California Ballot Initiatives 2016-Plus Monterey County Issues

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Below are recommendations for the statewide measures and the Monterey County issues. 

For the Presidency, I recommend

Donald Trump for President!

Statewide Initiatives:

Prop 51: No;  School Bond Funding

  • $9 Billion bond to upgrade k-12 and community college facilities.  I believe we need a total overhaul of school funding operations from the ground up.

Prop 52: Yes;  State fees on Hospitals for Medi-Cal

  • This keep the mandatory use of these fees for only Medi-Cal.  A no vote allows the Legislature to use these fees for anything they want which is never a good idea

Prop 53: Yes;  Revenue Bonds

  • This requires the voters to approve any bonds greater than $2 Billion.  I wish we could outlaw all bonds!

Prop 54: Yes;  Legislature and legislation procedure change

  • Requires the Legislature to publish on the internet any bills for 72 hours before they can vote on it.  This should say that they have to read it and take a test before voting!

Prop 55: No;  Tax Extension for education & healthcare

  • Keeps the personal income tax increase on incomes over $250K until 2019.  The State does not need any more taxpayer money.  It needs people who are fiscally responsible.

Prop 56: No;  Cigarette Tax to fund healthcare 

  • Oppose the additional $2.00/pack tax on cigarettes.  THIS HURTS THE POOR THE MOST.  The money never goes to healthcare.

Prop 57: No;  Criminal Sentencing

  • Opposes increasing parole and good behavior opportunities for felons convicted of nonviolent crimes.  Keeps the current system of having prosecutors decide whether to try certain juveniles as adults in court.  Obama let enough people out of prison.

Prop 58: No;  English language education

  • Keeps the English in Public Schools proposition in place.  Not a good idea to allow any language to be used as the primary language in our PUBLIC schools.

Prop 59: No;  Overturn Citizens United Act Advisory

  • Stop the legislature from trying to overturn the Citizens United SCOTUS decision via Constitutional Amendment.  This keeps businesses and unions equal in terms of campaign contributions.

Prop 60: No;  Adult films use of condoms

  • If you are a porn star, a Yes would make you use condoms.  No vote allows you to play Russian Roulette.

Prop 61: No;  State prescription drugs pricing standards

  • Regulates drug prices for Medi-Cal by pegging to the VA pricing.  Anyone think the VA is efficient or economical?

Prop 62: No;  Death Penalty Repeal

  • This would repeal the death penalty.  This is a Jerry Brown favorite.  He does not use it anyway…

Prop 63: No;  Firearm, ammunition sales

  • Just another law to help restrict your 2nd Amendment rights.  Gun owners already have to apply and have a permit to buy a gun.  This requires a permit to buy ammo.

Prop 64: No;  Marijuana legalization

  • Allows for recreational pot purchases.  If Jerry Brown gets back in I may favor this so I can “stop the pain”!

Prop 65: Yes;  Carry-Out bag charges

  • Keeps the money collected for OVERCHARGING YOU TO BUY A BAG AT A RETAIL STORE to be used only for Wildlife Conservation Board. Personally, I think this whole concept should be repealed.

Prop 66: Yes;  Death Penalty Reform

  • Shortens the appeal process to 5 years.  Today, those on death row usually outlive the judge, jury, attorneys and certainly the victims of their crimes.

Prop 67: No;  Plastic bag ban veto

  • Bans plastic bags at retail outlets on a statewide basis.  Of course California would be the first state to do so.  We all just Go to Costco now and by our own plastic bags!

Monterey County Measures:

Measure Y: Yes; Measure to tax commercial marijuana businesses in the unincorporated areas of the county.

  • Tax on pot growers.  Guess we might as well get something out of this insanity.

Measure X: No;  Oil and gas drilling operations.

  • Another “envirowhacko” measure designed to stop oil production in California.  Talks about fracking which isn’t even required in California oil fields.

US Senate:  Loretta Sanchez; only because Kamala Harris is worse!

Remember to vote on November 8th, 2016

Your Vote Really Matters!

RD Pierini





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