Trump V Clinton Debates: How Can Trump Debate a Serial Liar?

Chris Wallace Could Not Even Interview Her!

Image result for hillary Clinton lyingHillary Then Said, “Chris and I were talking past each other?”

If you are standing on a national debate stage, and your opponent, 15 or so feet away, outright lies, how should you respond?  That will be one of the two strategic issues facing Trump when debating Clinton, serial prevaricator.  The second challenge will be for Trump to remain calm when Hillary lobs a personal zinger his way in an attempt to have Trump fly off of the handle and inappropriately attack her.  Personally, I believe that Trump has enough experience in business dealings with a lot brighter people than Clinton to fall for this strategy. 

What could Clinton possibly lie about during the debates?  Between Hillary and hubby Bill, it may be easier to ask what wouldn’t she lie about!  She has no record of accomplishments to stand on nor any grounded policy positions that would be the basis of a solid response.  Here are a couple of examples of what Hillary will lie about and possible Trump rebuttals. 

  • Bill’s Sexual Exploits:  HRC has for years blamed the victims of Bill’s illegal sexual offences and would continue to do so if this topic is raised during the debate.  Or, she would merely state that offense never took place.  Trump’s best response is to quietly state that ” “an enabler” typically does not see any problem with their spouses bad behavior as it would be too difficult to face one’s own shortcomings.” 

  • Classified Emails:  If asked about her sending or receiving classified materials via her private email server and system, Hillary will use one of her canned lies like “I never sent or received any emails marked classified, or with classified headers.”  Trump should plainly rebut by stating that “the FBI refuted this lie in Comey’s public statement regarding the FBI’s email investigation and also during his testimony to Congress following his public statement”.  Further, “Hillary continues to create new lies to cover this lie, them lies about lying to Congress and to the American people.”

  • Benghazi Victim’s Families are Lying:  Hillary has continually blamed the families of victims for lying about what she said to them following the deaths of their sons, husbands or brothers.  Hillary told the families that the “awful video” was to blame for the attack on Benghazi and not “Radical Islamic Terrorism” or her inaction to adequately secure US operations in Libya following her ill-advised regime change in that country.  Trump should be prepared to name each of the spokespersons for the families and straightforwardly state that “these are good people who have no reason to lie to the American people and to denigrate the memories of these fallen heroes by assailing their families is an affront to us all and the very definition of a calculating emotionless politician.”

  • Image result for trump in the oval office

Basically, Trump should have a few one liners available to quickly, efficiently, and without bluster, prosecute her lies.  Hillary does not have Bill’s evil talent for lying and making people believe him.  (at least he used to)  Hillary’s personality and posture is basically cold and defensive and no amount of coaching, even an ear bud, will help! 

Trump needs to project himself above the fray of sleazy Washington machinations and the use of lying for political gain, and plainly state over and over in response to her lying cover-ups that, “This election is not about Clinton or me.  It is about the American People, their families, their dreams and their aspirations.  Your president must be your spokesperson and champion.  I will be that person for you, the American People.”  He could use this tact at least three times during a debate to drive the point home.  He can even use this approach to fend off “gotcha” questions by the moderator which will most certainly occur. 

Image result for bill and hillary lying

Based on Matt Lauer’s “Commander-In-Chief” forum, Hillary could certainly be on the defensive during the upcoming debates.  She will certainly have been given “Trump Zingers” to use to deflect the attacks back onto Trump.  Trump needs to react like he would in the board room negotiating a labor contract or finalizing an agreement to build a new property. 

Strength, directness, and professionalism will overcome

a stereotypical political attack every time. 

RD Pierini



2 thoughts on “Trump V Clinton Debates: How Can Trump Debate a Serial Liar?”

  1. It is rarely brought up that even though she said her emails were not marked with any classification, anyone with her experience should be able to recognize a classified document. After all, on the Intrepid she told Matt Lauer “I’m very familiar with classified documents. As a US Senator I read numerous classified documents……” So she should know one when she sees one.

    Quiz: Which one of these would be a classified email?

    A. Mom, our yoga class at 3pm tomorrow was cancelled. – CC

    B. Secretary Clinton, Intelligence has reported NK is moving a nuclear warhead from storage to what appears to be a missile site. Sending SSBN 174 and SSBN 102 to off coast position at max speed 45 kts. ETA 1200 tomorrow. – SECDEF

    To find the correct answer send $10 to Trump Campaign.

    1. Also, the classified info comes off of a CLOSED system (SCI) that has to be copied off in order to be emailed to or from HRC’s private server. Someone had to intentionally circumvent these safeguards in order to send this info around. THIS IS CLEAR CRIMINAL INTENT and added to the destruction of emails from this server AFTER Congress and FOIA judges have subpoena this information IS COMPOUNDED CRIMINAL INTENT.


      Comey missed all three criminal intent offenses!!!

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