Trump’s Ladder to Success for All Americans

Trump’s Integrated Conservative Strategy!


Trump’s Child/Senior Care Proposal Challenged as Non-Conservative By the Same #NeverTrump Crowd

The GOP and Democrats have totally subverted our economy and have literally destroyed the American Dream for all Americans other than the 1 percenters and their self-appointed intellectual minions.  The result is 1/3 of Americans completely out of the work force, food stamp usage at historic levels, welfare and disability roles at all time highs, highest level of unemployed college graduates ever, and the total destruction of our inner cities and their inhabitants. 

The GOP and Democrats created the Great Recession of 2008 that left our Middle Class decimated and driven millions into poverty.  That stole Trillions of dollars in equity from these same citizens and transferred all economic power to an elite few on Wall Street and the Banking Industry. 

The GOP and Democrats have joined with all International Globalist and have stripped almost half of our manufacturing and support industries out of our landscape and exported them overseas.  The result being the creation of a crippled industrialized nation and the creation of a “permanent” unemployed class dependent on hand outs from the Central Government.

The GOP and its so-called conservatives have stood by or abetted the swelling of our national debt to $20 Trillion, bloated the size of our government, killed our manufacturing, centralized our banking industry, and allowed for unfettered legal and illegal immigration that has resulted in Americans being displaced in the workplace and the lowering of wages.  During many of the GW Bush years, the GOP controlled both the House and Senate and yet only increased the national debt and embroiled us in never-ending conflicts.  They stood by and watched the housing market bubble expand and explode while their donors scurried around the nation buying up assets for pennies on the dollar. 

The Bottom Line, There Is No Bottom Line! There Is No Safety Net for Regular Americans, And The So-Called GOP Conservatives Did Nothing!

Trump’s Plan To Transition America From a Welfare Nation to an “American Dream” Nation

Transition into the Abyss

Before 2008, there would be less of a need for adding “non-conservative” transition “assistance” programs to prop up our lower-income families so they can climb the ladder out of poverty, and prop up our middle-income families so they can survive until they can pull themselves up as Trump’s economic growth policies kick in. 

Post 2008, our lower and middle-income families have been decimated financially and are facing rising child care costs that are consuming the largest portion of their disposable income.  Lower income citizens are trapped in a failed welfare state where two parent families are eliminated and the lack of jobs and advancement opportunities have sealed them into perpetual welfare.  Lack of school choice has trapped the children of lower-income families in failed public schools who pass them through the system and who graduate illiterate or barely literate with no unemployable skills. 

The middle-income families are typically two wage earner families who are facing higher and higher child care, and senior care, costs.  In many instances, one of the wage earners, usually the woman, takes a lower paying job in order to be away from the home less and thus lowering their child care costs.  Many middle-income families are putting off child-bearing longer and longer as the wife could not work when delivering the child and would lose wages during this period.  If real wages had not been stagnated over the past 25 years, and the 2008 Recession had been avoided by politicians, the middle-income group would be infinitely more financially secure today.

Trump Transition

Trump’s business background prove that he is fiscally conservative, and in fact “cheap”.  He squeezes every dollar he spends as all entrepreneurs have to do in order to survive.  So then, why would he promote a new spending program to provide child care and senior care assistance to low and middle-income families?  Trump recognizes that due to current economic realities, promoted by many in the GOP and Democrats, he will need to “prop up” the middle and lower-income families until he is able to bring back jobs and re-engage this economy.  Why?  Because these two groups are being sucked down every day into the quicksand of financial morass and emotional despair.  Many Americans has lost all hope before Trump emerged on the political scene.

The child/senior care program has differing but complimentary goals for both the lower and middle-income families. 

  • Lower Income families have to be transitioned off of welfare and other government assistance programs and brought back into the new job markets.  Also, welfare rules have to be changed to promote two parent families rather than encourage single parent families.  As welfare recipients are retrained and brought back into the new work force, they too will hit the barrier of child care or senior care costs.  This new program will help transition the welfare family into the lower middle-income group by allowing them to retain more of their take home pay.  As they advance in their income levels, less assistance will be required for welfare programs and later for child/senior care programs.

  • Middle (and Lower-Middle) Income families will be assisted with their child care and senior care costs so they are able to invest their additional take home pay into seeking and being capable of securing higher paying jobs.  Many in this group will use the non taxable accounts to build savings for higher education and thus lowering the need for costly student loans.

Trump is not a big government candidate.  He has stated over and over that the size of government will shrink by freezing hiring and letting attrition reduce the bloated federal labor force.  As a conservative, I hate to say it, but, there may be a need for creating a program to allow families to truly climb out of their economic abyss.  Obviously, Trump’s jobs, trade, and economic plan has to be in place for this program to ultimately reduce total entitlement costs. 

The GOP and Democrats have not put forth any real answers in 25 years to truly wage a war on poverty.  Trump has a real integrated plan that at least deserves a fair airing!


 RD Pierini






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