Latinos Are Not Ignorant! RINOS and LEFT Beware! Hispanics Get Trump!

Latino-American’s Priorities: Jobs, Security, Stronger Education, & Opportunity for Their Family.


Trump-37% Positive Sentiment by Hispanics Vs 41% for Hillary

(Based on big data analysis over the last 30 days as of June 1st, Trump reports 37 percent of Hispanic positive sentiment versus 41 percent for Clinton.)

Latino-Americans are not some monolithic block of stone or a group of zombies who all are programmed to think the same way about important issues.  Latinos-Americans are no different from Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, German-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans or any other ethnic group who have immigrated to the United States in terms of their basic human desires and needs.  Latino-Americans have exhibited a high degree of personal ambition and drive to attain economic success for themselves and their families, much like their varied immigrant predecessors. 

Latino-American families share the same concerns as other Americans:

  1. Jobs:  Latino-Americans recognize the weaknesses of this economy and worry that their household incomes may be in jeopardy.  Further, they worry about whether their children will have the job opportunities that will allow them to live the American dream their families anticipated when arriving in the US. 

  2. Security:  Latino-Americans worry about the safety of their children’s day-to-day lives, their children safely walking to their school, the impact of drugs on their children and the threat of gangs, and the danger to their children from gun violence.  Internationally, Latino-Americans fear Islamic Terrorism and its potential for harm to their communities.  Latino-Americans have a high military participation rate and want a strong military to protect them and their communities.  They also want to make sure their veterans are well cared for.

  3. Schools:  Latino-Americans understand that their children’s futures are tied to the competence and effectiveness of our educational system, from kindergarten through college.  They worry about the cost of higher education when their children graduate high school.  They also understand that their children’s future is tied to their ability to communicate in the US society and that their command of the English language is paramount to a secure future.  This is no different from all of ethnic groups who immigrated to the US in the past. 

  4. Healthcare:  Affordable, accessible and proficient healthcare is very important to Latino-Americans, as it is with all other Americans. 

  5. Social Security and Medicare:  Latino-Americans want to ensure that these programs remain solvent and can provide needed support to aging Latino-Americans. 

  6. Border Security:  Latino-Americans view border security as necessary to secure the nation and provide for a legal transition of applicants to citizenship.  Latino-Americans have gone through the immigration process and understand the need for an orderly process.  They understand that unfettered, uncontrolled illegal immigration leads to an influx of cheaper labor that depress wages in the US.  They also recognize the absolute need to stop the inflow of drugs that ravage many of the Latino communities.

  7. Moral Security:  Latino-Americans culturally are morally conservative and want the freedom to raise their children according to their family’s moral values. 


Trump Support of the Latino-American Priorities

These seven priorities are actually the Donald Trump platform.  Assuming Trump can reach the Latino-American communities, and by-pass the Democrat Hispanic activists.  Trump’s theme of “America First” will drive home each of these 7 priorities and help Latino-Americans to achieve their “American Dream”.  Many Latino-Americans are entrepreneurs and Trump’s assault on business, EPA, and other Federal regulations, and, the lowering of income taxes will help these business grow and expand. 

Hillary Clinton will tout more welfare and other give-a-way social programs.  She will pander to the Latino community selling a “Poor-You” spin.  Latino-Americans want to be able to stand on their own and not be subjected to “Federal Nannyism” and control. 

If the Latino-American Community and Donald Trump Join Forces in November, the Nation will Enter a New Era of Prosperity and Unification.

It is Time to Dump the Divisiveness of the Left That Has Left the Latino-American Communities Lacking and Missing Out on Achieving Their Dreams.

RD Pierini


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