Rupert Murdock’s Globalization of Fox News-We Say Goodbye to Greta

Globalist Circle the Wagons!

fox-prime-time(Red = Globalist Parrots!)

Globalist Murdock Realigning Fox News

Before the Election to Stop Trump

Was the Firing of Roger Ailes for Cause or for Political Control over Fox News?

Rupert Murdoch is a “General” in the Global Elitist army pushing for open borders and the leveling of the US to make the rest of the world more competitive against the US.  PERIOD!  Up to a few weeks ago when he fired Roger Aisles, his greed kept his Globalism somewhat in the closet.  Fox News under Roger Aisles netted $1 Billion per year based on leaning Right politically. 

Now that Donald Trump is the Right’s candidate, who is pro-America and lukewarm at best to globalist trade policies, Murdoch, believes that a loss of part of the $1 Billion in Fox News’ profit is worth making sure that Trump does not win the Whitehouse and stop the globalist trade policies that have crippled the US and made Murdoch and his cronies filthy rich.

Murdoch made the decision to jettison Aisles and reset the programming philosophy of Fox News.  Corporate America, let alone Bill Clinton, long ago has figured out how to defeat, or at least pay off sexual harassment (1) plaintiffs and bury the suits.  Murdoch could have paid off Carlson and the other plaintiffs and saved Ailes.  There may have been negative press but it would have blown over. 

But, Murdoch quickly saw the sexual harassment issue as his opportunity to take over Fox News and influence the 2016 Presidential Election!

Exit Greta Van Susteren!


Today, Greta Van Susteren, the host of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, announced her exit from the Fox News network after 14 years of service with the news giant.  Greta was one of the power players at Fox to make statements early on in support of Roger Ailes.  In her statement today on her Facebook account, Greta stated: Fox has not felt like home to me for a few years and I took advantage of the clause in my contract which allows me to leave now. The clause had a time limitation, meaning I could not wait.”  The clause in question was a “Key Man” clause that allows Greta to unilaterally abandon her contract without consequence if a member of the senior management at Fox News leave the company.  The departure of Roger Ailes triggered this clause and Greta exercised her option.

Her statement says a lot about what Greta was feeling.  It needs to be stated that Greta was successful cornering the highest ratings in her time slot time and time again.  Her prosecutor style of interviewing coupled with her deep compassion for people impacted by politics, mother nature or  other calamities, made her a must watch for most Fox viewers.  She was also unique in that she was able to literally get inside of the homes and lives of political power players.  Her insights were unique and she kept herself out of the limelight allowing her subjects live or die on their own as judged by her viewers.  My personal opinion is that Greta started seeing that Fox News began valuing “glamor” over news and form over substance.  I also do not think Greta felt that it was their job to influence opinion but rather to present the news and allow the viewers to form their own conclusion!  “We Report, You Decide”?

The New Prime-Time Line-up at Fox News

Murdoch quickly replaced Greta with Brit Hume.  So quickly, one has to assume that this switch was known for at least a few days if not weeks.  Although Hume was a strong, outspoken supporter of Roger Ailes, he is also very lukewarm towards Donald Trump and Trump’s anti-globalist trade positions.  Hume is also a company man who will follow the script.  Hume’s assumption of Greta’s 7:00PM time slot, will give Murdoch 3/4 of his prime time lineup being more pro-globalist or at least good company men and women.  The only thorn in the Fox Prime Time line-up is the cornerstone 8:00PM slot that is occupied by the Pro-Trump Bill O’Reilly.  With O’Reilly’s ratings, that spot is secure.  But beginning at 6:00PM with Brett Baier, Brit Hume at 7:00PM, and Megyn Kelly anchoring the 9:00PM slot, Murdoch has 3 reliable toe-the-line company people in prime time. 

Fox Change in Tone Regarding Trump Candidacy:

You may have already seen the subtle and not so subtle changes in the news slant with key on-screen personalities at Fox.  Here are just a few examples so far.

  • Megyn Kelly was always for Megyn Kelly and as long as she is on camera she does not care what words she speaks!  She is an outspoken anti-Trump host who is incapable of being either fair or balanced. 

  • America’s Newsroom with Bill and Martha, has taken a negative undertone towards the Trump campaign.   Their choice of analysts are generally anti-Trump (like Karl Rove, Katy Pavich, Rich Lowry, etc.)  Gets a little hard to take!

  • Outnumbered has lost the outspoken Andrea Tantaros who made no bones about her support of Trump.  She also complained about Roger Ailes and Fox has claimed for months that they were in contract dispute with Tantaros as the reason she was taken off of the air.  Andrea’s passion made the program interesting and the program has definitely flat lined at this point.

  • Special Report with Bret Baier:  This show is biased to the extreme when the panel is on the air.  Panelists like George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Mara Liasson, AB Stoddard, etc. are all less than supportive of the Trump campaign and are reluctant to criticize Clinton.  Those on the right are “elitist self appointed conservatives” and those on the left should be on MSNBC.

  • Campaign Carl Cameron:  If I were in the Trump campaign, I would make Carl walk to the Trump events if he wanted to cover them and charge him for admission!  He always couches any praise with criticism of Trump and any positive with a negative.  That is the job of the analysts and the candidates.  Just report on the events.  If I wanted to know what CNN feels, I’ll switch channels!

It will be interesting to see if Murdoch “CNNs” Fox!  CNN was almost a news organization when it first began than morphed into an Elitist sellout!  With the Internet as an alternative, Murdoch may find out that his push towards the left and the left’s globalist elite positions, Fox News may become just another “also-ran”! 

Once Ailes’s non-compete clause has expired, we may see a new, News Network! 

Taking us for granted can be dangerous.  Just ask the RNC!


(1) Sexual Harassment:  Let’s be clear, sexual harassment in the work place has no defense.  Whether you are the President of the United States, the President of Fox News or the owner of a corner Pizza restaurant, using your superior management position to harass employees is disgusting and should not be tolerated.  I am merely indicting the fact that this offence happens too often and is swept under the rug using a “money broom”.  I don’t blame the plaintiffs for taking the cash.

RD Pierini



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