The “R” Word Indicts the Speaker, Not the Person Being Defamed!

Paul Ryan’s Labeling of Trump’s Comments About Judge Curiel as Being Racist Merely Highlights Ryan’s Lack of Intestinal Fortitude and Commitment to Principle!

Ryan Flip Flop

What is the Definition of “RACISM”

Merriam Webster Dictionary:  “poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race”

When your opponent uses the word “RACISM”, your opponent really means that they do not want to engage you in a meaningful dialogue regarding whatever subject you are discussing.  Same for Sexism and all other “ISMs” the Left, and Right, has sought to use to silence decent.   

Political discourse today does not exist.  As soon as someone on the Right calls out an obvious bias by someone on the left, especially a Minority, the Left chimes in by calling them a Racist.  This term is intended, and has been effective, in silencing the call out. 

Inherent with this tactic is the message that the Left and Minorities cannot be biased

Somehow, the Left and Minorities have escaped the “Bias Gene” or have evolved to a much higher level than those on the Right!

Along comes Donald J. (No PC) Trump. 

Trump doesn’t view the world as majority/minority, Black/White, Hispanic/Caucasian.  He sees People!  What he says may not conform to the Left’s established politically correct “idiom”.  He will call out injustices no matter who he feels is the abuser.  This included a judge who is overseeing the Trump University case.  (For a discussion of this controversy, click on this link;

Because the judge in this case was of Hispanic decent; and has supported the La Raza organizations who are violently opposed to building a southern border wall, opposed to clamping down on illegal immigration, and opposed to having illegal immigrants in the US to become legal residents, Trump felt that this judge may be prejudiced against Trump and Trump’s positions based solely on these migration topics.  All of the Left and Right PC crowds immediately condemned Trump as being a RACISTS, rather than admitting that anyone from any race or ethnic origin could be biased based on their own experiences and viewpoints.  I think this is called “HUMAN NATURE”.

Enter Speaker Ryan

One such outcry against Donald Trump was the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan.  Ryan publicly stated that “Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment”.  In short, he referred to Trump as a Racist.  Obviously Paul Ryan had forgotten that the Hispanic Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor actually stated that different people with different backgrounds would reach different conclusions, or ruling in court, based on their experiences/background.  She stated,  “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life,”   No one called her a RACIST!

This comment was by Paul Ryan, the very person who will be presiding over the Republican Convention in Cleveland this summer, where this “racist”, will be officially crowned as the Republican Candidate for President.  Donald Trump is the presumed Republican candidate now and as such is the head of the Republican Party.  Ryan is not.  So my question to Speaker Ryan is,


Then, within 24 hours, Paul Ryan came out and stated that members of Congress should stand behind Donald Trump!  Apparently the RNC got to Ryan and brought him back into reality! 

But, this will not change the fact that Ryan does not like nor agree with Donald Trump and his policies. 

Trump’s policies are antithetical to Neo-Conservatives who back big government, foreign intervention and nation building, building deficits to address national needs, globalist trade policies, open borders, and reforming (cut) Social Security and Medicare for seniors. 

Trump is diametrically opposed to these positions and in fact embraces more traditional values on all of these positions. 

This will not be the last time that Ryan betrays his disdain for Trump.  One can hope that either Ryan loses his House seat to his GOP opponent or the House votes in a new Speaker.  Trump will need advocates in the House and Senate and Ryan will serve as a roadblock to Trump.  Kind of ironic and telling that Ryan has not opposed any budget or policy put for by Obama!


Could get interesting…

RD Pierini




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