The Obama 2008 “Birther Issue”, Hillary’s Demise

McClatchy and Others Confirm Hillary Started “Obama Birther” Movement


Hillary’s Sidney Blumenthal, Not Trump, Instigated Birther Rumors

Hillary’s poor judgement was totally on display when her campaign staff resurrected the 2008 Obama Birther issue in an attempt to cast Trump as a racist!  Obviously, Trump’s recent uptick in popularity with Black voters following his outreach to this voting block was the impetus for this desperate ploy.  The attempt to smear Trump with African-American voters would have worked IF SHE HAD NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INITIATING THE OBAMA BIRTHER CONTRIVERSY IN 2008 WITH THE AID OF HER CLOSEST CONFIDANT SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL!

Breitbart reported that David Goldstein of McClatchy stated in a tweet this week that Sid Blumenthal and one other Clinton aid had pushed the false birther narrative in 2008 to McClatchy’s former Washington Bureau Chief James Asher.

Bad Judgement or Stupidity?

  • Did Hillary not think news outlets would not rebut this new Birther narrative with actual accounts of her 2008 attempts to say that Obama was born in Kenya?

  • Did Hillary not think that there were archives, print and video, indicting her involvement in the Obama Birther scam?

  • Did Hillary not think that Donald Trump wouldn’t fight back?

  • Hillary’s poor judgement does not bode well for her in the upcoming debates.

One has to be careful when the press and pundits label you as the “smartest women in the world”.  You may start to believe it!  Trump once again proved this label to be false and exposed Hillary’s penchant for deceit and deception.

RD Pierini


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