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A.G. Sessions-Abetting or Leading a Lawless DOJ and FBI


See the source imageA.G. Sessions, at best, is abetting/permitting a lawless DOJ/FBI to exist and focus on an all out assault of President Trump, OR he is directing the all out assault of President Trump. 

Almost immediately after he took the oath of office to ascend to the office of the Attorney General, Sessions recused himself from:

I have now decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any matter relating in any way to the campaigns for president of the United States.”  

In doing so, Sessions stated that he came to this decision after consulting with “ETHICS” specialists inside of the DOJ and then erroneously cited the federal regulation regarding “Disqualification arising from personal or political relationship”.  This regulation, (28 CFR Sec. 45.2), ONLY PERTAINS TO A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION OR PROSECUTION!  The subsequent Rosenstein/Mueller investigation into the Donald Trump was not a criminal matter but a COUNTERINTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATION that is NOT subject to 28 CFR Sec. 45.2. 

Per the disgraced ex-FBI director James Comey in his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, Comey stated:  “I have been authorized by the Department of Justice to confirm that the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence mission, is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts.”  

Is Sessions totally devoid of the ability to understand our laws and regulations?  Is the DOJ intentionally putting Sessions in a box to keep him from assisting his President?  Did Sessions recuse himself so Rosenstein his Deputy, could wage a war against Trump and his family without interference?   Remember A.G. Holder saying that he was Obama’s WINGMAN!  Sessions is a lot of things but certainly NOT Trump’s Wingman!

If anyone inside of the DOJ is conflicted and should recuse himself from everything involving a Trump investigation it is Rod Rosenstein himself.  This political hack actually signed the 3rd FISA warrant extension allowing the Trump team to be wire tapped and all electronic and other communication surveilled.  Then this hack created a phony excuse to designate Robert the saint Mueller as a DOJ Special Council!  And the DOJ ETHICS experts have not told Rosenstein to recuse himself!!! 

Rosenstein, the Session’s Anti-Trump Henchman:

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But, there is more!  (This travesty of justice is like a midnight TV commercial for Ginsu knives!) 

  • Donald Trump’s pick to head the Department of Justice Southern District of New York was Geoffrey Berman.  (Left in the picture above)  (This office is the office that is attacking the President’s advisors and staff without mercy including Michael Cohen!) 
  • In order to insure that the Mueller investigation into “Everything Trump” would survive Mueller being fired by Trump, Rosenstein turned over the Cohen case and others to this office. 
  • BUT, before doing so, he literally coerced Berman, a Trump pick, to RECUSE himself of anything to do with Trump! 
  • Then, “Everything Trump” would be handled by the 2nd chair, Robert Khuzami,  an anti-Trump prosecutor who was a friend of the Trump Hating Democrat Appointee Preet Bharara who Trump fired.
  • Rosenstein now has a two tiered federal prosecution hit team against Trump!
  • One Last point, Rosenstein is the one who recommended the current FBI director, Christopher Wray (far right in the picture above) to Trump and Sessions!  Now Rosenstein can direct Wray’s FBI on who to attack next!

So, Rosenstein, Mueller et al have created a prosecutorial web against Trump that could have only been possible by Sessions recusal!  If Sessions was really Trump’s A.G., he could have, and still could, shut this whole charade down! 

So, I will leave you to decide, is Sessions a purist who recused himself on principle or a political hack who his abetting this entire Anti-Trump Which Hunt!

I have to go throw up now!


RD Pierini



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AG Jeff Sessions-The Demise of the DOJ and Its FBI

Thomas Jefferson:  “The most sacred of the duties of government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.”

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I used to think that Jeff Sessions had such a sophomoric moral code that he felt he had to recuse himself so as not to have a conflict of interest in the so-called Russian-Probe! 

Now, I think I was the one with a sophomoric view of Jeff Sessions!

I now think that Jeff Sessions is part of, or has bought into the mystique of the DOJ as being its own shadow government.  I think that he is protecting the DOJ/FBI over the interest of we the people, just as Robert Mueller did, James Comey did, and the rest of the absolutely politically corrupt DOJ and FBI officials have.  Jeff Sessions is a disgrace as an Attorney General, a traitor to President Trump who hired him, and will go down in history as the AG who presided over the demise of the DOJ and the FBI.

The Depth of the Stench

Unless you live in a cave without electricity, and you don’t believe that CNN is the gospel of truth, you wonder how the DOJ and its FBI could possibly have exonerated Hillary Clinton and given immunity to all of the key Clinton staff who could have been witnesses against Clinton BEFORE THEY TESTIFIED AGAINST CLINTON.  Further, that Comey and the entire Clinton investigative group prejudged the outcome and buried all damaging evidence against Clinton.  Concurrent with the Clinton probe, the same Clinton probe DOJ and FBI agents started up a national security investigation of the Trump Campaign, based on false documents paid for by the FBI and the Clinton Campaign using an ex-British intelligence officer using information obtained from Russian agents.  

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, that we know of.  The stench permeates the management of the NSA, DNI, DIA, the CIA, the State Department and prior Democrat Administrations.  These agencies and persons passed information to the DOJ/FBI to be used to squelch the Clinton probe while feeding or creating derogatory information against the Trump Campaign.  When it became clear that Trump would win the Presidential Election and after he was inaugurated, these agencies went into full tilt to bring down the Trump Presidency, with Jeff Sessions watching this seditious action unfolding before his eyes and not lifting a finger to address this miscarriage of justice.

We could go back to the days when these agencies, and specifically Clinton and Obama, passed on turning over 25% of the US uranium to RUSSIA, some of which has been exported in violation of the transfer agreement…  While handing over strategic materials to who the LEFT has determined to be our mortal enemy is nuts and contrary to US best interests, outright sedition against a lawfully elected President is more than scary!  And by government agencies that actually are subservient to and report to that same duly elected President!

The Creation of the DOJ and the FBI

The office of the Attorney General was first established by Congress (Not the Constitution) in 1789, and only authorized a one person part-time office.  His duties were supposed to be to prosecute and conduct all suits on behalf of the country before the Supreme Court.  After the Civil War, the volume of suits required a change as the AG was spending an exorbitant amount on contract attorneys.  In 1870, Congress passed the Act to Establish the Department of Justice as an executive department (subservient to the President).

In 1908, the nation had grown and spread out from coast to coast without any comprehensive penal code nor federal investigative force.  The Attorney General Bonaparte actually created what is today’s FBI by memorandum in 1908 (originally Bureau of Investigation).  At the time, the AG had to use the Secret Service to investigate on his behalf as he did not have his own investigative staff.  The real irony in the creation of the nation’s arguably most powerful investigative executive agency is that it was not created by Congress.  Congress did approve appropriations and tweaked some of its powers but in fact it is an investigative body created by the Attorney General.  Today, the DOJ has a permanent workforce of 109,000 people (only God knows how many contractors they employ.  As of 2008, the FBI employed approximately 33,500 people.

Today, the DOJ and its FBI have grown exponentially and have for a long time seemingly acted autonomously and shown complete disdain for Congressional oversight and even acted like they were not subservient to the President which is absolutely untrue!  Both agencies thumb their noses at legitimate Congressional inquires and redact information that persons with tops security clearances are not allowed to read.

FISA Armed the DOJ/FBI With the Mother Of All Investigative Power

See the source image

Before discussing Sessions specifically, we have to acknowledge that after 9-11 and the adoption of the Patriot Act, the DOJ and the FBI and other intel agencies now have seemingly unlimited access to technology to spy on American Citizens.  The agencies hide behind the FISA act and the FISA courts to obscure and bury their covert surveillance against US persons.  What we saw in the 2016 Presidential election was that the DOJ/FBI had no reservation in using fictitious documentation to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on a member of a Trump advisory board and by extension, anyone in the Trump Campaign.  This power has been abused in this past election cycle and has been allowed to go on without consequence.  January 20th, 2017, enter Jeff Sessions…

Jeff Sessions Betrayed the American People, And his “Friend”, President Trump!

Below is an org chart for the Sessions Department of Justice.  When looking at this chart, keep two things in mind.  One, Sessions has recused himself from the most important investigations in history, the “Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign”.  So, while the entire nation, Congress and our President is consumed with this investigation, AG Sessions, sits on a log doing what exactly?  Two, look at which departments report to Rod Rosenstein, Sessions #2.  THEY ALL DO! 

So what is Sessions doing?  More importantly, What is Sessions NOT doing!  

  • Sessions is not directing Rosenstein on any matter the Mueller is investigating that is NOT related to the Trump Campaign.
  • Sessions is NOT forcing Rosenstein to turn over documents to Congress in a timely manner without politically motivated redactions…
  • Sessions is allowing Rosenstein to function as the actual AG without oversight.
  • Sessions is not focusing on the Left’s attacks on the Right as a civil rights issue.  
  • Sessions is not focusing on violence against our police as we have already exceeded their death toll versus 2017.
  • Sessions is not focusing on cleaning up the DOJ or the FBI in light of the total politicization of both agencies as evidenced in the Clinton and now the Trump probe.  

Sessions knows that the President is not in a political position to fire him and Rosenstein.  If the man had any scruples, he would fire Rosenstein then resign.  If the President fires either one or both, he faces a backlash in the Senate to confirm their replacements.  In the meantime, the American Public is fed up with the DOJ and FBI acting like they are not accountable to anyone, which they haven’t been!

There is a drastic need to reorganize both the DOJ and the FBI, NOW.  But, I’ll save that for another article…

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RD Pierini



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Left’s Identity Politics-When is Enough, Enought!

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I am Sick of hearing that American Citizens describe them self as their ethnic or other self-described descriptor followed by a hyphen, then the word AMERICAN.  (i.e. Italian-American)  How about starting with AMERICAN, followed by a hyphen, then however you want to describe yourself!  I never think of myself as an Italian-American, a Heterosexual-American, a Male-American, or a lousy-Golfer-American!  I find it demeaning, idiotic, and insulting to be a hyphenated anything!  We are Americans First and foremost!  You want to hang out with a specific ethnic group, sexual orientation group, gender and there are only two), go ahead.  But, you are either an American First or please leave.

The Left herds groups of people into their corrals so they can all commiserate on being the victims of their hyphenated descriptors!  The Left convinces these victim herds that someone else is responsible for everything that is wrong in their lives.  Usually, the target is someone on the Right and now it is always TRUMP’S FAULT (or his supporters).  Then, the Left uses the animosity they created to incite violence against those who are demonized such as Trump and his supporters!

Moving Victimhood Identity!

Now, the Left has actually “established” that one of their victim herd members can switch herds just because they “identify” with the other herd.  But wait, maybe I identify with multiple herds!  Can you imagine how confusing this would be to cows!  They would not know whether to identify to the Angus herd or the Holstein herd! 

See the source image Maybe today, you can be a Transgender-Male American but later you can identify as an Hispanic-American even though you are not a Transgender nor Hispanic!  So, when the Left decides to give its victim herds an identity membership card, the cards will have to be blank so you can fill in your identity at the moment you figure out your identity!  

End Goal-Anarchy

Why would you tell someone they are a victim then corral them into a victim herd?  ANARCHY!  Yes, the Left’s ultimate goal is to “fundamentally transform” this nation.  Obama’s attempt to fundamentally transform this nation has been thwarted by President Trump so the Left is embarking on their Plan B which is to incite violence to transform our Republic!  How?  The first step is to justify violence against their “enemies” (Antifa, BLM and the Main stream media).  The second step is to abolish law and order by identifying those who serve and protect as the enemy, i.e. “Abolish Ice”, “Cops are Racists”, the military are child killers, and so on.  Once you hamstring law and order, who will defend the Republic?  The Left and its media has engaged in an all out assault against Law and Order and it was put on steroids when Obama and Holder were in control.  The police were made to be the enemies of the very public they served until the police were intimidated to the point they could not serve nor protect!  Black police officers were actually labeled racists just because they wore the blue uniform!

As long as the left and their media can control the identity narrative, and we continue to parrot phrases like African-American, Hispanic-American, Transgender-American and so on, we will continue to support the Left’s assault on American Identity and its historical greatness.  In fact, one of the goals they have is to rewrite our great history and denigrate the sacrifices of our forefathers and the greatness of the American experiment.  Remember Obama’s apology tour!  

Those on the Right need to reverse this bastardization of our past by not joining in with the Left’s Hyphenating, Victim Herd program.  How about saying American-Blacks, American-Hispanics, American-Italian, etc.. 

At least we can start by grouping us all as Americans. 

RD Pierini


Trump and Black Voters-Post Civil War Level Support?

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Following the Civil War and President Lincoln’s (1st Republican President) Emancipation Proclamation, Blacks considered themselves Republican.   In fact, Blacks were not allowed to even allowed to attend the Democrat convention until 1924!  Southern Democrats fought tooth and nail to keep Blacks from being equals in spite of the Civil War and the abolition of slavery and their new status of free and equal citizens.  So, what happened?

FDR and His New Deal; 1933-1938:

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The Great Depression hit US workers hard but was even harder on the Black Community.  When Franklin Roosevelt created the New Deal in 1933, Blacks (and the population as a whole) begin migrating away from the Republican Party to the Democrat Party.  71% of the Black community voted Democrat in spite of the fact that only 44% were registered Democrats.  Between 1936 through 1960, Blacks voted in favor of Democrats at an average of 70% per election!  

JFK and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Blacks credited the Kennedy/Johnson Administrations for the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act even though it took a majority of Republicans in Congress to pass the act as their Democrat counterparts did not support the act...  In 1964, Blacks voted 94% for Lyndon Johnson and only 6% for Republican Barry Goldwater.  In 1968, Black Democrat voter registration skyrocketed to 92%, while only 3% registered at Republican and 5% as Independents!  At this point, the Black vote was a bonafide Democrat Lock!  

From 1964 to 2008, Blacks voted Democrat at a 90% clip.  When the first Black Presidential candidate, Barak Obama, ran in 2008, 95% of Blacks  voted for this Democrat candidate.  In 2012 Obama slipped slightly to 93% as the economy sputtered and the economic plight of Most inner city Blacks bottomed out.

Trump, “What the Hell Do You (Blacks and Hispanics) Have to Lose!

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During Trump’s 2016 campaign, Trump asked Blacks (and Hispanics) one simple question regarding their vote in 2016; “What the Hell Do You Have To Lose” (if you vote for Trump!)  This was a simple, straightforward question but one that jolted many in the Black Community.  While Blacks were not too sure what Trump was all about in 2016 and whether the press’ portrayal of Trump as a racist was valid, 8% of the Blacks voted for Trump compared to 6% who voted for Romney in 2012!  At the time of the 2012 election, medium household income for Whites was $68,521, Asians, $67,175, Hispanics $40,007, and Blacks $39,760!  Romney and the Republican did nothing to court the minority vote which was idiotic given the economic plight of Hispanics and Blacks! 

Enter Trump in 2016!

Donald J. Trump is not someone to accept status quo!  He  blasted the Republican Party for decades for not going after minority voters.  Why walk away from this demographic especially when you were losing anyway!  Trump doesn’t see demographics nor does he see color.  He sees economic conditions and solutions to spread economic opportunity for everyone.  It was illogical to him for Blacks to continue to vote for Democrats, or Republicans, who have done nothing for the Black community in decades.  Trump knew that if he could improve the economy, then Blacks and other minorities would benefit from the improvements!  So, Trump posed the question, “What the Hell do you have to lose”!

Trump knew that his outreach would have to transcend more than one election cycle and could only be accepted by minorities if he could perform.  Well, today, Trump’s economic policies have lowered Black and Hispanic unemployment to historical all-time lows!  He us taking this message to the 2018 Mid-term cycle and if Republican candidates have a single brain cell, which is not always a given, they should follow Trump’s lead.  Minority communities are hungry for opportunity and RECOGNITION.  They are tired of being taken advantage of, hence the Black rebellion against Rahm Emanuel in Chicago!  

I have no idea how well Trump’s message will help Republican Senate and House candidates this fall but I am comfortable in saying the Trump will receive 32% of the Black vote in 2020, a level that has not been realized by a Republican since 1960!  If Blacks and Hispanics can force political parties to earn their vote, they will be the winners, BIG TIME!  President Trump is working diligently to cleanup the inner cities and bring jobs back to impoverished communities in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and others… This is not going unnoticed by Blacks and they are asking themselves;


RD Pierini





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How the Left Uses Words to Manipulate You

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Democrats:  Call a spade a spade?  Never

Democrats:  Truth in advertising?  Never

Democrats, Progressives and the Manipulative Media use language against us to manipulate our thoughts and get us to acquiesce to murder being ok, acquiesce to believing that giving up our free speech is real free speech!  You need to keep you wits about you and when you hear a word or phrase that seems out of whack, it probably is!  If it is coming from the Left and their media, you are about to be manipulated.  If the left and the media cannot create a thought bending word or phrase to soften the blow of their anti-American rhetoric and policies, they scream at you for being POLITICALLY INCORRECT!  The definition of Politically Correct is:  Conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities should be eliminated.  in other words, Political Correctness is actually a REPRESSION OF FREE SPEECH!  Ironically, when you use BING to look up the words Politically Correct, the synonyms that are shown are socialist · communist · communistic · Bolshevik · leftist · ultra-left · anticapitalist · radical · revolutionary · militant · red · progressive · liberal · reforming · social-democrat · politically correct · Labor · Laborite · Marxist · Leninist · Marxist–Leninist · Trotskyite · Maoist · commie · lefty That should tell you all you need to know about those who promote Political Correctness as a anti-free speech tactic…

#1:  The worst  example is the Left’s labeling of an unborn BABY as a FETUS.  Following Roe V Wade, Americans repelled against the killing of babies on a wholesale basis.  The Left then began a campaign in the media and in our schools to teach that unborn BABIES are really just a blob of cells and not really a BABY, hence changing BABY to the term, FETUS.  The Origin and Etymology of “FETUS” is; “Middle English, from Latin, act of bearing young, offspring; akin to Latin fetus newly delivered, fruitful“.  As long as you can separate unborn babies from actually being a real human being, then the public can feel better about themselves for supporting the killing of a human baby.

See the source image

#2:  “Racism/Racist” (xenophobia) is an example of taking a specific label that describes a specific action or an individual who performs that action and transformed it to apply to anyone the Left and their media want to silence and disparage, with or without factual basis!  The Left and the Media immediately jump to the Racism/Racist label anytime they are trying to shut someone down and squelch their free speech!  The only good news is that the left and their media has used racism as a label so much that is has lost its meaning and impact to a large degree.  But, the use of such non-factual labels does shut down free speech and an interchange of ideas and ideals that we as a society need to engage in.  When you hear anyone on the left or its media use the phrases, racist, xenophobe, islamophobe, misogynist, etc., beware that they are trying to shut down speech and use these phrases to discount any points being made by their opponents.  

#3:  “Illegal Alien” is the statutory definition to describe someone entering or remaining in this country illegally.  The dictionary describes “Alien”  …“as relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government : foreign alien residents”.      .  Illegal obviously means with legal status, hence Illegal Alien.  But, the Left and their media had to soften this phrase to make those who are in fact illegal aliens appear to be sympathetic characters.  Hence, the left and their media coined UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS, then ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, then just IMMIGRANT!  This is a mechanism of taking a phrase and transforming it over time to mean the same thing as a generally acceptable word or phrase.  No one can argue with IMMIGRANT as all of us are immigrants or offspring of immigrants!  Then the left and their media try to silence your free speech when you use the phrase illegal alien by saying that God made all people so how can the immigrants be ILLEGAL.  By mixing God with Illegal, they conflate the two into an illogical but within their own bubble an effective speech killer.  Sometimes they over think their wordsmithing to the point of absurdity!  

There are many examples of the left and their media using various forms of wordsmithing to warp meanings and trap you into  questioning your own values!  For more on this, I recommend that you watch this short video from Praeger U:

If you unfortunate and for some reason have to watch “news” on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, or ABC, put on your “word helmet” to protect yourself from getting sucked into agreeing with their word warp!  If it sounds nuts, it probably is…  Remember, an unborn BABY is a BABY no mater how long the BABY has occupied the womb.  the Killing of a BABY no matter its age, is murder, PERIOD.

RD Pierini


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Poking the (Russian) Bear-Trump Threading the Needle

A Wounded Animal Is a Definite Threat!

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The Media and the Left’s constant drum beat against the “evil” Russia is both inaccurate and extremely dangerous.  If you are part of the uninformed Left, (Just listen to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explanation of tax policy) you do not realize that Russia today is a mere shadow of itself economically all the while maintaining a huge stockpile of nuclear warheads (4,500 strategically operational) and very sophisticated ICBM technology. 

The economy of Russia today only 10% of the US economy!  Russia also has spent 5% of their GDP on their military while the US has spent an average 3.3% on its military.  Further, Russia’s economy relies heavily (70%) on oil and gas exports to keep its economy afloat.  Recently, Putin had to increase their retirement age as they do not have the cash flow to meet the needs of this program.  In short, Russia is standing on an economic precipice and if their economy worsens, and they continue to spend heavily on their military, the Russian Bear will have to create an external enemy and try to focus their citizens on an external threat to take their minds off of their internal programs…

Is Putin a saint? NO  Does Russia have our best interests at heart?  NO

But, we are faced with difficult choices in dealing with Russia versus other potential enemies.   Any series of decisions could result in the destabilization Russia politically, could precipitate a military conflict between the US and Russia and/or Russian proxies…

President Trump’s challenge is to squeeze Russia economically so Putin has to deal with us on Syria, Ukraine, and Crimea.  In Syria, Putin will have to pull his support of Bashar al Assad, help us and our Middle Eastern allies to stabilize Syria politically, help kick Iran out of Syria, protect Israel from Iranian/Syrian aggression, and join the US and its allies against the current Iranian theocracy.  In the Ukraine, Putin will have to pull all threats of violence from the Eastern Ukrainian border and agree to a non-aggression pact!  In Crimea, Putin will have to agree to relinquish political and military control over Crimea and negotiate some type of “friendly” Russian access via the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea.

See the source image

Putin historically has viewed access to the Black Sea via Crimean ports as strategic from an economic and military perspective.  This will be the most challenging negotiation for President Trump and Putin.

Trump’s trump card is energy, specifically LNG.  As we stated, energy is 70% of Russia’s exports and is obviously a vital source of revenue.  President Trump is carefully trying to close the LNG spigot from Russia to the EU countries.  His outburst at a possible expansion of German reliance of Russian LNG is an example of Trump squeezing Russia’s wallet.  Trump, and Putin, both know that the US can bankrupt Russia by cornering the LNG market in the EU.  Since these same EU nations are aligned with the US against Russia in NATO, this possibility is not far-fetched.

But, a seriously wounded Russia may not be in OUR best interest!  

Creating strife and chaos inside of Russia by damaging the Russian economy is not in our best interest.  Why? (This does not mean that we should not use energy as a lever in negotiations with Russia!)  A wounded Putin and Russia will have to create an EXTERNAL threat so his own people do not focus on their own economic plight!  Putin may retaliate by using military threats and excursions into the Baltic States and other Eastern and South Eastern European and Asian nations, many of which are NATO members.  Putin can continue meddling in NATO by furthering his ties to Turkey and pushing Germany into a deal to buy more LNG from Russia.  If any possible conflict gets out of hand, Putin has a nuclear” button” that is the same size as ours!  Depending on the degree of hopelessness of the Russian leaders and their people, a nuclear mistake could certainly occur.

The Left and the Press Values Their Own Power Over Our Survival

The left and their media are so focused on destroying President Trump and his policies that they would push us into an all out war with Russia just to regain political power.  They have hamstrung Trump and Putin meetings just by beating the Russian Collusion drums to a level of insanity.  The NeoCons on the Right are also complicit in this drum beating. 

Hopefully Trump and Putin will be the adults in the room and move forward with sober talks on common issues and flashpoints!

RD Pierini


Trump’s Bureaucratic Reorganization-Labor/Education 1st, then?


Donald Trump May Have the Opportunity to Redefine the Federal Government!  2018 Mid-Terms are Critical

Update:  A friend of mine who worked for the Bureau of Land Management relayed the following:  “Gifford Ginchot, the first USFS director, and Harold Ickes, Sec Interior, hated each other so when USFS was created and Pinchot was chosen to lead it, he got Congress/President to place it in USDA.”  How is that for logic!

Federal programs have three things in common, they never expire, they never get smaller, and no one ever holds them accountable.  Also, the more agencies that perform the same task the less likely the American public will ever figure out the real cost of these programs!  Probably one of the best examples is “welfare” that was spawned by President Johnson’s “Great Society”.

See the source image

Do you know how many Federal agencies have their own separate welfare programs that were spun off of the Great Society and the New Deal?  There are 7 departments, the IRS, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Education, Department of Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and the Federal Communications Commission. 

These agencies administrate at least 15 different “welfare” programs with doubtful levels of coordination of benefits!  The IRS, you probably didn’t think of this one, has two “negative” tax programs including the child tax credit and EITC; the Dept. of Agriculture is responsible for Food Stamps (SNAP), Child Nutrition, and WIC (as well as being the largest printing entity in the world!); Health and Human Services is responsible for AFDC, Medicare, Obamacare subsidies, TANF, Head Start, Child Care, and LIHEAP; HUD is responsible for housing assistance; the Dept. of Education is responsible for Pell Grants, the Dept. of Labor is responsible for job training; and the FCC is responsible for that wonderful program, Obamaphone, AKA Lifeline.  

This level of overlap is “normal” and PLANNED in the federal bureaucracy where multiple agencies are charged with providing similar benefits and services to the same US family!  Welfare as a function is ripe for consolidation in an attempt to reduce redundant bureaucracy, streamline benefits, and reduce operating costs.  This program is ripe for President Trump the businessman! No way would he condone this level of redundancy in his own businesses.

Trump’s First Targets-Consolidate the Departments of Labor and Education.

President Trump has already begun his reorganization of the Federal Government and the streamlining of the bureaucracy.

See the source image

Department of Education DeVos, President Trump and Department of Labor Acosta

He has charged Secretaries DeVos and Acosta to develop a plan to merge these two cabinet level departments!  Why?  Simple, these two departments and functions need have a single goal of educating our youth so they can enter and contribute to our economy!  Many say the Department of Education has a role of reshaping our social structure and teaching our young people the “new” mores such as homosexuality, transgenderism etc., and to protect our public school system.  Really?  I thought our schools were to educate our children and leave the teaching of social values to their parents!  In 2015, US students ranked 38th out of 71 nations on the PISA assessment! (Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

While the DOE is responsible for educating our youth, the DOL also spends billions on training and employment programs for adults.  By combining these two department, we can tightly coordinate education whether it be for K-12, adult education, or vocational re-training.  The better we educate K-12, the less we will require adult training and re-training!  By combining these two agencies, we can have a single department to oversee all forms of education and labor development and education.  The DOL has a large statistical department to measure the job market.  This department can then also measure the effectiveness of our K-12 education and how effective it is in providing the labor force that best serves the needs of our economy.

What’s Next?

Well, the President has already signaled he is looking to reform welfare.  This is critical to fill job openings that now are larger than those who are unemployed.  Will the President move all of the welfare assistance programs noted above under a single agency and consolidate these programs into adult, child and family benefits and services?  He may!  This would streamline these services, ensure that a family’s services are consolidated and controlled by a single agency, and cut way back on fraud and abuse.  If he does, he should also move SSI’s control and funding of “disability” benefits into this new agency.  Health and Human Services seems to be the most logical agency to assume this role.

One of the nuttiest duplicate and overlapping functions is between the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture.  Both have responsibility to oversee various levels of food safety among other activities.  One agency should oversee food safety, period.  Today, some food manufacturers have to have a USDA and a FDA inspector on site depending on which products they produce!  It is not only a waste but they have conflicting rules which makes the workplace chaotic.  I would suggest that the FDA assume all food safety roles.

Do you know who controls federal lands, water, parks, fishing and hunting control?  Well, how about the Department of Interior and the United States Dept. of Agriculture, (USDA).  Why would the forestry service be under the USDA and the Bureau of Land Management be under the Dept. of Interior?  How about giving the Forestry Service to the Dept. of Interior and have the USDA concentrate on AGRICULTURE!  

I can go on and on but you get the point.  There are way too many duplicate agencies across multiple departments and cabinet secretaries.  Jurisdictional battles are the norm and inconsistent management practices and fraud and abuse are the norm!  

I hope the President wins back control over the House and increases his control of the Senate by at least 60 seats.  If he does, he can do a lot more than tinker around the edges of reorganization the Federal bureaucracy.  Many changes will require Congressional approval and we can only hope that we elect those who have the spine and the work ethic to do what is necessary to revamp the SWAMP!  If Trump has true partners in Congress, WE CAN TRULY DRAIN THE SWAMP!

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RD Pierini


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NATO, Does it “Trump” our Constitution?

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President Trump and Tucker Carlson have been lambasted by the liberal and Neocon media for even questioning the relevance of NATO today and whether the NATO Article 5 “Collective Defense” is in America’s best interest!  NATO’s Article 5 make it MANDATORY, by treaty, for the US to defend any NATO member(s) if that member(s) invoke Article 5 if attacked by another nation.  NATO was originally founded as a counter-balance against the former Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact.  With 29 member nations now in NATO, and the Soviet Union no longer in existence, and many of the Warsaw Pact nations not NATO members, is NATO still relevant and does the sheer number of its member make peace LESS likely?

The President and Carlson discussed whether the US has a National interest in defending the tiny and recently added to NATO country of Montenegro!  This country was used as an example and the list of countries could include other NATO nations such as Turkey, Albania, Croatia, and others.  Expanding the NATO membership exponentially raises the risk of the US being involved in a military conflict that is not in our interest.

Take, for example, if Turkey, a NATO member, who is buying sophisticated anti-missile systems and other offensive weapons from RUSSIA, claims that the Iraqi Kurds, attacked Turkey and then invoked the NATO Article 5 Common Defense clause AGAINST IRAQ since the Kurds are part of Northern Iraq!  The Kurds were and still are ally and have been instrumental in our eradication of ISIS in North Eastern Syria!.  

What happens if two NATO nation attack each other?  Which one do we defend if both invoke Article 5?  

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The media set their hair on fire again citing that all of the NATO nations responded to our invoking Article 5 following the 9-11 attack!  Seriously?  Many sent NON-COMBAT support to Afghanistan rather than send in combat troops as indicated by Article 5.  Article 5 inherently calls for military support, not clerical or policing support.   Further, the whole existence of NATO was to act as a counter-balance to the old Soviet Union.  It is curious that the only time Article 5 has been invoked was after an attack on the US by radical Islamists, not Russia!

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was created on April 4th, 1949, some 70 years ago!  NATO began with only 12 member nations including, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  Today it consists of 29 countries including Turkey which is rapidly becoming a belligerent Islamic Dictatorship under President Erdogan with increasingly anti-west views. 

With each new member, NATO increases the potential for one of its members to be attacked in some manner by a non-member and thus drawing NATO and by extension, the US into an armed conflict.  For example, if Ukraine had been a member when it was attacked by Russia under Obama, the US and NATO may have had to directly engage Russia in an open conflict.  Rather than the US having the option of negotiating with Russia, the military option may have been the only option.

Can the US Ignore an Article 5 Invocation by a Member Country?

Constitutionally the President could decline or ignore NATO’s invoking of Article 5 if the President did not believe that joining an armed conflict would be in the US best Interest.  Why is this Constitutionally possible?

  1. Supremacy Clause:  You have probably heard of the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution.  This clause is spelled out in Article VI, Clause 2 of our Constitution.  It reads, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. “  This means that all Provisions of the US Constitution, and Laws enacted by Congress, take precedent over all treaties made.  In short, Treaties such as NATO can be overwritten by a provision or power specified in the Constitution or a power granted under a law enacted by Congress.
  2. President as the Commander-in-Chief:  Article II, Section 2, designates the President only as the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and as such can withhold the deployment of its troops even if provided for in any specific treaty, such as NATO.  Article II, Section 2 reads: The President shall be Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States;…

So, the President can withhold our troop deployment even if a NATO member invokes the NATO Article 5 call to arms.  There is no doubt that the left-wing media and the members of Congress on both sides would beat their collective chests and decry such an executive decision by the President.  They would all be joined by an outcry of the other NATO nations.  But, the founders intentionally placed the Constitution and the duly enacted laws of the Federal Government above Treaties and placed the ultimate decision to wage war in the office of the President, period.  Even if Congress enacted a law requiring the President to unconditionally engage troops if a NATO member invokes Article 5 this law would be deemed unconstitutional by any originalist  Supreme Court.

Why are These Safeguards Important?

Well, if Turkey moves even further towards a radical Islamic State in the mold of Iran, and then attacks Israel, Jordan, or Kurdish Iraq, and then invokes the NATO Article 5 clause when one of these nations or groups counterattack Turkey, the President could deem our national interest to be more aligned with Israel Jordan or Kurdish Iraq.  Presidential Commander In Chief Constitutional powers TRUMP the NATO treaty!  These Presidential powers also extend to our membership in the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and other international agreements.  WE THE PEOPLE STOPS AT OUR SHORES!

Ultimate Sovereignty:  The founders never intended to cede to any foreign power, or groups of foreign powers, sovereignty over the people of the United States.  Their experience with the heavy-handed King George IV of England was enough to convince them to never cede sovereignty over to anyone! 

God Bless the Founders of this Country and the forethought they put into writing our Constitution.

RD Pierini


Proof Trump-Putin Summit Was a YUGE Success!

The Main Stream Media, The Left, and the RINO Coalition are Criticizing Trump’s Summit!

As I predicted yesterday, (“Dems/Left Scared Silly of What Putin Will Tell Trump About Dems/Left” the Left, the Media and the RINO Right went nuts today blaming Trump for not being tough on Russia in order to ignore the real gems put forth by Trump and Putin.  What they are not saying, is that both Trump and Putin pointed out the failures of Obama’s Administration in shutting down hacking attacks; Hillary’s vacuuming up $500,000,000 from Russians during her campaign; Mueller’s failure to find any proof of collusion; and most of all,


President Trump made it perfectly clear that he would no longer allow Mueller, the DOJ, the FBI, the Left, the Media and the Never Trumpers to keep him from meeting with Putin or any other world leader.  Read this to mean that it won’t be long until the President blows up the ridiculous Mueller investigation, forces the DOJ/FBI to publicly release all of the information regarding the Russian investigations the Hillary investigations and information on other cases such as Uranium One.  

The good news that as the Trump Presidency marches forward, the world becomes more safe due to Trump Diplomacy.  During  the Obama’s administration, the media slobbered all over themselves when Obama went around the world apologizing and cow-towing to every world leader, ESPECIALLY PUTIN. 

Trump will meet with anyone, anywhere to achieve peaceful solutions!  

RD Pierini



Dems/Left Scared Silly of What Putin Will Tell Trump About Dems/Left


Wait a minute!  Why are the Dems/Leftists and McCain so adamant that Trump should NOT meet with Putin? 

Well, if our intel knows about Russian meddling and overall cyber hijinks, Putin and Russians certainly know about:

  • Uranium One Deal where Obama/Clinton gave Russia control over 20%+ of our Uranium!
  • How Hillary, Obama, McCain, and other Dems are tied to the “Trump Dossier” and how they conspired with Russia to create dirt on Trump!
  • How Hillary, Obama and other Dems conspired with Russia to lobby electronically against the Trump Campaign.
  • How Mueller and the Left are using the Russian Collusion fiasco to subvert the Trump Presidency and weaken his administration.

Trump has been the toughest President against Russia since Reagan.  He just told Germany not to buy its energy from Russia which only serves to prop up Russia and puts Germany, the EU, and NATO in a position of being blackmailed if they go against Putin’s plans!  Just ask Ukraine how Russia turns off the energy spigot when Russia used this leverage to coerce Ukraine!  

Just what was the Russian Reset?

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Remember when Obama said, “Tell Vlad that I will have more flexibility after the elections (2014)”?  Well, did that include making the Uranium One deal where we gave 20% of our Uranium to Putin?  Did that include using Russia to create dirt on the Trump Campaign?  Did that include using Russia to tweak social media against Trump?  Did that include using Russia to help Hillary to create the “Trump Dossier”?  And on and on and on…

Putin has the Facts!

Think about how much Putin knows of their bilateral dealings with Clinton and Obama!  He knows as much as Clinton and Obama does and probably more!  Talk about an “Ace in the Hole”!  All Putin has to do is give verifiable information to Trump regarding the collusion and inside deals with Obama/Clinton and the left, its media, and McCain will go NUTS!

Can’t wait to hear the real details of this summit at some point.  We may not know for a while whether Putin played these cards but all the while Obama, Clinton, Clapper, Brennan et al will be pooping bullets waiting for Putin then Trump to call their bluff!

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This could indeed be the real Russian Reset!

RD Pierini