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Identity Politics-Where Do You Stand in the Quicksand of Left-Wing Identity Politics


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Many of us conservatives are perplexed by the Progressive-Left-Democrat-Media outrage matrix of assigning virtue and iniquity to those who violate their code of Identity Politics (IP).  I used to think that being Black would make you a shoe-in to be at the IP apex.  Then the Kevin Hart/Oscars virtue shaming took place and I realized that being Black alone would not shield you from IP.  If you are Black and you slam someone in the LGBTQ community, you lose enough merits to be kicked out of the temple of IP, the Oscars.

I am safely ensconced as a non-protected, white-male (even though I am Italian and probably have more Moorish blood in me than Pocahontas has Cherokee blood), straight, evangelical, NRA supporting, white privileged, pro-life, Trump supporter!  I have been told by everyone on the Progressive-left that I have no value to society, except paying taxes to support their progressive causes, and have no say politically, socially or morally.  In short, I am the only person in this nation who truly knows his place and will never have to worry about violating IP virtue signaling!  

But, is There a logic to the Progressive-Left Identify Politics Matrix/Hierarchy?

So I searched and searched to find the definitive guide to Progressive-Left, liberal IP assignment logic.  I finally found it!

There is no logic!  It is whatever the Progressive-Left wants it to be in any given circumstances!

All you need to understand, heaven help you, is that anyone can be anyone, any thing, any race, any gender, any religion, and any sexual orientation they want at any given moment!  I further discovered that the IP gods reside in cyber-space in cubicles called Twitter and Facebook.  No matter if you are Black, Brown, Beige, Yellow, Green, Gay, Trans, Bi, Male, Female (or adopted a gender/pronoun), have hormone levels that are not equal to your gender, pro-choice including infanticide, or identify any other way except White, male and conservative, then you are subject to Virtue Shaming any time you make a derogatory statement, gesture, or joke about any other IP protected species.  If you are an illegal immigrant, non-English speaking preferably, than you may move up the IP priority pole and overtake other groups.

Here are some guidelines, but you cannot rely on them as the IP gods can revamp their matrix on a moments notice!  (Assumes the White, Straight and Conservative status  is irrelevant)

  • No matter your race, do not slam any member of the LBGTQ, or their activities or preferences.
  • No matter your race, do not slam any member of the Islamic faith.  White Catholics are preferred targets, and evangelists with large hair cuts are also easy targets.
  • No matter your race, if you are male, assume you are lower than any other gender/identity, especially if anyone in those alternative gender/identity groups happen to be members in the LGBTQ club or Muslim.  (The only reason to be a non-white male, gender identified as a female, is to run in track meets and participate in body building contests against biologically female competitors!)
  • No matter your race, if you are a non-white, male transitioning to a female so you can be a lesbian later, non-English speaking illegal immigrant of Hispanic, Native American and African-American decent, a practicing Muslim, but are a Trump supporter, you are now down in the trash heap of humanity along with white, straight, Catholic, pro-life, conservative males.  There are somethings that are simply over the top for the IP police!

I could go on for days but I think you understand that even though you think you are among the protected IP classes, you are not necessarily safe.  You may want to apply a high-tech condom to your online activities in the event you get drunk, score some bad weed or talkative “X”.  If you momentarily lapse and slip into the Twitter or Facebook cubicle, you may Tweet or Retweet an offensive remark that the IP police will use to track you down and solicit recruits to destroy you into PC IP oblivion. 

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You may even be removed as the MC for the Oscars!

By the way, remember that the First Amendment has been rescinded in favor of Identity Politics.  

Happy Tweeting!

RD Pierini



Trump’s Addressing Root Cause of 2008 Crash-Freddie and Fannie

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Remember the 2008 Depression and the Taxpayer Bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae?  I sure do!  And so does President Trump!  He has been mulling over ways to revamp the Government’s two mortgage giants, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  Obama punted this reform down the road but President Trump is determined to reform both companies and avert a future 2008 redux. 

Image result for freddie mac and fannie mae

His dilemma is who to have spearhead this reform effort, the Treasury Department, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), or the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).  The terms of the original Congressional charter for both companies mandates that they are regulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).  The FHFA regulates the financial safety and soundness of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, including implementing, enforcing and monitoring their capital standards, and limiting the size of their mortgage investment portfolios; HUD is responsible for Fannie and Freddie’s general housing missions.   The Treasury Department only has the task of providing liquidity for Freddie and Fannie by purchasing up to $2.25 billion in securities from each company.  

Why do you care?  Do you want to go through another 2008 Depression?

At the core of the issue is whether Freddie and Fannie should continue to have the tacit financial guarantee, (if they default you, the taxpayer, has to bail them out like the $200 billion bailout in 2008), of the Federal Government as GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES (GSE), or should they be “privatized” as Fannie Mae was in 1938 when it was created.  By having GSE status, these two giants have basically eliminated all prior private secondary market competitors as Freddie and Fannie can fund bonds at a much lower rate than their private competitors.  Investors in Freddie and Fannie know that the Federal Government totally backs them and thus the investment in the GSEs is risk free!

But, the downside is what we saw in 2008.  Freddie and Fannie bought up worthless mortgages and consumer loans and drove up their debt to over $5 Trillion dollars, all of which was backed by taxpayers!  There was not 100 other companies to spread this risk to as Freddie and Fannie had a monopoly.  If there had not been a government backed Freddie and Fannie to buy up worthless paper, there probably would not have been a 2008 Crisis as the private companies would not have bought up worthless loans as they were responsible to stockholders who demand a return on their investments!  Too Big To Fail would probably never had come about as there would have been no one to buy up idiotic loans by the big banks and mortgage brokers, thus they would not have created worthless loans in the first place.

So, what is the President to do?  Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin wants to continue to head the reform effort but the soon to be head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Mark Calabria, would also like to take the lead as his agency has the basic Congressional charter to manage Freddie and Fannie.  At the heart of the debate is whether to remove Freddie and Fannie from ” Federal receivership”, that was imposed on them in 2008 as a result of the mortgage crisis.  They remain in Federal receivership, meaning total control by the Federal government today.  

Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary

Mnuchin favors the removal of the Federal receivership status from both GSEs and return them back to their 2008 status where they retain their tacit Federal Government backing.  This would make the stockholders in Freddie and Fannie happy but keep the taxpayers at large on the hook if they repeat their idiotic business practices of the past decade.  Image result for mark calabriaMark Calabria, Head of Federal Housing Finance Agency Nominee

Calabria is a libertarian at heart and one could assume that he would not support continued government intervention or tacit backing for Freddie and Fannie.  But that is just a guess as he has not signaled any reform preferences.  Calabria, when he was at the Cato institute, expressed his displeasure at the agencies’ “Affordable Housing Mandate” that help fuel the sub-prime collapse.  He has also questioned the need for 30-year mortgages and the need to package mortgage loans into bonds and then sell them to private investors. 

But, The President appears to support Calabria as the lead in the reform effort.  BUT, any reform has to be approved not only by the Senate Banking Committee but also the House Banking Committee, headed by MAXINE WATERSWaters was one of the strongest supporters of sub-prime loans and the granting of insolvent loans to minorities just t drive up the home ownership numbers.  She also was able to get her hubby placed on the board of directors of a Southern California bank!  

So, keep an eye on Mark Calabria and where he signals the reform of Freddie and Fannie is heading.  No matter what Mark recommends, the President will have to wait until after the 2020 elections where hopefully the Republicans will retake the House of Representatives, retain the Senate, and thus get Maxine Waters out of her role as head of the House Banking Committee.  (AOL is also on this committee)

This Reform is Critical to the Continued, Non-Bubble Enhanced, Growth in Our Economy!

RD Pierini



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Ocasio-Cortez; Republicans, Laugh At Your Own Peril!

See the source imageRemember When You Laughed When Obama Referred to the 57 States!

Most conservatives and Republicans, not necessarily the same thing, have shared varies memes and jokes about the latest Progressive-Left shiny object, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  (member of the Democratic Socialist of America, website; Democrat left (redundant) have either rushed to embrace AOC’s “policies” around her Green New Deal (GND) or dismissed it out of hand.  More have embraced her GND than not! 

Friday, the freshman MC tweeted out to her Democrat colleagues:

“If you don’t like the , then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis,”   “Until then, we’re in charge – and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats”

But, AOC was not just sending a message to Democrats at large but specifically at the oldest sitting Senator, Dianne Feinstein, (D-CA).  Senator Feinstein has earned her political stripes having been elected to the Senate in 1992 after serving as the Mayor of San Francisco and other local offices. (AOC was borne in 1989!)  In 2012, Feinstein received 7,750,000 votes, the highest number of votes ever received by any Senator in History.  (By contrast, AOC won her seat in 2018 by garnering 15,897 votes in the Democrat Primary then defeating her republican opponent receiving 87% of the vote with a total of 110,318 votes.)  Sen. Feinstein oversaw the 1984 Democrat Convention, is the only women to have chaired the Senate Rules Committee, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and is the only women to have presided over a US Presidential Inauguration (Obama in 2009).   In short, Senator Dianne Feinstein is no lightweight in terms of political power.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey (right) speak during a press conference to announce Green New Deal legislation on Feb. 7. The resolution was introduced as a "first step" to put climate change at the top of Democrats' agenda. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

That did not deter AOC from attacking Sen. Feinstein.  The tweet discussed above was a shot across the bow of Senator Feinstein following the Senator’s public denunciation of the GND and after a meeting with the San Francisco based Sunrise Movement, an activist group for climate change.

Image result for senator feinstein and the sunrise movement  In the group were young children who “argued” with her that she basically needed to support AOC’s GND!  The Senator, a member of the Senate subcommittees on the Interior, Environment and related agencies told the group that there is “no way to pay for it.”  In spite of being told by this young group indoctrinated climate nuts that the earth was dying, she went on to say that, “That resolution will not pass the Senate, and you can take that back to whoever sent you here. I have been in the Senate for a quarter of a century, and I know what can pass, and I know what cant’s pass.”

If AOC has the chops to directly take on Senator Diane Feinstein, and to indirectly threaten the entire Democrat Congressional caucus by telling them to either get on board or come up with their own Climate Crisis Solution, then do you think this novice politician with questionable economic policy prowess would hesitate to take on the Republican Party or President Trump!

Keep in mind that since the 1950s, conservatives have stood aside and allowed the Progressive-Left and their teacher’s unions, and institutions of “higher” learning to completely take over our educational system.  This has allowed them to indoctrinate generations of our children with left-wing, socialist policies including their latest vehicle to take over our economy and destroy our way of life, the Green New Deal, led by none other than AOC!  She has replaced Al Gore completely as the leader of the Climate Change hoax and has now created and sold the idea that if her plan is not adopted, then the world will cease to exist in 12 years, 2031! 

Millions of kids and adults have signed on to her lunacy.  Pew Research conducted a survey asking about support for all 7 planks of the GND.  When asking respondents whether all 7 planks were SOMEWHAT IMPORTANT, 66% responded YES!   Now, AOC’s GND is totally in chaos in terms of defining down the actual policies within each plank or the cost to impact each plank and the impact on our social and economic systems.  But, it shows you how easy it is to manipulate the public perception of a policy that would oversee the end of the US as we know it and do absolutely nothing to “fix” climate change!  

So, before you dismiss AOC and her “followers”, remember that in the 1930’s, the German Nazi slogans seemed “reasonable to the German population at the time; and practically all of the world’s dictators began by selling snake oil to their unwitting “subjects”.  Jim Jones convinced over 900 Americans to commit Suicide at the Jonestown Massacre by just telling them to drink the poison!

Don’t dismiss AOC out of hand or we will lose in 2020. 

While President Trump mocked the GND by tweeting, “It sounds like a high school term paper that got a low mark”, he could get sucked into debating a false premise that Climate Change is man-made and we only have 12 years to fix it!  Ten after the 2020 election!  You can’t argue by starting with the AOC GND as being based on Facts.  We have to DESTROY the false science behind Climate Change and the Hyperbolic “SOLUTIONS” that have been proposed to fix the false problem!

Comedian George Carlin sagely stated:

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that!

RD Pierini



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2019-President Trump’s Priorities

See the source imageWith the 2018-2019 battles behind him, what is President Trump focused on in 2019?  With a Democrat/Pelosi controlled House of Representatives and weak Republican support in the Senate, border security, foreign affairs and trade will be at the forefront of the Trump agenda in 2019.

Border Wall:

Following today’s announcement that he has declared a National Emergency regarding the invasion at our Southern Border; and that he will pursue independent funding from within the Executive branch; or will secure funding through the emergency declaration to build the remaining wall needed to secure our Southern Border; the President will unleash his legal resources, financial gurus, and the US Army Corps of Engineers to begin and finish $8 Billion plus of the remaining wall prior to the 2020 Presidential Election.  He will also use the $1.750 Billion that the incompetent Congress just allocated for 55 miles of the wall, along with other funds for border security, to supplement his emergency funds and other realigned funds.  He will also, to the largest extent possible, ignore or fight the poison pills that the Congress included in this recent funding bill.

Legal Challenges:  He will face legal challenges to his actions but he has spent the last 6 months putting together a legal team focused on combatting the left’s onslaught of lawsuits designed to stifle the securing of the Southern Border. 

His first challenge will be a Congressional Resolution, as provided for within the 1976 Presidential Emergency Declaration Act, to try to stop his implementation of his emergency declaration.  Even if the left and some RINOs are able to get sufficient votes to pass the resolution, there is little or no chance that this vote would withstand a Presidential Veto requiring super majorities of both houses to override the veto.  Once this hurdle is successfully defended by the President, the Congress may try to pursue a lawsuit to defend Congressional powers but this action will be turned down by the courts ultimately.  Why?  Congress granted these powers to the President themselves and the only method to contest its use is through a joint resolution by Congress that withstood a Presidential Veto.  No other person or entity would have “standing” to bring a suit based on  the implementation of the 1976 Presidential Emergency Declaration Act.

Secondly, he will face lawsuits from individual landowners over the Federal Government’s use of eminent domain that is provided for in the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.  The President’s reason for using eminent domain is for national security purposes and given the massive illegal immigration violations, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other felonious activities that take place as a result of an open border, the courts will assuredly side with the Trump Administration.  Further, individual States are precluded from “expanding or contracting” the Federal Government’s powers of eminent domain so they will have  no standing in any attempt they may try to limit Trump’s use of eminent domain to procure the land needed along the border to construct the wall and supporting infrastructure.  Even though Congress put a “poison pill” in the current bill that Trump signed attempting to allow local jurisdictions to have a “say” in whether they want a wall within their jurisdictions, this same Constitutional provision can be argued by the Trump Administration as an attempt to “expand or contract” the powers of the Executive Branch in its application of eminent domain!

The left aided and abetted by RINOs and their open border donors, will try any other tactic they can to thwart the Trump agenda to finish the wall.  President Trump is now in a Win-Win situation regarding the wall. 

  • One, he avoided a government shutdown that would have alienated independents and weak-kneed RINOs;
  • two, he took the money passed by Congress then declared a National Emergency to provide supplemental funding for the wall and changed the narrative of the President as a pro-shutdown advocate;
  •  three, set up the left and RINO lawsuits as being anti-American, against national security and pro open borders! 

Foreign Affairs:

In the next year and 9 months, President Trump will focus on talks and negotiations with North Korea; the Middle East Peace Process, containing Iran or even regime change; establishing a democratic government in Venezuela and removing the Maduro regime; demilitarize our involvement in the Middle East; and furthering long-term containment on China and Russia.

  • North Korea:   In a prior article, “Understanding Why Trump Is Taking His Time with Kim Jong-un!”, Link:, I laid out the strategy the President is taking with Chairman Kim.  The President will continue his deliberate negotiations and relationship building with North Korea throughout the next two years.  Korean denuclearization is a long-term goal of the President and he is wiling to take his time to achieve this goal.  The speed or even the eventuality of achieving this goal is up to Kim.  If Kim takes positive steps following this month’s summit, then the President may have a short-term win.
  • Middle East Peace Process:  The President has deliberately worked to create and implement a long-term Middle East Peace agreement and has enlisted his trusted advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner to front this effort.  The President began this effort shortly after he took office during his trip to Saudi Arabia and his meeting with 50 Arab/Muslim countries.  The major change to the Trump Plan will be the emphasis on an economic revitalizing for Palestine coupled with security agreements guaranteed by Palestinian allies throughout the region, with the exception of Iran.  There may even be some agreement by the Israelis as to land concessions and joint administration of some contested areas once other conditions are met.  The Trump Administration has only released bits and pieces of their plan so I am reading between the lines a bit.  Once again, the President views a Peace Plan in the Middle East as a long-term, even second term, goal.  The speed to which he has been able to bring not only Muslim nations together to fight terrorism, but have them cooperate under the radar with Israel, is remarkable at the very least.  This baseline will be the foundation for any real Middle East Peace agreement.
  • Iran:  The President since day 1 has taken a position against the current Iranian regime and has supported the notion of a popular uprising to achieve regime change.  He has backed this rhetorical fight with action to withdraw from the Iranian Nuclear Agreement and has re-imposed strict sanctions against Iran.  He is choking Iran’s ability to wage terror and to support Hezbollah and Hamas.  He has also pledged to keep a military presence in Iraq in order to keep an eye on any Iranian military or terror excursions.  
  • Venezuela:  The President has been strengthening a coalition of the nations surrounding Venezuela to help oust the current Dictator Maduro.  Venezuela is key to ousting not only a dictatorial regime, but to oust China, Russia, Iran and Cuba from South America as a whole.  Trump’s twenty-first century version of the Monroe Doctrine is to keep the Americas free from socialism, free from intrusion by foreign, non-Americas factions.  Trump and Pence have spent more time in Mexico, Central America and South America than any President and Vice President in recent history.  He understands the strategic nature of our alliances and sees the Americas as an untapped economic windfall for all of our nations.
  • US Demilitarization in the Middle East:  For years, President Trump has chided past president’s constant meddling in the Middle East.  While they all have stated that our presence in the Middle East fuels anti-American sentiment, they couldn’t seem to help themselves from sending our flag into Middle East conflicts.  President Trump is committed to stabilizing the Middle East using Arab/Muslim partners, strategic military special forces involvement, and military and intelligence support for our Arab/Muslim partners.  He sees no benefit to the region, nor to the US, to continue to wage never-ending wars.  By 2020, assuming no unforeseen flare-up, the President will have eliminated our presence in Syria and will have substantially reduced our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Trump is removing the “trump card” of US military involvement in the Middle East as a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations.  
  • China/Russia Containment:  This last area of focus is actually the most dangerous and potentially the most threatening to the US and our allies, albeit for different reasons. 
    • China has the financial resources to construct a military that can rival our own and even be superior in terms of sheer numbers of troops given their population superiority.  China has also been able to steal the most sensitive technological and military designs that have been developed by the US.  China has also constructed man-made islands in the South China Seas that are an offensive threat to the region.  They have also been active in South America, Africa, the Indian Sub-Continent and other areas granting loans and joining in on development projects in order to gain hegemony in these regions.  They use technology that they install in these countries to spy on the people and governments of these countries!  The Trump strategy will be to work to develop a détente with the Chinese leaders, especially President Xi, to try to keep China from becoming aggressive and use their military to achieve goals that they are unable to do with diplomacy or trade.  China is the single biggest existential threat to the US and its allies…
    • Russia:  Russia is a tiny fraction of what it once was during the Cold War.  BUT, RUSSIA IS THE SECOND LARGEST NUCLEAR NATION ON EARTH!  The economy of Russia is fragile and almost solely reliant on oil and gas exports.  They are governed by leaders who were born in an era where foreign threats to itself was the only glue that kept its citizens loyal to its Communist Party.  The biggest challenge to President Trump is, excluding the idiotic Russian Hoax Investigations by the US Left and RINOs, to not force Russia into an economic corner where a Russian military option is seen as its best option in opposing the West!  President Trump knows that he can use our oil and gas dominance to crush the Russian economy.  But, the only worst thing than a cornered bear is a wounded and cornered bear.  Russia knows that any nuclear strike against the US or its allies is a recipe for mutually assured destruction.  President Trump’s challenge will be to manage Russian paranoia while not allowing them to meddle in the affairs of other nations.


It is hard to separate Trade from Foreign Affairs but there are specific trade targets for the President in the next few months.  The most important is our Trade relations which China, then reaffirming our trade with the UK, then our trade agreement with the European Union.  The President will also have to fight his way through Congress to get the NAFTA replacement agreement, USMCA, to be ratified.  ( it is hard not to hum the tune to “YMCA” when you hear this acronym) It is unlikely that Pelosi and her Puppet Schumer will assist the President in this endeavor even though it is beneficial to the US and the American Workers.  

Once the China trade agreement is resolved, or not, the President will dispatch his negotiators to the other hot spots.  The Chinese agreement is key as to whether the President can make significant progress with the other trading progress in his first term.  If the Chinese agreement is found to be illusive, it may be well into Trump’s second term before any significant progress can be made in with the EU.  The President will most like have an agreement with Great Briton before the start of the second quarter of 2019.

While the Republicans gave the House to the Democrats in 2018. the President will be anything but bored in the next two years.  He will also continue to be effective in spite of the moronic behavior of the US media, its legislative branch known as the Democrats, and the deep state.  Just think what we could accomplished without these distracting, mentally challenged, egomaniacs.

RD Pierini



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RINOs Resurrected and Strike At Trump-McConnel Head RINO

See the source image

Who Needs Enemies

With A “Friend” Like Mitch!

Not only did McConnell and the RINO led Senate vote to rebuke Trump’s Syria and Afghanistan troop reduction decision, these traitors did it on the day of Trump’s State of the Union Address!  Senate Bill 1, that passed by a 77-23 vote, includes:

  • Directs Trump to Impose Sanctions on Entities Doing Business with Syrian President Al-Assad
  • “Urges” Trump Not to Exit the Conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan
  • Includes Aid for Israel
  • Allows State and Local governments to refuse to do business with anyone who boycotts Israel.
  • To totally insult, “throw shade” for those under 30, at the President, McConnell allowed this bill to pass on the day of Trump’s State of the Union address.

In case you missed it, the name of the bill is “Senate Bill 1”, which means that this is the first bill that the new REPUBLICAN RINO SENATE had passed in the new 2019 session.  An omen for things to come?  Most in this Senate and the House, would have trouble finding Syria and Afghanistan on a map let alone direct policy.  They, instead, hide behind so-called civilian, think tank and military “experts” to cover their respective asses and go against the President of the United States. 

All the while, McConnell and his RINOs have steadfastly refused to dump the undemocratic practice of requiring 60 votes to pass anything through the Senate except for the overabundance of verbal and anal FLATULENCE!  

See the source image

The timing of this bill passing on the day of the SOTU address, was timed and intentional.  This bunch of wimps and do-nothings think they are going to preempt the President and take his talking points away on these key foreign policy issues.  WRONG!  My hope is that the President take both the Republican RINOs and the moronic Democrats on directly and state exactly what he is going to do again in these theaters of conflict as he has in the past.  I also hope he pulls McConnell in and tells him point-blank that he will not stand for McConnell to stand in for Flake, McCain and Ryan as the Anti-Trump leader in the Senate.  That if McConnell expects any help in the future that he damn well better wake up and understand that the Democrats and the hard-left are the enemies of the United States and not the President.

State of the Union 2019: Trump addresses the nation - live updates

I hope everyone contacts Senator McConnell and tells him that you think he is a traitor to the Republican Party, Donald Trump, and those of us who support President Trump and his policies.  You can call his Washington DC  office at Phone: (202) 224-2541
Fax: (202) 224-2499 or send him a letter or postcard to,   317 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510.

Here are some links to the Chief Senate RINO McConnell, (these links should take you to the appropriate page when you click on the link) 

Government Website:
Campaign Website:

Social Media Pages


These Senators have absolutely no direct responsibility for our Foreign Policy and will duck for cover should this bill actually cause more of our brave soldiers to lose their lives.  Maybe they should read Article 2 of the US Constitution and understand that it is not their role to micro manage our foreign policy.  God knows Congress has enough power to screw things up in the US and this is not one of them!  You might say that this wimpy resolution to keep troops in Syria and Afghanistan is not binding.  That may be true but it undermines the positions taken by the President with the American People.  RINO-MAC may have forgotten but We the American People elected the President and expect him to have the support of at least our own party.   

See the source image

Many of these same Senators voted to get us into these never-ending wars with no real objective or rules of engagement to actually win and protect our most prize asset, the American Soldier.  Did they all of a sudden gain cerebral supremacy.  I think not!

RD Pierini



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Were Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez Racists? Obviously Not! Rep. Steve King?

“Ignorance is the lack of Knowledge, Stupidity is the lack of curiosity to gain Knowledge”!

United Farm Workers founder and farm worker union activist Cesar Chavez and the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. both adamantly opposed illegal immigration from Mexico of low skilled workers.  Both felt that by allowing unfettered illegal immigration into the US from our Southern Border, that American workers, Hispanics and Blacks especially, were forced to compete in a labor market where wages were being depressed due to the influx of cheap labor.  Both also favored limits on legal immigration for the same reason.  Chavez fought to unionize agricultural workers who were typically on the low-end of the pay scale.  Rev. King likewise fought against the influx of cheap labor that drove many Blacks into abject poverty due to a lack of jobs and low entry-level wages.

NO one has ever accused either Chavez or King of being RACiSTS. Or described their positions as “IF you are Brown, Turnaround”!  NO one has ever accused Chavez or King of being “American Supremacists”, bigots, racists, or xenophobes.  It has been reported that Chavez departed from Dr. King in that he also incorporated violence into his quest to stop illegal immigration.  According to the Daily Signal article on January 16, 2019, by Walter E. Williams,  “He sent union members into the desert to assault Mexicans who were trying to sneak into the country. They beat the Mexicans with chains and whips made of barbed wire. Undocumented immigrants who worked during strikes had their houses firebombed and their cars burned.”  Yet, Chavez was joined in various protest marches by LA Cardinal Mahoney, Democrat Senator Walter Mondale, and civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy.  

“Si, se puede!” (“Yes, we can!”)

Recently, a group of protesters railing against President Trump’s immigration policies and his support for strong border security, were waiving Mexican flags, shouting “Si, se puede”, meaning “Yes, We Can”What the Left and this group they organized failed to comprehend was that this slogan was coined by Cesar Chavez but Chavez meant that “Yes, we can seal the Southern Border” and stop illegal immigration! To this day Chavez remains a hero of he left.

Representative Steve King, (R-Iowa),  Recent Comments

Rep. King has always been outspoken and unfiltered.  Recently he has been ripped apart by the media, left and right, as well as politicians and others on both sides of he aisle.  He has been especially outspoken about illegal and legal immigration and its impacts on the US and the world at large. 

The catalyst for this outcry was precipitated by an interview he did with the New York Times recently.  King was interviewed by the NYT’s Trip Gabriel who quoted King as saying:  

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization (Western Civilization)?  Clearly, I was only referencing Western Civilization classes. No one ever sat in a class listening to the merits of white nationalism and white supremacy.”

The NYT and others pointed to many of King’s past remarks as racist which was certainly not accurate.  Even Brit Hume, not a big fan of Rep. King, stated;  “Some of them weren’t even about race. Some of them were about Islam, Islam is not a race, it’s a faith. Many of them might be considered insensitive, but they weren’t racist.  Racism means a very specific thing, it means a belief in the superiority of one race over another. And it is taboo in the United States as well as it should be.” Hume referred to the NYT piece as “completely bogus”! Hume went on to discuss using the term racism and admonished his colleagues saying: “News media, shouldn’t be throwing the word racist around with abandon.  We should be very careful in how we use it.”

Another Criticism of Rep. King was his support for a comment made by a Dutch Politician Geert Wilders.  King Tweeted:  

“(Geert) Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Image result for geert wilders

Wilders was arguing against Europe’s recent open borders policy that has exploded the Muslim populations throughout Europe including a 25% Muslim population in the Netherlands.  (Muslim population in the US is 1%)  Wilders was pointing out that the birth rates of the European Dutch was below that of the recent Muslim immigrants and that demographics, (statistical data relating to the population and the groups within it), will frame a nation’s future culture and destiny.  THIS IS NOT RACIST, IT IS A FACT!  The Netherlands culture today may be White, European Dutch, but tomorrow it will morph into something that melds its historical culture with cultural elements that are influenced by the new Muslim immigrant population. 

Rep. King had made a similar statement and observation of the US “culture” and the influence of immigration on our “Western Values” and “American Culture”.  The “American Culture” has been undergoing a constant metamorphosis since its founding due to the influence by various immigrants who have come to this country.  Today, the US allows about 1.5 million legal immigrants into this country and is subjected to over a million illegal immigrants entering this country from primarily Mexico and Central America.  It is estimated that 22 million illegal aliens reside in the US today and are primarily from the same regions.  Rep. King’s point being that with this level of immigration, and our shrinking birth rates, what will be the impact on the existing “American Culture”.  He then states that the current “American Culture” cannot be maintained without being impacted/changed by “babies” from other non United States offspring whose parents grew up in a non US culture.  THIS IS NOT RACISTS, IT IS A FACT.  

Cesar Chavez, Dr. King & Rep. Steve King:

What do these three men have in common?  They all questioned the impact of immigration on the US and its citizens, both minority and majority members.  They questioned our priorities and whether we were placing non US citizens in front of US citizens.  Were any of these men Racists?  NO.  None of them believed that one race was superior to another race.  It is unfortunate that Rep. King did not have the same oratory skills as Dr. King!


Racism is abhorrent in any form or context But, I agree with Brit Hume that we should all be very careful how we use it and what we attach it to.  It is sad that when someone brings up a “controversial” topic or Tweets something that make us sit up and question, our first reaction is to label it as racist, or homophobic or some other ist or ic.  We should use some of these as learning moments and question not only the topic or issue, but who we are and are there elements that we need to examine.  Anytime I am engaging someone and they immediately go to name-calling, I am out of there!  There is no need to try to engage in a logical conversation with someone who hides ignorance behind belligerence!  

Politics and Racism

I am sick and tired of feigned moral outrage that negates logical discourse.  As soon as someone says something that someone else labels as racist, others, join in like kindergarteners in the sand box to pile on and condemn.  That is the coward’s way out.  Unfortunately, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Liz Chaney, Sen. Lindsay Graham, and many other Republican politicians did this to Rep. Steve King.  Thank God that the left and right have not done this to Cesar Chavez, Dr. King and everyone that supported them and their movements that were aligned against illegal immigration.

“Ignorance is the lack of Knowledge, Stupidity is the lack of curiosity to gain Knowledge”! 

RD Pierini




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Trump Border Wall National Emergency Declaration-The Facts!

Congress Doth Protest To Much!

Confused by all of the so-called legal analysts on TV, including the sour grapes Judge Napolitano on Fox, (Napolitano apparently is holding a grudge as Trump picked Kavanagh over him) regarding the possible Emergency Declaration by President Trump to fund and build-out the wall on the Southern Border?  Then you get to listen to all of the Congress men and women, who know virtually nothing about federal law and the US Constitution (scary thought), say that Trump would be setting bad precedent, and the funding and build-out of the border wall is solely within the power of Congress or that this action by the President would be met with lawsuits and is a “fool’s errand”.

Is The Southern Border Illegal Immigration a Crisis?”

To hear the Democrats, Left-Wing-Media, RINOs and others, the Southern Border is just fine and while the murdering of a US residents by an illegal alien is “tragic”, it does not add to the designation of the border situation being  a CRISIS.  Recently, I posted an article “Why a Border Wall is ABSOLUTELY Necessary”, Link:  Some of the justifications that I cited included date published by DHS for 2017-2018:

Drug Smuggling:  Methamphetamines:  38% Increase; Heroin (Opioids):  22% Increase; Fentanyl:  73% Increase

Drug Smuggling Seizures by Border Patrol: 282,000 Lbs. Cocaine; 248,000 Lbs. Methamphetamines; 6,500 Lbs. Heroin (opioids); 2,400 Lbs. Fentanyl; 7,000,000 Lbs. Narcotics Seized In Total In 2018

Terrorists, Gangs, and Criminals Arrested: 3,755 Known Terrorists; 6,000 Gang Members; 17,000 Adults with Existing Criminal Records; Criminal Organizations Make $2.5 Billion in Profit Each Year from Migrant Smuggling!

Rise in Vulnerable Populations Overwhelming Resources: 60,000 Unaccompanied Children-Increase of 25%; 161,000 Family “Units”-Increase pf 59%; 2,000% Increase in Asylum Claims even though 72% do not qualify for Asylum! Over 2,000 Persons Per Day (730,000/yr annualized) are Captured at the Border.  These cannot be deported because of “Catch and Release”.

Depth of Humanitarian Crisis at Southern Border: 50 Migrants/Day Referred to Medical Providers; 4,300/Yr People in Distress Rescued by CBP; 31% of Women Sexually Assaulted on Journey; 17% of Men Sexually Assaulted on Journey; 70% of Migrants Traveling are Victims of Violence.

If all of the so-called experts do not think that we have a genuine Crisis at the Southern Border, then consider some of the Emergency Declarations that are STILL ACTIVE that have been declared by Presidents since Jimmy Carter and none, to my knowledge were ever challenged seriously by Congress or challenged in court by so-called aggrieved parties.  (For a total list of active declarations, scroll down to bottom of this article)

Presidential Authority to Declare a National Emergency Via the National Emergencies Act of 1974

Congress, yes those petulant morons that appear on TV every minute decrying Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional actions, GRANTED BROAD POWERS to the President Under the National Emergencies Act of 1976.  According to Elizabeth Goitein of the Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program, the President has broad powers as she stated:  “So if he can really just sign his name to a piece of paper, whether it is a real emergency or not, that creates a state of emergency that gives him access to these special powers that are contained in more than 100 different provisions of law that Congress has passed over the years.”  Further she stated, “Congress chose not to put any substantial or really any barriers on the president’s ability to declare a national emergency.”

So, Congress has an “Aw Shi#” moment.  Their original law granting the President far-reaching emergency powers included the provision that the House could pass a resolution by simple majority and the Senate could affirm the resolution by simple majority and the President COULD NOT VETO THE RESOLUTION DECLARING HIS EMERGENCY DECLARATION AS VOIDTo bad for Congress, the pesty Supreme Court ruled in 1984 that the President had CONSTITUTIONAL powers to veto any Congressional Legislation, including this act, and that Congress could only THWART THE VETO BY A 2/3rds VOTE OF BOTH HOUSES!    So, if President Trump declares that the Southern Border is an emergency and poses a threat to American Sovereignty, and/or, it is creating a humanitarian crisis, and/or it is endangering Americans by flooding drugs into our communities, and/or, it is promoting human trafficking, the House and Senate would have to have enough votes to overturn a Trump Veto if they attempt to invalidate his declaration!

Jonathon Turley quoted the Congressional Research Center when it wrote in 2007, “Under the powers delegated by such statutes, the president may seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and, in a variety of ways, control the lives of United States citizens.”

Further, Congress has passed laws that allow the President to tap the military to design and contract for the wall and that any Such projects may be undertaken only within the total amount of funds that have been appropriated for military construction, including funds appropriated for family housing, that have not been obligated.” Will the Democrats sue?  Absolutely!

Those that claim Trump should not issue the declaration as it would set a bad precedent are too late.  Congress has already lost this battle by “self-emasculation” via their own legislation.  Obama has already used non-existent executive powers to rewrite immigration law and granting status to DACA recipients.  Any good Left-Wing Progressive cares less about precedent!  

Who has “Standing” in Court to Sue Trump Over the Declaration

In terms of the declaration itself, since Congress passed the law, it would have some level of standing (the right to sue as an aggrieved  party) and attempt to invalidate the President’s declaration.  But, CONGRESS BUILT INTO THE LAW THE METHOD WHEREBY THE CONGRESS COULD CHALLENGE THE PRESIDENT VIA RESOLUTIONS THAT ARE SUBJECT TO A VETO!  The Democrats in Congress could file a suit to invalidate the declaration, but it would probably not be upheld by the Supreme Court as Congress gave up their standing within their own legislation!

Eminent Domain:  Some argue the landowners along the border who have not sold or granted access easements to the Federal Government where the wall would be built, would have standing to sue the Trump Administration citing the National Emergency Declaration as being harmful to the value of their real and personal property. BUT!  The procurement of these lands is subject to negotiation or legal proceedings via Eminent Domain.  The latter action and procedures are subject to their own statutes and remedies and do not necessarily provide standing against the National Emergency declaration.  The Federal Government would either have to negotiate access rights or an outright land purchase from such landowners or use Eminent Domain to procure the land.  While the landowners may sue citing the declaration, there is a slim chance the Supreme Court would deem their standing valid.  

Timing of the Legal Actions and Impact on Building the Wall

Once Trump issues the emergency declaration, the lawsuits will start. 

  • A Democrat Friendly Federal District Court would probably issue a cease and desist order against the declaration that would be immediately challenged by the Trump Administration. 
  • If the challenge does not cause the Federal Court to reverse the injunction, the Administration would appeal the lower court decision. 
  • The first action would have probably been filled within notorious the 9th District. 
  • The 9th District Court of Appeals would probably uphold the lower court’s injunction. 
  • The Administration would have to then appeal to the Supreme Court. 
  • The Administration could appeal the original decision directly to the Supreme Court, by passing the appellate court, but they tend not to short-circuit the appeal process through the lower courts.  

This process could take anywhere from 3 months to two years!  But, the Army Corps of Engineers could begin the design of the project; the property procurement could commence; and contacts could be developed.  It is doubtful that the Administration would drop everything and wait on the lawsuits!  

Trump, and his supporters, don’t have much to lose.  The Democrats are not going to fund the wall at this point and may not up through the 2020 elections. 

At least declaring an emergency could get the ball rolling and Trump has enough discretion to begin the process.  Right now it is a game of chicken and we will see who blinks first. 

Trump is looking for existing funding within the impacted agencies to make payroll.  If he does this, he can pretty much wait out the Democrats!  He already appears to be the only adult in the negotiations as Chuck and Nancy have only sat on their hands.  Time will tell.

RD Pierini



31 Active Emergency Declarations Since jimmy Carter:

1. Blocking Iranian Government Property (Nov. 14, 1979)
2. Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nov. 14, 1994)
3. Prohibiting Transactions with Terrorists Who Threaten to Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process (January 23, 1995)
4. Prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to the Development of Iranian Petroleum Resources (March 15, 1995)
5. Blocking Assets and Prohibiting Transactions with Significant Narcotics Traffickers (October 21, 1995)
6. Regulations of the Anchorage and Movement of Vessels with Respect to Cuba (March 1, 1996)
7. Blocking Sudanese Government Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Sudan (November 3, 1997)
8. Blocking Property of Persons Who Threaten International Stabilization Efforts in the Western Balkans (June 26, 2001)
9. Continuation of Export Control Regulations (August 17, 2001)
10. Declaration of National Emergency by Reason of Certain Terrorist Attacks (September 14, 2001)
11. Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Persons who Commit, Threaten to Commit, or Support Terrorism (September 23, 2001)
12. Blocking Property of Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Zimbabwe (March 6, 2003)
13. Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq has an Interest (May 22, 2003)
14. Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting the Export of Certain Goods to Syria (May 11, 2004)
15. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Belarus (June 16, 2006)
16. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (October 27, 2006)
17. Blocking Property of Persons Undermining the Sovereignty of Lebanon or Its Democratic Processes and Institutions (August 1, 2007)
18. Continuing Certain Restrictions with Respect to North Korea and North Korean Nationals (June 26, 2008)
19. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in Somalia (April 12, 2010)
20. Blocking Property and Prohibiting Certain Transactions Related to Libya (February 25, 2011)
21. Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations (July 25, 2011)
22. Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen (May 16, 2012)
23. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine (March 6, 2014)
24. Blocking Property of Certain Persons With Respect to South Sudan (April 3, 2014)
25. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Central African Republic (May 12, 2014)
26. Blocking Property and Suspending Entry of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Venezuela (March 9, 2015)
27. Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities (April 1, 2015)
28. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Burundi (November 23, 2015)
29. Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption (December 20, 2017)
30. Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election (September 12, 2018)
31. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Nicaragua (November 27, 2018)

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RINOs and DIMMS, Diarrhea Problem

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does” (or says!)

Pelosi is stick on stupid on how to deal with the new Left-wing “darling” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), whose mouth is way larger than her intellect or even elementary grasp of international relations and economics (which was her major and minor at BU graduating cum laude) or much else it seems.  RINOs pinned all of their anti-Trump hopes on two-time failed Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney who seems to be competing with AOC for top stupid honors.

AOC has all of the answers, seemingly, on the Israel-Palestinian conflict until she opens her mouth.  Doubt she could find either on a map!  She also is a master of fuzzy math when it comes to free healthcare for all along with a basket full of free “Bernie” goodies.  You have to hand it to her, she created a new tax bracket called the TIPPY TOP.  Ostensibly that tax bracket starts at $10 million dollars!  She somehow failed to understand that her “Medicare for All” plan would double the national deficit annually.  She also fails to understand that when you tax individuals to the point of confiscation they invest elsewhere where they can shelter their income!  Same for corporations where you want to raise their taxes to 30%.  Remember those bonuses that occurred after the Trump tax cuts were passed?  Those would disappear with the AOC plan along with any repatriation of overseas capital and jobs in America.  

Romney, who “carpet-bagged” his way back to Utah to run for the Senate, forgot to check President Trump’s popularity amongst Republicans, 90%, before he launched an attack on Trump’s character even before Romney was sworn in as a Freshman Senator!  Earth to Mitt, you were elected to support Trump, not attack Trump and fuel the Left-wing hatred of our President.  We really don’t care who you like or dislike.  The President supported you financially and with his endorsements in the past, and you groveled and thanked him profusely, now you bash him as if you are the keeper of all that is good.  Maybe some of the employees and owners of the companies your cockroach company acquired, then fired employees and sold off the company’s parts and pieces, might not think you have an upstanding character either!  As opposed to President Trump who actually bought properties, then made them successful and more valuable, or took over failed projects and made them successful hiring hundreds of employees in the process.  Your Op-Ed and your CNN interview were a disgrace and reminded all of us who voted for Trump why we voted for Trump in 2016, and will in 2020, and why we DID NOT SUPPORT YOU IN 2012.  

See the source image

Well, it will be interesting to see how Aunt Nancy handles AOC in the next two years.  AOC, however, does not have the monopoly, (and no AOC, this is not a board game), on functional illiteracy in the current crop of Freshman (or Freshwomen) Democrats.  Aunt Nancy will wondering why she even wanted to be Speaker of this hodgepodge of intellectually challenged but verbally vigorous nut jobs.  

See the source image

Romney has a choice.  We got rid of Jeff Flake, McCain passed, and we voted out many RINOs in the House in 2018.  You were the last RINO that we held our noses and supported.  Now, after seeing what a real America First person can do in power with Trump, we will no longer suffer RINOs like you!  We will dump others in 2020 to cleanse the Republican Party and force it to be the Trump Party.  You missed your chance.  Either get on the Trump Train or join the Democrat party.  We really don’t care which you choose!

RD Pierini



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US Military-Have We Forgotten How To Win?

See the source image
Trump is Military’s Staunchest Supporter, Why is Pentagon Pushing Against Him?

On January 20th of this month, President will have been Commander-In-Chief for two years.  Trump is first and foremost a businessman and a pragmatist.  He also does what he says he will do and it is amazing that after two years people are shocked when this happens!

President Trump has for years questioned whether we as a nation still know how to win a war.  We seem to be good at creating, then maintaining stalemates, or withdrawing, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory like as we did in Viet Nam, North Korea and elsewhere.  He often asked the question, as I have, could the US really fight a war like WWI and WWII again or do we lack the moral fiber and strength to commit and follow through with such a sacrifice?  The second follow-up question would logically be, are we fighting wars that are truly in our national self-interest vis-à-vis protecting the US against annihilation.  If a war is fought where the enemy or the cause DOES NOT pose an existential threat to us, can we be truly committed to using all of our military capabilities, perhaps short of nuclear, to defeat the enemy quickly and decisively?  The apparent answer is no!  If the answer was yes, then we would not have agreed to ridiculous international restrictions on our warfare capabilities or create rules of engagement that put our troops at risk.

Isn’t it a little nuts that we have 3 war heroes that are currently incarcerated or awaiting a court-martial just because they did their job while fighting for us?  All the while we have deserters and traitors who divulged national secrets, to the detriment of our nation, pardoned or set free!

Enter Pro-Military Trump

  In that time, he has secured almost $2 Trillion in military spending; cut ISIS held territory in Iraq and Syria to 1% of what it was when he took office; applied some the of the harshest sanctions ever against misdeeds by Russia;  retaliated against Syria’s use of chemical weapons twice, stepped up bombing and special forces attacks in Afghanistan; withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal; Stopped North Korea from continuing its testing of nuclear weapons and ICBMs; helped Saudi Arabia in Yemen against the Iran backed rebels; forced NATO allies to pony up some cash for their own defense forces to meet their commitments; and declared his intention to pursue a “Space Force” to checkmate China and Russia in the race to weaponize space.  But yet there are those who say Trump is not hawkish enough.  Most of these are left over Neo-Cons and Never-Trumpers who would like to see the US remain in current wars for “however long it takes”. 

The President, however, believes that you set a war objective, throw everything you can at the objective, then once the objective is met, or if there is no success in sight, then pull out!

See the source image

The latest backlash against Trump’s foreign policy is his announced withdrawal from Syria and drawdown in Afghanistan.  Democrats, Republicans, and military talking heads all went apoplectic!  But, look at it from Trump’s perspective:

  1. He gave the military brass clear objectives in Syria, obliterate ISIS, and, in Afghanistan, make the Afghans capable of self-defense while taking the fight to the Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaeda.
  2. He gave the military brass what they asked for in each theatre of battle, based on his objectives, every 6 months when he met with them for a theatre assessment.
  3. After 4, 6 month reviews, without any real change in the military’s recommendation and with ISIS all but wiped out, and, the Afghanistan scoreboard pretty much unchanged, Trump did what Trump does and pulled the plug and “shocked” the Pentagon and hawks! 
  4. If you tell Trump that if we do “X”, then we will achieve the objective, but then you don’t, he will cut his loses and reformulate his policy, and find someone who can!

Trump did not abandon the military nor did he minimize the prior sacrifices of thousands of our troop who have died or left maimed by years of conflict.  What he did was to tell everyone going in, that if we are going to ask our young men and women to stand up and fight, then we owe it to them to give them every advantage possible including a strategy to win or leave while minimizing the impact of either outcome.  Sending our finest into harms way for 18 years in one theatre and 16 in another defies credulity when you consider the military capabilities of the US against any of these foes.  The obvious conclusion has to be that we simply did not engage the enemy to win! 

Everyone says we have to have a coalition before we engage an enemy.  The coalitions we have put together so far include European soldiers who will not fight at night; hardly any, including the US, who will engage in a kill to win strategy; and all pussy foot around Islamic religious nonsense rather than treat them like a real enemy.  Maybe we should think of them as Catholic, Baptist, Buddhists, or whatever!

Can We Ever Fight To Win Again?

See the source image

Only if we change our Pentagon culture and silence the anti-war, read to mean they don’t care if our soldiers die, crowds who wring their hands when we actually kill the enemy or God forbid, incarcerate one of them in an off-shore prison!

War Strategy:  In the Middle-East, fighting ground wars like in Afghanistan and Iraq, is the epitome of the definition of insanity as stated: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not take “shock and awe” into or close to civilian populations.  So we resort to clearing residential neighborhoods house by house which is the equivalent of sending our troops into a meat grinder.  This strategy creates safe zones from which our enemy can hide and regroup.

Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not impose strict enough sanctions, and sustain them, to starve out our enemies.  We have too many US and international businesses, and many of our “allied” governments, who will cheat on sanctions for their own benefit.  There are too many left-wing advocacy groups who will apply pressure by citing adverse affects to civilian populations due to the sanctions.

Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not engage in enhanced interrogation techniques designed to obtain strategic and tactical information with which to defeat our enemies.  Politically our politicians care more about “feelings” and perception than our own troops, and citizens’ well being.  Our enemies do not share our predilection for eschewing enhanced interrogation.

Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not set hard goals, objectives and timelines and stick to them.  The longer the war, the less likely we will stay the course.  If our military objective in Afghanistan was to annihilate the Taliban completely, don’t you think that by now we would have attacked them in Pakistan, cutting off their safe haven, and turned over every stone and found each and every member and eliminated them as a threat?

Trump Rules

In the Middle East, those of our allies in the region must actively police their own region.  We do not see Iran and the Palestinians as an existential threat to the US.   We will provide support but our footprint will be limited.  If a Nation threatens another Nation, Iran vs Saudi Arabia, Iran vs Israel, etc., we will provide strategic and tactical firepower but our allies must be the face of the offensive.  We fully expect all of our allies in the region to pay their way in terms of resources and man power to defend their region.  

In regards to China and to some degree Russia, Trump has set them both up strategic long-term “competitors” who can pose an existential threat to the US.  His strategy is to remove any economic advantages they may have vis-à-vis the US in trade and the seizing of key commodities around the world, especially within the Americas.  The US GDP per capita is $57,638 while the Chinese per capita GDP is only $8,123, with Russian GDP per capita coming in at $8,748!   Trump’s goal is to slow the growth of the Chinese and Russian economies vis-à-vis the US economy and allow us to maintain military and technological superiority over both.  Russia is especially vulnerable as 75% of their exports are energy related and with Trump unleashing our energy sector, we can seriously damage, if not bankrupt, the Russian economy.  Trump wants to throttle the Russian bear but not force him into a corner.  Russia still is the #2 nuclear power in the world.  China is reliant on imports of energy allowing Trump to use our energy strength to level our balance of trade.  He will also fight to safeguard our technologies and keep both adversaries from stealing US technology.  He will also pressure China to abandon their move to control the South China Sea through naval militarization of the region.  

Pentagon Challenge

See the source image

The Pentagon brass needs to take a step back and forget everything they have learned during the past 50 years of Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy and War StrategyYes we need strategic forces capable of setting a large footprint, if needed, in opposing China or Russia, backed by a strong naval, air and space force.  We need surgical forces capable of lethal isolated and targeted attacks against terrorist type enemies throughout the world.  We need to put the world on record that these attacks will not recognize borders if a host country permits terrorists to remain in their borders. 

We need to rethink and challenge our current alliances in recognition of the world we live in today. 

NATO must stand up and fully fund their commitments and be the tip of the spear in confronting Russian aggression with our staunch support.  These NATO allies must acquiesce to real, lethal rules of engagement. 

Our Asian-Pacific Allies must re-arm, in the case of Japan, and stand up for themselves as our ally.  They must make sure that North Korea and China know they are serious and are resolved to not being intimidated by either. 

We must rebuild strong alliances in South and Central America and stand against the socialist regimes that infect our southern hemisphere allies.  We must also rid this area of drug cartels and remove their political power from their host nations.  This is especially true of our neighbor Mexico.

We must redefine our relationship with allies as being mutually beneficial with balanced contributions.  While we have a large apron, we cannot allow allies to hide behind it and leave all of the hard lifting to us and our men and women.  Commitment can only be gained through a sense of self-esteem that comes from the pride in knowing that you are contributing.  

RD Pierini




Why A Border Wall Is ABSOLUTELY Necessary


See the source imageMexico Had 25,339 Homicides in 2017 While Syria Had 10,204!

Mexico Is on Our Southern Border, Syria Is Over 5,000 Miles From NYC!

President Trump invited Congressional leaders to the Situation Room at the White House last week to discuss funding for a Southern Border Wall.  President Trump had DHS present to review the current status of illegal immigration at the Southern BorderSchumer and Pelosi stopped the briefing after 6 seconds and were not interested in the Facts nor any rationale as to why securing our Southern Border was a National Security imperative!  Here is what Schumer and Pelosi didn’t want to know, but you should:


Drug Smuggling:

  • Methamphetamines:  38% Increase

  • Heroin (Opioids):  22% Increase

  • Fentanyl:  73% Increase

  • Note:  2 grains of salt worth of Fentanyl can kill a human being!  A suitcase full of Fentanyl could kill the entire US Population.  CBP, ICE and DEA agents have to double glove just to handle the Fentanyl containers.

Drug Smuggling Seizures by Border Patrol:

  • 282,000 Lbs. Cocaine

  • 248,000 Lbs. Methamphetamines

  • 6,500 Lbs. Heroin (opioids)

  • 2,400 Lbs. Fentanyl

  • 7,000,000 Lbs. Narcotics Seized In Total In 2018

Terrorists, Gangs, and Criminals Arrested:

  • 3,755 Known Terrorists

  • 6,000 Gang Members

  • 17,000 Adults with Existing Criminal Records

  • Criminal Organizations Make $2.5 Billion in Profit Each Year from Migrant Smuggling!

Rise in Vulnerable Populations Overwhelming Resources:

  • 60,000 Unaccompanied Children-Increase of 25%

  • 161,000 Family “Units”-Increase pf 59%

  • 2,000% Increase in Asylum Claims even though 72% do not qualify for Asylum!

  • Over 2,000 Persons Per Day (730,000/yr annualized) are Captured at the Border.  These cannot be deported because of “Catch and Release”.

Depth of Humanitarian Crisis at Southern Border:

  • 50 Migrants/Day Referred to Medical Providers

  • 4,300/Yr People in Distress Rescued by CBP

  • 31% of Women Sexually Assaulted on Journey

  • 17% of Men Sexually Assaulted on Journey

  • 70% of Migrants Traveling are Victims of Violence

Diseases Carried Into the US By Illegal Aliens:

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, has been working in South and Central America on communicable diseases since 2009.  She has been ringing the alarm bell that the illegal immigrants that are flooding into the US have, not will, brought some of the most communicable diseases into our communities.  Even if only 1% of the children and adults who are crossing into our country illegally each year carry one or more of these diseases, that means that 7,600 of these are carriers of deadly, highly communicable diseases, most have been eradicated in the US, until now, for DECADES!  These include:

  • TB-Tuberculosis:  Some Drug RESISTANT
  • Chagos Disease:  Commonly Kissing Bug; is a parasite called Trypanosoma Cruzi
  • Dengue Fever:  
  • Hepatitis
  • Malaria
  • Measles
  • Chicken Pox
  • Whooping Cough

Vaccinate Your Kids Now:  We hear of the hoopla surrounding whether our parents in the US are vaccinating their children before entering school.  For those who DON’T vaccinate their children, be forewarned.  The illnesses being carried into our schools and hospitals by illegal aliens are deadly and you are taking a ridiculous risk by not protecting your children.

Never-Trumpers and Left-Wingers Beware:

If you are a Never-Trumper and/or a Left-Wing person who only watches the three networks, CNN or MSNBC, or reads the Washington Post, the NY Times and other left-wing outlets, YOU ARE AT RISK HEALTH WISE and AT RISK BY A CRIMINAL AND DRUG INVASION as these outlets will NOT ALERT YOU WITH THE FACTS SHOWN ABOVE!  They want to flood and overwhelm our essential services, our school systems and our law enforcement to force more government intrusion into our lives.  

Why we Need a Border Wall

You hear a great deal about technology being a replacement for a physical Wall at the southern border.  That would be great if it weren’t for “Catch and Release” and Children/Family detention policies that literally free all those “caught” at the border the minute they step foot on US soil.  You hear the left claiming all we need is drones.  Drones can only tell us when someone is approaching or have crossed into the US.  TOO LATE!  This is a de facto Open Border Policy!

Without a wall and a change in-laws that allow illegal aliens to remain in the US pending a trial that will never happen, the backlog of hearings continues to grow as well as the total number of potential DACA “kids” who are brought into the US every day.  Remember, there are 60,000 unaccompanied children entering the US every year and 161,000 “family units” who have children entering every year as well.  These “children” are all potentially DACA kids!  So, the 700,000 DACA kids you hear on the news isn’t even close.  This number is increasing by 140,000 EVERY YEAR!

A wall is the only mechanism to prevent an alien from crossing our border and becoming another court case that is released into the US and then able to disappear into thin air.  Even if you put one US soldier every 100 yards along the border, a caravan of 5,000 would be able to overwhelm them and many would enter illegally.  Also, you would need 35,000 Troops PER SHIFT to even station one every 100 yards along the border.   Annual cost way over $5 Billion per year.

The total construction cost for a wall would be about $10 Billion.  Illegal Alien net service costs to the US is $135 Billion every year.  This is a pretty good return on our investment!

Send emails, letters, make phone calls to the White House and to your Congress men and women and voice your support for the southern border wall.  There is no higher priority!  

RD Pierini




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