Pro-Life Policies Are Saved In The Coronavirus $2.2 Trillion Relief Package

The President and the Senate preserved their Pro-Life principles when crafting and passing the recent $2.2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package.

See the source image

They were able to:

  • Exclude Planned Parenthood from receiving any funding from this relief package. 
  • Include the “Hyde Amendment” rider in the bill (bars any federal funds from supporting abortion),
  • Extended the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) program to fund projects to implement sexual risk avoidance education that teaches participants how to voluntarily refrain from non-marital sexual activity.


  • See the source image

Conversely, Pelosi’s version of the Coronavirus Stimulus, that did not see the light of day, included an EXCLUSION of the Hyde Amendment allowing funds to go to support for abortion providers.  This would have permeated the entire health care and other portions of the bill allowing millions to go to support abortion.  (The picture above featuring Nancy Pelosi was taken when she received the Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award.  Just how many babies do you have to kill to receive this racist award?)

So, in 3 1/2 years, President Trump has taught the GOP how to fight for life and win!  His unabashed support for life is now an accual, honest to goodness, firmly engrained part of the GOP platform in action and not just words!  

RD Pierini


Hat Tips:

Did You Expect the Stimulus Package to Include Pro-Life Components? Here They Are


4 thoughts on “Pro-Life Policies Are Saved In The Coronavirus $2.2 Trillion Relief Package”

  1. I expect if the Ds get the White House, planned parenthood / abortion will explode.

    Funny that every single supporter of abortion has already been born.

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