Trump-Border Security & Illegal Immigration

Trump’s Border Security and Illegal Immigration Policy

Instead of Condemning the Clinton Illegal Activities,

RINOs are Piling On Trump for “Softening” His Immigration Plan

Trump Wall

The “RIGHT-WING” pundits are out in force BADMOUTHING Donald Trump for supposedly “softening” his stance on illegal immigration.  These are the same people who BADMOUTHED Donald Trump during the primaries for being TOO STRONG on illegal immigration and alienating the Hispanic Community.  These same so-called conservatives are silent on condemning Hillary and Bill Clinton for their illegal activities in their Clinton Foundation and their Clinton Global Initiative.  Sad to see that these RINOs would rather support the continuation of the anti-US policies of Obama/Clinton rather than defend our own nation and restore the American Dream.

Trump on Border Security & Immigration:

Trump’s Border Security Plan Will Be Multi-Faceted.

  1. Build the Wall:  Trump has not backed down one inch on building the wall and having Mexico pay for it.  The “wall” will not only be a physical barrier, but will be supplemented by electronic, drone, and human intelligence support.

  2. Border Patrol/ICE Strengthening and Rule of Engagement Changes:  Trump will increase the number of agents on the border and increase the sophistication and power of their equipment and infrastructure.  Trump will rescind the Obama/Clinton rules of engagement for the border agents and eliminate the “catch and release” programs.  ICE will be coupled tightly with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and with Homeland Security.  Drug trafficking and terror infiltration will be integral to Trump’s border security plan.

  3. Adherence to Current Law:  Trump will base his border security plan on existing law initially signed by Ronald Reagan. 

Trump Immigration Plan Will Also Be Multi-Faceted:

  1. Target Felonious Illegal Aliens for Deportation:  Trump will direct federal law enforcement officers to begin apprehending illegal aliens with criminal records.  He will insist that all State and Local law enforcement assist the federal government in the rounding up of criminal illegals.  Sanctuary States, Counties, and Cities will be required to assist the federal agents in their rounding up of criminal illegal aliens and if they refuse, Trump will withhold targeted federal funding.  The courts that deal with deportation hearings will be strengthened and priority given to processing illegal aliens with criminal records.  For aliens with open warrants, Trump will incarcerate these individuals pending prosecution. 

  2. Illegal Aliens Without Criminal Records:  (Here is where the softening begins)  Trump will devise a plan whereby illegal aliens without criminal records can apply for a green card.  The applicants will be required to undergo all steps required for those who apply for green cards through current statutes.  Trump will issue an executive order requiring the applicants to pay a fine for violating US law by entering this country illegally.  The applicants will be required to travel to their country of origin to file their application.  One possibility may be for the applicants to go through their consulates that are located in the US.  (These offices are considered to be part of their country of origin.)  Trump will utilize existing law to process the new applications.  Application for US Citizenship will be subject to current law with no special consideration given to long term illegal residents.

  3. Visa and Refugee Programs:  H1-A, H1-B and other visa programs will be revisited and based on need AFTER considering the full employment of American Workers.  These programs will be integrated with a “Hire Americans First” program so our citizen’s employment take precedence over visa applicants.  Refugee programs will be reset based on current US/UN agreements on refugee resettlement.  Currently these agreements call for resettlement within safe zones in or near their country of origin.  Trump will press local nations to pay for the resettlement and take ownership of problems in their own region. 

The bottom line is that the “Rule of Law” will be re-stablished once again regarding Border Security and Immigration.  Trump is reaching out to members of our Hispanic Communities to help craft the final policy.  But, the final policy will be based on current US statutes that govern US immigration.  The so-called “softening” by Trump is merely a national dialogue on how to treat fellow human beings and their families while re-establishing secure borders and our rule of law. 

RINOs, sit down and shut the H#$# up!  You never had the guts to have a national debate so now you are excluded and we don’t care what you think!

RD Pierini




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