Hillary Attacks “Alt-Right”, Really?

Pointing the Finger Away From Herself and Her Corruption

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Alt-Right, HUH?:  The people outside of Hillary Clinton’s Reno, Nevada, event today were asked what they thought about Hillary speech centering around attacking Trump and the “Alt-Right”.  Most did not know what “Alt-Right” was even though some thought attacking it would be a good thing?  (Hillary is trying to equate Breitbart with the Alt-Right now that Steve Bannon is heading up Trump’s Campaign)   The word “right” must have been the trigger.  Joel Pollak of Breitbart asked several of the attendees about the Alt-Right.  Go to this link to see their responses! https://youtu.be/YeymDHht2g8 .

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Hillary Trying to Change the MSM Focus:  Hillary’s speech was clearly an attempt to change the narrative of this past week that was centered around the Clinton Foundation’s alleged “Pay-To-Play” accusations in the MSM!  The only problem is, NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE ALT-RIGHT IS, save a few journalists and pundits who regularly dive into political minutia.  (I have to admit that I had to do some research to gain a better understanding of the term.)  Her ploy was also to trump Trump’s outreach to the African-American and Hispanic voters and ask for their vote!  His phrase, “What the hell do you have to lose” is resonating and is disturbing to Democrats.

race cardPlaying the RACE CARD:  Hillary’s intent was to use a term, “Alt-Right”, attach it to Trump, and define it as a fringe group exemplified by the likes of David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan!  And of course, claim Trump and his supporters are RACISTS. (just a matter of time before she dusted off that term and used it in this campaign)  Of course so-called conservative pundits point to the fact that this stigma is Trump’s fault because he did not clearly denounce his endorsement by Duke during the primaries even though Trump repeatedly denounced Duke and the KKK but don’t let facts get in the way of a #NeverTrump person. 

You can expect the hacks in the MSM to parrot Hillary’s outburst against this small and insignificant fringe group and try to focus the narrative back on Trump.  Trump has been lazar focused on his message and will continue to campaign following his game plan.  Whether the MSM will go back to the real issues of the campaign and the Clinton Pay-To-Play scandals is anyone’s guess.  I do expect the #NeverTrump crowd to try to bash Trump and keep the focus off of Clinton!  Trump has 74 days left to win this election and he and his campaign will remain focused…


Note:  Who are the Alt-Right?:  Scott Greer of “The Daily Caller” penned the most succinct and accurate definition of those involved in the Alt-Right:  “The alt right is an online movement opposed to political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism and mainstream conservatism. It’s primarily comprised of young white men. While a large portion of its adherents are white nationalists, not all of the folks tweeting out the hashtag are concerned with enforcing Aryan supremacy. The alt right is an umbrella term which includes multiple ideologies — everyone from anarcho-capitalists, neo-monarchists, American nationalists, men’s rights advocates, “identitarians,” and even out-and-out neo-Nazis all claim to be apart of the alt right.”  Most of the noise from this group is online chatter via trolling and most hide behind nondescript memes.  What they are not are main stream Republicans, Independents, and Reagan (Trump) Democrats who are seeking to rebuild America and de-emphasize globalism! 

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