Men’s Guide To Avoid Sexual Harassment/Abuse Claims

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Here are some short tips for males who don’t know the difference between appropriate workplace interactions with members of the opposite sex and sexual harassment/assault!

  • Dropping your drawers and exposing yourself is not a turn-on.  You also risk derision for a lack of substance!
  • Taking a selfie of your “hoo-hoo” and sending it to a co-worker is even worse than the one above.  The good news is that you just documented the sexual abuse case against yourself like Anthony Weiner!  
  • Grabbing or poking another person in an inappropriate area is not foreplay and certainly not a turn-on.  If you do this, take a selfie and send it to the victim like Al Franken did so you can be prosecuted!
  • If you are a Senator or a Member of the House of Representatives, don’t invite interns or staff into your office at night at bed time.  
  • If you are the CEO of a major motion picture or TV studio, consider hiring eunuchs.  
  • If your mother was in the room with you, would you do the same thing or act the same way?  (Harvey Weinstein excepted)

RD Pierini


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