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With a Pelosi Speakership of the House of Representatives, you will be treated to 24/7 “news” of the “crimes” committed by the President and his family, even Barron will not be spared.  What’s the difference from past coverage?  It will be on Fox and other conservative outlets as well as it will be the only “news” of the day!  The Dems and their Left-Wing media will ratchet up the hate way past what we thought was already over the top.  The next two years will make the past two years seem mild.

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Your liberal “friends” will be even more hostile to you and your beliefs than ever before.  You think being called a supporter of a narcissistic liar, a homophobe, a racists, a sexists, a xenophobe, etc., was bad, just wait!  The lack of civility will be pushed to the point of physical violence and our institutions that support the “establishment” left, globalist, elitist, anti-America forces will be unleashed.  Freedom of speech will be slammed to be un-American, pro-border and national security will be made to be fascist in the mainstream dialogue, and the pursuit of happiness will be framed as only being able to be achieved by the government FOR YOU.  

How Bad Can Democrat Tyranny Be With Only Control of the House of Representatives?

Stop and consider the past two years of leftist chaos and legal malfeasance that has been mounted by the Democrats and the DC Swamp!  And that was with Trump controlling the Presidency and the Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress and with a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court (supposedly).  The DC swamp and its mouthpiece the mainstream media have viciously and constantly hammered every word and action by this President!  The DC swamp created phony allegations and charges that led to the phony Mueller investigation that is still ongoing to this day!  These investigations and prosecutions were made possible via a conspiracy within the DOJ, FBI and our intelligence services!  Many of those traitors are still in these institutions!  Now, the left controls one chamber of Congress from which to launch even stronger malicious attacks against the President and anyone who opposes them.  How long can the President remain popular against this onslaught of hatred, lies and deception?

Get ready for Articles of Impeachment to be filed by the Democrats in the House before the State-Of-The-Union address;  Get ready for the Democrats to boycott the State-Of-The-Union Address;  Get ready for the Democrats to investigate the Trump Family and anyone associated with the Trump businesses; Get ready for the left-wing courts to file law suits against Trump’s actions even more aggressively;  Get ready for the DOJ prosecutors offices that are still part of the DC swamp to investigate and indict every baseless allegation made by the Democrat House “investigations” and committees;  Get ready for left-wing control of the budget and spending as all spending bills and tax increases have to originate in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives;  This means more money for abortions, more money to support illegal-immigration, more money to support open borders, less money for our military, our border patrol, and our ICE agents. 

Constant hammering for government takeover of our healthcare system.  Their goal is not to actually take over healthcare before 2020, but to blame Trump for a failed Obamacare that the Democrats created.

Can Republicans Grow a Pair and Protect This President?

The key to Trump (Us) surviving this onslaught is being steadfast against this constant barrage and negative media coverage.  IT WILL REQUIRE EVERY ELECTED REPUBLICAN TO STAND BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP AND DEFEND HIM AGAINST THIS DESPOTIC, TYRANNICAL HIT SQUAD.  There-in lies the problem!  You already witnessed RINO Romney blast the President in an Op-Ed and on CNN before this insider, globalist elitist RINO was sworn in!  You can bet Ben Sasse and others won’t be too far behind when Pelosi and the media unleash their attack dogs.  RINO Kasich was right behind him and you can bet that the x-speaker Ryan is waiting in the wings to back his old running-mate Romney.

The Only way that American can be Great is if the Republican stand firm and fight tooth and nail against the House Democrats.  This would require that Mitch McConnell stop hiding behind the 60 vote rule and reestablish democracy in the Senate by reverting to majority rule.  The Senate must also change its rules and get Trumps judicial and staff confirmations completed, sooner rather than later.  Republicans will also have to be in talk shows constantly to put down the Democrat efforts to destroy this nation.  We will see.  I am less than optimistic that we have a true Trump Republican Party within the elected class.  I believe the Trump has taken control of the grass roots Republican Party and his supporters are firm. 

But, to date the media and the left have been successful in convincing even Trump supporters that he may have had affairs while first married to Melania.  This, despite the fact that Trump is in possession of a letter from at least one of these women that no affair took place!  The left has conflated Trump paying off nuisance claims as an admission of guilt!  The left has used a phony, Clinton paid for, “dossier” that contained false allegations against Trump to obtain an illegal FISA warrant to spy on Trump supporters and Trump himself; use the illegal FISA warrant to justify the creation of the Mueller special counsel investigation of Trump; and cripple some of Trump’s closest advisors like General Flynn to the point they can no longer serve their country.  All of this served to chip away at Trump’s support among “independents” and to force his strongest supporters to defend him against these illegal allegations!  

If this nation is to survive, it will take all of Trump’s supporters to tighten their resolve against the upcoming left-wing assault of our values and our country. 

Make no mistake, Trump and his supporters are the enemy because we have almost erased all of the inroads the corrupt left-wing progressives have made over the past 50 years!

Whether we survive will be up to you…

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war. - Donald Trump

All of our Enemies in the World are Watching!


RD Pierini



The New Conservative Federal Courts-Your Guide To Understanding a Textualist’s View

See the source imagePresident Trump Will Have a “YUGE” Impact On the Federal Judicial System During His First Term Alone.  But Will You Necessarily Agree With Their Decisions?

Today, there are 870 Justices and Judges in the Federal Judiciary including 9 Supreme Court Justices, 179 Appellate Judges, and 673 District Court Judges.  During the first two years of the Trump Presidency, he has 171 new Justices and Judges either confirmed or nominated and in the Senate pipeline at all levels of the Federal Judiciary.

Trump’s Current Justices/Judges Confirmed or Nominated Today Equal 20% of the Federal Judiciary!

This includes 2 confirmed Supreme Court Justices which make up 22.2% of the Supreme Court.  There is a chance that he many have a 3rd Supreme Court Justice to be confirmed during his first term and most certainly during his 2nd term should he be re-elected.  Trump has relied a great deal on conservative think tanks like the Federalist to screen his nominations.  Trump himself prefers a Scalia Style Textualists or Originalist in terms of “Judicial Temperament”.  

But, numbers are one thing, but what are the conceptual impacts on the US Federal Judicial System in terms of Legal, Philosophical  Momentum in the US?

President Trump prefers Justices and Judges who are Textualists or Originalists in their approach to rendering decisions regarding the constitutionally of issues brought before the courts.  This philosophy was made clear by the late Justice Scalia throughout his career.  He believed in the “original meaning” when interpreting the U.S. Constitution and federal statute.  The written word means exactly what it says and not what a current judge may interpret it to mean. And in no decision, are international laws or statutes to be considered when judging whether a law or regulation is aligned with the original text of the US Constitution.  Also, “Precedent” or “Settled Law” do not trump a current review of constitutionality.  “Precedent” or “Settled Law” refer to prior decisions made by the Supreme Court, or lower Federal courts, for a matter similar to that currently under adjudication.  Both sides try to elevate “Precedent” or “Settled Law” above a Justice’s duty to rule on the current issue according to the constitution.  Prior courts have made very serious unconstitutional rulings!

Expectations?  Assume that all of Trump’s Federal Judicial Appointments adhere to Textualists or Originalists principles, and that precedent or settled law will not overrule a strict textual review of a current issue, how do we accurately set our expectations of how we think these new jurists may decide an issue. 

The Scalia Paradox:  Scalia stood firmly behind the decision to allow flag burning and the right to market violent and behavioral modifying video games to children as protected speech under the first amendment.  Scalia personally abhorred both rulings but ruled as a textualist/originalist.  Scalia was more likely to side with liberal justices in certain matters surrounding personal liberty albeit for totally opposite reasons.  Scalia based on his strict reading of the Constitution versus the liberal justices who viewed these actions as a social right.  So, how do we keep score on Trump’s Justices and Judges going forward?

Scoring a Textualist/Originalist Judge

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Below are two cases that have been ruled on by SCOTUS or that have been refused to be heard by SCOTUS and Trump’s two new Justices played a key role.  The first involves the textualist/originalist principle that legislation passed by Congress must be clear as to their inclusion and not vague allowing for judicial activism.  The second involves textualist/originalist principle that anyone challenging federal law must have “standing” (1) regarding the challenged statute or portion thereof. 

Sessions v. Dimaya:  Trump’s first appointment to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, recently voted with the left-wing SCOTUS justices in “Sessions v Dimaya” by affirming that the term “crime of violence”, part of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as UNCONSTITUTIONALLY VAGUE. 

The case arose when then AG Sessions attempted to deport James Dimaya, a legal permanent resident/Green Card holder,  claiming Dimaya had committed crimes of violence by being found guilty twice of first degree residential burglaryGorsuch wrote that vague laws passed by Congress can be used in an arbitrary and capricious manner: “…by leaving the people in the dark about what the law demands and allowing prosecutors and judges to make it up.”  Gorsuch’s point being that Congress must be clear and specific when creating law so that there is no doubt by the average person what Congress intended.  None of us what a prosecutor or a judge to create law by divining what Congress meant by language in the laws that they create.   We all complain when we read of a judge creating law via judicial activism no matter which side of the aisle they reside.  

Score:  Correct Decision: Gorsuch came to an unpopular decision based on solid constitutional grounds protecting all of us from an Inept Congress who cannot create laws that can be easily understood without ambiguity!  President Trump actually supported the decision stating:  “Today’s Court decision means that Congress must close loopholes that block the removal of dangerous criminal aliens, including aggravated felons.  This public safety crisis can only be fixed by…  Congress-House and Senate must quickly pass a legislative fix to insure violent criminal aliens can be quickly removed from our society.  Keep America Safe!”

Gee v. Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast & Anderson v. Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri:  These cases involve a different outcome than the Sessions case above in that these cases were refused to be heard by SCOTUS.  It takes 4 Justices to vote to hear a case.  In these cases, only three of the conservative Justices voted to hear these cases.  Brett Kavanagh did not vote to hear the cases and sided with the Chief Justice and the 4 left-wing Justices.  The fuzzy issue in these cases is that lower federal courts were split in whether Medicaid enrollees could sue their State if the State blocked funding for Planned Parenthood (or any healthcare provider).  Medicaid is a Federal and State funded program that is jointly administered with the States handling the bulk of the administrative duties locally.  

We have to kind of guess why Kavanagh sided with the liberal majority in deciding not to hear these cases as the Justices are not required to provide any reason for their decision.  It is important to note that Justice Thomas did provide his rationale as to why the cases should have been heard by SCOTUS when he said:  “These cases are NOT about abortion rights.  They are about private rights of action under the Medicare Act.  Some tenuous connection to a politically fraught issue does not justify our abdicating our judicial duty.”

So, if we use Justice Thomas’s reason to hear the cases, we can somewhat infer that Justice Kavanagh did not feel that those bringing the suit to force the States to fund Planned Parenthood under the Medicaid Act had proper standing (1) to bring the suit.  In these cases, a recipient, enrollee, in a government program that is provided to the enrollee free of charge, would have to have a connection to and harm from the action challenged to support that party’s (the enrollee) participation in the case.  In other words, does the enrollee have the legal right to bring suit and was the enrollee harmed by the State’s refusing to include Planned Parenthood in its list of qualified providers.  The enrollee’s harm must be such that they could not have received reasonable care from a non Planned Parenthood provider?  

Let’s assume that Justice Kavanagh did not feel the two enrollees did not have standing to bring the suit.  Then, taken to its logical conclusion, the cases would have denied the enrollees right to sue to force the States’ to include Planned Parenthood as a provider.  But oops, one of the lower courts ruled that the enrollee had the right to bring suit and the other lower court denied the enrollee’s right to bring suit.  In the latter case, the State’s right to deny the inclusion of Planned Parenthood stands while the former forces that state to include Planned Parenthood as a provider.  legal limbo for the overall issue of standing!

But, neither case has anything to do with abortion!  They are both about whether enrollees in a Federal/State Medicaid program has the right to sue to force the inclusion of a specific provider into the program.  Conversely, if a State has the right to withhold inclusion for a specific provider(s) for any reason it chooses.

Score:  Inconclusive Decision:  Kavanagh and Roberts should have sided with the conservative Justices to hear the case.  As I said, these cases were not about abortion but standing.  Leaving these cases undecided, leaves both up in the air.  Granted, if Kavanagh was looking for a more straight-forward legal challenge to abortion, these cases did not qualify.  Further, if Kavanagh was thinking that it would be either a State or the Federal Government to challenge the other over the Medicaid Act and its implementation and not an enrollee, he did not say.  Or, if Kavanagh or Roberts felt that Congress should have been more clear in what latitude the States have in deciding which providers they would include in their Medicaid program, he did not say.

So, for now, Trump’s Supreme Court picks have scored OK with Kavanagh’s bona fides still to be determined.  It will be interesting to watch Kavanagh and Gorsuch when cases that include whether an executive agency has the power to create regulations and enforcement penalties that include civil and criminal actions will stand.  Both Kavanagh and Gorsuch believe that it is up to Congress to create laws and that regulations that cross the line into legislation should not stand,  Both believe that Congress has a Constitutional duty to write laws that are clear and concise and leave no room for regulatory or judicial interpretation.

Bottom Line:

When you review future decisions by either Gorsuch or Kavanagh, you will have to look at the underlying Constitutional and statutory issues.  Their decisions may not follow conservative v. liberal norms or expectations but in the long run, the Textualist/Originalist decisions will serve to bring the rule of law back in line with our Constitution!

RD Pierini


(1) In law, standing or locus standi is the term for the ability of a party to demonstrate to the court sufficient connection to and harm from the law or action challenged to support that party’s participation in the case.

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Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate Shot and Killed Police Officer Corporal Singh!

Corporal Ronil Singh of the Newman, California police force was shot and killed by all of the members of the 115th Congress from both sides of the aisle.  This Congress may have well tied him to a tree and shot him dead themselves!  Why?  They are gutless to protect the citizens of this country and build a damn wall to keep out illegal aliens.  Last year, over 7 million illegal aliens were denied gun ownership by the FBI via their background check process.  How many were able to illegally obtain firearms is unknown!  

The picture above was taken showing Officer Singh with his wife Anamika and 5 month old baby just hours prior to his shooting by an illegal alien following a traffic stop.  

The Newman police force is typical of a small San Joaquin Valley force and consisted only of 12 officers.  I grew up about 30 miles from Newman and was a Mayor overseeing a similarly sized force.  I know that this killing is personal to the community, the department, and will be seared into the hearts and minds of everyone in the surrounding area.

The Newman Police Chief, Randy Richardson’s emotional depiction of Officer Singh brings home the impact of this tragedy when he shared:

“This is not a big department. This is a department of 12. This is a man who I saw every day he worked.  This is a man who I relieved on Christmas day so he could go home and spend time with his family and his newborn child.  I think what’s being lost here is yes, he was a police officer, and that’s why all of you are packed in this room because he was tragically taken from us.  But what really needs to be known is that he was truly just a human being and an American patriot.  He came to this country (Legally from Fiji) with one purpose and that was to serve this country.  When I sat with him in the chief’s interview, he told me he came to America to become a police officer. That’s all he wanted to do. He truly loved what he did. You’ve never seen a man smile more than him.”

We all choked up as Chief Richardson continued:

“He was proud to wear the uniform, and he does want to be remembered as a police officer, but don’t forget the other things, the little things that are often times forgotten in these stories.  That his five-month-old, he will never hear talk. He will never see his son walk. He doesn’t get to hold that little boy, hug his wife, say goodnight, anymore. Because a coward took his life.”

I am not as gracious as Chief Richardson as I would add that his life was taken by a coward, but that coward was aided and abetted by the 115th US Congress as they failed to protect our borders and our citizens by allowing illegal aliens into this country and to cower in a Sanctuary State, California, who is equally as responsible for Office Singh’s untimely demise.  I’ll add the Left-Wing media to this indictment in their support for open borders in aiding and abetting the maintenance of lax immigration laws and practices. This Congress spends trillions of dollars each year to support the sovereignty of foreign nations while failing to:

  • Build a border wall on our southern border to prevent 99.999% of illegal aliens from crossing illegally into this country.  (2 Years after Israel built its southern wall, the illegal immigration went from 55,000 to 0 in two years!  Walls do work)
  • Stop “Catch and Release” which is de facto amnesty for illegal aliens living in sanctuary jurisdictions.
  • Stop illegal aliens from claiming amnesty and entering our country fraudulently and permanently and be supported by our tax paying citizens.
  • Stop chain migration which allows for exponentially increasing the number of migrants entering this country above and beyond our stated immigration goals.
  • Hold Sanctuary States and Cities responsible for any act of violence perpetrated by illegal aliens hiding in their jurisdiction and to withhold all federal funding from those entities until they comply with Federal DOJ, ICE and CBP detainer requirements.

Every Congress man and women should have to meet Officer Singh’s wife Anamika, and her son before voting to stop the building of a southern border wall and enacting common sense laws governing immigration, legal and illegal, into this country,  They should all look in the eyes of this young women and her son and explain to them why they failed to protect their husband and father and continue to pursue political self-interests over protecting our borders and its citizens.

Congress, you are pathetically worthless!

RD Pierini


Gridlock Will Allow Our National Debt To Continue to Grow on “autopilot”

See the source imageEver Feel Like This? Don’t Worry, Congress and the Fed are With You!

Question:  Since the Constitution, In Article 1, gave the power to initiate Federal Spending to the House of Representatives, Does the House and the Senate actually have to vote on budget spending each year?

Answer:  Nope!  86% of auto-pilot Federal Spending by Congress is automatic and does not require a vote by Congress.  Worse yet, most of the auto-pilot spending has built-in increases of 5-9% so the budget for 86% of the budget is NEVER REDUCED!  So, in 2015, the auto-pilot budget equaled $3.2 Trillion.  In 2016, the same budget items would increase to around $3.4 Trillion; In 2017, $3.6 Trillion, 2018, $3.81 Trillion, and 2019, $4.03.  So, without lifting a finger, Congress has a built-in budget increase $.8 Trillion or $800,000,000,000.00 ($800 Billion) in four short years without breaking a sweat!

Why Did the Government Just Shutdown?  Well it didn’t.  Congress had already approved the budget for 75% of the Federal Government through October 1, 2019.  The remaining 25% is only 25% of those departments not on Auto-Pilot!  So, this is only a partial shut down and impact only non-essential services which begs the question, why do we have non-essential services.  If they are not essential, maybe we don’t need them at all!

Why the Shutdown? Border Security Including Building the Wall on the Southern Border.  The House passed a final spending bill that included $5.7 billion dollars to help build the southern border wall, provide additional ICE and CBP resources and equipment.  The Senate does not have the votes to pass the House bill so Congress went home without funding part of the Federal Government.  The additional $5.7 billion is “budget dust” that amount to .003% of the Federal Budget!  This is a political issue, not a budget issue.

Sidebar:  Can Trump Build the Wall Without Congress?  Maybe!

The good news for Trump is that Congress is made up the most fiscally irresponsible, corrupt, and lazy set of human beings on earth!  Was that too harsh!  In order to get out of actually doing their jobs, Congress not only abrogated their duty to pass a real annual budget by pre-authorizing 86% of the Federal Budget, they also created cute little procedures that allow the Executive Branch to “create budget dollars” out of thin air, and oh by the way, do not require Congressional approval.  Maybe Trump can poke around, tweak and use one of these little loopholes. (At least we may be shut Anne Coulter up)

Borrowing Authority:  Behind door #1, we have another way for the Federal Government to spend money WITHOUT Congressional Approval.  Congress created a dandy little “tool” called “Borrowing Authority”, to borrow money that has not been specifically allowed by Congress, then obligate itself to repay if and when it chooses!  For example, if the Department of Homeland Security has a budget of $1 Trillion dollars, its various agencies could theoretically “BORROW” $5 billion dollars and build Trump’s Border Wall!  Would the RINOs and Dems object in Congress?  Yep but they created it.

Offsetting Collections:  Behind door #2, we have another way for the Federal Government to spend money WITHOUT Congressional Approval.  Congress created another dandy little “tool” called “Offsetting Collections” that allows an Executive Branch agency to charge fines, fees and charges, then to spend those revenues anyway it chooses!  Outside of any Constitutional Congressional spending authority!  If the Department of the Treasury wanted to charge say a 5% fee for every dollar Mexican Nationals send back to Mexico, then spend the money on Trump’s Wall, Congress is SOL!  Since in 2018 these remittances will be about $32.8 Billion dollars, the President could have a permanent fund of $1.6 Billion dollars per year to build and maintain the Mexico-US border Wall!  Would the RINOs and Dems object in Congress?  Yep but they created it.

Contract Authority: Behind door #3, we have another way for the Federal Government to spend money WITHOUT Congressional Approval.  Congress created another dandy little “tool” called “Contract Authority” that allows an Executive Branch agency execute a contract to purchase a good or service without specific Congressional Budget approval.  Theoretically an Executive Branch agency could contract with a wall builder to build $5 Billion dollars worth of Trump’s Wall without Congressional approval.  Would the RINOs and Dems object in Congress?  Yep but they created it.

What About Reducing the National DebtSee the source image

Remember Trump Promising to Reduce the National Debt?  Well, the bad news is that with a Democrat let House, this will not happen in the next 2 years.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell squandered the last 2 years and did nothing to address the current budgeting malfeasance that has led to a $22 Trillion deficit.  President Trump has no power to reduce or increase the national debt by himself.  Congress must act to totally restructure the budgeting and spending process in DC.  

As we stated above, 86% of the Federal Budget is on auto-pilot and does not require Congressional approval each year.  It just keeps on chugging out of control.  Then, the built increases in spending for many of the items in the 86% have built-in increases so the deficit just goes higher and higher without anyone stopping it!  Even if Trump proposes budget cuts to within the Executive Branch, and he has, Congress has to create a real budget and include his cuts.  But, Republicans and Democrats like the broken budget process that keeps their constituents happy and they can tell us that the budget process is out of their control.  Obviously they don’t think we have read Article 1 of the US Constitution.  Maybe they should!

Until we elect real Congress men and women who believe that it is their job to balance the Federal Budget and to restrain spending and keep taxes low, we are pretty much screwed.  Fixing this problem is easy and requires merely a change to House and Senate rules that are today, unconstitutional!  

  1. Adopt a zero base budget process where all expenditures have to be built and justified from the bottom up like normal businesses do.
  2. Adopt a real balanced budget requirement where revenues must cover all governmental expenses.
  3. Adopt real accounting practices that mirror the private sector where the public and get a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement that accurately reflect the fiscal health of our nation,

Ryan and McConnell both failed President Trump and the American people by not adopting these practices.  Hopefully we can elect a real fiscally responsible Congress before Trump leaves office so we can turn this Titanic around before we hit the bankrupt iceberg.  

RD Pierini


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Part 2-Trump is Right To Pull Out of Syria, Afghanistan then Iraq Next


Trump’s decision is now known not to have been a “spur of the moment irrational decision”.  NBC and the Daily Caller have reported that On December 14th, President Trump, John Bolton and others were on a call with Turkish President Erdogan supposedly discussing the need for Turkey to back off any aggression towards the Kurds.  During the course of the discussion, , Erdogan reportedly ask the President the 64 Million Dollar Question:  “Why are you still there (in Syria) when the Islamic State had been 99 percent defeated. Erdogan reportedly told Trump that his country (Turkey) could handle what was left.

Per NBC and the Daily Caller reporting:    “With Erdogan on the line, Trump asked national security adviser John Bolton, who was listening in, ‘why American troops remained in Syria if what the Turkish president was saying was true’, according to the officials. Erdogan’s point, Bolton was forced to admit, had been backed up by Mattis, Pompeo, U.S. special envoy for Syria Jim Jeffrey and special envoy for the anti-ISIS coalition Brett McGurk, who have said that IS retains only 1 percent of its territory, the officials said.” (1)

So, to paraphrase old Willie Shakespeare, “The Military Establishment Doth Protest Too Much”, regarding Trump’s decision to pull 2,000 troops out of Syria.  Trump’s decision, was based on the calculation was it worth leaving 2,000 of our best on the ground, in a vulnerable posture, to mop up the last 1% when others “could” do this clean up.  Remember, the tooth to tail ratio (2) of fighting men and women to non-combat logistical men and women is about 1 fighter to 3 logistical support personnel.  Using this baseline, only 500 of the 2,000 troops in Syria were actually there to engage in combat or direct coalition forces.  

Further, Trump’s entire national security team agreed that ISIS was 99% defeated!  The reports that there are 30,000 ISIS fighters remaining in Syria is FAKE NEWS and is erroneously propped up by the failure of Mattis and others to refuse to own up to their statements to their Commander-In-Chief.  

Should we trust Turkey?

Hell no!  We shouldn’t trust anyone to protect our own national interest.  But, if Turkey agreed not to attack our ally the Kurds, and Turkey will continue to clean up the ISIS remnants, then we MAY be in a Win-Win!  We are not helpless.  We can monitor Turkey, the Kurds, and ISIS in the region and respond if any of them step out of line. 


USS John C. Stennis & Her Support Vessels

I guess you should ask yourself whether 500 US combat troops in Syria, providing support to the Kurds and others, is more effective than allowing the Turks, Kurds, Syrians, and yes the Iranians and Russians to wipe out ISIS;  while the US deploys aircraft carriers and destroyers to the region to provide immediate offensive capabilities to support our allies the Kurds, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others in the region!  

For those who are railing against Trump as not knowing what he is doing and that our military leaders always know best, take a breath!  Ask yourself:

  • AfghanistanIf the Military Brass is so good, why are we still in Afghanistan after 17 years and arguably not much better off strategically than we were when this conflict began.  No, no.  you can’t solely blame Obama for his incompetence although he was really good at military incompetence, but Trump is now the 3rd President saddled with this war and the Taliban and its ally Pakistan is still pretty much in control.  Doing the same thing for 17 years and expecting different results each year is just plain dumb.  Either obliterate the enemy or get out.  At the very least, turn this conflict over to stake holders in the region.
  • Iran If the Military Brass is so good, why are we still in Iraq after 15 years?  Iraq is still divided by Shia, Sunni and Kurdish factions and peace and stability is tentative at best.  Once again, Trump is the 3rd President to preside over this bloody war and we are likely to have a force presence in this country for some time.  Doing the same thing for 17 years and expecting different results each year is just plain dumb.  In this case, with some school yard supervision, we may just have to see if Iraq can stand on its own two feet with support from Saudi Arabia and other players in the region rather than the US.  
  • War on Terror:  Who actually knows when this started.  Some go back to the bombing of our barracks in Lebanon in October of 1983.  Let’s suppose that is true.  That means for almost 4 decades we have been fighting our war on terror!  Don’t get me wrong, we have to fight this war and more importantly we have to win this war.  But, we cannot assume that stationary ground troops and large footprint deployments are effective.  Has anyone in the military asked a simple question; “How do the Terrorist Fight us in this war”?  They fight with a small footprint, quick acting , no rules of engagement, lethal force.   This is exactly what Trump is doing in Africa, under the radar, and it is effective.  Is it fast and decisive.  NOPE.  And it never will be.

Our Military Brass and civilian international social scientists have argued that the US must CHANGE THE HEARTS AND MINDS IN THE MUSLIM WORLD AND WIN OVER THEIR SUPPORT TO OUR SIDE IN ORDER TO EVENTUALLY WIN THE WAR ON TERROR Great.  Putting 20 or 30 thousand troops on the ground in Muslim countries, where their general population has a front row seat, and kill locals is not exactly a way to sway the hearts and minds of the locals.  We fly our great flag in their faces to remind them that the US is their occupying force!  President Trump, following his meeting in Saudi Arabia almost two years ago, and enlisting the support of over 50 Muslims nations to support us in the War against Radical Islamist, has set in motion a plan to stand up local Muslim Nations to fight this war on the ground in our stead while we direct operations and provide off shore lethal air and missile support.  We also use harsh economic sanctions and economic trade warfare to cripple bad actors in the region including Russia and Iran!   

Trump Doctrine in the Middle East:

Trumps goals are to provide a sufficient military deterrent to discourage any cross border aggression by hostile nations while removing our face from the forefront of ridding the region of its despotic bad actors.  This requires that we extricate ourselves from direct engagements when possible and build up our military to the point where no one will challenge our ability.  Yes, this may mean that we have to flex our military muscle via lethal air a missile attacks backed by local allied nation’s ground troops when necessary.

The Washington Swamp Strikes Again:

Don’t believe for a split second that the Washington Swamp has not infiltrated the Pentagon.   The military swamp is comprised of an odd mix of Neo-Conservatives (who would launch nuclear strikes against Russia, North Korea and Iran tomorrow), and ultra-doves who want nothing more than to evolve our military into a social experiment to degrade our lethality.  The problem is that many in the Pentagon don’t even realize they are part of the swamp and believe they are acting in the best interest of our country.  But, they never really question their decisions based on the question, “Does this decision further the US national interest”?   Or, do our rules of engagement help or hurt our fight to support our national interest?  We have at least 3 very brave soldiers that the Pentagon has either already incarcerated or is prosecuting murder charges against.  How do you look at these 3 and justify allowing our enemies to fight with more lethality than we allow our own troops?  

While I truly believe that General Mattis and many others of our top military brass are patriots; I do believe, however, that they are blinded by years of swamp indoctrination.  I believe that they actually believe that their opinions are sacred and above reproach.  Why haven’t any of these military leaders resigned over rules of engagement that literally kill or put our troops at risk?  

To be very frank, that is exactly why our Founders made our Presidents, who are civilians, the Commander-In-Chief of our military!  They need to remember that their duty is to provide the best advice they can to their Commander-In-Chief and stay the hell off of CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the left-wing broadcast or print media.  When I see them using this medium to try to minimize or deride the decisions made by their Commander-In-Chief, I lose all confidence in their opinions and decision-making ability.  

This current barrage of criticism for our President’s decision to withdraw from Syria and draw down in Afghanistan, is literally weakening our positions relative to China, North Korea, Russia and Iran.  China will use this descent against Trump to stall any trade or intellectual property agreement with the US and they will encourage North Korea to fight back against the US and stall any denuclearization that may have been possible.  Russia will see this as a split between Trump and our military and push harder into South America and the Middle East. 

You would think that our top Military Leaders could see this and see that they are being complicit in the weakening of our “peace through strength” campaign by destroying support for our Commander-In-Chief within the military and with the American public.  

RD Pierini



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Trump is Right To Pull Out of Syria, Afghanistan then Iraq Next

See the source imagePresident Trump announced Wednesday that he will withdraw our military out of Syria as soon as possible.  Our total troop commitment in Syria is only 2,000 military personnel.  These assets have been mostly directing Kurds and Syrian opposition forces against ISIS rather than engaging ISIS directly.  The Iraqi troop deployment is not effected by this drawdown at this time.  You would have thought that it was 1945 and the President just surrendered to the Japanese on the USS Missouri!  (the Japanese actually surrendered to the US on this ship on September 2, 1945)  All of the Neo-Cons and foreign interventionist hair caught on fire and they could not wait to find a camera and a microphone.  First in line was “Bomb, Bomb Iran” Lindsay Graham followed by Little Marco!  The cry, “Trump did not even listen to the Pentagon and his national security advisor Bolton when making these decision. 

Hot Flash:  The Pentagon and the National Security advisors were not elected President, Trump was!

Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends led today’s early morning tirade against the President’s decision slamming the President for making an uninformed and basically ignorant decision.  Kilmeade is not alone.  The usual suspects on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC ABC and other left-wing media outlets joined in condemning Trump.  None of these people, including Kilmeade, were elected to anything let alone to serve as our Commander-In-Chief!

Kilmeade went on in his rant about how the Kurdish military leader was saying that there were still 30,000 ISIS fighters in Syria, (which is almost the same number as before Trump bombed them back to the dark ages) and our leaving will allow ISIS to quickly reconstitute in Syria.  I guess Kilmeade and some of Trump’s actual advisors forgot about all of the Iraqi “exiles” who swamped the GW Bush administration and the networks with tales of why we should invade Iraq and take out Saddam Hussein and that the entire Iraqi population would be waiting for us to thank us for our sacrificing our troops and our treasure.  Oh yea, that was 15 long years ago and included 4,400 deaths of our military with another 32,000 of our military wounded.  But the Iraqi dissidents could be believed that this would be a short war and totally supported by Iraqi citizens.  I guess they forgot about the Sunni/Shia split in Iraq!


Before we go on, it is critical for the reader to understand who some of the players are in Syria. The ISIS Caliphate is a SUNNI MUSLIM Salafi jihadist military group!  Assad’s Syria is ALAWITE SHIA MUSLIM even though the majority of the Syrian population is SUNNI.  ISIS is a NATURAL RELIGIOUS ENEMY OF THE ASSAD REGIME.  Keep this in mind.


So, the Neo-Cons and other Trump detractors jumped on the bandwagon to denounce this move by our Command-In-Chief.  But lets take a look at Maps of Syria just before Trump initiated his ISIS eradication effort in March of 2017 and now, in October of 2018, after Trump’s ISIS eradication campaign.  The first early map is shown below.

March 2017 Map of Syria and ISIS Controlled Areas

ISIS in Gray controlled the majority of land mass in Syria and Western Iraq…

See the source image

Without virtually any resistance from the Obama administration, ISIS was well on its way to dominating the land mass of Syria and actually major portions of Iraq to the east.  As we stated above, ISIS is diametrically opposed to the Iranian back Syrian Assad regime.  The Syrian government forces had been pushed to the western edges of Syria.  The Syrian Assad Regime was in danger of being toppled, not by the US or the Syrian Rebels, but by ISIS!  This was in spite of military support from both Russia and Shia Iran.  

October 2018 Map Of Syria and ISIS Controlled Area

Today ISIS only controls the black sliver shown below and they are hemmed in by the Kurds and Syrian Army.

Look closely at the black sliver of land in the North West quadrant of Syria that is controlled by ISIS today.  If there are 30,000 ISIS fighters there, as parroted by Kilmeade quoting a Kurdish General, they must be stacked on top of each other!  The ISIS area is bordered to the Northeast by US back Kurdish forces and on the Southwest by Syrian and Iranian forces.  In short, they are in a vice.

Clamor Not to Abandon the Kurds

The Kurds and their US supporters are clamoring that any US pullout would allow ISIS to retake Syria and Iraq and allow Turkey to fight against the Kurds.  The first argument is unlikely and one that we could combat quickly with special forces and air strikes.  The latter concern regarding Turkish animosity against the Kurds is a historical fact.  Why, portions of the old Kurdistan are actually now within the country of Turkey and the Kurds are not too keen on Turkey having control of their ancient lands.  Further, the Iraqi Kurds have not exactly been “good neighbors” to Turkey and have sponsored armed raids, I won’t call them terrorist acts, into Turkey.  Turkey is no virgin either.  But, is this our fight and can we not exert pressure on both combatants to deal with their differences peacefully.  Beside, Iraq itself, has its own problems to deal with.  Do we need to place put men and women in harm’s way to settle an old dispute between the Kurds and the Turks?

See the source image

Remember the Trump Middle East Doctrine:  Local nations in the region must fight their own battles.  We will not nation build nor lead aggression in the region that has caused millions of Muslims in the world to hate the US as an anti-Muslim aggressor!

The Trump Doctrine also includes driving our international foes bankrupt and force them to be subject to regime change internally or change just to survive.  President Trump is squeezing every ounce of cash out of Putin’s Russia by killing his exports of natural gas to Europe!  This is seriously weakening Russia as the vast majority of its trade is energy,  President Trump not only pulled out of Obama’s idiotic Iran Nuclear deal, but his is squeezing every ounce of cash out of the Ayatollah’s Iran by reapplying sanctions that are crippling this regime.  Both of these countries, Russia and Iran are meddling in Syria at the expense of their own people’s well being and this is starting to take a toll on both at home.  Trump is killing two birds with one stone!

Clamor:  ISIS will Reconstitute and Spread

Maybe.  But more likely, Russia, Shia/Iran and Shia/Syria will destroy and remnants of ISIS in Syria themselves.  ISIS has already spread to other African nations and Afghanistan as we made it “uncomfortable” for them to remain in Syria!  President Trump’s Middle-East policy of Local Containment and Action has realigned much of the SUNNI Arab world in the region and they are Anti-ISIS as they are targeted as a terrorist group.  (Saudi Arabia leads this charge which is one reason President Trump is not taking too strong a stance against Saudi Arabia vis-à-vis the Khashoogi murder. )

Further, if ISIS tries to reconstitute in Syria, we can quickly deploy special forces and air strikes to contain any such action.  We can also enlist our enemy in Syria, Assad, Iran and Russia to quell any ISIS uprising.  “An Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend.”

But, If We Don’t Fight Them There, We Will Have to Fight Them At Home!

I don’t know about you but I am getting tired of hearing this soundbite!  We have a military made up of the most highly trained, best equipped, most capable of rapid deployment, backed by the strongest air offenses in the world, and backed by some of the most sophisticated intelligence capabilities in our country and within our cadre of allies to respond to any threats from abroad or capabilities being created abroad.  Have we really stopped terrorist in Afghanistan, Syria, or Iraq by deploying thousands of troops for decades?  Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, we have been approaching this problem the wrong way?

Afghanistan and Iraq, What’s Next?

President Trump abhors our commitment of our women, men and treasure being stuck in the hell hole of these two nations.  He has spoken very straightforwardly against these wars and that they  and have gone on far too long,  17 and 15 years respectively, and the Trillions of dollars spent in these arenas was a waste.  Have these wars really stopped terrorism around the world.  Is Europe safer?  Is the US safer?  Would terrorist have come to America and killed over 6,772 Americans and wounded another 52,300 Americans in the past 17 years?  That is how many of our service men and women who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since these wars began!  Maybe it is time to step back and look at alternative ways to fight terrorism.  I am all for ridding the globe of each and every one of these human cockroaches but I would like to know that we are not throwing the bodies of our youth at a problem that may have a better solution.  

Don’t look for President Trump to remain in either Afghanistan or Iraq indefinitely.  He is lifting up not only these countries to defend themselves, but his Middle-East Doctrine is lifting up those of our allies in the region to stand up and fight their own battles.  After all, wasn’t it the Progressive-Left who blamed America for creating Islamic Terrorism by our meddling in the Middle-East and killing Muslims in these protracted wars!  Where is the Washington Post and the New York Times when you need them?

RD Pierini



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Time to Split Up the Department of Justice!


We are experiencing the most dangerous times in our Republic due to a concentration of politicized power in the Department of Justice.  Politicized in that the vast majority of DOJ employees are from a single political party and that the investigative arms of this agency, the FBI, The DOJ Civil Rights Division, various US Attorneys offices, and other divisions are fraught with political operatives who have been installed in permanent positions and who follow a monolithic Pro Progressive-Left agenda.  What has happened, is that the DOJ prosecutorial powers have been armed with the most powerful investigative powers in the world through its unchecked investigative divisions that include:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • US Marshals Service
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Washington Bureau of Interpol
  • Criminal Division
  • National Security Investigations Division
  • Organized Crimes Division

In local jurisdictions, the Prosecutorial functions are generally separated from and are independent of the Law Enforcement Investigative function.  This way, the prosecutorial arm cannot set the agenda for the investigative function and target individuals in search of a crime as our current DOJ/FBI are doing.   The investigative function commences its investigations when a crime has been reported/committed.  Once their investigation has been completed with findings of wrongdoing, they refer the case to the district attorney’s prosecutorial agency.  The police are an independent investigative agency separate and distinct from the district attorney and its prosecutorial function.  (In some instances, the District Attorney can initiate investigations but that is not the norm.)  In the case of the Department of Justice, Investigations and prosecutions are under one roof and ARE ALL DIRECTED BY THE DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL, who reports to the Attorney General.  Check out the org chart below showing ALL of the heads of DOJ agencies reporting directly to the DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL and not to the Attorney General.  This is nuts.  Why have an Attorney General?

Department of Justice Organization Chart as approved by U.S. Attorney General Jefferson B. Sessions on 2/5/2018Separate the Prosecutorial Powers From the Investigative Powers Within the Department of Justice

President Trump needs to take action to divide the DOJ into two separate independent functions, Prosecution  and Investigation.  He also needs to chop off the current department heads down at least two levels and start over.  Anyone found to be a partisan, like Strzok ,Page and others, need to be terminated immediately.  The special counsel statute must be eliminated or at least amended to exclude the potential of investigating individuals in search of a crime and make sure that the special counsel operates under the same rules for criminal investigations and prosecutions for counter intelligence investigations and prosecutions.  The special council must also be precluded from referring any prosecutions to other DOJ divisions but must refer them to the AG only.  

The President of the United States must have control over the Justice Department or else we have created a 4th branch of government which is totally unconstitutional.  That is where we are today and the nation is worse off for it.  The Progressive-Left, aided and abetted by the RINOs, have created a two-tiered justice system whereby the Progressive-Left and their allies are protected while non conforming anti-swamp people and entities are hunted down using Gestapo tactics.  You think you are safe?  Think again!

Maybe we need to invoke the “Thomas Jefferson Rule”, “…a little rebellion now and then is a good thing”.  


POTUS and FLOTUS-WYSIWYG-“What You See is What You Get”


The Left-wing media’s collective hair caught in fire when the First Lady, Melania Trump, publicly stated that Mira Ricardel, advisor to John Bolton, did not deserve the honor to serve in this White House.  Calls of “unprecedented”, “overstepping”, and worse quickly rang out following the First Lady’s assertion.  The next day, Ms. Ricardel was history.  The administration tried to pawn Ricardel off to another agency outside of the White House but found no takers as Ricardel’s reputation is not exactly that of a team player. 

Melania 1, Bureaucracy 0!

After three years of Donald Trump and Melania being in the political arena, it is puzzling that the Left-wing media and the swamp does not “Get Trump”!  “Trump”, including POTUS and FLOTUS are the most transparent and straightforward couple on the planet.  You want to know what either of them think, just ask them, if you dare!  

While it is no secret that President Trump has been under constant assault by the Left-wing media, Melania has taken her shots at their hands as well.  She remained relatively quiet during the first 18 months of the administration but seems to not be willing to hold back!  Melania once said:  “I am very political.  I am not Political in Public.  I am Political at Home.”   After the Ricardel incident, I think she may have modified her stance!  And rightfully so…  One other quote the Left-wing media and “Never-Trumpers” should keep in mind when going after the First Lady is another of her quips:  “I am not a “yes” person.  No matter who you are married to, you still need to lead your life”.  

President Trump has unquestionably been the most open and transparent President’s of modern time.  He has seldom avoided the press and their incessant inane questions no matter the venue.  On his way to his helicopter, he almost always stops by the gaggle to take questions; when he deplanes, he almost always stops by the gaggle to take questions; and, when he hosts his staff meetings and other White House events, he almost always takes questions from the gaggle.  When he answers your question, be prepared for Trump Raw because that is what you will get.  He does not measure his remarks nor couch them in political speak.  He is who he is always and says what he thinks always.


When Melania sits for an interview, she is just like “the Donald”.  She does not mince her words nor enshrine them in flowery rhetoric.  Some in the press thinks that she is short in her responses because she has a language barrier to overcome.  This is very naïve and shortsighted on their part and to proceed in this thinking is to enter into peril at one’s own choice.  In her interview with ABC’s Tom Llamas, the First Lady nailed it with regards to her feelings about trusting some in the White House:

TOM LLAMAS: He’s been in office now almost two years. Has he had people that you didn’t trust working for him?


TOM LLAMAS: Did you let him know?

MELANIA TRUMP: I let him know.

TOM LLAMAS: And what did he do?

MELANIA TRUMP: Well, some people, they don’t work there anymore.


The picture that the press tries to paint of this couple is one of deceit, corruption, self-serving, and worse.  Bette Midler, Madonna, and many others have disgraced themselves with disgusting descriptions of Melania including Midler’s hashtag, #FLOTITS.  The President has received even more such inappropriate derision from these obviously mentally challenged mental midgets.  But, as “the Donald” likes to say:

“I Am President, and You Are Not”

Donald J. Trump, President

See the source image

RD Pierini


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Veterans Versus the “Caravan”

At least 38,000 veterans, men and women, do not have “stable” housing on any given night.  While this number has dropped 5% from 2017, even a single vet on the street should be a national tragedy!  How much time has the “network news” devoted to this crisis this year?  ZERO!  Compare this to the almost nightly coverage by the MSM and cable news on the “plight” of illegal immigrants seeking “refuge” in the US!  What message are we sending to our children, our future, brave combat soldiers, and to ourselves?

Illegal Immigrants Mean More to Us Than Do Our Heroic Veterans!  

See the source image

President Trump has partnered Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the honorable Robert Wilkie, to eradicate homelessness and its root causes for our great vets.  Their mission is to make sure that each homeless vet and their families not only have stable homes but are able to maintain them and to overcome any mental or physical health issues that have let to their homelessness, including drug addiction.  

It is a shame that our “News Media” thinks that covering cry baby Jim Acosta and it’s sham news organization CNN is more important than focusing on ensuring that we have no vets sleeping on the streets this November!  It is a shame that this same media does not care about our female vets being sexually abused while on the street but think that covering Stormy Daniels or a Playboy model’s alleged affair with our President, during a time when he was not our President, is real news.

No US citizen should be homeless in this wealthy nation and there are many reasons that contribute to this problem.  But, we should be able to make sure that 38,000 vets are cared for and not homeless ever!  We see commercials on TV about abused, homeless pets needing shelter and love.  I think this is absolutely tragic but not on the same level of tragedy as a homeless vet.

These men and women need our support and President Trump needs our support to help these vets.  Congress needs to know that YOU back President Trump, Secretary Wilkie, and Secretary Carson in eradicating veteran homelessness.  

RD Pierini



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Nationalism + Patriotism is Not Racism!


See the source imageRadical Left and its Media slam Trump, and the majority of Americans, who believe that making America First benefits all Americans regardless of race, creed, sex, or sexual preference.  Further, that American Nationalism makes American Great which allows us to remain the most charitable nation on earth and one that defends and helps the downtrodden around the world.  American Nationalism also ensures that America has the resources to help its own downtrodden and lift them out of poverty and despair.  

One of our allies in Europe, France, and its President Emmanuel Macron slammed President Trump, and OUR embrace of Nationalism and the expression of Nationalism by its citizens via Patriotism.  Macron wrongly described that:  “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. In saying ‘Our interests first, whatever happens to the others,’ you erase the most precious thing a nation can have, that which makes it live, that which causes it to be great and that which is most important: its moral values.”

Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech at the Arc de Triomphe during a commemoration ceremony for Armistice Day


  • If America doesn’t put itself and its economy first, just how does Macron think we will have the money and other resources to DEFEND FRANCE!
  • If America doesn’t put itself and its military first, just how does Macron think we will be able to rescue FRANCE AGAIN!
  • If America doesn’t put itself and its people first, just how does Macron think we will have citizens that are willing to sacrifice themselves not only for our nation but for FRANCE!

Macron and his Left Wing EU counterparts would like nothing better than take America down a notch and not have to look to America for their own defense and source of economic strength.  In fact, the EU itself was created to compete against the US economically and otherwise.  The real truth is that these nations are so jealous of each other and so NATIONALISTIC in their own right they are no threat to us.  

Maybe Macron should take the time to look up the definition of Patriotism and Nationalism so he will quickly see that “NATIONALISM IS NOT A BETRAYAL OF PATRIOTISM” but rather our Nationalism is expressed wholly and comprehensively through our PATRIOTISM.  The dictionary defines these two words as follows:

Merriam Webster Dictionary Definitions:


A Sense of National Consciousness Exalting One Nation Above All Others and Placing Primary Emphasis on Promotion of Its Culture and Interests as Opposed to Those of Other Nations or Supranational Groups.


Love For Or Devotion to One’s Country


The word Patriot is derived from the early Greek word Patrios, which means OF ONE’S FATHER, or, handed down from our forefathers/founders.  It is an embrace of our National identity as created by those who preceded us!  

Left and the Media Try to Brand Nationalism as Racist

The Left and its Media always conflate White Nationalism with Nationalism in order to brand President Trump and the majority of Americans as RACISTS which is totally unfounded.  The Left and their Media employ this tactic to divide this nation along racial lines and to shame anyone who embrace the Nationalist America First policies in order to destroy any support for President Trump and his policies.  

If you are a Christian, you can really drive the Left and the Media nuts by quoting:  Deuteronomy 32:8;When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided all mankind, he set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel. IF the Left throws Old versus New Testament at you, just quote: Acts 17:26; From one man He made every nation of men, to inhabit the whole earth; and He determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their lands.

The Bottom Line

The real reason that the Left and its Media try to slam Nationalism and anyone who believes in Nationalism and Patriotism is that Nationalism is the antithesis of GLOBALISM!  The left and its Media have one goal, to tear down America as a Superpower and economic leader in order to redistribute our wealth to other nations and then retain total control over the “world citizens”.  As long as America is strong, the Left and its Media will continue to attempt to destroy our greatness and attack those of us fighting to maintain America’s greatness.  It is that simple!

RD Pierini



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