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Businessman, past Mayor in a California City with experience serving on several County, State and Federal commissions and boards. Spent much of my career in production Agriculture in California and Arizona. Worked 8 years in the Middle East and North Africa developing Agribusiness projects that included production agriculture, food manufacturing, dairy development, and livestock production. Worked for a Fortune 500 Size Western Poultry processing company coordinating business development and systems architecture. Ex-Professional baseball player back in the dark ages. Co-founder of several business including software development for several markets but focused on the Food Industry. Goldwater/Reagan Conservative and a strict Constitutional constructionist. Hopefully any criticisms of the government or government offices will be based on the same value system.

Donald J. Trump Vs Sun (Wu) Tzu-Changing the US “Art of War”

President Trump is intentionally enigmatic to our enemies, and to his own Pentagon, when it comes to his approach to conflict, armed and diplomatic.  Ironically, he detailed his philosophical approach to our enemies in his 2000 book entitled “Trump, The America We Deserve”.  Obviously, most of his cabinet, our enemies, our allies, Congress, and member of the Intelligence Community have not bothered to read his book!  Much of Trump’s military and diplomatic strategy, finds a striking similarity to that of Sun Tzu who wrote the “Art of War” some 2,500 years ago!

Sun Tzu’s core was dominated by the belief that victory and defeat are fundamentally psychological states!  Read that again.  Further, force and the destruction of one’s enemy was not as much of a factor as unsettling he enemy, and instilling chaos into the enemy’s political and military psyche.  If force was to be used, it was used after sowing chaos within the enemy’s ranks, and in the context of exacerbating chaos, or in the final analysis.  When psychological/diplomatic efforts failed, you must be prepared and able to physically defeat your enemy.  The Chinese word for “Force” only appeared 9 times in the 13 chapters of “The Art of War”.

There are many examples around the world that bear out Trump’s Tzu approach to modern day enemies and conflict. Here are just a few:

Sun Tzu:  “There is No Instance of a Nation Benefitting from a Prolonged War”.

President Trump echoes Tzu’s sentiment in spades when discussing the endless Afghanistan and Iraqi wars.  Trump sees a difference between fighting Afghanistan and in fighting “Islamism”.  One is geography and the other is an ideology.  The Pentagon still does not really see the difference!

Sun Tzu:   “The Good Fighters of old First put Themselves Beyond the Possibility of Defeat, and then Waited for an Opportunity of Defeating the Enemy.” 

Trump believes that to fight Islamism in Afghanistan,

  1. We need to eliminate traditional ground forces; beef up our in-country intelligence;
  2. Then use our special forces to take out the enemy.

By removing our ground troops, Trump would take us out of the possibility of being defeated, either tactically or strategically.  He would then seize on targeted opportunities to take out the Islamist via intelligence gained by infiltrating the enemy.

Sun Tzu:   “The Supreme Art of War is Subdue the enemy WITHOUT fighting.”  Also:  It is More Important to Out-think your Enemy than to Outfight Him”.

Trump’s seemingly schizophrenic method of playing good-cop, bad-cop, all by himself, when dealing with North Korea, is an example of Tzu’s statements.  Going from “Little Rocket Man” to saying of Kim, “a talented guy who loves his country very much”, Trump was able to at least start a dialog with Chairman Kim without firing a shot.  True, there have not been any real concrete agreements to disarm but North Korea has ceased much of their long range missile testing and testing of nuclear underground testing.

The President also set up for Chairman Kim a non-combat exit strategy as Tzu recommended. 

Sun Tzu:  “Build Your Enemy a Golden Bridge to Retreat Across.” 

Trump didn’t try to force Kim into a corner where his only option was to use force.  He opened the door to talks all the while increasing sanctions pressure.  The bridge was built for Kim to cross at any time.

There are  many more examples where President Trump emulates Sun Tzu’s tenets of war.  But, there is one area that is a headline in the news of the day.  (no, not impeachment)  It concerns the morale of troops and its impact on our ability to wage war effectively.

You may have heard that President Trump has pardoned two Army officers, First Lt. Clint Lorance and Major Mathew Golsteyn .  Trump also restored the rank of Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher.

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Army First Lt. Clint Lorance, Army Maj. Mathew Golsteyn and Navy SEAL Edward R. Gallagher

Many in the Pentagon Brass and retired Brass have criticized the President/Commander-In-Chief for taking this action as they believe that his actions undermine the code of military justice!  So much for chain of command!  I am afraid that Sun Tzu would roll over in his grave if he saw the Obama era Rules of Engagement that put our men in harms way and gave the enemy the benefit of the doubt in all engagements.  Here are a couple of Tzu’s quotes regarding troop care.

Finally, Sun Tzu:  “If the Words of Command are Not Clear and Distinct, If Orders are not Thoroughly Understood, the General is to Blame. 

President Obama and the Pentagon during his reign, hobbled our troops with ridiculous “Rules of Engagement” such as having to read the Miranda Rights to the enemy before engaging or interrogating them.  Lethal force had to be approved by the Pentagon before ground troops could fire on the enemy in many cases.  Obama and the Pentagon sought to hand-cuff our troops with engagement rules that were harder than those imposed on our police on our streets at home.  Sun Tzu would have blamed the “Generals” and not Lorance, Gallagher, and Golsteyn for the supposed “war crimes” these 3 were accused of.

Sun Tzu:  “Treat Your Men as You Would Your Beloved Sons, and They will Follow You Into the Deepest Valley”.

Sun Tzu:  “If the Mind is Willing, the Flesh Could go On and On Without Many Things.”

By pardoning these brave men, the President not only won over the hearts and minds of these warriors, but thousands who have had to make the same decisions these 3 made on the battlefield.  Trump just solidified his position as Commander-In-Chief and ensured that the “Generals” will have a fighting force that is committed to battle.  They should be thanking him, not criticizing him!

Sun Tzu:  “For Them (our troops) to Perceive the Advantage of Defeating the Enemy, They Must also Have Their Rewards.”

The President has also given out many rewards for valor and has recongized the contributions of the families of our soldiers.  Fighting thousands of miles from home, in countries where our troops may be hated, and enduring harsh deployment conditions, knowing that the Comander-In-Chief, thousands of miles away, not only has your back and will defend you, give you all of he in-field support you need,  but and also recognizes your selfless service and that of your brave familes.  

Sun Tzu may have lived over 2,500 years ago, but his wisdom rings true today and is being channeled through our President!

RD Pieerini



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Obama and Moderation? He is the Master of Deceit and Deception!

President Obama to Liberal Donor Group Yesterday:

“Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision we also have to be rooted in reality.  The average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it.”

I spent 9 years interpreting “Obamaspeak”, 1 year as candidate Obama and 8 years as President Obama, so I think I can decipher his double talk as good as anyone.  Lesson one:  Obama is a died in the wool hard core progressive socialist who hates this country, and indeed Western Civilization.  If you start with this lesson, you won’t be sucked into “If you Like Your Doctor, …”.  Allow me to offer my humble interpretation of Obama’s statement shown above.  Read it again just so you have it in mind.

  • “Even as we push the envelope…”:  Interpretation:  As we implement our hard left, progressive, socialist agenda.
  • “… and we hold in our vision…”.  Interpretation:  As we keep deeply rooted in our heart and soul our vision for a hard left progressive, socialist, goal and objective vision and objective for the US and Western Civilization.
  • “The average American …”:  Interpretation:  Those Americans that do not support our hard left progressive, socialist agenda.
  • “…doesn’t think that we…”: Interpretation:  As elite, enlightened members of the hard core progressive, socialist movement.
  • “…have to completely tear down the system and remake it.”:  Interpretation:  We have to replace capitalism with socialism, freedom of the individual and their separate property rights, freedom of speech and action with control of individualism with the collective good, and the elimination of individual wealth and replace it with redistributed equality.

So, What Obama actually “said” was:

“As we implement our hard left, progressive, socialist agenda,  we must keep deeply rooted in our heart and soul, our vision for a hard left progressive, socialist, goal and objective vision and objective for the US and Western Civilization.  Since most Americans do not support our hard left progressive, socialist agenda, as elite, enlightened members of the hard core progressive, socialist movement, we have to replace capitalism with socialism, freedom of the individual and their separate property rights, freedom of speech and action with control of individualism with the collective good, and the elimination of individual wealth and replace it with redistributed equality, all the while espousing MODERATION.”

If Obama is talking, he is lying!

Image without a caption

Obama is absolutely, the quintessential politician of all times when it comes to masking, lying, his true intent while sounding like his words just came down the mount with Moses.  When he ran against McCain in 2008, I thought he might be a closet conservative.  He sounded more sincerely conservative than McCain which is not too hard to do.  As a President, it soon became clear that he was a hard core progressive socialist that would do and say anything to move his progressive socialist agenda forward.  

His caution to the 2020 Democrat candidates for President was not a call to them to change their beliefs, but for them to lie to the public and make the public think that you are not a progressive socialist!  LIKE HE DID IN 2008 AND 2012.

Obama could sit next to the gates of hell and convince you that you were about to inhabit a tropical island and you would believe it.  Wonder why he does not endorse Biden?  Biden is not progressive socialist enough for Obama.  Obama does not have any respect for the rest of the 2020 candidates because he does not believe they are talented enough to lie directly to the public and make them believe it.  Look at Warren.  She tried to skirt the cost of Medicare-For-All but finally admitted that her plan would cost $5.2 TRILLION per year.  Obama would have said that his plan would save every family $2,500.00 per year on healthcare.  Oh wait, he did say that!

Lying politicians are nothing new.  The phrase is actually redundant.  But Obama’s ability to obfuscate is legend.  How does he do it?  He believes that his progressive socialist utopia will finally right all of the racial wrongs of Western Civilization and create a perfect society, rand by he and George Soros!

So, while the bumbling Democrats are as awkward as teenagers in the back seat at a drive-in (for those over 60 who remember drive-ins), at trying to impeach President Trump, just remember that Obama is in the wings.  Don’t underestimate his ability to play the pied piper and lead even some seemingly intelligent people to the brink.  He did it in 2008 and 2012.  The media is waiting for him to descend on the mere morals below and save them from themselves, and President Trump!

RD Pierini


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Your Country, Your Choice… Constitutional Republic Vs Deep State Oligrchy

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You, and every other US citizen, are witnessing a flagrant attempt to negate Article II of the US Constitution, the section that enumerates the powers of the Executive Branch of our government; and supplant it with an oligarchy of career diplomatic and intelligence community bureaucrats known as the Deep State.  The key question will come down to whether this blatant attempt to abet an outright overthrow the Executive Branch may be a felony under 18 U.S.C.A. § 2384, Seditious Conspiracy.   

Before we go to the current attempts to overthrow President Trump, lets look back at how the “deep state” was created.

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  1.  Congressional Abdication of Duty:  Over the years, Congress has passed more and more laws that have allowed, ironically, the Executive Branch to “flesh” out, expand, and self-interpret laws by creating regulations that ostensibly define the implementation of the legislative intent.  In reality, the Executive Departments have used this unconstitutional legislative editing to formulate politically biased regulations of duly enacted legislation.  Ostensibly, Congress is supposed to use its oversight powers to regulate the regulators but this rarely if ever happens.  Do you really think that any Congress member actually reads all of the federal regulations that are created?  So, while the US Constitution, in Article I, grants all legislative powers to Congress, Congress has allowed the Executive Branch bureaucrats to usurp this power and twist legislation into their political will.  When was the last time you saw Congress sue the Executive Branch over regulatory overreach?  Never.
  2.  Executive Department Bureaucratic Legislation:  With a license to steal from Congress in interpreting, then regulating, legislation, including how money is spent or not spent, the Executive Branch bureaucracy soon became the true power within the US Government even though they have no Constitutional authority to do so.  JUST THINK, THEY REPLACED ARTICLE I AND ARTICLE II OF THE US CONSTITUTION WITH THEIR OWN SELF GRANTED AUTHORITY!  To make matters worse from a conservative constitutional perspective, leftist Presidents have hired their political appoints as full time bureaucrats within these executive branch departments before they leave office.  This creates a permanent, left-leaning if not outright leftist, permanent bureaucracy that grows and infects more and more as time goes on.
  3.  Enter the Intelligence Communities:  Over time, due to foreign entanglements, wars, and cold wars, the American people were fed numerous justifications for building up both domestic and foreign spying capabilities.  Lets not even use the word, “intelligence”.  Bill Barr was right, lets just call it SPYING.  In sprite of congressional attempts to place controls over the Intelligence Community, (IC), Congress once again failed to perform oversight over the vast capabilities of these 17 or so agencies.  Following 9-11 and the birth of the Patriot Act, coupled with Orwellian advances in technology, electronic and visual spying on US citizens and foreigners, the IC became the ultimate political weapon to be used against its own government.  The IC learned quickly that by scaring citizens with threats of terrorism they could pressure congress to hand over more and more unfettered power to the IC.  One of the most scary tools that came out of this overreach was the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  This allows the executive branch to literally spy on US citizens and foreigners as long as they get the approval of the FISA courts.  How hard is this to obtain?  Between 1979 through 2015, only 12 of 38,169 spying requests were denied by the FISA courts.  Remember, only the IC investigators/prosecutors are a party to the application.  Their is no due process for the target!  The 4th Amendment was suspended for this process!
  4. Lets Not Forget the Pentagon:  I am extremely pro military and believe to my core that our service men and women are truly honorable and put country before themselves.  But, I do not extend this same belief to the Generals and civilians who run the Pentagon and especially Generals who have retired.  You have witnessed time and time again generals giving interviews, writing op-eds, or even testifying before biased Congressional committees condemning, criticizing, or betraying  their Commander in Chief while they are in uniform, some not, over policy differences.  Our founders specifically created a CIVILIAN led military with the President as its Commander-In-Chief in order to keep a check and balance on the most lethal military force on earth!  While the Pentagon has not yet totally bought into a full membership in the deep state as has the State Department, the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI and the other alphabet IC agencies, they have proven to be less than loyal to their CIC and have overtly thwarted or watered down policy decisions that were not in their power to make.  While the first amendment protects retired generals from voicing their opinions on current foreign policy decisions, they need to look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves whether they would, or could, have voiced those criticisms while on active-duty.  If not, then they should keep quiet for the good of the country.  If the US Military leadership teams up with the deep state regulatory, diplomatic, and IC oligarchy, the US Constitutional Republic is over, PERIOD.
  5. The Press Was the Last Straw:  The main stream media has always had a “left” bent to their reporting.  As we approached the new century, they had become a not so subtle Democrat Party advocate that has morphed into a unabashed left-wing advocacy that is joined at the hip with the left wing of the Democrat Party and global elitist.  They provide cover, or create it, to the endless attacks against a sitting Republican President and even work with the Deep State actors to skew stories in favor of the Deep State and the Democrat Party to work to destroy anyone who challenges their agenda.  With few exceptions today, we do not have a free press.  We have a large population of the press who are merely Democrat leftist propaganda organizations that are joined at the hip wiht multi-national globalist organizations.

So, the Executive Branch bureaucracy has been allowed to grow almost unchecked to the point they function on their own and adhere to policies they think are best for America.  This includes all facets of government including foreign policy, domestic welfare policy, immigration policy, certainly environmental policy, energy policy, fiscal policy, abortion policy, social engineering policy, education policy and certainly military engagement policy.  You almost cannot fire them, remove them, or punish them for misconduct.  They are protected by public sector unions and civil service laws and regulations that shield the deep state almost to the point of impunity.   

As we stated before, the Democrats have learned that before one of their Presidents leave office, they “hire” all of their political appointments into career positions so it is difficult if not impossible for a Republican successor to replace these political appointed deep state employees!  Republicans need to employ the same tactics or change the laws so it is easier to replace employees who hold disdain for the new incumbent.  

The Deep State knows that every 4 or 8 years the will get another political hack to lead their agency that they can ignore and thwart any efforts to curtail their power or implement policies that they disagree with!  They are in their jobs until they want to retire and are rewarded for their loyalty to the deep state, and not the current or even past administration.   Something you should understand is that cabinet and other administrative heads that are appointed by the President, have few if any direct reports other than the person right under them such as the Deputy Attorney General.  All of the department heads in the Department of Justice report to the Deputy and not the actual Attorney General.  The Deputy is usually a “career deep state person” who understands the deep state rules and objectives.  

2016, Turning Point,

Covert Deep State, Led By The IC,

Turns into an Overt Sedition Conspiracy Against a Sitting President

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During the 2016 Trump Campaign, the media, the deep state, the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign took off their masks and came out full on against the Trump Candidacy.  They were not even sneaky about it!  The DOJ/FBI initiated a “Counter Intelligence” investigation that bypasses the normal checks and balances and allows investigations, leaks and seditious activities to go on below the radar. 

This effort was aided by the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign who funded the creation of the Steele Dossier that really should be called the “Nellie Orr” dossier as she was the primary contributor to its creation.   This coup even enlisted the help of foreign intelligence agencies from at least Australia, Italy, the UK and Italy. The entire Obama administration from the head of the DOJ, FBI, NSC, Ambassador to the UN, the Head of the CIA and other IC members flagrantly unmasked conversations by members of the Trump Team in total violation of the safeguards that are in place to protect such invasions of privacy by members of the administration and the deep state.  

But, this Seditious Conspiracy continued virtually unchecked up through today and continues as it morphed into the current “Impeachment” investigations into President Trump! 

This effort is the very definition of Deep State Sedition against the United States.  Make no mistake, this is not against Donald J. Trump!  It is against the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic.  Donald J. Trump is merely the first officeholder to challenge the Deep State and the Leftist agenda head on and to challenge their very existence in our Republic!

Members of the State Department, the CIA, the NSC, the Military, and even members of the President’s staff continue to leak to their compliant and complicit media to create justifications as to why Trump should be thrown out of office.   They even “attach” these “news” articles, created by their own leaks, as corroborating evidence to support a FISA Warrant application or renewal! This is a full on assault by the Deep State in all of its ugly glory.  

But, what if the impeachment and removal fails and Donald Trump is re-elected for another 4 years?  Trump’s investigations into the Deep State will continue and like an exorcized evil spirit the Deep State will fight back with all of their ugliness. 

See the source image

How Bad Could It Get?

We could go off into all kinds of conspiracy theories but let is suffice to say that the onslaught will continue as it did during the 2nd Reagan term.  The left tried to use the Iran-Contra “scandal” to hamstring the 2nd Reagan term.

If the Republicans do not shoot themselves in the foot and take back the House and hold the Senate, the Left will have to use external pressure to try to stop Trump.  The Deep State will have to use leaks, made up scandals, and international incidents to try to kill Trump’s support.  Inside, agencies, including the Pentagon will continue to thwart the implementation of Trump’s agenda.  He will probably win 80% of the battles which is actually good.  You will probably see the White House staff reduced to a skeleton crew of loyalist.

If the Republicans do shoot themselves in the foot and fail to take back the House but hold the Senate, you will see a re-run of the current impeachment charade.  Worse yet, Trump will not be able to move his agenda forward as Pelosi will continue to stalemate any meaningful Trump agenda efforts.  The courts will continue to be deluged with leftist lawsuits to stop any executive actions by the President.  Healthcare, immigration, tax cuts, military budget increases, and many other Trump cards will be hard fought at best.  The country will suffer by the left does not care as long as they stop Trump from eroding their ill got gains even farther.

If the Republicans do shoot themselves in the foot and fail to take back the House and lose the Senate, Trump will be in for a constant barrage of impeachment inquiries and trials in the Senate.  The leftist may not be able to remove him from office but their end game is to stop his agenda from moving forward.   They will have to fight Trump’s prolific use of his Veto Powers and hopefully they will not be able to get RINOs to vote with them to override.  They can wait 4 years to take back the Presidency as long as they stop Trump!  What a way to run a car wash, let alone the largest and most powerful nation in the world.

Regardless of the scenario, the President will continue to go directly to the American people via social media and public appearances.  He will use whatever tools he can to move his agenda forward and fight it out in court for almost every move he makes.  The good news is that by then he will have appointed about 200 of the 875 Article III federal judges.  He will also most likely appoint another Supreme Court Judge by the end of his 2nd term which will give him a leg up ultimately when battling the left in court.

18 U.S.C.A. § 2384, Seditious Conspiracy.   

As I mentioned the crime of “Seditious Conspiracy” at the beginning of this article, I would like to take a moment to elaborate.  First of all, the Supreme Court has ruled against most efforts to create laws against sedition.  Why?  Sedition is typically viewed as a free speech issue where the offending party attacks the current government over policy.  Thus voicing opposition to policy is a constitutionally protected right.  Some then conclude that Sedition is thus Constitutional…

But, would prior Supreme Court decisions apply when government officials, elected, appointed, and career, collude, not lobby against using their speech, to prohibit a political candidate from being elected; and worse, attempt to frame a sitting President in order to impeach him or her and “overthrow” that administration and thus the Government, by using existing executive branch employees, civilian and military, to accomplish that goal?  In the Supreme Court case of Yates V the United States, the court ruled that citizens could advocate for the forceful overthrow of the US Government as long as long as these EFFORTS WERE PASSIVE AN NOT ACTED UPON.  The current Deep State efforts are anything but passive.

One other wrinkle, the actual text of the Seditious Conspiracy statute:

“If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.”

I highlighted the words “by force” as it may be construed as a “limiting” factor when considering this law in the context of the Deep State attempting to fraudulently removing a sitting President/Government.  The Law Dictionary defines force as:

“Power dynamically considered, that is, in motion or in action; constraining power, compulsion; strength directed to an end. Usually the word occurs in such connections as to show that unlawful or wrongful action is meant.”

I do believe that the Supreme Court may be faced with deciding whether the Trump Administration’s Justice Department can charge members of the Obama Administration and the Deep State with Seditious Conspiracy in attempting to remove President Trump from office.  It may also apply to the Trump candidacy as well.

There is no doubt that members of the Obama Administration conspired and acted to stop the Trump candidacy, then to set up felonious charges to use to impeach the President.  The use of a Constitutional process, Impeachment, does not excuse or justify the conspiracy.  Sedition is the crime of  revolting or inciting revolt against the government.  Speech alone is not enough to charge sedition but when actions are taken, force, the term applies to the Statute.

If the DOJ does not charge and ultimately convict the perpetrators, no matter how high up this goes, then our Constitutional Republic will have been nullified.  Article I and Article II of the US Constitution will have been replaced by a Deep State coup d’état.  

RD Pierini



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President Trump, First President to Lead the NYC Veteran’s Day Parade, Its 100th Parade

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2019-Parade’s 100th Anniversary

President Trump will be the first American President to lead the NYC Veteran’s Day Parade on November 11th, 2019.  In 1995, citizen Trump donated $375,000 to the United Veterans War Council and actually prevented this event from being cancelled that year!   According to the Council’s co-producer of the 2019 parade the Council was down to $1.21 before Donald Trump chipped in the $375K.  This was after the Council was turned down by over 200 big US corporations including many of our defense contractors.   His donation sparked others to donate and eventually raised enough funds to put on the parade at a cost of over $2 million dollars.  But, this is not the only first for this President in supporting the Veterans Council.  In 1985, then citizen Trump donated $1,000,000 to the United Veterans War Council to fund its Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza in New York City. 

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American President’s have been invited to lead the Veteran’s Parade since 1985.  President Trump, not surprisingly, is the first President to accept this invitation.  While every politician in modern history campaigns on “taking care of our veterans”, President Trump has actually delivered on his promise to vets.  He has drastically revamped the VA System, provided veterans with provider choices, and rammed through a bill that allows the VA to fire employees who do not service the needs of our veterans.

You probably will not see much of the parade on the main stream media, so try to find coverage on Fox or YouTube.  There will be 30,000 veterans marching from 400 military units.  Remember your local Vets on November 11th as well.  

RD Pierini






Trump Foreign Policy-The Kurds-Syria-Turkey–Part II

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City of Raqqa, before and after the Syrian Civil War and the Rise and Fall of ISIS.

In the last segment, we laid out the main players in the Kurdish, Syrian, Turkey conflict theatre and discussed each of the player’s interested in chaos or stability in the region.  Bear in mind that we are actually discussing a narrow, 20 mile long strip of land along the Northeast Syrian Border that is bordered to the North by Turkey.  This land is shown below as the Safe Zone that Turkey is demanding to be cleared of Kurdish and Syrian Influence.

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In the past 3 days, President Trump has been able to negotiate a ceasefire between Turkey, Syria and the Kurds.  Sporadic fighting continues and will continue between various subgroups but so far no major air strikes have occurred.  In about 3 more days, the parties involved, including the Kurds, must agree to clearing the “Safe Zone” and cease hostilities indefinitely.  Turkey would then be responsible for “peace” in the “Safe Zone”.

Will the ceasefire hold?  Maybe.  The Kurds will have to withdraw to the south and east into other parts of Syria or even Iraq.  Without US financial and arms support, it will be difficult for the Kurds to wage any real incursions into Turkey claimed territory or into Turkey itself.  If you look at the red dots on the map, these are areas where there are ISIS supporters.  These cities are surrounded by Turkish, Kurdish, Syrian, and SDF forces that will pretty much insure that the odds of a rise in ISIS strength in the Northeastern region of Syria is slim to none.  (Iraq is a different story and will be dealt with in a subsequent post.)   So, the question is whether Turkey and the Syrian-Kurds can coexist in this region without hostilities.  My bet is that there will be periodic skirmishes but no major offensive by either side.  The Kurds can’t afford it and Turkey has the US watching it closely.

What is Next?

NATO:  The NATO nations must meet with Turkey and reinforce their insistence on peace in the “Safe Zone” with assurances that the NATO members will work to insure that the Kurds remain non-combative and that “terror” attacks by them on Turkish targets be stopped.  The NATO nations must step up and take responsibility for their citizens who left Europe to join ISIS are brought back into their home countries and kept incarcerated.  Same for the US.  Turkey should maintain custody for those of Middle Eastern descent who joined ISIS whose return to their home country would only insure their release.

Syrian Civil War Aftermath:  The Syrians who are aligned against the Syrian Assad regime have a choice to keep up their insurgency or accept that they were unable to topple Assad.  My money is on some type of truce being formed between Assad and the rebel forces.  Assad is a brutal dictator and this outcome may be something of a humanitarian crisis without some form of international intervention that does NOT have to involve direct military force.

This “civil war” has left much of Syria in rubble and their population decimated with a high number of expatriated refugees.  Estimates of deaths due to this civil war range from 220,000 to 500,000 men, women and children.  Hundreds of thousands have fled to Europe, Jordan and other countries.  Unless the infrastructure of Syria is somehow rebuilt, it will be impossible for these refugees to return. The picture at the top of this article of the city of Raqqa is a small example of the devastation that the civil war has inflicted on a once beautiful and well developed nation.  

See the source image

Syrian Refugees leaving Syria

Rebuilding Syria:  The World Bank has estimated that it would cost US$180 Billion to rebuild the infrastructure in Syria.  Many believe that this estimate is low by a factor of 3 or 4!  With oil prices hovering around $50.00 per barrel, Syrian revenues could not begin to fund this rebuilding effort.  In 2014, Syria’s GDP was only US$24.6 Billion!  Other nations in the Middle East are also somewhat squeezed by lower oil prices so their ability, or desire, to help in rebuilding Syria is not all that great.

Who Gets Stuck With the Bill:  One of the best features of President Trump’s withdrawal from Syria is that Assad, Russia, and Iran are now faced with either paying for the rebuilding of Syria or dealing with a nation in shambles whose citizens are living in abject poverty and have literally nothing to lose.  One not too bright so-called expert on TV stated that President Trump’s withdrawal from Syria meant that Syria is now in the hands of the RUSSIANS.  Really!  Syria has been in the hands of the Russians since the Cold War and when Assad’s father ruled Syria.  Russia wants NOTHING to do with funding the cost to rebuild Syria.  Russia’s GDP is only US$1.5 trillion and they do not want to use over 20% of their GDP on Syria!  President Trump has squeezed every red cent out of Iran with his sanctions so they have little or nothing to contribute to the rebuilding of Syria, nor do they really care about the citizenry of Syria.  After all, whatever little the Ayatollahs have left they have to use to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis in Yemen.  All the while the Ayatollahs are facing an increasing level of hostilities from their own citizens at home!

Syria and Iranian Crap Shoot:  President Trump has laid the foundation to force Assad to cave in and give up much of his autonomy at home in favor of international cooperation to rebuild his country.  Assad is like a stockholder holding all of the shares of a company that is worth ZERO.  He has no bargaining chips; Russia has its own financial problems; and Iran is not too far behind Syria in terms of financial ruin.  Assad could do something really stupid and launch a barrage of humanitarian crisis but I doubt it.  It would be short lived and he would not survive it.  Iran could do likewise but they would face retribution from 80% of the other Middle Eastern countries, Israel, the US and hopefully NATO.  

My Prediction? (As good as anyone’s on CNN or MSNBC)

So, my prediction is that within 1-3 years Syria will be under some type of “Marshall Plan” and that Assad will be all but gone or be a titular head only.  (Remember, Assad may be Shia but the majority of Syrians are Sunni)  President Trump will make sure that Syria is not subjected to a US enforced regime change but be allowed to transition into some form of local control monitored by regional nations.  The plan will be administered by a coalition of other Middle Eastern countries that are led by Saudi Arabia.  This is the main platform of Trump’s Middle East Foreign Policy. 

Iran will be or have been immersed in civil unrest that will lead to the Ayatollahs losing a grip on the country.  Their ability to wage proxy wars would have been eliminated by US sanctions.  Iran would have lost the support of China as China needs a stable Iran from which to buy oil.  (Oh yea, and Little President Macron would be in the same boat.)  The EU and China would join the US in backing anti-Ayatollah factions in Iran to stabilize their economy and remove the crippling US sanctions.

Pipedream?  Maybe.  But unless someone does something really dumb like use a nuclear weapon, Russia, Iran and Syria are not capable of any further prolonged conflicts; nor is Russia capable of investing in Syria’s or Iran’s pipedreams of regional or world dominance.  The EU would back our play only because it is in their interest.  Turkey will be delighted as their age old adversaries, Iran and Syria, were forced to bite the dust.  The Middle East transformation where the predominant Sunni nations take the lead in stabilizing the region would be complete.  

You should hope I am right!

RD Pierini



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Trump Foreign Policy-The Kurds-Syria-Turkey–The Facts

See the source image

“There will be people who will say that Trump is hardly in a position to lecture the nation on the perils of modern warfare.  Where does a real estate guy get off thinking he is a prophet on national defense?  But, who are the experts and what have they done for us lately?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that we are living in very dangerous times.  It does take courage to say so.  And, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to find possible solutions.”  Donald J. Trump, from his book The America We Deserve, (c) 2000, 16 yeara before winning the 2016 Presidential election, and 2 years before 9-11!

Today, following President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, all of the talking heads, think tankers, and self appointed national security experts are condemning this decision in unison with predictions of horrendous consequences.  ISIS will take over the Middle East; none of our “allies” will trust us again after abandoning the Kurds;  Israel will be at the mercy of the Iran radicals; Turkey will annihilate the Kurds; and the world will cease to exist as we know it!  All because we pulled 1,000 troops out of war ravaged Syria!  

So who is right, President Trump or all of those aligned against Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria?   After living in the Middle East for 8 years, here are my thoughts.

Who Are the Key Players in This Critical Chess Game?

“The Kurds”:

The talking heads constantly harangue about the “Kurds”, like they are some homogenous, monolithic and ideologically aligned.  First of all, the peoples of “Kurdish” decent reside in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.  The map below shows that the highest concentration of “Kurds” reside in Southeastern Turkey, Iran and Iraq.  

See the source image

The current conflict zone that is being disputed is the land inhabited by the Syrian Kurds on Turkey’s southern border and Syria’s northern border.  As you can see on the map shown above, this conflict zone is a very small percentage of the lands inhabited by Kurds residing in this region.  Many of these Syrian/Iraqi Kurds are members of Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK, which is a separatist group  seeking to separate Turkish and Syrian Kurds from Turkey and Syria.  The PKK/PYD has been designated as a terrorist organization not only by Turkey but the US and the EU! The PKK/PYD has waged a 30 year terror campaign against Turkey. To confuse the Syrian conflict even more, the PKK/PYD also support the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) in their fight against Syrian President Assad, as well have supported our fight against ISIS.  The US has supplied the PKK/PYD with arms and money to asist in our anti-ISIS campaigns.  

“The Turks”

Turkey is a reluctant ally of the US and the EU while it is a full fledged member of NATO.  Prior to the Islamization of Turkey by Prime Minister and now the President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey was more secular and pro-Western.  Today, Erdogan has morphed Turkey into a Sunni Islamist State.  One of Turkey’s old enemies are the separatists Kurds who are spread throughout Turkey as well as many of its neighbors.  The radical Kurdish separatists are joined into an organization referred to as PKK/PYD.  Turkey is also an perennial enemy of Iran and its puppet, Syria.  Iran and the Syrian leadership are Shia Muslims while Turkey is Sunni Muslim.  

To complicate Turkey’s relationship with the US even more, the Obama Administration refused to arm Turkey with our missile defense system in deference to Russia’s demands.  (Also refused to install this system in Poland)  As a result, Turkey turned to Russia and bought and installed the Russia missile defense system.  This purchase caused the Trump Administration to cancel our sales to Turkey of the new F-35 out of our fear that our F-35 technology could be shown to Russia.  

The Turks have been itching to invade north eastern Syria for years but were constrained by the existence of US Troops in this area.  Turkey has been sabre rattling and threatening to invade this region for months and with our smaller footprint, 35 troops, Erdogan amassed troops and started invading north eastern Syria.  The Trump Administration lodged a strong protest against Turkey’s actions and have imposed tarrifs on its government and government officials.  

“Assad’s Syria”

 The Assad Syria government has long been aligned with Iran and also more recently, Russia.  The 2011 “Muslim Spring” uprisings hit Syria hard and spawned the anti-Assad Syrian Democratic Force (SDF).  The Kurds joined the SDF fight against the Assad Syrian regime.  Syria is a mixed Islamic sect nation.  Bashir Assad and his government are Alawiyyah Shia (13%) while the majority of the Syrian people are Sunni (87%).  Assad sees Iran as his natural ally and has allied Syria with Iran against Sunni Middle Eastern nations.  Iran needs Syria to support its proxy war against Israel as Syria borders Israel on Israel’s North and East.  

The Assad Syrian government is a natural enemy of the radical Sunni ISIS terrorists.  Assad fought against ISIS as ISIS sought to take control of Syria and replace Assad with a Sunni controlled government.  


Iran needs Syria militarily as Syria provides Iran with an outlet to the Mediterranean and a land link to Israel from which to launch attacks against Israeli targets.  Iran also sees Iraq as a vital link and land bridge that would massively link Iran to Iraq to Syria.  ironically, Iraq is predominantly Shia (40% Sunni, 60% Shia) whereas Syria is predominantly Sunni.  Keep in mind, that Iraq was tightly controlled by Sunni Sandam Hussein much the same as Shia Assad tightly controlled Sunni Syria!  The Iraqi government today is being held together by spit and mud and likely will be overtaken by Shia elements that are sympathetic to Iran.  Iran is doing all it can to stay relevant in Syria and to disrupt the government in Iraq.  

The crippling sanctions placed on Iran by the Trump Administration have taken their toll and reduced Iranian GDP by 25% and emasculated its cash flow.  Iran is literally the #1 State sponsor of terror.  This effort costs big bucks and Iran is bankrupting its own local economy in order to fund its terror activities.  Iran is having great difficulty remaining in Syria as this is a costly endeavor and is having less and less impact on the region.  Iran is facing a serious internal rebellion that could topple its Islamic regime.


Russia’s economy is roughly the size of the economy of the State of Texas!  Supporting Assad’s Syria, Maduro’s Venezuela, Kim’s North Korea, while trying to remain relevant as a world military power, is seriously draining its own economy.  Russia is also anti-Islamist and weary of any terrorist movements such as ISIS and has vowed to fight against Islamist terror activities worldwide.  Russia would aid any effort to eliminate ISIS like organizations.  

Russia sold Turkey its missile defense systems but is weary of a strong Turkey in the region.  Militarily, Turkey is stronger militarily than Syria, Iraq and Iran.  The sale of defensive systems was more of a way to poke a stick in US eyes than a show of support for Turkey.  Turkey, after all, is a member of NATO which is organized to oppose Russia.  This Turkish schizophrenic relationship does not make Russia warm and fuzzy in dealing with Turkey.

President Trump Syrian Policy

So, now that we have an overview of the players in the Syrian sandbox, let’s take a look at the President’s Syrian policy and his recent decision to pull out of Syria.  

  1.  First of all, the pull out of our 28 troops in the North Eastern, 20 mile long strip in Syria was a direct result of Turkey’s invasion plans for this area.  The Administration had committed to a gradual withdrawal from Syria but the Turk’s actions forced a more rapid withdrawal from this 20 mile strip of land.  Those 28 troops would have remained in place for a longer period of time.  Would US interest have been served if our 28 troops had been killed in the crossfire just to make the US paid Kurd forces feel better?
  2.  If 28 US troops were the only thing holding the entire Middle East from falling apart, then we were doomed for failure regardless!  The administration knew that the Turks were going to engage the Kurds, who they consider terrorists, so why keep our 28 military personnel in harms way?  Maybe Lindsay Graham and Brian Kilmeade should take our troops place as sitting ducks and see how it feels.
  3.  THE US HAS NO STRATEGIC SELF INTEREST TO REMAIN IN SYRIA.  If ISIS tries to reestablish itself, we are still in Syria and Iraq, let alone in several other Middle East countries and able to monitor any activities and quickly snuff them out.  Also, Syria, Iran, Russia, and the Kurds have a vested interest in stopping any ISIS resurgeance.  
  4.  The Trump doctrine in the Middle East is simple, “The Middle East must stand up and control their radical neighbors.”  US boots on the ground only gives rise to more and more Muslims to join radical elements against the US.  We have been in Afghanistan and Iraq for close to 2 decades with little or nothing to show for it.  The Taliban is still strong in Afghanistan and Iraq will probably revert to a Shia led government which predates Saddam Hussein.  If Iraq reverts to a Shia nation, is it in our national interest to arbitrarily prop up a Sunni regime?
  5.  The Trump Anti-Terror strategy includes a much more localized CIA type boots on the ground backed by surgical special forces teams and air support.  This strategy is in place worldwide which includes the Syrian theatre.  But, in Syria, we have the added complexity of a six party conflict.  This puts our assets as risk versus many other regions around the world.

The next few days will determine the outcome of Turkey’s invasion of North Eastern Syria.  There are many long term ramifications to Turkey’s actions including their relationship with NATO.  So far, our European NATO allies have been pretty damn silent.  If Turkey ventures into Syria beyond where they are today, what will Syria, Russia, and Iran do to retaliate.  If they attack Turkey, other NATO nations could be forced to back Turkey.  

The current crisis is one of Turkey’s making.  President Trump could have played chicken with our troop’s lives but choose rather to get them out of harms way.  The aftermath of this crisis will be more determinative than the invasion itself.


RD Pierini


Hat Tips



Trump Impeachment-the “Nuts” and the Bolts!-Part IV

See the source image

OOPS!  Hunter Biden is stepping down as a member of a Chinese government backed securities company, board of directors.  Even worse, Hunter Biden’s attorney stated:

“To date, Hunter has not received any compensation for being on BHR’s board of directors. He has not received any return on his investment; there have been no distributions to BHR shareholders since Hunter obtained his equity interest. Moreover, Hunter played no role in directing or making BHR’s investments. Hunter intends to resign from the BHR board of directors on or by October 31, 2019,”

This statement is priceless.  “…since Hunter obtained his equity interest…”!  How much?    What is it worth?  Is he going sell is shares and donate the proceeds to the American Taxpayers!  How about the statement: “…Hunter played no role in directing or making BHR’s investments.”  So, Hunter received free equity, shares of stock, but did not have to do anything in return!  Unless the value of his father’s political clout was payment enough!  Just substitute the name “Hunter” with “Don Jr.” and guess how the PLMSM would howl!   This follows Hunter’s resignation from the Ukraine company Burisma board of directors earlier this year!  Did he get free equity in Burisma?  If so; how much; what is it worth; is he going to sell these shares and donate the proceeds to the American Taxpayers?

But wait, there is more!  The attorney went on to say:

“Hunter Biden would not partake in any foreign business dealings “under a Biden administration.”  

So, it wasn’t wrong but I won’t do it again if Dad is elected.  What if dear old dad is not elected but another democrat is?  Other than China and the Ukraine, where else has Hunter been raking in cash on behalf of dear old dad”

See the source image


Round 2 Coming

DOJ Inspector General and Barr Investigation Results:  On the immediate horizon is the release of DOJ Inspector General report regarding FISA abuse and other related spying activities by the Obama Administration’s intelligence services against the Trump campaign and the Trump Administration.  Shortly thereafter, US Attorney John Durham and the Barr DOJ will start releasing their findings into an expanded investigations on the alleged spying by the Obama administration intelligence services, foreign agencies, and State Department, on the Trump campaign. The latter has been expanded into looking at continued spying activities up to and including the beginning of the Mueller investigations.  

So, what started as allegations of “collusion” with the Russians by the Trump campaign, morphed into alleged impeachable offenses by President Trump offering aid in exchange for investigations into foreign meddling into our 2016 elections and other corruption in Ukraine by US officials, including VP Joe Biden and his family.  Now, it has been learned that the Trump phone call with the Ukraine PM did not include “quid pro quo”, or included any wrong doing by Trump outside of his Constitutionally mandated duties.  Now, the Hunter Biden forays into international influence peddling is literally blowing up in the faces of the PLMSM, Pelosi, Schiff, the Biden family, and the DNC.  

If the Inspector General and the Barr report prove damning to the Obama Administration and its intelligence services, the PLMSM will have great difficulty keeping the focus on alleged Trump miscues.  That does not mean they will not try!  It will get uglier before it gets better.

Imagine a female, Black, transsexual, DACA recipient, CIA officer with a Spanish surname, who alleges sexual assault by Trump, Kavanaugh, and AG Barr, at their high school prom, together, coming forward, flanked by Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Maxine Waters, and Senator Feinstein!  OMG!  CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and some on Fox are going to go apoplectic!  Mitt Romney will probably faint on the Senate floor.  This won’t end until Trump defeats whoever the Democrat nominee is and the Republicans take back the House and gain seats in the Senate in 2020…

Watch out for increased violence as the 2020 election approaches.  Be careful and stay vigilant…

RD Pierini


Hat Tips.


Trump Impeachment-the “Nuts” and the Bolts!-Part III

Note:  As I was writing this article, I received an alert from Breitbart that a “Whistleblower” from the IRS filed a complaint that either President Trump or Vice President Pence had improperly “interfered” with the IRS audit of either Trump or Pence!  

The first installment ( of this topic talked about the Progressive-Left/Main Stream Media (PLMSM) and their repeated use of baseless allegations to entrap President Trump or his cabinet or appointees in “scandals” that rise to the crisis point of a “constitutional crisis” and as such impeachment!  We discussed the insane levels to which the PLMSM would go to regain power after the 2016 Presidential defeat of Clinton.  In the second installment ( we discussed the repetitive playbook script that the PLMSM were and would follow until they drive this President from Office.

“Whistleblower Weaponized”

Today, I am warning you that use of the “Whistleblower” statute and regulations will become the favored tool to target President Trump, his cabinet and his appointees and supporters. Why use the whistleblower cover?  Because this ruse was devised by idiotic RINOs and the PLMSM to allow employees in government to “tattle” on their peers without fear of reprisal or being outed.  The “whistleblower” is also able to pass on here-say and uncorroborated information.  Once leaked to the media, it becomes fact until the target can scrape enough info together to refute the allegations.  But, by then, most of the pubic would have heard the allegations and ultimately only a small percent of those would have heard the exculpatory rebuttal. 

So, the PLMSM now has a tool they can use to impugn anyone they deem a threat from a lowly Secretary of State, a Supreme Court Justice, a Secretary of Commerce, and, did I forget, the President of the United States!  Facts are irrelevant.  It is the SERIOUSNESS of the Allegation is what is important.  This allows the RINOs like Mitt Romney, and his new cohort, Mike Lee and others to feign outrage that X would have committed such a despicable act, if true.  They always add the “if true” just to make themselves more saintly!

So what do the PLMSM have in store for President Trump and his supporters?  Here are a couple of juicy tidbits that I am sure they can find someone in John Brennon’s old CIA or Hillary Clinton’s State Department to confirm and tweet on their whistle!

  • I am sure that they will use the IRS and the ongoing IRS audits of the Trump organization and the President himself.  I am sure they will allege some impropriety of pressure being levied on one of the many auditors who is looking into the obviously corrupt Trump Organization.  Coincidently, this will give Schiff and his ilk the absolutely “necessity” to look at Trump’s tax returns for the past 323 years!  Of course, Schiff would never leak any of the confidential tax information…
  • They will go after Vice President Pence as well as President Trump.  Remember, Nancy Pelosi is 2nd in succession if Trump is impeached and if Pence is likewise impeached, Aunt Nancy is now your President!  I’ll bet money on this one!  It does the PLMSM no good to just get rid of Trump, they have to damage Pence as well just to make sure he cannot run effectively against any of Sleeping Beauty’s (Nancy Pelosi) seven dwarfs who are the Democrat Presidential Candidates.
  • The State Department is replete with Obama era holdovers who would be glad to avenge the “Hillary Loss” and whistle blow some “facts” regarding President Trumps foreign policy missteps like with North Korea but most likely with RUSSA, just to stay on theme!  The PLMSM would immediately push to hear and publish all of the transcripts of every meeting and phone call between Trump and Putin or anyone else who uses Russian Salad Dressing on their salad!
  • Just for Hooters, they could dredge up an ex-playboy bunny or even more despicable, perhaps a porn star, to accuse Trump, maybe a stretch to include Pence but you never know of doing the deed in the oval office.  I never claimed that the PLMSM were deep thinkers capable of too many nefarious plots.  (I should look at some John Grisham novels to make sure I did not miss an obvious plot.)
  • There are always Trump’s banks that could provide a who new batch of “whistleblowers”, real or imagined, to trump up all kinds of improprieties!  The only people who are hated more than rich people are bankers!  Bankers for rich people are a bonus!

My point is that this impeachment parade of horrors will not end with the current non-impeachable crisis surrounding Trump’s Ukrainian phone call.  The PLMSM are kind of like an addicted gambler at a slot machine.  One more quarter is bound to pay off!  They are so used to their playbook paying dividends that they cannot imagine losing to TRUMP!  After all, he is an idiot, and a despicable deplorable morally repugnant sub-human being who does not deserve to rise to the level of let’s say, Bill Clinton! 

See the source image

So, buckle up, chin-up, stock up on wine or whatever you need to survive the continued SH@$show.  It won’t end when Trump is re-elected for another 4 years.  They can never admit they were wrong and more importantly, incompetent. 

Also, say a prayer every night for President Trump and all of those who support and surround him…

See the source image

After all, it just the fate of the world that is at stake!




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Trump Impeachment-the “Nuts” and the Bolts!-Part II


See the source image

DevonTech Image

Don’t Pay ANY ATTENTION to Polls on the Whistleblower Allegations or on Trump Impeachment

Yesterday we visited some of the reasons why the entire “Whistleblower” Ukraine Impeachment story (link: is pure bunk and a figment of the PLMSM (Progressive-Left Main Stream Media). 

Today, we will layout the PLMSM strategy regarding how they will use fabricated allegations, fake news, the Democrat House Committees, and Polling to get you to fall for their BS and think that everyone but you support impeaching President Trump.

The Strategy:

The PLMSM is stuck on stupid and are using the same playbook time and time again; and they are expecting a different result each time!  (remember what Albert Einstein said about the definition of STUPIDITY) 

  1. Create a false story using supposed “credible sources”, primarily inside of the IC (Intelligence Community).  During the Russia Hoax they even solicited false information from foreign intelligence sources including US allies.  Many sources will be from inside of the IC or those with alleged ties to “patriots” inside of the IC.
  2. Leak the Fake Story to the MSM so they can publish articles supporting the Fake Story.  These same stories, based on the same fake info from fake sources, will be used as evidence that the soon to be public Trump Impeachable offense must be true.  If you read or hear these stories in the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Politico, or other left-wing or RINO sources, do not fall for the false allegations.  
  3. Dem House Leadership and House Committee Chairmen will immediately rush to the cameras and decry yet another “Trump High Crime or Misdemeanor” that must be an impeachable offense against this great nation that only these “patriotic” Democrats can protect you from.  Pelosi and her sidekick AOC will be the first to decry the morally bankrupt Trump and his administration.  (More on this dynamic duo below)
  4. The MSM will immediately fill up their political water buckets and carry the water for the Progressive-Left by running the Fake News allegations 24-7.  They will drag out the “best” legal analysts, who have yet to be right, and you can include the Fox News “Judge” Napolitano and Kellyanne Conway’s hubby, George.  As is the case in the Ukraine hoax, they will ignore any exculpatory information and totally disclaim any wrongdoing by anyone on the Progressive-Left.
  5. Finally, they will create Fake Polls to back up their story that the American People see how despicable President Trump is along with anyone else who dares to support his deplorable behavior.  How?  By modifying the sample.  If you think Polls are either scientific or unbiased, run two laps around the block and listen.  Polls are manipulated by changing the sample size of left-wingers versus Trump supporters.  This goes for polls showing “independents” who think Trump, Kavanaugh, or the entire Republican Party should be impeached or executed.
    1. Question:  Are you and independent?  Answer: Yes
    2. Question:  Who did you vote for in 2016?  Answer:  Hillary
    3. Question:  Do you think Trump should be investigated for xxxx?  Answer:  Yes
    4. The Hillary response pigeonholes this person into the left-wing camp and the independent response is the key to the category.  Of course they are more subtle than this but this gives you an idea how the polls are skew when you add in that the pollsters then sample 50%  “Democrats”; 20% Independents who voted for Hillary; 30% Trump supporters.  By tweaking these percentages, a poll can say anything you want!  Enough negative polls and you start to think that something is wrong with you if you still support the President.  Worse, RINOs in Congress say, “See I told you this President is not a real Republican!”


  1. Create a Fake Narrative with Fake Sources
  2. Leak the Fake Narrative to the Fake Press to create Fake News
  3. Dem Leadership and Committee Chairpersons support the Fake Narrative with the Fake MSM.
  4. MSM runs 24-7 stores supporting the Fake Narrative and the impeachment of the President or someone else they want to use as a straw man or woman.
  5. MSM creates Fake Polls to Support the Fake Narrative and the Trump Impeachment.

There really won’t be much deviation this playbook ever.  Just look back at the Access Hollywood “Scandal”, The Stormy Daniels Scandal, the Playboy Bunny Scandal, the Russia Hoax, the Don Jr. scandal, the Michael Cohen related scandal, and every other “major” scandal surrounding Donald Trump, his candidacy or his Presidency.  Every time the reaction and the results were the same.  Supporters of the President hung in with him; RINOs acted all flustered and nervous; PLMSM when absolutely bonkers to the point their supporters are now psychotic and dangerous.

So, when the next scandal hits, take a deep breath!  Make a checklist for yourself that includes:

  • The title of the Trump “scandal”
  • The date the allegation was first leaked
  • The date the Dem leaders and committee members ran to the cameras to decry the scandal.
  • The date the MSM starting running 24-7 hit jobs on the President
  • When the first polls started showing support for impeachment.
  • File this checklist and wait for the next “scandal”!

Some of these items may be concurrent but the bullet points will be the same.  If you want, just watch Mitch Romney,  Mike Lee, Judge Napolitano, George Conway, Chris Wallace or Bill Krystal for a clue that you are at least in phase 2 or 3 of the PLMSM game.

Don’t expect this onslaught of the President to end even if he is re-elected to a 2nd term.  Remember, this is a battle to the death for the Progressive-Left.  Donald J. Trump is the antithesis of the Progressive-Left and the number one target of George Soros and the international globalist Progressive-Left. 

Too many pundits are painting Pelosi as giving into AOC+3 on impeachmentPelosi and AOC are one and the same, the water girls for George Soros et al.  At the age of 80, Nancy is the soon to be the retired water girl and AOC, or some other Soros surrogate will take her place.  The goal is to replace our Constitutional Republic with a Socialist regime. 

This PLMSM anti-Trump game plan had been set way in advance of the Trump election.  Soros and his ilk read every word that Trump had ever written, especially in his book, “The America We Deserve”.  Soros had to stop him at any price. 

You might wonder why a multi-billionaire like Soros and Buffet want to take down our Republic?  Simple, during the 2008 Financial Crisis, that was aided and abetted by Soros and Buffet and their lackeys in the government, these two, and many others of their ilk, walked in after the “people” were decimated financially, and bought up banks, buildings and other assets for cents on the dollar.  They will do this again and again after creating the bubble, swoop in and swoop up the cash.  Trump is standing in their way!

Watch for the next installment of the “Trump Impeachment-the “Nuts” and the Bolts!-Part III”



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Global Financial Crisis Looming, George Soros Warns

Trump Impeachment-the “Nuts” and the Bolts!

Deja vu All Over Again!  

Ironically the Russian Hoax, the Kavanaugh Hoax,  and the new Ukraine “Whistleblower” impeachment fervor are linked.  They are also predictive of continuing Progressive-Left/Main Stream Media (PLMSM) future attacks on Donald J. Trump, his presidency, and his supporters.  

The attacks are an admission by the PLMSM that the Trump Presidency is successful in rolling back over 5 decades of Progressive sponsored erosion of our Constitution, our moral fabric as a nation, our rule of law; and an admission that they cannot defeat this President based on policy and political positions at the ballot box either in 2020.

The conservative media and its pundits attribute the PLMSM anti-Trump assault as being a personal hatred of President Trump.   IT IS NOT!  It is a visceral reaction to Trump stopping their Progressive Movement in its tracks while creating an electorate of informed, America-First, anti-socialist, voters that include men and women of all races.  To make matters worse, Trump is taking his show on the international road and talking down their Progressive Globalism, Socialism, and social reconstruction.  Trump is Sunlight to a Vampire; the Cross to Satan; Kryptonite to Superman; and the Anti-Christ to the PLMSM.  Hatred is merely a tool being used to destroy the Trump agenda and accomplishments.  

“Bolts” Before “Nuts”

The “Bolts” of the current “Trump-Ukrainian Crisis” include:

  • The Trump/Ukrainian allegations of wrong-doing by a President was brought by a “Whistleblower” who had no first hand knowledge of his allegations against the President and thus the allegations were based on “hear-say” testimony that is prohibited in our criminal justice system.
  • A “Whistleblower”, who only had 2nd or 3rd hand knowledge of an alleged wrongdoing, would have been prohibited from filing a “whistleblower” claim prior a change in IC regulations that were uploaded on September 24, 2019, at 4:25 p.m., just days before the “Whistleblower” complaint was filed!  Prior to this change, the IC regulations followed long standing US judicial principles that a witness must, provide direct, first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings.”  This change was made roughly at the same time that the “Whistleblower” claim was filed!  Sounds like an extension of the “Me-Too” movement where the rule of law is stood on its head in favor of the allegation.
  •  The Intelligence Community Inspector General, (ICIG) Michael K. Atkinson, marked his referral of the “Whistleblower” complaint to the Acting Director of Intelligence, and Democrat Adam Schiff as “Urgent Concern”, based on the IG’s assessment that President Trump may have violated Campaign Finance Laws by soliciting help against one of his political opponents from the Ukraine that would may then been an “in-kind” contribution. 
  • Campaign Finance laws are outside of the purview of the IC and its IG. The ICIG could witness a murder by the President but not be empowered to report it via the “urgent concern” regulations!
  • Based on current law, the ICIG is only authorized to receive “Urgent-Concern” “Whistleblower” complaints on “…an employee (or contractor) of an element of the Intelligence Community…”, 50 U.S.C. § 3033(k)(5)(A).  The President of the United States is not considered to be an employee nor a contractor of the IC and thus NOT subject to ICIG purview.
  •  The President of the United States and the Ukrainian Government are required to provide legal assistance to each other on criminal matters.  The TREATY WITH UKRAINE ON MUTUAL LEGAL ASSISTANCE IN CRIMINAL MATTERS” was signed by President Clinton on July 22nd, 1998!  Ukraine has been subjected to political corruption for years.  President Trump was invoking this Treaty to request criminal investigative assistance on corruption in Ukraine that may involve US and Ukrainian citizens.  As stated by President Clinton, “It provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or statements of persons; providing documents, records, and articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches and seizures; assisting in proceedings related to restraint, confiscation, forfeiture of assets, restitution, and collection of fines; and any other form of assistance not prohibited by the laws of the requested state.” 
  • As a Treaty, complianced and execution is mainly under the purview of the Secretary of State as well as the President supportedc by his justice and intelligence agencies.  So, it is not inconsistant that the State Department would ask a seasoned prosecutor like Rudy Giuliani, to vet the Biden and Crowd Strike allegations of criminal behavior with the Ukrainian government.  The DOJ/FBI would only be brought into the investigation as the behest of the State Department.
  • Under the US/Ukrainian Treaty, there are NO provisions exempting political candidates from being the target of such criminal referrals or requests for investigative assistance.  President Obama, and his Vice President Joe Biden requested assistance from the Ukrainians to investigate candidate Trump and Paul Manafort prior to the 2016 election.   If political candidates were shielded from investigation or prosecution, I am sure John Gotti would have ran for Mayor of NY!
  • Under Federal Elections Commissions regulations, or their enabling statutes, there are no restrictions on who can be referred to investigative and prosecutorial International, Federal, State or local agencies.  There are also no FEC regulations that define in-kind contributions as those gained as a result of International, Federal, State or local agency investigations or prosecutions.  Political candidates cannot hide behind their candidacy in order to avoid justified investigation or prosecution.  In 2015-6, the Obama administration and its law enforcement and IC agencies, placed President Trump and his campaign staff and organization under criminal and national security investigations.  Any objections then by the PLMSM?

There are many other “bolts” that we can review but these frame the character of the allegations, the purview of the DNI and its IG, and the autonomy of the Presidency regarding IG investigations.  Do we really want our President’s conversations with foreign leaders to be on the front page of the New York Times and show cased on CNN!  I think not.

The “Nuts”

The “Nuts” are easy to spot and include all of the bona fide members of the PLMSM.  Congressman Adam Schiff is probably the most visible along with the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

See the source image


Jerry Nadler would liked to be the Head-Nut and is trying his worst to edge out Schiff.  Then you have the lessor nuts, not in terms of nuttiness but stature, that include AOC+3, Elijah Cummings, John Lewis, Maxine Waters, and a whole host of others.  The “Nuts” are supported by members of the MSM and notably led by CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, and the failing New York times…  

But, don’t assume that the “Nuts” / PLMSM are comedic characters.  They are not,  They are as serious as is the loss of freedom in the US.  They have unlimited resources, they stick together, and they seek to win regardless of the consequences.  The current “President Trump Ukrainian Crisis of the Week” is merely a step in their playbook to destroy the Trump administration and his policies to reverse the Progressive-Left annihilation of the US Constitution, capitalism, and our rule of law.  When this crisis has been debunked, they will surface a new one in its place. 

The PLMSM has set the stage to use IC and administration leakers to leak to the press, use hear-say whistleblowers, and supporting press attacks to create more and more “impeachable” crimes perpetrated by President Trump.  The PLMSM knows that the citizens of the US are not supportive of its Progressive-Left candidates or their agenda.  They must try to drive out Trump or tire his base and reduce his support among the voters.  So far Trump has stood his ground.  How much more can oned human being take?

  The use by the PLMSM of our IC against the President is an attack on our Constitutional Republic that features a strong Executive.  They seek to created an Executive Branch that responds more like a Parliamentary Government’s Primed Minister that is subject to the political winds of the day.  One that its Press and the left can eliminate if they disagree with its policies.  One where an oligarchy of elected and unelected officials can use to control foreign and domestic policy and eventually ensconce the US deeply in a Progressive, Globalist, Socialist, and social reconstructed society.

Remember, They Were One Election Short of Their Goal in 2016!

RD Pierini



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Did the Intelligence Community IG Actively Aid the “Whistleblower” in His Impeachment Quest