Clinton Sex, Lies, and Emails-America Loses

The Filthy Clinton Legacy Rolls On

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In the 1990’s and beyond, Bill and Hillary “educated” our children and grandchildren on what was, and “is is” sex.  They taught them that oral sex was not sex and this led to a whole host of sexually transmitted oral diseases among our youth.  After all, the “President Did It“!

Bill and Hillary have also put their seal of approval on extramarital sexual relations and even used tax payer assets to aid and abet Bill’s dalliances. 

Bill demonstrated to us all that they were above the law and that he could get away with sexual battery and even rape without being held to account.

Hillary demonstrated to us all that by personally attacking the women who Bill sexually battered or raped you could force good people to remain quiet and further the legend that Bill and Hillary are above the law.

Bill’s sexual forays with White House staff and interns gutted our newly pass sexual harassment laws and virtually left women defenseless in hostile work environments.  

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Bill has actually been found guilty of lying under oath and lost his license to practice law, while he was President!

Bill and Hillary created the perfect personal hedge fund via the Clinton Global Initiative et al.  It provided them with the perfect vehicle to peddle their political influence and favors.  Bill and Hillary used paid speeches for grabbing oodles of personal cash. 

Bill and Hillary doubled down by having Secretary of State Hillary grant special State Department favors to US allies and some not so friendly individuals and nations, in return for big bucks to the CGI!  They have lied to questions and required filing documents to cover up the real operations inside of the CGI and its “charities”.   Bernie Madoff is in jail for Ponzi scheme theft but that pales in the shadow of the CGI influence for cash scheme!

Hillary has been a serial liar throughout her public career but has been shielded by her association with Bill and other powerful persons on the left. 

Hillary has fine tuned her prowess for lying in the recent email scandal.  The FBI director today refuted countless assertions Clinton has made regarding her handling of classified information via her personal email server.

Where Do We Go From Here?

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Well, we will see if Hillary and Bill are returned to the White House again in 2017.  If they are, we can expect business as usual for the Clintons. 

We can rest assured that the legacy of Barack Obama will continue for another 4 year and be topped off with a coating of sleaze and with the cherry in top being new sexual offenses by Bill and a host of activities designed to enrich the Clintons.

It is up to us to stop the Clintons.  We have seen time and time again that they are above the laws of this nation and have received free passes for behavior that were clearly unlawful and immoral. 

You may not like everything about Donald Trump but he is the only thing that stands in the way of the total destruction of this Constitutional Republic. 

It is up to you to Stop the Clinton Machine Once and For All!

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RD Pierini



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