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Is Treason Against the US or a Lack of Conscience Scarier?

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Nellie Ohr testified last October that,

“I would probably have been less comfortable doing opposition research that would have gone against Hillary Clinton.”  “Because I favored Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate.”  

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Remember, Nellie Ohr’s husband was the Deputy Assistant Attorney General (#4 at the DOJ) at the time she worked for Fusion GPS and created “operation research” against Donald Trump and his 2016 Presidential campaign.  She and her DOJ hubby met with the Russian Dossier creator Christopher Steele (former UK MI6 operative) on July 30,2016, 3 months and a few days prior to the 2016 Election.  Nellie worked directly for Glenn Simpson, the head of Fusion GPS.  Her “research”, along with the Russian Dossier was passed to her DOJ husband who in turn gave it to the FBI.  It is assumed that the same information was passed to the Clinton campaign and per Lisa Page’s text to Peter Strzok on August 2, 2016, to Obama.  Her text read, “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing”.  

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The Russian Dossier has now been identified as the primary source of “evidence” to a FISA court to justify the wiretapping of the Trump Campaign through taps on Carter Page.  This lie, became the linchpin of the entire Russian Hoax against President Trump before and after his election. 

Before the election, this effort was a seditious effort to obstruct and interfere with a presidential election and after, Treason to conspire with a foreign government (Russia and perhaps Ukraine)  to overthrow the US Government by removing a duly elected president.

Other Conspirators

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Intelligence Services Complicity:  The head of the Obama CIA, John Brennan legitimized the dossier by including it in a security briefing to President Obama which ultimately ended up being briefed to Donald Trump.  It is unclear the role James Clapper played in the dossier conspiracy but his support for Brennan suggests at least conspiratorial support to defame Trump. 

DOH/FBI Complicity:  Then the DOJ, presumably under the nose of eyes of Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, and the FBI under James Comey, kicked things into a higher gear.  The DOJ/FBI had been performing a covert counter-intelligence investigation of Trump and his campaign.  The dossier and its submission as evidence to the FISA court and the granting of wiretapping of Carter Page and the Trump Campaign allowed the leaders of the Trump insurrection to generate leaks to key media lackeys and to cast aspersion against the legitimacy of the fledging Trump Presidency.

OK, let’s get real. 

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Since the CIA, DIA, NSA,  the National Security Advisor, the DOJ, and the FBI were involved in the conspiracy, with all of the covert tools to monitor every single move, phone call, text message, and email that Trump and his team would make or even think of making, did not know that the Trump team had NOT conspired to collude with the Russians, I’ll sell you the London Bridge!  This was a straightforward case of falsifying evidence against a candidate and then the President of the United States in order to overthrow a Constitutionally elected President of the United States with the help of foreign powers.


Did Anyone involved Ask If These Seditious and Treasonous Acts Were Legal, Much Less Moral?

It is more likely that this conspiracy to defame Trump, elect Clinton, then impeach Trump, was know all the way to President Obama.  It is also 99.9% probable that Carter Page was only one of many of the Trump campaign supporter.  Remember that Obama’s UN Ambassador requested over 200 Trump people to be unmasked on surveillance recordings, texts or emails.  Why would a UN Ambassador need to do this?  Since the DOJ and the FBI had most of its top Washington DC management, all the way to the director levels, involved with the dossier and the counter-intelligence investigation of Trump, the Obama AG, Loretta Lynch had to be in the loop.  


Did anyone in the Obama Administration or the Clinton Campaign even stop to think that these activities against a Presidential Candidate was ethical? Moral? much less LEGAL?  


The scariest part of this horrible, despicable dark plot to subvert our nation is that there was no moral compass to guide any of these involved from presumably the President himself (Obama), his administration, members of the Democrat Congressional Caucus, the intelligence and Justice departments and willing accomplices in the media.  The next question is that since we cannot rely on our leaders, who swore an allegiance to the US Constitution to uphold their oath, how can we stop this from happening again? 


One thing for sure, we better figure this out and prevent it from happening again! 


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Dying of Cancer or Deceased, McCain is the RINO and Left’s Hero!

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Just STOP this nonsense!  When Sen. McCain and President Trump sparred prior to McCain’s death, the RINOs (including Brian Kilmeade, Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan and others) the President was chastised for disparaging a war hero that also had brain cancer!  Then, recently it is confirmed that McCain and his aid were instrumental in promoting the anti-Trump Steele Dossier to the FBI and news outlets right after Trump’s 2016 election victory, the President spoke out against McCain again citing this obvious attempt to disparage the President, and, McCain’s duplicity in voting against the Obamacare repeal.  The President’s remarks, of course, took place after McCain death and now Trump’s detractors had a cow that he was “attacking” a dead person!  

So, dead or alive, McCain is an angelic war hero and he cannot be disparaged even though he has lied to his own party, his voters, and certainly the President of the US, and conspired to undue the results of the 2016 Presidential Election!

President Trump endorsed and donated the max to the McCain presidential campaign in 2008.  Trump endorsed McCain again in McCain’s bid for re-election in 2016.  President Trump also allowed McCain to be given a Presidential Funeral when he passed and bent over backward to assist the family in this unprecedented ceremony.  This, when John McCain and his family UNINVITED the sitting President Donald J. Trump from attending the funeral.  

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President and First Lady Trump Uninvited to McCain Funeral

I thank Senator McCain for his military service as I do for all of those who have served this country and put their lives on the line.  I will go so far to say that his service was heroic and the awarding of the Silver Star and the Legion of Merit Medals to McCain, were deserved. 

But that designation does not excuse anyone for how they behave for the balance of their lives.  Honesty, integrity, and loyalty are lived every day and are not subject to dispensation due to prior acts!  Also, your word to your constituents is the most sacred bond any elected official can make.  Your repeated commitments to your constituents for the repeal of Obamacare permeated your “word” to your constituents since the day that that law was enacted and reiterated throughout your 2016 re-election campaign.  McCain also promised his caucus and the President right up to his vote to NOT Repeal Obamacare that he would support the law’s repeal.  Honesty, integrity and loyalty are now sound bites but have to be backed by action.  You failed your constituents and those of us who supported your Presidential election bid in 2008.  

I applaud the President’s denunciation of McCain’s action to undermine a duly elected President, (sedition), McCain’s action to defraud his constituents time and time again, and McCain’s family lack of respect and gratitude to our President as he respected the death of Sen. McCain and his funeral wishes in spite of their checkered past.  

RD Pierini


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Identity Politics-Where Do You Stand in the Quicksand of Left-Wing Identity Politics


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Many of us conservatives are perplexed by the Progressive-Left-Democrat-Media outrage matrix of assigning virtue and iniquity to those who violate their code of Identity Politics (IP).  I used to think that being Black would make you a shoe-in to be at the IP apex.  Then the Kevin Hart/Oscars virtue shaming took place and I realized that being Black alone would not shield you from IP.  If you are Black and you slam someone in the LGBTQ community, you lose enough merits to be kicked out of the temple of IP, the Oscars.

I am safely ensconced as a non-protected, white-male (even though I am Italian and probably have more Moorish blood in me than Pocahontas has Cherokee blood), straight, evangelical, NRA supporting, white privileged, pro-life, Trump supporter!  I have been told by everyone on the Progressive-left that I have no value to society, except paying taxes to support their progressive causes, and have no say politically, socially or morally.  In short, I am the only person in this nation who truly knows his place and will never have to worry about violating IP virtue signaling!  

But, is There a logic to the Progressive-Left Identify Politics Matrix/Hierarchy?

So I searched and searched to find the definitive guide to Progressive-Left, liberal IP assignment logic.  I finally found it!

There is no logic!  It is whatever the Progressive-Left wants it to be in any given circumstances!

All you need to understand, heaven help you, is that anyone can be anyone, any thing, any race, any gender, any religion, and any sexual orientation they want at any given moment!  I further discovered that the IP gods reside in cyber-space in cubicles called Twitter and Facebook.  No matter if you are Black, Brown, Beige, Yellow, Green, Gay, Trans, Bi, Male, Female (or adopted a gender/pronoun), have hormone levels that are not equal to your gender, pro-choice including infanticide, or identify any other way except White, male and conservative, then you are subject to Virtue Shaming any time you make a derogatory statement, gesture, or joke about any other IP protected species.  If you are an illegal immigrant, non-English speaking preferably, than you may move up the IP priority pole and overtake other groups.

Here are some guidelines, but you cannot rely on them as the IP gods can revamp their matrix on a moments notice!  (Assumes the White, Straight and Conservative status  is irrelevant)

  • No matter your race, do not slam any member of the LBGTQ, or their activities or preferences.
  • No matter your race, do not slam any member of the Islamic faith.  White Catholics are preferred targets, and evangelists with large hair cuts are also easy targets.
  • No matter your race, if you are male, assume you are lower than any other gender/identity, especially if anyone in those alternative gender/identity groups happen to be members in the LGBTQ club or Muslim.  (The only reason to be a non-white male, gender identified as a female, is to run in track meets and participate in body building contests against biologically female competitors!)
  • No matter your race, if you are a non-white, male transitioning to a female so you can be a lesbian later, non-English speaking illegal immigrant of Hispanic, Native American and African-American decent, a practicing Muslim, but are a Trump supporter, you are now down in the trash heap of humanity along with white, straight, Catholic, pro-life, conservative males.  There are somethings that are simply over the top for the IP police!

I could go on for days but I think you understand that even though you think you are among the protected IP classes, you are not necessarily safe.  You may want to apply a high-tech condom to your online activities in the event you get drunk, score some bad weed or talkative “X”.  If you momentarily lapse and slip into the Twitter or Facebook cubicle, you may Tweet or Retweet an offensive remark that the IP police will use to track you down and solicit recruits to destroy you into PC IP oblivion. 

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You may even be removed as the MC for the Oscars!

By the way, remember that the First Amendment has been rescinded in favor of Identity Politics.  

Happy Tweeting!

RD Pierini



Trump’s Addressing Root Cause of 2008 Crash-Freddie and Fannie

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Remember the 2008 Depression and the Taxpayer Bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae?  I sure do!  And so does President Trump!  He has been mulling over ways to revamp the Government’s two mortgage giants, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  Obama punted this reform down the road but President Trump is determined to reform both companies and avert a future 2008 redux. 

Image result for freddie mac and fannie mae

His dilemma is who to have spearhead this reform effort, the Treasury Department, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), or the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).  The terms of the original Congressional charter for both companies mandates that they are regulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).  The FHFA regulates the financial safety and soundness of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, including implementing, enforcing and monitoring their capital standards, and limiting the size of their mortgage investment portfolios; HUD is responsible for Fannie and Freddie’s general housing missions.   The Treasury Department only has the task of providing liquidity for Freddie and Fannie by purchasing up to $2.25 billion in securities from each company.  

Why do you care?  Do you want to go through another 2008 Depression?

At the core of the issue is whether Freddie and Fannie should continue to have the tacit financial guarantee, (if they default you, the taxpayer, has to bail them out like the $200 billion bailout in 2008), of the Federal Government as GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES (GSE), or should they be “privatized” as Fannie Mae was in 1938 when it was created.  By having GSE status, these two giants have basically eliminated all prior private secondary market competitors as Freddie and Fannie can fund bonds at a much lower rate than their private competitors.  Investors in Freddie and Fannie know that the Federal Government totally backs them and thus the investment in the GSEs is risk free!

But, the downside is what we saw in 2008.  Freddie and Fannie bought up worthless mortgages and consumer loans and drove up their debt to over $5 Trillion dollars, all of which was backed by taxpayers!  There was not 100 other companies to spread this risk to as Freddie and Fannie had a monopoly.  If there had not been a government backed Freddie and Fannie to buy up worthless paper, there probably would not have been a 2008 Crisis as the private companies would not have bought up worthless loans as they were responsible to stockholders who demand a return on their investments!  Too Big To Fail would probably never had come about as there would have been no one to buy up idiotic loans by the big banks and mortgage brokers, thus they would not have created worthless loans in the first place.

So, what is the President to do?  Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin wants to continue to head the reform effort but the soon to be head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Mark Calabria, would also like to take the lead as his agency has the basic Congressional charter to manage Freddie and Fannie.  At the heart of the debate is whether to remove Freddie and Fannie from ” Federal receivership”, that was imposed on them in 2008 as a result of the mortgage crisis.  They remain in Federal receivership, meaning total control by the Federal government today.  

Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary

Mnuchin favors the removal of the Federal receivership status from both GSEs and return them back to their 2008 status where they retain their tacit Federal Government backing.  This would make the stockholders in Freddie and Fannie happy but keep the taxpayers at large on the hook if they repeat their idiotic business practices of the past decade.  Image result for mark calabriaMark Calabria, Head of Federal Housing Finance Agency Nominee

Calabria is a libertarian at heart and one could assume that he would not support continued government intervention or tacit backing for Freddie and Fannie.  But that is just a guess as he has not signaled any reform preferences.  Calabria, when he was at the Cato institute, expressed his displeasure at the agencies’ “Affordable Housing Mandate” that help fuel the sub-prime collapse.  He has also questioned the need for 30-year mortgages and the need to package mortgage loans into bonds and then sell them to private investors. 

But, The President appears to support Calabria as the lead in the reform effort.  BUT, any reform has to be approved not only by the Senate Banking Committee but also the House Banking Committee, headed by MAXINE WATERSWaters was one of the strongest supporters of sub-prime loans and the granting of insolvent loans to minorities just t drive up the home ownership numbers.  She also was able to get her hubby placed on the board of directors of a Southern California bank!  

So, keep an eye on Mark Calabria and where he signals the reform of Freddie and Fannie is heading.  No matter what Mark recommends, the President will have to wait until after the 2020 elections where hopefully the Republicans will retake the House of Representatives, retain the Senate, and thus get Maxine Waters out of her role as head of the House Banking Committee.  (AOL is also on this committee)

This Reform is Critical to the Continued, Non-Bubble Enhanced, Growth in Our Economy!

RD Pierini



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Trump’s Border Wall Plan-How Vulnerable Is Our Southern Border Today? The Facts

See the source imageThere is so much Fake News today regarding the need for and the building of a wall along our Southern Border that it is difficult to know what is real and what is not.  Below I will summarize as much of the information I was able to confirm regarding Trump’s plan and the real status of our current Southern Border. 

The reader should understand that once an illegal alien sets one foot inside of the US, the Customs and Border Patrol officers have to take them into custody then release them into the US until the illegal alien’s court date.  Same for those seeking asylum.  This is the “catch and release” law which makes a wall the only method of stopping an illegal alien from being apprehended and released into the US.  Over 95% of those so processed never appear for their court date and remain in the US.  IF Congress does not like walls, then allow agents to immediately deport illegal aliens as soon as they are apprehended!

The Border Wall Plan

Current Wall Status 

I will be using data from 2017 to the present to illustrate the current condition and extent of the Southern Border Wall.  You will be shocked to read just how LITTLE has been done in spite of the supposed priority the wall has been to the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations.  Same goes for the Congress who appropriated wall funding in 2006 and again in 2013.  This includes both Democrats and Republicans!

For purposes of this discussion, lets assume that the Southern Border with Mexico is 2,000 miles long, stretching from California to South Eastern Texas.  Of the 2,000 miles, approximately 350 miles are “protected” with natural barriers consisting of mountainous terrain or impassable waterways.  It is important to note that the more wall barriers that are put up, drug cartels and others will attempt to convert and use even those naturally impassable barriers in order to maintain their flow of illegal human trafficking and drug trafficking.  Currently:

  • Trump’s plan for new wall barriers will require approximately 325 miles of current “vehicle barriers” to be upgraded to “pedestrian barriers’; 1,325 miles of new “pedestrian barriers” will have to be built to completely seal off the border.  This factors in the areas where natural barriers will suffice.
  • Only 650 miles or 33% of the 2,000 miles is “fenced”.  If you factor in the impassable barriers, then 39% of the border is “fenced”. 
  • Only 325 or so miles or 16% of the “fence” is designed to stop vehicles, NOT PEOPLE!   If you factor in the impassable barriers, then 20% of the “fence” is designed to stop vehicle.
  • There are 1325 miles of the border than can be crossed by people today without much difficulty.
  • There are 1,000 miles of the border than can be crossed by vehicles today.

Trump is Not Trying to Build a Wall From Sea to Sea But Rather Secure the 1,325 Miles or so of Border That Are Currently Unprotected.

Below is a map of the current border barrier that have been constructed.  Much of the older barrier had to be upgraded by the Trump Administration as it had fallen into disrepair or converted to prevent vehicles and people from crossing.

The yellow line represents barriers to stop vehicle traffic and the red to stop people from crossing.  The green is “other” fence that you can interpret as not stopping much of anything!  In fact, much of the “other” fencing is owned by ranchers and others along the border.  (if you click on this link, you will be able to view this map in your web browser which is more readable  You will note that the current barriers start in California at the edge of the Pacific Ocean near San Diego and then stops just past El Paso, Texas.  From El Paso, Texas, to the South Eastern border of Texas at the Gulf of Mexico, there are virtually no barriers!  

One of the early areas to be protected will be the McAllen, Texas, area.  Below is a map showing the current and proposed phases and barriers:

Much of the “vehicle” barriers are made up of Normandy Fencing or merely barbed wire.  Below is an example of the Normandy Fencing that has to impact on pedestrian crossings.

Normandy fence

Where there are “people” barriers, the point at which these barriers stop is oftentimes wide open for people to cross illegally into the US, including in vehicles!  Where they intersect with vehicle barriers as shown below, the vehicle barriers are week or easily destroyed.

In some areas where the barrier has been built in Texas by the Rio Grande river, the barrier is a mile or so North of the border on the US side.  This mandates that landowners must have access to both sides of the wall thus providing an entry point for illegal aliens, drug traffickers, and human traffickers. 

Some of these areas along the River are in flood plains and have been left open due to this status.  (There are international treaties with Mexico that mandate specific actions that can be taken along these areas)  Newer designs on the Wall incorporate a flood barrier levee with an integrated fence but these are yet to be built.

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So, the bottom line is that President Trump inherited a border barrier that was either:

  • Non-existent
  • Incapable of stopping foot traffic
  • Incapable of stopping vehicle traffic
  • in disrepair needing rebuilding

The President has spent 2017 and 2018 “mending fences” where possible and in 2019 is starting to actually build new wall in Texas along its South Eastern border with Mexico.   The current status of our Southern Border can only be described as OPEN to people and vehicular traffic.  

Trump’s Reliance on a Border Wall Plan

The recommendations by Homeland Security and its Customs and Border Patrol staff rely on the existence of a border barrier to supplement  agents patrolling the border and various forms of technology including cameras, sensors, drones etc. to assist those human assets.  If you placed one CBP agent every 100 years (length of a football field) you would need some 33,000 agents per shift to stand guard over the border!  The physical barrier and the integrated technology allow agents to respond to “hot spots” detected by technology and detained by the wall until agents can respond to the impacted area.  

Do Walls Work?

Yep.  In two sector of California, Imperial Beach and Chula Vista, walls were constructed with an immediate decrease in illegal crossings.  I am using these two examples due to the lack of high-tech in the early 1990’s so the presence of a wall is solely responsible for the drop in illegal apprehensions.  There was little or no technical support for the wall other than lighting and some low-res cameras and unreliable ground sensors.   In the case of Imperial Beach, prior to the wall being built, there were over 200,000 border apprehensions that were reduced to an average of 14,000 after the barrier was built which represents a 93% reduction.  Remember, this is back in the early 1990’s when technology was unsophisticated.

The Chula Vista experience was similar to that of Imperial Beach.  Apprehensions went down from 160,000 to about 6,000 which is a 96.5% decline in apprehensions.  

Is There an Invasion at the Border?

Unfortunately, the CBP has to rely on the number of “apprehensions” versus the total number of illegal entries as a benchmark for determining and quantify the extent of the invasion.  There is no way to know how many illegal aliens actually get in without being apprehended. 

Also, due to idiotic laws passed by Congress, CBP is especially burdened with the rapid rise in illegal crossings by unaccompanied minors and families with children.  So, to quantify the resource and manpower drain associated with the increased apprehensions is difficult.  All we can use is raw apprehension numbers to quantify the extent of the invasion.

Using Fiscal Year 2018 and 2019, and data as of January-to-date (4 months) of each of those years:

  • Unaccompanied Minors Apprehensions: 
    • 2018=14,390; 2019=20,133; Increase 40%
    • Annualized 2019 Projected = 60,400
  • Family Unit Apprehensions:  
    • 2018=25,625; 2019=99,901; Increase 290%
    • Annualized 2019 Projected  = 299,700
  • Total Apprehensions:
    • 2019 Annualized:  732,000, 41% Increase/2018
    • 2018:  521,000, 21% Increase/2017
    • 2017:  415,500

If the CBP apprehends 732,000 illegal aliens in 2019, how many illegal aliens did they MISS!  I think 1,000,000 people entering a country illegally qualifies as an INVASION!  Let alone the massive amounts of drugs that follow along with the invasion!  Let alone the toll in human suffering caused by HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

If you think Trump is “Manufacturing” this Invasion Crisis, then you probably believe the new infanticide abortion bill in New York is a good idea!  The death from the illegal drugs and the epidemic of once cured diseases in the US being inflicted on US men, women and children goes hand in hand with the progressive-left death culture.  God Help us!

RD Pierini



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Understanding Why Trump Is Taking His Time with Kim Jong-un!

See the source imageFor those pundits who have always misunderstood and incorrectly reported on “why” Trump does certain things I suggest you read “Trump, The Art of the Deal” It is amazing that these leftist and RINO detractors don’t take a couple of hours to read Trump’s own words so they could at least stop embarrassing themselves by underestimating President Donald J. Trump and attributing a deliberate process to incompetence.  (Question, how many of you leftist and RINOs of the intelligentsia are worth 10 Billion Dollars!)

The Kim Regime Legacy:

On July 27th, 1953, The US, North Korea, and the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army (PVA, China’s Army deployed for the Korean conflict), signed the Korean Armistice Agreement, ending the Korean war hostilities.  A peace agreement was never achieved to this day.  North Korea, and South Korea were separated by a demilitarized zone (DMZ) that still stands today. 

North Korea was led by the first of the Kim family, Kim Il-sung starting in 1948, followed by his son in 1994, Kim Jong-Il, then to the current leader Kim Jong-un in 2011.  Kim Jong-un was his father’s third son.  The Kim Regimes are communist and the family is akin to a royal family.  The hallmark, and key personality attribute of the Kim rulers is their deep-seated insecurity and distrust of the United States.  They are curled up in a fetal position with communist China who they rely on for their very economic survival.

The Kim family ruled as an absolute and ruthless dictatorship in the model of the most ruthless Chinese and Soviet dictators.  The 3 Kim leaders share in their absolute distrust of others in the family that could state a coup, an absolute distrust of the US (some deserved), and an absolute isolationist mentality.  These 3 levels of paranoia were reinforced from one generation to the next.

The Kim paranoia of the US and distrust of US motivation regarding North Korea was, and still is, the primary roadblock to an agreement between the US and the Kim regime.  If I were to say that the Democrats were going to confiscate your guns and tell you to trust them, your reaction would be similar to that of North Korea when the US asks them to voluntarily give up their nuclear weapons and TRUST THE US!  

Enter President Donald J. Trump:

Before President Trump took office, President Obama warned Trump that his biggest challenge and imminent threat was from North Korea.  Kim Jong-un had been conducting underground atomic and nuclear tests along with a plethora of missile tests.  Since 1953. countless American Presidents have attempted to negotiate with the Kim’s only to be rewarded with treachery by the Kim regimes.  Despite numerous failed attempts using a “carrot” approach, multiple US administrations continued to follow this unsuccessful tactic.

See the source image

President Trump approached the North Korean problem totally different from his predecessors.  First, he viewed the Korean problem as a “China problem”, first and foremost.  He knew that he had to create and maintain at least the outward appearance of détente with the Chinese Leader Xi.  Trump accomplished this by first hosting Xi and his wife at Mar-a-Lago then maintained telephone diplomacy with Xi directly thereafter.  This was important as Trump would have to squeeze North Korea with sanctions in order to get Kim’s attention.  China controls 95% of North Korea’s trade and North Korea would not exist if not for China.  The President knew that he would never be able to totally separate Xi and Kim but he could use his public relationship with Xi to at least get China to participate in some level of sanctions and public pressure on Kim to talk to the US. 

See the source image

Second, the President, began a campaign of harsh rhetoric against the North Korean Leader himself using Tweets to demean him as “Little Rocket Man” and worse.  Every time Kim would respond in the media or via Twitter, Trump would double down “see his tweet and raise him two tweets”!  This went on for months.

See the source image

Third, while the Twitter Storm raged on daily, the President was talking to the Chinese President Xi about North Korea as well as using South Korea to open some dialogue with the North using the South Korean Winter Olympics as the pretext and platform from which to begin opening North and South relations.  The President used China to tell Kim that he should at least consider direct talks with the US while South Korea worked with Kim on the Olympics and also conveying the notion to Kim that he should consider talks with the US.  Kim had to be somewhat confused with Trump bashing him daily on Twitter while Xi and the South Korean President Moon Jai-in telling him that the US is willing to talk!

Trump’s Trump Card-Patience:

President Trump outlined many strategies in his “Art of the Deal” book and underlying many of the strategies was the need to have whoever you are trying to negotiate with READY AND WILLING  TO NEGOTIATE.  In the case of North Korea and Kim Jong-un, the President knew that he had to alleviate Kim’s distrust and fear of duplicity on the part of the US.  Kim had been spoon-fed hatred and distrust of the US by his father and all members of his family and military circle.  

The President also trusted his own negotiating and interpersonal skills more than anyone he could send to meet with Kim directly.  He also know that even though a US President meeting directly with a miniscule country the size of North Korea (North Korea’s GDP is smaller than any of the US States including Washington DC and Puerto Rico)  was frowned on by the deep state diplomatic and intelligence gurus.  Was it a risk for President Trump to meet directly with Kim and take the chance that Kim would walk away from the talks?  Sure.  But as Trump says time and time again in the “Art of the Deal”, think big, be bold, and always have at least a Plan B or even C. 

The goal of his direct talk strategy was to begin to chip away at Kim’s loathing and distrust for the US.  Period!

Where we are Today

The President has just announced the 2nd Summit with Kim Jong-un on February 27th and 28th.  So, in less than a full year, President Trump and Chairman Kim will meet for the second time.  Since the first Summit, President Trump has been careful to praise Chairman Kim and continue to voice our appreciation for the Chairman’s abandoning of testing and development of nuclear warhead and missile delivery technology. 

Trump has been careful to frame a potential détente agreement between the US and North Korea as one that would see great economic benefit to North Korea and make Kim the hero to his people.  Remember, not only has Kim been indoctrinated against the US, but the North Korean People, and the military, have been as well.  South Korea’s joint meetings with their counterpart in the North has also been used to ease North Korean fears into the position where they could cautiously somewhat “trust” the US.  President Trump has to be careful and ensure that Kim is not taken out by an internal revolt just because he is talking with the US.  A dead Kim would most like usher in a hard-liner from the family and military ranks.

Summit #2:

The second summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim will be a continuation of Trump’s campaign to convince Kim to be a willing and even an enthusiastic party to a new negotiated détente between the US and North Korea.  All of the so-called intelligence experts, who have been wrong since 1953 on how to negotiate with North Korea, keep saying that Trump has to get Kim to disclose all of the locations of their weapons and military installations.  (One would hope that these brilliant experts already know where these are!)  While the President may convince Kim to begin hard steps towards denuclearization, the more like outcome will be baby-steps and a continuation of dialogue.  Trump knows how big the stakes are and time is on our side, and not the side of North Korea given the ongoing sanctions.  As long as Kim keeps his arsenal in the holster, Trump believes he is managing the threat.  

Trump’s long-game is his full first term to accomplish the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.  He probably sees at least two more top-to-top meetings taking place before real progress is made.  If it takes less of an effort, that is even better.  Read the President’s chapter on “The Elements of the Deal” and “Trump Tower: The Tiffany Location” to get a better feel for his approach.  

See the source image

In order to truly appreciate the President’s approach to North Korea and his use of China as a lever, just consider how complicated Trump’s relationship is with Xi. Trump is bashing them in trade talks, intellectual property theft, even prosecuting the head of a Chinese State owned company, all the while courting Xi to help him with North Korea and to stop violating the sanctions?  Talk about HUTZPAH!

R Pierini


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RINOs Resurrected and Strike At Trump-McConnel Head RINO

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Who Needs Enemies

With A “Friend” Like Mitch!

Not only did McConnell and the RINO led Senate vote to rebuke Trump’s Syria and Afghanistan troop reduction decision, these traitors did it on the day of Trump’s State of the Union Address!  Senate Bill 1, that passed by a 77-23 vote, includes:

  • Directs Trump to Impose Sanctions on Entities Doing Business with Syrian President Al-Assad
  • “Urges” Trump Not to Exit the Conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan
  • Includes Aid for Israel
  • Allows State and Local governments to refuse to do business with anyone who boycotts Israel.
  • To totally insult, “throw shade” for those under 30, at the President, McConnell allowed this bill to pass on the day of Trump’s State of the Union address.

In case you missed it, the name of the bill is “Senate Bill 1”, which means that this is the first bill that the new REPUBLICAN RINO SENATE had passed in the new 2019 session.  An omen for things to come?  Most in this Senate and the House, would have trouble finding Syria and Afghanistan on a map let alone direct policy.  They, instead, hide behind so-called civilian, think tank and military “experts” to cover their respective asses and go against the President of the United States. 

All the while, McConnell and his RINOs have steadfastly refused to dump the undemocratic practice of requiring 60 votes to pass anything through the Senate except for the overabundance of verbal and anal FLATULENCE!  

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The timing of this bill passing on the day of the SOTU address, was timed and intentional.  This bunch of wimps and do-nothings think they are going to preempt the President and take his talking points away on these key foreign policy issues.  WRONG!  My hope is that the President take both the Republican RINOs and the moronic Democrats on directly and state exactly what he is going to do again in these theaters of conflict as he has in the past.  I also hope he pulls McConnell in and tells him point-blank that he will not stand for McConnell to stand in for Flake, McCain and Ryan as the Anti-Trump leader in the Senate.  That if McConnell expects any help in the future that he damn well better wake up and understand that the Democrats and the hard-left are the enemies of the United States and not the President.

State of the Union 2019: Trump addresses the nation - live updates

I hope everyone contacts Senator McConnell and tells him that you think he is a traitor to the Republican Party, Donald Trump, and those of us who support President Trump and his policies.  You can call his Washington DC  office at Phone: (202) 224-2541
Fax: (202) 224-2499 or send him a letter or postcard to,   317 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510.

Here are some links to the Chief Senate RINO McConnell, (these links should take you to the appropriate page when you click on the link) 

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These Senators have absolutely no direct responsibility for our Foreign Policy and will duck for cover should this bill actually cause more of our brave soldiers to lose their lives.  Maybe they should read Article 2 of the US Constitution and understand that it is not their role to micro manage our foreign policy.  God knows Congress has enough power to screw things up in the US and this is not one of them!  You might say that this wimpy resolution to keep troops in Syria and Afghanistan is not binding.  That may be true but it undermines the positions taken by the President with the American People.  RINO-MAC may have forgotten but We the American People elected the President and expect him to have the support of at least our own party.   

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Many of these same Senators voted to get us into these never-ending wars with no real objective or rules of engagement to actually win and protect our most prize asset, the American Soldier.  Did they all of a sudden gain cerebral supremacy.  I think not!

RD Pierini



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With a Pelosi Speakership of the House of Representatives, you will be treated to 24/7 “news” of the “crimes” committed by the President and his family, even Barron will not be spared.  What’s the difference from past coverage?  It will be on Fox and other conservative outlets as well as it will be the only “news” of the day!  The Dems and their Left-Wing media will ratchet up the hate way past what we thought was already over the top.  The next two years will make the past two years seem mild.

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Your liberal “friends” will be even more hostile to you and your beliefs than ever before.  You think being called a supporter of a narcissistic liar, a homophobe, a racists, a sexists, a xenophobe, etc., was bad, just wait!  The lack of civility will be pushed to the point of physical violence and our institutions that support the “establishment” left, globalist, elitist, anti-America forces will be unleashed.  Freedom of speech will be slammed to be un-American, pro-border and national security will be made to be fascist in the mainstream dialogue, and the pursuit of happiness will be framed as only being able to be achieved by the government FOR YOU.  

How Bad Can Democrat Tyranny Be With Only Control of the House of Representatives?

Stop and consider the past two years of leftist chaos and legal malfeasance that has been mounted by the Democrats and the DC Swamp!  And that was with Trump controlling the Presidency and the Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress and with a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court (supposedly).  The DC swamp and its mouthpiece the mainstream media have viciously and constantly hammered every word and action by this President!  The DC swamp created phony allegations and charges that led to the phony Mueller investigation that is still ongoing to this day!  These investigations and prosecutions were made possible via a conspiracy within the DOJ, FBI and our intelligence services!  Many of those traitors are still in these institutions!  Now, the left controls one chamber of Congress from which to launch even stronger malicious attacks against the President and anyone who opposes them.  How long can the President remain popular against this onslaught of hatred, lies and deception?

Get ready for Articles of Impeachment to be filed by the Democrats in the House before the State-Of-The-Union address;  Get ready for the Democrats to boycott the State-Of-The-Union Address;  Get ready for the Democrats to investigate the Trump Family and anyone associated with the Trump businesses; Get ready for the left-wing courts to file law suits against Trump’s actions even more aggressively;  Get ready for the DOJ prosecutors offices that are still part of the DC swamp to investigate and indict every baseless allegation made by the Democrat House “investigations” and committees;  Get ready for left-wing control of the budget and spending as all spending bills and tax increases have to originate in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives;  This means more money for abortions, more money to support illegal-immigration, more money to support open borders, less money for our military, our border patrol, and our ICE agents. 

Constant hammering for government takeover of our healthcare system.  Their goal is not to actually take over healthcare before 2020, but to blame Trump for a failed Obamacare that the Democrats created.

Can Republicans Grow a Pair and Protect This President?

The key to Trump (Us) surviving this onslaught is being steadfast against this constant barrage and negative media coverage.  IT WILL REQUIRE EVERY ELECTED REPUBLICAN TO STAND BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP AND DEFEND HIM AGAINST THIS DESPOTIC, TYRANNICAL HIT SQUAD.  There-in lies the problem!  You already witnessed RINO Romney blast the President in an Op-Ed and on CNN before this insider, globalist elitist RINO was sworn in!  You can bet Ben Sasse and others won’t be too far behind when Pelosi and the media unleash their attack dogs.  RINO Kasich was right behind him and you can bet that the x-speaker Ryan is waiting in the wings to back his old running-mate Romney.

The Only way that American can be Great is if the Republican stand firm and fight tooth and nail against the House Democrats.  This would require that Mitch McConnell stop hiding behind the 60 vote rule and reestablish democracy in the Senate by reverting to majority rule.  The Senate must also change its rules and get Trumps judicial and staff confirmations completed, sooner rather than later.  Republicans will also have to be in talk shows constantly to put down the Democrat efforts to destroy this nation.  We will see.  I am less than optimistic that we have a true Trump Republican Party within the elected class.  I believe the Trump has taken control of the grass roots Republican Party and his supporters are firm. 

But, to date the media and the left have been successful in convincing even Trump supporters that he may have had affairs while first married to Melania.  This, despite the fact that Trump is in possession of a letter from at least one of these women that no affair took place!  The left has conflated Trump paying off nuisance claims as an admission of guilt!  The left has used a phony, Clinton paid for, “dossier” that contained false allegations against Trump to obtain an illegal FISA warrant to spy on Trump supporters and Trump himself; use the illegal FISA warrant to justify the creation of the Mueller special counsel investigation of Trump; and cripple some of Trump’s closest advisors like General Flynn to the point they can no longer serve their country.  All of this served to chip away at Trump’s support among “independents” and to force his strongest supporters to defend him against these illegal allegations!  

If this nation is to survive, it will take all of Trump’s supporters to tighten their resolve against the upcoming left-wing assault of our values and our country. 

Make no mistake, Trump and his supporters are the enemy because we have almost erased all of the inroads the corrupt left-wing progressives have made over the past 50 years!

Whether we survive will be up to you…

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war. - Donald Trump

All of our Enemies in the World are Watching!


RD Pierini


The New Conservative Federal Courts-Your Guide To Understanding a Textualist’s View

See the source imagePresident Trump Will Have a “YUGE” Impact On the Federal Judicial System During His First Term Alone.  But Will You Necessarily Agree With Their Decisions?

Today, there are 870 Justices and Judges in the Federal Judiciary including 9 Supreme Court Justices, 179 Appellate Judges, and 673 District Court Judges.  During the first two years of the Trump Presidency, he has 171 new Justices and Judges either confirmed or nominated and in the Senate pipeline at all levels of the Federal Judiciary.

Trump’s Current Justices/Judges Confirmed or Nominated Today Equal 20% of the Federal Judiciary!

This includes 2 confirmed Supreme Court Justices which make up 22.2% of the Supreme Court.  There is a chance that he many have a 3rd Supreme Court Justice to be confirmed during his first term and most certainly during his 2nd term should he be re-elected.  Trump has relied a great deal on conservative think tanks like the Federalist to screen his nominations.  Trump himself prefers a Scalia Style Textualists or Originalist in terms of “Judicial Temperament”.  

But, numbers are one thing, but what are the conceptual impacts on the US Federal Judicial System in terms of Legal, Philosophical  Momentum in the US?

President Trump prefers Justices and Judges who are Textualists or Originalists in their approach to rendering decisions regarding the constitutionally of issues brought before the courts.  This philosophy was made clear by the late Justice Scalia throughout his career.  He believed in the “original meaning” when interpreting the U.S. Constitution and federal statute.  The written word means exactly what it says and not what a current judge may interpret it to mean. And in no decision, are international laws or statutes to be considered when judging whether a law or regulation is aligned with the original text of the US Constitution.  Also, “Precedent” or “Settled Law” do not trump a current review of constitutionality.  “Precedent” or “Settled Law” refer to prior decisions made by the Supreme Court, or lower Federal courts, for a matter similar to that currently under adjudication.  Both sides try to elevate “Precedent” or “Settled Law” above a Justice’s duty to rule on the current issue according to the constitution.  Prior courts have made very serious unconstitutional rulings!

Expectations?  Assume that all of Trump’s Federal Judicial Appointments adhere to Textualists or Originalists principles, and that precedent or settled law will not overrule a strict textual review of a current issue, how do we accurately set our expectations of how we think these new jurists may decide an issue. 

The Scalia Paradox:  Scalia stood firmly behind the decision to allow flag burning and the right to market violent and behavioral modifying video games to children as protected speech under the first amendment.  Scalia personally abhorred both rulings but ruled as a textualist/originalist.  Scalia was more likely to side with liberal justices in certain matters surrounding personal liberty albeit for totally opposite reasons.  Scalia based on his strict reading of the Constitution versus the liberal justices who viewed these actions as a social right.  So, how do we keep score on Trump’s Justices and Judges going forward?

Scoring a Textualist/Originalist Judge

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Below are two cases that have been ruled on by SCOTUS or that have been refused to be heard by SCOTUS and Trump’s two new Justices played a key role.  The first involves the textualist/originalist principle that legislation passed by Congress must be clear as to their inclusion and not vague allowing for judicial activism.  The second involves textualist/originalist principle that anyone challenging federal law must have “standing” (1) regarding the challenged statute or portion thereof. 

Sessions v. Dimaya:  Trump’s first appointment to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, recently voted with the left-wing SCOTUS justices in “Sessions v Dimaya” by affirming that the term “crime of violence”, part of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as UNCONSTITUTIONALLY VAGUE. 

The case arose when then AG Sessions attempted to deport James Dimaya, a legal permanent resident/Green Card holder,  claiming Dimaya had committed crimes of violence by being found guilty twice of first degree residential burglaryGorsuch wrote that vague laws passed by Congress can be used in an arbitrary and capricious manner: “…by leaving the people in the dark about what the law demands and allowing prosecutors and judges to make it up.”  Gorsuch’s point being that Congress must be clear and specific when creating law so that there is no doubt by the average person what Congress intended.  None of us what a prosecutor or a judge to create law by divining what Congress meant by language in the laws that they create.   We all complain when we read of a judge creating law via judicial activism no matter which side of the aisle they reside.  

Score:  Correct Decision: Gorsuch came to an unpopular decision based on solid constitutional grounds protecting all of us from an Inept Congress who cannot create laws that can be easily understood without ambiguity!  President Trump actually supported the decision stating:  “Today’s Court decision means that Congress must close loopholes that block the removal of dangerous criminal aliens, including aggravated felons.  This public safety crisis can only be fixed by…  Congress-House and Senate must quickly pass a legislative fix to insure violent criminal aliens can be quickly removed from our society.  Keep America Safe!”

Gee v. Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast & Anderson v. Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri:  These cases involve a different outcome than the Sessions case above in that these cases were refused to be heard by SCOTUS.  It takes 4 Justices to vote to hear a case.  In these cases, only three of the conservative Justices voted to hear these cases.  Brett Kavanagh did not vote to hear the cases and sided with the Chief Justice and the 4 left-wing Justices.  The fuzzy issue in these cases is that lower federal courts were split in whether Medicaid enrollees could sue their State if the State blocked funding for Planned Parenthood (or any healthcare provider).  Medicaid is a Federal and State funded program that is jointly administered with the States handling the bulk of the administrative duties locally.  

We have to kind of guess why Kavanagh sided with the liberal majority in deciding not to hear these cases as the Justices are not required to provide any reason for their decision.  It is important to note that Justice Thomas did provide his rationale as to why the cases should have been heard by SCOTUS when he said:  “These cases are NOT about abortion rights.  They are about private rights of action under the Medicare Act.  Some tenuous connection to a politically fraught issue does not justify our abdicating our judicial duty.”

So, if we use Justice Thomas’s reason to hear the cases, we can somewhat infer that Justice Kavanagh did not feel that those bringing the suit to force the States to fund Planned Parenthood under the Medicaid Act had proper standing (1) to bring the suit.  In these cases, a recipient, enrollee, in a government program that is provided to the enrollee free of charge, would have to have a connection to and harm from the action challenged to support that party’s (the enrollee) participation in the case.  In other words, does the enrollee have the legal right to bring suit and was the enrollee harmed by the State’s refusing to include Planned Parenthood in its list of qualified providers.  The enrollee’s harm must be such that they could not have received reasonable care from a non Planned Parenthood provider?  

Let’s assume that Justice Kavanagh did not feel the two enrollees did not have standing to bring the suit.  Then, taken to its logical conclusion, the cases would have denied the enrollees right to sue to force the States’ to include Planned Parenthood as a provider.  But oops, one of the lower courts ruled that the enrollee had the right to bring suit and the other lower court denied the enrollee’s right to bring suit.  In the latter case, the State’s right to deny the inclusion of Planned Parenthood stands while the former forces that state to include Planned Parenthood as a provider.  legal limbo for the overall issue of standing!

But, neither case has anything to do with abortion!  They are both about whether enrollees in a Federal/State Medicaid program has the right to sue to force the inclusion of a specific provider into the program.  Conversely, if a State has the right to withhold inclusion for a specific provider(s) for any reason it chooses.

Score:  Inconclusive Decision:  Kavanagh and Roberts should have sided with the conservative Justices to hear the case.  As I said, these cases were not about abortion but standing.  Leaving these cases undecided, leaves both up in the air.  Granted, if Kavanagh was looking for a more straight-forward legal challenge to abortion, these cases did not qualify.  Further, if Kavanagh was thinking that it would be either a State or the Federal Government to challenge the other over the Medicaid Act and its implementation and not an enrollee, he did not say.  Or, if Kavanagh or Roberts felt that Congress should have been more clear in what latitude the States have in deciding which providers they would include in their Medicaid program, he did not say.

So, for now, Trump’s Supreme Court picks have scored OK with Kavanagh’s bona fides still to be determined.  It will be interesting to watch Kavanagh and Gorsuch when cases that include whether an executive agency has the power to create regulations and enforcement penalties that include civil and criminal actions will stand.  Both Kavanagh and Gorsuch believe that it is up to Congress to create laws and that regulations that cross the line into legislation should not stand,  Both believe that Congress has a Constitutional duty to write laws that are clear and concise and leave no room for regulatory or judicial interpretation.

Bottom Line:

When you review future decisions by either Gorsuch or Kavanagh, you will have to look at the underlying Constitutional and statutory issues.  Their decisions may not follow conservative v. liberal norms or expectations but in the long run, the Textualist/Originalist decisions will serve to bring the rule of law back in line with our Constitution!

RD Pierini


(1) In law, standing or locus standi is the term for the ability of a party to demonstrate to the court sufficient connection to and harm from the law or action challenged to support that party’s participation in the case.

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Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate Shot and Killed Police Officer Corporal Singh!

Corporal Ronil Singh of the Newman, California police force was shot and killed by all of the members of the 115th Congress from both sides of the aisle.  This Congress may have well tied him to a tree and shot him dead themselves!  Why?  They are gutless to protect the citizens of this country and build a damn wall to keep out illegal aliens.  Last year, over 7 million illegal aliens were denied gun ownership by the FBI via their background check process.  How many were able to illegally obtain firearms is unknown!  

The picture above was taken showing Officer Singh with his wife Anamika and 5 month old baby just hours prior to his shooting by an illegal alien following a traffic stop.  

The Newman police force is typical of a small San Joaquin Valley force and consisted only of 12 officers.  I grew up about 30 miles from Newman and was a Mayor overseeing a similarly sized force.  I know that this killing is personal to the community, the department, and will be seared into the hearts and minds of everyone in the surrounding area.

The Newman Police Chief, Randy Richardson’s emotional depiction of Officer Singh brings home the impact of this tragedy when he shared:

“This is not a big department. This is a department of 12. This is a man who I saw every day he worked.  This is a man who I relieved on Christmas day so he could go home and spend time with his family and his newborn child.  I think what’s being lost here is yes, he was a police officer, and that’s why all of you are packed in this room because he was tragically taken from us.  But what really needs to be known is that he was truly just a human being and an American patriot.  He came to this country (Legally from Fiji) with one purpose and that was to serve this country.  When I sat with him in the chief’s interview, he told me he came to America to become a police officer. That’s all he wanted to do. He truly loved what he did. You’ve never seen a man smile more than him.”

We all choked up as Chief Richardson continued:

“He was proud to wear the uniform, and he does want to be remembered as a police officer, but don’t forget the other things, the little things that are often times forgotten in these stories.  That his five-month-old, he will never hear talk. He will never see his son walk. He doesn’t get to hold that little boy, hug his wife, say goodnight, anymore. Because a coward took his life.”

I am not as gracious as Chief Richardson as I would add that his life was taken by a coward, but that coward was aided and abetted by the 115th US Congress as they failed to protect our borders and our citizens by allowing illegal aliens into this country and to cower in a Sanctuary State, California, who is equally as responsible for Office Singh’s untimely demise.  I’ll add the Left-Wing media to this indictment in their support for open borders in aiding and abetting the maintenance of lax immigration laws and practices. This Congress spends trillions of dollars each year to support the sovereignty of foreign nations while failing to:

  • Build a border wall on our southern border to prevent 99.999% of illegal aliens from crossing illegally into this country.  (2 Years after Israel built its southern wall, the illegal immigration went from 55,000 to 0 in two years!  Walls do work)
  • Stop “Catch and Release” which is de facto amnesty for illegal aliens living in sanctuary jurisdictions.
  • Stop illegal aliens from claiming amnesty and entering our country fraudulently and permanently and be supported by our tax paying citizens.
  • Stop chain migration which allows for exponentially increasing the number of migrants entering this country above and beyond our stated immigration goals.
  • Hold Sanctuary States and Cities responsible for any act of violence perpetrated by illegal aliens hiding in their jurisdiction and to withhold all federal funding from those entities until they comply with Federal DOJ, ICE and CBP detainer requirements.

Every Congress man and women should have to meet Officer Singh’s wife Anamika, and her son before voting to stop the building of a southern border wall and enacting common sense laws governing immigration, legal and illegal, into this country,  They should all look in the eyes of this young women and her son and explain to them why they failed to protect their husband and father and continue to pursue political self-interests over protecting our borders and its citizens.

Congress, you are pathetically worthless!

RD Pierini