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Republican Party Dead! Went Down Without A Whimper!

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Republican RINOs, Led by Liz Chaney, Abandoned Their President And Are Presiding Over The Death Of The Republican Party!

We expect the Wicked-Witch-Of-The West, Nancy Pelosi to sell out our country and to do everything she can to erase the accomplishments of Donald J. TrumpNow, however, Ugly Nancy has a protégé in the RINO Republican party in Liz Chaney.  You would think as much as Ms. Chaney’s father was butchered by the Democrats and their Left Wing Propaganda Machine, the Main Stream Media, she of all people would understand the hollow sounds of the Left’s harangues.   But no, this so-called Chair of the Republican conference in the House abandoned her Party and Its head in voting to Impeach President Donald J. Trump

There were 9 RINOs joining Cheney who voted to impeach the President and they are:

  • Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y.
  • Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich.
  • Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash.
  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill.
  • Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash.
  • Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, R-Ohio
  • Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C.
  • Rep. Peter Meijer, R-Mich.
  • Rep. David Valadao, R-Calif.

Ms. Cheney, you and these 9 other RINOs are on our short list of people we will Primary in 2022, and again in 2024 if we are unsuccessful in 2022! 

Trump’s America First supporters are not going away and will not rest until we eliminate the RINO Republican Party.  We will not support you financially, politically or otherwise.  You just cemented 75,000,000 people together with a common purpose of eliminating the Republican Party once and for all.  

We also have a list of Senators who will join your infamous list of RINO traitors.  Many are up for re-election in 2022 and 2024.  You never understood the Trump Movement as you thought of it as a cult following a leader.  NO! It is a Leader implementing the policies of his Constituents.  Does this sound familiar: “Government of the People, BY the People”?  (Ironically this was said by the First Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, in 1863) President Trump represents the Government, WE THE PEOPLE represent the people This is a foreign concept to you RINOs, and Democrats.  Not to us.  

When you Abandoned Trump, You Abandoned US!

RD Pierini



From A Democratic Republic Straight to Communistic Authoritarianism-Overnight!

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Authoritarianism Definition:  The enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.  Lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others.

Wow, and you were afraid of Socialist Bernie Sanders!  Biden has not even been sworn in and the iron hand of Communist oppression and censorship has darkened every corner of this great nation.  We went from AMERICA FIRST to RULING CLASS FIRST, and President Trump is still in office!  Socialism is not the worst part of Communism; Authoritarianism to achieve socialism and conformity is!

Constitutional Death-Our Bill of Rights

Free speech is not under assault, it is mortally wounded with no constitutional paramedics in sight!  Freedom of the press is rapidly fading into a distant memory of days gone by.  The press is now an arm of the oligarchy intended to propagandize the actions and dictates of the ruling class oligarchy.   Freedom of Religion has been reduced to attendance by fiat from Governors and so-called health officials.  Freedom to assemble peacefully is now being crushed unless you are protesting for causes approved by the Communist oligarchy.  Freedom to keep and bear arms will soon be disarmed and you will surrender or perish at the hands of the mobocracy and their jack-booted thugs.  Protection against unlawful search and seizure will be set aside for dissenters and they will be stripped of their property without judicial recourse.  That good old 5th amendment right guaranteeing your right to due process is gone forever to those who would dare confront the ruling class oligarchy.  And your right to legal council, a jury trial of your peers, and your right to confront your accusers has been whisked away by the common good crowd who can inflict unilateral justice at will.  The concept of cruel and unusual punishment will just be a slogan as the oligarchy will punish you into submission no matter what the method.  Whatever unenumerated rights you may have retained in the past, rights not explicitly spelled out in that now defunct US Constitution, have been taken back by the State.  Just to round out the total annihilation of our Bill of Rights, the rights retained by the States and the people over the Federal Government are now a quaint concept and those rights have been transferred to the ruling class oligarchy.  So much for our Bill of rights and we are still 12 days away from the new Communist Regime officially seizing power away from We the People…

How did this happen right under our noses?  How was a new government created without a shot being fired or a single free election being held?

The New US Communist Oligarchy successfully merged Big Deep State Government, Big Business, Big Tech, Big Media and Big Education to form an impenetrable Ruling Class elite who act in concert to subjugate the majority of US citizens without passing a single law or firing a single shot.  We just woke up on January 7th, 2021, and like magic, the Communist Oligarchy appeared and by this weekend it has silenced our duly elected President, crushed conservative free speech, abolished  campaign finance rights for conservatives, took over the free publishing of books, online articles, and public social platforms.  We are now blinded by propaganda, silenced by the oligarchy, deaf to those voices whom we support.  And it has only been 4 days!

In the 60’s and 70’s, the left infiltrated our education system from Kindergarten through graduate and post graduate education.  The concepts of communism and the benefits of a ruling class oligarchy was indoctrinated deeply into the minds of our youth.  The publishing media, in all forms, was taken over by a monolithic core of ideologues who were married to an all powerful, and unchecked Big Technology group of companies.  In the meantime, Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the Presidency created an all powerful, permanent bureaucracy who wields unchecked power over every facet of our lives.  And in 2020, this group of leftist oligarchs rigged a Presidential and Congressional election to give all political power to the Ruling Class’s Democrat Political Party.  The Never-Trump Republicans aided and abetted in this congealing of power into a Communist Oligarchy with military, economic and political power never before seen in the history of the world.


More to follow!  Next up, the merging of the Communistic Oligarchy with Pandemic Dictatorial Mandates!  Hint, masks and lockdowns are only the beginning!

RD Pierini


Can Mail Fraud Give “Joe Hiden” Biden Electoral College Victory?

Can Trump Maintain the Electoral College Win With Universal Mail-In Balloting?

2016 Electoral Map

Many Trump supporters are wringing their hands, biting their nails, drinking 2 bottles of wine per day, taking up smoking, or worse, over worry about the 2020 election outcome.  They are worried about the polls even though they are better than they were in 2016.  They are worried that the Democrats will steal the election through mail-in ballot fraud or worse. Many fear that the Russians, Chinese, Iranians or Martians are going to hack into our election systems and throw the election to Biden-Harris, or Harris-Biden!


3 Primary Factors Impacting Voters in 2020

  • China-Virus:
    • There is no doubt that the Left has put this pandemic front and center to there campaign.  Their Media is all in on the scare bombardment and to some degree it is effective, but mostly to their own base.  Yes, people in locked down blue States are pretty paranoid and may even think a low intelligence career politician could “fix” the pandemic.  Here is the good news, those people are in Blue States that Trump does not need to win.  In battleground States that Trump won in 2016 like Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, etc., Trump’s economic record and his stance on energy will keep voters away from Biden-Harris.  Further, Trump’s push for a return to normalcy is more endearing than one would think.  If you think we are in for a DARK WINTER, why vote at all!
  • Economy:
    • In Battleground States, especially those with Left-wing Governors and Mayors, the voters are fed up with the lockdowns and want to get back to work and get their kids back in school.  These voters know that they saw a $6,500 rise in their pay and another $2,500 benefit from cheap energy.  They have not forgotten that Trump delivered this to them, PERIOD.  What is Biden-Harris offering?  A DARK WINTER filled with tax increases, higher energy costs, increased unemployment, and a slowing of our economy.  The voters are smarter than to trust of 50 year career politician and a Left-wing progressive to bring back the economy.  According to a recent Pew poll, 79% of likely voters rated as a key issue.  According to Gallup, 56% of voters feel better off today, with the virus, than they did at the end of the Obama-Biden administration.
  • Safety:
    • Other than protection from the China-Virus, voters are worried about their physical safety on the streets, in their neighborhood, in their children’s schools, and in their place of work.  Mob violence is scary and the left has done nothing to lower the voter’s fears.  They see the left supporting or at the very least, not condemning Antifa and the Black Lives Matter organization.  The suburban women that the left tries to convince you hates Trump and his personality voted for Trump last time and will do so again.  He is the only voice decrying the violence and siding with our law enforcement.  Suburban women want someone besides a social worker on the phone when they call 911.  They saw the lack of pushback and law enforcement leadership in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC, New York City, St. Louis,  Kenosha, and elsewhere where rioting was allowed to spread freely.  They do not want this in their neighborhoods.

3 Left-Wing Positions 2020 Voters Do Not Care Much About

  • Packing the Supreme Court and Changing Our Judicial System:
    • This is a wet dream of the left and other than hard core leftist, the majority of the voters think these ideas are merely a power grab.  The Republicans did a very smart thing, albeit t risky, was to have hearings on the Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS nomination.  She knocked it out of the park and at a 75% rate the American People loved her.  They did not see the boggy man that Schumer and Co. tried to create.  If anything, these ideas may even turn off moderate Democrats and certainly independents  who see it as a political battle with no benefit to the public.  While people align ideologically with Justices who share their values, they do not think that revamping the courts to rebalance the courts is a wise idea.
  • Green New Deal/Eliminating Fossil Fuels:
    • Only hard core Global Warming advocates see this issue positively.  The 79% who view economic conditions as their top priority see this issue as lowering their standard of living with little offsetting benefit.  In a Pew poll, out of 12 items, Climate Change ranked 11th. Only 11% of Trump voters care at all about this issue contrasted with 68% of Biden-Harris voters. This is a left base issue only.  The left-wing thinks that the electorate has already forgotten the failed efforts by Obama-Biden to eliminate fossil fuels and build up renewable energy.  States like Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Wisconsin (supplies the sand needed for fracking), North and South Dakota, New Mexico and certainly Texas, view this idea as personally threatening.  Others, even in California, see this idea as one that would increase their personal  costs and lower their standard of living.  California is the poster child of this failed policy and not too many other states are lining up for rolling-Black-outs!
  • Healthcare:
    • 84% of Biden-Harris supports and 48% of Trump voters view this as a high priority.  The problem when discussing healthcare is not asking the real questions.  Is it an issue of insurance availability?  Is it an issue of insurance costs including deductibles?  Is it an issue of prescription drug costs? Is it an issue of hospital and clinic costs?  Is it an issue of pre-existing condition coverage?   And so on.  If it is the “Affordable Care Act”, aka Obamacare, were are only talking about 8.3 Million people who enrolled in 2020.  Not 20,000,000!  Quantifying others who do not have healthcare insurance coverage is difficult and even more so when determining how many voluntarily do not seek coverage.  44 million people are enrolled in Medicare; approximately 9 million Vets are enrolled in VA care; 180 million Americans have insurance through their employers; 68 million people are enrolled in Medicaid; 7 million people are enrolled in CHIP; and 8.3 million people are enrolled in Obamacare.  Assuming there are about 328 million people in the US that leaves about 12 million people unaccounted for.  Some of these may be unenrolled Vets, people voluntarily not covered, homeless who would otherwise be covered by Medicare, and so on.
    • So, what is the real healthcare issue?  Some is probably fear of the unknown.  Some is costs.  Some is out of pocket costs for deductibles and premiums. Some are prescription drug costs.  What is unclear is whether many are worried about not having an Obamacare replacement that is controlled by the government.  In the end, I doubt that the number of voters who say this is a high priority would place it higher than their personal economic status and safety for their family.

So, Where Do I Predict This All Adds Up To in Electoral College Votes?

My Map To a Trump 270+ Win

The map above is very conservative as it shoes that Trump LOSES Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Minnesota.  Trump won Pennsylvania and Michigan in 2016.  If Trump wins those two States he picks up another 36 votes which would put him at 310.  I also think he has a good chance of picking up New Mexico that relies heavily on Fracking as well as Colorado and Nevada.  If he does, this would add another 20 votes that would give him 330 electoral college votes.

How About Mail-In Ballots?

The majority of those ballots will be cast in coastal States such as California, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia and so on.  Trump was probably not going to win those anyway!  I excluded Pennsylvania and Michigan from Trump’s votes in my conservative estimate as the governors in these States will do all they can to sway the count.  I actually believe that Pennsylvania may cast enough votes for Trump that it won’t matter.  The same may hold true in Michigan.  Both Governor Witmer of Michigan and Wolf of Pennsylvania are deeply unpopular with their own electorate due to their lockdown punitive measures.

 In the end, the election will be dependent upon turnout.  Given the low enthusiasm for Biden and the high enthusiasm for Trump, Trump should have an edge.  This will be an ugly election just like the rest of 2020.  There will be lawsuits, riots, wild accusations and more but in the end Trump has a fighting chance now with Barrett on the Supreme Court.  If she was not on the court, lower courts would have more say as SCOTUS would have been deadlocked 4-4 at best.  At least now, reason in the high court should prevail…


RD Pierini

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4. Important issues in the 2020 election

Is the China-Virus On the Uptick in the US?

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Are we seeing an actual uptick in the China-Virus hospitalizations, deaths, and cases; or, are we suffering from “An 8 Day to Election Fear Campaign? If you listen to the main stream media (MSM) including Fox News, you may be getting “information” that is based on incongruous information. Many in the media are purposefully cherry picking data points to literally scare you back into your basement, like Biden. For purposes of this discussion, let’s use the latest CDC graph, as of October 22nd, for the China-Virus Activity Indicators.

National COVID-19 Activity Indicators:  Laboratory, Outpatient/Emergency Department, Hospitalization and Mortality Data

In order to understand what this graph represents and some of the numbers the talking heads on TV are regurgitating, it is important to understand first the definitions that the CDC uses. Many of the numbers you THINK you are hearing include NON-CHINA-VIRUS cases/illnesses/deaths. Also, even for deaths attributed to China-Virus keep in mind the overwhelming majority of the victims were NEVER autopsied and thus no actual cause of death was documented. That said, this article will ASSUME that all China-Virus cases/illnesses/deaths are real. The reader should keep in mind that we are currently in the 2020-2021 Flu Season!


It appears that the CDC is only including positive tests that isolate the China-Virus. It would be handy to see a statistic for the severity of the disease say 5 days following diagnosis. This type of data appears to be only available when using sample data by independent groups, many of which have their own agenda.

DEFINITION OF PIC (Needed to understand hospitalization and death calculations)

What is PIC? It is an acronym for PNEUMONIA, INFLUENZA AND COVID-19. Well, according to the CDC, it is defined as: “For COVIDView, the percentage of total deaths occurring in a given week that had pneumonia, influenza and/or COVID-19 (PIC) listed as a cause of death is calculated.”


The calculation of the Hospitalization Rate is based on the PIC number discussed above. So, when you see the hospitalization rate rise, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MANY ARE PATIENTS STRICKEN WITH PNEUMONIA OR THE SEASONAL FLU!


The CDC ASSUMES that some patients who die with pneumonia and influenza symptoms and diagnosis ARE NOT TESTED FOR COVID-19 and may have erroneously been EXCLUDED from the total COVID-19 death totals. I would argue the reverse, that many with pneumonia and influenza symptoms and diagnosis are actually just that, and NOT COVID-19 related. Since health practitioners get reimbursed 30% more for Covid-19 patients than regular flu patients, what is the likelihood that these patients were NOT tested! But, let’s go with the CDC.


The definition of CLI is “Covid-19 LIKE Illnesses.” The group who participate with the CDC to provided CLI data include emergency departments, urgent and ambulatory care centers, inpatient healthcare settings, and laboratories. This group is broader than the ILI group and is somewhat indicative of more severe cases but this is not actually qualified nor quantified. This category includes those who have been tested for the China-Virus and those with “Covid like symptoms.


The definition of ILI is “Influenza Like Illnesses.” Providers who participate in the ILINet OUTPATIENT program collect and report information about the level of influenza-like illness (ILI). This data point is by definition less inclusive and smaller than the CLI category. It is also impossible to know if an ILI case later became a CLI case. Also, the CLI providers that include emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, and similar facilities may be lowering the actual number of ILI cases. I recommend that you view both data points together as they somewhat have paralleled each other over time. The ILI number is not quite as volatile as the CLI number.

The Bottom Line!

Sorry for the statistical definition lesson but you need to be aware what may be included or excluded from data you hear on TV or read. The real bottom line is that the numbers you will be hearing regarding the number of cases of actual Covid-19 may increase on a daily basis over time. On October 1st, 2020, we tested 932,192 people for Covid-19. As of today, October 26th, we tested 1,153,040 people for Covid-19. That is a 24% increase in the number of people tested. See graph below.

The CDC itself states on their website that: “Nationally, the overall percentage of visits to outpatient providers or emergency departments (EDs) for influenza-like illness (ILI) or COVID-like illness (CLI) has been increasing slowly since mid-September and remained stable (change of ≤0.1%) in week 42 compared with week 41.So, even if you combine pneumonia, influenza and China-Virus cases, there is only a modest, slow increase in cases. This is also true if you just track the flu and pneumonia! At the same time, deaths are trending downward!

Hospitalization rates are flat to slightly increasing when including pneumonia, influenza and Covid. The CDC on their website states: “Since the week ending September 26 (MMWR week 39), overall weekly hospitalization rates have increased, driven primarily by an increase in rates among adults aged 50 years and older. Based on death certificate data, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia, influenza, or COVID-19 (PIC) for week 42 was 7.6% and, while declining, remains above the epidemic threshold. Hospitalization rates and PIC mortality for the most recent weeks are anticipated to increase as additional data are reported.

I would assume that when including pneumonia, influenza and Covid cases, that we will see a rise in the number of cases and hospitalizations during the 2020-2021 Flu Season. It is illogical to think otherwise. That said, unless this flu season is especially harsh, the number of deaths should continue downward as new therapeutics and vaccines for the China-Virus come online.

FOR SENIORS, MAKE SURE TO GET YOUR HIGH DOSE INFLUENZA VACCINE ASAP. This offers 4 times the antibodies as a regular flu shot.

So, politics and politicians will do what they do to scare us into submission. Wear a mask if you feel better but for sure follow safe hygiene practices. If you wear a mask, be sure to dispose of it after each use, then sanitize your hands and mouth area. If you use a reusable mask, sanitize it thoroughly between use. If it hangs on your rear view mirror between uses, good luck! You are better off not using one.

So, don’t let the politicians force you to believe that the pandemic is getting worse. In fact, for those of us who do not live in Blue States, we quite frankly don’t think about Covid unless we see y’all on TV all locked down and wearing a mask while you are driving alone in your car! The China-Virus can be deadly depending on your health, age and other conditions. But so can the Influenzas and certainly pneumonia.

RD Pierini


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Potus and the Mouse-A Life Saving Partnership

What Do They Have In Common? Both Took Experimental Covid-19 Fighting Regeneron Antibody Cocktail

When the President was flown to Walter Reed Hospital on Friday, most Americans felt a sense of dread and fear. Would the President Survive? With all of the turmoil in the country, what would happen if he did not survive? Any many more questions without answers…

But something no one predicted, was the unlikely partnership of the President with the lowly lab mouse. The most powerful man in the world and a humble lab mouse literally sharing a potentially life-saving Covid-19 cure, the Regeneron Antibody Cocktail! At the time, only 275 human test subjects had taken the cocktail. And, number 276 was the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

Surprised? I am not! President Trump has read thousands of pages of Covid related materials regarding vaccines, therapeutics, as well as the behavior of the virus itself. Risky? To be sure. But, the President had two objectives when he entered the hospital: One, to fully beat back the virus; Two, to use his infection to further the treatment of the virus for other Americans and others around the world. Per Dr. Conley, his personal physician, the President grilled the medical team on his condition, his treatments, and his prognosis. He was well aware that the cocktail was not approved yet by his own FDA but could be used under the President’s emergency use protocol under “Right to Try”. As of Friday, only 274 humans, and a few lab mice could attest as to the efficacy of this treatment.

Why the Regeneron Antibody Cocktail?: His medical team had planned all along to use another emergency use only drug, the broad spectrum antiviral drug Remdesivir, to stop the virus from replicating with his body. If the virus cannot replicate, it cannot spread. THIS DRUG IS ALSO AUTHORIZED ONLY FOR EMERGENCY USE FOR THE TREATMENT F COVID-19. Why then combine the Regeneron Cocktail with Remdesivir, both not approved for regular use by the FDA, in the President of the United States! Because the President approved the treatments! He knew that the Regeneron Cocktail may help to prevent the virus from attaching itself to the body while the Remdesivir would keep the virus from replicating. If the virus could not replicate and be prevented from invading vital organs, there was a good chance that this regimen could provide a game changer in preventing deaths from Covid-19.

While the main-stream media continues its relentless onslaught against President Trump, his Covid-19 infection and the resulting hospitalization may be a miracle if it spurs on the medical community to get behind this powerful anti-viral one-two punch and allow our most vulnerable Covid infected patients to receive this powerful combination.

Cost Effective? Remember, President Trump already paid many of these research and development companies 80% of their costs to develop these therapeutics. The result is that a 5 day regimen of Remdesivir is on $3,200. This is not high when you factor in the cost of hospitalization. If we can cut down a day or a few days of hospitalization per patient, this drug will quickly pay for itself. Same for the Regeneron Cocktail. If the President had not subsidized the development of these drugs, and the vaccines in trial now, we would not have them available today. There is simply too much risk for companies to invest in R&D for potential cures that may never come to market. This approach also pegs the costs for these cures for the government health programs and for private insurers.

So, the next time you spot a cute little mouse, say to yourself, “Thank you God for sending us these humble creatures so they can save the lives of our loved ones.”

RD Pierini


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US Postal Service-The Real Truth!

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“Oh my goodness, Donald Trump is ruining the Postal Service in order to disenfranchise voters”.  Every leftist on television, radio, ham radios, Congress and the all knowing Taylor Swift is spewing this untruth all the while withholding from you the fact that Donald J. Trump could not change any part of the operation of the USPS even if he wanted to!  There are only three bodies empowered to do so:

CONGRESS (Yes Nancy, You)

Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service

Postal Regulatory Commission


US Postal Service is an INDEPENDENT AGENCY OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH.  The Postmaster General does hold a cabinet post but the employees and the assets are considered CIVILIAN, and not governmental.

What is the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service?

The board is the governing body of the USPS, much like a board of directors for a private company but with the direct power to control the agency’s budget, expenditures, practices and procedures.  The United States Postmaster General actively manages its day-to-day operations PER THE DIRECTIVES OF THE BOARD, and not the President of the United States!

See the source image

So, how did the narrative that Trump was driving around in a one ton flatbed truck removing mail boxes to voters could not vote?

Gee, the Democrats and their Left Wing Propaganda machine, the MSM told you that was what was happening.  How about a few facts to straighten out this outright lie that was initiated by Tweddle Dee and Tweddle Dumb, Pelosi and Schumer:

They said:  “Alarmingly, the Postmaster General — a Trump mega-donor — has acted as an accomplice in the president’s campaign to cheat in the election, as he launches sweeping new operational changes that degrade delivery standards and delay the mail,”

  1. Pelosi and Schumer apparently forgot that President Trump has no operational authority over the operations of the USPS.  Only the USPS Board of Governors have the power to do so unless Congress, Pelosi and Schumer, passes legislation amending the powers of the Board and thus the USPS.
  2. President Trump does not even appoint the Postmaster General, the USPS Board does AND THE SENATE HAS THE POWER TO RATIFY THE APPOINTMENT.
  3. THE POSTAL REGULATORY COMMISSION was created by CONGRESS in 1970 to set rates, service levels and decides on postal closings, not the president.  Unless the President licks a stamp, sticks it on a letter, and mails it, he has little or nothing to do with the operations of the USPS.
  4. Who are the “Governors” on the USPS Board and how do they get on the board?  Board members are appointed by a president and confirmed by the United States Senate. No more than five of the nine governors may be from the same political party. 
  5. When President Trump came into office the USPS Board of Governors was pretty much inoperative like most of Obama’s agencies.  There were not even enough board members to form a quorum to hold a meeting.  In fact, in December of 2016, there were ZERO of a possible NINE appointed board members.  Ironically, IT WAS BERNIE SANDERS WHO WAS BLOCKING MULTIPLE NOMINATIONS TO THE BOARD!
  6. President Trump did nominate Robert Duncan, prior chairman to the RNC, to the USPS board as its chairman but his appointment was approved by Republicans and Democrats for the second time by an 89-0 vote in the Senate.
  7. Ron Bloom, appointed by Obama to serve as Assistant to the President (Obama) on Manufacturing Policy, was nominated by President Trump and confirmed by the United States Senate to serve on the Board of Governors.
  8. President Trump also does NOT appoint the USPS Inspector General, the USPS Board does and the Senate confirms. The current I.G. is Tammy Whitcomb.
  9. Even  the Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), Robert Taub, was appointed by President Obama in 2016!
  10. Remember, it is the Postal Regulatory Commission’s Office of Compliance and Accountability “that it is an independent body, lead by an Obama appointee ,confirmed by the Senate who makes the postal changes in question.”, THAT PELOSI, SCHUMER AND THE LEFT WING WHACKOS ARE BLAMING TRUMP AND THE NEW, APPOINTED TWO MONTHS AGO, POSTMASTER GENERAL  FOR!
  11. If the Pelosi, Schumer and the radical left has a problem with the Postal Service, they have to blame the USPS Board of Governors and the Postal Rate Commission and Congress. Not PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Obama, and the USPS Service Changes.

  1. In 2016, the USPS IG reported that 12,000 blue mail boxes had been removed from service and not replaced in the past 5 years!  The IG went on to explain that, “the Postal Service has eliminated underused collection boxes that on average receive fewer than 25 pieces a day.
  2. As the IG said in his report: “It is important to note that anyone with a residential or business mailbox can use it as a vehicle to send outgoing mail.”  So, there are 142,000,000 collection points serviced 6 days a week, all of which can be used as a very convenient replacement for the Blue Postal Box on the corner!

Federal Election Control

See the source image


Constitutionally, State elections are administered by counties and certified by the State.  You really want to know how whacked Pelosi really is?


Aren’t Politics Just Grand!


RD Pierini



US Constitution: Article I, Section 8, Clause 7:

Congress has the power to:   “To establish Post Offices and Post Roads.” 


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Middle East Peace, United Arab Emirates/Israel “Abraham Accord”

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Note:  On November 7th, 2017, we wrote an article entitled: “Trump Middle East; Terrorism Doctrine-Saudi Arabia at the Core”, Link:  The article laid out then President Trump’s vision and roadmap to achieve Middle East peace.  Trump’s first diplomatic foray into the fray was his meeting with 50 Muslim nations in Saudi Arabia in May of 2017.  This began a 3 year and 6 month round of negotiations to bring the Muslim nations to recognize the need to join with Israel on investments, tourism, direct flights, security, telecommunications, technology, energy, healthcare, culture, the environment, the establishment of reciprocal embassies.

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Since President Trump’s election, he has never lost focus on that vision that was actually formed by citizen Trump over 20 years ago.  The current US, UAE, Israel “Abraham Accord,” paves the way to achieve peace in the Middle East under the paternal moniker of Abraham, the father of the three great faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


President Trump Opens the Door to Middle East Peace:

President Trump unveiled the Abraham Accord on Thursday, August 13th, 2020 by stating: “The action would be known as the “Abraham Accord,” named for the “father of all three great faiths.” (Judaism, Christianity and Islam)  Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman added, “No person (Abraham) better symbolizes the potential for unity of these three great faiths,.”  

See the source image

Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael

Religious Core:  To underscore the religious cornerstone of this agreement was an historic agreement to open access to the Islamic landmark, the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. (shown below)  Muslims will now be allowed to fly directly from the UAE to Israel and have access to the third holiest Muslim site.  Israelis will also be able to travel directly to the UAE as well.  

See the source image

Future of the Abraham Accord:  The significance of the name, the Abraham Accord, is that it represents a conduit to ALL Islamic countries to join and open relations with Israel.  Make no mistake, the Muslim Countries that will embrace this accord in the near term will be the Sunni Muslim nations.  Shia Muslims, led by Iran, will resist any efforts to normalize relations with Israel.  Iran has already condemned this agreement and will not go down easily in this fight.  Same is true for the Palestinians who are virtually wholly reliant on external support to maintain its existence.  Obviously, the Palestinians and the Israelis are the core of the lack of Middle Eastern peace.  

The importance of this accord cannot be overstated.  The potential for this accord to morph into a lasting framework for Middle Ease peace is for the first time since 1948, huge.  Why?  President Trump changed the game in the Middle East before he began lobbying for peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.  How did he change the dynamics in the Middle East?

  1. His first major diplomatic trip was to Saudi Arabia in May of 2017 to meet with 50 Arab leaders to get them to think about and agree to stopping their support for Radical Islamic Terrorism.  This was coupled with Saudi Arabia and Israel to agree to allow President Trump to fly directly from Saudi Arabia to Israel, which was heretofore prohibited!  He also got the parties to agree to begin to stop all of their nations support for terrorists.  And finally, he got them to agree to set up a permanent framework to control terrorism and to work together on the bigger Middle East peace problem.
  2. On May 8th, 2018, President Trump pulled the US out of the Iranian Nuclear agreement, the JCPOA, and began a series of crippling sanctions and other actions against Iran.  The goal was to strip all funding from Iran possible in order to choke off their funding of terrorism throughout the world.  Second t was to cut off funds needed by Iran to step up their nuclear weapon development.  Third, and most importantly, this action was intended to show to the Sunni Arab world that the US was again their friend, and, their economic and military partner in fighting Iran’s Middle East destabilization program.
  3. The next two and a half years were spent sending envoys throughout the Middle East discussing visions for developing a Middle East Peace Plan.  Jarod Kushner, Trump Senior Advisor and Son-In-Law led this daunting task.  Ironically, Jarod, and his wife Ivanka, Trump’s daughter, are practicing Jews.  Having a person of the Jewish faith as a lead negotiator with Muslims is telling when trying to understand Trump’s negotiating talents!
  4. The Trump/Kushner diplomatic efforts culminated in the document entitled “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People”, unveiled on January 28, 2020.  (Keep in context that Trump was also dealing with the early onset of the Coronavirus as well as his own impeachment by the Democrat party!)  This agreement was not intended to appease the Palestinians but rather to give them a vision of a prosperous Palestine living in peace.  There were no real concessions in terms of land like prior proposals.  The unveiling was attended on by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with no Palestinian representation.  If you do not understand why Trump orchestrated the unveiling in this matter I would encourage you to read his “Art of the Deal”.
  5. Following the unveiling of the Peace plan in early 2020, Kushner and company went back on the road to lobby Middle Eastern Leaders to normalize relations with Israel under the banner of the peace plan.  Everyone thought that Saudi Arabia would be the one to take the lead but their support was already tacitly given.  The team needed a leader in the Middle East that would represent strength and demonstrate to the others in the region that this plan was real and that it needed to happen.  The United Arab Emirates, led by Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed (MBZ), was the perfect suiter as the UAE is one of the economic and technological  leaders in the world.  Keep in mind, Trump/Kushner can now use Sunni allies, like the UAE,  to pressure the region to join the peach plan and allow the US to remain in the background while the ultimate goals are accomplished.

With the UAE joining Egypt and Jordan in recognizing Israel, it is almost a sure bet that the other16 Muslim nations that have boycotted Israel will follow suit to one degree or another.   When this happens, there is only one last hurdle to jump over to achieve Trump’s peace plan for the Middle East, the Palestinians.

So, where does that leave the Palestinians?

See the source image

The Palestinian “State” has never been able to sustain itself economically and has had to rely on outside contributions by neighboring states to survive.  There really isn’t a real war between Israel and the Palestinians but rather a series of proxy wars against Israel, first by Egypt, and now via Iranian backed mercenaries.  The Palestinians themselves are not a military threat without arms from Iran and cash from their neighbors to survive. 

The biggest problem with the Palestinians accepting any peace plan with Israel is cultural.  The Palestinian leadership has long indoctrinated their youth that Israel was the devil himself and did not deserve to exist.  Bridging this divide will be challenging. 

But, if the Palestinian’s neighbors stop sending cash, that will leave only Iran to prop up the weak Palestinian  government.  Remember, Iran is Shia Muslim, the Palestinians are predominantly Sunni Muslims, like those who are now embracing the Trump Peace Plan.  The cultural differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims are real and Iran’s stated goal is to rule over the Sunni nations in the Middle East.  So, if the Sunni nation pressure the Palestinians to sit down and come to an agreement with the Israelis, based on the Trump outline, it is doubtful that they will be able to resist.  Make no mistake, Iran and its proxies will attempt to sabotage these efforts in any way they can.  But, Trump has all but crippled the Iranian economy and will unveil even more restrictions on those who attempt to help Iran financially or militarily next week.  

Will Russia or China Intervene?

Probably not.  If the Sunni Arab nations are united, they virtually control the bulk of the Middle East oil.  China can ill afford to cross this coalitions and take the side of Iran who has been very limited in its ability to export oil out of Iran.  Russia has to be pragmatic in that its economy is only the size of that of the State of Texas.  Russia would not waste any of its limited cash to start a fight with a solid Sunni Arab coalition.  Besides, President Trump has made it very clear that with the US being the dominate world oil producer, we could literally price Russia out of the oil market.  Russia’s oil exports are 75% of Russia’s total exports so any loss in this revenue stream would be devastating.

So, in the upcoming months, some prior to the November 3rd, 2020 election, some other Sunni Middle East nations will join with the UAE, Egypt and Jordan in establishing normal relations with Israel.  The more nations that come on board, the harder it will be for the Palestinian leadership to resist accepting a peace agreement with Israel.  It remains to be seen how much behind the scenes pressure will be exerted on the Palestinians and how effective it will be.  The good news is that this pressure will be exerted by Sunni Arabs and not by the US!  

The Palestinians have seen the Trump Peace Plan and know it does not give them any land concessions but does provide them with a promising economic future.  If this message can get through to the everyday Palestinian, perhaps they will rise up against their radical leadership and sit down and plan out a real future for the Palestinian people…

RD Pierini


Hat Tips:

Israel-UAE Peace Agreement Is Proof Trump’s Middle East Policy Is Working

Trump Vs The Swamp! TikTok-Facebook-Microsoft-Big Pharma-Kodak

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Did you miss Trump’s pulling the swamp plug on the Real Swamp, China, The Social Media Deep State, and Big Pharma this past week?  

Well, if you missed it, you missed a show of pure genius.  Without breaking a sweat,

  • Trump castrated the Chinese market value of TikTok;
  • Eliminated the security threat posed by the Chinese TikTok app; 
  • Prevented Google and Facebook from acquiring TikTok and handed it to Microsoft on a silver platter;
  • Killed the national security threat posed by TikTok without ticking off millions of our kids and grandkids who LOVE TikTok!
  • Created a new competitor for China and Big Pharma by sanctioning Kodak as a new manufacturer for drug ingredients;

TikTok Market Value:

Image result for tiktok logo

The “street” value of TikTok, is owned by Chinese based Bytedance Ltd. has been placed at $5 Billion, $15 Billion and $50 Billion.  US TikTok users make up 10% of its 800 million users, for a total of 80 million users,  President Trump has said that TikTok would be banned in the US, and probably in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, if the app was not sold to Microsoft within 45 days! 

So, either Bytedance Ltd. agrees to whatever price Microsoft is willing to pay for TikTok, or Trump bans the product in the US and the value of the app tanks!  You may ask, how about Facebook or Google buying TikTok.  Trump has made it clear that they are not potential buyers that would survive the ban.  Both companies are huge anti-trust lawsuit candidates if they were to acquire TikTok.  Facebook already owns Instagram that is a direct competitor to TikTok.

So, Microsoft has been handed a golden opportunity to acquire TikTok at a bargain price.  All it has to do is keep the user data housed in the US and not shared with any foreign entity.  

Elimination of Chinese National Security Threat Via TikTok:

China is a big loser as by Chinese “National Intelligence Law”, Bytedance Ltd./TikTok has to share user data with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  This not only includes videos but location data, facial recognition data, personal information and all other information currently collected by the app.  Today, the CCP has access to 25% of the total US Population’s TikTok data!  There are NO limits as to what they can and will do with this data.  They can push Anti-Trump propaganda to our citizens, push anti-US propaganda to our citizens, and target specific families and individuals with ads or even physical actions with this data. 

As you have seen, Social Media apps like TikTok are overwhelmingly powerful in pushing propaganda and stifling Free Speech.  It is bad enough to put up with this by Google, Facebook and Twitter but to allow the CCP to have the same access is idiotic and national suicide.  Canada, Australia and New Zealand will follow our lead as will many in the EU ultimately.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin stated Sunday:  “I will say publicly that the entire committee agrees that TikTok cannot stay in the current format, because it risks sending back (to China) information on a hundred million Americans.” 

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo chimed in on Sunday by saying “..and so he (Trump) will take action in the coming days with respect to a broad array of national security risks that are presented by software (TikTok) connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump himself stated:   “as far as TikTok is considered, we’re banning them from the United States. … Well, I have that authority. I can do it with an executive order or that [emergency economic powers].”

Block Google, Facebook or Twitter from Acquiring TikTok:

Google, Facebook and Twitter have all but declared war on not only President Trump but on the US politically.  They stand hard with the Left in this country and are actively pushing leftist propaganda while curtailing Free Speech of thousands if not millions of US citizens.  They literally have no real competitors in terms of user base nor ad space revenue.  If TikTok were to be allowed to be taken over by one of these companies, it would merely further their current user monopoly in social media.  Facebook already owns the TikTok competitor, Instagram. 

If one of these companies actually did try to buy TikTok, the Justice Department would have to deny the sale via anti-trust statutes.  President Trump has virtually sidelined these companies by only holding the ban for a period of time to allow Microsoft to negotiate the sale with TikTok.  Even they should be able to see the handwriting on the wall which indicates that the Trump Administration would put up anti-trust roadblocks to their efforts to acquire TikTok.

Killed Chinese TikTok Ownership Without Alienating 80,000,000 American TikTok Users:

President Trump is not suicidal and recognized that he would need to keep TikTok on the market while eliminating its national security threat.  (Probably all of his grandkids are on TikTok or would like to be!)  The proposed ban coupled with a last minute announcement of a possible bid from Microsoft threaded this needle.  Can Microsoft make the deal?  Can the “Art of the Deal” man himself make this deal happen?  My bet is on Yes he can, and yes it will happen.

China and Big Pharma Now Faced With Kodak as Their New Pharmaceutical Competitor:

See the source image

The Coronavirus has highlighted the need for the US to move away from Chinese supply chains, especially for prescription and over-the-counter drugs purchased by US consumers.  The outsourcing of these drugs by Big Pharma, done with the approval and support of prior Administrations, the US Chamber of Commerce, and Big Pharma supporters in Congress, has literally put us on our knees begging China to be nice to us and send us drugs!  During the pandemic, not only did the Chinese Communist send us the virus, but they threatened to cut off our supply of PPE and pharmaceuticals!  We are literally at their mercy for the vast majority of ingredients for our drugs as well as for the finished drug products.  Big Pharma has gone along with this outsourcing  and benefitted from really dumb US laws allowing Big Pharma to charge US citizens higher drug prices than offered to other nations, including Canada. 

President Trump, using the Defense Production Act, shocked the nation and world last week by loaning the Kodak company $765,000,000 to retool their operations in Rochester, New York and St. Paul, Minnesota to produce needed pharmaceuticals as a start to breaking down our dependence on Chinese pharmaceuticals.  The Kodak Executive Chairman, Jim Continenza stated:  “By leveraging our vast infrastructure, deep expertise in chemicals manufacturing, and heritage of innovation and quality, Kodak will play a critical role in the return of a reliable American pharmaceutical supply chain,”

Ironically, or maybe not, one of the drugs that will be produced is the malaria/Lupus drug, Hydroxychloroquine!  Per the New York Post: “Kodak’s loan from the US International Development Finance Corporation will directly support 360 jobs, indirectly support 1,200 others, and help the company expand its existing facilities in Rochester, New York and St. Paul, Minnesota.”

So, with one fell swoop, President Trump saved an iconic American Company, Kodak; Fired a shot across the Chinese supply chain bow; and sent a message to big Pharma that he is serious about moving the pharmaceutical supply chain back to the us, WITH OR WITHOUT BIG PHARMA!  Remember, this is the same week that Trump signed EOs that will drive down prescription drug cost for Americans and thoroughly ticked off Big Pharma.

Even though I have followed all of the machinations of this President as he has knocked down barriers, eliminated road blocks, and successfully fought off scores of lawsuits in order to overturn decades of left-wing hegemony over this country, I was surprised and amused by how he structed the TikTok and Kodak deals to poke his thumb in China’s eye; flip off Google, Facebook and Twitter; and show Big Pharma that they are not the master of their own universe any longer in taking advantage of the American people. 

When President Trump leaves office, he has many new chapters to add to his “Art of the Deal”!

RD Pierini


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Kids Eat Dirt! Masks Make Parents Feel Better But Kids Will Survive Without Them!

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To open schools or not to open schools?  To make kids wear masks or don’t make them wear masks?  To build Plexiglas barriers around kids in class or leave them in the open?  Keep kids in classrooms 6′ apart or stay with the traditional classroom configurations?




I am not going to get into a “wee-wee” contest over statistics involving this disease and its impact on children.  I will state that NO CHILDREN, AGES 0-15, HAVE DIED FROM CORONAVIRUS IN CALIFORNIA, WHILE 133 DIED THIS YEAR FROM THE SEASONAL FLU.  There are also tons of data suggesting that children are “poor” .carriers of the disease and if they do become ill their symptoms range from asymptomatic to mild.

Teachers are a different story and can be impacted more severely than children depending upon their age and level of co-morbidity.  

Across all schools, 15.1% of teachers were under age 30; 55.7% were ages 30 to 49; 11.6% were 50 to 54; and 17.6% were 55 or older.  If a teacher has a serious co-morbidity, or is 55 or older, perhaps they should not be in classrooms unless masked, face shielded and gloved.  Better yet, find something else for them to do or have them do “recorded guest lecture” types of teaching.  

There are overwhelming stories and statistics on the benefits of children being in school and mingling with teachers and other children.  The mental and physical health risks to children not attending in class schooling are well documented and far outweigh the risk of classroom virus exposure.

Should we take this opportunity to teach kids about hygiene and sound disease prevention lifestyle choice?  Absolutely.  But in the end, we are talking about kids.  Kids eat dirt!  Kids hug each other. Kids wrestle with each other. And yes, during seasonal flu months, kids are little flu incubators who spread the flu to many adults. 

The Coronavirus is different.  In adults, it over activates our strong immune systems and causes extreme respiratory distress.  In children, who have underdeveloped immune systems for colds and the flu, which is why they catch everything that comes around, the Coronavirus cannot over activate an immune response that is lethal to the child.  

See the source image

Use Common Sense that is seemingly non-existent in our politicians and media today.  Open your schools this fall by:

  1. Create a facilities sanitation plan to disinfect the facilities every day.
  2. Inventory your teachers and assess their propensity for becoming infected and any morbidity potential due to lifestyle or comorbidity.
    1. For at risk teachers, created a tiered schematic for using PPE including eye protection, and levels of interaction with children and parents.  (Masks do not protect anyone from infections that enter through the porous eye membrane. ) 
    2. All teachers should wear N95 or better masks, gloves and eye protection.
  3.  Inventory your students and assess their propensity for becoming infected and any morbidity potential due to lifestyle or comorbidity.
  4. Train teachers and students on sanitizing techniques for their work and common areas.
  5. I would caution against having children wear masks.  The majority of adults who wear masks today have no idea how to sanitize them or how to use them..  They set them down on potentially infected surfaces; never properly clean them; pass them back and forth to their spouses or other family; and touch the inside and outside of their masks all of the time transferring germs and other goodies to areas of the mask that contact their mouths and noses.  Kids will do the same and worse!  Plus, none of our esteemed experts have told you to cover your eyes which is another source of viral infiltration!  Trying to get kids to PROPERLY wear masks and eye coverings is counterproductive for the average, healthy child in school.
  6. Teach children good hygiene practices when using the rest rooms, and gyms if applicable.  (This will probably only be marginally effective)
  7. Cafeterias should be open with heightened levels of disinfecting and hygiene.  Cafeteria and other classified staff should wear PPE when around children and common facilities.  If feasible, schools should install UV lighting in classrooms and common areas that can be used to kill lingering virus when the rooms are vacant.
  8. If School Buses are used, they should be subjected to daily sanitation routines and the drivers be subject to similar PPE usage as teachers and other staff.  

There are more that you could include but don’t get too crazy.  And here is a novel idea, maybe we should keep up some of these practices every year and help prevent 70,000 US citizens from dying from the seasonal flu every year!

RD Pierini



The Left’s Uncontrollable March to Defeat The Great American Experiment In Freedom and Equality

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In our last article, “The Left’s Last Stand to Defeat The Great American Experiment In Freedom and Equality”, we postulated that:

The only way the left can overcome the American Constitutional Republic is by destroying the fabric of its foundation.  In other words, destroy its base of law and order through division, class hatred, race hatred and ultimately anarchy.  Once the foundational pillars are gone, the globalist left can come in and the people will acquiesce to the rule of this oligarchy in order to restore some semblance of law and order. “

While we stand by this statement, we also believe that the Political and Media arm of the leftist movement has passed the center of gravity in inciting insurrection and are now unable to control the deep dive of the followers of the left into the abyss of anarchy!  In other words, the Political and Media arms of the left have been so successful in demonizing President Trump that the sheer inertia of the leftist anarchy movement may drive it to a coup d’état or a cultural/political revolution.  Sound far fetched, this word has been used lately in almost a dozen articles printed in leftist publications and parroted on cable channels.  

Coup d’état versus a Revolution:  You may have noticed that I used both the word coup d’état and revolution.  They are different phenomena with quite different outcomes.  A coup d’état is like a revolution in that they can be driven by a popular uprising, but a coup is usually enacted by a few individuals  A coup d’état is usually followed by military rule, at least in the interim.  It is  a change in leadership and not necessarily a cultural and political change.  Existing structures and governing apparatus remain under different leadership.  A revolution is usually accomplished by an overwhelming number of people with the goal to fundamentally change the structure of the nation as well as its leadership.   Think of a revolution as throwing the baby out with the bath water!

The Two Donald Trump’s:  Many Americans only knew the Donald Trump who was the larger than life New York sky scraper builder and part of the New York social elite.  His television show, “The Apprentice”, made him a household name and arguably one of the most recognizable characters in the World.  What many Americans did not know, was that this larger than life character had very specific, principled views on foreign policy, economics, taxation, government, the use of the military, and every other aspect of the role of the US in the world in the current century.  Donald Trump wrote several books that chronicled his beliefs in black and white and the Left certainly knew and understood who Donald Trump was, his views, and his absolute threat to their ideology and more importantly, their 100 year to war to defeat the Great American Experiment.  To use a very overused word, Donald Trump was an existential threat to the Leftist movement in the modern world.

See the source image

So, when Donald and Melania Trump came down the golden escalator in June 16, 2015, the Left began their campaign to take out Donald Trump, the candidate, then the President.  At first they chuckled about him not being a serious candidate but behind the scenes, the Obama Administration, including the Justice Department, FBI and the Intelligence services, began to surveil his candidacy and “create” fictitious operation research that they could use against him.  During the ensuing months leading up to the election, the Left and their lap dogs in the media threw the Democrat playbook at Trump with no avail.  The more they denigrated him, the more popular he became.  “America First” and “Make America Great Again” resonated with conservatives, some Democrats, blue-collar workers, and most importantly with many in the minority communities.   

See the source image

Trump had struck a cord with the American People that could not be extinguished by Leftist mudslinging using sex, money, and finally race.  The Left’s creation of the Russia Hoax is now pretty widely understood and I will not go into that here,  Suffice it to say, this Leftist smear campaign against Donald Trump the Candidate, then Donald Trump the President, resonated with Leftist hate groups, race baiters, and philosophically opposed factions to the point where the majority of the Democrat party actually believed every untruthful allegation against Trump to be true.  The hard Left groups knew that Trump would undo what had taken them 100 years to accomplish in the US and around the world and they knew they could not allow him to succeed.  The hard Left also had allies in the Neo-Con “conservative” community who would do anything to maintain their hegemony over our foreign policy and foreign trade levers of power.  Globalism to the Left and the Right was a religion that had to be maintained and protected and this “Orange” person threatened their kingdoms.

Fast forward to today when Trump has completely ripped up almost every bad Globalist trade deal for his new reciprocal trade deal format; ejected he US out of the Left wing Paris Climate Accord; Defunded US funding of abortion overseas; Pulled our troops out of Syria and Iran for the most part and working on pulling them out of Afghanistan;  Moved our Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; Torn up the US/Iran agreement and placed harsh sanctions on the Iranian regime; Defeated ISIS in Syria; Forced Europe to pay their share of NATO; and so on.  All of these reversals struck at the heart of the Leftist global agenda. 

But he did not stop overseas, Trump is providing School Choice to minority students who have been confined to failing public schools; Created Opportunity Zones to uplift the inner-cities and create jobs for historically unemployed minorities; provided long-term funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities; Provided increased child care support for families; Drastically revamping the healthcare systems that service the impoverished areas;  Enacted long overdue Criminal Justice and Prison reform that benefitted the Black community the most; Brought millions of jobs to the US via tax cuts, regulation cuts, incentives to manufacturers and more.  In short, in 3 years Trump’s domestic policies generated the lowest unemployment and raised income levels for all minorities; Raised the incomes for most minorities to historic levels; and created a business environment where Blacks and Hispanics opened more new business than at anytime in our history; and much more.  

Chinese Virus:  The onset of the Chinese Virus gave the Left another tool to use against Trump.  But their hand is pretty weak trying to blame Trump for the impacts on our economy as a result of this Pandemic.  While Trump was stopping travel into the US from China in January, the Radical Political Left was impeaching President Trump!  But, the Left saw how easy it was to use the Pandemic to tear up the Constitution and Bill of Rights!  Even today, the curtailment of free peaceful assembly, free speech, and freedom of religion is still being curtailed by leftist governors and mayors around the country.  The Left also sees the use of continued, unsubstantiated “lock-downs” as a way to stop the economic recovery that is underway in the hopes that they can blame Trump for a slow recovery!  Sick People! 

Make no mistake, the Left is taking notes how to strip you of your rights in the event they are able to seize power, peacefully or not!

Trump’s popularity in minority communities scares the living hell out of the progressive Left to the point that supporting anarchy via Antifa and specifically Black Lives Matters is the last trump card the Left has to play, and play they are!

So, today, June 15, 2020, we have part of Seattle, including a police precinct, was taken over by Black Lives Matter and Antifa; Many major Left controlled cities in the US are calling for the defunding of the police or at a minimum cutting police budgets down to levels that will invite lawlessness; Riots spring up every time a police officer is involved with a shooting of a Black person; Calls for emasculating police power and force to the point of ridiculousness; and the Left’s media is flaming the fires 24-7.

See the source image

It is so bad at this point there was a Fox reporter, Jonathon Hunt, on scene in Seattle stating that President Trump was wrong about the insurrection in Seattle and that the “protest” was 99.9% peaceful.  What a complete idiot and dupe of the Left, thank you Fox News!  By its very nature, an armed takeover of parts of an incorporated city, and the private property contained therein, and the citizens who work and reside within its confines, is insurrection and can in no way be construed as “PEACEFUL”.  Is this really where we are today in “journalism?  Are members of this self-proclaimed elite class that ignorant?  Or are they part and parcel of the Left Push to Defeat the Great American Experiment!  I think the latter.

A Bridge Too Far

A bridge too far has to come to mean an act or plan whose ambition overreaches its capability, resulting in or potentially leading to difficulty or failure.  While “A Bridge Too Far” was a quote that came our of a discussion of a WWII plan by the allies to isolate the Nazis by taking out all of the bridges in the Netherlands, the plan failed as they did not take out one at Amhem.  The Left is finding themselves in much the same predicament as the Allies.  The Left’s plan was to take out Trump and take back power by any means necessary short of a revolution or a coup d’état, 

But, Where is the “OFF” Button for Anarchy!

Do you really think that if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer stood up and told Antifa, Black Lives Matters and all of the protestors and rioters to go home and chill out that they would obey them!  Get Real!  The political leaders in Democrat Party are now powerless to control their self-created mob.  The Left Media is now in full control shouting orders to these groups and directing their next moves by innuendo.  The mob has tasted blood and they believe that the majority of Americans either stand with them or are afraid of them.  

The anarchist are calling the shots and their enablers in the Left wing media and the leftist controlled states and cities are aiding and abetting their every move.  Congress is even complicit in their hand-wringing and endless apologies for all of the country’s past wrongs even though no one can articulate them in a coherent manner.  Congress, both sides of the aisle, are frantically trying to out legislate the other to appease the mob.  MOBS CANNOT BE APPEASED WITH LOGIC OR RHETORIC.  It has been tried and it does not work.

See the source image

Well, you could argue that the Off Button is the Federal Military and the National Guard if the President Federalizes the guard under Title 10 or Title 32 of the US code.  He could further activate all of the provisions of the INSURRECTION ACT of 1807!  This law provides:

“Empowers the President of the United States to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion.  The act provides the “major exception” to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which limits the use of military personnel under federal command for law enforcement purposes within the United States. Before invoking the powers under the Act, 10 USC § 254 requires the President to first publish a proclamation ordering the insurgents to disperse.”

The Left knows that the President has this power and that this power has been used over 20 times by both Republican and Democrat Presidents, that last being George H.W. Bush in 1992 to quell the riots in Los Angeles.  1992 only impacted one city, Los Angeles,  The current insurrection is impacting dozens of major cities across the US.  So, the Left and its Media is portraying Trump as a dictator if he tries to quell this current wide-spread insurrection.  Also, the Leftist Mayors and Governors are dragging their feet in taking charge so they can force Trump to act!  God forbid one of the mob is killed by the military as this will be blown out of proportion and make the Kent State shootings seem small.

Where Will the Military Be?

See the source image

Lately, you have seen several retired military Generals and even our Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff state that Trump is violating the US Constitution by some of his acts or planned acts.  Of course, none of these brave soldiers name any of the specific of these alleged violations.  But it begs the question, if the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, enacts the Insurrection Act, and Federalizes the National Guard and the Active Service Military, would the Pentagon resist?  If they refused to deploy troops, this is the first step towards a coup d’état!  How far would they go?  If both houses Congress did not support the President and publicly ask the military to remove the President, would they do so?  Would the Military tell Congress they had to impeach the President rather than unconstitutionally remove the President from Office?  IF the President is impeached, would VP Pence be “ALLOWED” to succeed him or would the Military and Congress name their own President?  Seem far fetched?  Today seems far fetched!

Revolution Instead?

Antifa and Black Lives Matter today are not strong enough nor organized enough to fend off the weight and military strength of the US Military.  But, they could certainly loot, burn, maim, and kill indiscriminately before they are subdued.  The impact on our cities, our citizens, and our immediate future would be grim to say the least.  If the President deploys the Military around this nation, there will no doubt be violent actions and reactions.  No doubt some will be killed, maybe on both sides.  One thing for sure, the Left and its Media and the Democrats will blame President Trump in order to try to use it to defeat him in November.  

The Law of Lawlessness

See the source image

President Trump is in a Catch-22.  If he does nothing, the lame left wing Mayors and Governors will sit back and let the violence continue.  Eventually, President Trump will have to act and act decisively.  The less decisive, the more casualties.  It will have to be a swift, well coordinated effort followed by strict marshal law with strictly enforced curfews until emotions abate.  It will be a sad day in America but better than allowing this to continue until we see Red States and Blue States enjoining in battle!  We went through this once and a repeat of the American Civil War is not something any of us wish to consider.

We pray for this current upheaval to abate organically.  But, if it does not, then there is only one option and it cannot be postponed too long…

RD Pierini