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Businessman, past Mayor in a California City with experience serving on several County, State and Federal commissions and boards. Spent much of my career in production Agriculture in California and Arizona. Worked 8 years in the Middle East and North Africa developing Agribusiness projects that included production agriculture, food manufacturing, dairy development, and livestock production. Worked for a Fortune 500 Size Western Poultry processing company coordinating business development and systems architecture. Ex-Professional baseball player back in the dark ages. Co-founder of several business including software development for several markets but focused on the Food Industry. Goldwater/Reagan Conservative and a strict Constitutional constructionist. Hopefully any criticisms of the government or government offices will be based on the same value system.

Trump Border Wall National Emergency Declaration-The Facts!

Congress Doth Protest To Much!

Confused by all of the so-called legal analysts on TV, including the sour grapes Judge Napolitano on Fox, (Napolitano apparently is holding a grudge as Trump picked Kavanagh over him) regarding the possible Emergency Declaration by President Trump to fund and build-out the wall on the Southern Border?  Then you get to listen to all of the Congress men and women, who know virtually nothing about federal law and the US Constitution (scary thought), say that Trump would be setting bad precedent, and the funding and build-out of the border wall is solely within the power of Congress or that this action by the President would be met with lawsuits and is a “fool’s errand”.

Is The Southern Border Illegal Immigration a Crisis?”

To hear the Democrats, Left-Wing-Media, RINOs and others, the Southern Border is just fine and while the murdering of a US residents by an illegal alien is “tragic”, it does not add to the designation of the border situation being  a CRISIS.  Recently, I posted an article “Why a Border Wall is ABSOLUTELY Necessary”, Link:  Some of the justifications that I cited included date published by DHS for 2017-2018:

Drug Smuggling:  Methamphetamines:  38% Increase; Heroin (Opioids):  22% Increase; Fentanyl:  73% Increase

Drug Smuggling Seizures by Border Patrol: 282,000 Lbs. Cocaine; 248,000 Lbs. Methamphetamines; 6,500 Lbs. Heroin (opioids); 2,400 Lbs. Fentanyl; 7,000,000 Lbs. Narcotics Seized In Total In 2018

Terrorists, Gangs, and Criminals Arrested: 3,755 Known Terrorists; 6,000 Gang Members; 17,000 Adults with Existing Criminal Records; Criminal Organizations Make $2.5 Billion in Profit Each Year from Migrant Smuggling!

Rise in Vulnerable Populations Overwhelming Resources: 60,000 Unaccompanied Children-Increase of 25%; 161,000 Family “Units”-Increase pf 59%; 2,000% Increase in Asylum Claims even though 72% do not qualify for Asylum! Over 2,000 Persons Per Day (730,000/yr annualized) are Captured at the Border.  These cannot be deported because of “Catch and Release”.

Depth of Humanitarian Crisis at Southern Border: 50 Migrants/Day Referred to Medical Providers; 4,300/Yr People in Distress Rescued by CBP; 31% of Women Sexually Assaulted on Journey; 17% of Men Sexually Assaulted on Journey; 70% of Migrants Traveling are Victims of Violence.

If all of the so-called experts do not think that we have a genuine Crisis at the Southern Border, then consider some of the Emergency Declarations that are STILL ACTIVE that have been declared by Presidents since Jimmy Carter and none, to my knowledge were ever challenged seriously by Congress or challenged in court by so-called aggrieved parties.  (For a total list of active declarations, scroll down to bottom of this article)

Presidential Authority to Declare a National Emergency Via the National Emergencies Act of 1974

Congress, yes those petulant morons that appear on TV every minute decrying Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional actions, GRANTED BROAD POWERS to the President Under the National Emergencies Act of 1976.  According to Elizabeth Goitein of the Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program, the President has broad powers as she stated:  “So if he can really just sign his name to a piece of paper, whether it is a real emergency or not, that creates a state of emergency that gives him access to these special powers that are contained in more than 100 different provisions of law that Congress has passed over the years.”  Further she stated, “Congress chose not to put any substantial or really any barriers on the president’s ability to declare a national emergency.”

So, Congress has an “Aw Shi#” moment.  Their original law granting the President far-reaching emergency powers included the provision that the House could pass a resolution by simple majority and the Senate could affirm the resolution by simple majority and the President COULD NOT VETO THE RESOLUTION DECLARING HIS EMERGENCY DECLARATION AS VOIDTo bad for Congress, the pesty Supreme Court ruled in 1984 that the President had CONSTITUTIONAL powers to veto any Congressional Legislation, including this act, and that Congress could only THWART THE VETO BY A 2/3rds VOTE OF BOTH HOUSES!    So, if President Trump declares that the Southern Border is an emergency and poses a threat to American Sovereignty, and/or, it is creating a humanitarian crisis, and/or it is endangering Americans by flooding drugs into our communities, and/or, it is promoting human trafficking, the House and Senate would have to have enough votes to overturn a Trump Veto if they attempt to invalidate his declaration!

Jonathon Turley quoted the Congressional Research Center when it wrote in 2007, “Under the powers delegated by such statutes, the president may seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and, in a variety of ways, control the lives of United States citizens.”

Further, Congress has passed laws that allow the President to tap the military to design and contract for the wall and that any Such projects may be undertaken only within the total amount of funds that have been appropriated for military construction, including funds appropriated for family housing, that have not been obligated.” Will the Democrats sue?  Absolutely!

Those that claim Trump should not issue the declaration as it would set a bad precedent are too late.  Congress has already lost this battle by “self-emasculation” via their own legislation.  Obama has already used non-existent executive powers to rewrite immigration law and granting status to DACA recipients.  Any good Left-Wing Progressive cares less about precedent!  

Who has “Standing” in Court to Sue Trump Over the Declaration

In terms of the declaration itself, since Congress passed the law, it would have some level of standing (the right to sue as an aggrieved  party) and attempt to invalidate the President’s declaration.  But, CONGRESS BUILT INTO THE LAW THE METHOD WHEREBY THE CONGRESS COULD CHALLENGE THE PRESIDENT VIA RESOLUTIONS THAT ARE SUBJECT TO A VETO!  The Democrats in Congress could file a suit to invalidate the declaration, but it would probably not be upheld by the Supreme Court as Congress gave up their standing within their own legislation!

Eminent Domain:  Some argue the landowners along the border who have not sold or granted access easements to the Federal Government where the wall would be built, would have standing to sue the Trump Administration citing the National Emergency Declaration as being harmful to the value of their real and personal property. BUT!  The procurement of these lands is subject to negotiation or legal proceedings via Eminent Domain.  The latter action and procedures are subject to their own statutes and remedies and do not necessarily provide standing against the National Emergency declaration.  The Federal Government would either have to negotiate access rights or an outright land purchase from such landowners or use Eminent Domain to procure the land.  While the landowners may sue citing the declaration, there is a slim chance the Supreme Court would deem their standing valid.  

Timing of the Legal Actions and Impact on Building the Wall

Once Trump issues the emergency declaration, the lawsuits will start. 

  • A Democrat Friendly Federal District Court would probably issue a cease and desist order against the declaration that would be immediately challenged by the Trump Administration. 
  • If the challenge does not cause the Federal Court to reverse the injunction, the Administration would appeal the lower court decision. 
  • The first action would have probably been filled within notorious the 9th District. 
  • The 9th District Court of Appeals would probably uphold the lower court’s injunction. 
  • The Administration would have to then appeal to the Supreme Court. 
  • The Administration could appeal the original decision directly to the Supreme Court, by passing the appellate court, but they tend not to short-circuit the appeal process through the lower courts.  

This process could take anywhere from 3 months to two years!  But, the Army Corps of Engineers could begin the design of the project; the property procurement could commence; and contacts could be developed.  It is doubtful that the Administration would drop everything and wait on the lawsuits!  

Trump, and his supporters, don’t have much to lose.  The Democrats are not going to fund the wall at this point and may not up through the 2020 elections. 

At least declaring an emergency could get the ball rolling and Trump has enough discretion to begin the process.  Right now it is a game of chicken and we will see who blinks first. 

Trump is looking for existing funding within the impacted agencies to make payroll.  If he does this, he can pretty much wait out the Democrats!  He already appears to be the only adult in the negotiations as Chuck and Nancy have only sat on their hands.  Time will tell.

RD Pierini



31 Active Emergency Declarations Since jimmy Carter:

1. Blocking Iranian Government Property (Nov. 14, 1979)
2. Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nov. 14, 1994)
3. Prohibiting Transactions with Terrorists Who Threaten to Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process (January 23, 1995)
4. Prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to the Development of Iranian Petroleum Resources (March 15, 1995)
5. Blocking Assets and Prohibiting Transactions with Significant Narcotics Traffickers (October 21, 1995)
6. Regulations of the Anchorage and Movement of Vessels with Respect to Cuba (March 1, 1996)
7. Blocking Sudanese Government Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Sudan (November 3, 1997)
8. Blocking Property of Persons Who Threaten International Stabilization Efforts in the Western Balkans (June 26, 2001)
9. Continuation of Export Control Regulations (August 17, 2001)
10. Declaration of National Emergency by Reason of Certain Terrorist Attacks (September 14, 2001)
11. Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Persons who Commit, Threaten to Commit, or Support Terrorism (September 23, 2001)
12. Blocking Property of Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Zimbabwe (March 6, 2003)
13. Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq has an Interest (May 22, 2003)
14. Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting the Export of Certain Goods to Syria (May 11, 2004)
15. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Belarus (June 16, 2006)
16. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (October 27, 2006)
17. Blocking Property of Persons Undermining the Sovereignty of Lebanon or Its Democratic Processes and Institutions (August 1, 2007)
18. Continuing Certain Restrictions with Respect to North Korea and North Korean Nationals (June 26, 2008)
19. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in Somalia (April 12, 2010)
20. Blocking Property and Prohibiting Certain Transactions Related to Libya (February 25, 2011)
21. Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations (July 25, 2011)
22. Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen (May 16, 2012)
23. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine (March 6, 2014)
24. Blocking Property of Certain Persons With Respect to South Sudan (April 3, 2014)
25. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Central African Republic (May 12, 2014)
26. Blocking Property and Suspending Entry of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Venezuela (March 9, 2015)
27. Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities (April 1, 2015)
28. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Burundi (November 23, 2015)
29. Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption (December 20, 2017)
30. Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election (September 12, 2018)
31. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Nicaragua (November 27, 2018)

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RINOs and DIMMS, Diarrhea Problem

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does” (or says!)

Pelosi is stick on stupid on how to deal with the new Left-wing “darling” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), whose mouth is way larger than her intellect or even elementary grasp of international relations and economics (which was her major and minor at BU graduating cum laude) or much else it seems.  RINOs pinned all of their anti-Trump hopes on two-time failed Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney who seems to be competing with AOC for top stupid honors.

AOC has all of the answers, seemingly, on the Israel-Palestinian conflict until she opens her mouth.  Doubt she could find either on a map!  She also is a master of fuzzy math when it comes to free healthcare for all along with a basket full of free “Bernie” goodies.  You have to hand it to her, she created a new tax bracket called the TIPPY TOP.  Ostensibly that tax bracket starts at $10 million dollars!  She somehow failed to understand that her “Medicare for All” plan would double the national deficit annually.  She also fails to understand that when you tax individuals to the point of confiscation they invest elsewhere where they can shelter their income!  Same for corporations where you want to raise their taxes to 30%.  Remember those bonuses that occurred after the Trump tax cuts were passed?  Those would disappear with the AOC plan along with any repatriation of overseas capital and jobs in America.  

Romney, who “carpet-bagged” his way back to Utah to run for the Senate, forgot to check President Trump’s popularity amongst Republicans, 90%, before he launched an attack on Trump’s character even before Romney was sworn in as a Freshman Senator!  Earth to Mitt, you were elected to support Trump, not attack Trump and fuel the Left-wing hatred of our President.  We really don’t care who you like or dislike.  The President supported you financially and with his endorsements in the past, and you groveled and thanked him profusely, now you bash him as if you are the keeper of all that is good.  Maybe some of the employees and owners of the companies your cockroach company acquired, then fired employees and sold off the company’s parts and pieces, might not think you have an upstanding character either!  As opposed to President Trump who actually bought properties, then made them successful and more valuable, or took over failed projects and made them successful hiring hundreds of employees in the process.  Your Op-Ed and your CNN interview were a disgrace and reminded all of us who voted for Trump why we voted for Trump in 2016, and will in 2020, and why we DID NOT SUPPORT YOU IN 2012.  

See the source image

Well, it will be interesting to see how Aunt Nancy handles AOC in the next two years.  AOC, however, does not have the monopoly, (and no AOC, this is not a board game), on functional illiteracy in the current crop of Freshman (or Freshwomen) Democrats.  Aunt Nancy will wondering why she even wanted to be Speaker of this hodgepodge of intellectually challenged but verbally vigorous nut jobs.  

See the source image

Romney has a choice.  We got rid of Jeff Flake, McCain passed, and we voted out many RINOs in the House in 2018.  You were the last RINO that we held our noses and supported.  Now, after seeing what a real America First person can do in power with Trump, we will no longer suffer RINOs like you!  We will dump others in 2020 to cleanse the Republican Party and force it to be the Trump Party.  You missed your chance.  Either get on the Trump Train or join the Democrat party.  We really don’t care which you choose!

RD Pierini



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US Military-Have We Forgotten How To Win?

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Trump is Military’s Staunchest Supporter, Why is Pentagon Pushing Against Him?

On January 20th of this month, President will have been Commander-In-Chief for two years.  Trump is first and foremost a businessman and a pragmatist.  He also does what he says he will do and it is amazing that after two years people are shocked when this happens!

President Trump has for years questioned whether we as a nation still know how to win a war.  We seem to be good at creating, then maintaining stalemates, or withdrawing, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory like as we did in Viet Nam, North Korea and elsewhere.  He often asked the question, as I have, could the US really fight a war like WWI and WWII again or do we lack the moral fiber and strength to commit and follow through with such a sacrifice?  The second follow-up question would logically be, are we fighting wars that are truly in our national self-interest vis-à-vis protecting the US against annihilation.  If a war is fought where the enemy or the cause DOES NOT pose an existential threat to us, can we be truly committed to using all of our military capabilities, perhaps short of nuclear, to defeat the enemy quickly and decisively?  The apparent answer is no!  If the answer was yes, then we would not have agreed to ridiculous international restrictions on our warfare capabilities or create rules of engagement that put our troops at risk.

Isn’t it a little nuts that we have 3 war heroes that are currently incarcerated or awaiting a court-martial just because they did their job while fighting for us?  All the while we have deserters and traitors who divulged national secrets, to the detriment of our nation, pardoned or set free!

Enter Pro-Military Trump

  In that time, he has secured almost $2 Trillion in military spending; cut ISIS held territory in Iraq and Syria to 1% of what it was when he took office; applied some the of the harshest sanctions ever against misdeeds by Russia;  retaliated against Syria’s use of chemical weapons twice, stepped up bombing and special forces attacks in Afghanistan; withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal; Stopped North Korea from continuing its testing of nuclear weapons and ICBMs; helped Saudi Arabia in Yemen against the Iran backed rebels; forced NATO allies to pony up some cash for their own defense forces to meet their commitments; and declared his intention to pursue a “Space Force” to checkmate China and Russia in the race to weaponize space.  But yet there are those who say Trump is not hawkish enough.  Most of these are left over Neo-Cons and Never-Trumpers who would like to see the US remain in current wars for “however long it takes”. 

The President, however, believes that you set a war objective, throw everything you can at the objective, then once the objective is met, or if there is no success in sight, then pull out!

See the source image

The latest backlash against Trump’s foreign policy is his announced withdrawal from Syria and drawdown in Afghanistan.  Democrats, Republicans, and military talking heads all went apoplectic!  But, look at it from Trump’s perspective:

  1. He gave the military brass clear objectives in Syria, obliterate ISIS, and, in Afghanistan, make the Afghans capable of self-defense while taking the fight to the Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaeda.
  2. He gave the military brass what they asked for in each theatre of battle, based on his objectives, every 6 months when he met with them for a theatre assessment.
  3. After 4, 6 month reviews, without any real change in the military’s recommendation and with ISIS all but wiped out, and, the Afghanistan scoreboard pretty much unchanged, Trump did what Trump does and pulled the plug and “shocked” the Pentagon and hawks! 
  4. If you tell Trump that if we do “X”, then we will achieve the objective, but then you don’t, he will cut his loses and reformulate his policy, and find someone who can!

Trump did not abandon the military nor did he minimize the prior sacrifices of thousands of our troop who have died or left maimed by years of conflict.  What he did was to tell everyone going in, that if we are going to ask our young men and women to stand up and fight, then we owe it to them to give them every advantage possible including a strategy to win or leave while minimizing the impact of either outcome.  Sending our finest into harms way for 18 years in one theatre and 16 in another defies credulity when you consider the military capabilities of the US against any of these foes.  The obvious conclusion has to be that we simply did not engage the enemy to win! 

Everyone says we have to have a coalition before we engage an enemy.  The coalitions we have put together so far include European soldiers who will not fight at night; hardly any, including the US, who will engage in a kill to win strategy; and all pussy foot around Islamic religious nonsense rather than treat them like a real enemy.  Maybe we should think of them as Catholic, Baptist, Buddhists, or whatever!

Can We Ever Fight To Win Again?

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Only if we change our Pentagon culture and silence the anti-war, read to mean they don’t care if our soldiers die, crowds who wring their hands when we actually kill the enemy or God forbid, incarcerate one of them in an off-shore prison!

War Strategy:  In the Middle-East, fighting ground wars like in Afghanistan and Iraq, is the epitome of the definition of insanity as stated: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not take “shock and awe” into or close to civilian populations.  So we resort to clearing residential neighborhoods house by house which is the equivalent of sending our troops into a meat grinder.  This strategy creates safe zones from which our enemy can hide and regroup.

Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not impose strict enough sanctions, and sustain them, to starve out our enemies.  We have too many US and international businesses, and many of our “allied” governments, who will cheat on sanctions for their own benefit.  There are too many left-wing advocacy groups who will apply pressure by citing adverse affects to civilian populations due to the sanctions.

Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not engage in enhanced interrogation techniques designed to obtain strategic and tactical information with which to defeat our enemies.  Politically our politicians care more about “feelings” and perception than our own troops, and citizens’ well being.  Our enemies do not share our predilection for eschewing enhanced interrogation.

Our enemies, and our allies, both know that we will not set hard goals, objectives and timelines and stick to them.  The longer the war, the less likely we will stay the course.  If our military objective in Afghanistan was to annihilate the Taliban completely, don’t you think that by now we would have attacked them in Pakistan, cutting off their safe haven, and turned over every stone and found each and every member and eliminated them as a threat?

Trump Rules

In the Middle East, those of our allies in the region must actively police their own region.  We do not see Iran and the Palestinians as an existential threat to the US.   We will provide support but our footprint will be limited.  If a Nation threatens another Nation, Iran vs Saudi Arabia, Iran vs Israel, etc., we will provide strategic and tactical firepower but our allies must be the face of the offensive.  We fully expect all of our allies in the region to pay their way in terms of resources and man power to defend their region.  

In regards to China and to some degree Russia, Trump has set them both up strategic long-term “competitors” who can pose an existential threat to the US.  His strategy is to remove any economic advantages they may have vis-à-vis the US in trade and the seizing of key commodities around the world, especially within the Americas.  The US GDP per capita is $57,638 while the Chinese per capita GDP is only $8,123, with Russian GDP per capita coming in at $8,748!   Trump’s goal is to slow the growth of the Chinese and Russian economies vis-à-vis the US economy and allow us to maintain military and technological superiority over both.  Russia is especially vulnerable as 75% of their exports are energy related and with Trump unleashing our energy sector, we can seriously damage, if not bankrupt, the Russian economy.  Trump wants to throttle the Russian bear but not force him into a corner.  Russia still is the #2 nuclear power in the world.  China is reliant on imports of energy allowing Trump to use our energy strength to level our balance of trade.  He will also fight to safeguard our technologies and keep both adversaries from stealing US technology.  He will also pressure China to abandon their move to control the South China Sea through naval militarization of the region.  

Pentagon Challenge

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The Pentagon brass needs to take a step back and forget everything they have learned during the past 50 years of Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy and War StrategyYes we need strategic forces capable of setting a large footprint, if needed, in opposing China or Russia, backed by a strong naval, air and space force.  We need surgical forces capable of lethal isolated and targeted attacks against terrorist type enemies throughout the world.  We need to put the world on record that these attacks will not recognize borders if a host country permits terrorists to remain in their borders. 

We need to rethink and challenge our current alliances in recognition of the world we live in today. 

NATO must stand up and fully fund their commitments and be the tip of the spear in confronting Russian aggression with our staunch support.  These NATO allies must acquiesce to real, lethal rules of engagement. 

Our Asian-Pacific Allies must re-arm, in the case of Japan, and stand up for themselves as our ally.  They must make sure that North Korea and China know they are serious and are resolved to not being intimidated by either. 

We must rebuild strong alliances in South and Central America and stand against the socialist regimes that infect our southern hemisphere allies.  We must also rid this area of drug cartels and remove their political power from their host nations.  This is especially true of our neighbor Mexico.

We must redefine our relationship with allies as being mutually beneficial with balanced contributions.  While we have a large apron, we cannot allow allies to hide behind it and leave all of the hard lifting to us and our men and women.  Commitment can only be gained through a sense of self-esteem that comes from the pride in knowing that you are contributing.  

RD Pierini




Why A Border Wall Is ABSOLUTELY Necessary


See the source imageMexico Had 25,339 Homicides in 2017 While Syria Had 10,204!

Mexico Is on Our Southern Border, Syria Is Over 5,000 Miles From NYC!

President Trump invited Congressional leaders to the Situation Room at the White House last week to discuss funding for a Southern Border Wall.  President Trump had DHS present to review the current status of illegal immigration at the Southern BorderSchumer and Pelosi stopped the briefing after 6 seconds and were not interested in the Facts nor any rationale as to why securing our Southern Border was a National Security imperative!  Here is what Schumer and Pelosi didn’t want to know, but you should:


Drug Smuggling:

  • Methamphetamines:  38% Increase

  • Heroin (Opioids):  22% Increase

  • Fentanyl:  73% Increase

  • Note:  2 grains of salt worth of Fentanyl can kill a human being!  A suitcase full of Fentanyl could kill the entire US Population.  CBP, ICE and DEA agents have to double glove just to handle the Fentanyl containers.

Drug Smuggling Seizures by Border Patrol:

  • 282,000 Lbs. Cocaine

  • 248,000 Lbs. Methamphetamines

  • 6,500 Lbs. Heroin (opioids)

  • 2,400 Lbs. Fentanyl

  • 7,000,000 Lbs. Narcotics Seized In Total In 2018

Terrorists, Gangs, and Criminals Arrested:

  • 3,755 Known Terrorists

  • 6,000 Gang Members

  • 17,000 Adults with Existing Criminal Records

  • Criminal Organizations Make $2.5 Billion in Profit Each Year from Migrant Smuggling!

Rise in Vulnerable Populations Overwhelming Resources:

  • 60,000 Unaccompanied Children-Increase of 25%

  • 161,000 Family “Units”-Increase pf 59%

  • 2,000% Increase in Asylum Claims even though 72% do not qualify for Asylum!

  • Over 2,000 Persons Per Day (730,000/yr annualized) are Captured at the Border.  These cannot be deported because of “Catch and Release”.

Depth of Humanitarian Crisis at Southern Border:

  • 50 Migrants/Day Referred to Medical Providers

  • 4,300/Yr People in Distress Rescued by CBP

  • 31% of Women Sexually Assaulted on Journey

  • 17% of Men Sexually Assaulted on Journey

  • 70% of Migrants Traveling are Victims of Violence

Diseases Carried Into the US By Illegal Aliens:

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, has been working in South and Central America on communicable diseases since 2009.  She has been ringing the alarm bell that the illegal immigrants that are flooding into the US have, not will, brought some of the most communicable diseases into our communities.  Even if only 1% of the children and adults who are crossing into our country illegally each year carry one or more of these diseases, that means that 7,600 of these are carriers of deadly, highly communicable diseases, most have been eradicated in the US, until now, for DECADES!  These include:

  • TB-Tuberculosis:  Some Drug RESISTANT
  • Chagos Disease:  Commonly Kissing Bug; is a parasite called Trypanosoma Cruzi
  • Dengue Fever:  
  • Hepatitis
  • Malaria
  • Measles
  • Chicken Pox
  • Whooping Cough

Vaccinate Your Kids Now:  We hear of the hoopla surrounding whether our parents in the US are vaccinating their children before entering school.  For those who DON’T vaccinate their children, be forewarned.  The illnesses being carried into our schools and hospitals by illegal aliens are deadly and you are taking a ridiculous risk by not protecting your children.

Never-Trumpers and Left-Wingers Beware:

If you are a Never-Trumper and/or a Left-Wing person who only watches the three networks, CNN or MSNBC, or reads the Washington Post, the NY Times and other left-wing outlets, YOU ARE AT RISK HEALTH WISE and AT RISK BY A CRIMINAL AND DRUG INVASION as these outlets will NOT ALERT YOU WITH THE FACTS SHOWN ABOVE!  They want to flood and overwhelm our essential services, our school systems and our law enforcement to force more government intrusion into our lives.  

Why we Need a Border Wall

You hear a great deal about technology being a replacement for a physical Wall at the southern border.  That would be great if it weren’t for “Catch and Release” and Children/Family detention policies that literally free all those “caught” at the border the minute they step foot on US soil.  You hear the left claiming all we need is drones.  Drones can only tell us when someone is approaching or have crossed into the US.  TOO LATE!  This is a de facto Open Border Policy!

Without a wall and a change in-laws that allow illegal aliens to remain in the US pending a trial that will never happen, the backlog of hearings continues to grow as well as the total number of potential DACA “kids” who are brought into the US every day.  Remember, there are 60,000 unaccompanied children entering the US every year and 161,000 “family units” who have children entering every year as well.  These “children” are all potentially DACA kids!  So, the 700,000 DACA kids you hear on the news isn’t even close.  This number is increasing by 140,000 EVERY YEAR!

A wall is the only mechanism to prevent an alien from crossing our border and becoming another court case that is released into the US and then able to disappear into thin air.  Even if you put one US soldier every 100 yards along the border, a caravan of 5,000 would be able to overwhelm them and many would enter illegally.  Also, you would need 35,000 Troops PER SHIFT to even station one every 100 yards along the border.   Annual cost way over $5 Billion per year.

The total construction cost for a wall would be about $10 Billion.  Illegal Alien net service costs to the US is $135 Billion every year.  This is a pretty good return on our investment!

Send emails, letters, make phone calls to the White House and to your Congress men and women and voice your support for the southern border wall.  There is no higher priority!  

RD Pierini




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2019-Abortions Up-Borders Open-Death of Healthcare-Trump Inquisition-Commonality. “Death”


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With a Pelosi Speakership of the House of Representatives, you will be treated to 24/7 “news” of the “crimes” committed by the President and his family, even Barron will not be spared.  What’s the difference from past coverage?  It will be on Fox and other conservative outlets as well as it will be the only “news” of the day!  The Dems and their Left-Wing media will ratchet up the hate way past what we thought was already over the top.  The next two years will make the past two years seem mild.

See the source image

Your liberal “friends” will be even more hostile to you and your beliefs than ever before.  You think being called a supporter of a narcissistic liar, a homophobe, a racists, a sexists, a xenophobe, etc., was bad, just wait!  The lack of civility will be pushed to the point of physical violence and our institutions that support the “establishment” left, globalist, elitist, anti-America forces will be unleashed.  Freedom of speech will be slammed to be un-American, pro-border and national security will be made to be fascist in the mainstream dialogue, and the pursuit of happiness will be framed as only being able to be achieved by the government FOR YOU.  

How Bad Can Democrat Tyranny Be With Only Control of the House of Representatives?

Stop and consider the past two years of leftist chaos and legal malfeasance that has been mounted by the Democrats and the DC Swamp!  And that was with Trump controlling the Presidency and the Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress and with a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court (supposedly).  The DC swamp and its mouthpiece the mainstream media have viciously and constantly hammered every word and action by this President!  The DC swamp created phony allegations and charges that led to the phony Mueller investigation that is still ongoing to this day!  These investigations and prosecutions were made possible via a conspiracy within the DOJ, FBI and our intelligence services!  Many of those traitors are still in these institutions!  Now, the left controls one chamber of Congress from which to launch even stronger malicious attacks against the President and anyone who opposes them.  How long can the President remain popular against this onslaught of hatred, lies and deception?

Get ready for Articles of Impeachment to be filed by the Democrats in the House before the State-Of-The-Union address;  Get ready for the Democrats to boycott the State-Of-The-Union Address;  Get ready for the Democrats to investigate the Trump Family and anyone associated with the Trump businesses; Get ready for the left-wing courts to file law suits against Trump’s actions even more aggressively;  Get ready for the DOJ prosecutors offices that are still part of the DC swamp to investigate and indict every baseless allegation made by the Democrat House “investigations” and committees;  Get ready for left-wing control of the budget and spending as all spending bills and tax increases have to originate in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives;  This means more money for abortions, more money to support illegal-immigration, more money to support open borders, less money for our military, our border patrol, and our ICE agents. 

Constant hammering for government takeover of our healthcare system.  Their goal is not to actually take over healthcare before 2020, but to blame Trump for a failed Obamacare that the Democrats created.

Can Republicans Grow a Pair and Protect This President?

The key to Trump (Us) surviving this onslaught is being steadfast against this constant barrage and negative media coverage.  IT WILL REQUIRE EVERY ELECTED REPUBLICAN TO STAND BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP AND DEFEND HIM AGAINST THIS DESPOTIC, TYRANNICAL HIT SQUAD.  There-in lies the problem!  You already witnessed RINO Romney blast the President in an Op-Ed and on CNN before this insider, globalist elitist RINO was sworn in!  You can bet Ben Sasse and others won’t be too far behind when Pelosi and the media unleash their attack dogs.  RINO Kasich was right behind him and you can bet that the x-speaker Ryan is waiting in the wings to back his old running-mate Romney.

The Only way that American can be Great is if the Republican stand firm and fight tooth and nail against the House Democrats.  This would require that Mitch McConnell stop hiding behind the 60 vote rule and reestablish democracy in the Senate by reverting to majority rule.  The Senate must also change its rules and get Trumps judicial and staff confirmations completed, sooner rather than later.  Republicans will also have to be in talk shows constantly to put down the Democrat efforts to destroy this nation.  We will see.  I am less than optimistic that we have a true Trump Republican Party within the elected class.  I believe the Trump has taken control of the grass roots Republican Party and his supporters are firm. 

But, to date the media and the left have been successful in convincing even Trump supporters that he may have had affairs while first married to Melania.  This, despite the fact that Trump is in possession of a letter from at least one of these women that no affair took place!  The left has conflated Trump paying off nuisance claims as an admission of guilt!  The left has used a phony, Clinton paid for, “dossier” that contained false allegations against Trump to obtain an illegal FISA warrant to spy on Trump supporters and Trump himself; use the illegal FISA warrant to justify the creation of the Mueller special counsel investigation of Trump; and cripple some of Trump’s closest advisors like General Flynn to the point they can no longer serve their country.  All of this served to chip away at Trump’s support among “independents” and to force his strongest supporters to defend him against these illegal allegations!  

If this nation is to survive, it will take all of Trump’s supporters to tighten their resolve against the upcoming left-wing assault of our values and our country. 

Make no mistake, Trump and his supporters are the enemy because we have almost erased all of the inroads the corrupt left-wing progressives have made over the past 50 years!

Whether we survive will be up to you…

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war. - Donald Trump

All of our Enemies in the World are Watching!


RD Pierini


The New Conservative Federal Courts-Your Guide To Understanding a Textualist’s View

See the source imagePresident Trump Will Have a “YUGE” Impact On the Federal Judicial System During His First Term Alone.  But Will You Necessarily Agree With Their Decisions?

Today, there are 870 Justices and Judges in the Federal Judiciary including 9 Supreme Court Justices, 179 Appellate Judges, and 673 District Court Judges.  During the first two years of the Trump Presidency, he has 171 new Justices and Judges either confirmed or nominated and in the Senate pipeline at all levels of the Federal Judiciary.

Trump’s Current Justices/Judges Confirmed or Nominated Today Equal 20% of the Federal Judiciary!

This includes 2 confirmed Supreme Court Justices which make up 22.2% of the Supreme Court.  There is a chance that he many have a 3rd Supreme Court Justice to be confirmed during his first term and most certainly during his 2nd term should he be re-elected.  Trump has relied a great deal on conservative think tanks like the Federalist to screen his nominations.  Trump himself prefers a Scalia Style Textualists or Originalist in terms of “Judicial Temperament”.  

But, numbers are one thing, but what are the conceptual impacts on the US Federal Judicial System in terms of Legal, Philosophical  Momentum in the US?

President Trump prefers Justices and Judges who are Textualists or Originalists in their approach to rendering decisions regarding the constitutionally of issues brought before the courts.  This philosophy was made clear by the late Justice Scalia throughout his career.  He believed in the “original meaning” when interpreting the U.S. Constitution and federal statute.  The written word means exactly what it says and not what a current judge may interpret it to mean. And in no decision, are international laws or statutes to be considered when judging whether a law or regulation is aligned with the original text of the US Constitution.  Also, “Precedent” or “Settled Law” do not trump a current review of constitutionality.  “Precedent” or “Settled Law” refer to prior decisions made by the Supreme Court, or lower Federal courts, for a matter similar to that currently under adjudication.  Both sides try to elevate “Precedent” or “Settled Law” above a Justice’s duty to rule on the current issue according to the constitution.  Prior courts have made very serious unconstitutional rulings!

Expectations?  Assume that all of Trump’s Federal Judicial Appointments adhere to Textualists or Originalists principles, and that precedent or settled law will not overrule a strict textual review of a current issue, how do we accurately set our expectations of how we think these new jurists may decide an issue. 

The Scalia Paradox:  Scalia stood firmly behind the decision to allow flag burning and the right to market violent and behavioral modifying video games to children as protected speech under the first amendment.  Scalia personally abhorred both rulings but ruled as a textualist/originalist.  Scalia was more likely to side with liberal justices in certain matters surrounding personal liberty albeit for totally opposite reasons.  Scalia based on his strict reading of the Constitution versus the liberal justices who viewed these actions as a social right.  So, how do we keep score on Trump’s Justices and Judges going forward?

Scoring a Textualist/Originalist Judge

See the source image

Below are two cases that have been ruled on by SCOTUS or that have been refused to be heard by SCOTUS and Trump’s two new Justices played a key role.  The first involves the textualist/originalist principle that legislation passed by Congress must be clear as to their inclusion and not vague allowing for judicial activism.  The second involves textualist/originalist principle that anyone challenging federal law must have “standing” (1) regarding the challenged statute or portion thereof. 

Sessions v. Dimaya:  Trump’s first appointment to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, recently voted with the left-wing SCOTUS justices in “Sessions v Dimaya” by affirming that the term “crime of violence”, part of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as UNCONSTITUTIONALLY VAGUE. 

The case arose when then AG Sessions attempted to deport James Dimaya, a legal permanent resident/Green Card holder,  claiming Dimaya had committed crimes of violence by being found guilty twice of first degree residential burglaryGorsuch wrote that vague laws passed by Congress can be used in an arbitrary and capricious manner: “…by leaving the people in the dark about what the law demands and allowing prosecutors and judges to make it up.”  Gorsuch’s point being that Congress must be clear and specific when creating law so that there is no doubt by the average person what Congress intended.  None of us what a prosecutor or a judge to create law by divining what Congress meant by language in the laws that they create.   We all complain when we read of a judge creating law via judicial activism no matter which side of the aisle they reside.  

Score:  Correct Decision: Gorsuch came to an unpopular decision based on solid constitutional grounds protecting all of us from an Inept Congress who cannot create laws that can be easily understood without ambiguity!  President Trump actually supported the decision stating:  “Today’s Court decision means that Congress must close loopholes that block the removal of dangerous criminal aliens, including aggravated felons.  This public safety crisis can only be fixed by…  Congress-House and Senate must quickly pass a legislative fix to insure violent criminal aliens can be quickly removed from our society.  Keep America Safe!”

Gee v. Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast & Anderson v. Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri:  These cases involve a different outcome than the Sessions case above in that these cases were refused to be heard by SCOTUS.  It takes 4 Justices to vote to hear a case.  In these cases, only three of the conservative Justices voted to hear these cases.  Brett Kavanagh did not vote to hear the cases and sided with the Chief Justice and the 4 left-wing Justices.  The fuzzy issue in these cases is that lower federal courts were split in whether Medicaid enrollees could sue their State if the State blocked funding for Planned Parenthood (or any healthcare provider).  Medicaid is a Federal and State funded program that is jointly administered with the States handling the bulk of the administrative duties locally.  

We have to kind of guess why Kavanagh sided with the liberal majority in deciding not to hear these cases as the Justices are not required to provide any reason for their decision.  It is important to note that Justice Thomas did provide his rationale as to why the cases should have been heard by SCOTUS when he said:  “These cases are NOT about abortion rights.  They are about private rights of action under the Medicare Act.  Some tenuous connection to a politically fraught issue does not justify our abdicating our judicial duty.”

So, if we use Justice Thomas’s reason to hear the cases, we can somewhat infer that Justice Kavanagh did not feel that those bringing the suit to force the States to fund Planned Parenthood under the Medicaid Act had proper standing (1) to bring the suit.  In these cases, a recipient, enrollee, in a government program that is provided to the enrollee free of charge, would have to have a connection to and harm from the action challenged to support that party’s (the enrollee) participation in the case.  In other words, does the enrollee have the legal right to bring suit and was the enrollee harmed by the State’s refusing to include Planned Parenthood in its list of qualified providers.  The enrollee’s harm must be such that they could not have received reasonable care from a non Planned Parenthood provider?  

Let’s assume that Justice Kavanagh did not feel the two enrollees did not have standing to bring the suit.  Then, taken to its logical conclusion, the cases would have denied the enrollees right to sue to force the States’ to include Planned Parenthood as a provider.  But oops, one of the lower courts ruled that the enrollee had the right to bring suit and the other lower court denied the enrollee’s right to bring suit.  In the latter case, the State’s right to deny the inclusion of Planned Parenthood stands while the former forces that state to include Planned Parenthood as a provider.  legal limbo for the overall issue of standing!

But, neither case has anything to do with abortion!  They are both about whether enrollees in a Federal/State Medicaid program has the right to sue to force the inclusion of a specific provider into the program.  Conversely, if a State has the right to withhold inclusion for a specific provider(s) for any reason it chooses.

Score:  Inconclusive Decision:  Kavanagh and Roberts should have sided with the conservative Justices to hear the case.  As I said, these cases were not about abortion but standing.  Leaving these cases undecided, leaves both up in the air.  Granted, if Kavanagh was looking for a more straight-forward legal challenge to abortion, these cases did not qualify.  Further, if Kavanagh was thinking that it would be either a State or the Federal Government to challenge the other over the Medicaid Act and its implementation and not an enrollee, he did not say.  Or, if Kavanagh or Roberts felt that Congress should have been more clear in what latitude the States have in deciding which providers they would include in their Medicaid program, he did not say.

So, for now, Trump’s Supreme Court picks have scored OK with Kavanagh’s bona fides still to be determined.  It will be interesting to watch Kavanagh and Gorsuch when cases that include whether an executive agency has the power to create regulations and enforcement penalties that include civil and criminal actions will stand.  Both Kavanagh and Gorsuch believe that it is up to Congress to create laws and that regulations that cross the line into legislation should not stand,  Both believe that Congress has a Constitutional duty to write laws that are clear and concise and leave no room for regulatory or judicial interpretation.

Bottom Line:

When you review future decisions by either Gorsuch or Kavanagh, you will have to look at the underlying Constitutional and statutory issues.  Their decisions may not follow conservative v. liberal norms or expectations but in the long run, the Textualist/Originalist decisions will serve to bring the rule of law back in line with our Constitution!

RD Pierini


(1) In law, standing or locus standi is the term for the ability of a party to demonstrate to the court sufficient connection to and harm from the law or action challenged to support that party’s participation in the case.

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Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate Shot and Killed Police Officer Corporal Singh!

Corporal Ronil Singh of the Newman, California police force was shot and killed by all of the members of the 115th Congress from both sides of the aisle.  This Congress may have well tied him to a tree and shot him dead themselves!  Why?  They are gutless to protect the citizens of this country and build a damn wall to keep out illegal aliens.  Last year, over 7 million illegal aliens were denied gun ownership by the FBI via their background check process.  How many were able to illegally obtain firearms is unknown!  

The picture above was taken showing Officer Singh with his wife Anamika and 5 month old baby just hours prior to his shooting by an illegal alien following a traffic stop.  

The Newman police force is typical of a small San Joaquin Valley force and consisted only of 12 officers.  I grew up about 30 miles from Newman and was a Mayor overseeing a similarly sized force.  I know that this killing is personal to the community, the department, and will be seared into the hearts and minds of everyone in the surrounding area.

The Newman Police Chief, Randy Richardson’s emotional depiction of Officer Singh brings home the impact of this tragedy when he shared:

“This is not a big department. This is a department of 12. This is a man who I saw every day he worked.  This is a man who I relieved on Christmas day so he could go home and spend time with his family and his newborn child.  I think what’s being lost here is yes, he was a police officer, and that’s why all of you are packed in this room because he was tragically taken from us.  But what really needs to be known is that he was truly just a human being and an American patriot.  He came to this country (Legally from Fiji) with one purpose and that was to serve this country.  When I sat with him in the chief’s interview, he told me he came to America to become a police officer. That’s all he wanted to do. He truly loved what he did. You’ve never seen a man smile more than him.”

We all choked up as Chief Richardson continued:

“He was proud to wear the uniform, and he does want to be remembered as a police officer, but don’t forget the other things, the little things that are often times forgotten in these stories.  That his five-month-old, he will never hear talk. He will never see his son walk. He doesn’t get to hold that little boy, hug his wife, say goodnight, anymore. Because a coward took his life.”

I am not as gracious as Chief Richardson as I would add that his life was taken by a coward, but that coward was aided and abetted by the 115th US Congress as they failed to protect our borders and our citizens by allowing illegal aliens into this country and to cower in a Sanctuary State, California, who is equally as responsible for Office Singh’s untimely demise.  I’ll add the Left-Wing media to this indictment in their support for open borders in aiding and abetting the maintenance of lax immigration laws and practices. This Congress spends trillions of dollars each year to support the sovereignty of foreign nations while failing to:

  • Build a border wall on our southern border to prevent 99.999% of illegal aliens from crossing illegally into this country.  (2 Years after Israel built its southern wall, the illegal immigration went from 55,000 to 0 in two years!  Walls do work)
  • Stop “Catch and Release” which is de facto amnesty for illegal aliens living in sanctuary jurisdictions.
  • Stop illegal aliens from claiming amnesty and entering our country fraudulently and permanently and be supported by our tax paying citizens.
  • Stop chain migration which allows for exponentially increasing the number of migrants entering this country above and beyond our stated immigration goals.
  • Hold Sanctuary States and Cities responsible for any act of violence perpetrated by illegal aliens hiding in their jurisdiction and to withhold all federal funding from those entities until they comply with Federal DOJ, ICE and CBP detainer requirements.

Every Congress man and women should have to meet Officer Singh’s wife Anamika, and her son before voting to stop the building of a southern border wall and enacting common sense laws governing immigration, legal and illegal, into this country,  They should all look in the eyes of this young women and her son and explain to them why they failed to protect their husband and father and continue to pursue political self-interests over protecting our borders and its citizens.

Congress, you are pathetically worthless!

RD Pierini


Gridlock Will Allow Our National Debt To Continue to Grow on “autopilot”

See the source imageEver Feel Like This? Don’t Worry, Congress and the Fed are With You!

Question:  Since the Constitution, In Article 1, gave the power to initiate Federal Spending to the House of Representatives, Does the House and the Senate actually have to vote on budget spending each year?

Answer:  Nope!  86% of auto-pilot Federal Spending by Congress is automatic and does not require a vote by Congress.  Worse yet, most of the auto-pilot spending has built-in increases of 5-9% so the budget for 86% of the budget is NEVER REDUCED!  So, in 2015, the auto-pilot budget equaled $3.2 Trillion.  In 2016, the same budget items would increase to around $3.4 Trillion; In 2017, $3.6 Trillion, 2018, $3.81 Trillion, and 2019, $4.03.  So, without lifting a finger, Congress has a built-in budget increase $.8 Trillion or $800,000,000,000.00 ($800 Billion) in four short years without breaking a sweat!

Why Did the Government Just Shutdown?  Well it didn’t.  Congress had already approved the budget for 75% of the Federal Government through October 1, 2019.  The remaining 25% is only 25% of those departments not on Auto-Pilot!  So, this is only a partial shut down and impact only non-essential services which begs the question, why do we have non-essential services.  If they are not essential, maybe we don’t need them at all!

Why the Shutdown? Border Security Including Building the Wall on the Southern Border.  The House passed a final spending bill that included $5.7 billion dollars to help build the southern border wall, provide additional ICE and CBP resources and equipment.  The Senate does not have the votes to pass the House bill so Congress went home without funding part of the Federal Government.  The additional $5.7 billion is “budget dust” that amount to .003% of the Federal Budget!  This is a political issue, not a budget issue.

Sidebar:  Can Trump Build the Wall Without Congress?  Maybe!

The good news for Trump is that Congress is made up the most fiscally irresponsible, corrupt, and lazy set of human beings on earth!  Was that too harsh!  In order to get out of actually doing their jobs, Congress not only abrogated their duty to pass a real annual budget by pre-authorizing 86% of the Federal Budget, they also created cute little procedures that allow the Executive Branch to “create budget dollars” out of thin air, and oh by the way, do not require Congressional approval.  Maybe Trump can poke around, tweak and use one of these little loopholes. (At least we may be shut Anne Coulter up)

Borrowing Authority:  Behind door #1, we have another way for the Federal Government to spend money WITHOUT Congressional Approval.  Congress created a dandy little “tool” called “Borrowing Authority”, to borrow money that has not been specifically allowed by Congress, then obligate itself to repay if and when it chooses!  For example, if the Department of Homeland Security has a budget of $1 Trillion dollars, its various agencies could theoretically “BORROW” $5 billion dollars and build Trump’s Border Wall!  Would the RINOs and Dems object in Congress?  Yep but they created it.

Offsetting Collections:  Behind door #2, we have another way for the Federal Government to spend money WITHOUT Congressional Approval.  Congress created another dandy little “tool” called “Offsetting Collections” that allows an Executive Branch agency to charge fines, fees and charges, then to spend those revenues anyway it chooses!  Outside of any Constitutional Congressional spending authority!  If the Department of the Treasury wanted to charge say a 5% fee for every dollar Mexican Nationals send back to Mexico, then spend the money on Trump’s Wall, Congress is SOL!  Since in 2018 these remittances will be about $32.8 Billion dollars, the President could have a permanent fund of $1.6 Billion dollars per year to build and maintain the Mexico-US border Wall!  Would the RINOs and Dems object in Congress?  Yep but they created it.

Contract Authority: Behind door #3, we have another way for the Federal Government to spend money WITHOUT Congressional Approval.  Congress created another dandy little “tool” called “Contract Authority” that allows an Executive Branch agency execute a contract to purchase a good or service without specific Congressional Budget approval.  Theoretically an Executive Branch agency could contract with a wall builder to build $5 Billion dollars worth of Trump’s Wall without Congressional approval.  Would the RINOs and Dems object in Congress?  Yep but they created it.

What About Reducing the National DebtSee the source image

Remember Trump Promising to Reduce the National Debt?  Well, the bad news is that with a Democrat let House, this will not happen in the next 2 years.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell squandered the last 2 years and did nothing to address the current budgeting malfeasance that has led to a $22 Trillion deficit.  President Trump has no power to reduce or increase the national debt by himself.  Congress must act to totally restructure the budgeting and spending process in DC.  

As we stated above, 86% of the Federal Budget is on auto-pilot and does not require Congressional approval each year.  It just keeps on chugging out of control.  Then, the built increases in spending for many of the items in the 86% have built-in increases so the deficit just goes higher and higher without anyone stopping it!  Even if Trump proposes budget cuts to within the Executive Branch, and he has, Congress has to create a real budget and include his cuts.  But, Republicans and Democrats like the broken budget process that keeps their constituents happy and they can tell us that the budget process is out of their control.  Obviously they don’t think we have read Article 1 of the US Constitution.  Maybe they should!

Until we elect real Congress men and women who believe that it is their job to balance the Federal Budget and to restrain spending and keep taxes low, we are pretty much screwed.  Fixing this problem is easy and requires merely a change to House and Senate rules that are today, unconstitutional!  

  1. Adopt a zero base budget process where all expenditures have to be built and justified from the bottom up like normal businesses do.
  2. Adopt a real balanced budget requirement where revenues must cover all governmental expenses.
  3. Adopt real accounting practices that mirror the private sector where the public and get a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement that accurately reflect the fiscal health of our nation,

Ryan and McConnell both failed President Trump and the American people by not adopting these practices.  Hopefully we can elect a real fiscally responsible Congress before Trump leaves office so we can turn this Titanic around before we hit the bankrupt iceberg.  

RD Pierini


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The US Federal Reserve Vs We The People-The Basics

See the source imageFed Chairman Ben Bernanke Propped Up Bush/Obama Catastrophe, Trump and the Middle Class Now Has to Pay for Their Malfeasance

Don’t go to sleep on me because this really impacts you and your family.  You wouldn’t ignore a burglar, so don’t ignore the thieves in the White House and the Federal Reserve!

You hear about and read Trump’s slamming of the Federal Reserve raising Interest rates when there is no inflation on the horizon and the 10 year treasury rate remained low at 2.797%.  (3.0% tp 3.5% is considered normal in a normal economy)  Trump is also slamming the Fed for continuing to “normalize” the balance sheet assets of the Fed.   What the heck does this mean? 

See the source imageRemember the Bush/Obama recession of 2008 that lasted through 2016?  And, remember that wonderful term QE or Quantitative Easing?  QE means that the Federal Reserve prints money, making your money less valuable (thieves), then buys up worthless MORTGAGE BACKED SECURITIES from SUB-PRIME LOANS, and also pumps cash into the stock market inflating the stock market by 2-4 Trillion Dollars!  So, if you lost your job,  home or business to the 2008 recession, your government not only stole your house or business from you, but are now making you pay again because they are raising your credit card and mortgage interest rates!  Plus, their idiotic rapid interest rate hikes and printing more money to pay off their dumb securities they “bought with your money” while making the Wall Street crooks even more rich, is putting downward pressure on Trump’s economy just when he restarted its engines!  Take some time and reread this paragraph!  

What Now?

So, now that Trump’s economy has lowered unemployment in the Black, Hispanic and Asian communities to an all time high, and there are more jobs available now than workers to fill the jobs, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street are doing everything they can to kill the Trump Economy.  Above we reminded you of the thievery practice of Quantitative Easing, now the Fed is slapping Trump’s economy with QUANTITATIVE TIGHTENING by “Normalizing” their Balance Sheet!  (Anytime an economist has to come up with a new term, hold onto your wallet and your rear end because here comes the judge!)  QT is when the Fed REMOVES money from the economy by retiring is assets, that they never paid for, in the form of treasury securities and mortgage backed securities.  On top of this, raising interest rates takes even more money out of the Trump Economy by punishing consumers with higher credit card and mortgage interest costs!  It also slows the growth of small businesses that are the lifeblood of this economy.

The economy is still stronger than the Federal Reserve’s or Wall Street’s ability to kill it!  Trump’s policies continue to stimulate growth and put more money in the pockets of our middle class while lifting millions out of poverty.  Even the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Tightening and raising interest rates should now lower our GDP growth by more than 1-2 percent.  But even that is criminal and works against the interest of the American People.  Finally a President is overcoming the 2008 recession and the DC Swamp is finding new ways to nibble at his ankles!  

You may continue to see volatility in the Stock Market due to the Fed’s past and current malfeasance.  Wall Street voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats so don’t think for a minute that they want to help Trump improve the US economy when he is up for re-election in 2020!  Wall Street is a globalist enterprise and use US to leverage its gains in world markets and investments. Trump’s America First and his Trade policies calling for balanced trade with our trading partners, especially the EU and China.  Wall Street is heavily invested in China and does not want to see any changes that could upset the Chinese Apple Cart!

Stay tuned and keep your eye on Trump’s fight with Fed Chair Powell and his trade talks with the EU and China.  If he can get the Fed to stop raising interest rates, which also hurts Trump’s trade talks by strengthening  the US dollar against EU and Chinese currencies making our goods more expensive to export, and he can bring our trade in balance with at least these two large trading “partners”, the economy will continue to grow.  The Democrat control over one chamber of Congress will not be able to slow Trump’s economy much if any.  Gridlock will just mean that our national debt will continue to grow on “autopilot” which is the next article that we will post.  

RD Pierini





Prior Article on this topic, February 6th, 2018

Do You Believe that Obama Deficits were $10 Trillion? Wrong!

Part 2-Trump is Right To Pull Out of Syria, Afghanistan then Iraq Next


Trump’s decision is now known not to have been a “spur of the moment irrational decision”.  NBC and the Daily Caller have reported that On December 14th, President Trump, John Bolton and others were on a call with Turkish President Erdogan supposedly discussing the need for Turkey to back off any aggression towards the Kurds.  During the course of the discussion, , Erdogan reportedly ask the President the 64 Million Dollar Question:  “Why are you still there (in Syria) when the Islamic State had been 99 percent defeated. Erdogan reportedly told Trump that his country (Turkey) could handle what was left.

Per NBC and the Daily Caller reporting:    “With Erdogan on the line, Trump asked national security adviser John Bolton, who was listening in, ‘why American troops remained in Syria if what the Turkish president was saying was true’, according to the officials. Erdogan’s point, Bolton was forced to admit, had been backed up by Mattis, Pompeo, U.S. special envoy for Syria Jim Jeffrey and special envoy for the anti-ISIS coalition Brett McGurk, who have said that IS retains only 1 percent of its territory, the officials said.” (1)

So, to paraphrase old Willie Shakespeare, “The Military Establishment Doth Protest Too Much”, regarding Trump’s decision to pull 2,000 troops out of Syria.  Trump’s decision, was based on the calculation was it worth leaving 2,000 of our best on the ground, in a vulnerable posture, to mop up the last 1% when others “could” do this clean up.  Remember, the tooth to tail ratio (2) of fighting men and women to non-combat logistical men and women is about 1 fighter to 3 logistical support personnel.  Using this baseline, only 500 of the 2,000 troops in Syria were actually there to engage in combat or direct coalition forces.  

Further, Trump’s entire national security team agreed that ISIS was 99% defeated!  The reports that there are 30,000 ISIS fighters remaining in Syria is FAKE NEWS and is erroneously propped up by the failure of Mattis and others to refuse to own up to their statements to their Commander-In-Chief.  

Should we trust Turkey?

Hell no!  We shouldn’t trust anyone to protect our own national interest.  But, if Turkey agreed not to attack our ally the Kurds, and Turkey will continue to clean up the ISIS remnants, then we MAY be in a Win-Win!  We are not helpless.  We can monitor Turkey, the Kurds, and ISIS in the region and respond if any of them step out of line. 


USS John C. Stennis & Her Support Vessels

I guess you should ask yourself whether 500 US combat troops in Syria, providing support to the Kurds and others, is more effective than allowing the Turks, Kurds, Syrians, and yes the Iranians and Russians to wipe out ISIS;  while the US deploys aircraft carriers and destroyers to the region to provide immediate offensive capabilities to support our allies the Kurds, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others in the region!  

For those who are railing against Trump as not knowing what he is doing and that our military leaders always know best, take a breath!  Ask yourself:

  • AfghanistanIf the Military Brass is so good, why are we still in Afghanistan after 17 years and arguably not much better off strategically than we were when this conflict began.  No, no.  you can’t solely blame Obama for his incompetence although he was really good at military incompetence, but Trump is now the 3rd President saddled with this war and the Taliban and its ally Pakistan is still pretty much in control.  Doing the same thing for 17 years and expecting different results each year is just plain dumb.  Either obliterate the enemy or get out.  At the very least, turn this conflict over to stake holders in the region.
  • Iran If the Military Brass is so good, why are we still in Iraq after 15 years?  Iraq is still divided by Shia, Sunni and Kurdish factions and peace and stability is tentative at best.  Once again, Trump is the 3rd President to preside over this bloody war and we are likely to have a force presence in this country for some time.  Doing the same thing for 17 years and expecting different results each year is just plain dumb.  In this case, with some school yard supervision, we may just have to see if Iraq can stand on its own two feet with support from Saudi Arabia and other players in the region rather than the US.  
  • War on Terror:  Who actually knows when this started.  Some go back to the bombing of our barracks in Lebanon in October of 1983.  Let’s suppose that is true.  That means for almost 4 decades we have been fighting our war on terror!  Don’t get me wrong, we have to fight this war and more importantly we have to win this war.  But, we cannot assume that stationary ground troops and large footprint deployments are effective.  Has anyone in the military asked a simple question; “How do the Terrorist Fight us in this war”?  They fight with a small footprint, quick acting , no rules of engagement, lethal force.   This is exactly what Trump is doing in Africa, under the radar, and it is effective.  Is it fast and decisive.  NOPE.  And it never will be.

Our Military Brass and civilian international social scientists have argued that the US must CHANGE THE HEARTS AND MINDS IN THE MUSLIM WORLD AND WIN OVER THEIR SUPPORT TO OUR SIDE IN ORDER TO EVENTUALLY WIN THE WAR ON TERROR Great.  Putting 20 or 30 thousand troops on the ground in Muslim countries, where their general population has a front row seat, and kill locals is not exactly a way to sway the hearts and minds of the locals.  We fly our great flag in their faces to remind them that the US is their occupying force!  President Trump, following his meeting in Saudi Arabia almost two years ago, and enlisting the support of over 50 Muslims nations to support us in the War against Radical Islamist, has set in motion a plan to stand up local Muslim Nations to fight this war on the ground in our stead while we direct operations and provide off shore lethal air and missile support.  We also use harsh economic sanctions and economic trade warfare to cripple bad actors in the region including Russia and Iran!   

Trump Doctrine in the Middle East:

Trumps goals are to provide a sufficient military deterrent to discourage any cross border aggression by hostile nations while removing our face from the forefront of ridding the region of its despotic bad actors.  This requires that we extricate ourselves from direct engagements when possible and build up our military to the point where no one will challenge our ability.  Yes, this may mean that we have to flex our military muscle via lethal air a missile attacks backed by local allied nation’s ground troops when necessary.

The Washington Swamp Strikes Again:

Don’t believe for a split second that the Washington Swamp has not infiltrated the Pentagon.   The military swamp is comprised of an odd mix of Neo-Conservatives (who would launch nuclear strikes against Russia, North Korea and Iran tomorrow), and ultra-doves who want nothing more than to evolve our military into a social experiment to degrade our lethality.  The problem is that many in the Pentagon don’t even realize they are part of the swamp and believe they are acting in the best interest of our country.  But, they never really question their decisions based on the question, “Does this decision further the US national interest”?   Or, do our rules of engagement help or hurt our fight to support our national interest?  We have at least 3 very brave soldiers that the Pentagon has either already incarcerated or is prosecuting murder charges against.  How do you look at these 3 and justify allowing our enemies to fight with more lethality than we allow our own troops?  

While I truly believe that General Mattis and many others of our top military brass are patriots; I do believe, however, that they are blinded by years of swamp indoctrination.  I believe that they actually believe that their opinions are sacred and above reproach.  Why haven’t any of these military leaders resigned over rules of engagement that literally kill or put our troops at risk?  

To be very frank, that is exactly why our Founders made our Presidents, who are civilians, the Commander-In-Chief of our military!  They need to remember that their duty is to provide the best advice they can to their Commander-In-Chief and stay the hell off of CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the left-wing broadcast or print media.  When I see them using this medium to try to minimize or deride the decisions made by their Commander-In-Chief, I lose all confidence in their opinions and decision-making ability.  

This current barrage of criticism for our President’s decision to withdraw from Syria and draw down in Afghanistan, is literally weakening our positions relative to China, North Korea, Russia and Iran.  China will use this descent against Trump to stall any trade or intellectual property agreement with the US and they will encourage North Korea to fight back against the US and stall any denuclearization that may have been possible.  Russia will see this as a split between Trump and our military and push harder into South America and the Middle East. 

You would think that our top Military Leaders could see this and see that they are being complicit in the weakening of our “peace through strength” campaign by destroying support for our Commander-In-Chief within the military and with the American public.  

RD Pierini



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