The BIG Lie by Politicians Today-“Obamacare Is US Healthcare”


Fact:  Obamacare(1) is actually ONLY 3.7% of our total Healthcare Insurance coverage today! (12M on ACA Exchanges)

Fact:  Obamacare Expanded Medicaid to 68M People by adding 11M people to Medicaid.  Almost as many as are covered by Obamacare Exchanges.

Fact:  Obamacare Exchange Coverage does NOT represent 1/6 of our economy today!  Obamacare Exchange Coverage is ONLY .62%, not 16.6% of our Economy!

Fact:  Employer Based Healthcare represents 47.6% of our Total Healthcare coverage insuring 155M people!

Fact:  There are 27M people still uninsured!  About the same as when Obamacare was passed in 2010!

Why Can’t Congress deal with this!


Because most Republicans and Democrats in Congress Want a Single Payer, totally government controlled, Healthcare Insurance System in the US.  They are addicted to the money the Donor Class lobbyists provide to their campaigns that include big pharma, insurance companies, and other healthcare providers.  Republicans have shrouded the Repeal and Replace legislation in a cloud of confusion hiding behind the touted “complexity” of Obamacare.

Obama himself neutered the impact of Obamacare by NOT implementing the EMPLOYER MANDATE multiple times for political considerations.  If he had implemented the employer mandate, over 50% of the nation would have been under Obamacare and a total of 298 Million Americans (92%) would have been under some form of Government Healthcare Insurance Coverage.


Path Forward:

  • Separate the Repeal of Obamacare into two parts; Medicaid Expansion and All Other Obamacare Mandates, Taxes, and Regulations.
  • Repeal all other Obamacare Mandates, Taxes and Regulations.
  • Put Medicaid reform in a separate bill later.
  • Legislate that insurance companies can offer health insurance across state lines and offer unlimited insurance plans as demanded by the people.
  • Legislate that pre-existing conditions be covered outside of the “insurance market” and be subsidized by block grants to the States.

Congress may NEVER pass repeal of Obamacare as there is too much hog slop to go around. 

The Never Trumpers and the Progressive Left will wage a life and death campaign against Donald Trump until the very end.  Trump will need every ounce of support his base can provide if he is to survive and get anything accomplished.

RD Pierini


Writer’s Note:  Statistics surrounding US Healthcare coverage is difficult to accurately assess due to many biased sources.  It is also true that some people, Vets for example, may be covered under private and public insurances.

Below is a chart that is about as straightforward as you will find on this subject:


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