Or Mueller!

The Democrats only hope in the 2018 Mid-Terms is that Mueller can pin Stormy Daniels on the tail of their donkey!  Russia Collusion and the Comey Firing Obstruction of Justice hoax both fell through the cracks so far that even Auntie Maxie won’t be able to resurrect these fabrications.  Now, for some reason, having sex with a porn star or paying that porn star $130,000 excites the left and their lap dog media into thinking that this is the winner that will kill off Trump!  BUT NO ONE CARES!

Apparently the Left can’t deal with reality!  Break down ole Stormy’s scandal into its component parts:

  1. Having sex with a porn star may be dangerous to your health, tacky, and in general not a real good idea for a married man, but it is not illegal.
  2. Having your corporate/personnel attorney on a $35,000/month retainer, money paid in advance for legal services to be rendered or to pay costs on behalf of a client, like the $130,000 paid to Stormy, is not only not illegal, it is normal in the real world of well off billionaires.  Billionaires hire attorneys to fend off nuisance threatened or filed law suits.  They are easy targets and when you consider Trump makes about 5,000,000,000 per working hour $130,000 is certainly not worth his time!  Just the interest on his worth is over $300,000/hour!  So, Stormy got paid 30 minutes worth of Trump’s interest income on his wealth! 
  3. An attorney executing non-disclosures on behalf of a client and signing the NDA on behalf of that client is not unusual nor illegal.
  4. An attorney paying someone to enter into an NDA is not in any way a campaign contribution as the alleged “Services” took place 10 years before the campaign and certainly were not campaign related!  There is no link to the campaign.  The left never claimed that Trump’s payoff to the Trump University plaintiffs was a campaign contribution!  Same thing.  Both were nuisances. 
  5. Trump never signed the NDA and Stormy certainly has not lived up to any part of a non-disclosure!  What hasn’t she said about the alleged tryst?  She has stated on TV that the sex was consensual, not unusual, one time, etc.  There is not much else involved in this particular transaction!
  6. But, the real coup de grâce is that Trump’s attorney is in possession of a letter where Stormy denies having sex with Trump!  

R.I.P. Democrat Party and Main Stream Media

See the source image

It is a riot when you hear the Left Wing Media opine the virtuous nature of ole Stormy and ask why would she lie about something this important!  Serious?  SHE IS A PORN STAR.  Do you know what a porn star does?  Do you know how much she has made selling videos since this story broke!  Did you know who Stormy Daniels was before this story broke!

The saddest part of the current state of the Democrat party is that they stand for nothing tangible that would lift up one single human being living in the United States!  They can call you a racist, homophobe, etc., etc., etc., but they cannot tell you what they stand for.  The only mantra they can all agree on is the “Trump is Bad”!  That is it!  

Mueller and his merry band of hit man prosecutors, the Attorney General (Yes I am including Jeff Sessions), the Deputy Attorney General, the prior FBI director and a whole host of corrupt DOJ and FBI hacks have not been able to pin a single charge on Trump or his campaign.  In fact, the trumped-up charges on the 14 Russians, General Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort will probably be thrown out of court.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Mueller and his team were sanctioned by the courts where these prosecutions were taking place.  

The real damage is yet to come on the wings of the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report that will indict many of these DOJ and FBI corrupt officials who will hopefully be tried and found guilty and put away to write their memoirs.  Maybe Comey can get them right this time!  Wonder what Higher Authority he will cite then?  

Maybe, just maybe, the Republicans won’t screw up and lose the 2018 Mid-Terms and justice will finally be served with the prosecution of many of the DOJ and FBI corrupt officials.  But, don’t hold your breath!

RD Pierini




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