President Trump’s Easter Prayer, “God, Help Us To Go Back to Work”!

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President Trump stated today that it would be wonderful if we could get this country back to work by Easter and have Churches filled with the faithful!  Of course this brought out every pundit with why this is unreasonable and unscientific.  The WH press corps reacted in an expected manner nationalizing his remarks immediately.  Of course if New York remains the hot spot it is today, it would be exempted.  Same for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle or New Orleans.  

Will this be an easy decision?  Of course not.

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My football analogy would be that a single wide receiver is running a pass route against 3 all star defensive half backs.  One of the half backs is the Coronavirus, one is the Economy, and one is the American People.  Trump will have to thread the needle with his pass, the reintegration plan, in order to make his Easter Plan work.  If the virus breaks out again, he loses.  If the plan is too narrow, the economy will not respond; if the American suffer health or economic pain, he loses.  

The President is going to have to factor in where the cold spots are today, county by county, and why they have been immune from the spread.  Plus, how well the current antivirals and other treatments test out.  Whether the Congress can pass the phase 3 stimulus and how the economy responds whether it passes or not.  And of course, how the current hot spots have responded to the 15 day social distancing has abated, or not, the spread of the virus.

I, for one, would not want to be anywhere near this decision no matter when he decides to restart the economy or the extent of the restart.   

If you have not done so yet, now would be a good time to say a prayer for the President and his advisors so they make a divine decision regarding the restart of this nation…

RD Pierini


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