Republicans who may shift their support to convict on the impeachment unless we elect Trump supporting senatorial candidates in the Mid-Terms.

It is imperative that everyone get out and support Trump friendly candidates in the Mid-Term elections.  The booming economy, the measures to insure our military world checkmate against aggressors, our control of our borders and our culture, and the very future of your children and grandchildren is at stake.  If the Progressive-Left and their executioner Mueller succeed, this nation will slide back into the oblivion of meritocracy or worse that you experienced under Obama.  This is not hyperbole, it is fact!

Your Choice in November, 2018

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RD Pierini



AG Jeff Sessions-The Demise of the DOJ and Its FBI

Thomas Jefferson:  “The most sacred of the duties of government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.”

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I used to think that Jeff Sessions had such a sophomoric moral code that he felt he had to recuse himself so as not to have a conflict of interest in the so-called Russian-Probe! 

Now, I think I was the one with a sophomoric view of Jeff Sessions!

I now think that Jeff Sessions is part of, or has bought into the mystique of the DOJ as being its own shadow government.  I think that he is protecting the DOJ/FBI over the interest of we the people, just as Robert Mueller did, James Comey did, and the rest of the absolutely politically corrupt DOJ and FBI officials have.  Jeff Sessions is a disgrace as an Attorney General, a traitor to President Trump who hired him, and will go down in history as the AG who presided over the demise of the DOJ and the FBI.

The Depth of the Stench

Unless you live in a cave without electricity, and you don’t believe that CNN is the gospel of truth, you wonder how the DOJ and its FBI could possibly have exonerated Hillary Clinton and given immunity to all of the key Clinton staff who could have been witnesses against Clinton BEFORE THEY TESTIFIED AGAINST CLINTON.  Further, that Comey and the entire Clinton investigative group prejudged the outcome and buried all damaging evidence against Clinton.  Concurrent with the Clinton probe, the same Clinton probe DOJ and FBI agents started up a national security investigation of the Trump Campaign, based on false documents paid for by the FBI and the Clinton Campaign using an ex-British intelligence officer using information obtained from Russian agents.  

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, that we know of.  The stench permeates the management of the NSA, DNI, DIA, the CIA, the State Department and prior Democrat Administrations.  These agencies and persons passed information to the DOJ/FBI to be used to squelch the Clinton probe while feeding or creating derogatory information against the Trump Campaign.  When it became clear that Trump would win the Presidential Election and after he was inaugurated, these agencies went into full tilt to bring down the Trump Presidency, with Jeff Sessions watching this seditious action unfolding before his eyes and not lifting a finger to address this miscarriage of justice.

We could go back to the days when these agencies, and specifically Clinton and Obama, passed on turning over 25% of the US uranium to RUSSIA, some of which has been exported in violation of the transfer agreement…  While handing over strategic materials to who the LEFT has determined to be our mortal enemy is nuts and contrary to US best interests, outright sedition against a lawfully elected President is more than scary!  And by government agencies that actually are subservient to and report to that same duly elected President!

The Creation of the DOJ and the FBI

The office of the Attorney General was first established by Congress (Not the Constitution) in 1789, and only authorized a one person part-time office.  His duties were supposed to be to prosecute and conduct all suits on behalf of the country before the Supreme Court.  After the Civil War, the volume of suits required a change as the AG was spending an exorbitant amount on contract attorneys.  In 1870, Congress passed the Act to Establish the Department of Justice as an executive department (subservient to the President).

In 1908, the nation had grown and spread out from coast to coast without any comprehensive penal code nor federal investigative force.  The Attorney General Bonaparte actually created what is today’s FBI by memorandum in 1908 (originally Bureau of Investigation).  At the time, the AG had to use the Secret Service to investigate on his behalf as he did not have his own investigative staff.  The real irony in the creation of the nation’s arguably most powerful investigative executive agency is that it was not created by Congress.  Congress did approve appropriations and tweaked some of its powers but in fact it is an investigative body created by the Attorney General.  Today, the DOJ has a permanent workforce of 109,000 people (only God knows how many contractors they employ.  As of 2008, the FBI employed approximately 33,500 people.

Today, the DOJ and its FBI have grown exponentially and have for a long time seemingly acted autonomously and shown complete disdain for Congressional oversight and even acted like they were not subservient to the President which is absolutely untrue!  Both agencies thumb their noses at legitimate Congressional inquires and redact information that persons with tops security clearances are not allowed to read.

FISA Armed the DOJ/FBI With the Mother Of All Investigative Power

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Before discussing Sessions specifically, we have to acknowledge that after 9-11 and the adoption of the Patriot Act, the DOJ and the FBI and other intel agencies now have seemingly unlimited access to technology to spy on American Citizens.  The agencies hide behind the FISA act and the FISA courts to obscure and bury their covert surveillance against US persons.  What we saw in the 2016 Presidential election was that the DOJ/FBI had no reservation in using fictitious documentation to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on a member of a Trump advisory board and by extension, anyone in the Trump Campaign.  This power has been abused in this past election cycle and has been allowed to go on without consequence.  January 20th, 2017, enter Jeff Sessions…

Jeff Sessions Betrayed the American People, And his “Friend”, President Trump!

Below is an org chart for the Sessions Department of Justice.  When looking at this chart, keep two things in mind.  One, Sessions has recused himself from the most important investigations in history, the “Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign”.  So, while the entire nation, Congress and our President is consumed with this investigation, AG Sessions, sits on a log doing what exactly?  Two, look at which departments report to Rod Rosenstein, Sessions #2.  THEY ALL DO! 

So what is Sessions doing?  More importantly, What is Sessions NOT doing!  

  • Sessions is not directing Rosenstein on any matter the Mueller is investigating that is NOT related to the Trump Campaign.
  • Sessions is NOT forcing Rosenstein to turn over documents to Congress in a timely manner without politically motivated redactions…
  • Sessions is allowing Rosenstein to function as the actual AG without oversight.
  • Sessions is not focusing on the Left’s attacks on the Right as a civil rights issue.  
  • Sessions is not focusing on violence against our police as we have already exceeded their death toll versus 2017.
  • Sessions is not focusing on cleaning up the DOJ or the FBI in light of the total politicization of both agencies as evidenced in the Clinton and now the Trump probe.  

Sessions knows that the President is not in a political position to fire him and Rosenstein.  If the man had any scruples, he would fire Rosenstein then resign.  If the President fires either one or both, he faces a backlash in the Senate to confirm their replacements.  In the meantime, the American Public is fed up with the DOJ and FBI acting like they are not accountable to anyone, which they haven’t been!

There is a drastic need to reorganize both the DOJ and the FBI, NOW.  But, I’ll save that for another article…

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RD Pierini



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US Now A Lawless Nation-Cure Step One, Fire Sessions and Rosenstein

Session’s Betrayal Must Be Ended Now

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Trump must fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein NOW as the first step to end the Mueller investigation.  Will the media, the left and the RINOs go nuts?  ABSOLUTELY.  But, Trump has to change the momentum of this pending Constitutional Crisis by ending Mueller’s open-ended investigation of “Russian Collusion”.  Will this firing impact the 2018 Mid-Term Elections?  Maybe.  Depends on whether the RINOs rally around Trump.  If they do, the Trump base will turn out and support the RINOs for supporting Trump.  If the Sessions-Rosenstein-Mueller fiasco continues, the Trump Base will not show up and support RINOs in the 2018 Mid-Terms.  

Sessions Knows He Is Killing the Trump Administration

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If Sessions had an ounce of integrity, he would fire Rosenstein today then Resign himself!  Sessions blindsided the President by recusing himself from “any matters regarding the Russian Collusion investigation and the Trump candidacy, right after he was confirmed as Trump’s Attorney General.  Sessions claimed that the “ethics” advisors inside of the Department of Justice advised him to recuse himself to avoid a conflict of interest!  REALLY!!!  These are the same people trying to remove President Trump from Office!  Why didn’t these same “ethics professionals” tell Rosenstein and Mueller that they both are conflicted and should recuse themselves?  After all, Rosenstein signed the 3rd extension of the Carter Page FISA Warrant to spy on Trump!  Mueller interviewed with Trump to lead the FBI, is a close personal friend of fired FBI chief James Comey, and has tons of conflicts with Hillary Clinton!  

The only conclusion one can reach is that Jeff Sessions does not care if he kills the Trump agenda by allowing this open-ended Mueller Witch Hunt to continue.  So, all of the times when Sessions stumped for Trump and his agenda were outright lies.  You may hold RINOs like McConnell, McCain, Ryan, and others, and the Never-Trumpers who constantly rail against Trump, in utter contempt, but consider who has hurt Trump the most, these RINOs or Sessions! 

Sessions is the epitome of a NEVER-TRUMPER with the added bonus that he controls the Department of Justice, the nation’s most powerful law enforcement agency, and the FBI, the nation’s most powerful investigative agency.  Sessions has the power to insure that Rosenstein and Mueller can continue their coup d’état against the Trump Administration!  

What if Trump Fires Sessions and Rosenstein?

The left and its media will go insane if Trump fires Sessions and Rosenstein.  The Republican leadership in the House and Senate will go insane as well as the Never-Trumpers.  The media will attempt to whip up immediate impeachment calls and try to drive the narrative away from the Trump agenda and his ongoing agenda.  In short, Trump will be besieged from all sides!

SO What!

Trump can either take on this extra-constitutional onslaught by Sessions-Rosenstein-Mueller head-on or die a slow death of a thousand cuts from innuendo from the Mueller investigation and a constant and growing investigation of everything Trump by HIS OWN DOJ AND FBI!  

The Trump Base must rally around Trump and fight back any way they can if Trump takes on Sessions-Rosenstein-Mueller!  IF we don’t, it is our own fault when the Democrats and the allied Never-Trumpers and RINOs remove Trump from office and KILL TRUMP’S PROMISES TO MAKE YOUR LIVES BETTER.  

The Trump Base will have to rally around Republican candidates in the Mid-Term elections, (in some cases we will have to hold our noses), and make sure Republicans hold the House and the Senate.  The Trump Base will have to take on the Media as directly as they can and tamp down the firestorm the media will create following the firings.  You will have to vote for Ryan and the RINOs in the House and Senate who will publicly bad-mouth Trump over these firings.  We must hold both the House and Senate or the Democrats will move to impeach Trump following the Mid-Terms.   The Democrats are using the Mueller Investigation to provide them with “proof” they can use to impeach Trump!  

We are fighting a real Coup d’état and it will be up to us to take back our nation and ensure that our nation survives this progressive-left attempt to complete Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of our Great Nation.


RD Pierini



Idaho The Leader In the Demise of Obamacare!

The Great State of Idaho is now not only the most beautiful State in the Union but now it is the BRIGHTEST!  Not only are we a “liberty first” State, we are now the State leading the way for other States to join with us in Repealing and Replacing Obamacare by IGNORING IT!  By allowing for free markets and free citizens and families to chose the type of healthcare insurance they want, not what an overreaching Central Government thinks we NEED!

Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed an Executive Order in January of 2018.  The EO directs the Idaho Department of Insurance to allow insurers to create insurance plans that do not comply with Obamacare rules but serve the needs of Idaho citizens!  Novel Concept!

In defending this EO, the Governor stated:

“Congress and President Trump have eliminated the individual mandate requiring all Americans to buy Obamacare plans or face financial penalties.  That means we will no longer be penalized for buying coverage that doesn’t meet all the Obamacare rules.”

“We have been waiting patiently while Congress has been unable to find a solution and Idaho families have been forced to buy products that are too expensive and loaded with benefits they don’t want or need.  Now the door is open for states to pursue our own reasonable solutions.”

Enter the Legal Beagles.  A law professor at Washington and Lee University, Tim Jost,  questioned the constitutionality of the Otter EO.  “States can’t say we’ve decided we’re not going to follow the federal law anymore.  We tried that in the 1860s and it didn’t work.”  Mr. Jost’s drawing an equivalency between slavery and Obamacare mandates is actually somewhat true, but in the negative!  It would be like the Federal Government MANDATING Slavery rather than abolishing slavery!  Also, just to be clear, the 1860 issue was over the States right to severe its membership in the Union.  In this instance, it is over the States rights to govern its citizens concerning matters not specifically attributed to the Federal Government by the US Constitution!  Keep in mind, less than a 3.6 percent of the American Citizens are actually enrolled in Obamacare!  Obama himself had kept Obamacare from being universally implemented by annually granting exemptions to private employers, labor unions and many others.  Obamacare is not the “law of the land” as it has not been implemented by its namesake!

Being a recent escapee from the Communist Socialist Republic of California, the Idaho EO is a breath of fresh air.  Leaving the lawlessness of California behind, and its self-described Sanctuary State designation that pits illegal immigrants against its own citizens, and its flagrant flouting of the Federal laws against Marijuana and others, Idaho standing up for the rights of its citizens to seek and buy, or not, healthcare insurance that suits their needs, is the epitome of Constitutional Protections under the Tenth Amendment.  

Whether the legislatively prone Chief Justice John Roberts will concur with Otter’s EO or not, may be known in the next session of the Supreme Court beginning in October of 2018.  But, Roberts had no problem taking rights away from US Citizens in his idiotic justification for the Obamacare “Tax” and “Mandates”, that Obama said was not a tax, so maybe he will “right” his wrong and vote to uphold the rights of US citizens…

Regardless, as a recent immigrant to Idaho, I am proud of my new State, its people, its government, and our new domicile in Coeur d’Alene.  Hopefully, other states will see that standing by their citizens and their rights is worth taking on the courts and perhaps the Federal Government.  I doubt that the Trump Administration would join in a lawsuit against Idaho for trying to kill Obamacare!  Governor Otter may even receive a medal from President Trump!

RD Pierini


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Trump Agenda Dependent on Dumping McConnell’s 60 Vote Rule

Even if the Republicans gain 9 seats in the Senate in the 2018 Mid-Terms, Trump will need the idiotic 60 vote rule in the Senate changed to a simple majority in order to complete our agenda and restore this country to economic prosperityWhat is McConnell’s excuse for hanging onto the 60 vote rule?  He says the Democrats will use this against the Republicans WHEN the Democrats take back the Senate!!!! 

Well, if you don’t pass the Trump agenda, you will ensure that the Democrats take over the Senate in 2018!  

Will 60 Republicans in the Senate Save the Trump Agenda?

Nope!  We still have to deal with McCain, Graham, Murkowski, Collins and others who are left of center “Republicans”.  They will fight Trump on immigration, the budget, the Wall, and many other issues.  If the Senate does not dump the anti-democratic 60 vote rule, the Trump agenda will be in serious jeopardy.  Even worse, Trump’s long-term effort to reduce our deficit will be a lost hope.  Too many in the Senate are big spenders and who support big government programs like Obamacare!

Why do Senators love the 60 vote Rule?

Senators hide behind the 60 vote rule as an excuse for doing nothing to pass needed legislation!  When Republican Senators know that there will be less than 60 votes for a popular piece of legislation they actually oppose, they will vote for it in order to say that they voted on a popular issue but it did not pass!  The 60 vote rule is a gutless shield for do-nothing Senators.  If Republican members of the House knows that the Senate only needed 51 votes to pass legislation, you will also see just how lily-livered some of these members are as well.

Pressure Your Senator Now

During this Mid-Term year, pressure your Senator to do away with the 60 Vote rule.  If your Senator is not up for re-election, pressure  and pin down your candidates on their stance on the 60 vote rule.  Do note take any weak answer as an answer.  Also, pressure them on their position for eliminating the blocking of Presidential appointments.  After more than a year, Trump’s ambassador to Germany, a key European ally, is still not confirmed.  Many appointment have given up and withdrawn.  They can’t wait forever for the Senate.  They have families to support too!

RD Pierini




House FISA Memo-What it Means and What is Next?

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The entire “Russia Collusion” story is so convoluted that it challenges even the most ardent follower of current events not to get lost in a maze of lies, corruption, and outright criminal activities, at the highest levels of the DOJ, the FBI and perhaps even our intel agencies.  The House Intelligence Committee Majority FISA Memo deals exclusively with a FISA warrant application that was sought unsuccessfully by the FBI and the DOJ initially in the summer of 2016 but then subsequently approved on October 21, 2016.  A FISA warrant allows the agencies to electronically surveil US citizens!  In this case, a political presidential candidate during a presidential election…  There is a lot we still do not know but here is what we know from the House FISA Memo (HFM).  

A FISA surveillance warrant targeted Carter Page, a “Trump Campaign Advisor”,  and was based on the unsubstantiated Russian Dossier and a September 23, 2016 article that appeared on Yahoo News based on the dossier information leaked to Yahoo by Christopher Steele, an FBI asset and the author of the dossier.  So, the FISA Warrant was apparently based primarily on the discredited Steele “Russian Dossier” and a “news” article based on that same dossier!  According to Andrew McCabe, the Deputy Director of the FBI when he testified before the Intel Committee in December of 2017, that no FISA warrant would have been sought WITHOUT THE STEELE DOSSIER INFORMATION!  

Who Paid For and Who Created the “Russian Dossier”:

The Russian Dossier was paid for by the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and the Hillary Clinton Campaign.   The FISA warrants omitted the fact that the underlying dossier was paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign making it a political document and not an investigative document.

The FBI also authorized payments to Steele for the same information he provided to the DNC and Clinton. 

Christopher Steele was compiled the dossier while also acting as an FBI “source”.  

The purpose of the Russian Dossier was to “obtain derogatory information on Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.”  

The FISA warrants omitted that Steele was working for and also being paid by Fusion GPS.

Who approved and signed the FISA Warrant:

There were 4 separate approvals by the FBI and DOJ of the FISA Warrant.  The initial warrant, and three subsequent renewals from the FISC.  On the FBI side, James Comey signed three of the applications and Andrew McCabe signed one.  On the DOJ side, Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more of the FISA applications.

The Russian Dossier, Fusion GPS and the FBI/DOJ:

Even after Steele was fired by the FBI, he maintained contact with the DOJ via Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ore.  Ore worked closely with Deputy Attorney General Yates and Rosenstein!  Concurrently, Bruce Ore’s wife was working for Fusion GPS  charged with obtaining opposition research against Donald Trump.  This information was fed to the DOJ via Bruce Ore…  Steele admitted to Ore that he “was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president”.  So, Ore knew that Steele, the author of the dossier, was highly politically biased against Trump; that Steele was the author of the dossier, but Ore specifically made sure that his relationship with Steele and Fusion GPS was omitted from the FISA application!


The HFM laid out a clear conspiracy within the DOJ and its FBI to undermine the Donald Trump Candidacy and then his presidency.  It clearly laid out a conspiracy to obtain the surveillance of a US citizen, who was part of a presidential campaign, the campaign itself, and then a US Presidency, using known, false information, paid for by a political rival candidate and a rival political national committee, to obtain a FISA warrant from a FISC.  It clearly lays out a conspiracy to surveil and gain information on a US Presidency based upon the same known false information.

Comey lied to President Trump when he told the President on January 6th, 2017, that the President was NOT under investigation.  The investigation actually began in mid 2016.  If Trump was not still under investigation, why had Comey and Rosenstein renewed the FISA warrant request multiple times!  Obviously Comey and Rosenstein conspired to continue to investigate the Trump Administration after the election!

Not Known

What is not known from the HFM is WHO was caught up in the Carter Page surveillance.  Or, if there was more than one FISA warrant sought and obtained.  Was Trump Tower caught up in the warrant.  Who else was surveiled and unmasked?  Was General Flynn surveilled and did that surveillance result in Flynn’s charges?


I hate Special Councils but there is a need to have another SC appointed.  This is due to the apparent lack of independence within the DOJ and the FBI.  How far are these agencies infected?  The Special Council should also be empowered to look at the Mueller investigation and how much of its investigation is predicated on the phony dossier.  Would Mueller even be investigating if the dossier did not exist?  I think not!  

RD Pierini



RINO Watch Weekly Report: “Stupid is as Stupid Does!

At least once a week I will publish a RINO Watch stupidity report.  I know I will never run out of materials as the RINOs always outdo themselves to vie for the stupidity award.  This week is no exception!


RINOs Respond to 8 Month Old FAKE NEWS Story and Warn Trump Not to Fire Heir Robert Mueller!

Of course the usual suspects, Lindsay Graham and Susan Collins, had to respond to a question from the media this weekend regarding their reaction to Trump wanting to fire Special Council Robert Mueller, or even conflicted Deputy AG Rosenstein.  This, in spite of the fact that this FAKE NEWS story was originally published almost 8 months ago and the President and his staff have denied the story!  Even Senator Grassley felt he had to chime in and warn Trump not to fire Mueller! 

DUH!  Assume the story is true, it has been 8 months and Trump has not fired Mueller yet!  So, Where is the BEEF?

RINOs suffer from the Al Sharpton Jessie Jackson Mic Syndrome (ASJJMS).  They can’t pass up opening their mouth when a mic and a camera are around.  It is like an automatic reflex.  Mic, mouth open.  Camera, mouth open.  Trouble is they never engage their brain before opening their mouths!


Goofy Special Council Ken Starr-Mueller Should LOOK INTO whether Trump Lied About Wanting to Fire Mueller!

This is separate from the RINO comments above because Ken Starr proved that he is a Eunuch RINO as evidenced by his less than testosterone driven investigation of the obviously hyper-testosterone driven Bill Clinton.  The most NOT BRILLIANT admission by star in the interview was:

“He can ask for Mueller to be fired for any reason.  The president’s power is extremely broad, as long as he’s not engaged in discrimination or accepting bribes.”

Well, apparently he did not bribe himself nor is he discriminating against the old white guy Robert Mueller.  Maybe he is guilty of discriminating against Mueller’s obvious leftist-elite political animus, failure of Mueller to recuse himself in light of his obvious conflicts of interests, or maybe for just being an old white guy!


RINOs Want to Stop the Release of the Nunes Memo Regarding Possible DOJ/FBI Corruption Regarding FISA Misuse

Lindsay Graham is in the spotlight once again along with the DOJ/FBI trying to Obstruct the Public’s Right to Know if its highest law enforcement and intelligence agencies have been corrupted!  Graham wants to wait to release the information until:

“I don’t want [the memo] released yet,” he said. “I want somebody without a political bias to come in and look at the allegations I have seen.”

And, pray tell dear Lindsay,  just who in Washington is WITHOUT POLITICAL BIAS!  

The TRUMP ADMINISTRATION’S own Department of Justice, through the Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd told Rep Nunes, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, in a letter this week that releasing a memo  “extraordinarily reckless.”  How about the “extraordinarily reckless” abuses by the DOJ and the FBI to date in the Clinton Non-Investigation MATTER, the IRS Scandals, Fast and Furious Scandals, Benghazi botched investigations, Uranium-One “vetting” and more… 

Boyd thought that it would be a better idea to pass the memo to the DOJ  watchdog, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.  This would keep this out of the public for at least another 2 months.  Meanwhile the two Star-Struck lovers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are still working for the agencies in spite of their obvious bias as set forth in their own text messages.

Hopefully Nunes will get the committee to vote to release the memo this week.  President Trump has indicated that, in spite of the objections raised by his own DOJ and FBI, he would welcome the memo being made available to the public!  AG Sessions and the entire 7th floor of the FBI better not get too comfortable in their lush surroundings. 

The President can’t be very happy about the lack of respect he has been shown by this agencies!  The President has shown a great deal of constraint given that if he did ORDER the DOJ/FBI to release info, then the MSM and the left would cry OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!  

RD Pierini


Hat Tips:

Dems Killing Support for Illegal Aliens and DACA

See the source image

Democrats and Left-Wing activists are killing support for illegal aliens and for programs such as DACA.  Amnesty is becoming a four letter word and more and more Americans are becoming fed-up with the left and the media trying to shame us into supporting illegal alien causes! 

To be frank, to see illegal aliens DEMAND citizenship or even work permits is becoming repulsive.  America-First is not only a Trump slogan, it is at the core of the majority of US Citizens.

Chain Migration is now a non-starter for US Citizens and the sentiment to repeal this idiotic procedure is high.  The emotional left-wing plea to keep families together is no longer a winner.  If they want to keep their families together, either stay where you are or have the family all apply for citizenship!  This is insane and Trump has the wind at his back on this one as well.

The Visa-Lottery program has no support among thinking American Citizens and whoever thought up this beauty should be deported!  Why on earth should the most prized status in the world, US Citizenship, be handed out in a lottery!  This is insane and Trump has the wind at his back on this one as well.

DACA is another guilt trip by the left that is rapidly losing support especially with the current government shutdown.  Why should illegal aliens be prioritized by Democrats over our military and other government workers and contractors?  Especially given the threat by North Korea, Iran, Russia and China!  This is suicidal but the gun is at the head of US Citizen taxpayers and not the Schumer-Pelosi coalition!  If there is a legislative change to DACA enrollees, it better not include chain migration nor an immediate path to citizenship.  How about a work permit for 5 years during which time the DACA enrollees must seek citizenship through normal channels and cannot receive welfare, food stamps or any form of government subsistence in the interim.  If they do not apply for citizenship or wait for 4 years to start the process, they can finish the process in the country of origin.  And don’t try to guilt-trip us into an extension!

The left and the media have totally overplayed their illegal immigration card and US Citizens are sick and tired of Sanctuary jurisdictions.  They have no more chips on the table nor can they bluff us into submission.  Illegal is illegal no matter what the adjective describes.  Sanctuary State and City chief executives and law enforcement heads who refuse to obey federal immigration laws, must be held accountable as any other criminal.  If someone is killed or injured by an illegal alien in their jurisdiction, they and their State, County or City should be held civilly responsible for paying damages to the victim and/or their surviving families.  Enough is Enough.  

The 2018 mid-term elections may pit US citizens against the left’s support for illegal aliens.  The US is not a nation of Illegal Immigration, it is a nation of LEGAL immigration.  

  • Build the Wall and install electronic surveillance and monitoring.
  • Remove all criminal illegal aliens immediately. If they come back, it is an automatic 10 year sentence in a Joe Arpaio detention facility with pink underwear!
  • Allow for immediate deportation upon border apprehension, including unaccompanied minors.
  • Give current illegal immigrants 5 years to apply for and receive a green card or citizenship.  After that, they are subject to deportation.
  • Stop Chain Migration.
  • Stop the Visa Lottery Program.
  • Hire more border agents
  • Hold the nation of origin responsible for any cost incurred by the US in the apprehension and deportation of their citizens!
  • Create a FEDERAL park in San Francisco and name it the Kate Steinle Memorial Park

RD Pierini